i had to do something about his eyes because the coloring deleted all sign of color in it

Pages of Slurred Words- Yoonmin (f)

fluff /slight angst

| | Yoongi sips coffee too hot and Jimin wears scarfs too loose | |

Pairing: Writer!Yoongi x Jimin

Warnings: nothin much, mild fighting [and a lot of contemplation ha]

Words: 5,860

-if it’s anything important, i messed with their hair colors so jimin has orange while yoongi has gray // just for myself I’m not looking for critiques :/

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Newbie passes her first exam!  Find out what she did right in handling this “POT”

I received this message from a real sweetheart and, I have to share it with you as an example of how to handle a POT “gone bad”.  I am frankly so proud of how she handled this situation and I think there are some valuable lessons to be learned here!  [I have edited her message to me a little bit omitting details that aren’t necessary for my purposes, but everything here is “out of her own mouth”, so to speak] :

I met a POT today… He lives in my general area, so that was a plus because I only had to travel about 20 minutes. He seemed pretty nice through text and we actually have common interests, so I didn’t bother asking for a picture of him because I was afraid it would ruin it. He’s asked for “sexy” pictures several times and each time I’ve said “maybe after we meet/if there’s chemistry/if I’m not busy later.” He was pretty much as attractive as I expected. I’d give him a 3/10.

Our conversation was okay, I tried to make it about him as often as I could. He ordered my coffee right before I arrived, and we talked for maybe an hour before he had to go back to work. We discussed payment expectations before we even met, and being that I’ve never been an official SB and I’ve never actually met a POT in person, he mentioned [what he paid in] his last arrangement. … It didn’t sound bad, I just want something small and easy to help me save a little here and there.

But now he’s being persistent with mentioning pictures and honestly, I feel like they haven’t been earned because we just met today. Coffee=pictures of my body??? I don’t think so. And he also texts me multiple times if I don’t reply quickly enough (for him, quickly is 15 minutes or less. Like come on! I’m busy!) I told him I wanted to meet him again before committing to an arrangement just yet, but now that he’s been pestering me for nudes like a teenage boy, and he’s being relatively needy, and not really offering a lot of payment considering our differences in attractiveness, I really think I want to nip it in the bud, but I don’t know how….. Can I just delete this texting app, block him on SA, and disappear? I don’t want to be rude to him because he was extremely nice to me. I just don’t think an arrangement between us is going to be realistic…

The problem with sugaring is that you have to put up with so many guys who JUST DON’T GET IT!  They don’t get the concept of “mutually beneficial”; they don’t understand the boundaries that must be a part of a good arrangement and they don’t know how to act like a gentleman in the presence of a beautiful young woman.  

Unfortunately, so many women who are new at the game don’t yet have the experience and the knowledge to see a train wreck as its coming down the tracks and end up making mistakes. Some of the mistakes end up simply as a waste of time, or getting “shorted” on a date, and some of the mistakes are more serious, and involve being put in a dangerous situation with no easy way out.  

Further, the impression that a lot of newbies get from reading some blogs gives them a mistaken impression about how finding, getting and keeping a SD is all about.  It’s not all glamour; it’s not all about finding a “hot daddy with a lot of money” and it’s not all about landing 10k allowances after an exchange of a couple messages.  Having unrealistic expectations will kill a SB’s career before it starts; putting on “rose colored glasses” will blind you to the realities “on the street.”  Sugaring is a grind.  There’s a lot of frustration involved, and, sadly, a SB ends up dealing with a lot of real slugs that try to pass as men.

However, a good SB will take some or a lot of satisfaction out of spotting and dumping a POT before he becomes a PITA (no, not that delicious bread, but rather a “Pain In The Ass”, lol).  And that is valuable.  I have often posted about the mistakes that newbies have committed.  Here is my opportunity to point out what a newbie did RIGHT.   So, with that in mind, let’s turn to this newbie’s first big exam and see how and why she passed with flying colors:

First Question on the Exam – Is it okay to send “naughty pics” to a POT before the arrangement begins?

Our student has been talking with a POT.  Early on, before they even meet, he starts asking her for “sexy pictures”.  Let me say this clearly:  you fail the exam if you send “sexy pics” before you have received your allowance.  Our student here deflected this POT’s advances perfectly:  

He’s asked for “sexy” pictures several times and each time I’ve said “maybe after we meet/if there’s chemistry/if I’m not busy later.”

 It is still early, so she wants to keep this POT on the hook until she has a chance to see if he is going to materialize into a real prospect.  So, she doesn’t say no, but she doesn’t say yes.  She makes a promise that she will keep, if he ends up keeping his promises.  Most importantly, she does not send the pics in order to get him to meet her.  She passes the first exam question!

Second Question on the Exam – When do you bring up the terms of an arrangement?

Our student passed this no problem!  She discussed the terms of the arrangement at the outset.  Now, the amount he is willing to pay is not really relevant! All that matters is whether YOU are satisfied with it or not.  In this case, our student went through that mental analysis, took into account her personal situation and concluded:  “It didn’t sound bad, I just want something small and easy to help me save a little here and there.”  Perfect answer.  Question 2 passed!

Third Question on the Exam – How do you handle the initial meet and greet?

Our student breezed right through this one!  First, the guy is not exactly easy on the eyes!  She rates him a 3/10.  lol! However, our student keeps her eyes on the prize – the money – not on toad-man’s face!  Lol. She steers the conversation so that she made it more about him than her.  Very good move:  you want to find out as much as you can about him; listen to him, draw conclusions about his personality, about the way he handles himself and look for warning signs!  Further, the less he knows about you, the better!  You create an air of mystery.  At the end of the “meet and greet” he goes away happy, but realizes that he wants more!  Who is this girl?  I have to see her again to find out!  This student is really impressing her professor!  Question 3 passed!

Fourth Question on the Exam – Hypothetical:  A POT buys you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Do you owe him something?

Okay, now we are getting into the tough part of this exam!  After the meet and greet, the POT is obviously intrigued by our student. He wants more!  He hasn’t parted with the cash, but he feels free to continue with and step up his demands for pictures and attention.  What is a newbie to do?  Her answer blows me away!

But now he’s being persistent with mentioning pictures and honestly, I feel like they haven’t been earned because we just met today. Coffee=pictures of my body??? I don’t think so. And he also texts me multiple times if I don’t reply quickly enough (for him, quickly is 15 minutes or less. Like come on! I’m busy!) I told him I wanted to meet him again before committing to an arrangement just yet

 Let’s unpack this! First, the guy pesters her for pictures! Sheesh!  This guy is obviously a photo collector, and, perhaps, nothing more. Our student analyzes this using sound economic principles and concludes that a cappuccino does not entitle him to photos of her beautiful body.  Bravo! Second, she recognizes that the guy is a needy jerk and gets irritated if she does not immediately respond to his texts!  Very good! You can find a good looking vanilla boyfriend to blow up your phone, you don’t need that from some old dude! Third, and most importantly:  she uses this information to draw the conclusion that the guy is not worth her time:  

I told him I wanted to meet him again before committing to an arrangement just yet, but now that he’s been pestering me for nudes like a teenage boy, and he’s being relatively needy, and not really offering a lot of payment considering our differences in attractiveness, I really think I want to nip it in the bud

 Yes, that is exactly what our student should do!  She stays in control!  She knows that this is all just going to be a waste of time!  Question passed!

Bonus Question on the Exam – How do you tell a POT to get lost?

I’m going to give our student full credit for the bonus question!  She says:

Can I just delete this texting app, block him on SA, and disappear? I don’t want to be rude to him because he was extremely nice to me. I just don’t think an arrangement between us is going to be realistic…

 The answer to that is YES! You owe nothing to this guy!  You do what you have to do to “nip his bud” so to speak!  And, I understand that the guy wasn’t mean to you, but that only gets him so far.  I think the best thing to do is to send him a quick text saying, to use your own words, that “I just don’t think an arrangement between us is going to be realistic…”  If he continues to try to contact you after that, hit the “delete button” and disappear.

Our “newbie” has passed her first big exam in “Sugar University”.  She is no longer a newbie; she is now officially a Sugar Baby! Congratulations, honey!  

Harpy/Merman AU Part 1

(Inspired by @pass-the-pencil ‘s/Mica’s wonderful drawings that you can explore here as well as @spring1924 ’s wonderful drawing of the little Pearl. Re-written after I accidentally deleted my blog)

It was a late afternoon, Harry was laying in his and Louis’ bay, right underneath the tree with the nest that had their babies who were still in their eggs. Louis had just given Harry a goodbye kiss when the merman remembered something. 

“Lou! What if they suddenly decide to emerge?!”, he asked and motioned up to the tree in which the eggs  were laying, covered by a few leaves to keep them warm, in the nest far up where Harry couldn’t reach them, not even if he’d come out of the water because he definitely wouldn’t be able to climb with his tail.

“Of course, how silly of me!”, Louis said but he was just as worried as the other male so he spread his wings and flew up to the eggs. “They’ve gained so much weight since they’ve been in my belly”, he mumbled while he flew the first one down to Harry. 

“They did indeed. But they’re so pretty already”, he whispered and took the first one into his arms to place it in the water, immediately wrapping his sparkly tail around it to keep it safe and warm as well as making sure it wouldn’t drift away.

“I cannot wait to hold them”, Louis agreed and handed Harry the two smaller ones. The eggs were as colorful as one could imagine. One was green and would sparkle in the sun just like Harry’s tail would. The second one was pink, or green they weren’t entirely sure because it was striped. He and Louis had playfully argued over it already. Louis would protest that it was green with pink stripes because there were greener than pink ones and Harry would insist that the pink was only trying to hide. Their last egg was the most colorful. If the Harpy and merman hybrid would have known what tie die was, they would have probably described it like that. The egg had different colors, from a light orange that could be found in the lights of a sunset to a bright blue that mirrored the colors of the ocean or, like Harry would say, the eyes of the baby’s Dad.

“Me neither. They’ll be so tiny”, Harry whispered and kissed each one before giving Louis one last peck on the lips. “Go now, I want you back before the sun sets”, he whispered.

The Harpy hybrid kissed his boyfriend back eagerly. “I promise not to disappoint”, he assured before he was gone with a few powerful pushes of his long, brown wings.

Harry spent the rest of the afternoon floating around in their little bay as well as singing together with the birds to their little babies. He was planning on calling for his little Fish friend when he felt how one of the eggs moved.

“Did you just…?”, he mumbled and inspected the egg, not sure if it was the baby that had moved or only a wave that had caused it.

He watched the striped egg closely, waiting for any sign of movement. He didn’t see one but when a wave caused it to change its position only a little a small crack on the bottom was visible.

“Oh!”, Harry gasped and held the egg closer. How much did he wish for Louis to be there now, wanting to share this beautiful moment with him. He also didn’t want to keep the baby’s daddy from seeing how it hatched but what could he do? Louis was probably too far away to hear him anyway. He was hunting which meant he was somewhere out there in the woods, his ears were focusing on all kind of animals and certainly not on Harry calling.

Fortunately the sun was beginning to set and Louis kept his promises, always. By the time the man landed behind Harry the egg already had a crack over half of its side and a little piece had broken out which Harry had quickly put away to keep.

“What’s… Oh!”, Louis said and sat down next to Harry, immediately wrapping his wings around the man with his claws dangling in the water. “When did it start?”, he asked and started to inspect the egg. He had learned a lot about babies and how they hatched by helping his mom when his twin sisters had come to this world at the exact same time. He knew what he had to be careful with and what the babies would need in the moment that they excited their shells.

“I’m not exactly sure. The sun wasn’t setting then”, Harry told him.

“I’m so excited”, Louis fawned and helped the baby break a bit of the shell away.

“Me too”, Harry breathed and helped her with the last bit only for a tiny mergirl to come into view. Her tail was as blue as the ocean and she even had wings that were only a bit lighter than Louis’.

“Lou”, Harry breathed and washed her in the sea before cradling her close.

“She’s absolutely gorgeous”, Louis whispered back and stroked the wet baby hair out of her face.

“Her tail…”, Harry mumbled and stroked over the scalls that were shimmering in the light of the setting sun. “It has the same colour as your eyes”

Louis blushed and kissed Harry’s forehead.

“What shall we call her?”, the blue eyed man asked.

“Pearl”, Harry suggested.

“I like that… welcome to this world, our little Pearl”

Part 2 || Part 3

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Either 1 or 48 hiccstrid :)

She was thirteen when her soulmate mark appeared.

It was a relief and a nuisance to be honest. A relief because she didn’t have to keep worrying about “when is it going to show up?” and a nuisance because every other girl in her class kept fussing over their marks and wondering who might have the one that matched. Honestly, Astrid wasn’t concerned about that part. She’d meet her soulmate eventually, as the mark on her wrist clearly stated. There would be plenty of time.

She was fifteen when she met him. 

She was walking home from school, trailing behind her brothers, mentally calculating how much time she would have to spend on her math homework if she wanted to get the first draft of her history essay done. Suddenly there was a screech of rubber on asphalt, a metal-on-metal shriek, the harsh crash of glass shattering. Astrid nearly jumped out of her shoes. 

“What was that-” she started to say, but even as she turned she already knew. An SUV had taken the corner too sharply and ignored the stop sign, T-boning the silver sedan that should have had the right of way. The smaller car was crumpled like a discarded piece of paper in the intersection, broken glass spread out and sparkling in the afternoon sun like a small galaxy.

Her brothers dropped their backpacks and took off running. “Stay there, Astrid!” Bear shouted. She bent to pick up their backpacks, her hands shaking. Her brothers ran to the crash, Bear going to the truck and Finn to the sedan. She was grateful they were there. They were older and smarter, they could handle this. 

“Az? Astrid!" 

She snapped out of her daze and looked at Bear. "Call 911,” he said. “Tell them to send help now.”

“Okay, okay,” she said, fumbling in her pocket. She sank down on the curb, making a barrier of backpacks, and dialed the number with shaking fingers. Her voice sounded remarkably calm as she talked to the dispatcher, but she kind of wanted to add a this is my first 911 call, by the way. It seemed like a rite of passage that she wasn’t ready for.

“Az, can you come over here?" 

She looked up at Finn. Do I have to? she wanted to say, but mechanically she stood up, her phone clutched in her hand, and edged closer to the sedan. Her oldest brother stood by the crunched hood of the car, his football jersey smeared with something dark. Oil, she hoped.

"Az, I need you to help me,” Finn said. He kept his voice low, like he was coaching her on a layup while they played basketball in the driveway. “This is going to be rough, but I need you.”

Her mouth went dry. “What is it?” she asked.

“There’s two people in the car,” Finn said. “There’s a kid your age. I need you to stay with him, okay? Keep him awake and talking till help gets here.”

She was shaking. “Sure,” she said, picking her way around the shattered glass towards the passenger side of the car. She could catch just the slightest glimpse of dark red hair through the remains of the window.

The boy still buckled into the passenger seat was small and slight. His chin tipped forward to rest against his chest, and blood trickled in a thin line down his chin and dripped on his shirt. Astrid crept a little closer and nearly leaped out of her skin when his eyes opened sluggishly.

“Hey,” he drawled, his mouth screwing up in confusion.

“Hi,” she said. “Hi, are you okay?”

She instantly regretted it. His face was bloodied and the car was practically folded in half, of course he wasn’t okay.

“What happened?” he mumbled.

“You were in a really bad car accident,” Astrid said. “We’ve already called, help’s coming.”

He frowned slightly, his chest heaving once as he struggled to process that information. “Am I okay?” he asked, his voice thick.

“I don’t know,” Astrid said. She shifted against the side of the car. “What’s your name?”

He paused. “Hiccup,” he said at last, as if he had to think about it.

“Hiccup?” Astrid repeated, wrinkling her nose.

“’s my nickname,” he mumbled. His eyes were beginning to drift closed.

Astrid reached into the car and grabbed his hand. “Don’t fall asleep,” she warned. “How old are you?”

“Almost fifteen,” Hiccup said. “My birthday’s in February.” He looked up at her sluggishly. “Who’re you again?”

“Astrid Hofferson,” she said. “And I’m fifteen. Just turned fifteen.”

Hiccup’s hand was cold and clammy in her grip, his fingers limp. Astrid squeezed hard. She tried to remember what she’d learned in health class about accident victims, but it was like someone had deleted that file in her brain. Keep him awake and keep him calm, that was all she could think. “You should talk to me,” she said. “Tell me something about yourself. What’s your favorite color?”

“Green,” he said. He turned his head, wincing as he did. More blood dripped down his forehead. Astrid pulled the cuff of her hoodie sleeve over her palm and wiped it away from his temple and cheek. “And…I like Star Trek. And my dad is making me try out for soccer.” His lashes fluttered for a moment; he opened his eyes and tried to focus on her face. His pupils were dilated. “What about you?”

“I run cross country and play basketball,” she said. “My favorite color’s blue, I’ve got two brothers and a dog.”

He smiled a little. “What’s his name?” he asked.

“Her name’s Stormfly,” Astrid said. “She’s a greyhound.”

“I’ve got a cat,” Hiccup said. “Except…nobody knows about him. I’ve been hiding him in my old treehouse. But I sneak him inside a lot. Nobody’s caught on yet.”

The color was draining from his face, leaving his skin white and his freckles almost black. “What’s his name?” Astrid asked, squeezing his hand again, his fingers feeling more and more lifeless. 

“Toothless,” Hiccup said. He took a deep shuddering breath. “Where’s my mom? Is she okay?”

Astrid’s heart sank. She couldn’t see the driver very clearly from the way the car was crunched, but from what she could tell…it didn’t look good. “Your mom’s going to be okay,” she lied. 

Hiccup took another shuddering breath, this one shallow and rattling in his thin chest. “I want my mom,” he whispered.

Astrid’s heart did another unnerving flipflop. She didn’t blame him; she’d want her mom too. But from the stillness in the driver’s seat, and the fact that Finn wasn’t talking to the the woman sitting there…

Astrid fumbled for the door handle, her other hand still holding Hiccup’s. Mercifully it opened, although she had to jiggle the handle and lift the door up before it would. She let go of Hiccup’s hand and sat down on the edge of the seat, facing him. “You’re going to be okay,” she said.

She hugged him gingerly, unsure of his injuries but wanting to reassure him. He was cold all over, his body beginning to shiver. He didn’t say anything, just rested his chin on her shoulder. His uneven breathing echoed in her ear like a ricochet.

“My leg hurts,” he whispered.

Astrid leaned back. “Why didn’t you say something?” she said. 

She looked down and realized Hiccup’s left leg was pinned between the center console and the dashboard. The front of the car had been smashed so far forward that his leg was crushed between them. With sickening horror she realized that blood was soaking through the fabric of his jeans, turning it nearly black.

“Oh my god, why didn’t you say something?” she said, her voice rising. She scrambled to her feet. “Finn! Finn!”

Her oldest brother ran around the side of the car. “What’s wrong?” he demanded.

“He’s bleeding really badly,” Astrid said. “I didn’t know, he didn’t say anything.”

Finn pushed past her to look into the car and swore when he saw the blood pooling on the floormat. “You have something I can use for a tourniquet?” he said.

Astrid ripped the ribbon headband out of her hair and handed it to him wordlessly. Finn crawled into the car to tie it around Hiccup’s leg.


It was so faint she barely heard it. She looked down at Hiccup. His eyes were hazy, the pupils dilated. “Can you stay with me?” he whispered.

Astrid nodded, sinking down beside him. He was shaking, his lips pressed together tightly. She took both of his hands in hers, rubbing her thumbs across his knuckles. “It’s okay,” she whispered. “It’s okay.”

Hiccup didn’t seem to hear her. Sirens were echoing now, faint and growing louder. “Just hold on,” she said. 

His head tilted forward and he slumped over the restraint of his seatbelt, his forehead falling to Astrid’s shoulder. She caught her breath and pressed her thumbs against his wrists, feeling for a pulse.

The pulse was there, faint and thready, and she looked down at his hands in relief. His skin was white, the veins blue, but there was a black mark on his right wrist. His soulmate mark. A straight line with two interconnected half circles.

The same mark as hers.

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I was just wondering if you've got an kind of receipts on Halsey???


hello lil pal!!! this is going to be super fun and a little nerve wracking. (also this actually took me three days to make, fuck). 

(before i start, i’d like to thank leghannepinnock & englishgraffiti for helping me find all of these links because it wouldn’t have been possible without them tbh).

*this post generally excludes tweets because she has so many tweets, it’d be impossible to go back and read like a year of them. but if i find any specific links/tweets after I post this, it’ll be updated.*

Originally, I was going to make a super long post about how she broke the internet in 2012 and how people that have been in the 1D (and or the 5SOS) fandom since late 2012/early 2013 have known about her for ages and have some really strong opinions on her. 

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Preference #1: Snapchat

Harry: “Love, I need you,” a picture of the lower half of Harry’s face popped on the screen; him biting his lip, with his collarbones in view due to him being shirtless. You quickly got concerned not knowing what he means. Snapping a photo of you with furrowed brows with your bottom lip sticking out in a pout, the caption reading “ what do you mean? are you alright?” Almost immediately after pressing send, a new picture popped up from Harry. This time with the camera angle facing down, Harry’s shirtless torso in view, with a very visible bulge pressing against the material of his tight black jeans; no caption. “What do you want me to do to help you” you send back with wide eyes, biting your lip. “Send me something pretty baby, please” captioned a picture of Harry’s hand covering the bulge in, now in just his black boxers. So you sent him exactly that; causing Harry to be more than satisfied by the end of the conversation.

Louis: Three snapchats came from Louis, all about 5 minutes apart. The first of the three was a video of Liam doing something stupid to prank the band’s dressing room, Louis’s giggles filling the background. The second is of the crowd at the show that night, with a big neon sign right in the middle of the snap. The sign was a picture of you and Louis with the heart eye emoji printed all around the photo; his caption being “see even the fans love you like i do.” The final picture is of his smiley face, a caption reading “so mch fun 2nite sunshine wish u were there”–this one being your personal favorite of the three. A soft smile graced your face, swiping over to the front camera. With a view of your mouth and collarbones, shoulders adorned with Louis’s cream sweater. The grey bar across your neck reading, “wish i was there too lovey.” After pressing the send arrow, a bubble filled with light blue appeared next to his name, “look so cuddly in my sweater baby, but i wanna see your face.” 

Liam: A video of a sleepy Liam brightens up your phone screen, the time filter letting you know it was about 2am where he was. He was all cuddled up in a pile of the white hotel sheets and a duvet, his damp hair curling; a slow song was playing in the background of the video. The caption accompanying the video spelled out “turn up the volume”. You do as he says, pressing on the top side of the volume button. It was close the the end of the video when Liam finally speaks, “This song reminds me of you.” Then the video times out back to the main screen. After double tapping on his thread, the front camera turned on to you. Making a pouty face you snap the picture, captioning with heart emojis with an “i miss you” thrown in somewhere. After a screenshot notification popped up, another picture from Liam was sent; the grey box filled with heart emojis followed by “baby you’re so pretty.” You didn’t even bother replying, just opting for calling him instead, you wanted to hear about how that song reminded him if you. 

Zayn: “What do you think of this color ?” is the caption that accompanies a picture of Zayn with newly dyed silver hair, making his iconic “o” face. You took a picture of yourself, eyes widened, mouth open, a surprised face; typing out “i love it” throwing in heart eye emojis towards the end. Right after pressing send, you swipe back to the camera screen snapping another picture of yourself, the new caption reading “i thought you were getting it cut not colored again.” A few minutes later you got a reply. Zayn with a scrunchy-eyed grin popping up on your screen after double tapping on his name; the caption reading, “i did too, but then i saw the color”. You laughed at how cute Zayn was, but you could tell this was his way of expressing how free he felt. He now had the freedom to cut and color his hair whenever and however he wanted. Plus, it didn’t hurt that Zayn looked good with any haircut and any color.

Niall: A picture of a pouty Niall fills your screen after tapping on the red square next to his name. Neon blue tears were drawn underneath each eye with the caption “missin you !!” through the grey bar above his head. You would have cooed aloud if it weren’t for the group of people surrounding you in the club. As soon as the picture timed out another picture came through from Niall. This time it was of the empty space on your shared bed where you usually sleep, with the caption “when ya comin home ? need ya t sleep.” You smiled then double tapped on his name, opening up the front camera. Puckering up your red painted lips, you took a picture of yourself, captioning it with “soon xx”. As soon as you locked your phone and set it down on the table a new notification from Niall. This time it was to tell you that Niall had screenshotted your picture. Seconds later another buzz came from your phone telling you he was typing. You swiped open the conversation just as the text appeared on the screen “so pretty baby couldn’t help but save it.” That was when you decided that you were ready to go home, to be with him. 

this is my first time writing in a while, so i hope it isnt too bad. if my url looks familiar to you, its because you might have read my previous preferences. i had to delete awhile back but im back and im trying to build back up to what i had. sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, didnt proofread very well. anyway thanks for reading, and please request!