i had to download subs to this

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Hey! I was wondering can we still watch the episodes you subbed without the Discord app?


For the moment, we require for you to have Discord. However, it runs of pretty much any device, you can even use it in your web browser!

Things you can download / run Discord on include:

We may consider other options in the future, however for now we have had a overwhelming positive response using Discord. There is a great feeling of community with people who just lurk and observe, to people getting fully involved and meeting new Miraculers daily :)

To new K-pop fans…

1. I remember when I first got I to K-pop and I tried to remember their names by remembering their hair color…. I was mistaken. Don’t. Save yourself the confusion.

2. Look up their ages. You might be in for a shock.

3. There is a thing called ‘Korean age’ and basically that means your favorites are going to have 2 ages. There actual age and then their Korean age. For Korean age you automatically turn one on the day you’re born and then gain another year on new year. So you basically add 1 to two years depending on if it’s before or after new year. So when you hear something like “they’re a 94 liner” that means that they were born in 1994..simple right.

4. They aren’t gay. Well logically speaking some of them probably are, but most are straight. Idols are affectionate with each other. You will see them sleeping and cuddling in the same bed, always touching one another, and always getting jealous over one of their members *cough * Jungkook *cough* They aren’t afraid of ‘skinship’ and that doesn’t make them gay.

5. Aegyo. Aegyo is basically just acting overly cute and it can take some getting used too especially if you’re from a country where 'cute’ isn’t really standard. Yeah grown men and women acting overly cute is still something I can’t handle a lot of.

6. V-live. V-live is basically video instagram for Korean artists. That is where they go live, post fun videos, and etc. You can download it completely free from your app store. There are some channels/content that you have to pay for if you want to watch it though. Most of the big names in K-pop will have subtitles on their content because of the lovely translators in the fandom, but a lot of the small or newer groups won’t. 😔

Oh and if you download vlive and your watching a solo live from one of your favorites and they aren’t your bias *favorite* DON’T ASK FOR OTHER MEMBERS!!!!!! It makes them feel bad… K… Thanks.

7. There is a dark side to K-pop. Most trainees get treated horribly, some idols don’t eat enough, Scandal on top of Scandal and etc but I’m going to all of that. You can dive into the tell of darkness on your own. Or you can message me or another K-pop fan with any questions.

8. Music shows. Music shows usually happen every week and if your face just had a comeback *aka released new music* then they will likely be on soon. The music shows have winners and those winners are chosen by sales, votes, and I believe views.. IDK. So if you want to vote you can go and make free accounts and vote. Accounts will also help you with voting for the end of the year music shows. MAMA is one of the major ones in case you’ve seen the phrase 'vote bts or vote exo or vote got7 for mama’ it’s not talking about voting for their mother.

9. Variety shows. Oh god variety shows. They will be the best and worst thing to happen to you because one you see your favorites on a variety program *which is kinda like a game show/interview* and you see how adorkable they truly are you are in that fandom for life. Sorry. Not sorry. No way out. K-pop is not a revolving door. Welcome.

Variety shows often involve punishments. Like being spanked by your fellow members or being hit on the head really hard with a toy hammer or flicked in the forehead. It’s weird but you’ll love it. Oh and the K-pop dances are amazing and scary complicated as is, but wait until you see it 2x faster. Not sure idols are human TBH.

10. Whiplash. What I mean by this is you are going to pick a favorite and they are going to be adorable and cute and you are going to want to protect them and their innocence and then they are going to get on stage or start dancing and they change into this rude creature and you’re not sure what just happened …i call it whiplash. The transition from fluffy to rude within .0000001 of a second. You get whiplash.

11. You have to go to YouTube and look up K-pop crack videos. Just look up 'K-pop crack’ or 'K-pop on crack’ they are so funny. Also the K-pop try not to laugh videos.

12. K-pop fandom. Each fandom has a name for their fans, like bts’ fans are called 'Army’ And each fandom either has or will at some point have a unique lightstick to represent their fandom. Fan chants are also a thing. You will often hear these at music shows and concerts. They are quite easy to pick up ion their own, but if you need assistance then you can google “ *group name* fan chants”

13. You don’t speak Korean. That is perfectly okay. Most of the big groups have amazing translators in their fandoms and they sub everything..mostly into English.. But I’ve seen some in Spanish and German too. You do not have to speak the language to be able to love K-pop. Music doesn’t need lyrics to be understood. But more power to you if you want to learn Korean it is a beautiful language and has amazing tradition and heritage that is so fun to learn about.

14. K-dramas. They are a thing and they are amazing. A lot of your favs have probably made an appearance if not had a leading role. Even if they don’t have your favs I do recommend downloading 'Drama Fever’ and binge watching. Again there are sub titles and most of the content is free, but there is some you have to pay for.

15. Military enlistment. It is law in Korea that every able-bodied man must serve at least 2 years in the military before they are 32. Idols from Thailand such as 2pm’s Nichkhun and Got7’s BamBam can either take the full 2 years or enter the draft. If they enter the draft and don’t draw a red card then they don’t have to go, but if they enter the draft and draw the red card then they have to serve the full 2 years. Idols from America and other countries are exempt I do believe.

Let me or another K-pop Stan know if you have any more questions and we’ll do our best to answer and if anyone has something else to add feel free ☺

Welcome to the K-pop life ♥

EXO ENG SUB compilation

hello everyone! i finally managed to edit my list of eng subbed videos with EXO. now it’s totally up to date - i added shows like happy together, knowing brothers, download links for EXO’s tourgram, radio shows, interviews, movies, concerts and some more - from 2012 to today, everything’s there! it just took me like 8 months to finally add all the newer shows…

  • please check out my video list here!

if you find any broken links or if you think something is missing please tell me and i will try my best to fix it :))

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where tf can I watch the past stage plays like ????

So far, there have been four (almost five) stage plays.


This was the first run of Engeki Haikyuu!! with the original cast (Karasuno and Aobajousai). It ran in 2015, and I believe that it has been subbed into many different languages other than English.


Documentary of “Haikyuu!!” The View from the Top

This was the second run of Engeki Haikyuu!! It covers the same events as the first run; however, some of the cast had changed for the second run (Daichi, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, and Yahaba). To watch the rerun, you will need to download the videos and the subs separately.

x  x

Haikyuu!! Karasuno Revival!

This third run includes Nekoma, Datekou, and Ikejiri Hayato. I don’t believe there are subs out yet, but if someone finds any or plans on making them, please let me know!

Haikyuu!! Winners and Losers

This fourth run contains only the Karasuno and Aobajousai teams with the exception of Kuroo and Kenma returning. The DVD for this run came out only last month, so I highly doubt anyone has tried subbing it yet.

Haikyuu!! Summer of Progress

This is the fifth run that’s scheduled to begin in September. The run contains both Nekoma and Fukurodani teams. Please go support the production if you are able to! I will link information about the cast and tour dates (in English) below. Note: There most likely won’t be any English subs if you see the production.


If you have any more questions, feel free to send us an ask!


Finally finished and in a record time too! (Joys of summer break lol)


-These are subtitles only. You need the raw video file for these to work. Look for a user called scentofautumn as they have a BD rip up for download. There is another link floating around on tumblr but it won’t work as it’s in parts and putting them together means the timings will be off (trust me I’ve tried).

-As these are soft subs to get them work, with the raw video file, you place the raw video file and subtitles in the same folder with the same name and by using VLC player they should work.

-Finally please enjoy them! I had the help of koushuu from tumblr as proofreader so thank you for that.

And if there are any problems, errors etc. please tell.


No reuploading and enjoy ^.^

  • Tweek: You know when someone says they’re going to do something and you think you can trust them
  • Tweek: but then they don’t and they’re super lame instead? I hate that!
  • Craig: don’t sub-gram me , dick.
  • Tweek: Who said it was about you?! you think that EVERYTHING is about you!!!
  • Craig: because it is. God, dude.

(I downloaded a Russian keyboard and a Russian translator app that will probably give my phone viruses, they both had warnings but I regret nothing)

[DOWNLOAD] Megane Danshi episode 1 (Kuroba Mario ver) english subbed

Sorry for the wait here is episode 1 english subbed! I had the help of @pamsurowka​ as a proofreader/timer checker so thank you so much for your help ^^

@mandilo​ provided the raws. Thank you so much for allowing me ^^






Episode 2 is fully timed and translated just waiting to be proofread. And I’m ¾ of the way through episode 3. Episode 4 will have a delay as I’m on holiday for this week.

No reuploading (I’ll pretend dansui was never uploaded to streaming sites) and enjoy ^.^

[Download] FIVE Eps 1-3 English Sub (RE-TIMED!)

Hi everyone! I have FINALLY finished re-timing the subtitles for Episodes 1-3 (I did finish them at around 3pm today, but I’ve been waiting for the Hardsubs to upload and I was busy and had to go out xD). 

You’ll be able to find the softsubs on my Masterpost —> HERE

There’s also a link to the RAW copies that FIT those timings. (Thank to @mandilo and they have been re-uploaded by @rz-jocelyn ♥)
If looking for the Hardsubs, please send me and ASK OFF ANON (No messages please!!)


I just realized I have an eng subbed version of this ep (ep 295) downloaded to my computer! I’ve been looking for eng sub for this for a long time but I had it all along! I think I may have downloaded it a long time ago and forgotten about it :p I know a lot of people are looking for eng sub so maybe I could like post it somewhere or something so people could watch it? But idk where though. Maybe google drive? Any suggestions?

Edit: I have links!

Part 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0QK45UWsOz3Y0Q4NW1RekZ5d0k

Part 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0QK45UWsOz3ZXRGaV9rWkNsUEE

Part 3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0QK45UWsOz3SGxzRlItaW9LSEE

[DOWNLOAD] Megane danshi episode 2 (Arisawa Shotarou) english subbed

Sorry for the delay I just got off holiday and I’m completely wiped lol 

I had the usual help of @pamsurowka as my proofreader and times checker and the kind permission of @mandilo to use her raws.

Hard sub:


Soft sub:



Episode 3 is still at ¾ complete and I’ve not started 4. I’ll be finishing them up in the next few weeks and hopefully have this project finished by the end of August.

No reuploading and enjoy ^.^

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I don't watch skam but I'm shipping sana and yousef so hard???? Can you tell me the run down of what's happening?? Also tell me how I can watch skam with English subs??

hey pal, sorry i didn’t answer this for a couple of days but i didn’t have my laptop and i wanted to hit you up with links

sana is the main for the current series of skam and yousef is her brother’s friend whom she is crushing on p hard. we’ve only had one and a bit episodes so far but the feelings seem to be mutual :)))

as for watching skam with english subtitles, it’s getting a little harder to watch old eps as the sites are exceeding views and downloads due to the increasing popularity of the show lmao but try these links: Season 1, Season 2 - pt1 & pt 2, Season 3

skamenglish are uploading subbed clips of season 4 as they are released :)

and here’s some posts with links to subbed seasons and extra things :) x x x x

[Download] FIVE Episode 6 English HardSub!

Hey guys, yes I’m still working on FIVE don’t you worry about that xD
As I’m currently busy with countless assignments and I’ve finished 2 out of the 6 that I have, I finished Episode 6 a while back. But my subbing partner has also been busy with work and also translating endless Tweets from Ryuji’s Solo Performance! And I finally got it back today for the final check and here I am!

Thus, due to still having 4 assignments to do, I’ve had to push back Episodes 7 and 8 as the assignments are my first priority. But the second I finish my assignments, I’ll be working on them as quick as I can!

REMEMBER, I AM ONLY SHARING THE HARDSUBS due to an issue me and Jocelyn had a while back. There will still be softsubs, but you will need to send me an ASK (NO MESSAGES as I’ll direct you to my Ask Box!!!) and I’ll give them to those I CAN TRUST!! You can read more about that: HERE

You can find the new episode in the Masterpost and PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES!


[DOWNLOAD] Megane Danshi episode 4 FINAL (Tamaki Yuki ver) english subbed

So everything was finished faster than expected so I bring you the 4th and last episode! It was a fun little project and I had fun working with @pamsurowka who acted as my proofreader. Thank you so much for the help! And, again thank you @mandilo for providing the raws! 

Again, the hardsub comes from @pamsurowka so please thank her for that!

Hard sub:


Soft sub:


Again, please use @mandilo raws for the softsub.

No reuploading and enjoy ^.^

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Hello :) I have a question for you. I always see you reblog and retweet pictures of the Haikyuu stage play. How can I watch them? I’ve never seen one before and they look like they would be fun to watch!

Hey there :) That’s a good question!! I honestly don’t know how you have gone this long WITHOUT watching them!!!😂

So here’s the low-down with the stage plays. Of course, the ideal way for fans to watch is to order the DVD/Blu-ray yourself to support the production. Obviously, with how expensive it is, not having subtitles, not working on our region of media players, most people are hesitant to do so. This is why I always buy as much engeki haikyuu merch as I can, to still support in my own way. I did find out that Japanese Blu-Rays work on all Blu-Ray devices, so I’m pre-ordering Summer of Evolution and I’m SO EXCITED ALSKDFJASL

That being said, you can find most of the stage plays online to download. Yes, you have to use a downloading service like MegaUpload. I personally have never had any issues with it, so I wouldn’t be too worried. 

I’m going to put the rest of the information/instructions under the cut here, so keep reading if you want to know more about how to watch the stage plays!

Keep reading

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what do you love the most about weiss kreuz? i tried to watch it recently, and was left a little ... unimpressed? sorta angered, and mostly confused? i love you writing, and i trust your judgement, so i want to know is it worth getting into? is it the dub that's messing w/ my perception? i just really want to understand this thing that you hold dearly.

Nonny, I want you to know that this ask made me get up from my comfy bed and turn on my computer again. This ask is so pure, so sweet, it’s so heartfelt ;_; Thank you so much for your kind words on my writing and valuing my opinion so much you tried getting into it? That’s really sweet imho so thanks for that!



Nobody likes Weiss Kreuz because they WATCHED Weiss Kreuz. I mean, I have watched WK probably too many times, and I like WK, but those two things are ENTIRELY unrelated. You know, back then, WK used to be one of the most popular categories in ff dot net and NOBODY had actually watched it. 


So, the thing with Weiss Kreuz, is that it is… bad. It really doesn’t get any better, in fact, it gets WORSE, except for, IDK, a couple of particular episodes where it finally looks like they haven’t paid the animators in Cup Noodles. But it was A Thing back then, where subbed animes for download were rare and everything you could get your hands on was prized, when Pretty Boys was a whole genre and the angst was a given, and BL was, like, a rising phenomena and people still used “yaoi” to refer to that stuff (”MxM lemons, don’t like don’t read”)

So YEAH, a great deal of Weiss feels come from the nostalgia factor, which you can’t exactly replicate if you haven’t watched it when you were 11, subbed in a language you didn’t understand back then, full of girls screaming around you because the only place you could watch anime was in a convention that was like, 10 bucks for you to get into a tiny room at Sundays and watch cartoons until your eyes bled.


I love it for the camp factor, for the terrible animation, for the inexistent plot, for the manpain, for the Mary Sues, for Takehito Koyasu, who’s absolutely BATSHIT CRAZY. 

I also love it for the quirky character designs, for the amazing seiyuu with incredible careers that lent their voices and their faces to the characters, for the GREAT music and soundtrack, for the fandom and the years I’ve spent out of it just as I spend in it, for the absolute refusal to let something die, not because it’s any good, but because I love it. 

And most of all

I fucking love Ken Hidaka, that stupid asshole. 

He’s just all of my favorite character tropes rolled into one, you know? Fuck him and his stupid, handsome face.

Thank you all for joining the first stream and being the test panel, as it were, of the subbed version of the InuYasha Stage Play. 

Three subbing errors were spotted and will be fixed before the second stream and the download file will be edited to remove those minor sub glitches. 

You were an awesome audience and I hope you all had a wonderful day/evening/night ^^

Arigatou Gozaimasu  ありがとうございます

[DOWNLOAD] Dansui! Pool side episode 1 english subs

So the kind soul of pyromaniacgirl-killer@tumblr heard my plea and managed to time the first episode of Dansui! pool side episode one that I had left untimed for ages. Thank you so much you were amazing help!

I don’t know if I will do the rest of the series yet. I first want to get my next project out the way and done first before deciding but I’ll announce it when I do. Sorry I haven’t actually been doing these ^^;; life and such haha


They are soft subs only so to find the video file please look for a user called butai-downloads and they have the link.

No reuploading and enjoy ^.^

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Hello, hope you’re having a good day! I was just wondering if you had a link to all the skam full episodes? Maybe with subtitles? It’s fine if you don’t. Thank you xx

Hey! I am, thanks. And well, I know all episodes (w/ subs) can be downloaded in many torrent sites, but probably the most convenient way to find is to search up ‘Skam s1 / s2 / s3 / s4 watch online’ and you’ll find all the videos on Dailymotion with subs :)