i had to do it. not doing it was never an option

MythBusters  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Holy crap, RUN!”
  • “Here comes chaos!”
  • “QUACK, damn you!”
  • “When in doubt… C-4.”
  • “Am I missing an eyebrow?”
  • “Well, there’s your problem…”
  • “Failure is ALWAYS an option!”
  • “Generally, I prefer a little bit more.”
  • “I always enjoy seeing _____ in pain.”
  • “This is starting to feel like a BAD idea….”
  • “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”
  • “Our Death Ray doesn’t seem to be working.”
  • “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, right?”
  • “High explosives and electricity, WHOO HOO!”
  • “This is why we can never have anything nice…”
  • “If I had any dignity, that would have been humiliating.”
  • “Oh, my God! This is more fun than should be allowed.”
  • “This is one of those ‘What the hell am I doing?’ moments.”  
  • “Remember, don’t try this at home. We’re what you call EXPERTS.”
  • “I think that was one of the most destructive things I’ve ever done. That was cool!”
  • “I think this thing could hurt you. I think we’re about to find out whether it will hurt you.”
  • “Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down!”
  • “You know, I promised my mom and dad I wouldn’t do anything stupid after I got out of college.”
Swan Queen was made by you and me.

Swen, Swan Queen has always, and will always belong to the fandom. They never have belonged to those in power, and they never will. We decide where they go, what they do, and who they are. Swan Queen has been divorced from the show for basically it’s whole existance, to their (the show’s) detriment and our benefit. Think about the things you love most about Swan Queen - they have been truely brought to life through fanfiction, fanart, debate and discourse.

There are two options here: either these people have been living under a rock and they really are so ignorant that they dont understand what they do (unlikely), or they don’t care. Everything we’ve ever had from them in the form of comment or action has shown us that the latter is true.

If you were (or are) holding out hope, I am truely sorry that you have been hurt. I would encourage you to ditch this sunken boat once and for all and come be a participant in fandom where we can (and have all along) create with this pairing endlessly and imaginatively. The people of this fandom have paid this pairing more respect than those “leading/creating” this show ever will. They have done countless hours of work to educate on the importance of representation, and advocate for others.

I don’t mean to represent or imply that this fandom is perfect - it definitely is not. There are fights, disagreements, poor decisions made all around. I am positive that I’ve done some of these things myself. But I’ve also seen lively, productive debate, helpful and quality education, and some of the most beautiful pieces of written and visual art I’ve ever encountered. There are wonderful friendships and relationships that have come from this fandom. The shared fandom of this relationship has changed lives.

That’s what Swan Queen is really about. It is ours because we’ve built it, we’ve loved and nurtured it. We’ve welcomed it into our lives, and in many ways our lives have been made better for it. No one can take that away from us.

Swen on, friends.

okaY so ConSider ThIs–Mick’s medical skills probably aren’t half bad.

Like Len said, Mick’s always been the muscle to Len’s brains, and that means more often than not, Mick is the one coming home with the injuries, which he usually had to treat himself–Len isn’t an option, because as clever as he is with his hands, Len doesn’t really do gentle with anyone other than his sister (and sometimes not even then), and as a general rule, Mick doesn’t like to be touched by anyone that he doesn’t know and trust .  So he had to learn to administer medical treatment to himself.  He’s not a brain surgeon, but he’s about as good as someone who’s self-taught can be.  He knows how to check for a concussion and internal bleeding, how to stitch up an injury and deal with infection, and has a grasp of basic pain relief.  (He also probably knows how to deal with bullet wounds pretty capably as well).

Mick doesn’t really like to advertise these skills–they’re helpful when he needs them, absolutely.  That’s 99% of the reason why he cultivated them, but this particular skillset is distinctly removed from the version of himself that he likes to project.  Now, he doesn’t hide them either, but the ship can treat most other injuries, so really he doesn’t see much point in utilizing them when they’re unnecessary.

Ray is the first to find out.  Mick had meant it, after the gulag, when he’d said that they were even, and was personally content to leave it at that.  But Ray’s medical (and self preservation) sensibilities are terrible, and even though practically all his ribs are broken from that damn sledgehammer, his solution is to just go “eh, I’ll just bandage them and get back to work,”  because that’s how they deal with broken ribs in movies and stuff, right?  Wrap bandages around them and troop on?  Ray just makes the mistake of asking Mick for a hand bandaging them.  Ray winces immediately after, intimidated by the force of Mick’s glare, and pretty sure Mick is going to refuse his request for help on the spot.  He did not expected Mick to sigh in irritation because for fuck’s sake, sure, if you wanna die of pneumonia.  Instead, Mick does a quick check–running his hands along Ray’s ribs, trying to ensure that none of them are in danger of puncturing a lung.  Then, he firmly steers Ray into bed and gives him painkillers, as well as stern instructions to rest.  The rest of the crew coos at this, though Mick maintains that he was not doing a nice thing, he was just preventing an act of egregious idiocy.  No one actually believes him.

Sara is next.  She does not get injured so often anymore (I mean, it does happen, but more often than not she emerges from ridiculously dangerous situations utterly unscathed, a skill of which the rest of the crew is very envious).  But her old wounds might as well be fresh ones, some days–there was no time for proper healing on Lian Yu, and certainly not as a member of the League of Assassins, where you either got up and kept fighting or were left for dead.  As a result, many of her old wounds still pain her–a knot of scar tissue just under her arm that aches fiercely when it rains, a knee that hurts to move when she overexerts herself (which is hard, but not impossible).  Before joining the Legends crew, she would have masked her pain.  She’s gone years just gritting her teeth and pushing her way through.  But the more time that passes with the team, the less her instincts tell her to hide the pain–the more comfortable she is letting herself be seen at her weakest.  Now, on her worst days, after particularly brutal battles, she’ll give up on it altogether, and limp through the Waverider to collapse on the couch (yes, the Waverider has a living room, because I say so).  Now, the team will all try to comfort her in their own ways.  Jax and Ray will sit on the other side of the table and play board games with her.  Stein tries to replicate Clarissa’s mac and cheese (he cannot, but the effort is thoroughly appreciated), Rip will quietly postpone their next mission, and Len offers comfort as non-obtrusively as he can.  But Mick? Mick shows with a heat compress and a liniment for her knee and some advice–(lay on your side and put a pillow between your legs, it will straighten your spine and take the pressure of your injury) from old injuries of his own.

Jax (and by extension, Stein) find out the extent of Mick’s medical expertise in the field, when Jax takes a bullet in the side.  He’s hemorrhaging fast, flames flickering out as he unfuses with Stein, who looks so worried that a heartattack may be a legitimate risk. They’re far from the ship–but not from a nearby medical clinic.  Before the rest of the team can process what’s going on, Mick is pressing a jacket (requisitioned from Snart) to Jax’s side, and rushing him into the clinic, where one of the doctor’s takes over.  That should be the end of it, but Mick has had more than his fair share of bullet wounds, and backseat drives the fuck out of that medical procedure, because there’s no need to be so rough, doc and if I’d wanted him to bleed out I would have left him out there, jesus and basically just glares and intimidates until the doctor, in frustration, pushes the tools into Mick’s hands, because “you do it, then!”.  Mick shrugs, and does the job more neatly and efficiently than the doctor could have hoped (much to the man’s chagrin).

After that, the rest of the crew starts coming to him for everything.  For such a violent, large person, Mick is surprisingly delicate when treating injuries, with a feather-light touch.  Most of the crew discovers that they prefer being treated by Mick (who tries to avoid causing them pain, and who is almost sympathetic when he has to) than they do Gideon in the medbay.  Kendra gets a cut on her leg while sparring? She’ll hop, leg dripping, to his room and knock on the door–”Hey Mick, can you take a look at this for me?”

Stein thinks his back is acting up again? “Mr. Rory, would you mind terribly advising me on this?”

Even Rip gets in on it, though he argues that its because when he’s injured, he likes being able to receive treatment in the comfort of his own quarters.

Every time, Mick grumbles, don’t you guys have Gideon for this? I thought this ship was from the future–.  But every time, he takes a look at it, because he just knows that if he refuses they’ll just stand there looking sad and mopey, before limping off to the medbay, and for fuck’s sake, he’s not heartless (and maybe he likes knowing that he can use his hands for something other than destruction, but that’s another beast altogether)

TL;DR–consider Mick Rory, entirely against his will, becoming the team medic (and sighing because, damn, if he doesn’t step up, these idiots are all gonna die.)

(PS, let it be noted that, inevitably, there may be some basis in batmanisagatewaydrug’s headcanons in here, particularly her headcanons about Sara’s old injuries causing her pain, because her headcanons are so good that I can’t help but think of them as ingratiated into canon.)

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1. What’s your favourite place to go?

I don’t travel that often, despite the time when I have been a scout, so it’s hard to choose. But I would say the UK. I have seen Birmingham, London and York so far and I’m in love with all three. Beautiful architecture, just… so… many… FRIENDLY PEOPLE and the accent and tea and… I could go on forever.

I really want to visit Manchester or Wales next.

2. Your favourite TV show?

If you go for anime my favourites are One Piece, Naruto, Boku no Hero Academia, Death Parade and Zankyou no Terror.

If you want to know other: Probably The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. And WRESTLING. I love to watch it.

3. Your favourite subject in school?

Pretty lame English and Music :D

4. Your favourite video game(s)?

1. Sonic Adventure 2 (both games because they’re almost identical) 
2. Pokémon 
3. Assassins Creed 
4. God of War (every single game is perfect)

5. Would you want to go to a beach or a park?

Both are amazing, but if you mean a normal park I would go to the beach but if you referring to a national park I would definitely take the national park.

6. Your favourite music genre? 

Ouuuh that’s a hard question, so you get a few. Metalcore, good ol’ Rock n’ Roll, Hardcore, Hard Rock, Punk- the list is endless because I don’t have a favourite genre. 

7. What’s your favourite constellation?

 The pleiades 💫

 8. Are you a cat or a dog person (or both)?

BOTH. I have a cat myself, but if I had the money and the time for a dog I would have a dog (and my cat of course) 

9. Your favourite colour? 

 Green and black and dark, dark turquoise (is it called teal? I don’t know) 

10. Are you a day or a night person?


11. What are your hobbies?

Now things are getting sad sad sad hahaha. Well besides reading, sometimes writing and sleeping I don’t have any hobbies. Like… is going to shows a hobby? Then I would have another one despite these three. It’s sad because I don’t have any time for my former hobbies, like playing the guitar and improving my drawing skills and shit like that. It actually really bothers me but I can’t do anything about it :/

Okay, since it has been a while since I did something like this I’ll actually tag some people @aisuryuu @msi-neko @kateecloud @prettyflower34 @mujoe-girl @monsieur-sangoire @charge-bolt @sugirandom @cosmic-otacake @bmac413 @ilanalikesthings (ya’ don’t have to do this if ya’ don’t wanna of course)

Here the questions:

1. Your favourite vegetable?

2. Your eye colour? (I love eyes I’m sorry)

3. If you could choose a language you would be able to speak perfectly in the exact moment you make your choice, which would it be?

4. Candles- yay or nay?

5. Your favourite Pokémon and Digimon? 

6. How many pillows do you sleep with?

7. Coffee, Tea or neither?

8. Do you want/have tattos?

9. Your least favourite sweets/candy?

10. One childhood injury you’ll never forget?

11. Raisins or sun-dried tomatoes?

Yesterday I was on Twitter bonding with other women who learned HTML/etc. through Neopets, MySpace, and similar means and are now professional web developers.

The thing that makes me kind of sad is that as a teenager learning to make cute page layouts and such, no one I knew who was doing that had any aspirations of doing it as a career. Like, all these people–mostly ternage girls–who were making beautiful Livejournal layouts and the like… even now when I see people who obsess over tweaking their Tumblr theme. It makes me wonder if they realized that was even an option. I almost didn’t realize it myself–I had this idea of what “being a programmer” was and it didn’t appeal to me. Yet I was making websites, blog themes, etc. Every “official” blog or website you see, someone had to make that the same way I made any of my stuff (and if you never do it from scratch and think that’s a big leap, it’s really not). It’s a real job that exists and people are paid for.

There’s a lack of women in tech but in fandom and the like there are plenty of girls who love writing code. Why aren’t more people saying to them, “You should be a web developer”?

So, uh. What do you do when you’re offered a job, one that doesn’t even sound so bad, and you need the money and the experience, but your anxiety is trying to kill you?

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Hello, how are you today?

hiiii i’m doing well!!!! quite tired because i had a very late night but it was so much fun!!!!!!!! i went to an actual real life drag show and my mind was blown :0 so much talent and beauty i was so overwhelmed… and then my roommate and i had a lot of fun just hopping around a few queer clubs and i had such a good time omg.. i’m still getting used to the fact that i can just do that in this city bc i’ve never had the option of such inclusive spaces before and it makes me feel so alive and fully myself in a way that i’ve never really experienced aiejroaierjoaer. anyway now i’m just camped out in a cafe trying to get some writing done but rly just procrastinating on here and by reading about quantum computing of all things ,, what else is new. i’m trying to think more proactively about like, life and the future and my mental health and how to do things that are fulfilling but not too draining on my spirit i guess?? i have a lot of big life changes on the horizon and that always scares me on a fundamental level

….. sorry you literally did not ask for a mini journal entry hahahah but i always find it sweet when you guys ask how i’m doing. i hope you’re having a beautiful day and that your weekend has been relaxing and fun xxxx 

Secret - Jason DiLaurentis

Requested by anonymous

“I don’t know, but I don’t trust him,” Emily said as Jason left The Brew.

“Oh come on, how do we know he’s A?” you asked your best friends.

“Y/N,” Spencer started. “I know you’ve had a crush on him for a while but we need to keep our options open. Regardless of our personal relationships.”

“Personal relationship?” you questioned. “Jason has never even given me the time of day,” you lied. “I just don’t see how he could be an A suspect, regardless of the “evidence” we may have on him.”

“Y/N,” Spencer began to argue.

“He’s your brother, Spencer! Do you really think he’s capable of hurting you, or Ali, or any of us? You saw him on the Halloween train, there’s no way he knew about Ali’s body.”

“Uhh, I don’t know, but all of this thinking is giving me a headache,” Hanna said, effectively ending the argument between you and Spencer. The girls began to talk about meaningless things, like their bed buddies or school, but you couldn’t let it go.

“Maybe the reason Jason seems so suspicious to us all is because we constantly stalk him. He’s probably noticed us staring, and feels uncomfortable.”

“Staring?” Aria asked with a slight smirk. “You’re the only one here who stares at him,” she joked. You huffed and grabbed your coffee. 

“I’ve gotta go,” you said as you made your way to the door.

“Y/N, I was joking,” Aria called after you. 

“Let her go,” Spencer said. “She needs time to cope with this. She’s still so incredibly in love with him.” You felt like arguing with them, clarifying that you don’t love him, but you knew if they saw your face, they would know you were lying. 

You began to walk towards your house, but instead decided to call Jason.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Hey, it’s me,” you said.

“Hey, babe, what’s up?” your boyfriend of five months asked.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, I was just gonna head up to Philly to drop something off to my friend. Weren’t you just with the girls at the Brew?”

“Yeah, we kind of got in a fight about, uh-”

“Me being A,” Jason finished. 

“Yep,” you said tiredly. You had this conversation with the girls almost everyday, but they never seemed to agree with you.

“Do you wanna come with me?” Jason asked, knowing you needed to get out of town.

“Can I?”

“I’ll meet you at our usual spot in fifteen minutes? Bring some clothes, we can make a weekend of it.”

“Thanks, babe. I love you. See you soon.”

“Love you, too. Bye, Y/N,” he said, hanging up. You began walking back to your house. Jason really could of picked you up at your house, but you couldn’t risk the girls seeing his car in your driveway. You had set up a secret location to meet at that the girls didn’t knew nothing about. You packed your bag and drove to the antique store about a mile out of town.

“Hey,” Jason said when you climbed into his car. 

“Hey,” you said as you kissed his soft lips. He placed a hand on your knee and looked at you concerned.


“Yup.” There was nothing you hated doing with Jason. Even the things you hated doing normally were enjoyable with Jason. He comforted you the entire drive up to Philly, making you forget about the fight you had with the girls. 

“I’ll just be a second,” he said as he got out of the car to drop off the package to his friend. You nodded and checked your phone for the first time since you left Rosewood. There were a few texts from the girls asking if you were okay. You were about to text them back when you got another one. 

If you don’t tell them, I will. -A

Attached was a picture of the girls in a restaurant. One that was in Philly.


“What?” Jason asked as he entered the car again.

“Oh it’s nothing,” you said as you placed your phone back in your purse.

“Y/N? I know when you’re lying to me.”

“It’s nothing, Jase,” you said as you ran a hand through his hair. “I just forgot to tell my mom where I was going so she was pissed.” Jason looked at you like he didn’t believe you, but didn’t argue. 

“Do you wanna get something to eat before we get to my apartment?”

“Uh, no, I’m good,” you said distractedly. 

“Y/N, what’s going on? Is it A?” Jason asked concerned. 

“No! I’m just tired,” you grumbled, turning away from him. 

“Fine,” Jason said as he pulled up to his apartment. You brought your stuff up in silence, and rested on the couch. “I’m gonna go grab something to eat. Are you sure you don’t want anything?” 

“Jason, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t of snapped at you. I’m still upset about the fight with the girls. It was wrong of me to take it out on you,” you said as you placed your hands on his broad chest. He smiled and put his hands over yours. 

“I understand, Y/N. But maybe we should tell them.” You sighed. “Oh come on, Y/N. At least just think about it.”

“I don’t wanna think about it. All I can think about is you, and how we have this whole apartment to ourselves,” you said seductively as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He leaned in and kissed you passionately, placing a hand on the back of your head, opening your mouth to let his tongue explore your mouth.

“You having sex with me is not gonna stop us from having this conversation,” he said breathlessly. You bit your lip and laughed.

“True, but it will push it off for a little while. And I really want to,” you said as Jason laid you down on his bed.


“I love you,” you said breathlessly afterwards, placing your head on Jason’s exposed chest. Jason chuckled as he kissed your forehead.

“I love you, too.” The doorbell to the apartment rang and you sat up. 

“It’s probably the Chinese food we ordered,” you said as you got up and covered your body in a robe. 

“The money’s on the counter,” Jason hollered after you.

“Thanks,” you said as you grabbed the cash and made your way to the door. You had left your phone on the bedside table so you didn’t see the text from A.

I warned you. -A

“Y/N-” Jason began to yell as you opened the door.

“Jason, I’m sorry but- Y/N?!”

“Spencer?!” You stared at the four confused faces looking back at you.

“What are you doing here?” Aria asked.

“Uhm,” you began as Jason walked forward.

“What are you all doing here?” he asked angrily.

“We got a text from A, and we thought we had proof that it was you. So we came all the way to Philly to catch you,” Spencer said as she tried to process what was happening in front of her. 

“What’s going on here?” Emily asked you.

“It’s obvious isn’t it?” Hanna said. 

“Hanna,” you stopped her. “Jason and I have been dating for about five months now. I haven’t told you because you all think he’s an A suspect. I was afraid of what you would all say.”

“I understand,” Aria said first. “I have been in the same position as you, I know why you would hide your relationship.”

“Thanks, Aria.” You looked at the others.

“Me too,” Emily said.

“Yeah, me too,” Hanna added in.

“You should of told us, Y/N. We would of believed you,” Spencer stated lastly.

“Thanks, guys. Uhm, now could you leave? We are kind of in the middle of a romantic weekend, and it’s not really romantic with the four of you.” They laughed and said goodbye. You shut the door on them and leaned up against it, letting out a sigh. 

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” Jason asked as he placed his hands on the door behind you. You laughed and kissed him.

“No it wasn’t. Now where were we?” you asked as you pulled him close.

“We were just about to get in the shower,” he said before dragging you towards the bathroom with him. He lifted you up and wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I love you, Jason,” you said.

“I love you, too, Y/N. And no one will ever get between us,” he said as he kissed you again.

Just a thought:
Do you guys think Brom knew about Murtagh’s existence (as Selena and Morzan’s son, that is)?
Because, and even though Murtagh was Brom’s biggest enemy’s son, he was also the son of the woman he loved.
Christopher said that if things had been different (like Selena not dying and that), he would have taken Murtagh and raised him like his own, although it wouldn’t have been easy for him.
I don’t think Brom was that cruel to leave his love’s three-year-old child with Galbatorix, no matter who his father was.
So, the only option left is that he never knew that Selena had had Murtagh.
What do you think?


Selfie, last song I listened to and my lockscreen tag

I was tagged by my really good friend, jeons-jalebi so thank you!! I don’t really take selfies, I have 4k+ photos on my phone and about 5 of them are personal, two of those five are of my cat bby who is the love of my liFE and the others are from my bday so this was a selfie I just took on snapchat bc I need me some filters I don’t know how to selfie how do people do that shit every day I had to ask one of my friends to help me choose bc I feel like I look cocky in this pic?? and I’m not a cocky person but my friend liked it the most out of the options so I’m gonna trust her on this also I find it so funny when my hair does that how does one have tamed hair I’ve never done it

I tag anyone that wants to do this !!! Tag me in it so I can see your cute lil faces

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I don't mean to criticize your writing I just have a genuine question. I'm in no way questioning your ability to write so pls don't take this the wrong way. Why are the Seventeen members always portrayed to be better than the reader in all ways? Eg in the The8+basketball scenario, why was the reader portrayed as someone who sucks at the game? And even like, physically, the reader is never shown to be muscular but the members are always muscular? (just an eg) Is there any reason for this?

we honestly do not do that knowingly, so we’re really sorry that our writing has come across like that. as for the basketball scenario, according to our memory, Minghao is fairly good at it, and while we did also have an option where the reader had been very good and wowed him, that’s the way we ended up doing it because we thought it’d be fun/cute. sorry if it rubbed you the wrong way.

as for why the reader is never shown to be muscular, it’s because we try not to give too much detail on how they look, because we don’t want it to shut out too many people. it’s literally just that. we know for a fact that some members are more or less toned (honestly most of them are toned somewhere), but we don’t want to go out and about saying how “you” are muscular, in case the reader isn’t. it’s like how we don’t want to give the reader a hair color or length, an eye color or a body figure (or even a birthday), really, because we want it to be as relatable as possible. the most that we might include are like pieces of clothing, but that’s about it. obviously genders are a whole other case, because smut (and other scenarios too) with a very obvious female reader in most cases isn’t exactly relatable for a male reader, but other than that.

so there really is no reason besides that we don’t want to give the reader too much detail appearance-wise. as for why members are portrayed as better than the reader, we don’t know? we don’t really recognize it ourselves and we’re sorry if it comes off that way, because that’s really not how we aim for it to be.

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i cannot wait (for you to come home)

The Hades & Persephone AU no one asked for. Part II coming soon :)

When he was 23 years old, Bellamy traded his soul for the life of his sister.

Octavia was always a sickly child, and his mother never had the means to get her proper care. After their mother died, Bellamy tried his best to take care of his sister—his responsibility—but it wasn’t enough. She was nearly dead when he was given a chance to plead his case to Jaha.

“Please,” Bellamy had begged from his knees at the altar, Octavia’s lifeless body hanging limp in his arms. “I’ll do anything.”

Bellamy knew Jaha was a trickster, a God who moved freely between worlds, quick and cunning, but he had no other options—Octavia’s pulse was fading quickly.

“There is a way,” Jaha had told him. “I can make Octavia an immortal, like me.”

“Do it.”

“In return, I will need something from you.”

“Anything,” he’d said.

Jaha considered this. “I’ll need your soul.”

As it turns out, losing your soul isn’t that bad. Bellamy feels the same, physically, and his sister is very much alive. There isn’t much he can complain about the situation, except, you know, being stuck in the underworld for all of eternity.

Even Hades isn’t too bad, as far as living situations go. It’s a little dark and musty, sure, but it’s spacious, quiet, and his sister can visit him anytime. There’s plenty of food and drink, and while the departed souls used to be in a constant state of screaming, he’s become quite good at calming them. He also has Miller, Murphy, and Jasper—his personal guard.

There is only darkness, though, where is soul used to be.

read the rest on ao3

@fostermamaworker We’re just through the state, not an agency, and I don’t think it’s an issue of them not liking us. I mean, I could be wrong but we’ve always had really positive interactions with workers, and other caseworkers have gone out of their way to tell us they liked how we do things. I think it’s that there just aren’t kids coming in. Which is great! But, you know. Waiting is hard.

@fosterjunky We actually don’t have the option of choosing just legal risk or that type of thing. Since we’re not through an agency, we’ll never have a child placed who is already terminated on or about to be. Sometimes I wish we did do agency, but all the agencies near us are terrible to work with and often permanency takes twice as long.

Thank you all for the lovely support. Sometimes fumblr is a pretty cool place :)

Late Author’s Note:

My apologies for being unable to add this on my latest fic. I had a terrible headache that I only posted the fic, then went to sleep.

Anyway, better late than never:

The fic was, technically, something that one does not do during an emergency situation. First aid is all well and good, but calling the doctor/emergency services is the best option.

But of course, Ieyasu fans would know that the character himself, the pre-epilogue version of him to be exact, does not trust anyone to do anything properly, which was why he recklessly decided to do the thing that only professionals should do As much as I wanted to be very medically correct with the procedure on my writing, I am no med-student/doctor, and neither is Ieyasu, which was why the writing for that part of the fic was all over the place, and rather clumsy at that.

[Mission complete, I say. Ieyasu is no doctor, nor can that man do surgeries. First aid, maybe he can do, but admittedly, he’s better off making antidotes.]

Shout out to @rinrinsamurai. She’s still on the fence for “Pikayasu” (torn between liking him and shunning him), but she’s been a great help for this fic because I lack medical knowledge for these kinds of things.

Shout out to my friend Sayou for throwing me all possible scenarios for this fic, which is why it reached 7.7k words.

Lastly, shout out to you all who painstakingly read, liked, and reblogged the fic. I will try and keep on writing for this series as best as I can.

It was just his luck that his phone would die now. usually, he has it charged or brought an extra battery pack to avoid this kind of szenario and the one time he forgot, he managed to also take the wrong bus and strand in a part of Seattle he’d never seen before. For the past fifteen minutes, he’d stood at the bus stop, considering his options. Taking a random bus and hoping for the best? Taking the one he just took back and just giving up? He knew all of that was stupid. All he had to do was ask someone for help – as much as he didn’t want to do that. But it would be good for him, healthy. So, he took a deep breath, mentally prepared himself and approached the next person he could find. 

“Excuse me? I really don’t mean to bother you but my phone died and I’m a little lost. Do you know how to best get to the University from here?”

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What cologne do you wear Ingnis? and if you had to choose your favorite brand of clothing, what would it be? 💕 OH...one more thing, what kind of music do you enjoy? I see you as a Mozart/ Bach kinda man.

You know, I’ve never actually bothered to look at the name. Noct bought me some years ago, and I liked it. Every time I’m running out, a new bottle finds its way into my belongings.

I just wear clothes that fit. I’ve never had a tremendous range of options, what with my position.

And you’re right, I am rather fond of classical and instrumental works.

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Since following you and reading stage48 I have started to watch haruka more. Takamina has always been a favorite. I had a hard time with her graduation but I know she was with the group for awhile. After doing some research on milky I wonder what's she up to? What does she plan on doing now? Anyway what do you say Yuki, Mayu, and Miichan's leadership style is?And did you watch any of the showrooms for STU48? Keep being wonderful :)

  • Miyuki

I think she’s still enjoying her life, for now. She’s going out with Riichan a lot, she’s also the only person she follows on insta X°D She goes to the cinema, goes shopping, goes having dinners, all with her, apparently. I don’t know what she is going to do in the future, altho fashion model sounds pretty the option she’d choose at this point. 

  • Leaderships

MaYuki’s leadership approach, in my opinion, is quite similar (despite Mayu has never been an official leader before, of course). They have both got quite the high standards and expectations about both themselves and others and they’re both very professional. I feel like Yuki gives much more the vibes of someone willing to listen to her junior members and to give them advice; I hardly remember of anyone reporting having a hard time and turning to Mayu for advice. Despite Yuki many times has said how Mayu pays quite much attention to her surroundings, knowing what would fit best to certain members, what units would become popular and so on. But altho Yuki definitely is pretty demanding too, I feel like she’s got a human side more “developped” than Mayu’s when it comes to “strictness” toward other members and always expecting them to give 100. 

Minegishi I feel like she almost puts herself at the same level as the other junior members. Still demanding respect and professionalism, of course, but she’s much more chill. She’d ask junior members their opinions, she’d talk to them and even befriend them like they were totally from same generation. Unlike Yuki and Mayu who clearly almost always mantain this very strictly professional relationship with everyone that’s not… Sashiko/other 3rd gen members/very few other senpais, Minegishi is much more prone to show off a more human/older sister like approach/figure.

  • STU48

The only showroom I watched is one of a girl whose nickname is Fuu-chan, I believe. I can’t remember what number she was, tho. I did that ‘cause Heli told me she was one of her favorites and I wanted to check her out. She’s very cute and also replied to/read some of my comments. I’m glad that she passed the audition, btw. 

I’m so glad that you started to notice Haruka more, lately. I feel like crying… ;AAAA; THANK YOU!! And you should keep being wonderful too, of course. luv u. ❤