i had to do one for rory and jess

  • Me to my mom: Gilmore Girls is most likely coming back!
  • Mom: Awesome, I can't wait to see what they do with Rory's baby.
  • Me: I don't care about that. I just want to know who she's gonna pick: Logan or Jess???
  • Mom: Forget Jess, he's moved on and had triplets. (Referencing Milo's new show "This Is Us") Take that one baby, he has 3!

Let’s make this very clear.

I do not want to find out Jess has been pining for Rory for years.

I want him to have had his own life, his own chance to move on.

If he has moved on, and still finds that there is a light there after all those years.

That’s what I want.

I don’t want him moping around because he lost the girl.

I want him living and having a life, but when he’s reunited with the girl from his past, the one who got away - I want him to remember OH THIS IS WHAT LOVE IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE.

The reasons I love Jess Mariano have nothing to do with Rory. He was this kid growing up in a fucked up life with a mother who did drugs, dated/got married a lot, she obviously didn’t cook for him because it was pointed out by Luke even that she wasn’t one for household stuff and considering the trouble she had at making Thanksgiving dinner, I’d say cooking was part of it. We never know the extent of her drug use outside of pot or the extent of her boyfriends. But imagine being this kid who had to take care of his mother when she’s drunk or high or having to hide from whatever boyfriend she has. Then imagine getting into trouble and being shipped off to a place you’ve never been to and to an uncle you’ve had minimal contact with and who knew how your mother was but did nothing to help Jess sooner. Then imagine the whole town being against him, aside from two people, which is two more than he ever had actually. He heard so much crap about how he’s the bad guy and had all these people against him that he probably started to believe them. Then in walks his father who he never met (yes, never met because they changed the canon to when he was born even if 2x05 says differently) and he genuinely becomes curious as to who the hell this guy is and why wasn’t he enough to stay? He wants to know this guy who left him with Liz and maybe understand why. I wish they’d mentioned if they kept contact but the fact that after California, Jess kept in contact with his mother and he slowly built himself up. And he had to do it away from Stars Hollow. He had to do it on his own. Because even if anyone knew how his life was pre-2x05, they might not understand. Was leaving a shitty thing to do? Yes. But it needed to happen because if he stayed there, he might never have overcame any of the shit he’d dealt with. And then he doesn’t come back in Rory’s life until he’s gotten his shit together and he mended his relationship with Luke and wrote a book and made something of himself. He moved past whatever happened in his past and with his mother and that in itself is a pretty hard thing to do. And sure, he was a snarky little asshole too. But if you consider the circumstances, its probably to mask his feelings which I 1000% relate to.

For the Gilmore Girls comeback/reboot that is happening I want to see Jess and Rory end up together. I know a lot of people don’t want that but I personally do. They are each others anchor to reality. When ever one of them starts to slip, they bring them back to where they should be. 

Rory was the one to inspire Jess about school and work, Jess was the one to knock some sense into Rory when she was taking a break of Yale. Even though they had been separated for a long time, they still care about each other a lot.  

Since the reboot is going to be 4 1-hour long episodes (I think) that revolve around the seasons, I would like Jess and Rory to be thrown together despite being apart for years and to hold some sort of tension between them. I want Jess to have a huge speech like Rory does in season 4 episode 13 when Jess comes back to Starshollow for his mothers wedding. It would be a nice mirror for their relationship because Rory has always been the mature and emotional one so it would be nice to see Jess open up. 

(Plus I want to see Lorelai get excited over the new snow again. I always loved the way her face lit up.)