i had to do the rainbow letters

Can I just say that the older I get the easier it is to come out to people? Like when I came out to some of my friends in early high school I was crying and when I told my parents I had to write them a letter because I couldn’t do it face to face.

I came out to my college roommate cuz we were at Walmart and I picked up the Rainbow Goldfish Crackers and said “Y'know as a kid I never understood why I liked these so much, but now I do.”

so i was in dunkin today and the cashier who usually makes my coffee pointed at my lanyard (it says LEGALIZE in rainbow letters) and said “when are you gonna stop being like that? you know what i mean…” and i was like “what? you mean…not straight? probably for the rest of my life.” and he like, hes like “Do you even wanna give men a chance?” and i told him I’d had boyfriends in the past, but all in all i really don’t like men In General and it’s not actually all that common that i wanna do guys and that i very very strongly prefer girls and he was like “well what about giving /me/ a chance?” and i was like


you don’t even know my name… well, he probably does since he’s swiped my debit card on the register, but that’s not the point. but since when is it okay to just push yourself on people like that unsolicited? I told him that i’m kinda p much emotionally committed to a Girl Right Now and he shook his head and said “You’re too pretty to be that selfish.” and I just was like ????? ??? ?? uh. 

And then as I walked out he was like “Being with men is what you’re /made/ for!!!” just

no. nooooo no no no.