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Ok, so like if they had done an actual cap 3 instead of cw where sam and steve went after bucky and you go to write how that would go down, how would you have had the reunion/recovery go? do you think bucky would' want to be found?

I’m on mobile so I’ll have to format this later and put a read more in, but here’s what I would have wanted. Again, it’s long, I’ve thought about this at length.

We would have seen Steve and Sam, probably in Sam’s apartment reading and rereading files, crossing out leads, there’s a map with locations marked and also crossed out, Sam’s on the phone about another possible lead. Steve looks kinda defeated, it’s been 2 years and still he feels like they’re no closer than they were in 2014. Sam hangs up the phone, sits down next to Steve and says something like “Hey man, when he wants to be found then we’ll find him, and I got a pretty promising lead in Romania that says tin man is ready.” And Steve’s all “Sam, you gotta stop calling him tin man” - but he’s already collecting stuff to get ready to leave. And Sam’s close behind him like “Fine, how’s Robocop? Terminator? Man with the Midas touch?” “His arm isn’t gold Sam, can we go?”

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ok i’m sick n bedridden so i’m jus gunna do something i’ve been meaning to do for a while

NurseyDex Merlin AU

  • okay so picture if u will a gangly red head in a small medieval village 
  • he’s lanky and awkward and his ears are too big for his head
  • his dad’s been missing his whole life, and so it’s up to him to provide for his mother and siblings
  • which at first was hard
  • but as time went on, dex discovers he can fell trees just by getting angry with them
  • his rabbit snares never stay empty for more than a day
  • his villages livestock is always immune to whatever diseases plague the other towns nearby
  • one day though, while he’s out in the woods splitting wood with much more ease than a scrawny teenager should be able to, the axe slips and he hits his foot
  • what would have been a debilitating injury for most people healed almost instantly in a rush of gold light
  • unfortunately, dex wasn’t alone while this happened
  • fortunately, it was only his mother who saw
  • when she realized he possessed magical powers, she sent him away to an old friend who lived in the kingdom of Samwell so he could be trained to control his impulses 

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@allthosekaramels screaming "he wasn't abusive this episode"

abuse and toxicity in a relationship is rarely a 24/7 phenomenon, there are good times too. just because for one episode where he had less screen time he wasn’t awful to kara doesn’t excuse his abusive actions in the past. in a relationship, you should never have to wait for the good moments to come along, and with something you ship.. well, if a character you stan not abusing his girlfriend for his 10 minutes of screen time is something surprising to celebrate.. maybe you should rethink your stance

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What did you think of Jack? And do you still headcanon Lena as a lesbian or do you see her as bi? I always love hearing your opinions on these things.

I admit that it took some time for me to be convinced of Jack’s good and loving intentions surrounding Lena. This is because she originally referred to him as her kryptonite and admitted that being around him would cause painful feelings to resurface. Never a good sign. I had a feeling from the beginning that he was not exclusively involved in all of the dark occurrences surrounding Biomax only because I remembered the original synopsis about Beth Breen. Jack came across as intelligent and charming but it wasn’t until dinner when I started to feel ok about him.

I really like the way they handled the story of Lena’s previous relationship with him and her receptiveness and hesitation with him re-entering her life. Of course my heart broke for her because of the decision she had to make and what she had to do.

As far as Lena’s sexual orientation, I originally headcanoned her as a lesbian, but with the introduction of Jack, my hc was no longer strict. I am open to her being bisexual so I usually just say wlw now for inclusive purposes. But a big part of me still wants to say she is a lesbian. Of course there are women that identify as lesbian but previously dated men. In my mind, despite sexual orientation, it is still possible to develop feelings of love and give in to the idea of being loved in return. I think it is safe to say a lot of us have been there.

Lena struggles with feelings of abandonment so when she has someone that loves her and believes in her and that person happens to be someone that she can relate to on such a strong level, maybe it is easy for her to love him as well. Maybe it isn’t everything she truly wants in a relationship, but many of the important factors are there. So after years of not feeling like she is able to truly connect to someone, when she finds Jack, she just lets it happen. She’s content. But maybe there was still something that was always missing. Maybe the painful memories aren’t just that he made her choose, that he didn’t make room for everything her life entailed, or that everything she thought she felt or tried to make herself feel was a waste of time.

Maybe the pain she feels is also guilt because when it ended, part of her felt relieved. She felt relief over the idea of after those years with him, she was finally free. She didn’t have to pretend anymore. Maybe she could move on and find someone that knew and appreciated her for all that she was. Not only Lena Luthor, but just Lena. Not only what everyone thought they knew or what is on the surface, but what is inside – who she really is. I imagine she found that in Kara and her instant connection with Kara and willingness to open up so quickly speaks volumes of that.

But Lena still has that fear. She is terrified that maybe one day, Kara will leave or be taken away as well. Maybe Kara doesn’t feel the same way. Maybe she can’t have the woman she really wants. Perhaps she should give things with Jack another go because when she had him, at least she had someone. Someone that knew her with the good and the bad and still cared. Someone that found out the worst but came back anyway and wants another chance. Nobody has ever come back and asked for another try. Lena thinks that maybe he deserves one. Maybe she can be okay with settling for the quasi-happiness she had before. Maybe she can keep her secret if it means someone accepting most of her, because other than Kara, who else would? Who could ever truly love a Luthor? So she tries. She lets herself fall in love with love again. She falls in love with the idea of Jack and what he is willing to give her.

But it was a mistake. As soon as she let herself love him, he was gone – taken from her because of a choice she had to make. So there it is, another person she loved cruelly taken away to the evil in this world. She will have to bear that burden and it hurts but she isn’t surprised because it is always the same. Maybe it’s a sign, though? At least she has Kara. Kara, who believes in her, fights for her, and vows to protect her. Kara who sees beyond the surface. At least she can still love her even if she can’t have her. Maybe that will change someday? And maybe if it does, Kara will actually be the one that stays.


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Request: Anonymous said: hello! i love the ‘bf chenle’ can u do one for jisung?

  • highkey awkward bf who never knows wtf he’s supposed to do??yes
  • but also highkey sweetest and cheesiest bf??hell yes
  • listen in the beginning it was so awkward ok like he rlly had no clue and he just always !!!! whenever ur there 
  • most of the time he’d just be so shy to do anything and he’d even be stressedt about holding ur hand
  • akgrjghrj he’s just so shy okay :”((
  • the longer u two are dating tho, the more comfortable he gets ofc
  • tbh jisung would always make his hw w you
  • and if you’ve got any problems he’d help you out
  • he’d love to play video games w u
  • it’s okay if you can’t play well!!he’d help u a lot ok
  • would sit behind u and guide ur hands to the right controls
  • grinch hands
  • whenever ur sad tho
  • he buys u sm food and u both share it in the dorms
  • probably buys u chicken, ice cream, pizza and anything else u want to eat
  • ajhfjhg sometimes he’d try to cook for u, but chenle just sighs as jisung fails to fry the chicken
  • and he’d just end up ordering chicken and pizza lmao
  • jisung loves it when u visit him at the dance practice, bc he likes it when u cheer for him even tho he just becomes a blushing mess when u do aljfjheg
  • tbh he’d show u a lot of his own dances and he’d be left scratching the back of his neck and blushing when u tell him that he’s rlly good
  • ur kisses tho
  • he’s the type to kiss u on ur cheek when u least expect it
  • ur first kiss was probably when u kind of turned ur head and instead of him kissing ur cheek it was ur lips
  • his older members teased him a lot for that :”)))
  • when it’s winter, jisung rlly likes to play in the snow w u
  • snowball fights is a hell yes
  • would probably surprise u from behind and then put snow in ur hair
  • and he’d laugh at u when u pout
  • it’s okay tho u can get some chocolate milk tea after that
  • ajhjgeh he’d sneakily hold ur hand and u wouldn’t notice till u looked down
  • jisung is just gonna keep sipping on his tea, lowkey blushing but still wearing a big smile on his face
  • when ur feeling rlly cold, he’d probably want to give u his jacket but he doesn’t know how to ajhjhrgh
  • he’d just end up taking off his jacket and wrapping it around u without saying anything
  • i feel like jisung wouldn’t like going on picnics as a date bc of insects ajhejlhg
  • he’d rather go to a coffee shop or go to the movies tbh
  • would secretly take pics of u and put them on his story on snapchat or snow for that matter
  • and he’d chuckle when he sees ur reaction 
  • omg jisung would have one of ur selfies as his homescreen on his phone but he doesn’t show anyone afheljhgjeh especially not u bc he feels like you’ll think he’s creepy or smth
  • he’d be blushing sm when u find out ajzhfzjhf
  • sometimes he’d buy u rlly small gifts that he saw in the store and that reminded him of u
  • he wouldn’t say that but like he’d still give it to u and be like “i thought you’d like this”
  • when his schedule isn’t too busy he’d walk u home from school
  • and he’d ask u how class was and probably buy smth to eat for u two while he’s walking u home
  • and when he has to drop u off, he quickly hug u and maybe kiss ur cheek
  • afjehjgh he’s honestly so cute and i just :”)))
  • stan jisung yall

why are yall such assholes oh my god, why cant u relax and not pick at every little thing it’s so exhausting, are u ok?? like in what world do you enjoy making people feel like shit for no reason??? how do u people fuckin exist you’re disgusting, ur absolutely the worst and i hope you enjoy feeling as shit as you try and make others feel. p.s. if u dont agree with anything faiza does, 1. Keep it to youself or, 2. you kno: unfollow.

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i just had the weirdest experience. i went onto an anti's blog (i was curious, ok? i wanted to know what they actually do with their time, because surely it can't all be just... being nasty about larries?) and i can't even remember how many pages i scrolled back through but every single post was about larries! every single one! not even a solitary "the weather" or anything. how boring must that be? i hope they pick up a pamphlet for local hobbies next time they're out. you know, if they go out?

Right? It’s like they read about Two Minutes Hate in 1984 and thought “hey that sounds fun, but maybe it’d be even MORE fun to do it, like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for literally years”

I swear some of them are bound to bust a bloodvessel, they’re so angry all the time. Chill, get a hobby.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: WHY WHY WHY

So the other day, we had a guest check in that requested a specific room on the first floor, but he also had a pet.

Now, we are a super pet friendly property. We don’t charge for pets, but we do like to know if you have them so we can assign you to our pet friendly floor (which happens to be the third floor here). We do this for hypo-allergenic guests and to try and minimize the potential noise as much as possible.

This guest had just stayed with us a week prior, and he had stayed in the room he requested, but we were not aware of his animal. We let him know at check out that hey, it’s not a big deal or anything, but we do like to put the pets on the third floor. Hi was a little huffy about it but whatever. He checked out.

I notice his reservation pop up with specific requests for his favorite room. Ok, that room was occupied anyways. All the first floor rooms were. No biggie. He has to stay on third anyways due to his pup. I get his registration card and pet policy form prepared, along with his keys.

He checks in, I welcome him. Get his credit card and everything. He notices the room number on the reg card and throws a fit. Wants to know why he’s on third floor, etc. I inform him that because of his pet, we have to place him there. He claims he left his dog in whatever city he came from. Ok, no worries. I inform I don’t have anything left on the first floor however, unless he’s ok with a handicapped accessible room.

He loses his shit, starts cursing and getting red in the face. Wants me to move the current guests in his room out of there. No can do homes….

After moving some reservations around I was able to get him on the second floor, which he still wasn’t happy about. Whatever. I make notes in the folio about what happened, as I know this asshole is going to leave us a bad medallia…..

The next day comes around and I’m covering a morning shift for our other supe that had to take off due to a sick kiddo. I haven’t had any sleep. I’m tired. I’m grumpy. I power through it.

The day is going alright. Everything is good. And then i see asshole McGee come to the desk to get his keys remade.



I turn over the info with my GM. We decide to let it go, as this dude is notorious for being a pain in the ass…

But I just… Can’t fathom the stupidity in this one.

By: mentallyaporcupine

OK. WARNING IS UP. I don’t usually make out of character posts if I can help it ( other then to update everyone on why I’m not here. LOL. ) But earlier someone had called me out for making Jafar too much a creepy pedo in so many words. First of all. I didn’t WRITE the concept for this character. The Disney Studio did. It’s not my fault if he’s creepy and sleazy. Not in the slightest bit. Anyone has a problem with this can kindly unfollow and block me please. I do not have time to set aside for tagging every little thing. I will delete any anon hate I get on this matter. 

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Ok i just had to share this with you??!!! I imagine Renzou dating a beauty guru who has a youtube channel and she made him do a voice over for one of her makeup routine videos. Oh all the nonsense we would say!! 😆😆😆

“Erm…and yeah this is a beauty blender…you blend the shit into your face i guess…?”

“This is the stuff that makes the other stuff work good.”

“Oh I know this one! That’s mascara! Yay, go Renzou!”

“Here I am putting blush on even though I always blush because my super, hot, sexy boyfriend loves to embarrass me.”

“Hell yh bitch, highlight is blinding af”

“I like that colour lipstick, hopefully it’ll be staning my cock later tonight ;))”

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i love u for this imagine omg

i’ve had a tab with the pancake scene permanently open since sunday, and every time i’m like, ok that’s enough i’m not gonna watch it again and i close it, i come back to the main page in youtube and it’s there again and open it and watch it again and please tell me i’m not the only one 

do i have an obsession problem?

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Can you tell me about that adorable girl, Ari and her history with Tarasenko? They always look so cute together.

Arianna Dougan is the most adorable little girl and the one of strongest cancer fighters out there!! Vladi Tarasenko win a two-game roadt trip for her and her mom, and because of her condition, they would never be able to do that themselves, so when the doctors gave the ok it turned into a really special trip (right before her birthday in fact), everybody treated her like a princess (i mean, she basically is one), and she always had a smile and always made people smile, she was the Blues’ good luck charm!! She’s so precious and Vladi is an amazing, fantastic, and great guy to do something like that for her!! And they still talk!! It wasn’t just one of those things, Vladi and them still stay connected, and its amazing. There’s videos of her trip on the blues website, like fam, she made the whole team cookies!!!!!

Helpless PT2

Request: Can you do a peter parker x reader based on the song helpless from hamilton?

Part 1

Soon after that party Peter and I became close friends. We talked every night, occasionally all night.

My sister always teased me about letting her join in. I laughed, Peter is mine, always.

Though I visited his apartment quite often, he hadn’t come to my house since the party. I didn’t know what my father would do if he find out I had been dating this boy for a month. Everything was going great until I got a text from Peter.

Peter: Y/N, I was wondering if I could come over?

Peter: I haven’t been to your place since the party.

I was nervous, I wanted Peter to come and visit me very badly, but i was afraid of what my dad might think.

You: Ok Peter, but I don’t know what my dad is gong to say.

Peter: Ok, see you after school XD

I chuckled to myself, he was always so excited about everything.

I was pacing around the room by the main entrance, I thought maybe if I could open the door to him my dad wouldn’t see.

He showed up and I opened the door for him. I grabbed him by the hand and led him toward my room when suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder.

“Whatchu guys doin’?!” He asked me with a smile on is face. I jumped back in fear and then realize it was my dad

.“Really Y/N? Him?” My dad asked me as he paced around the room.

“Fine kid, but do anything, anything to her, and I’ll rip you apart”

“Okay” Peter squeaked out as he shook my fathers hand.

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Vanderlise Tuesday is a great idea! Since it's the first VT, how about a short one shot about their first meeting/date?

(Oh ok! I’ve done one on how they actually became friends (they hated each other at first) so this should be fun!)

A teenage boy exited the testing room, doing their best to appear fine when in reality, they were exhausted. That test had taken 4 hours! And to think they were one of the candidates who passed. The boy didn’t want to think about what happened to the ones who failed.

They were shocked to find someone already in the waiting room. A girl around their age sat in a chair, eyes closed. She was the only other person in the room, and appeared to be asleep. The boy walked over and took the seat next to her, fidgeting and wondering what would happen now.

“Who are you.”

They jumped at the sudden question. Looking at the girl, they found her staring at them with green eyes, appearing annoyed that they had sat next to her. She had an American accent. “Uh… they told me my new name is Vanderwood. You?” She sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Elise. Elise Romanov. Agent 597.”

“I didn’t get a number.”

“No, really? The name they gave me was Agent 597. I’m naming myself Elise. So, Sherlock, you passed the test?”

Vanderwood frowned. “Please don’t call me that. And yes, I did. I assume you did as well?” 

Elise nodded. Before they could ask her anymore questions, a tall, burly man entered the room. “So. You’re the two new recruits. I’ll be your handler until you’re fully trained. Call me Twig.”

So they were one of two recruits.

And the other was Miss Grumpy American.

Of fucking course.

Lunch time

I’m having lunch with my wife today. Notice I continue to say wife, because neither of us has done anything about the divorce paperwork in weeks. In months actually. I haven’t done anything because I don’t want a divorce. Why she hasn’t taken the time to finish the legalities of it all I can only speculate on. Time, she doesn’t have any. No time, no money, no place of her own. Except this one, the one I occupy.

I also have a second date with the 24 year old tonight. She blew me off Sunday, had something to do with her mother, allegedly. That’s cool, no worries. We will get dinner together, maybe go to the park and I will attempt to define our relationship going forward. I would like to date one person semi regularly. Once or twice a week. Just something to look forward to. 42 spent the night this past weekend. It was uncomfortable. The sex was ok, but I’m just not that into her. She’s been passive aggressive all week via text. I am not down with that. Probably break it off with her today or tomorrow. Had drinks with 51 last night. She’s smart, attractive, has her act together. So of course I’m not that into her. I seem to want a reclamation project. Like the one who’s 48 and living with someone not her husband. We are having lunch today, it’s a start.

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Is Chen feeling happy today?

omg i had a long day… well, week… month actually…. the whole year has been bad and i was having a PARTICULARLY bad day yesterday and i have to pour the rest of my money into necessary expenses which sucks but OVERALL TODAY i am…. ok! just ok. LMAO i get the rest of the day to relax though so i’m sure i will be good in a little while d(^_^)

i hope YOU however are doing wonderful ♥

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Regarding Bill Clinton: well, the CGI seems to be doing mighty fine and he's always going around for that... I think he's ok mentally, maybe a bit worse for wear after the bypass, but it's not like he's senile, come on! And I know Hillary has always had a knack for how to build a campaign, but he def knew how to stroke ppl in 92, idk why everyone keeps treating him like he's a fool when the guy won a Rhodes scholarship and went to Yale ffs.

ehh say what you will about bill, but i have my own opinions about him and his marriage. obviously he wasn’t by any means stupid, he became a goddamn president. but as sam bee nicely put it, hrc stuck by his side to “save this hillbilly from his own wandering dick for the next couple of decades” 

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I hope you don't mind me asking, but I've had a really badcouple of weeks recently, with a long standing cold and stress of the most important exams of my life so far in June, so I was wondering if you could maybe cheer me up a bit and write about how Bangtan would cuddle? Lots of lovely fluffy detail would be great if possible! Hope you're feeling ok, love you and your blog 💕

  • jin: wants your head to rest on his chest as you hold him. most often the big spoon. he places kisses onto the top of your head. he loves to hold and play with your hands, smiling as he entwines his fingers with yours
  • yoongi: relatively relaxed and quiet, except his hands explore you, rubbing your back or playing with your hair. not usually into spooning but would want to be the big spoon so that he can look at you and touch you. pretty much just wants to get lost in the comfort of your presence
  • hoseok: might nuzzle into your neck and kiss you from time to time. lighthearted and warm, maybe with some giggling or smiles. will hold you tight like he never wants to let go. loves touching you and being touched. will give and accept cute praises
  • namjoon: naturally protective, will pull you into his chest and hold your head to him. doesn’t move much, prefers the close and stable embrace and shared words of love and adoration. loves being the big spoon
  • jimin: prefers to be the little spoon. when you’re not spooning, he wraps his arms around your middle and tries to be as close to you as possible. he loves if you play with his hair and kiss him wherever your lips may land. he adores the words of innocent praise you offer him. sweet, soft, and incredibly comforting
  • tae: safe, warm, and lighthearted like hoseok, but more playful at times. would be either the big or little spoon, he really doesn’t care. will play with your hair and place small kisses all over your face. lots of smiling and giggling and adorable nonsense. holds you tight, like a kid holding a puppy
  • jungkook: despite his love for being the youngest and for being taken care of, I feel like jungkook would love to be the big spoon during spooning. he knows he’s strong and likes to showcase that with his s/o. wouldn’t move much, pretty much just holds you tight and gives you the occasional kiss to the cheek. will grin a lot and sometimes tries to annoy you by messing with your hair. overall very sweet and gentle despite his strength