i had to download microsoft to do this

okay, story time

i recently got a copy of prey (thanks richard) and installed it today, only to find that there was notable input lag and frame rate problems from the start. i’ve been meaning to upgrade the graphics card since i bought the computer, and figured this was my cue to do so. i went into the system diagnostics to remind myself what model number was already installed only to find that the computer was using the cpu’s intel hd for graphics instead of the nvidia card it came with. weird, but manageable. probably just a driver problem. i download the latest geforce driver and restart. i’m greeted with the above image quality. it’s actually worse in real life than the phone camera makes it seem, somehow. rather than play nice with the new driver, it had decided to revert to the microsoft basic display driver, which is info i actually had to take a screenshot of and send to my old laptop to read. i just finished running system updates and it seems to have fixed the problem, but the whole half hour process was a little much for monday morning

so i just downloaded microsoft office using my school email account (i had to do it through the links i found on my university website because the microsoft site wasn’t letting me do it?) (i also had to activate my school email adress ha) and IT CAN AUTOMATICALLY FORMAT YOUR CITATIONS ACCORDING TO OFFICIAL STYLE GUIDELINES