i had to do something too

For those of you who are awake and give a damn about other people, listen up. I don’t do this often, actually this is the first time I’ve done something like this, but this was too close to home for me to stay silent.

At 10:30pm GMT a coward walked into the lobby of Manchester Arena as the Ariana Grande concert that had just finished and set off a bomb into the crowd of pre-teens, teens, and waiting parents, killing 19 (as of writing this), and injuring over 50 more. 

Yes, currently the police here are treating this as a terrorist attack, but we have no other information besides it was a bomb, and a second device was safely detonated after the arena was cleared. 

Please, for the love of the survivors, don’t make this political, and don’t spread any unconfirmed news that may be spread around. This has affected a lot of kids that were out for their first concert, this has effected a performer no older than me.

For the love of the gods, pray for those who are hurt, pray for the families that are still missing loved ones, those who are in the Manchester area continue offering your help, but please remember these were kids, they were innocent of anything that affects us this badly.


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I came out to my parents bc I was complaining abt making my bed (something like "I'm not straight why do my sheets have to be") I didn't realize what I was saying bc I was out to some ppl and make those jokes constantly. My parents just looked at me and then my mom said "because I said so" and like that was that ?? I've talked to both of them about it since and they're super supportive but like they had nothing else to say at the time it was weird but kinda neat too ?? Idk lol

this is the best fucking coming out story I’ve ever seen.

Very sad I have/have had friends who have partners who are a) super average (just have nothing to offer/ aren’t generous/ aren’t supportive) b) waste their time and distract them from their study n careers
It’s hard trying to tell people to be honest with themselves n be like: ‘your boyfriends is an overgrown toddler that you evidently don’t actually like who stops you from having fun and doing well in life’ or 'why let yourself be belittled by someone who doesn’t care as much as you’
Fine 2 be alone/ important to be open for real mutual commitment

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hi~ I loved ur kori's little sister & Jason fic!! do you think you could make another one where he's trying to teach her more "earth" stuff 💞💞

Hi!! thank you!! You’re in luck because I actually had something written - it’s a tad bit short though. (Though I feel like it does not touch too much on the ‘earth’ stuff).

The first time Jason noticed your lack of human knowledge had been when you first appeared on Earth, speaking a language he couldn’t even understand nor could he decipher it either. 

The second time he noticed was when after the lack of words being exchanged and the language barrier is still standing strong, you had all but pushed him to the ground and kissed him right on the lips, very deeply. Honestly it was too much for him then. 

The third time he finally managed to wrap it around his head that you know very little of Earth was when the first thing you had done after knowing how to speak English (later on, Jason found out that you learn languages through physical contact, mostly kissing - the tongue part was for fun, on your part) had been to take off what very little clothing you have almost at every occasion possible. 

“No,” Jason immediately stops you. He grabs on to your hands to pull it away from your minimal clothing. “I said to blend in. What are you thinking?” He asks before he drops the hold he has on your hands. 

You look at your hands before looking at your attire. Judging from Jason’s expression, it seems as if you are doing something wrong again. 

“Do men on Earth not like it when we are dressed like this?” You ask, having heard a couple of men talking about how you had been dressed. You even heard them expressing their gratitude too. 

Jason shakes his head. “Not all men prefer seeing women dressed like this. It’s a matter of preferences, Y/N.” He tells you before walking over to where he had dropped his jacket earlier. 

You trail after him. “Then what about you?”

Jason turn back to look at you. “What do you mean?”

You pout a little bit. “What about you?” Because of your powers, you are now able to look at Jason, eye-to-eye. “How do you prefer me to dress?”

Jason reels back as if he had been slapped before coughing viciously a couple of times. You immediately rub his back and Jason waves you off. 


You slowly drop back on your feet and stare at Jason. "I do not care about other people’s preferences. Just yours.”

Jason sighs. Sometimes you could probably be the cause of his next death. The fact that you had asked him so seriously with that innocent face of yours did not help too. (Much later, Jason found out that you are anything but innocent, not that he minded at all).

To stop you from talking again, Jason puts his leather jacket over your shoulders. “Just dress as you please, Y/N.” He takes one good look before heading towards his side of the room, grabbing another shirt. 

You stare at Jason’s jacket in confusion and awe. It confuses you how humans can even wear something as constricting as this leather jacket but at the same time, you think you have finally figured out Jason’s preferences too. 

So you immediately flew to him. 

“Is your preferences seeing women wearing your clothes?”

Queue Jason’s groan and incoherent curses.


Bethany: Sooooo? Did Avi talk to you yet?
Eliana: About what exactly?
Bethany: Oh, uh, he just told me he wanted to ask you something, not sure what.
Eliana: Bethany… if you know something please tell me know. Your brother always had a way of getting me in messy situations.
Bethany: I know, I know. I promise he’s not going to do anything crazy. I think he just wants to be friends. He wants to look out for you I guess. And so do I! I’d like to be friends hopefully. Especially now that Cole and Aiden are together.
Eliana: Well yeah! Of course, I’d love that too. I could really use a girlfriend. Aiden is great but there’s just some things he doesn’t get.

Never the One - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Originally posted by allpeopleareincredible

It’s going to go back and forth between present and past

Bold/Italics are quotes from Caroline of The Vampire Diaries
Italics are flashbacks
Based on this


Why didn’t he go for me?

I held my head in my hands as the tears streamed down my face. My heart was torn remember the events that just occurred not too long ago. What had I done? Why had I done it? I couldn’t answer myself as I wept.

Stiles is my best friend but I was hopelessly in love with him. This being a problem since he was in love with Lydia. The girl he’s loved since the 3rd grade which so happened to be the same year I fell for him. 

Keep reading

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I definitely think Isak will know something's up with sana, there's a reason why the writers had her say "you're alone" to isak! even said more or less the same thing to Isak last season, but about himself, so isak will recognize it for what it is. That word is not a coincidence. Plus it gives the writers an extra opportunity to show that Isak has grown and is no longer the boy living inside his own bubble, that he's able to reach out now, and wants to help sana do it too

,,,im emo

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Do you have any advice on how to calibrate ambition? I want so much, and I try to do so much, but then I get so overwhelmed and stressed (Anxiety) and have to give things up. This is not only humiliating, but actually makes me doubt myself as I only keep in mind what I've failed at, not where I've succeeded.... I've had to quit leadership positions because I over exert myself and while recognising it is important to self preserve and mitigate my anxiety, I just feel like I've let everyone down.

Be ambitious because it makes you happy. The point where you pull back is where achieving things becomes something you do for other people or to prove your worth to someone else. I promise you, you will exhaust yourself doing that. You may think people are concerned with your achievement. They are not. People are too busy living their own lives and achieving their own success
So do it for you

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Hey! :D would you be able to write some hcs for Pol with an s/o who loves to tease and embarrass him because they find it so cute when he's all flustered and blushing like crazy? and what would be the best ways to get such a reaction from him? Thanks in advance! ^^

-You’ve hit a soft spot in my heart Ghost
•It pleases s/o so much to see their giant hulk of a boyfriend crumble out of embarrassment
•They’ll do just about anything in order to get the cutest reactions from him
•He’s so obvious about it too
•Just kissing his cheek without warning will get his face bright red
•Sexual innuendos are also a huge plus
•They could just be eating some hot dogs and S/o could coolly go “Man I wish I had something bigger in my mouth”
•Ruffle his hair this will get a pouty cute response
•"Chaton!! Do not touch the hair I work hard on it.“
•Crosses his arms but they know he isn’t that upset about it
•Give him lots of PDA he pretty much stops working
•When alone it’s not the same responses so it’s gotta be publicized
•Talk about how cute he is and how he’s a great cuddler to the rest of the sdc
•He’ll get boyishly defensive about himself and it’s great
-I’m madly in love with Jean Pierre Polnareff and nobody can get me out of this one
-Admin Jules╰(*´︶`*)╯♡


What’s the opposite of hyping something up? I reversed-hyped this comeback so much because I have this vague (but very real) fear that I’m not going to like something. Anyways, let’s do this comeback review. 

1. B-Day audio. I think I prefer the audio to this one more than BB. I know, I’m surprised too. BD has a better groove and I really dig the guitars on it. It’s also a better example of how good the ikon vocals can be. This is a really good song to have blaring through your headphones as you walk through the city. 

2. Bling Bling audio. I know I just said that I might prefer BD but my favourite thing about this comeback is definitely the backing track to BB. I want to know which one of them came up with it. It’s kind of club-heist-crunky, which is my favourite kind of crunky because you can either get dirty to it at a club or make it the soundtrack to your crew robbing a bank. The problem I have is that it’s not a very tight song. There are too many parts to it. It’s a small nitpick. I still love it.

3. Hanbin. He owns this entire comeback for me. Just like I hoped and knew he would. I love his voice on BB and I don’t even know why, it’s still whiny but it’s dropped low enough to be awesome. It might one of the few times where I prefer all his parts over Bobby’s. I know I know, what the hell is happening today?! It’s opposite day or something. Next thing you know, I’m going to start posting colour. 

4. B-Day MV. It took me about 15 minutes to watch this video because had to pause it about 7 times. I’m still on pause as I’m writing this. I can’t take it. Holy shit. There are bees. Okay. No, not okay. Not okay at all. I’m not ready to talk about this yet. Maybe later. 

5. Bling Bling MV. It’s like RT part II, both in budget and concept hahaha. I swear I saw a choreo move that came straight from a previous song. Anyways, I love that bit with Donkey Kong at the end, it just makes me think that he should do a lot more dancey stuff for them. If any of you follow CWAC, please know I’m low key cackling at the car references. 

6. June. Hmm, I don’t remember allowing him to do this to me. He needs to kindly take several seats. Alternatively: he is kind of spectacular in both audio and visual form. I really don’t have time for this disrespect at the moment. The position of Korean-Male-Fucking-Me-Up has already been filled three times over.  

7. Every single guy looks and sounds great. Honestly. They all have the right hair colour and the right styling and I’m just so glad they’re back in my life. I never thought I’d get the IKON I wanted but I am! Today is the most positive day ever. Thank You Universe, you really came through. 

8. KFJ. I was whelmed. He was only okay. If you like that kind of thing. Which I do. As much as I like dogs. And I like dogs more than I like life. So basically: I’m having a coronary and he will be hearing from my lawyers. 

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Head canon: Otabek and Yuri 14 & 16!

Oh, let’s see!

Ingrained habits/forces of habit

In terms of ingrained habits, I’m sure they’re used to gruelling practice sessions. From waking up at “no human should ever be up at this godforsaken hour” o’clock to countless hours at the ballet studio (Yuri) or the gym (Otabek).

This probably translates into their everyday life. Following my previous hc about Yuri being a angry ball of nerves, he probably can’t sit still for too long and needs to do something physical (dance, go out for a run, rearrange his entire wardrobe according to colour, print, designer, etc.).

I believe Otabek, on the other hand, had completely adapted to his nomad lifestyle from the beginning of his career and thus packs light, has learnt not to get too attached to people or things (other than his family, of course) and I’m sure he always goes for the healthiest option on the menu when he eats out and doesn’t even question it.

Dark secrets/’skeletons in the closet’

We all know Yuri is obsessed with cats and anything related to them, but what most people don’t know is that he actually finds them so damn adorable he starts talking to them in this high-pitched baby voice, like he physically can’t help it. Only his grandfather knows about this, since he’s been doing it since he was a little kid, feeding any strays that somehow happened to get into their backyard.

I’ve seen this in plenty of fics and I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that Otabek knows how to knit and do plenty of household chores. I’m sure he grew up in a big family, and all kids would sit around grandma and learn how to sew, knit, cook, you name it. It’s not that big of a “dark secret” but he doesn’t talk about it with just anyone. It’s actually a good two years into their friendship before Otabek even dares mention it to Yuri during one of their weekly night calls one random Saturday. And it takes all of his courage and then some to bring himself to send Yuri a scarf one Christmas as a present.

The selfie he got as a response with a beaming Yuri, neck and half of his face wrapped in the royal blue scarf Otabek had made for him, makes all of his worrying completely worth it.

Thank you for the message, lovely Minx! 💖

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I'm happy that Christine is making the decision of getting healthy with the help of weight loss surgery but I really hope that the ladies laughing at the seatbelt extender wasn't what made her to decide to do it. I hope it's something that she is doing for herself and not bc she gets so many comments about her weight

it would break my heart if Christine felt like the surgery was something she had to do to please other people. the seatbelt extender incident was so sad, but i know Christine is so strong and doesn’t let all of that stuff get to her too bad. i am very proud of her no matter what


if you happen to see this fool strolling round the excel this weekend - say hi or something! Cause that’s me! I’m so excited that I forgot to do whiskers when I was costesting Milly and that’s: criminal (pics in order of Friday to Sunday from left to right 🤡)

i’ve loved the mountain goats since i was 16 or so & their work provided me with tools that were necessary in the process of my self-preservation while i was young and desperate and scared of myself and my illnesses 

and the friendships i’ve made through finding other people who connected to this band are unlike anything else i know because everyone i’m close to who loves this music loves it in part for its ability to strip them down and reveal their demons or the joy they can’t reach themselves or both at the same goddamn time. someone else loving tmg the way i do feels instantly intimate and vulnerable and like looking them in the eye and knowing, yes, we share some damage then. we survive similarly, we’ve got something aching in the same place that nobody else can see. nice to meet you, too 

i love this band. their work has been the soundtrack to every beautiful and terrible moment i’ve had since i was 16. there’s always a visceral element to the stuff that made you feel alive when you didn’t want to be

this band’s a gift to me and i’m going to see them in about five hours


“Okay, I have a question relating to something other than stars. Mind if I ask?” Vanilla muttered after a brief moment of silence.

“Knock yourself out.”

“Okay, so how come you’re out here by yourself?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, do you live alone? Don’t you have any family or something? Parents? Siblings? Anything?”

Another moment of silence passed.

“Was that… Was that a stupid question? Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.” Vanilla apologized, but he cut her off.

“I guess I come from pretty much the same environment as you do, Snow White.” he sighed, “I, too, had an overprotective mother when I grew up. Though I left years ago. Figured she wouldn’t find me here, and it looks like I was right. I haven’t heard from her since the night I left. It’s okay, though, I’m not much of a people’s person anyway. I’ve rather enjoyed being here on my own.”

“And I ruined that tonight. Sorry.”

“You’ve got to stop apologizing for everything, you know?”

ipre memes

bc they were on the starblaster for 100 years come on

  • magnus: [points to any animal on any given planet] taako tell that motherfucker i want to fight him
  • honestly a bunch of jokes about taako, lup, and barry being disney princesses for talking to animals
    • barry: can you please help me clean this mess up?
      merle: why don’t you just ask your animal friends to help? gather up your woodland creatures–
  • merle is jesus
  • making up increasingly ludicrous stories and trying to get lucretia to actually write them down
    • magnus: you know, my real name is actually studly burninglove
      lucretia: [without looking up] you know what, magnus? i’ll do it. i will actually write that down. future generations will know you as studly. would that make you happy?
  • in that vein, davenport knew absolutely nothing about pop culture, so they keep making up celebrities and events and acting like they happened
    • they like. maintain it too. they have a whole canon of made-up pop culture.
    • taako: [something explodes] ugh this is just like when fantasy billy ray cyrus had his mid-90s breakdown
      davenport: isn’t it more like when fantasy kesha and fantasy bill nye had a cage match?
      lup: [completely straight-faced as magnus and taako try to smother their laughter] yes, cap’nport. exactly like that.
    • taako and lup almost managed to convince him that they were celebrity chefs until lucretia stepped in
  • [something goes wrong on the ship]
    anyone: greg fucking grimauldis
  • [points at anything] is that a bond
    • lup: am i made of bonds?
      barry: in a sense, yes. everything is.
      taako: are shadows?
      lup: are dreams?
  • barry and lup bullshitting scientific-sounding words whenever magnus or merle ask them a question