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Anything you wish my darling!

I also wanted to write this for @aelinfireheartarcheron​, who drew me a very pretty picture of our boy Kaden.

I also feel like a shitty person in general, because of how long it has taken to update. Something not so great happened in my family recently, and it’s become harder to just do stuff I guess. I’m so sorry! In the mean time check out my masterlist if you want a fix of some sort. 


“That’s not a word I see often. How very curious.”

Eleana laughed at Kaden’s tone. He was distraught from reading her book, but in all fairness, she had warned him it was erotic. More than anything, he was just glad her enthusiasm for his alarm made her happy. And if he played it up so it would be better for her, she never had to know.

“Which word is that?” She used her index fingers to wiggle his eyebrows, and he swatted away her hands. His head was rested in her lap, and as he told her his thoughts on her book, she played with his hair. He’d had a rough day, and the feeling of her fingers massaging his scalp made him easily breath again. At one moment, he had let out an involuntary purr, making her fingers work even more delicately.

“I don’t know if it is an appropriate word to say. I mean, I’m nearly completely sure that Felix is eavesdropping on our conversation while he makes lunch,” Kaden lowered his voice to a dramatic whisper, “and I don’t think he knows what it is.”

“Just tell me the word. I’ll decide if it’s too scandalous for Felix.” She ran her hands through his hair again, determined to get the knots out of his waves.


There was a loud banging from the kitchen followed by Felix slamming his way into the longue room with his hands across his chest. “How dare you come into my home, and sit on my couch, and insinuate I don’t know what that is.”

Eleana burst into laughter, Kaden snorting so hard he rolled off the couch. He was crouching on his knees, hands pressed to his stomach to submit his laughs. He clutched at his stomach and laughed at the rare blush adorning Felix. In the corner of his eye, he saw Eleana lean forward, giggles of her own escaping her lovely lips.

“You’re the best sometimes.” Kaden sat back on his knees and smirked at his friend. Felix, the epitome of maturity, gave him the finger.

“Eleana?” Felix turned away from Kaden, and put his attention on cousin. She had gone silent, and both wouldn’t mind her commentary.
Eleana seemed to be indisposed though. Her laughs had turned to wheezes - gasping for breath – and she had curled into herself.

“Eleana!” Both Kaden and Felix sprang to her.

“How much sleep did you get last night?” Felix asked her. Kaden eased her into a lying position by gently pulling her knees out from under her, and then made her turn towards him.

“I got around two hours, and then…” She shuddered from the memory. “My father stayed up with me the rest of the night. He taught me all sorts of card tricks. Bet you I could swindle the hell out of you now.” She breathed.

“Eleana.” Felix hovered over her in concern. It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened – where Eleana’s fatigue had turned into an aching and sickening dizziness.

“It’s fine. I’m fine. Let’s talk about something else. Kaden, despite the vulgarities of the book, how did you like it?”

Felix sighed heavily and left her and Kaden be while he continued in the kitchen. Kaden knew Felix hated it when Eleana brushed things like this aside, but Kaden understood her. Her whole family felt the need to nurture her in a way they hadn’t before, and he knew that for her it was sometimes overwhelming and even a little irksome. He related to her feelings of wanting to be treated like everything was normal.  

He got off the floor and picked up her feet so he could sit on the end of the couch. He had her legs in his lap, and she closed her eyes as he spoke.

“What do you want me to tell you?”

“Everything you couldn’t in your letter.” She hummed.

Kaden eased off her slippers, and rubbed her feet. “I liked that the girl didn’t want the prince, that she wanted more than just promised wealth and status. We all knew from the start that the stable boy was her true love.”


“The sex in the book was rather interesting. Mortals seem to have a fascination with it. Maybe it’s because they don’t have an eternity to do it.”

“I liked the stable boy too.” She sighed merrily.

“I could tell from your annotations.” He smiled at the thought. She had sent him the book three weeks into her rehabilitation when he’d asked her what her favourite book was. As he read it, he observed all the little notes she’d made for herself in the margin. Sometimes it was just ‘!!!’ next to a particularly cute passage, or little doodle hearts when the characters kissed.

Eleana yawned loudly, and her eyes fluttered closed. Felix would have made her open them, there was a rule about Eleana not going to sleep unless the High Lady or Lord were there, but Kaden could feel how truly exhausted she was.

“I liked where you wrote on page seventy. ‘This is the kind of love I want. This is it!’ Is that true, Eleana? Do you really want the love that those two mortals had? He would forever be endowed to her – never her equal. And one day, not right away, but eventually, she might even start to resent him for all the things he couldn’t give her. He could never provide for her, like the prince could, and he never would have been able to sustain the lavish life she was used to. Her parents, well, they never would’ve approved. I wished they had addressed that in the book. It’s all well and good to run away together, but you need your family. Can you even call it true love when there are so many obstacles in their path? Don’t you agree?”

The only answer he got were quiet, very cute, snores. He stopped massaging her feet, and lifted them from his lap so he could get up. He went to Felix’s room, stole his woollen blanket, and came back to wrap her up nice and tight. Azriel would be mad when he came back and saw that she was asleep, and Kaden was willing to face his wrath if it meant Eleana got even a wink. Feeling brave, he kissed her forehead, and held her hand so that when her nightmares came to torment her, he might help her fight them off. Even if it was just for a little bit.


I use the self love one because I genuinely hate myself and my body quite often and I got tired of being completely disgusted all the time.

I use the I will not self-harm one some times when I am about to burn or cut myself. I try to draw it on areas that I usually do that sort of thing even though it doesn’t look that great. I would post pictures of it on my body but it looks way to nasty.

Thank you for making these though because there are times when I really needed someone or something and this was all I had. @savingsigils

OOC: Hello!!!! Okay I really did not wish to do this anytime soon, but I just feel rather bad >///< I have seen a bunch of my lovely followers a picture of themselves in RL, and some of my friends are requesting for me to show myself. I am not very photogenic, and I am quite awkward/shy. But I do not feel that it is right that you all are showing off your beauty with your lovely personalities, and I tend to avoid uploading something xD;;; This is probably the most recent photo I have a couple of weeks ago. I went to a wedding, and it was my first American wedding I had been too. It was so very much fun! Anyway, I hope this doesn’t bother anyone or upset….here goes nothing >//////< -runs away-

sebastian stan is appreciated yet underappreciated at the same time. he’s pretty but he’s also this really good, interesting person. 

this panel has so many good moments [x] such as:

  • had to stop speaking because he couldn’t stop staring at this dog.
  • remembers taking a picture with someone 
  • “when you’re given a platform you have to do something about it..you have to expand beyond your own personal goals.”
  • “i never really thought in a million years that this character or these stories or something, you know, to have someone, who, just reached out to me and said you know, ‘thank you for recognizing something or i’m related to this’ is probably the most gratifying experience out of this whole process.”
  • “the task for me would be to be more involved and see where I can help…even if it’s just, I don’t know, putting a smile on someone’s face, or answering some questions or you know, making someone feel better.”
  • “i’m awkward, I get nervous nervous, I get panic attacks, I get crazy, you know, whatever, depression.”
  • “my job is always to remain as honest as I can and to just, i don’t know, help in some way.”
  • goes on this whole thing about trying to focus on what he can control v what he can’t control, how that helps him to be a happier, better person.
  • “one of my goals in life is to really embrace struggle.”
  • “it’s important to kinda take in and be really grateful about sort of what’s happening, which i always remind myself, no matter what, and i really, really am.”

this video is in romanian w/ english subtitles, so all info is from there [x]

  • “i was very lucky, i tend to forget this. when i was 22 or 23 years old i wasn’t thinking about what it meant to her after the revolution came, to decide to go elsewhere for a better life.” on his mother, the sacrifices she made, and better understanding now that he’s older.
  • “after my grandma died, to be honest, it was difficult for me to go back there cause i had to go to the cemetery, to live that moment again, and face what happened with her. it was a very delicate situation for me.”
  • “when i saw that car driving fast with that flag with the hole in the middle, I felt like… i always remember something major, important was happening.” on the revolution when he was a kid.
  • “when i was watching it (a video of Ceausescu) i felt something so…i mean, i remember like the memories were there in my muscles. i felt like a knife went through me when i heard that voice it felt to me like it was yesterday.” 
  • “the thing that i feel changed most was a deeper sense of responsibility.” on being asked if fame changed him.
  • his parents are what keep his interest in romania alive, and are the reasons he can still speak the language.

here’s another panel [x]

  • remembers more fans. 
  • “the rough patches that you may going through are sort of, also, these great gifts that you can kind of rise from.”
  • paraphrasing but: we’re all capable of rising from difficult moments in our lives to get somewhere. 
  • “it’s the company you keep. people you surround yourself are extensions of you, that’s how i always feel..and i was lucky to have good influences.”
  • gives a fan a hug.
  • space nerd who exposes his knowledge and would live on the moon.

Bonus things: 

  • i think it’s important to remind the people we love why we love them or how they’ve touched us. i mean, i guess if it wasn’t for my mom i could probably be, not even in america right now. [x]
  • "embrace your differences and the qualities about you that you think are weird. eventually they’re going to be the only things separating you from everyone else.” [x]

I know I shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we even see the episode but something is rotten in the city of Paris.

Adrien’s mom disappeared less than a year ago, yes?

So she had been there for the last shitty birthdays and the no party rule and the no going out rule and so on, but Adrien still looked happy with her, given the pictures from Jackady. I feel like we are missing  something in here.

I just noticed something in Yuri on Ice...

Yurio first sees Yuuri’s “Stay Close to Me” rendition on the internet, then he hears that Victor went to Japan to be Yuuri’s coach. But he doesn’t go to Japan until Victor tags a location in Hasetsu, and Yurio says, “I finally found you.” However, he didn’t need to wait for a tagged picture at all!

If Yurio wanted to know where Victor was, all he had to do was watch the video again.

The name of the ice rink is clearly shown. And it’s not even in Japanese. It’s in English so Yurio could have read that and googled “Ice Castle Hasetsu” or “Hasetsu, Japan”…


I was lucky to spend so much of my own time with so many great people. I spent a day with Billie Holiday in her garden level apartment on Central Park West. I brought my 3 year old daughter Leslie. I have a picture of Leslie on Billie’s lap while Billie is comforting her because she had a splinter or something. She was a lovely person, not at all the bitch that some have portrayed her to be. She had a collection of ivory elephants and told my daughter to go and pick out whatever one she wanted and she could keep it. Leslie has it to this day. I told Billie, “enough with the formal pictures” and we walked over to Central Park and I snapped some shots against some pine trees. She let me do whatever I wanted and these are some of the finest things I’ve done. She was lovely.
- Burt Goldblatt on photographing Billie Holiday, 1958

So I was inspired by this post and I always love love LOVE behind the scenes stuff for TV series that people draw, so yeah! I had to do something with it. Take it and do what you want with it! *falls over*

(I guess this qualifies as an actor AU? This occupies a weird space so yeah. @ackerchou, I blame this all on you.)

  • Shiro and Zarkon are super good friends off-camera. They are always posting pictures on Twitter and other social media platforms in costume, commenting on how “today was a good day, got to beat up this dude” or “Black Lion Paladins have to stick together #vld2016”. Shiro is super notorious for biffing takes because he’ll start laughing and Zarkon is shameless in totally screwing up scenes by making him laugh with stupid faces. It happens a lot during the super serious moments.
    • Shiro is also known for fangirling over Zarkon, considering how long he’s been in the acting business and his famousness. Pretty much everyone fangirls over Zarkon.
  • Zarkon hates his outfit; he’s always tripping over it and has fallen over in a few scenes. He fell into Haggar once and they both went tumbling down off a green-screen set. Everyone was fine but his cape had to be modified so he could walk around in it.
  • Keith and Lance are that pair of actors who are super tight off-screen and do pretty much everything together. They post stupid Vines, crazy pictures, ALS challenges, cinnamon challenges and anything else you can think of. They love interacting with fans and are super shameless about fanning the klance flames; they’ll post pictures of them almost kissing or posing seductively with each other. Both of them snag pictures of each other when the other isn’t paying attention and will hack each other’s accounts to post stupid posts. They wander around a lot wearing Voltron merchandise.
  • Lance is heavy into improv; it’s gotten to the point where the writers just say “Insert Lance commentary here” because he will totally go off-script. Some of his best moments come from doing things off the top of his head.
  • At least every actor has done something like this with Hunk. He’s so big and strong that it’s hard not to give it a try. Even Zarkon did it (complete with the caption “I’ve got a leg up on your paladin”); that post went viral within minutes. He’s not only the heart and soul of the lionsquad but of the cast and crew as well.
  • Allura takes pictures of everything and with everyone. Her dressing room is filled to the brim with pictures of times on set that she snagged or selfies with the crew and cast. A lot of them are her kissing their cheeks or making duck faces. She also records her singing songs or dancing with the crew during down time and posts them online. Her favorite picture is with the original Allura actor from the 80’s who came to visit the set of the new TV series.
    • A memorable moment was during a take with her and Zarkon and they totally screwed it up. While the camera will still running, they decided to do whatever and confessed their love for each other and Zarkon ran off the set with Allura in his arms. They both jokingly commented later about how they really feel like their characters are having an affair with each other and that the entire plot line of the show should be changed.
  • Haggar is actually super young and pretty but she gets a ton of makeup and prosthetics to make her ugly and witch-like. Both she and Zarkon have the most prosthetics to put on and it takes a couple of hours to get them to look like the evillest duo of the universe.
  • A lot of wide shots are just miniature landscapes, like the Castle of Lions or the Garrison, and the cast will often take pictures next to them or act like Godzilla getting ready to stomp on them. All of them have pictures where they’re leaning up against the legs of the lions, which are really the only things that aren’t CGI of them.
  • Pidge is like Orlando Bloom where she’s forever making funny faces in the background during takes and no one notices it until the final edit. She gets bored easily and is the known prankster of the cast. She also squirrels food everywhere to eat between takes and forgets where she hid them sometimes. So when the prop guys come through and dismantle everything, they find fruit snacks, fruit, nuts, chips, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

My whole school was going on a week long retreat. We were in groups of 10-15 with four or five parent and teacher chaperones. We were supposed to get to know each other and ourselves better, but most of us were just glad to get out of school.
My group (which consisted of the theater kids) was different. We only had one chaperone, and we had no idea who this guy was (he reminded me of Count Olaf but with no motivation).
We were locked up in his house all of the time, and he pretty much never even saw us. The only thing we had to eat for each meal was a ton of fruit and cakes made of hair. Needless to say, we ate a lot of fruit.
All we did was take pictures and videos as evidence to get this guy arrested or something. We didn’t do any of the group bonding activities but I think the whole thing brought us closer together.


(Gif used is not mine)

  • Sehun being whiny and needy.
  • Him wanting you to take care of him all the time.
  • Cuddles, because Sehun needs lots.
  • Watching him playing with your fingers as you lay on his lap.
  • Him leaning down to leave kisses all over your face.
  • “Love you Y/N, I love you so so so much.”
  • “I love you too, babe.”
  • Back hugs.
  • Awkwardly taking his jacket when he hands it to you in the cold.
  • Making sassy remarks before doing something cute.
  • “Maybe if you had worn the outfit i had picked out for you, you wouldn’t be in this situation.” *Waits a little then gives you his jacket because you’re shivering.*
  • Keeping Vivi at your house when he’s away.
  • Sending him pictures of you and Vivi cuddling.
  • “Aw Vivi looks so good in that picture!”
  • “ByE SEHUN.”
  • You buying him nice shirts but he like never uses them because he’s always shirtless.
  • Constant teasing of each other.
  • Coming back to your phone to see hundreds of different selca’s from sehun.
  • Changing his phone lock screen to a picture of you. When he notices he just smiles like an idiot and waits for you to change it to another picture of you.
  • Patting your head when he wins an argument.  
  • Him feeling bad when his sass goes too far.
  • “Babe, please i didn’t mean it.”
  • Knowing he won’t be able to sleep with you being angry with him.
  • Coming home to see him crying, when you ask him why it’s because last time he saw you, he left you mad.
  • Comforting him and telling him it’s okay.
  • Taking him out for bubble tea.
  • Getting teased by the older members.
  • If he hears anyone say anything bad about you he will fight.
  • The only one allowed to mess with you would be him.
  • Him calling you early in the morning because he loves to hear your voice.
  •  Being extra patient with him.
  • Walking Vivi together.
  • Going to concerts to support him.
  • Telling him how good he is a rapping and dancing.
  • “Did you eat? You should eat.”
  • Sometimes him playfully throwing himself on you.
  • Him loving to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder.
  • Overall the sassiest yet cutest relationships ever.

Hope you enjoyed!


-Mari xx

Can y’all do me a HUGE favor?

I have a friend named Sydney and her mom’s birthday is this weekend. She wants to do something huge for her mom and she remembers that when she was younger she used to say to her mom “I love you a zillion times around the world” so she had the idea to get people all around the world to write on a paper “Mom, Sydney loves you all the way to ______” and collect them all in a big video for her mom.

So what I’m asking, is for people to submit pictures of a poster or sign or even a small slip of paper that say 


Sydney loves you all the way to _______”

In the blank you’d put where you’re from, country wise. You can add city if you’d like but it’s not necessary. If you live in the states you can add what state you’re in. Here’s kind of an example of what it should look like

It’d be preferred if the picture is taken outside to kind of put emphasis on the location part. You don’t have to be in the picture either, you can if you’d like but it’s not necessary. You can either reblog this post and add you picture to the post, send it to my submit box or post it and tag me in it (@bluemcclain)

Even if you don’t plan to send in a picture please reblog this to get the word out? We need as many as we can get before her mom’s birthday. Thank you!

anonymous asked:

pls help me! I've been sick and slept all day so when I entered here I saw a bunch of things happened. can you pls tell me everything that happened today? just a list is amazing! thanks xx

okay so off the top:

something involving colourful designer suits that the fandom at first thought had to do with harry but actually has to do with bruno mars (i tuned out of this discussion tbh)

deckstar (steve’s management company) was acquired by JGG (louis’ management company) so it’s looking like their original meeting was actually not very organic at all (according to a billboard article about it the two companies have been in talks for over a year)

we got more articles about eleanor/elounor in the sun and *surprise* louis pops up again at a grocery store in the uk (and the person taking the picture said eleanor was there too but so far no pics of her). we also got two pics of louis in jamaica (i believe at the airport? and again, no pics of eleanor [yet])

LOUIS AND BEBE REXHA MIGHT BE COLLABING. if you check my bebe rexha tag (i’ve been a bit lazy about updating my asks today but the important stuff should be in there) you’ll see more.

what else … oh yeah tammi posted a new pic of ‘freddie’ looking an awful lot like his real biological relatives austin and brett.

i think that’s it? if i’m forgetting something please feel free to reply to this post.

Meet The Mayor Meme!

I had an idea for a new animal crossing meme! I noticed there is a lot of Animal Crossing artists so I was inspired by juni and their ‘mayor’s favorite things” and the meet the artist tag. I felt like this could be something that we could all do as an alternative mayor ref, etc. (i’m not 100% sure if this is already a thing. if it is, oh boy)

You would want to include:

-Your mayor name

-Town name

-Birthday & zodiac sign

-Personality type

- A picture of your mayor (of course!)

-Likes and Dislikes and Fears

-and if you want, description of clothing

Please share all posts within the tag: #meetthemayor

I hope this is a new art tag people will want to participate in doing. Have lots of fun and thanks for reading!


Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Happy Halloween! I somehow got inspiration yesterday to do something special for Halloween and here is what I came up with: Disney’s Haunted Mansion!

I’ve only ever been to Disneyland Paris so I don’t have any experience with the American Disneyland so I had to use a lot of reference pictures and basically do a lot of: “I guess this will have to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯“. But still, even if it looks nothing like the Haunted Mansion it still looks pretty, haha!

Download at SFS.

My thanks to all CC creators whose work I’ve used, and my apologies to Crisps&Kerosene for butchering their beautiful fences :’)

No Pictures (G Dragon x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. This came out soooooo long, but I love it and I hope you do. Enjoy!


Jiyong always wanted to have a family, settle down and have kids with a good woman. It was like his dream, he had all those blessings but he didn’t really feel complete without that. He felt like something was missing.

He met you while he was staying at a hotel in USA. He was there for a concert, you were there because you were visiting your family, but your sisters were staying over at the house with their husbands and kids, you were used to being alone and having your own place and privacy so you stayed at a hotel. He saw you at the hotel’s gym, it was past midnight and he liked to go when it was empty, like you. You were a night owl and the different time zones were kicking your butt. When he walked in you were sitting down, wiping your face with a towel, when you stopped he finally could look at your face, you looked beautiful to him. You had those big almond shaped eyes, the big eyebrows and cheeks but you weren’t completely round, you had faded cheekbones, your big nose and those puffy lips. You were unsually beautiful, you weren’t the cutie with the button nose, you were stronger, he could tell by the way you looked at him, you were full of stregnth.

You knew who he was. You lived in Korea for a long time, everyone knew him and his band.You tried to ignore him and focus on your work out but his eyes never really left you, he took in every bit of information. How you put more pressure to your left leg that the right, porbably cause of an injury, how you whispered the number you were at a set when it started to get difficult.


He saw you again. You were walking out of your room, it was at the same haul with his, you smiled at him, a kind and wonderfull smile.


“Anyohaseyo (hello)”

You said back. he looked at you like an alien, it made you let out a giggle. A lot of people were very suprised that you spoke korean,  you grew up in an area that had a lot of asian immigrants, so since you were a toddler you hanged out with people of all ethnicities. You didn’t mind though, it gave you an open mind and free acess to delicious food.

“You speak korean?”

“I live in korea”

You replied. That brought a bigger smile on his face, if you lived in Korea that meant it was easier to come closer to you.


“Yes, I’m a kindergarden teacher”

That was even better. it showed to him how much you loved kids, which was true you always liked playing with kids, they were so innocent and pure.

“That’s amazing. So why are you here?”

“Family reunion, let me guess, you are here for a concert”

You said. he nodded as he let you walk in first at the elevator.

“Are you coming?”

“No, got better things to do”

You teased. He liked that, you were feisty he preffered women that had a bit of an attitude, it showed that they could stand up for themselfs

“Well then I guess I have to find another way to see you again”

During your dating they were a lot of things you both had to get over, plenty of times you tried to break up and take seperate ways, but you always ended up together,you were like magnets, no matter how far you went you would end up together.

Your relationship went through a lot. Having to hide it from the public, then a scandal came out that exposed you, which meant you basically had no privacy, the hate, the media talking trash. Jiyong didn’t know how you managed through it, you stood there stronger than ever, with your head held high and the fire in your eyes. He knew that there was no other woman like you, no one was as strong, as loving, as caring, as patient as you. That’s why one random night, when you layed next to him, he opened the drawer and took out a small box, he opened it and brought it in front of you, an amazing ring in it, that made your jaw drop to the ground and your eyes go wide.

“(Y/F/N) you are the woman of my dreams, no matter what we went through you turned the other cheek and stood tall, dancing your way through the fire. Will you marry me?”

You couldn’t speak, you just hugged him and kissed his lips, as the tears welled up in your eyes, it was the first time he ever saw you cry. He slowly placed the ring on your finger, admiring it.

“I love you”


The wedding was extravegant. Jiyong wanted this to be the most amzing wedding anyone ever saw, something that would shut the media, no one could say anything, it was perfect. Your beautiful mermaid dress, with a long veil that your two nieces held as you walked down the aisle. You got married in America, since you wanted it to be next to the beach, the sun was setting as you walked down the aisle, with a big smile and your dad by your side. Everyone you loved was there, supporting you and smilling to you, Jiyong teared up just by looking at you. No one could deny that you were the perfect couple, they could feel how much you loved eachother.

Your little boy quickly after. Jiyong wanted to have a kid as soon as possible, when you told him the knew he was happier than ever. He was with you through everything, he helped you at every single thing. He still could remember the feeling when he got the little boy in his arms, while you layed on the hospital bed asleep. The little man had his eyes closed, his tiny hands into fists, he was so tiny and innocent, he was the result of your love, a perfect combination of you and him. He let the tears run down as he promised to never let someone hurt him or you

Of course one kid wasn’t enough. When chanwoo turned one, you and Jiyong started trying for another one. A little girl this time came to your life, she was mesmerizing, Jiyong wanted to protect her through everything, from an injury to a heartbreak. Chanwoo fell in love with his little sister, even when she started crying at night, he was the first one to go to her room and slowly rock her bed, trying to calm her down, he wouldn’t go to bed until she went back to sleep. Little Areum had everyone protecting her

But of course the media weren’t as understanding. You tried to avoid public appearances with the kids, they were too small and innocent. You were very protective over them, no one could hurt them, you wouldn’t care who they were or what could they do, you would do anything for your kids.

The couldn’t stay in the house all the time. Jiyong had just come back from a tour and wanted to treat you all, Chanwoo loved to go to the park, and Jiyong wanted to take you out for some fresh air, you loved your kids but you were tired, he knew he had to do something to relax you.

At first no one paid attention to you. Chan woo runned around happily with Jiyong, while you played with 8 month old Areum who just started crawling. You started noticing a few paps, you quickly got up with Areum in your arms, going to Jiyong

“Baby, paps are here”

He turned and saw them. He huffed and looked back at you, he wasn’t going to let them win

“They will take a few pictures and then leave, we are not ruining our day because of them”

He reassured you, giving you a small peck on the lips, before your son looked at you and said ‘ew’ making you laugh. You decided to make the kids eat, Areum had just stopped breastfeeding, Jiyong fed her with her bottle, while you helped little Chanwoo eat.

The paps were getting more and more, they were starting to get closer and screaming. You started getting anxious, you didn’t want them to get near your children.

“Jiyong let’s just go”

You said. You weren’t taking no for an answer, when they saw you packing up they started yelling and getting even closer. Jiyong held little Areum in his arms, while you held Chanwoo’s arm

“(Y/N) did you lost the baby weight?”

“Are you having more kids?”

“Show us their faces”

The voices were demanding. Areum got scared and staryed crying, you were getting mad, as jiyong bounced her and gave her kisses trying to calm her down. Not only you got mad, but also Chanwoo was furious, a pap that got too close was met with an angry toddler, that pushed him back with all his power

“Leave, no pictures! my sister’s sad!”

He yelled. He was adorable, you got him up in your arms, trying to get to the car, but he just kept talking

“Bad people, I hate you! my sister is scared. I said no pictures”

You kissed your son’s head. When Areum was born you were scared he would get jealous, but no he was the happiest kid alive. He loved his little sister and protected her. He even made Jiyong look all over the room to make sure no monsters were there to scare her.

“Stop it!”

He said, while you got in the car. He went close to his sister who was slowly calming down and slowly pet her head, smilling at her

“It’s okay, don’t cry. We love you”

He said to her. You looked at them, feeling your eyes burn, seeing your little man loving his sister so much was so adorable and so rewarding, you did something right.

“No crying, they are gone”

he said and kissed her cheek. The little girl stopped crying and smiled at her older brother, you hugged your son and gave him a kiss

“You are such a good boy”

“They are bad people”

He said, reffering to the paps. You and Jiyong giggled at his adorable pout

“They are, but they won’t hurt you”

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Friends With Benefits~Calum Hood

You huffed as you rolled off of Calum. Being friends with benefits with Calum had its perks. It was sex at least 4 times a week without all of the commitment. You didn’t have to do anything he told you, you were free to do what you pleased while also being able to sleep with some sexy guy whenever you pleased. 

“I got something for you.” You said reaching into the dresser beside your bed. Usually you didn’t get each other gifts but his birthday was coming up and you found a present you thought he might enjoy. 

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Sleeping At Last

To you,

We’ve been friends for two years. Wow, that’s a long time actually. To be honest, my whole life has been a cleanse of tossing friends out the window when something was wrong, but you, yes you, stuck around. We’ve had breaks because of school and our activities, not because we would fight. We have strings tied around our fingers so we won’t forget that we exist. It’s nice.

I want to share this track with you. I’ve started listening to it recently. Every time I do, I get a twinge of sadness. It’s only a little twinge. It hurts right in the middle of my chest. But then I remember all those good conversations we’ve had about hating boys and wanting boys and taking pictures in the woods and accidentally stumbling into quicksand. 

I also get sad because you’re very special to me. That seems strange, but it’s because I care a whole lot. Just know that I still look at you the same way always, it’s just like the way I look at the Moon–my eyes are wide and full of hope because that light will still be there, no matter how dark the sky is. You’re my Moon in that dark sky. And even though sometimes you may believe that your sky will be dark, know that I’ll be your moon and I’ll always be there to give you the light you need. 


Accidentally texting Jaebum the picture you took of him instead of your friend.. (something I would do)

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I am so embarrassed, I thought I had posted this earlier but my stupid self forgot. I had sent this in a message meaning to post it. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m being shady at all, but a few of my pics look unreal.
There are a few that aren’t photo shopped, however, they don’t look normal. I’ve encountered this problem several times with this phone. The pictures are some how, not sure the correct term, ‘squashed’ when they’re formatted or posted. I’ve been trying to correct the problem and replace the pics which I’m sure is something I’m doing by mistake. My apologies if anyone has felt misled, I honestly didn’t mean to, but I understand its my fault if you choose to 'unfollow’ me.
The above pic obviously is a comparison. Again my deepest apologies.