i had to download subs to this

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where tf can I watch the past stage plays like ????

So far, there have been four (almost five) stage plays.


This was the first run of Engeki Haikyuu!! with the original cast (Karasuno and Aobajousai). It ran in 2015, and I believe that it has been subbed into many different languages other than English.


Documentary of “Haikyuu!!” The View from the Top

This was the second run of Engeki Haikyuu!! It covers the same events as the first run; however, some of the cast had changed for the second run (Daichi, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, and Yahaba). To watch the rerun, you will need to download the videos and the subs separately.

x  x

Haikyuu!! Karasuno Revival!

This third run includes Nekoma, Datekou, and Ikejiri Hayato. I don’t believe there are subs out yet, but if someone finds any or plans on making them, please let me know!

Haikyuu!! Winners and Losers

This fourth run contains only the Karasuno and Aobajousai teams with the exception of Kuroo and Kenma returning. The DVD for this run came out only last month, so I highly doubt anyone has tried subbing it yet.

Haikyuu!! Summer of Progress

This is the fifth run that’s scheduled to begin in September. The run contains both Nekoma and Fukurodani teams. Please go support the production if you are able to! I will link information about the cast and tour dates (in English) below. Note: There most likely won’t be any English subs if you see the production.


If you have any more questions, feel free to send us an ask!


Beginner’s Guide to UP10TION

Now is a GR8 time to get into the ridiculous fabulous world of UP10TION! Having just dragged two of my friends into this amazingly talented group (muahahaHA), I thought this Informational Post may come in handy.

Warning: This band is full of silly adorable cuties and you’ll have a hard time not stanning at least three to ten of them

Basic UP10TION things
⦁ The name “UP10TION” means “to get excited”! The English word “tension” is used to mean “excitement” in Korea, not “stress” (though they stress me out sometimes tbh)
⦁ They debuted in September 2015 and they’ve already had two comebacks since then
⦁ They always upload dance practices (hallelujah)
⦁ Despite the Chinese names, they have no Chinese members
⦁ They do market towards China though, they debuted in China at the same time as Korea
⦁ Fans are called HONEY10
⦁ They have a show called Rising Up10tion from pre-debut which you absolutely must watch (though it’s a bit hard finding eng sub videos right now, check high10tion’s youtube, tumblr, or dailymotion as they should be reuploaded at some point. There are some videos subbed in other languages that haven’t been taken down. I highly recommend downloading any videos you like in case they disappear again. A general rule of kpop)
⦁ They also were on ASC, weekly idol, and the 1theK Let’s Dance which are all GR8, go watch them
⦁ They have a V app   
Here are some important dance videos

Here’s a guide to who everyone is in the MV’s

So Dangerous (CD - Top Secret)
Come As You Are (Top Secret)
Catch Me (CD - BRAVO!)
Attention (CD - Spotlight)
Stay (Spotlight) 

I mostly tried to avoid the memes about these guys but here they are just so u know:

⦁ Jinhoo - lips
⦁ Kuhn - acting
⦁ Kogyeol - rap god
⦁ Wei - tall pillar
⦁ Bit-to - the 4d one
⦁ Wooshin - group satan
⦁ Sunyoul - tiny. smol
⦁ Gyujin - eyebrows
⦁ Hwanhee - crybaby
⦁ Xiao - a e g y o

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I don't watch skam but I'm shipping sana and yousef so hard???? Can you tell me the run down of what's happening?? Also tell me how I can watch skam with English subs??

hey pal, sorry i didn’t answer this for a couple of days but i didn’t have my laptop and i wanted to hit you up with links

sana is the main for the current series of skam and yousef is her brother’s friend whom she is crushing on p hard. we’ve only had one and a bit episodes so far but the feelings seem to be mutual :)))

as for watching skam with english subtitles, it’s getting a little harder to watch old eps as the sites are exceeding views and downloads due to the increasing popularity of the show lmao but try these links: Season 1, Season 2 - pt1 & pt 2, Season 3

skamenglish are uploading subbed clips of season 4 as they are released :)

and here’s some posts with links to subbed seasons and extra things :) x x x x

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Official drama watching sites are dramafever, Viki, ondemandkorea, and viu. You can also legally download/torrent dramas. I know kissasian and most streaming sites (not all) steal subs and reuploads them. I think the only legit streaming site is dramacool. But maybe I'm wrong.

i like dramacool too :)  unfortunately here in germany i can’t watch on dramafever and viu, and there are not so many dramas available in viki.
also i’m afraid to download torrents. *the internet police here in germany is kinda scary* i heard some people had to pay fines bcs of downloading torrents *cries i’m so afraid*

[UPDATED] Hetalia Musical FAQ

Since I’m getting quite a few asks about the musical I’ve compiled an FAQ for them.

1. Did Himaruya write the script? No. The script is written by Yuusei Naruse, who also wrote the first and second stage performance of Yowamushi Pedal and DIABOLIK LOVERS. Obviously Himaruya is also involved in the project, but it’s up to you to decide now ‘canon’ the musical is.

2. Where can I find the full musical with subs? a DVD version will be released early summer next year (exact date yet to be announced). Nico Live broadcasted both the matinee and soiree shows on 26th December, and the recordings are available for paid viewing (1700 yen) until February, but only within Japan. Neither the DVD nor the live recording is subbed.

3. Will you be subbing the full musical? 

UPDATE: Yes I will. :) But under the following circumstances:

  1. I won’t sub it until the DVD is officially released. I know there’s a Nico Live rip out there somewhere, but I’m definitely buying the DVD and CD for this musical and I urge everyone who wants to watch it to do the same.
  2. It won’t be easy, so expect it to take some time to sub a full musical with dialogues, songs and ad libs full of history jargons and hetalia randomness.
  3. Like the Free! seiyuu event, I will make the softsubs available for download, and livestream the musical with subs.

4. What’s the musical about? (SPOILERS)

UPDATE: It’s tells the story of the world from right before WW1 to the end of WW2, peppered with episodes and references from Hetalia such as American Revolution, chibitalia and HRE, and the birth of Nikujaga.

I had the opportunity to watch Nico Live while I was in Japan last week, so now I can speak from my own experiences. The plot itself is original and follows the timeline from pre WW1 to the end of WW2, and is surprisingly a good history lesson. As long as you know that the actors are playing a country, you don’t actually need to have read hetalia to understand and enjoy the show. The style is closer to the earliest strips in Himaruya’s website, and the characters are less moe, but more realistic and countries-at-war like in their plotting and scheming. It’s a good mix of comedy and angst, with more angst on the axis side towards the end.


Himaruya said in his blog that he took particular care in height difference when choosing the cast, and it really worked. Also, many fans have already pointed this out but Italy’s actor sounds so much like Namikawa it’s uncanny. HRE and France’s voices are also nice. It’s a good satire of world history without taking itself too seriously, a lot of dark humor, but so very hetalia. I like the music a lot, and it also features two canon songs and they are both very well done.

Character-wise, Germany, America and England are quite different from the manga, but it’s a welcoming change imo.  The actor did a lovely job portraying this Germany who acts like a mix of Germany and Prussia, which makes sense because you need the lead role to be more boisterous to move things along. I was a little worried about the musical making Germany the one who chose to start a war, but with this characterization it works.

America’s actor is clearly the most at ease on stage. He didn’t mimic Konishi’s voice and such, and his version of America is more sinister and more aware of his role as a Super Power. Superb job on the American Revolution song too. England is more punk and less gentlemen, but clearly the leader of the Allies who’s in charge of the liaising and plotting (and cracking Enigma) , and I’ve always wanted to see that badass pirate side of him so I’m glad the musical did that.


The music score is good, but the live singing left something to be desired. Maybe because Nico Live captured the sounds directly from the actors’ mics, it’s pretty obvious when they are off key. So I’m really looking forward to the CD, if there’s one.

It’s probably just a matter of personal preference but the HRE and Chibitalia hand puppets didn’t work for me and distracted me from the otherwise serious scenes. (HRE’s voice is really nice though)

The story focus on the Europe theatre of the war and I would’ve really liked to see more on the Asia side, but it’s probably too sensitive a topic.

The ending. It’s super cheesy (no pun intended hahaha) even by Japanese standard. Also much of Japan’s war history is omitted, so the musical ended with Germany’s surrender (Japan’s surrender would’ve been 3 months after).  But it is a lovely message of peace so all is well.

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sorry to bother you but do you have links to the live action Yowa Pedo plays that are subbed by any chance, thank you!

This post has links that contain the first and second production of the stage plays (yowamushi pedal 2012 and sleeping straight line demon): http://hellamanami.tumblr.com/post/96991199494/a-mini-guide-about-pedal-stage

This is the link to the interhigh first result (third production) that is subbed: https://mega.co.nz/#!DcIR3IQC!_gEVz20j8iKwhKdtIOHVpRdMMaMjKcO6xoSORVhMkA4 from this post: http://shigaa.tumblr.com/post/123338488905/yowamushi-pedal-stage-play-the-first-result.

The interhigh second order (fourth production) can be found here: http://tenimyutopia.livejournal.com/247520.html (though you need a live journal account) which i found from this post: http://silverwind.tumblr.com/post/95580197153/do-you-know-where-i-can-download-yowamushi-pedal (look at the comments to see the link again).

As for the fifth and sixth production, I have no links to share :( though in the future, shigaa may sub videos of them.

Edit: if you are looking just for raw videos, all of them can be found on LiveJournal in the Tenimyu community (creds to shigaa and amyused for this info). Also, as always, you can purchase the DVD from YesAsia or CDJapan (creds to shigaa again).

And then finally, this old post of mine had some more information abt the stage plays: http://yowapeda-sohoku.tumblr.com/post/83673213431/hi-can-you-tell-me-from-where-can-i-download. I hope this helps you in some way!!

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Anywhere I can watch the musicals with English subs? I'm sorry for bothering you btw.

Hi!~ You don’t bother me at all, don’t worry. Well… I don’t know actually. xD I have only Lycoris 2014 with Russian subs, which I downloaded from RusKuro group. I think, you need to google something like «Kuromyu english subs SRT format». I believe, it would be easier to find subs in that format rather than video with subs in it. I watched musicals without subs (I tried very hard to understand Japanese and I had a success in understanding a part of actors’ speech). So, I just wish you good luck with finding the subs. I’m also searching for them at the moment. x333


downloaded apps to watch “asian dramas” on for japanese practice, one is Viki (which also has a website, and isn’t actually for just dramas) which has user-submitted subtitles, so you can ex. watch korean TV shows with japanese, norwegian, whatever subs or with none at all (just pick a language that’s 0% subbed). there was even 1 with esperanto subs. theoretically you can use it for translation practice and make your own subs to submit too.

also got apps to read manga on, one of them you got the first volume of a ton of commercial works for free so i tried kiseijyuu (Parasyte) which is surprizingly easy to read so far; from there i realized half the difficulty of reading manga online is just that the image quality is usually bad (this app had cleaned-up scans so it was easier to read smaller font). so i finally downloaded a comic viewer for mac called “Simple Comic” so i can view manga pages in their original sizes and scroll through the book using the arrow keys. right-clicking even gets you a magnifying glass!! when i need to look up a word i don’t know the kanji for, i use a dictionary app that recognizes handwriting and just draw it in.

half a manga volume a day is proving to be too much so i’m switching to 1 chapter a day, with 100 words on readthekanji a day (so i can finish N1 before the end of the month). i’ll try to watch 1-2 TV episodes a day for listening practice. my “manga dictionary” has 1400 entries now.

[!] I’m going to upload BTS VLIVE+ episodes for you guys!

So, I’m a bit mad of how we’ll end up watching our boys ‘s trip to North Europe only through vlive+ AND ONLY IF WE HAVE COINS!

Well , I luckily had 200 coins because I’m in Level 2, and together with my fellow ARMY friend, we both purchased all the 8 EPISODES OF BTS BON VOYAGE (each of us 4 episodes) and we are going to hopefully download them though I’m not sure about the quality and subs yet :C and upload them on Dailymotion (acc link will be added) . 

Not only that, But also another ARMY friend of mine purchased BTS BDAY PARTY and she’ll download it as well~~ we’ll upload them all in one Channel ! 

so please guys! don’t be sad! we’re giving you hope now~~ tho i know many will download them for the sake of those who can’t watch :’) ! please share and reblog~~ spread the word^u^)/

ah! and I don’t even care if some will get mad over this, i got my coins for free so i can do whatever i want :’))! also becoz again , i’m pissed off of all this vlive+ new feature….it’s just…stop… taking fans’ money gdi ><



so, with the abundance of blurryface conspiracies out there, i thought i might try something on my own. 

i don’t know if what i did has already been done, but i assure you that if it has been done, i did not intentionally copy someone.

so, let’s start of with my theory. i think that the third single to be released is Stressed Out, and i believe that it is going to be released tonight (4/27/15)

why, you ask?

well, i’m sure you’re all aware of the video’s of tyler and josh with some sort of strange, reversed sounding background music posted by the blurryface twitter account. for some reason, those just didn’t seem like regular audio tracks to me. so, i decided to do some experimenting. i downloaded both of the tracks and fiddled with them for a while until i finally decided to try reversing them. i eventually decided that maybe i should just reverse one of them.

this is the track that i left in it’s original state (x)

and this is the track that i reversed (x)

after i had these two tracks, and individually tried shazaming them in both reversed and non reversed states, i decided to try both at the same time. 

i got them as closely lined up as i could with my sub par audio editors and played them back. sounded odd, but i tried shazaming again, and this time, i actually had a conclusive result.

it identified itself as the second tract on blurryface, stressed out.

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I feel like it's a stupid question but... Wouldn't it be impossible for film makers to do the representation of every ethnicities in Europe? Because I saw some people saying that europeans' films did not have enough representations...

It’s not a stupid question but more of a question that needs specifications. I mean, europe is NOT the US. Like every country is different. And everyone has different issues in that sense - if someone makes a show in italy with a lot of romanian/easter european/albanian characters for people in the US it wouldn’t look diverse because it’s all pale people, here it would be groundbreaking because there’s a huge percentage of eastern European immigrants who aren’t really on tv that much. Something that has good representation for one specific country doesn’t necessarily apply to another like if I see a UK movie from the 80s where the majority of the noneuropean immigrants are indians it wouldn’t be representative for MY country because there aren’t as many here, but if british people of indian descent feel like they have insufficient representstion I can’t exactly tell them that nah it’s enough actually there should be more romanians. If you only watch scandinavian movies you’ll mostly find white people in there because the percentage of nonwhite immigrants at least before the last crisis were less than 5% of the population. You can’t ask for European movies to show minorities the way you want them in Us media because it’s not the same context or society, same as it’d be dumb af for me to get angry that there aren’t Italians in bollywood movies or Japanese movies - why the fuck should they feature italians when there’s an abysmal quantity in that side of the world? Like, you have to look for it. Also I mean my favorite italian tv show is about a high school in turin and to the last season it had featured: teachers from southern italian regions (which is another problem in itself), in the classrooms you had black/albanian/indian/arabian kids (the last one had also an interracial romance subplot), gay kids, a hetero kid with gay parents, the main character got pregnant at forty something, there was a kid brought up by her grandmother, then my favorite character was basically a poor bastard with dead parents and an abusive family who got together with an ukranian girl who came to italy to find her sister who was in a prostitution racket and at some point he moved in with another abused kid and that’s like half of it. And that’s just MY favorite *show* and it had plenty representation for like EVERY DISCRIMINATED CATEGORY UNDER THE SUN in this country, but do I see people on tumblr downloading fuoriclasse with subs? Nope. XD i mean saying european filmmakers should include more diversity tailored for the american market means that you can’t search for stuff AND that you expect everyone to cater to your american market. And.. like you understand it’s not viable XD

Episode 20/21 English Subs

don’t worry if the first 5 or so seconds are SUPER OFF idk how that happened it just screwed up (by the time she goes IM LADYBUUUG in the intro it’s pretty much on time save for a second or so off but :// o well)

these are not perfect (by annnny means) but i just wanted to get them out. here is numeric, french-canada’s episode 20 for miraculous ladybug!!

spread the news~ reblog to save a life~ 

EDIT: I SAW someone wondering if they should watch it so let me be a bit clearer: I did not sub this myself, the subs are the SRT files from mlsubbing on tumblr (they are an official fanblog of ML by zagtoon). what i did do was download the raws, put them together (they were initially separate as part 1 and 2), put the SRT files on (at first in vlc media player which didnt work so i then downloaded GOM player), screen recorded it as i watched with Fraps, and then replaced the audio file because that got all glitchy too. i download the raws off of youtube and i believe Powers3000 uploaded those (they had no subtitles and were simply in french)

TL;DR: THESE ARE OFFICIAL SUBTITLES AND YOU ARE FREE TO WATCH!!! this is also NOT an origins episode but it is from yesterday (March 3rd’s) tele-quebec airing!! astruc simply wanted the subtitles to be translated correctly, he didnt care so much about the order, so watch and enjoy :D!

Hello, so the reason I had to sort of change my username today is because my blog got black-marked for copyright infringement by a company. Adobe Japan, to be specific. This is the reason why you don’t see Choromatsu’s ad on this blog anymore. (If you’d like a download of its subbed video, I can share that with you privately.) 

If I continue to get black marks, Tumblr will delete this blog. Since I don’t want this blog to be deleted – only because it has so much info, what the heck – I did what I could to try and avoid that… by adding a one. My imaginative powers are astounding.

I’d appreciate it if, from now on, you be as discreet as possible when sharing links that are on this blog. Try to share privately, in private messaging. Reblogging is most preferable if you own a tumblr, just so that people would know the translator to contact in case of a technical issue. Thank you.

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hello, sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere but where do you usually watch/download sailor moon?

Hi!  It, of course, depends on which version you’re referring to.  ♥

Sailor Moon - the ‘90s anime:
http://www.hulu.com/sailor-moon - Hulu has 142 episodes of the series up subtitled and they add two more every Monday (I think that’s the day?) and will eventually get through all 200 episodes.  They also have the first season of the new dub (not the DiC dub) up as well!
http://seaofserenity.net/anime/movies-specials/ - Sea of Serenity has the movies up as well!

Sailor Moon Crystal:
http://www.crunchyroll.com/sailor-moon-crystal - CrunchyRoll has all 26 episodes up!  They do have some ads, but they’re not terrible and I don’t believe you need an account to watch them.  (I only sign in with Facebook because I keep a queue.)
http://www.hulu.com/sailor-moon-crystal - Hulu also has SMC up, but I generally prefer CR.

Sailor Moon manga:
- The Kodansha manga is gorgeous (you can get the first boxset on Amazon or anywhere else you buy your manga–OR check with your local library, they may have the manga or let you request it!) and I really, really encourage this version!  It’s gorgeous and the translations are excellent.
- Or you can check out the MissDream site for their manga scanlations!  This is the version that most people have read and I will be forever INCREDIBLY THANKFUL to them for putting out the manga when it had languished so long, seriously, the group has done so much for the fandom!  (Though, be wary, some of their translations differ from the professionally done ones, so just keep that in mind!)

Sailor Moon live action (aka PGSM):
- http://seaofserenity.net/drama/downloads/ - Sea of Serenity has been subbing the live action show and I’ve really liked what I’ve seen of their work so far!  They’re only up to episode 18 right now, but I’m looking forward to more of theirs!
- Google for the “TV-Nihon” versions!  I watched them when the show was originally being subbed and they’ve done solid work.  (I’ve enjoyed their Kamen Rider and Sentai subs, so I like them in general.)
https://missdream.org/fansubs/pretty-guardian-sailor-moon/ - MissDream has the entire series up but their translations tend to differ from others, so feel free to keep that in mind.

Sailor Moon Musicals:
http://seaofserenity.net/musicalspecials/pretty-guardian-sailor-moon-musicals/ - Sea of Serenity has also done the two most recent musicals of La Reconquista and Petite Etrangere, both of which are absolutely fantastic. *__*
- http://seaofserenity.net/musicalspecials/musical-special-downloads/ - Sea of Serenity also has up a ton of the earlier musicals that are a joy to watch, too!
https://missdream.org/fansubs/sera-myu-fansubs/ - MissDream also has several of the musicals subbed that weren’t done by any other group!

If any of these don’t work for you, just Google for them (like “Sailor Moon streaming” or what have you), because these are pretty much the sites I stick to/know of.  And I like to encourage using official sites as much as I can, because I really want to encourage showing how popular Sailor Moon can still be, even if it’s not as popular as it once was.  Hopefully this will help!