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So I was kinda nervous about posting this cause I’m super self conscious and was so nervous talking, most had to be cut out and I could only use a little of the footage I shot. Also I made this on Windows movie maker so it’s not up to the standards I was hoping but what the hell. I’m posting it.

I am planning on making another video in a week or too. Probably not as “Fancy” cause I had to give the camera back but I do have my webcam.

Thank you guys for all your support and for the anon that requested me to make this video a while ago. Sorry it took so long.

Let me know what you guys think. If you like it or if you hate it and maybe I shouldn’t show my face on youtube again. xD I will also take requests on other future videos so let me know if you have a good idea I can work with. I have a few good ones of my own, :)

Anyways, Thank you guys. Hopefully this isn’t too cringy to u guys as it is for me. xD

Too hopeful

Summary: Sebastian wife writes him a letter in which he does not want to receive

A/N: I feeling self hate tonight so his a sad one guys! sorry!

To my dearest love,

I’m writing this one from your desk, you know the one that lays at home? Do you remember what home is my love, your office hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet the oak is still abandoned and smells to strongly of new. Home is now a house my love, all your shirts have lost their smell I know this because I’ve worn them straight for six months.

I watched you change through Instagram, the way your body now morphs into someone I don’t know. I hope you know I don’t remember what it feels like to wake up to that beard brushing my neck, do you think of me when you shave my love. How I use to do it so delicately and yes I do see the tiny cuts adoring that skin of yours. Just how I notice there are no bags under your eyes or how your feet don’t drag on concreate ground did you know mine do? My body is tired Seb, tired of longing all the time for someone who hasn’t called me in nearly a month!

This letter is short, I’m sure it will not cross your mind but I’m going home and by home I mean to my mothers. I miss you too much to live in a constant state of your old presences. An finally I’m sorry for telling you I could do it because I can’t deal with missing you for months at a time.

All the love Y/N x

Sebastian sits in the tight fitting plane sit, his was on his way home and the letter came as he was packing his bag for the flight and suddenly no point seemed to come from this flight. As if it had already crashed and burned, tears burning his eyelids but the tighter he scrunches his eyes the quicker they appear. He lets them roll down his cheeks as realisation kicks in that his just lost his love…

Continuation?? Let me know loves!

I feel like I should balance out the salty drama posts I flood you guys with… I think it’s sending the wrong impression about me. I had someone approach me for advice with so much trepidation and groveling you’d think they were talking to a dragon. I’m nice, really! Sometimes I just get caught up in the salt too much. 

I don’t want to drive people away from getting started with magick, quite the opposite - if you’re led to believe there’s no skill inherent with magick, you’ll feel like shit when nothing you do seems to work. People tell you that all you need to do is get the right ingredients and it’ll work - but nothing happens! Are you just hopeless? Not at all! You’re just new!

Magick is a skill that needs to be cultivated over time, and it’s perfectly normal to get lackluster results when you’re just starting out. A path is made by walking, and you need to wear down the ground somehow! Even when you fail, no attempt is in vain - even the act of attempting the magick wears down the subconscious barriers in your mind and will make the next try a little easier. You’re always accomplishing something with every attempt and building up your experience until you can finally see and hear spirits, predict the future, win the lottery, all the things that are promised to you when you’re starting out.

Despite what people may tell you, you can be objectively “better” at magick than someone else, but that status doesn’t come with technique or lineage or esoteric study, it comes with practice and experience. You shouldn’t expect life-changing miracles from your first few attempts - don’t blame yourself for not being immediately fantastic at something you just started! Magick is like any other skill - the only way you can get better is by practicing. 

There is no gate to gatekeep, only a hill to climb toward mastery. There’s no fences or gates on that hill, but neither are there any shortcuts to the top. The only thing stopping you from climbing it is you.  

Downtown Square - Wednesday, 1:40pm

“….I haven’t been the best person towards you. I’ve been pushing you away because you seemed….too good for reality. Like you were this nice, attractive guy who came from a good faimly and had goals in life, but you were going to turn into someone I’d hate once I let my guard down. I didn’t give you a chance.”

“You don’t trust people. I learned that 3 years ago.”

“I should learn how to trust you, though. I trusted you enough to share my body with you. It seems backwards to do that first, but not share my feelings and thoughts before anything else. Not that I’m complaining about you in bed….I mean.”

He smirked and for a tiny second, she felt herself melting. Except she wouldn’t tell him that. Not yet, anyway. “I would hope you didn’t complain about that. I’d have proof otherwise.”

“Anyway! I’m sorry…for being so horrible. Maybe we can….do it right, this time? I don’t know…go on dates…to the movies and stuff?”

“Okay. We can do that.”

“Good. Umm…can you come over tonight?”

“Yeah. You want to have a movie night?”

“No. I….want to….give you more proof.”

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For The Greater Good - Part 7

A/N: I’m very sorry these parts keep coming out so staggered! I have had to do so much recently before I head to college, and have been extremely busy! I’ll be doing my best to update the next part within the next couple of days (i promise i wont leave you guys hanging too long after this one!) thank you all so much for the continued support! your love and comments have made me so happy!         -xxoxoxox rayann

Title: For The Greater Good - Part 7 “The World Will Burn”

Pairing: Ryan Haywood x Reader

Word Count: 2,600+

TW: Mentions of violence & war


There was something so beautiful and promising about the view of a setting sun. The disappearance suggested a second chance at the failures experienced the previous day, something this town so desperately needed. Michael gazed at the miraculous landscape that the Sky gave to him, and breathed in the winds perfumed by amber and smoke.

The only thing he had truly come to appreciate while living in this aerial island, was the view. Other than that, it was a fucking chaotic, disgustingly twisted shamble of a community. Inside, and out. He shook off the last fleeting warmth of peace that had permeated his body, and returned his attention to the people before him.

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cis ppl are by far the whiniest demographic of ppl i’ve ever met. mind u i don’t mean all cis ppl but the shit SOME of u guys say in response to stupid jokes is insane. do u know how many jokes at my expense i have to put up with on a regular basis? how many times i’ve had to hold my tongue or even play along so i’m not made into a target? and then u guys see one post and go apeshit for the next week. it’s as astonishing as it is pathetic + u guys rly need to work on it.

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5, 11, 54

5.  Tell us some funny drunk story.
Once I went to a gay strip club with my (gay male) best friend and got a little more drunk than I normally would have and ended up making out in the pool room with one of the dancers. He really, really wanted me to go in the back with him but at that point I already pretty much knew I wasn’t into guys and I had no intention of having sex with him, he just had really nice abs and making out when you’re drunk is pretty awesome. (The less fun part of the story was the next day when I realized my best friend had actually given the dancer - who said his name was Taz - my number, and Taz left me a voicemail wanting to get coffee. Sorry, Taz. Your abs really were 10/10 but you still weren’t my type.) 

11. Do you like your body? 
No. I’m too short, too fat, my boobs are way too big - not sexy big, just uncomfortable big, my skin is bad even in my thirties, my eyesight gets worse with every prescription. But it is what it is. 

54. What would you tell your 12 year old self?
She’s your best friend but she’s still a sociopath. Just because she’s nice to you doesn’t mean the things she does aren’t cruel, and don’t let her make you be a part of that. Tell an adult. 

Anonymous said:
46, 66 and 75

46.  How old were you when you first had sex?

66. How would you describe your bad side?
Jealous, petty. Envious. Manipulative, though I’ve grown out of that, mostly. 

75. Is there a blog you visit every day, or almost every day? Tag it!
@nihilist-toothpaste. leela stan 4lyf. 

Anonymous said:
13, 43 and 52 lol

13. If the whole world listened to you right now, what would you say?
Impeach Trump. 

43. Who inspires you?
I don’t know. I don’t think I feel very inspired by anything lately. 

52. Name one thing that terrifies you.
Not having money to take care of my parents as they grow older. Knowing my mother will likely work until she dies, just like her mother did. 

This is the last pic I took of Disneyland (yep, it rained that day too) and you probably can’t see him, but that blurry guy in the middle is an armed guard. There were loads of them around, not in the parks themselves but around the train station and the car parks, wearing army fatigues and carrying machine guns.

…do all the Disney parks have really heavy security now? You had to put your bag through a scanner before entering the hotel or the Village, too, I don’t think that was there when I went in 2004. Is it just France or is it a Disney-wide thing?

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OMG Ethan I'm so happy you are safe! I know what all of that destruction is since I too live in latin america and we had a horrible earthquake here about 15 years ago, I really really really hope the best for you and every single person in your country, I know you guys are strong and I hope you all can find peace and stand up once more, Hugs and kisses!

thank you so much <3 i hope we do too

the boy who stole sweaters

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Finally getting around to looking at the IT remake and Bill Skarsgard is NAILING the role of Pennywise. There’s a really subtle bit in the scene where he meets Georgie that just cemented it for me. He starts doing the popcorn impression to make Georgie trust him (”pop, pop, pop!”), and Georgie starts full-on belly-laughing and smiling from ear to ear. Pennywise laughs with him a bit too, then he just…stops. His smile kind of falls, he starts drooling a little, and most importantly, Skarsgard uses his lazy eye to make it appear as though both eyes are slowly moving in opposite directions, and the left one is staring straight into the camera.

I could be reading into this too much, but I feel like Pennywise saw that he had created joy, he’d caused this child to feel happy, and his joy-hating, human-despising alien brain completely short-circuited. He briefly drops out of character trying to comprehend what he’d just done, upset and confused by the concept of happiness or laughter, and then he snaps out of it and realizes he needs to keep up the act to fool Georgie so he goes back into the “happy clown” shtick.

In short, big ups to this guy, he’s doing Tim Curry proud

ok so i was at college today, and as i walked into my class there were 2 boys, wearing red and blue sweaters arguing over something i didn’t quite get. so i was like. ok i gotta stop this nonsense bc im a good person. so i went towards them and as i was walking i heard the blue one yell “YOU BETTER FUCKING ACCEPT THAT YOURS IS NICE YOU MOTHERFUCKER” and the red one yelled back “NO, YOURS IS NICER YOU SON OF A BITCH” and i was like ok i do not want to interfere w these dudes but i don’t want them to be too loud and i was like “hey guys what’s going on” and the red one looked at me pointing at the blue one and was like “HE WONT FUCKING ADMIT THAT HIS SWEATER HAS A NICER SMELL THAN MINE” and i stg wtf…….. and i realised they were both exchanging sweaters and they both think each other’s sweater had a nice smell and if that’s not keith and lance then idk what is.


When you gain an army of new followers overnight.

The Bubbler / Le Bulleur


When you realize you have nothing new to post because you’ve been on hiatus…


remember those ain’t your bodyguards,

they’re your b r o t h e r s.

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FaceTime Call

Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: You Facetime Tom after finding out from fans he cut his hair. Your phone was off while you were landing home from a flight.


Word Count: 1,700+

A/N: 400 more till 3k!! I love you all so much :)

I turn 21 in 2 months c: Which means I can buy alcohol, meaning I CAN WRITE FREQUENT SMUT IF YOU GUYS WOULD LIKE CAUSE I LOVE SMUT

[Reader’s POV]

“So how was your trip?” Your mom asks happily through the phone. Reaching for your bag out of the carrier you tell her to hold on. Sometimes she calls you at the worst times. She onetime called you while Tom and you were having sex and wouldn’t stop calling till you picked up. Your mother was relentless sometimes.

“It went well mom, I’m just back to be in London” admitting the truth with a smile on your face. You loved it here because you got to live with the love of your life.

“How’s Tom doing? Anything new since Spider-Man Homecoming?” she absolutely adored Tom, she claims he’s the best you’ve had out of the guys you’ve dated.

“Yes he’’s actually working on another film, he’s been gone for two weeks while I was away as well so we’re both out and about” you explain as you walk down the plane aisle. You could hear her talking to your dad about Tom. Mentally wondering why she just doesn’t put you on speaker so he can hear too.

“Hey I’m going to go so I can focus okay? Plus Nikki is picking me up from the airport with Tessa”  Saying your goodbyes you hang up your phone. Slipping your phone into your purse you make your way out of the gate. The sound of your suitcase clicking against the bumps in the carpet.

   Walking past people to head towards the baggage claim. Looking at the time on your Apple Watch you walk a little faster. Nikki said she would be here at a certain time and you didn’t like making people wait. Turning the corner you go down the escalator descending to the baggage claim.

    Hearing a bark makes you search the crowd of people. A little grey blob pushes people out of the way. Nikki’s red hair standing out as she took off after Tessa. Opening your arms you get tackled by your favorite dog in the world. Her tongue laps at your face making you giggle.

“Tessa my love, I missed you so much” her body wiggling in your arms as you tried calming her down. People were looking at the interaction the two of you were having. Grabbing her leash you stand back up.

   Nikki opens her arms to you which you gladly take her hug. She gives the best hugs in the damn world. Letting you go she kisses both of your cheeks , she’s like a second mom. Tugging your free hand she pulls you along. She took your extra suitcase even though you tried to take it but she insisted. Leaving thankfully no one was outside, if Tom was with you it would have been a lot worse. He draws big crowds full of his loving fans.

“c’mon Tessa lets get in the car”  opening the door for her she jumps inside. Taking your backpack and purse off you set them on the floor of the car. You hear clicking sounds and turn around to see people with cameras.

    Getting in the car you close the door annoyed with the cameras. You don’t know how Tom does it all the time, it’s got to be truly exhausting having your every move watched. Even his family has to deal with it. Nikki tells you to ignore them and starts the car pulling out of the parking spot. Tessa jumps back onto the seat and lays down next to you.

   Smiling down at her you place your hand on her head. Your thumb stroking her head slowly to her ears and repeating it. Watching as her eyes closed from your touch. God you love her so much, probably more than Tom.

   Taking your phone out you see notifications pop up. Clicking on them you see Tom’s tweet and your heart stops. Going to his Instagram you see he hasn’t posted anything. Clicking on his tagged photos you see his fans posts. Scrolling through they’re all freaking about his Bye Bye Hair tweet.

   Exiting the Instagram app you open your messages and clicking on Tom’s name. Looking at the messages waiting for some sort of explanation. Typing and retyping the message you want to send. Normally he keeps you updated but he hasn’t said a damn thing. When he does that you start to feel like a fan yourself and freak out.


So what’s with the tweet, care to spill the secret like you do with every Marvel secret?

    Locking your phone you know it’d be a while to get a message back if he was on set. The ride home was filled with conversation about your trip. The two of you talked as Tessa slept peacefully. Nikki told you stories about the boys and how mischievous they’ve been. She says Paddy has been getting into the sweets more and has grown a sweet tooth recently.

   Checking your phone you see there’s still no text back. You ask Nikki and she explains she has no clue. Apparently Tom hasn’t even told her which she thought was odd. You knew it was very odd because he’s such a momma’s boy.

   Nikki drops you off at Toms and helps you with your stuff. After you and Tessa are all settled she tells you to come over for dinner. Apparently Harry has been working on something and wants the family to see. He knew you were coming back into town so he told Nikki to tell you since you’re practically family.

   Hugging Nikki goodbye you shut the door behind her as she leaves. Picking your phone off the table you see notifications again. Some were from Harrison and your friends messaging you. The messages consisted of screenshots asking why Tom was cutting his hair.  Your thoughts get interrupted by your ringtone you made for Tom. It was him saying quackson.

Meme King:

C’mon angel don’t be like that, let me give you a call xx

   Rolling your eyes you connect your phone to the charger. Your phone starts ringing flashing ‘Meme King wants to FaceTime.’ Clicking the answer you see Tom relaxing with a hood on his head. Normally his curls peep out which make you narrow your eyes trying to see his curls. His smile distracting as he cheers happily to see your face.

“Ah there’s my beautiful girl, I’ve missed you darling” his voice making your heart ache, you miss him so much.

“Hey baby, I’ve missed you more..” you pout looking at him snuggle deeper into the couch. You could hear Harrison in the background talking. Tessa’s tags jingle as she jumps onto the L shaped couch.

“There’s my little one! I love you Tessa soooo much” Tom cooed into the screen making a kiss face.

“Tom so are you going to tell me what that tweet was about?” You ask turning the screen back to you. The seriousness in your face made his smile fall.

“I uh.. well I can’t keep it a secret from you anymore” He pulls the hood revealing his hair of cur.. there are no curls. Just short hair that he fixed with his hand. Your jaw dropping at the sight because last night you talked to him and all the curls were there.

“Christ, you don’t like it do you” Tom sits up fixing the angle he had the screen at. You were in shock because you haven’t seen Tom with short hair, the only pictures you’ve seen are from when he was little. Nikki likes to show you pictures from her archive whenever you see her.

“N-No baby, I’m just thrown off is all.. you look very handsome I’m just going to miss the curls” you give him a smile as you see his features relax. Did he really care that much about what you thought of his hair?

“I know how you like gripping onto them when I go down on you” he sighs tilting his head back. Your cheeks tinting pink from what he just said.

“Oi! I’m right here and you’re going to talk to her in front of me like that man? you two are like rabbits” Harrison’s voice fills your ears making you face palm yourself. God dammit Thomas.

“It’s the truth so now she has to wait for them to grow back” Tom defends himself laughing at his best friend. Harrison pops up behind Tom flipping you and him off.

“Awww Hazeroonie don’t be mad you don’t have a sex life” you tease sticking your tongue out. Harrison lets out a small scream taking off out of the frame.

“Okay yeah I’m definitely going to miss your curls now” you sigh thinking of the last time you two were alone together. Your thighs clamping together tightly at the thought.

“I’ll be home when I can love, I’ll FaceTime you every night till were together.. then when I’m home you can give me some personal FaceTime” his smirk making your heart rate pick up again.

“PLEASE GET A ROOM THOMAS” Tom’s head is then hit with a pillow causing him to drop his phone. In the background you hear the two getting into a little fist fight. Knowing them they’re going to sound like children any second with their banter.

“cut it out you twat I’m talking to my girl right now” Tom huffs after a slap sounds echoes through the air. The phone is kicked around making the room look like it’s spinning.

“Ow don’t pull my hair!” Harrison whines followed by a thud. Laughter filling the air making you sigh. These two were actual children.

   Tom picks up his phone that fell from before. Harrison says he’s going to the store leaving the two of you alone. The two of you talk about how long it will be till you see each other again. It was hard while he’s away but you really enjoyed these FaceTime calls. It was the only time you’d see him when he wasn’t busy and it made the wait worth it.

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Riordanverse Characters As Things I’ve Seen/Heard/Said at Work

Grover: That guy who opened his wallet and a bunch of sticks came out

Percy: “If I get hit by a car in the parking lot, will I still get paid?”

Annabeth: “Get back here you Danny Devito looking motherfucker”

Frank: “Have a good boy”

Hazel: That lady who had two alpacas in her pickup truck

Leo: “If you use too much cleaner in the oven it can blow up.” ‘Ok, but how much is that…hypothetically speaking”

Jason: “How many times do I have to get hit in the head before I don’t have to come to work anymore?”

Piper: That delivery person who always asks if they are looking sexy

Nico: *buys his boyfriend a coffee* “wow, cheap first date”

Reyna: “Are you bleeding?” “Yes, but I’m wearing two pairs of gloves so it’s okay.”

Will:”Do you want your receipt?” “No thanks, I can’t read.”

Magnus: That guy who came in at 10:30 at night completely sober without a shirt and only wearing 1 shoe

Samirah:  “If I take a dime out of the leave-a-penny-take-a-penny, does that make me an asshole?” “Yes”

Alex: “Your total is $4.20.” “420?” *whispers* “the weed number”

Hearthstone: I need to wear this jacket at all times…for the aesthetic, Gary.

Blitzen: Those group of guys dressed in neon and drove a group of bright, rainbow jeeps. Referred to as the Brigayde. 

Carter: “Maybe you should do your job better.” “Maybe you should mind your business.”

Sadie:  That person who always wears a unicorn onesie and only comes in after 10 pm. 

Zia: “I am not a white girl. I don’t drink. I have standards”

Walt: “Shrek is my spirit animal”

Apollo: That person who threatened to call the news on us because we wouldn’t give them a discount on gas

Meg: “Please don’t kill moths. Their lives mean more to me than yours”

Calypso: *chugs an entire 16 oz Red Bull in one sitting* “God is dead”

mmmm too much nunvil hcs for the soul

Allura and Coran:

  • Nunvil is like a really light beer to Alteans so they have a naturally high tolerancy
  • Allura doesnt drink that mess so shes the designated Castle Driver
    • “ Coran, that junk is like rat poison even to Alteans i don’t believe this was a good idea”
  • Coran is the Altean equivalent to a vodka aunt, and he drinks nunvil like water and doesnt feel a thing
    • he gossips with aliens across the universe over a few bottles 


  • The “sociable drunk”
    • shiro doesnt let her have any at first but she sneaks a drink while hes not looking
  • Forgets shes on an alien planet and talks to everybody
  • Swears like a sailor even more than usual and tells wild stories that have even the bravest aliens in the galaxy quaking in their boats
    • Pidge, to a group of sketchy alien pirates: so there i was, 3rd grade, dragging her by the pigtails around the playground! and the bitch still had the nerve to say smth so i socked her right in the mouth n pulled the rubber bands from her braces!! yea Susie didn mess with the Holts after that! The aliens, visibly terrified: *scoot away*
  • Shes also a dancing drunk but once she and Keith started jumping on tables and stools Shiro Shut it Down
  • Pidge, hopping on a stool: “ykno what fuck it hEY EVERYONE ANOTHER ROUND FOR THE WHOLE BAR ON THE PALADINS OF VOLTRON!!!!!!” Shiro, slamming a hand over her mouth: “nOPE no its not we’re not doing that”


  • The “emotional drunk”
  • Also known as the ‘relentless crier about eveything’
  • “Lance listen ur like my best friend in the whole world idk what id do without u ur a good man come over here, pidge, u too ykno ur so brave for cutting ur hair and sneaking into the garrison matts a lucky dude if i had a lil sister id wish she was half as amazing as u u guys r like the brother n sister i never had, u too keith and shiros like my chill uncle of smth n i love u all so much i jus”


  • The “came out to have a good time and is bitter he can’t actually get drunk” drunk
  • Its not fair he offered they do this! he was honestly ready to go to a space bar and get space wasted but he still hates the taste of Nunvil and after 4 drinks he feels nothing like is the universe out to get him or what!!
  • Doesn’t flirt with any of the aliens that come on to him bc they’re drunk so he just politely declines all night but he takes pride in knowing he looks good under drunk goggles
  • After 6 rounds he gives up and settles on drinking something fruity from a thin glass and taking embarrassing pictures of Keith
    • Even if he can’t get drunk he can still have a good time


  • First of all, he’s a huge light weight. Even more than Pidge n shes half his body mass jot that down
    • All it takes is like 2 rounds during a competition with Lance and hes Out
  • Somehow switches between the “goofy” drunk and the “always dtf (down to fight)” drunk in 4 seconds flats
    • Keith: Lance is really pretty…. Anyone: really? I don’t see it- Keith, holding a knife to their throat: what the fuck does that mean
  • Laughs at everything. A lot. No one has heard this much laughter come from Keith not even Shiro and hes known the kid for years
  • Thinks he can fight the sun and he will
    • All Shiro hears is “Hunk hold my cup” and hes up in 3 seconds to stop him
  • He somehow starts a fight over space cryptids with some alien and nope they have to leave their whole planet has declared war on them gdi keith


  • Is reluctant at first but eventually he’s tired of watching everyone so he takes one (1) drink
    • He regrets it to this day
  • The “venting” drunk
  • He goes off on vents about the Garrison for so long he doesnt even realize the alien he was talking to has already left
    • “I’m like an elephant, ok? if i walk into a room, its like, woah hes in there”

On the ride home, Allura is grumpy, Coran is unaffected,  Shiro is already developing the Worst Hangover in the Universe, Pidge is knocked out on the kitchen counter, Keith is passed out on Hunk’s chest while he snores like an animal and Lance is just now feeling tipsy.