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My new header! 

I wanted something that had both Jack and Mark and Dark and Anti, since all 4 hold very high spots on my blog. Somehow a film reel seemed like the way to go? I don’t know, but it’s shiny and it works. 

Fun fact: when I first put this together, it finished at just over 20MB. The size limit is 3MB (2MB for header gifs). Yeah, trimming this down was fun. 



여행 끝 ✈ 

# 지민의시선 # 김데일리 # 정감

for some of you it’s already 2017, but i’m still in 2016 (help) so i wanted to thank every single one of you for being by my side during this weird year, i wouldn’t make it if it wasn’t for all of you. with this lame edit and a few words, i want to thank you for being who you are and make me smile. this follow forever will for my favorites blogs and mutuals, but i love every single one of you. this year i suffer and had fun with one direction and i found out skam and yoi, which made this year so much easier to get through and we made it. this year brought me bad things too but i could make it another year, so somehow this year was good. happy new year and i wish all of you only the best because that’s what you deserve.every single one of you are so special and i’m glad that i found my place here. i hope that 2017 will bring us peace, love and everything that we want. i love you and thank you for being here. and thank you for the 11K followers, it’s insane but thank you for the love and support. i’m just a normal blog but it means a lot to me.

bolded: ultimate favorite/ friends and people that i met that made my year so much better

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How could I be so lucky? (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Author’s note: So this is my first chapter and I’ll be honest, its not my best nor is it edited. I will probably have it edited later, but for now this is what I’ve got and I hope you like it! I am working on chapter 2 as I type <3 

Title: How could I be so Lucky?

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word count: 1,733

Rating: G

Chapter 1: The First Encounter

You were nervous. More nervous than you had ever been in your life. Four years at Ilvermorny, at that beautifully crafted Celtic castle, only to be transferred to yet another beautiful yet disarming school. You took a plane for the third time in your life. Being raised by no-maj’s meant you traveled via car most of the time, and by plane twice before to see relatives. You felt sadness and excitement battle against each other within you. You had never been to London and could barely imagine living there.

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When Fantasy And Reality Lie Too Far Apart

prompt: d+p living in the real world they r now, but d always flirts w p since the beginning. they arent togther but p just laughs it off when d flirts w him. suddenly d says something sexual and p’s like u kno what fck it and pushes d against a wall
 Author’s Note: I really hope this is close to what you had in mind, somehow Dan ended up getting pressed into a sofa instead of a wall lmao… Seriously though if this is totally not what you were thinking just send me another ask and I’ll try to write something more like what you had in mind! If you like this and want to send in a prompt, feel free!! <3  (2.1k)

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Sanada Yukimura ☆ Maeda Inuchiyo 
The Spear Duo 

Please do not repost without permission 


The mother heard her. Somehow the queen’s voice cut through the woman’s ravaged wits. Her slack face twisted in loathing. “Whore!” she shrieked. “Kingslayer’s whore! Brotherfucker!” Her dead child dropped from her arms like a sack of flour as she pointed at Cersei. “Brotherfucker brotherfucker brotherfucker.” - Tyrion IX, ACoK

“M’lady,” said the big man. “Here she is.”
“Aye,” added the one-eyed man. “The Kingslayer’s whore.
She flinched. “Why would you call me that?”
“If I had a silver stag for every time you said his name, I’d be as rich as your friends the Lannisters.”
“That was only … you do not understand …”
“Don’t we, though?” The big man laughed. “I think we might. There’s a stink of lion about you, lady.” 
- Brienne VIII, AFfC


And here we go. The reason it’s taken me so long to list the bears: there are two versions!

The framing is a little bit different in the dark sky version, because after I stitched it the first time, I had to edit the pattern to get momma bear away from the edge a bit. I think it might be just because it fits in with the rest of the kits a bit better, but I do prefer the light sky version. Somehow, the contrast seems a lot more harsh with the dark sky, which is weird, because it’s the exact same floss.

Kits will be listed tomorrow.

18~Luke Hemmings

*Picture is not mine creds to @ bitchinedits* 

Based off of 18 by Anarbor 

You pulled up to Luke’s house in your dads car. You had texted him that you would be coming over. You and Luke never really made it official that you were together or anything but he had somehow always gotten you alone somewhere to have sex. 

“What are you doing here, babygirl?” He asked coming out of the house as you got out and grabbed a bag that contained your clothes. 

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From the other side

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Request: Can I get a namjoon scenario where you’re an American music artist on a show kind of like jimmy fallon, and the host asks you who your celebrity crush is and you say it’s namjoon. The people are like “who dat” and then the reader explains (maybe gets asked to dance to a song and they do so?). Then somehow the boys see it and show it to nams ^~^ sorry if this was too much

Word count: 2.2k

A/N: I had a great help from @sunwasrising when adding the last bit, hope it’s okay! I didn’t know if you wanted a fake text, or a short story. So, I did this lol, and if you had a stage name? I have NOT edited or corrected the story, because I am a little busy and I’m hoping, there aren’t too many errors.

Y/S/N = Your stage name

Rock-records = Music company (I maybe, have watched big time rush)

“Welcome to Y/S/N!!” A female confidential voice, were searching your name. As the big blue boarders revealed your dressed-up frame, giving the audience your latest song. The crowd cheering and clapping at your entrance, as the speakers boomed with your angelic voice. After a few minutes of performing, a short-haired blonde approached you with open arms as her smile were pulling your lip muscles.

“Welcome to the Ellen show! Thank you for coming!” She spoke, guiding you to the white chair. Her contagious smile, made your cheeks hurt.

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Jeffrey Dahmer + childhood tapes

Jeffrey Dahmer about his childhood. “When I was a little kid, I was just like anybody else. […] I just get angry with other people who think they have a right to somehow try to blame my parents for what happened. That’s not right at all. No one has the right to do that because they’re totally innocent. They had no knowledge of it. And that angers me.

This Beauty By My Side

by Bridgette Irish

Pairing: Supercat

Rating: M

Summary:   Kara and Cat are apart on New Years, but the piano somehow always brings them together.
An established relationship follow-up to my pre-relationship fic, Baby Grand.

An enormous thank you to @reginalovesemma, @kara-lesbihonest and @rtarara for the edits, encouragement and feedback.  You know I couldn’t do it without you.

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