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Could you do a fic about Jughead and Betty telling each other how they feel about each other?

Yes, of course, anon! Hope you like it!

Jughead blinked at the blank screen in front if him, squinting at the cursor as if it were an enemy he was facing in battle that he loathed with every fiber of his being.

“I wonder if Arthur Conan Doyle ever had this much trouble figuring out the wording for one of his novels, or if I just suck as much as I think I do,” he mumbled into his keyboard, slamming his forehead onto the keys, causing random letters to angrily pop up onto the empty Word document in response. Betty jumped at the abruptness of it all, squirming uncomfortably in her seat next to him in their regular booth at Pop’s.

“Juggie?” Betty’s voice was small, almost unsure of whether or not it wanted to be heard at all. Jughead lifted his head to stare back at the screen again, but did not make the effort turn his gaze to meet her eyes.

“What is it, Bets?” Jughead raised one eyebrow to show his curiosity, but had yet to pry his eyes away from the computer.

“I think we should talk,” Betty suggested, straightening her sweater and turning in the booth so that Jughead would finally look up to meet her gaze. “You know, about what happened the other day? In my room?”

Jughead slowly closed his laptop, his brows furrowing together the way they did when he was unsure of what was going to happen next.

“Was that just a heat of the moment, rapid emotions surging through our veins, could have happened to anyone, kind of thing?” Betty blurted out quickly, her words stumbling over one another as she rushed to get the answers she had been wondering about for days. “Or was it…”

“My way of declaring something that neither of us knew, or at least were too afraid to admit, even existed?” Jughead finished for her, turning his body slightly so that he was face to face with Betty in the booth.

“Kind of?” Betty scrunched up her nose, an air of uncertainty washing over her expression as she waited to hear his answer. Jughead took a deep breath, his lips tilting up into a distant smile as he prepared to tell her what he had wanted to say for so long.

“Betty, I’ve watched you pine over my best friend since we were kids,” Jughead began, and Betty lightly pushed back his shoulder in protest.

“I would hardly call it pining,” Betty argued, but the small smile forming on her lips contradicted her disgruntled disapproval of his words.

“And I think I’ve always known, although I’ve buried it deep inside that gaping black hole that some may call my heart, that I believed you didn’t belong with him.” Jughead let the words linger for a moment. Having never said them out loud, he wasn’t sure how he felt about them being out there now. “And it’s not like I could say that out loud, for a thousand different reasons, but I think the most important one was that I didn’t think that was fair to you.”

“And what about now?” Betty’s words barely came out above a whisper, but Jughead was close enough that he would hear them, his body scooting closer and closer as their conversation continued. 

“Call me selfish or delusional even, but I think that I stopped thinking about what was fair, or right, or in the realm of being even the slightest bit sane, and acted on what I was feeling in that moment.” Jughead lifted one arm and placed it behind Betty on the cushion that lined the booth. 

“And what was that exactly?”

“That you were Betty Cooper, the girl with the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known,” Jughead explained, their gazes locked on one another and never wavering. “Betty Cooper, my friend who had always been there for me when I needed a shoulder to lean on. Betty Cooper, the girl who I’ve had a crush on for years, and who had absolutely no idea. And…”

“And?” Betty prompted, kicking his leg slightly with her foot underneath the table to urge him to continue. “And what?”

“And then, I thought, this is Betty Cooper, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met,” Jughead whispered, leaning in so close that his nose practically grazed the tip of hers. “This is the girl, this is her, and you have to kiss her.”

“Kind of like now?” Betty breathed, her forehead tilting forward to rest against his for a moment.

“Exactly like now.” Without another word, Jughead closed any space that was left between them to take her face in both of his hands and meet his lips to hers. In that moment, every word that he had been trying to write earlier came back to him. Everything made sense. Everything was right. Everything was perfect.

“Juggie, you were wrong earlier,” Betty told him once they had pulled back from the kiss. “What you said about me not knowing how you felt about me? I knew.”

Jughead’s eyes went wide, unsure of whether to be relieved or completely embarrassed.

“Um,” he mumbled, his eyes darting down to focus on the markings in the table in front of them.

“I knew, because even though I liked Archie and I’ve spent so much time wondering if he’s felt the same way about me, you were always the one there for me when he couldn’t be,” Betty admitted, reaching her hand out to place it gently on his cheek. “And that speaks louder than any sort of declaration of something we didn’t even know existed.”

Jughead’s mouth twitched up into an amused smile as he placed his hand over hers and lowered it to rest comfortably intertwined with his in the small space between their laps.

“And what about you?” Jughead asked. “How do you feel about me? About us?”

“I feel like you should kiss me again,” Betty admitted. “And the rest, we can figure out later.”

“I can live with that,” Jughead shrugged, trying his best to look nonchalant as he leaned in to touch his lips to hers once again. 

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Thank you for the prompt! Ahh, I don’t think she has a cannon name yet, So I call her Penny to keep the P motif going for them. I hope this is good, I helped my cousin take care of her baby and always felt betrayed when she went to other people instead of me. Not as long as I would want it to be but here you go! More under the cut!

Prompt: Percy and Nico taking care of Percy’s little sister (she’s around 6 months) she LOVES Nico and always wants him to hold her. From @blue-gold-demigod-clouds

Percy was that type of big brother that wanted to show their sibling off. It hadn’t started with little Penelope Blofis, but with Tyson. Percy showed off his watch shield, talking about Tyson, the best little brother anyone could have.

Nico could relate. Whenever Hazel defeated a monster and kicked someones butt during a training exercise he wanted to force everyone to watch his little sister kick ass. But he reeled it in because that was embarrassing for Hazel (though she probably secretly loved it).

When Penelope came into the world he had a picture on his phone (Leo had customized an iPhone with a trident on the back and helped make it monster proof) and showed it to everyone who would stop to see. He pinned up pictures of Penny in his cabin and would proudly say he couldn’t play capture the flag because he was babysitting.

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Pls pls pls do a marriage proposal one pls I love your blog btw

Thank you so much!! 💗 here ya go: (this one took me ages for some reason lol so I hope you enjoy it! :) )

It was vidcon, and you were nervous as fuck.
You didn’t know why you were so taken over with nerves, because you were just there to support Calvin. You originally didn’t really want to go, but he had begged you to.

‘Please, baby,’ he had asked yesterday when you had just woken up.
He had kissed you awake, his plump lips gently making their way down your neck. You smiled as you slowly opened your eyes, your brain still not snapping awake. You lay there in his embrace - his arm wrapped around your waist and his lips left trails of goosebumps wherever they touched. A shiver of electricity made its way down your spine and you sighed contentedly.
You groaned when his lips lost contact, immediately yearning for his gentle touch again, and he chuckled.
‘I was thinking,’ he began, his gravelly morning voice having the same effect on you as his lips had done.
You rolled over to face him and cuddled into him, laying your head on his chest. His deep voice made his chest vibrate slightly as he spoke and it was strangely soothing. You couldn’t resist closing your eyes again as you lay there and he traced gentle patterns on your arms with his fingertips.
You loved it when he was like this - this was the side of him no one else got to see except you, and you treasured every second of it.

It was in this moment that he had begged you to come with him, bribing you with his feathery touch and his addictive lips.
You had eventually agreed, although very reluctantly.
Now you cursed yourself for being unable to say no to him as you looked at the crowds outside the venue.

He took your hand in his and intertwined your fingers as he began to pull you through the thick crowds. You eventually made it to a stage where Calvin stopped and pulled you in front of him, pushing you both to the front.
His hands rested on your hips and your back was to his front as he made sure no one stood in front of you and blocked your way.
You were so grateful to have him with you, as you wouldn’t have a clue where to go or when to go there without him.
That being said - you didn’t have a clue why you were standing in the front row to a stage that didn’t really have very much going on.

After ten minutes of Calvin checking his phone every few seconds, he leaned down to your ear and said, ‘I’m gonna go and meet Pyro. I’ll be back soon babe, don’t move.’
Before you could turn to protest, his grip on your waist was lost and he was gone.
You sighed, and the number of people surrounding you seemed to close in on you, making you even more anxious.

After 5 minutes you pulled your phone out and messaged Calvin, asking him where he was.
You were suddenly distracted by a screech that resembled that of a pterodactyl’s anguished cry as it rung out through the speakers and made everyone scream and cover their ears.

You looked up to the stage, frowning as your ears were vaguely ringing, to see a red-faced Calvin holding the microphone in one hand, rubbing his neck awkwardly with the other.

'Uh, sorry about that,’ he said, an adorably goofy grin breaking out on his features. You watched his gaze scan the crowd and then meet yours, and he just smiled mischievously.

You stood amongst hundreds of other people and gasped with them as an image of the stage appeared on massive screens either side of it.

'What the-?’ You muttered under your breath as you took in the hype over what was apparently meant to be happening on the stage.
You didn’t know Calvin was part of any events or anything; he hadn’t mentioned any.

He was the most nervous he had ever been in his life as he looked out over the sea of people gaping up at him, one of which was you.
He knew you’d be dying to know what was going on, and he so badly wanted to tell you, but not yet.

He waited until Pyro was positioned by the stairs at the side of the stage and then he began.
'Hey, um, so - I don’t really know how to start this,’ he chuckled, and you couldn’t help but smile at him as he charmed everyone in the room.
'First, I’m gonna ask Y/n to come up here,’ he said and your heart sank as your palms immediately became sweaty.
You plastered on what you hoped was a believable smile over your terrified expression and shook your head at Calvin as he made eye contact, knowing he was fully aware you did not want to get up onto the stage.
He wouldn’t take no for an answer though and coaxed the crowd until they were chanting your name, and you eventually gave in. Grudgingly.

You walked over to the stage and Pyro helped you up the steep steps, catching your elbow as you nearly fell back down them again. You frowned slightly at the noise that was being played through the speakers… What was that?
You feared you already knew as you glanced up at the screens that were now moving - and you were on them.
You were now on the stage and you covered your face with embarrassment as pictures and videos of you and Calvin played to this massive audience.
You heard your own hysterical laughter and you didn’t even have to look up - you knew it was that time you videoed Calvin falling off the sofa as he tried to do a handstand and failed.

Calvin came over to you and took your hand in his, making you show your face.
'I’m going to kill you,’ you muttered, but he just laughed as his eyes glittered beneath the bright stage lights.

You looked on as pictures of you flickered on the screen - when you fell asleep on him and he 'thought you looked cute so I had to take a picture’; when you went out to eat and you had sauce on your nose that he didn’t tell you about until the end of the night (and after he had taken tons of pictures); and even pictures you never knew existed - like ones of you lying underneath the stars when he took you on a midnight drive; or when you’re laughing at something he said and he snaps a picture without you knowing; or when you’re wearing his sweater and he loves the way you look in it and he can’t resist documenting the moment.

You looked at him in awe after it was over and he turned to you and took your hand as the crowd began to cheer.

'Y/n, baby - you’re one of the only things that makes me happy on a daily basis and you make me smile whenever I need it. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t help but want to be around you all the time. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and it’s so fucking scary, but I don’t know what else to do to show you how much I love you but to ask you if you would please, please marry me?’

The crowd was roaring and tears were streaming down your face as you listened to the words spilling from his beautiful lips.
He pulled a sleek black box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a sparkling ring that positively shone under the bright lights.

You were speechless as you looked into his brown eyes that were now lined with tears you knew he’d never let fall in public.
You nodded your head in disbelief and his eyes lit up.
'Yeah?’ He asked, his face a picture of joy.
'Yes!’ You exclaimed and he wrapped his arms around you as everyone cheered and whistled - but you didn’t care about any of that anymore.
He slipped the ring on your finger and it was a perfect fit; it was stunning.
You were encompassed in his strong embrace and his erratic breaths tickled your neck as he whispered just to you,
'I love you.’

His lips were pressed against yours and his hands firmly held your waist as the ring gleamed on your finger.
You knew that if you had to chose one place to spend the rest of your life, it would be in his arms.

I tried to fluff it up a lil more than usual - pls feel free to give me any feedback and thank you so much for the request!! :D 💗 X