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Discovery: The Six Missing Weeks/ Chapter (1/6): The Size of the Wave

Description: After the Snow Queen is defeated and Gold banishment, Emma and Killian spend six glorious, uninterrupted weeks together, exploring each other and deepening their connection (in and out of the bedroom). (Set between the end of 4A and the beginning of 4B)

Rating: E (duh) 

Word Count: ~3.1K 

Author’s Note: It’s like 11 days late, but it’s finally here. Happy (Super Freaking Belated) Birthday, Heather, aka @fergus80! You are such an incredible writer, and an even more amazing friend. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. You already know what’s coming, but apparently my beta wanted more, so this will end up being a 6-part series, ya’ll. You can fully blame @shipsxahoy for that one. Also, thank you to @spartanguard for also taking a gander at this. 

Also on AO3

How was it that their first date happened just a week ago? It seemed like a lifetime had passed. Well, between battling an evil Snow Queen AND rescuing Killian’s heart from Gold, the days just seem to blend together. Emma didn’t recall taking a single calming breath until the moment Belle told her that she banished Gold over the town line using his dagger. She didn’t say it in so many words, but she was proud of Belle for standing up for her self-worth.

Emma walked towards her office in the sheriff’s office the morning after with a smile on her face and her head held high because for the moment, nothing was terrorizing her town. But, before she could get to the door, her father called out to her.

“There’s a note on your desk. Mail guy was by earlier.”

“Thanks.” She just assumed it was a bill that was due, so she slowly made her way behind her desk. When she noticed the flowy script on the front of the envelope that simply read, “Swan,” she knew who it was from immediately. She opened the wax-sealed envelope and sat down gradually in her chair to read.

It has been but a week since our first official date, and while there might have been many distractions between then and now, I can honestly say it was one of the most wonderful nights of my life (and I have had many).

And now, that we seemingly have a quiet moment, I would like to ask you one more time: Will you go out with me again?

Leave your response with Granny. I will be by before sundown.

I await your answer, Emma.



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Rescue •P7•

Avengers x Reader

Summary: reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.

Word Count: 1781

Warnings: I don’t think any :))

A/N: this is a lot later than usual I’m so sorry, I had a lot of family and mental health things going on. But it’s here now. Sorry if it’s boring, just need some plot development. I present part seven 💛

“Okay, so this is plan for the next month or so.” Tony says, scrolling on his fancy tablet. I nod along at the plans he has prepared for me. After having a talk with him, telling him that I didn’t want to feel so useless, he quickly got me something to do.

When he swipes the tablet and it doesn’t move, he taps it violently. “Goddammit.” he says angrily. I frown. He grunts in frustration. I reach across the table and lightly lift the tablet from his hands, putting it down beside me. I tilt my head in question. He just looks at me with his jaw clenched.

“What’s wrong?” I prod. He sighs, trying to let off steam.

“What do you mean?” he tries to cover up. I give him a face.

“Considering you’re the person I’ve seen most often in the last three months other than Penny, I can tell when something is bugging you.” I say quietly. It doesn’t seem like my place, but I can’t help it. Tony has—is—taking such good care of me. I want to help him somehow. He runs a hand over his face. I haven’t missed the bags under his eyes, but I figured it was from staying up late working on some brand new technology. It’s seems like something he’d do.

“There’s…been a disturbance in my routine. And I know I’m supposed to do the right thing, but seriously, when have I ever been known to do that?”

“What’s this right thing you have to do?” I prop my chin on my fists, looking at him softly. Even Tony Stark has adversities. He purses his lips.

“Forgiveness.” he says quietly. I think before I respond.

“Forgiveness is complicated.” I draw circles on my dining table with my index finger. “I think it is the right thing to forgive someone. If what they did is forgivable. But…you can’t rush it, ‘cause then it’s not real. I think whoever you need to forgive should know that.” I say. “But I dunno. I don’t know that much about the situation.” I flick my eyes up to see Tony gazing at me with a small smile. My face grows red, thinking that maybe I had given bad advice. “What?” I ask. I mutter something to myself in my head in what I assume is Greek. I close my eyes for a moment, dismissing the foreign language. Tony notices this, but he’s grown accustomed to ignoring it, just like everyone else. He chuckles lightly, shaking his head.

“You’re somethin’ else.” he says, sliding the tablet back toward him. I smile small, looking down at my hands. It’s not everyday you get a compliment from Tony Stark.

I get news from staff saying that they hadn’t been prepared for the return of the Winter Soldier. He had been taken out of cryofreeze after his trigger words had been removed. There had been an unexpected breakthrough in their work. Because of this, he had taken up a living space on the seventeenth floor guest suites, away from the rest of the Avengers. Unfortunately for me, that’s the same floor I live on. I try not to pay it much mind, as the most often we’ll have to be around one another is to see the other in the halls. Besides, I have bigger things to worry about.

“Um…” I sigh, closing my eyes and trying to refresh my horrible memories. Dr. Simone pats my knee.

“First thing you think of.” he reminds. I scrunch my nose in focus.

“Cryofreeze.” I mumble. A little girl hums in my head. Stop, I plead with her. Instead of complying, she becomes louder. I physically shake my head, trying to loosen her hold. A new voice overlaps hers. Again, an accented man says. He doesn’t sound familiar, his voice gruff and angry. Again, he shouts. I shudder. Images of punches being thrown scurry around in my brain. The little girl begins to cry. No, I don’t want to, she says. I whimper, squeezing my stress ball until my hand hurts. So many voices. It hurts. The back of my eyelids go white for a moment, replaced by a large X engraved into a circle on a necklace. My heart jumps to my throat. My eyes snap open. Dr. Simone’s eyes are searching once again, but rather than trying to reappear, I get out of my seat in search for paper. Though it’s not the first time, it startles him nonetheless. He jumps at the notice that the notepad on his desk has flown into midair. I reach for a pen and quickly scribble the image on, not trusting my mind to remember it much longer.

As I finish the messy drawing, I know I’ve reappeared by the swirling feeling in my chest. I sit back down in my inclined chair, giving Dr. Simone an apologetic look before handing him the notepad. He eyes it in thought. He doesn’t recognize it, that much I know, but he looks at it anyway. An X engraved into a circle. How much he wishes he could know what it meant.

Tony analyzes the entire web for any sign of the symbol, but doesn’t come up with anything that relates to HYDRA or jogs my memory. I can tell he’s getting frustrated as each day passes. We aren’t any closer than when we started.

Luckily, he helps me keep busy. Everyday, I wake up at ten and have a quick meal. I go up to Tony’s more public labs, like the ones I was supposed to work in before all that happened, happened. His associates teach me. About their technology, about building equipment and robots and suits, about It’s fascinating. Not only does it keep me busy, but it makes me new. Sometimes, when memories that aren’t really mine swarm my head, I list off any facts I had learned. Blocking out haunting thoughts with matter-of-fact ones. Occasionally, I even work out. Not that I need to. My new body manages to keep fit on its own. But it helps me clear my mind. I focus on pushing myself until my lungs burn and my muscles are raw. It probably isn’t good for me, but not much is.

I jerk up in my bed, sweat sticking on my skin, tears poking my eyes. I squeeze my eyes shut, almost as a way of confirming I still can.

I’m in my kitchen, pulling on my trainers. Then, I’m in the gym, speeding on the treadmill, breathing like my life depends on it. Push, push, push. I urge myself on, beads of sweat dripping down my skin. I jump and nearly fall off the treadmill at the sound of a door slamming. Without stopping, I look over my shoulder to see who it and nearly fall off the treadmill again. I’ve never seen him before in my life, yet I know exactly who he is. The metal arm. The long, dark hair. The muscular build. I can see them all from across the gym as he faces the door, realizing there is someone in the room. I swallow and turn back to face in front of me. I let my eyes unfocus on the wall in front of me, trying to ignore the presence of the super soldier. It’s impossible to think that I was injected with the same serum he was. My mind flashes back, remembering the pain. I grimace, holding onto the sides of the treadmill to steady myself. Happy thoughts, I remind myself. But it’s too late. I try to reach for my watch that Tony issued to me, but the I’m still running and my hands are shaking. A phantom pain goes through my body like an electric shock, a little reminder of what I endured. I whimper, holding onto the bars of the treadmill, not daring to stop. Not for this. My stomach clenches, the same way it did all those months ago. The images roll in on the back of my eyelids. The twisted smile. The brick building. The X in the circle. The garbage bins. I shudder violently, trying to move my hands to activate my watch. But I’m numb. And this time, I do fall off the treadmill.

I barely notice when I reach the ground with a thud, all I can do is try to will away the crying little girl.

“Stop.” I whisper. A hand lands on my shoulder and I shriek. The hand flies back, followed by a yelp of surprise. I curl up into a little ball and breathe deep, still whispering unintelligibly. Stay grounded, I think. I look up around me, immediately met with a startled Winter Soldier, his marble blue eyes darting around the space. I realize I’ve gone invisible. The treadmill is making a little noise. I think. I smell rubber and sweat. There are yoga mats. Yellow and blue. I breathe deeply, trying to reach over to my watch. It makes a little beep as I slide my finger across it, requesting help. I look back up at the man in front of me. He looks right at me now in shock. He doesn’t know what I am. I look down, trying to keep myself calm long enough for help to arrive. His unease doesn’t help. I feel like a freak. Maybe I am one.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper. I close my eyes and swallow back the lump in my throat.

The gym doors open. I look to see two women approaching me quickly with reassuring smiles, dressed in their grey Stark Industries uniforms. My eyes can’t help but flick back up to the Winter Soldier, who looks at me in curiosity. I nearly sigh with relief that he no longer looks scared. His eyes meet mine for just a moment, and I see everything. I gasp, nearly falling back onto the floor. Images race through my brain, pain and war and torture and murder. So much. I slap a hand over my mouth as the two women help me to my feet. But I’m still looking at him. So much pain. My chest pierces. I let out a sob, seeing flashing memories, so vivid it’s like I’m living in each one of them. My left arm goes numb. My entire body turns cold as ice. My brain feels like it’s being fried. There’s a gun. A train. A river. My eyes spill tears onto my cheeks and onto the floor. My eyes are attacked by the torment of it all. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I go limp.

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thank you

fandom: naruto
characters/pairings: sasuke/sakura
rating: t
prompt: thank you
a/n: unbeta’ed as always. post-chapter 699. heavily inspired by the sparrowkeet series’ twelfth chapter, by audreyii-fic, though somehow not like it at all? idk man

In which everyone has a lot to say, except the one who actually matters.

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Sneaking Around--A Jonerys Ficlet

So my friend @sweetorganza had a very specific request for a ficlet of Jon and Dany getting frisky in his childhood room at Winterfell, and Dany teasing him relentlessly about what she finds there haha. I hope I was able to deliver it mixed with some fluff :) Also on AO3.

Disclaimer: This is 100% pure, triple-filtered crack. As in, I know it’s ridiculous lol. Enjoy!

When they finally arrive at the room Dany urges Jon in ahead of her, biting her lip with anticipation. All night she has wanted to get him alone, and they’ve been at their cups for hours waiting for the others to find their beds. 

Inside, she leans back against the heavy wooden door until she hears it shut with a thud. Jon turns to face her, his eyes dark and hungry as he looks her up and down. Dany’s long hair hangs loose about her shoulders, shining with moisture from the storm that nearly caught them in the yard. Her lips are stained crimson by the Dornish vintage she’d been enjoying over dinner and her fine silk dress nearly matches, the rich burgundy fabric cut to flatter her figure. The way Jon is raking his eyes over her makes her feel bold and alluring, and she likes it.

“Am I really the first girl you’ve ever brought to your room, Jon?” she teases, her lilac eyes twinkling mirthfully.

“Yes,” he replies shortly. Dany can see his cheeks color slightly at the question. That doesn’t deter her.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you write another college au fic with Keith and Lance as roommates? Lance has a big presentation in the morning and Keith has a bad chest cold. It's late, and he wants Lance to be well rested, but he can't stop coughing. He stays up all night trying to muffle his fits but by morning he's much worse and they just burst out of him. He's too exhausted to be quiet and when he sees Lance awake he whimpers out apologizes, but Lance is super concerned and skips class to take Keith to a clinic

(I feel like I can’t write anything good lately but I tried friend forgive me if it’s not great orz)

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FicRequest: Sleepy Bones

FicRequest: Sleepy Bones
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 2226
For the lovely @emmkolenn

Warnings: Fluff and Morning wood, if you don’t know what that means, don’t read this.

A/N: this is a little long but it was so much fun to write! Hope you enjoy!!

Originally posted by say-do-be-nothing

Away missions always held an amount of uncertainty, even when going into situations that should be straightforward. You decided to prepare for every eventuality  when Scotty told you that you were accompany Dr. McCoy and a security detail down the planet to assist in the repairs of a crashed Federation science ship. They reported minor casualties and only one death (their doctor) of their small crew of 20, but Dr. McCoy insisted that he needed to go because no one else would be able to handle an unforeseen situation. He was always saying things like that.

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i was thinking about ravenclaw jungkook and slytherin yoongi but per usual my brain took it in a weird direction where when they’re grown-up in the happy ending version jungkook is flight instructor and yoongi, unconventional as it seems, is the charms professor. ah. it’s just a drabble….there’s a sad ending alternative too but i didn’t post that one. yet. 

[ version ii ]

“you need to stop making flowers grow in my classroom windows. they make me look approachable.”

“you are approachable.”

“but they don’t need to know that right away!”

jungkook sighs and laughs but the two don’t really mix so he ends up coughing a little. yoongi rubs wide circles along his back while he adjusts his glasses with his other hand, three books floating in front of him as he flips through the pages inscrutably. once jungkook has recovered enough to talk again, he wheezes a little, pink in his cheeks as he says, “you were never scary. not even when we were students.”

“i never said i wanted to be scary.”

“mmhm,” jungkook hums and leans in close to thread his arms around yoongi’s middle, drawing him close enough to perch his chin on yoongi’s shoulder, breathing in deep the smell of him – a replete mixture of sun, forest, fire, and something like roses. this last comes from some of the charms that yoongi has been teaching, charms for helping things grow – not silly sweetheart tricks like a bloom from a quill, but the lasting everlong northern star kind of growth…the kind that stays. yoongi has for years complained that this particular spell should smell like lavender and not roses but jungkook said to him the last time they had this conversation: but of course it’s roses. yoongi mumbled muttered and moaned a little more to himself about it but jungkook could tell it was more bluster than actual discontent, and yoongi has long since gone on teaching said charm anyway. so there’s that.

besides, jungkook, for all that he likes scents such as vanilla, the first day of winter, and the summer ocean most of all, he also has a soft spot for the iconically romantic flower. among other things, he likes that the different colors can stand for different kinds of love. he thinks of the bouquet of yellow roses that taehyung once brought him and all the other colors yoongi turned until taehyung laughed and drew one from the bundle, offered it to yoongi himself and said: come on, i’ll bring you yours next time.

“at least stop interrupting my classes…” yoongi sighs in a way that would be long-suffering except that it’s quite the opposite, a hundred thousand times the opposite, belied by how his hand slips to rest at jungkook’s waist and hooks him that much closer, close enough for jungkook to tilt his head and press a whisper of a kiss to the line of yoongi’s jaw.

“sure,” he says.

“lying isn’t a cardinal point of a ravenclaw.”

“and being charming isn’t a slytherin’s either.”

“i guess that makes us even.”

when jungkook doesn’t reply, yoongi leans back just enough to look down at him properly. somehow the slight pout to jungkook’s mouth is unsettlingly becoming, and by now yoongi knows better what it means, knows jungkook is saying without saying exactly what would make them ‘even’.

not able to deny him anything in quite some time, he angles down quick and sharp – a kiss with acute magic made of moments rather than witchcraft, a kiss that says here is my heart, here is my heart, here is my heart and hold onto it for me, hold onto me and here. yoongi kisses jungkook and he remembers the first time this happened – how jungkook was asleep in the infirmary, how yoongi wasn’t supposed to be there at all, how the hour was late and the moon was full and yoongi knelt beside his bed and whispered: next time, i’m going to save you.

it was the kind of thing a teenager says because he’s scared, the kind of thing any person says because they’re scared…because they’re scared and in love.

that kind of thing.

jungkook remembers too: the events preceding, the dark dark dark of the forest despite that full moon which could not quite touch where they had fallen, the nauseating pain in his side that sent his body alight with unhealthy shivers, the cold hard grip of yoongi’s hands on his shoulders and the low desperate rasp of his voice begging jungkook to stay with him. that night yoongi’s words were fighting some kind of current trying to pull jungkook under, and it’s curious to him that while almost everything else from that near disaster is a blur, yoongi is not. if he closes his eyes, he can hear him plain as if it was yesterday, as if it was seconds ago: please – i swore on my family name i’d never beg for anything again but i’m breaking that now and i don’t give a fuck just…hey…hey don’t… – and on it had gone. jungkook remembers how what scared him most was not the danger he himself was in but how deathly still yoongi went amidst his hysteria. he had to ask later what yoongi saw, but in the moment, against his own fear, against a bigger nightmare, he remembers conjuring his own patronus, remembers thinking that it looked ridiculous – a rabbit the breadth of the moon it seemed, banishing the cold.

in the here and now, it’s spring. when yoongi breaks away everything is warm and jungkook can’t help himself. he reaches toward yoongi’s ear and just behind it to draw out a rose.

yoongi’s nose wrinkles.

“what kind of magic trick–”

“just take it.”

they stare at each other and some unofficial contest starts. neither of them wins and neither loses, the stampede of yoongi’s impending class echoing through the school corridors as jungkook flips backwards out of the window onto his waiting broom because why do anything the easy way? the smile he sends yoongi is warm and smart and if yoongi died right then and there he supposes he’d be alright with that except for the bit about leaving jungkook behind.

he watches his husband do three unnecessarily risky climbs and dives on that ridiculously expensive broom before he flies out of sight, presumably to teach his next batch of first years. sometimes when yoongi doesn’t have his own classes, he’ll wander to where jungkook is teaching and watch from what he deems to be a reasonable distance. once or twice headmaster namjoon has caught him and joked whether or not yoongi needed more to do, after which yoongi promptly left. later, loitering in the astronomy tower, namjoon admitted with heartbreaking softness: it makes me happy…it makes me happy, to see you happy.

yoongi charmed a star out of the dark, had it hover near namjoon’s right eye and said: i want to see you happy too.

blinking, yoongi is caught off guard (this happens, when you disappear into reverie, it would seem) as a paper plane soars in through the window and narrowly misses his head, gliding to a perfect landing on his desk. when he unfolds it, he shakes his head at the writing there: you dropped your flower!

crouching, yoongi retrieves it, and despite his initial scoffing, yoongi wears said flower behind his ear for the rest of the day.

it’s not lost on his students that the rose? is blue.

Insanity - Nathan Prescott x Reader (3/?)

Originally posted by all-in-my-universe

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Life is Strange

Characters- Nathan Prescott, Warren Graham, Kate Marsh, Max Caulfield, Chloe Price, Mark Jefferson, Victoria Chase, Taylor Christensen, Courtney Wagner, Hayden Jones, Daniel DaCosta, Brooke Scott, David Madsen (And probably more later on)


InSaNiTy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” - Albert Einstein.

You are Warren’s twin sister and are also a student at Blackwell Academy. You’re caught between two sides- family or love.

Words- 1078 Words 

Warnings- Drugs. Alcohol. Abuse. Sexual themes. This is a Life is Strange oneshot and we all know how messed up that game is so.


Read Part one here! 

Read Part two here! 

Sorry it’s taken so long to write, but I’ve been really busy with Wattpad and school, so please don’t hate me! 

Set in Episode 1 - Chrysalis. 

You looked at Nathan Prescott as he sat down on his bed. 

“Wanna blaze?” He asks and you shake your head. 

“I’m good…But you…You go on ahead,” You mutter, sitting down on Nathan’s sofa. 

“(Y/N), you sure?” He asks and you nod. 

“I’m pretty sure,” You say as he takes his joint and lights it, lying back on his bed and staring up at his white ceiling. 

You watch him as he blazes up, breathing out smoke in shapes to make you smile. 

“Nate…I think I should go, I think you want to be alone,” You say, getting up and he sits up. 

“No, don’t go…Or I’ll probably get too high or drink too much,” He says and you just sigh.

“Alright, but…I need to do some homework?” You ask and he nods, pointing to his computer. 

“Go ahead, use my computer,” He says and you smile in thanks. 

You sit down at his computer and open up a Word document. You begin your biology homework you were supposed to be doing with Warren right now. 

“You okay?” You ask Nathan and he just nods, eyes still glued to the ceiling. 

You took this time to take in his extremely dark room. 

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Truth or Lie (Part Fifteen)

Part One

Part Fourteen

A/N: Thanks for reading, guys! Every like, reblog, and comment is definitely appreciated <3 sorry for the slow updates!

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, angst, fluff, flashbacks, bad relationships

Word Count: 4332

Tagging: @sammyxorae @dont-hate-relate-pls @spnackleholicswainer @robbenedictxreader @totallysupernaturaloneshots @just-antiyou @snow-leopardfetishist @i-voted-crowley @robbenedictandco @paddy1219 @your-not-invisible-to-me @fab-notfat @sdavid09 @thatone67chevyimpala @officalprincessjasmine @baritonechick @ashiewesker @mint-and-pastel-pink @lynn-bane @another-stupid-ape @lamthetwickster @just-a-touch-of-crowley @alexa-ann-winchester @bellastellaluna @lexie-loo-2000 @riversong-sam @fayemenelmir @laffytaffyhumor @hudine @gabriels-trix @samanthasmileys @mora-firestone @capital-eyyyy-ohhh @pepperwoodatnight @fangirl-faye @zymmas @wayward-mirage @tardisdementor @annoyingobsesivechick @the-real-tony-stank @littleangelclarence @shanghai88 @owlluver @i-dont-understand-that-url @ginger-rae1991 @crushing83 @oriona75 @thetricksterstolemyheart @feelmyroarrrr @stilldontknowhoiam @mija-novella @janimoon @bookaddictedhedgehog @welcome-to-awesometown @wonderlandmoonrose7 @chelseypaigeake @urdestiellieonthewhisperingwind

Originally posted by i-dont-understand-that-url

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anonymous asked:

OK, while I was rereading some of PS, I came across this. "Dumbledore became very interested in a bird out on the windowsill, which gave Harry time to dry his eyes on the sheet." This scene happened right after Dumbledore explained to Harry that he was protected because of Lily's sacrifice. And since Harry was drying his eyes we can conclude that he was crying. HARRY CRIED WHEN HE FOUND OUT HOW LILY SAVED HIM. DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU HARRY DIDN'T LOVE HIS MOTHER OR MISS HER. DON'T.

this was horrible.

What’s worse is that I just combed through all seven books and compiled every instance I could find of Harry missing/loving his mum.

You know, for science (and tears).

This is the worst post I have ever made.

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By: SK

Word Count: 2937


I felt my heart race, my hands were sweaty, and I felt every inch of my being want to fade away to nothing.  It was Valentine’s Day, well, was Valentine’s Day, and I had managed to get everyone on my team a gift.  Each pertained to their tastes but there was one that I actually made myself for one particular person.  I made a promise to give it to him with a confession at the end.

My eyes glanced over at him again, seeing the book sticking out from under his files.  He would look at it eventually and I was silently praying that it was when I wasn’t around.  I was actually really terrified of his reaction and I feared that he would transfer me or fire me from my position.  That’s right.  He was the head of my BAU team.  He was my boss.  

Aaron Hotchner.

Just his name alone sent shivers down my spine and made me weak at the knees.  I don’t know when it started, but at some point along my career, I began to fall for my boss.  And it wasn’t a bad thing.  Oh no.  It couldn’t be.  Hotch (as we lovingly called him) was a sweet boss.  Of course, that was when you got past the tough shell he always kept up.  But his top priority was to his team.  Well, third from the top.  His son and catching the bad guy was before us…

I heard a snicker, which made me look up from my report.  We had just finished a case, catching the serial killer in the nick of time before he struck again.  He was a sick little bastard, praying on young children, but we managed to save the few he had taken.  That, of course, was his biggest mistake and now the children were safe with their parents.

“What’s so funny Morgan?” I kept my tone even, watching as he put on a smile.  

“Nothing baby girl.  Just thought of something,” he lied.  I knew he lied because he was laughing at my expense.  Derek Morgan, our handsome womanizer (as I called him) and Penelope Garcia, our tech wizard, were the only two who knew of my predicament.  How?  Because they were the ones who dared me to do this.  They had somehow managed to deduce who I liked, even when I managed to hide it from the others.  And what made matters worse was in that same moment, I had lost a bet with the two.  Therefore, my predicament was caused by them.

Morgan chuckled again, making me look at him before noticing some movement from the corner of my eye.  I quickly looked in the direction of it before freezing, my report forgotten in that moment.  Hotch finished his report, the files forgotten next to him.  Now, he was going through his gift and I found my face darkening with a blush.  The gift was a sketch book, one that I spent much of my time filling up with my own drawings.  Some were doodles, others full sketches.  And then there were a few that were completed.  

I watched as a smile appeared on his face, his eyes glued on one particular drawing.  I knew which one it was, having memorized the entire thing.  It was of him and his son, that day when I had first met little Jack.  Hotch had picked him up and held him so that his son was my height.  Jack absolutely loved my pictures too and we hit it off pretty well.  In fact, I babysit on occasion when Jessica needed a break.

The page turn and my heart clenched, realizing he was getting closer to the final page.  I looked toward Morgan, seeing him watching me with amusement.  
“What do you have there?” Rossi, another member, spoke up then.  He moved from his position, sitting beside Hotch and leaning over to look.  Oh no.  Oh no, this wasn’t good.  Now Rossi would see what I made for Hotch only.  Reid was even showing signs of curiosity, followed by J.J., and then Prentiss.  They would all know here in a few seconds.  And it was torture.  Even as we landed, I felt my insides twist tighter.  He wasn’t at all bothered by the landing.  Not once.  And as soon as we stopped, he turned the final page and froze.

I knew he would freeze.  I knew he would look at the drawing and immediately know what situation it was from.  He had saved my life once, had managed to protect me from an unsub that managed to get the upper hand.  And even after, when I suffered from nightmares and unrequited fear, he was there.  He spent several nights in my apartment when Jack stayed at a friends and even shared my bed, holding me to make me feel safe.  And that is what my drawing showed.  It showed him holding me, keeping away the darkness that threatened to consume my soul.  It showed my hand holding his as he was hunched over me from behind, shielding me from an unknown threat.  He was also smiling, his lips touching the top of my head.  And beside the picture was a poem that explained everything.

I didn’t stay.  As soon as the plane opened its doors, I quickly collected my files and fled.  But not before I dared a glance toward Hotch, seeing that his eyes quickly scanned the page before meeting mine.  It was a brief moment, one that I would remember forever as I turned, rushing down the steps.  I would get a cab to take me home.  I didn’t want to face him.  Not now and probably not ever.


Work was hell.  Flat out hell as I tried to avoid Hotch with all my might.  I spent much of my day with Garcia in her tech heaven, avoiding being out in the bullpen.  If I was in the open, then Hotch could easily catch up to me.  I had been told by Morgan that he was looking for me, but I didn’t dare chance a single shred of hope that it was for pleasant circumstances.  Oh no, there was no way it was good.  It had to have been a bad thing.  He would probably reprimand me.  Or worse.  He could keep little Jack from me…

“You know, it probably isn’t that bad,” Garcia broke my thoughts, making me look up from the forgotten file in my hand.  We were about to leave on another case but I opted to stay out of the conference room.  I took a copy from J.J. before running off here, narrowly missing Hotch on my way.  J.J. tried very hard to get me to talk as well, but I pretended to be deaf.

“Of course you would say that, Pen,” I murmured her nickname, watching her groan in frustration.

“Alright, I admit defeat.  I’m sorry,” she put on a little smirk.  “The Goddess admits to wrong doing.”

“The Goddess is fine, love.  I just…wish the others didn’t know,” I sighed, closing the file.  I could catch up on the reading later, knowing the plane ride to the location will be in a few.  I always kept a bag in my car for such occasions, so I was prepared.

“What do you mean?”

“Reid has a habit of staring at me when I walk in.  Which is a good thing because his eyes always dart toward Hotch when he enters the bullpen.  Morgan won’t stop laughing at me.  Prentiss tries to have a “talk” with me and J.J. wants to diagnose my feelings,” I grumbled, pinching the bridge of my nose.  “And Rossi…don’t get me started on him.”

“Acting like an Italian papa?”

“You have no idea,” I tossed my files over to an empty part of her desk, standing up to stretch.  

“Oh, I think I can picture it.  He has always considered you his ‘little girl’ too, ya know.”

“Sometimes I wish he didn’t.  It’s hard enough trying to catch an unsub out in the field or trying to make a sketch of what he could look like.  I don’t need Rossi hovering over me like I’m four,” I leaned against the table, crossing my arms.  Garcia giggled before standing from her system.

“Well, wait right here doll face.  I need to go deliver these to tall, dark, and handsome.”

“No problem.  I’ll keep an eye on your baby,” I chuckled, watching as she left the room.  Once the door was closed did I drop the charade of being okay, allowing my hands to shake as the onset of anxiety took over.  I couldn’t always keep up the mask and knew that I needed to allow my emotions to wash over me.  My anxiety was mild compared to others I met, so it was never really an inhibitor.  But I knew if I didn’t allow myself a moment to let it all out, even just a few seconds, then it could definitely get worse.

A knock on the door made me pause, staring at the wood.  Odd for Garcia to do, I mused.  She never knocked and those who knew her never knocked either.  Another set made me move, willing my hands to stop.  Must be someone who needed something, someone she didn’t know or normally work with…

I opened the door to her Haven, my eyes widening in surprise when I noticed that it was Garcia herself.  She looked rather sad too as she met my gaze, her hands wringing in front of her.

“Sorry, sweetie.”

“Penelope, what is it?  What’s wrong?” I questioned.

“I tried, I really did but-“

“But what?”

“Garcia, give us a moment,” that voice made me freeze, watching as she moved out of the way.  Aaron Hotchner appeared behind her, his voice making the tech guru nod before she went back out toward the others.  My heart began to race as I studied his face, noticing the hard expression he was giving me.  No emotions could be discerned, his body language perfectly masking anything he was feeling.  I stood there, literally debating on slamming the door in his face but it would do no good.  Most FBI doors didn’t lock.

“Hotch, I um….let…let me get my file and…and we…could,” I stopped, going back into the room to get my file.  I picked it up slowly, taking several deep breaths to keep my anxiety at bay before turning and freezing.  Hotch had followed me into the room, closing the door behind him.  I dropped the file, hearing the papers scatter along the ground.

“H-Hotch, I…listen…I can explain….everything…just,” I bit my bottom lip, trying to collect my thoughts.  I had to try and save my job, I couldn’t afford losing this.  It was my life.  I made a difference in the world, I had to make a difference.  To make up for so much.

“Is it really how you feel?” he asked a simple question.  I sighed, nodding my head only once before avoiding his gaze.  

“Do you know how dangerous this could be?”

I flinched before nodding again.  I knew I would get lectured.  My emotions, if discovered by an unsub, could jeopardize a mission and blah blah blah…..  Rossi practically gave me the same talk.

“Are you prepared for this?  If I got hurt, then could you finish the case?  Could you separate work and home?  Can you focus on a case and not get distracted?  I need to know if you’re emotionally compromised for this job, Y/N.”

“I am not compromised, Hotch.  I’ve been doing all those things for months now,” I confessed, meeting his gaze.  I didn’t care if he knew now, I just didn’t want to lose my job.  “I’ve been focusing on my job, on my sketches.  I refuse to get distracted because we need to catch those sick bastards before they hurt more people.  I admit to getting scared every damn time you get near an unsub and I feel as if I can’t breathe until I know you’re safe, but I won’t let it stop me from finishing my job.  So, yes, I am prepared.”

“Are you certain?” his face remained stoic, eyes scanning my own.  My eyebrows knitted together in confusion, going over his words in my mind.  I was prepared with handling my own emotions.  I could easily separate my home from work…wait, why was that important?

“Home and work?  What does that have to do with my…feelings?” I closed my eyes.  Lord that sounded so weird.  Feelings?  Really, how could I choose something so weak?

“Y/N,” his voice forced my eyes open, focusing on him.  Only to feel the breath leave my body.  His eyes, which were normally hard and unforgiving, were soft and molten.  He held a small smile on his lips, his body fully relaxed before me.  This was completely odd for him, to show so much emotion…

I squealed in surprise as his body collided with mine, pulling me unbearably close to his heat.  I felt his fingers tangle into my hair, my clip making an audible snap as it fell from my head.  I went to question his motives until I felt his lips touch mine, his tongue slipping inside my mouth.  I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my throat as my back collided with one of Garcia’s computer desks.  But I didn’t remain on my feet long as he lifted me up onto it, settling between my legs.  His hands were upon my hips, slipping under my shirt as my hands landed on his chest, moving around to his back as his suit jacket surrounded me.

I heard a cough that made me freeze, Hotch doing the same before separating from each other.  In the doorway was Morgan and Garcia, both holding large smiles.  I felt my cheeks darken in embarrassment as I slipped from the desk, straightening Hotch’s jacket before smoothing out his shirt.  He did the same for me before clearing his throat, going to address the two that were laughing at us.  That is until I held out a tissue procured from my pocket.  Hotch stared at me funny.

“You have gloss on your lips,” I whispered to him.  He quickly took the tissue, wiping his mouth.

“So, is there something you wanna share with us, princess?” Morgan spoke up, leaning against Garcia.  She was prepared with a camera, giving me a wink which told me she captured a picture or two.  More if I knew her well enough.

“No, darling.  I don’t kiss and tell.  Now, I think I’ll give Garcia back her sanctuary and Morgan, shouldn’t you be going to jet with the others?”

“We were waiting on you, baby girl.  So are you coming or should we give you another 5 minutes?”

“Very funny, Morgan.  I’ll meet you both at the elevator.  I need to get some things from my office,” Hotch excused himself, walking out of techland.  I squatted down, collecting the papers from my file before stuffing them back into the folder.  Upon standing, I shuffled my feet, biting my lower lip to show how uncomfortable I was.

“So, how did it go?”

“Penelope, come on.  We need to go.”

“Fine,” she started, walking in to take a seat at her computer, “but I expect a report later.  Girl’s only.”

“Deal,” I giggled, practically skipping from her office.  Morgan chuckled, walking with me as we made our way to the elevator.  The others were there, waiting on us as well.  I saw each one take in my appearance, analyzing me to try and figure out why I was so happy.  Morgan shook his head when Reid tried to question.  I wouldn’t tell them anything, not until Hotch was ready of course.

“Ready to go?” I heard the question, noticing Hotch joining our group.  Each of us nodded, heading onto the waiting elevator.  I felt his hand touch the small of my back, following me to the back of the elevator.  The others were in front of us, each starting a random conversation with the other.  

“Sorry about that.”

My head turned toward Hotch, watching as he stepped slightly closer to me.  It wasn’t noticeable but I knew what he was doing, even if the others were rather oblivious right now.

“For what?”

“Earlier.  I shouldn’t have attacked you like that.”

“Well, you got your point across loud and clear,” I teased, feeling his fingers rubbing circles into my lower back.  He smirked, the only emotion showing on his face.  We all filed out of the elevator, immediately going toward the garage.  I needed to stop by my car to get my overnight bag before we all headed off together.  Hotch followed me to it, stopping me as I got my bag from the trunk.

“Y/N, I want you to keep this quiet for now.  At least until this case is over and we have a moment to actually talk,” he went on, his fingers running along my cheek.  “But just know that your feelings are reciprocated.  And have been for a while now.”

“Really?” I felt my heart flutter in my chest as he leaned in, giving a quick peck to my lips.  

“Yes really,” he confirmed, collecting my bag from me.  “Now come on.  The others are waiting.”

I nodded, following behind him.  His face went back to his unemotional glare, prepared to hunt another unsub and my emotions were quickly bottled, prepared to take whatever horrors awaited me.  But I did know that whenever the bastard was caught, I had something new to look forward too.  

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Hi I'm sorry but do you think you could dig up some fluffy stucky? I just found out my uncle is in his final days, and I need a distraction. Its okay if you can't x thanks anyway x love your blog

Of course I can, sorry this is a bit late and sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope this helps at least a little.


Steve Rogers lugged his suitcase up three flights of stairs to his dorm room at NYU. The suitcase was practically bigger than he was but he had ignored any attempt at help that people offered. He was determined to do it himself.

“Hey, I’ve got it,” a guy said, grabbing the suitcase and hauling it out of Steve’s hands before he could say anything else. 

“I don’t need your help,” Steve said, grabbing his inhaler out of his pocket and inhaling deeply.

“Clearly,” the guy said with a knowing smirk, leaning against Steve’s suitcase while he waited for Steve to catch his breath. “You always this stubborn?”

“I didn’t need help,” Steve grumbled, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“I’m Bucky,” the guy said, grabbing the suitcase and beginning the trek up the stairs. “So you know who to make the thank you card out to.”

“You’ll be waiting quite a while for that,” Steve shot back, following him up the stairs.

Bucky laughed. “Didn’t your momma raise you right?” he teased, glancing back at Steve. “Clearly not since you haven’t even introduced yourself.”

“I’m Steve,” he answered almost challengingly.

“Steve Rogers?” Bucky asked, stopping abruptly so that Steve bonked into his own suitcase. 

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, this wasn’t how I was expecting to meet my new roommate,” Bucky told him, laughing softly. “You’re going to be a handful, I can tell.”

“That can’t be right,” Steve said, shaking his head. “My roommate’s name is James.”

“James Buchanen Barnes, nice to meet you,” Bucky said, starting to move again. “My friends call me Bucky.”

“That’s a stupid name,” Steve told him.

“And you’ve got a stupid face,” Bucky countered.

“What’s wrong with my face?” Steve asked, crinkling his nose.

“It’s adorable, that’s what,” Bucky responded as they got to their room. He went inside and placed Steve’s suitcase on the empty bed.

Steve stood in the doorway, bright red down to his neck, and wanting to hide his face in embarrassment. Bucky slid off his leather jacket and hung on the back of one of the desk chairs before sprawling out on the bed he’d already chosen. Steve’s fingers twitched with the urge to draw him.

Because now that he had seen Bucky up close, he was awed by how good-looking he was. He looked like someone that should be in movies, not sharing a dorm with Steve at NYU. His hair was dark and stylized, his eyes a dark blue and tongue pink as he idly licked his lips.

“Come on in, stay a while,” Bucky joked, flashing Steve a grin.

Steve stumbled into the room and sat down on his bed, staring over at Bucky. “I’m not adorable,” he said, finally finding his voice.

“Sure you’re not, pal,” Bucky said, chuckling. 

“Adorable is a word used to describe puppies and bunnies.”

“And Steve Rogers.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “You’re the worst.”

Bucky winked at Steve. “You have no idea.”


Steve had somehow managed to get through his first semester without failing any of his classes or sleeping with his roommate. He considered both things a triumph, especially the second. Not sleeping with Bucky had been a colossal task in self-control. Bucky loved to flirt with Steve, but he was in no means waiting around for him. He’d had people back to their dorm - both boys and girls alike - but no one ever made a repeat visit.

In that time, Bucky had become the best friend Steve had ever had. He was funny and charming, always dropping any plans if Steve was sick, making him soup and getting him cold medicine from the pharmacy. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for Steve and he was just a tiny bit in love with his roommate. 

They were both getting ready to head back to Brooklyn for the winter break, having grown up near each other, but having never met due to Steve being homeschooled because of his childhood illnesses. It was weird to think that Bucky had been so close his entire life but they had somehow always missed each other.

They hugged goodbye once they got off the subway and both headed to their homes. 

That night Steve was awake, staring up at his ceiling until one in the morning, unable to fall asleep. He grabbed his phone off the nightstand and called Bucky’s number.

“Steve?” Bucky shouted over the noise on his end. It sounded like he was out at a club, dance music with a loud beat filling the speaker on his phone. 

“You’re busy,” Steve said, his stomach twisting. “I shouldn’t have called you.”

“Hold on,” Bucky called out. “I can’t hear a fucking thing over this music.”

Steve contemplated hanging up but hearing Bucky cursing up a storm while he tried to get out of the club was too funny to hang up on. 

“Okay, I’m outside. What’s up, Stevie?”

“Nothing, it’s stupid.”

“Come on, Rogers, spill it.”

“I can’t sleep,” Steve told him, pulling the covers up to his chin and curling up in his bed. “I guess I can’t get to sleep without the sound of your snoring anymore.”

“I’m not the one that snores, you are,” Bucky teased.

“You sound like a woodchopper when you sleep.”

“You are such a punk,” Bucky shot back fondly. “Now, you want to tell me what’s really wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“Stevie, you’re calling me at one in the morning,” Bucky reminded him. “Now exactly the most normal time for a chat.”

“But you still picked up.”

“Yeah, pal, I’ll always pick up when you call.”

Steve swallowed around the lump in his throat and mustered up all his courage. “I miss you and I know it’s only been one day and it’s stupid but I do. I miss you, Buck.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone and Steve felt sweat running down his forehead as he waited for Bucky to respond.

“Text me your address,” Bucky said firmly. “I’m coming over.”

“Buck, you don’t gotta do that.”

“No argument, Stevie. Just text me the damn address.” 

Bucky hung up before Steve could argue anymore. Steve sighed and wrote out his address in a text to Bucky. He waited by the front door, not wanting to wake up his ma since she had the early shift at the hospital, and wondering if Bucky was really going to show.

There came a knock on the door ten minutes later and Steve opened it to find an out of breath Bucky, panting and wheezing as if he had run the whole way here. 


“Can I kiss you?”

Steve blinked for a moment and then felt himself nodding in response. Bucky crowded in close to him and put his arms around Steve. The first gentle press of lips on his own had Steve gasping. Bucky was so warm and solid against him.

“God Rogers, it’s about time you figure out you were in love with me,” Bucky murmured, sucking on Steve’s lower lip.

“I’m not in love with you,” Steve said stubbornly.

“Yeah you are,” Bucky said knowingly, tightening his arms around Steve. “A guy calls you at one in the morning saying he misses you can only mean one thing.”

“Fine, maybe I love you a little,” Steve acquiesced with a grin. “But I don’t want that going to your head.”

Bucky laughed. “Maybe I love you a little too, Stevie.” 

“Come on, you jerk,” Steve said, pulling out of Bucky’s embrace and grabbing his hand. “Time for bed.”

“Yes, Captain Rogers, sir,” Bucky joked, saluting Steve with his free hand.

Steve rolled his eyes and tugged Bucky into his bed, curling up beside him with his head on Bucky’s chest. “You’re so obnoxious.”

“You love me anyway.”

Steve smiled to himself, not letting Bucky see. “God help me, I do.”

Scribble-Doodle: I See You

This is a dark tale, OOC, you could say. It’s set before the show but after the parabatai ceremony we saw in 203. FYI, I like Raj, but I also like to explore… stuff.

There’re cameras everywhere inside the Institute - and when Jace says everywhere, he means everywhere. Private bedrooms included.

Jace doesn’t like it when the new kid, Raj, spends time with Alec. And no, it’s not because he doesn’t want Alec to have other friends besides him, over the years Jace… adapted, he learned that normal people have friends, plural, as in more than one. It took him a while, sure, but he accepted it. Grudgingly.

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Here u go anon! (idk if this is what u wanted but this is what happened ?)

Summary: Famous!Dan is stressed and Phil comforts him.

Word Count: 1k 

I am so in love with blue neighbourhood


He knew what Phil would say if he were here, he’d crack the jokes hiding the concern behind his raised eyes. He’d weave his hands through his (once curly) brown hair and say it’s alright. And it would be. Because Phil Lester was made of starlight. 

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Coming home for Christmas | A Liam Dunbar Imagine | Christmas Special

Y/n P.O.V


“Hi Liam, I was wondering-” You start.

”-It’s Liam and you’ve missed me. Leave a Message and I’ll get back to you!“ Liam’s voice mail interrupts making you groan.

"Um-hey Li. I-I was just wondering, are you coming over mine for Christmas? My Mother sure misses you and so does everyone else.” You then paused, sighing. “I miss you too Liam. I really do. Um- you don’t have to come but I do have your presents. Well, call me when you get this message. Bye.”

Ever since your boyfriend left to go to Beacon Hills High school, you were both busy to see each other, but Liam has been acting rather distant, which frightens you a little.

Devenford Prep was different without him. He was our star player and now, Brett has taken over. His cocky attitude doesn’t help no one, not even himself. Saying rude remarks about Liam and his anger issues sure does piss you off.

Hours then passed and still nothing from Liam. You wondered if you had the wrong number and he never got your message. You then began to panic at the thought.

“Sweetie, are you ready?” You Mother called out from downstairs.

“Yeah! I’ll be down in a minute.” You replied, looking in the mirror.

Your family was invited to have dinner with the Mason’s Family, which included Caleb who was sadly Brett’s best friend. It has always been a tradition to go to the Mason’s household on Christmas Eve. Caleb was much nicer than Brett, but still was a right ass as he held a grudge against Liam.

“Y/n, do you have a boyfriend?” Mrs Mason asked, making everyone eye you suspiciously. You began to shift uncomfortably in your seat, choking a little on the potatoes.

“Well- I do ha-” You began but was interrupted by your Mother who gave a stern look.

"She does not. She’s a single pringle Lisa.”

You head instantly turns towards her with a slight glare. What on earth was your Mother doing?

Mrs Mason began clapping her hands, “Well, well. Celeb here is single too.” Your eyes then met Caleb’s dark green orbs as they searched yours mischievously.

Great.” You muttered quietly to yourself before picking on your food.


“What on earth was that, mother?” You sneered, crossing your arms over your chest. Your mother furrowed her eyebrows and looked at your dad for support, but he helplessly shrugged.

"Sweetie, we can’t just talk casually about Liam like that. I do miss him Y/n. I really do. It’s just the Masons okay? If they know that I allowed you to date Liam, it would ruin our reputation.” She explained, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“You’re embarrassed because of Liam?” You questioned, raising your voice.

Your mother shook her head, and replied,” I’m honestly not. Liam is like a dear son to me and I know that you love him but what he did was not right Y/n. You and I both know that.” Letting a frustrated groan, you stormed up to your room, ignoring the calls from your parents. They betrayed you.

Looking at your phone once again, there was still nothing from Liam. Furrowing your brows, you decided to send a message.

To Liam:

Hey, wasn’t sure if you got my voice mail but its fine if you didn’t. But anyways, merry Christmas Liam.

With that you laid on the bed, not bothered to change into your nightwear or to take your make up off. You weren’t bothered for anything at all. You hated how parents thought they knew you better that yourself, they always knew what was best but it’s not. They cannot arrange you to date Caleb. Never.

You hated how you were that type of girlfriend who was slightly clingy. But this was because you were worried. Worried, if Liam was okay in beacon hills or if you both lost what you once had.

Suddenly feeling the bed dip, your breath hitched and your pulse began to quicken. Slowly turning to your left, you noticed a figure staring straight right at you. Letting out a scream, you switched on your side lamp and scrambled out of your bed. You began to squint at the figure, wondering who it was.


“Y/n, is everything alright up there?” Your father called out from downstairs.

“Yeah- uh- it was just a- um-What the fu-” you began but stopped as you were lost for words.

Spider.” Liam spoke up, letting out a chuckle.

"Spider dad! Just a spider!”

Liam then walked up to you eyeing you slightly. You missed those blue orbs that always seemed to draw you in. “You alright?” He asked, his voice dropped with concern.

Rapidly blinking, you wondered if you were dreaming, “I-I’m fine. What the hell are you doing here Liam?”

Crossing his arms over his chest, he replied,” But didn’t you invite me over?”

You scoffed, stepping closer to him, until your chests were touching and his minty breath fanned your lips, causing it to quiver. “But at this time Liam? Do you even know what time it is?” You questioned, whispering harshly whilst flailing your arms about.

“It’s 12 am. Christmas Y/n.” He replied, before grabbing your waist and pressing his forehead against yours.“ I always come on Christmas Day, and I’m here. As I promised.” Your eyes shut at the warmth that Liam gave you. The warmth you missed.

"But four months Liam. What happened to we’ll try and visit each other at least once every two weeks? What happened to calling each other? What happened to us?”

Liam then raised his hand, stoking your cheeks softly. “There was always us Y/n. It was just- I’ve been rather busy with lacrosse and school. But I always keep my promises that I would visit you and here I am. I missed you so much Y/n.”

Pressing your lips against his, you said,” I missed you too Liam. And-” You pulled away and grabbed his presents from your desk. “Here, Merry Christmas Liam.”

Liam grabbed something from his pocket which was shaped like a box and handed it to you. “Merry Christmas to you too.




Well, hope you like this imagine! and btw i don;t think Caleb is a real character in teen wolf, i just made him up.

Thank you again for reading my imagines, honestly never thought anyone would read them. So thank you.

Don’t worry there will be more christmas specials as i am currently writing a Stiles one. And i’ll be posting a writers Q & A soon!

Happy holidays!

Yves x

anonymous asked:

"i live below you and i was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW" this totally tousaki! pls, I beg you! I really love the way you write!

“I really love the way you write” — thank you!!

and — aaaahhnnnm ok i was feeling a little festive so — i started writing and ended up — not stopping for a while @////@

this is: ~2700 word fluff-without-plot crack-y human/college au. hope you’re all having a good day~

Her resident advisor is friendly, but…

She should have guessed, from the weird mail she had received a week before arriving, whose subject title had read URGENT and whose contents was a survey asking for name, birthday, blood type, and favorite color and animal.

Or maybe she should have guessed from the fact that she had arrived at her dormitory room’s door to find it completely covered with paper creatures. (There were rabbits that were multi-colored, as she had left the “color” field blank; and green frogs, presumably Yonebayashi’s favorite color and animal, though Touka had yet to encounter her while they were both awake and capable of conversation.)

At the very least, Sasaki’s huge smile upon meeting her — “Hellooo, Touka Kirishima! Pleased to meet you!!” — should have cued her.

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Killian being in awe of Emma's magic. some smuff maybe as well?

Nothing but smuff.

“Oh, God.” She arches further into him, his hand pinning her down to the bed, fingers gripping and pushing down on her hip. She whines in the back of her throat as she tilts her head and looks down at him – his black hair buried between the pale skin of her thighs, wild and chaotic from her fingers.

He seems to sense her gaze – damn him – because his eyes shoot open to meet hers, a soft moan falling from his lips and vibrating against her core. He keeps eye contact as he pulls back slightly – chin glistening – and jesus christ, it shouldn’t feel this good.

“Come on, love.” He murmurs it against the inside of her thigh as his fingers slide from her hip to her clit, thumb brushing over her gently. He grins when she jumps and moans, pressing his open mouth back against her, thrusting his tongue into her roughly while his fingers stroke lazily at her little bundle of nerves.

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Living Together

Living Together is just going to be scenarios of Jikook living together. It will mostly be fluff and cute. Here is the first chapter, enjoy~

01 Cuddle

word count: 512

Jimin sighed as he watched Jungkook working at the desk.

Jungkook was an art major student in university. He was hardworking and a perfectionist which was good for him because he always ended up making beautiful art. 

However, he could be such a workaholic sometimes like these days, he was working on this project nonstop. And his perfectionist side definitely didn’t help the situation, he was barely eating or sleeping.

He was technically glued to his drawing board. (If Jimin wasn’t this worried, he might tell Jungkook to marry his drawing board as a joke)

Maybe Jungkook didn’t feel the need to sleep or eat, but Jimin worried. He worried a lot actually.

He could tell that Jungkook had gotten skinner and the dark circles under his eyes were too obvious to ignore. 

And Jungkook was getting frustrated or annoyed so easily right now. It was a clear sign that his project was occupying too much of Jungkook’s mind space.

“Kookie, it’s time to sleep.” Jimin cooed as he walked towards Jungkook, wrapped his arms around the younger’s neck from behind.

“Hyung, you go sleep first, I need to finish this part.” Jungkook said, eyes still glued to his work.

Jimin frowned slightly, he was determined to get his boyfriend to sleep today and a plan came into his mind.

“Kookie, sleep with me~” Jimin whined.

“But hyung, I need to fix this, its not perfect yet.” Jungkook protested.

Jimin moved to face Jungkook and made his cutest pouty face, “I can’t sleep without my Kookie cuddling me though, doesn’t my Kookie want hyung to sleep well.”

Jungkook finally gave in at Jimin’s aegyo, “Fine, just for today.” Satisfied with the answer, Jimin grinned from ear to ear.

Jimin knew Jungkook too well, maybe the younger didn’t necessarily think sleep is a big deal to himself but he cared about Jimin a lot and he wouldn’t let Jimin stay up late.

Just like how Jimin cared about Jungkook so he couldn’t watch him overwork himself. Plus, Jimin’s aegyo was always Jungkook’s weakness.

Jimin’s hand found Jungkook’s and dragged Jungkook out of his chair, to their bedroom. Jimin basically tucked Jungkook into bed and Jungkook didn’t put up a fight. Even though, he attemptted to appear manly, he was always being take cared by Jimin and he secretly likeed it.

When both of them were lied down, blanket wrapped around them, their limbs tingled naturally and they found comfort in each other’s embrace. 

Despite the fact that Jimin was the one asking for cuddles, he ended up being the big spoon. He didn’t mind it though, he liked holding his Kookie in his arms.

Jungkook buried his face into Jimin’s chest. Listening to his boyfriend’s heartbeat, steady and soothing, it calmed Jungkook and he soon felt sleepy.

“Hyung, thank you.” Jimin heard Jungkook’s muffled voice just when he thought Jungkook had fallen asleep. 

Jimin chuckled, hand rubbing soft circles on Jungkook’s back, “I would always take care of you. I love you, Kookie. Sleep now.”

“love you too, hyung.”