i had to do the ones of her looking into that camer

Wine Sounds Good (Dean x Reader)

Requested by anon. I am sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I had only 5 hours of sleep and I worked out for 2 hours so I was completely out of it.

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You were always known to be a bit of a hot head, you grew up around guys- your three older brothers- and very confident women. Since you could remember yourself your family- by family meaning everyone like aunts uncles, cousins, grandparents, everyone- That whatever happens you must stand up for yourself, you should only count on what you can do and make sure that you will never let anyone keep you down.That’s why you were named one of the most popular models in South Korea and Europe, you knew your power and used it to the max, when other models stopped you kept going further and further, commercials, photoshoots, runways, interviews, m/v’s, small parts in dramas, you name it.

Hyuk always admired you, you were his ideal type. You were different, strong, secure and confident, you walked in the room and it was like a giant walked in, it was like you were demanding attention, also you defended yourself. The tabloids were so happy when a fight between you and another model broke, she crossed the line and you not so kindly put her back in her place, you were a calm person, you treated everyone with the amount of respect that you wanted to be given, and when they didn’t do that…. they should start praying. Seeing a girl that’s so full of herself was a major turn on.

He almost demanded you to be his partner at the photoshoot. He was always looking for a way to meet you and this was the perfect way, he wasn’t going to let this go. You were a fan of his songs, you found his voice very smooth and soothing, he was talented and you admired his work, he was also handsome so you accepted the offer. Also the concept was just right for you.

It was gang like king and queen. You were in leather pants, a black crop top, leather jacket with spikes, your hair curled with extensions that reached your back and very dark make up with red lipstick and high heel ankle boots and black leather gloves that had your fingers exposed.Hyuk was in ripped jeans and a white t-shirt with a matching leather jackert with spikes on it and black army boots. You had to admit, he looked hot. You walked to him with a smile, your confidence flowing around you


You shook hands with him, you always liked to get to know you’re partners before you walked in the shoot. He smiled at you, he was captured by your eyes, they were like flames

“It’s nice to finally meet you”


“I’m a fan of your work”

He admitted. Your eyebrows raised at his confession, you were not expecting him to say that, but you were happy he did. You nodded your head, keeping your cool

“Well thank you, I like your music too. Bonnie & clyde is a very good song”

“I’m happy to hear that”

“We’re ready, let’s get this party started”

The photographer shouted. You got to work and posed in various different ways, but the photographer loved the one that he had his arm around your shoulder and you gently bit his thumb, laying your head a bit on his shoulder, looking at the camer and your body facing the camera, your legs spread showing dominance. The photographer called both of you to see the pictures, you all decided on which one to use. He couldn’t stop complimenting you on your chemistry, he was honest you both could tell from the photos how could you looked, you complimented the other. You shook hands with the photographer, thanking him for his compliments and hard work and went back to take off the make up and the heavy extensions. 

You were almost done wiping the make up off, when you heard a knock on the door.

“Come in”

Hyuk appeared and gently closed the door behind him. You were happy he came by, you wanted to talk to him a bit more.

“You were an amazing partner”

“Well, they don’t call me one of the best for nothing”

He chuckled at your reply, taking a seat on the couch closed to you. You still could smell his strong cologne even though he was a few feet away.

“How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Be so confident in yourself”

You were used to that question, but coming from him was a bit difficult to answer.

“Well, ummm I don’t know, since I was a little girl my family gave me strength and confidence so… as I grew up I kind of had that around me”

“I bet your mother is as strong and beautiful as you, the apple won’t fall far from the tree”

You giggled at his sneaky little comment. You felt like a little girl around him, it was strange since you barely knew him but you wanted to impress him.

“How about you, how did you became so confident”

“I learned the hard way, it took a while to get comfortable with my skills. I had to fake it until I made it, you know?”

You nodded at his answer, understnading what he meant. Not everyone was as lucky as you, you were gratefull of your parents and the way they grew you up, some people had to do it themselfs.

“That’s great, that must be a lot of hard work”

“I am willing to talk to you about it… maybe over lunch, some wine would help me loosen up”

You were speechless, was he asking you on a date? or was he jsut being a bit friendly? You opened your mouth but nothing really came out, it was a first for you

“If you are wondering, yes I am asking you out on a date. What do you say?”

“Sure, wine sounds good”

“Especially when you are around”

You raised your eyebrow at his cute compliment. He took your hand in his, feeling his warm hand against your constantly cold one felt weird but good.

“I mean you’ve already had my thumb in your mouth, what’s the worst that can happen?”

T. Jeffs x Reader: Modern!AU

(let’s not act surprised about the au here come on)

Words: 900

Warning: alexander being a lil’ bitch

Request: nada. based off a tumblr post I cANT FIND

A/N: it’s been five years since I last wrote something
(also this one is in a kinda different perspective??? you’ll see.)


Thomas adjusted his camera on his Tripod, then pressed record as he sat back and smiled, “Hey guys! Today I will be doing another Prank episode!”

Thomas’ friends James held back a laugh, still regretting what they were about to do.

“This time, I will be eating this jar of Mayonnaise,” Thomas held up a jar, labelled, “Mayonnaise” and contiued to pull the cap off, and eat a spoon full.

James gagged from behind the camer, causing Thomas to laugh and some spill out of his mouth, “Oh shit.”

He set the jar down and after wiping his mouth with a napkin, smiled, “It’s not really Mayonnaise, obviously. That’s disgusting. Instead, I emptied it and filled it with Icing.”

James purposely let out a loud cough from behind the camera, and Thomas rolled his eyes, “Okay, Madison might have helped a little bit.”

James frowned, but Thomas continued, “Anyways, I’m gonna go out in public, and start eating it. Just to see the reactions out of people. It’s gonna be fun.”

James and Thomas soon set themselves up in Centeral Park by a bench, watching as unsuspecting people walked by.

James sat on one bench, while across from him was another bench, with Thomas and his “Mayonnaise” on one side of the bench, and a woman on the other. Thomas looked over, he could’ve sworn he knew her from somewhere.

But then again, New York was a busy place, with lots of people. He probably just ran into her on the street or something. Yeah, that seemed right.

James chuckled behind the camera, that he would be sure to cut out later and put something else in, as Thomas removed the cap of the substance.

He grabbed a spoon out of his pocket, the ‘cling’ of it not bringing the lady’s attention, so he was sure to take a big scoop and make a small scene about it. 

She took a glance at him, but contiued reading her book, not fazed by what was happening next to her.

Thomas bit the inside of his cheeks, and took another spoonful, making sure to make a 'pop’ sound.

A few seconds after, a man walked up to them, he was holding two ice cream cones, and he looked rather angry. James gave a soft, “Oh no,” before zooming in Thomas and the man.

“Thomas, what are you doing?” The man said through gritted teeth.

“Why, hello, Alexander. Nice shirt,” 'Alexander’ was wearing a dark green t-shirt, Thomas continued, “Is Eliza here, for the extra ice cream cone? Or are you letting yourself go that much?”

“No, Thomas, actually, the ice cream cone is for my sister,” Alexander have the cone to the lady sitting next to Thomas, “Y/n.”

Thomas raised an eyebrow and looked over, y/n winked at him before turning her attention to her brother.

“So your doing one of your pranks for your YouTube channel? With icing instead of mayonnaise? That’s pretty weak,” Alexander clicked his tongue.

“It’s better than 6 seconds of crap comedy.”

Alexander let out a small 'Hmmph’, but Thomas kept talking.

“You know what’s also funny, and lasts 6 seconds? You, apparently. Maria Reynolds told me–”

Alexander was fuming, that wasn’t a subject he was fond about. So he was now ranting and raging about it, and how Thomss was disrespectful and a steaming like of–

Alexander was fed up, and before he could think, he stuffed his ice cream cone down Thomas’ shirt, and looked pretty satisfied for once.

But, as he was about to walk away, trying to usher his sister upwards, Thomas stood up, took his Icing, and scooped it down on Alexanders head.

James was laughing behind the camera, unable to breathe as Alexander stomped away, without his sister, how Thomas had to take the ice cream out of his shirt and threw it away, and the amount of red that covered y/n’s face out of embarrassment.

Y/n stood up and apologised over and over about her brother, “I’m sorry about Alexander. He gets a little… Fed up, at times.”

She handed him napkins, which he responded with a smile before focusing on drying his shirt, “Yeah, I know. He has a real temper.”

“Thomas, was it? Jefferson?”

He nodded, and glanced up as she handed him more napkins.

“My brother talks about you a lot, always saying how your the 'Bad guy’.”

Thomas straightened up and looked at her, “And you believe him?”

She looked up as well, “I’d rather find out for myself.”

Thomas smirked, “Can I take you out to dinner, maybe? Sometime?”

Y/n smirked back, “Only if I get you a new…” She looked down at his torso then back up at him, “Magenta shirt.”

“I’m alright with that,” Thomas set the jar previously filled with icing on the bench, and held his arm out, “Shall we?”

Y/n laughed and looped her arm with his, “We shall.”

Thomas and Y/n began walking away, leaving James to sit on the bench and watch.

“I guess I’ll be the one editing this tonight,” James sighed standing up. Thomas looked back at his friend and winked, James turned the camera from Thomas to himself,

“I don’t even know how he does that…”