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Hello, can I ask for Royai + 26 please? :)

This ended up being much longer than a ten sentence drabble. Whoops.

And yeah, this kind of thing has been done before, sorry I’m not being original here, but I’m a sucker for this trope and jealous Roy, okay? Also, there’s a World of Warcraft reference in this fic. I like throwing in easter eggs for WoW for some reason.

Jealousy (Thy Name is Roy Mustang)

The Slaughtered Lamb was a seedy joint nestled in the back alleys of First Street in one of Central City’s more unsavory districts. On the surface, the tavern appeared to be nothing more than a scummy bar with shady patrons and blunt staff, but it was reported to be a front for illegal human trafficking networks focusing on prostitution. Mustang’s team was put in charge of the investigation into the matter.

After much deliberation on how they would go about infiltrating the place, Hawkeye eventually suggested that she go in as bait. The rest of the team would be in the area to watch her back, and she could certainly handle things on her own, but Roy still hated the idea and voiced his concerns. It turned into an argument and the rest of the team knew to keep quiet when Mustang and Hawkeye butted heads, so they remained silent and stationary in front of the colonel’s desk.

“That plan is too dangerous, Lieutenant, I won’t allow it.”

Riza sighed and glared at the colonel.

“And what other options do we have? They’ll certainly be suspicious if a group of men they’ve never seen before just waltz in like they’re regulars.”

“That’s still a better option than letting you go in there alone. Safety in numbers.”

“You and Havoc can keep watch inside the bar while I attempt to draw their attention. What about that?”

That gave Roy pause and he leaned forward in his chair, running a hand through his hair and sighing in frustration. She had a point. She was always right and he didn’t know why he ever tried to argue with her. He rarely came out the victor in any of their spats. He grit his teeth and frowned as he struggled to think of a better solution before finally taking a deep breath, letting it out in a low growl.

“Fine. We’ll go with your plan. Havoc, you’ll accompany me inside the bar and help keep an eye out for suspicious activity and make sure the lieutenant isn’t harmed. Fuery, you’ll be stationed in a hotel room across the street to relay the situation back to Falman who will be here in the office. Breda, you’ll be hidden in the alleyway to back us up. The usual. You’re all dismissed. See you tomorrow night.”

The team saluted and filed out of the office, but Riza hung back, knowing Roy was not finished griping to her about the mission.

She was right.

“Lieutenant,” Roy said, gesturing into his interior office. “A word?”

Riza held back a sigh as she draped her coat back over her chair and stepped into his interior office. He closed the door behind her and crossed his arms, glaring at her. She returned the gesture, mimicking his posture in preparation to defend her stance on the subject until he dropped it.


The night of the undercover operation was overcast and cool. Rain was in the forecast for the evening and that was just another thing added on to the list of reasons why Roy Mustang was in a foul mood. The main reason being his beautiful first lieutenant smiling and giggling uncharacteristically on a stool at the bar next to a greasy yet well-dressed man whose hands were wandering to places that made Roy fume. He wanted to burn the man’s hands off, but instead, he composed himself and averted his gaze, taking deep breaths so he wouldn’t do anything drastic and blow their cover.

Hawkeye was wearing a form fitting black dress that barely reached her mid-thigh and had a high collar with a scooping neckline. She was gorgeous and for someone else to be touching her while she looked like that was killing Mustang. If they didn’t get out of there soon, he was going to torch the place with his jealous gaze alone.

Havoc was sitting on the other side of the bar in a booth kiddie corner from Roy and he glanced at his superior officer warily. Even from his distance it was easy to see that the colonel was agitated. He lit a cigarette as his eyes drifted back to Lieutenant Hawkeye. He’d have to be extra alert tonight. If anything slipped by his notice, Mustang would definitely chew him out and that was something he’d much rather avoid.

Riza was uncomfortable, but did her best not to show it. Roy was an excellent actor and Riza could match him when it came to pretending to be someone she was not. She tried not to look at Roy too often throughout the night, knowing he was not happy.

Nothing suspicious had caught her eye yet so there was no reason to get Roy’s attention. As much as she wanted to go over to him and scold him for acting so childishly, she kept her focus on the man beside her, the supposed owner of the tavern and possible leader of the illegal prostitution ring. With any luck, he’d attempt to coerce her into joining his business and that would be all the proof she needed to put her gun to his head and place him under arrest.

Focusing on the weight of the gun in her thigh holster was helping to get her through the night. The man next to her was wearing too much cologne and was far too friendly and handsy for her liking. It was definitely a show and Riza matched his good natured facade with her own Elizabeth persona, flirty and loose, but ready to whip out her gun at the detection of even the slightest bit of hostility. She only hoped that Roy would also keep his emotions in check until the time was right to act.

Roy nursed his whisky on the rocks and glared at the man whose arm was wrapped far too low on his lieutenant’s waist. Every time Riza giggled and scooted closer to the man, whispering in his ear, Roy’s fingers twitched, itching to snap. He shouldn’t have agreed to this mission. It was too risky and it put Riza into the worst kind of situation. It took every ounce of control to not stomp over there, pull her from that greaseball, wrap his own arm around her waist, and punch the man in the face. But Riza would kill him for such a stunt, so he gripped his glass tighter and waited, staring at his reflection in his drink to distract himself from his anger.

The sounds of wood scraping across the floor brought his attention back to the bar where the man stood from his stool and held Riza tight against his side as he casually made his way toward the back of the bar. Roy’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. Riza would never have allowed herself to be half dragged like that. Something was wrong.

Roy made eye contact with Havoc and the second lieutenant seemed to have come to the same conclusion, because worry lined his face as well. They moved simultaneously, but the moment Havoc stood, his legs gave out and he fell into a crumpled heap on the floor.

Panic flared in Roy’s gut. If they had drugged Riza and Havoc’s drinks, then his was probably drugged too and that meant their cover must have been blown from the very beginning.

Mustang was suddenly grateful that the man had distracted him so much. He only had a couple of sips of his drink and felt no different then he had when they arrived two hours earlier. But that meant that Havoc and Riza were out of commission and, with no time to run out the door and contact Breda, Roy was on his own.

“That’s as far as you go, pal,” came a voice to Roy’s right and he turned to see the beefy bartender had a gun trained on him.

Roy frowned and his mind worked double time to come up with a way to get Havoc and Hawkeye out safely. Thankful for his foresight, Roy lifted his left gloved hand and snapped, singeing the bar tender’s hand and surprising the man enough that he yelped and dropped his gun. Roy dove over the bar and grabbed the gun before the bartender had time to recover.

“I’ll be taking this,” Roy said to the man before knocking him out with the butt of the gun.

With the bartender taken care of, Roy hurried to follow Riza, cautiously opening the door she and the bar owner disappeared through. He found himself at the top of a staircase and he descended quietly, gun held at his side, hand raised and ready to snap. At the bottom of the stairs was a long, dark hallway, damp and musty from lack of use, and Roy crinkled his nose when the scent of mold and decay hit him.

A light was on in a room at the very end of the hall, the door to which was slightly ajar, and Roy picked up the pace, jogging over to it and counting to three before bursting in, his gloved hand held in front of him.

Mustang froze at the sight before him, rage bubbling up inside as he took everything in.

A half unconscious Riza was still being held closely by the bar’s owner whose hand was paused midway from lifting her skirt. A shocked expression was on his face as he stared at Roy who had interrupted his inspection of the newest asset to his line of goods.

“So, the drugs didn’t affect you, hm?” The man asked, taking his hand from Riza’s skirt to place it on her shoulder. “This beautiful specimen is part of your team, I take it?” The slimy bastard smirked and ran his hand down Riza’s side, pointedly brushing the side of her breast before stopping below her waist. “She’ll make an excellent addition to my collection.”

“Get your hands off of her,” Roy growled, low and menacing.

The bar owner took an involuntary step back under Roy’s furious gaze.

They were supposed to bring the man in to be jailed, but all Roy wanted to do was burn him alive for hurting the members of his team and especially for what he was doing to his most precious of subordinates. The way the man was touching her was disgraceful, and Roy couldn’t stand it. Orders be damned. He put the familiar pressure into the motion to snap, but before he could, Riza’s voice broke the silence and he stopped, gaze focusing on her.

“Colonel, don’t.”


Roy started to argue, but Riza, even in her near oblivious state, was coherent enough to reach for her gun and shoot the man in the leg. He went down with a cry of surprise and Roy immediately sprang into action, rushing to Riza’s side to catch her before she fell. Roy pressed his gun against the bar owner’s temple and smirked in triumph.

“It’s over for you,” Roy said just as hurried footsteps approached from behind.

Roy gripped Riza’s waist a little tighter, holding her closer to him in preparation for trouble. If the bar owner had backup, Roy would protect Riza at all costs.

Thankfully, it was Breda who ran into the room, gun held high. Once he took in the situation, he holstered his gun and leapt forward to grip the bar owner’s arm, tugging him to stand up then handcuffing him.

“I’ve got this asshole, boss, you take care of Hawkeye.”


“He’s fine, sir. A little disoriented, but he didn’t drink enough of whatever drug they used to cause problems.”

“Good to hear. We’ll follow you, now get him out of here.”

Breda nodded and practically dragged the man out of the room.

Roy turned his attention to his lieutenant pressed against his side and she gave him a tired, weary smile. Things had almost gone very badly and she knew he was going to reprimand her for it. She had been careless with her drink, having taken several sips to keep up appearances in front of the creepy bar owner.

“You were too reckless, Lieutenant. I told you this was a bad idea.”

“It worked… out though,” Riza replied, barely able to keep her eyes open.

Roy sighed heavily.

“But it almost didn’t…And the way he was touching you…”

Riza cut him off with a light press of her index and middle fingers against his lips.

“But you… stopped him. You… wouldn’t have let him…do anything. I trust you.”

Roy smiled softly and squeezed her hand.

“That’s enough talking, Lieutenant. I’ll get you to the medics, so don’t push yourself. If you pass out, I’ll be here to protect you.”

Riza returned his soft smile before succumbing to the effects of the drugs in her system.

Roy slipped his hand under her knees, placing the other over her shoulder, and carried her out the door. They captured the criminal and Riza was safe, and the latter was all that really mattered.


I ended up rushing the end because I just couldn’t stop writing. Lol Sorry. It could have been so much better but eehhh I was sick of writing for this. xD Hope you enjoyed this anyway.

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RFA! and V and Saeran's reactions when they're completely oblivious to MC's feelings even though they make them super obvious (and it's painfully obvious to the others) to the point where another member literally has to say, "MC likes you, do something about it"? Sorry if it sounds weird, but I'm in this situation right now and I find it so hilarious.

This should be fun! This is in an AU where MC doesn’t get together with anyone before the party, and all the dialogue takes place at the party. Sorry if it’s a little cringey ≧◡≦ I hope you like it~


  • at the party you were trying to flirt with yoosung and he was utterly oblivious

MC: “Hey Yoosung, you look really cute today!”

Yoosung: “Thanks MC, we all had to dress up for the party so…”

MC: “You like gaming, right? Do you want to game together sometime?”

Yoosung: “Well, you could get a LOLOL character and try to join a guild, but it’d take a lot of work and if you’re a beginner, I’m not sure it’ll be that easy. You can do it, but it might take you some time to get to my level.”

MC: “Do you want to watch a movie together?”

Yoosung: “Yeah sure! We can all go after the party, it’ll be fun!”

  • seven was crying with laughter nearby, and yoosung asked him why he was laughing so hard
  • so he pulled yoosung aside and told him that MC was having impure thoughts about yoosung, thoughts of… holding hands!
  • yoosung was so flabbergasted and embarrassed, because seven of all people had to point it out to him
  • he doesn’t approach you right away, but he slowly starts to consider his feelings for you and damn he’s hooked
  • so eventually he starts flirting back and having his own impure thoughts holding hands, how utterly scandalous!

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The Allure of Darkness

Prompt: I just love the myth of Persephone, I mean the real, original version of it, because it’s not like she got kidnapped, no, this bitch was la-de-da-ing in a meadow and she just happened to find an entrance to the Underworld and she was like “Imma check this out”. And she just wanders into the Underworld and discovers that hey this place ain’t too bad.

Meanwhile, Hades is in the background “????? UM??? PRETTY GIRL??? WHY ARE YOU HERE?????? YOU AREN’T DEAD???”

And Persephone (who was originally called Kore just a little FYI) just looked at him and said “I like it here. I’m staying.”

Based off of this post.

A/N: Because I saw this and had to write it. Also, I’ve always wanted to do a Hades and Persephone AU. Really crack, I’m so sorry.

No beta.

For @wavesofjoyy

Caroline lay sprawled out on the meadow, staring forlornly up at the clouds and she fisted at the blades of grass beneath. She had honestly, never been more bored in her life. Perhaps Bonnie and Elena were content to frolick around aimlessly without a care in the world of a thought in their heads but Caroline was not. Was it wrong to wish to see something other than blue skies and endless patches of flowers, literally everywhere? Caroline’s mother had always warned her that her sense of adventure would get her into trouble but why on earth should the Hercules have all the fun?

She sighed and stood to her feet. As she looked down she realised that she’d been lying in the same spot for so long she’d left an imprint in the grass. Caroline began wandering aimlessly, hoping in vain that something interesting would happen, when suddenly something in the corner of her eye caught her attention. A flower blood red and by far the most exotic Caroline had ever seen. And as the Goddess of vegetation, she’d seen pretty much all of them.

She sunk to her knees and ducked down in order to examine it. Admiring the shape of the leaves and the tiny flecks of colour inside the nectary. Caroline decided immediately that it was far too beautiful for her to just leave it there and not take it with her. She’d pick it and show it to her friends, so they could ooh and ah at it and then she’d bring it home and tend to it in her own personal garden. Despite the fact that she could practically hear her mother’s voice warning her away from going near strange, foreign things she wasn’t certain of; Caroline reached out her hands to pick the flower from the dirt.

All at once there was a rumbling sound from beneath her. By the time Caroline felt the ground give away under her weight it was too late to do anything to stop it. She fell and kept falling for a very long time. Oddly enough she didn’t feel an ounce of fear as she made her descent, rather a sense of gratitude that the old Gods had heard her petition for excitement in her life.

When she woke up, instead of grass beneath her feet Caroline realised she was lying on very plush, expensive carpet in a very long corridor. Curiosity immediately took a hold of her and she got up and began to explore, without once questioning the strangeness of the situation. The house she had ended up in wasn’t a house at all. It was more like a mansion, obviously owned by someone important - or at least someone extremely rich. Every room she walked into was more grandiose than the next, each one decorated with lavish furniture and artwork. The decor wasn’t exactly to Caroline’s taste, far too gothic. However, the owner obviously had style and she could appreciate their vision, although there was one of two things she would change had she been put in charge.

Eventually, she found her way outside. What appeared to be the entrance of the house led out to a large garden which was equally as luxurious as the house, although there were no flowers or anything growing from the earth save for a single pomegranate tree right at the back. In the centre of the gardens was a fountain that appeared to be producing some sort of gold, metallic liquid instead of water. She was just about to reach out and touch it when…

“Who are you?”

Caroline screeched and jumped three feet in the air. She turned around and came face to face with perhaps the most sinfully handsome man she’d ever seen. The man wore all black and was tall and lean but still muscular. His sand coloured hair rested in little cherub curls on his forehead, his lips were full and red and made Caroline flush in embarrassment thinking about what they would feel like against her skin. What truly captivated her, though, were his eyes; dark, intense and trained on her as she gaped at him like an idiot.

“I- I’m sorry, I… I don’t…”

Caroline felt her entire body heat as the man drew closer toward her.

“One minute I was in the meadow and now I’m- well… here,” Caroline tilted her head and frowned.

“Where exactly is here?”

The man’s obscenely red lips were pulled into a smirk as he took another step forward.

“The underworld sweetheart,”

“The what!?” she exclaimed, her eyes nearly bulging out of their sockets.

“The underworld, as in-?”

“Hell? Perdition? Hades? Yes,” The man replied casually, his handsome features growing increasingly more amused at Caroline’s distress.

Oh, this was bad. This was very bad. Caroline could only imagine her mother’s rage when she found out that her only daughter was not only missing but in the lair of satan himself. Speaking of which…

“Wait does that mean that you’re …”

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Language Barriers (John Laurens x Reader)

Request: Hi I was wondering if you could do reader x Laurens fic in a ‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’ au. Please and thank you!

A/N: Hey y’all!! So I was super nervous that this one wasn’t going t go well because I’ve been rushing a little bit to get it done but I’m actually super happy with how this turned out! My only warnings are for the google translate French as usual and I think I say shit once but otherwise it should be good!! Hope you all like it as much as I do!! Love ya <33333



You hated waiting for the elevator more than anything else. The one in your building happened to run incredibly slow, and you were not taking the stairs. So when the slowest elevator in the entirety of New York finally arrived at your floor on that fateful day, you were just as mildly annoyed as any other day. However, this time you were greeted with a much more pleasant sight than the stained walls you’d become accustomed to.

Inside your least favorite elevator stood one of the most gorgeous human beings you had ever seen. He stood a good bit taller than you, with black curly hair that was pulled into a smooth ponytail. His eyes were a beautiful color that you couldn’t distinguish between green or hazel.

You shook yourself out of your haze and stepped into the elevator, next to the man. You noticed three things: 1. You were both headed for the ground floor. How convenient. 2. He was on the phone with someone. The phone was pressed between his shoulder and his ear as he frantically began to search through his bag. 3. He didn’t speak English. His voice was smooth as silk but it was definitely not a tongue you could understand. It sounded like something resembling Spanish or Italian maybe? What ever language it was it rolled of his tongue with ease.

“Non, Lafayette , je ne peux pas vous apporter votre manuel , je suis déjà en retard en classe… Laf s'il vous plaît calmer. Vous parlez si fort que je suis assez sûr que la personne mignonne debout à côté de moi dans l'ascenseur peut vous entendre… Oh mon dieu , je l'espère qu'ils ne peuvent pas parler français” He occasionally paused allowing the person on the other end of the line to speak.

His eyes slid to you for a moment and you turned your head away from him, attempting to hide your blush. You were mortified you had been caught staring. Soon enough, the elevator doors slid open and the man gestured for you to exit first, shooting you a hesitant smile before following you out. You both made your way to the entrance and you hoped you’d be going the same way, as it would give you some excuse to talk to him. You were disappointed to see him dash out the door and in the opposite direction your were headed. Shame.


“Eliza, it’s not fair. The universe in punishing me.”

“What did Cute Elevator Boy do this time?” Eliza asked with a smirk. She had sat with you day after day for the past two weeks and listened to you pine relentlessly over the cute boy in the elevator. Little did you know, your best friend knew exactly who Cute Elevator Boy. It had taken her and Alex a couple of days before you had put the stories together and another couple of days to get John in on the plan, but once everything was set up, it was playing out beautifully. You had come home everyday with a different elevator story about the boy who was always speaking in another language.

     “Eliza, he smiled at me today! He has such a great smile.”

     “His hand brushed mine today, Eliza and oh my goodness he has such soft          hands.”

     “He winked at me today. I’m dead. This is heaven.”

“Eliza he talked to me today!” You cried out, flailing your arms around. Eliza’s eyes widened in mock-shock. “But obviously I can’t understand a word he says because he speaks another language.” You flopped back onto the couch and let out a frustrated sigh. You could hear his voice letting out music to your ears (not that you could understand it), “Assez vite, mon amour. Assez tôt.”

“I’m sorry sweetie,” Eliza sympathized while stifling a smile.  

“I can’t take it anymore! I just want to know his name.”

Little did you know…


The elevator doors slid open, and you stepped into your regular spot next to the handsome man you had been enamored with since day one. The air was different today. You didn’t feel as separated from the man standing next to you, but yet there was a nervous tension that cast a cloud over the both of you.

You hesitantly turned to steal a glance, only to find his eyes already on you. THe most shocking part of this scenario being that this time, neither of you looked away. You could feel your cheeks heating up as he gave you a bright smile. You finally turned away when the sound of his voice rang into your ears.

“Would you like to go on a date tonight, Y/N?”

You turned back to him and gave him a tight smile before facing forward again. He knew you didn’t speak his language. You told him last time. Why– Wait.

“Did you just speak English?” You spun to face him. His face held a shit-eating grin as you gave him an incredulous look.

His laugh rang through the elevator. “Yes, and I also asked you on a date but that part seems to be overshadowed.”

“You…” You trailed off looking at the man in front of you with an expression of pure shock.

“I probably should explain,” he said with a small giggle. “You’re headed to coffee with Elizabeth Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton, am I wrong?”

Your eyes opened even wider if that was possible. “How the f–”

“I’m on my way there too. John Laurens, pleased to meet you,” his grin grew wider.

“This better have a spectacular explanation, Laurens, or else you’re not getting that date,” you said as the elevator doors opened.

“Does that mean I get the date?” He asked, following you out of the elevator and towards the main door of your building.

“I thought that was implied,” you responded, a smirk gracing your features. Then in a moment of bravery you grabbed his hand and pulled him along with you, out the door and towards the coffee shop you were to meet Alex and Eliza.

John may or may not have given himself a congratulatory fist pump and you may or may not have seen it.



Could you write a smut about Shownu? Something along the lines of him being a playboy and you were trying to play hard to get?


Alright! I have finally gotten around to finishing this request and am so sorry for the long wait time. But on a happier note, it’s complete and now up! Not too sure if I did playboy Shownu any justice..but you guys can be the judge of that! I hope you like it <3


Genre: Smut | Fluff | One Shot

“Wear these.”

His female companion did as she was told. She slipped on the attire he had so carefully chosen for her to wear; a beautiful white laced crop top and washed out high-waisted skinny jeans.  Once he had finished with her outfit, he diverted his attention to the small details; the position of the glasses he had handed to her earlier and even told her how she should wear her hair.  

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The Jail Break

Day: All Human fic #1!  This was written with the prompt “Caroline meets Klaus when she comes to either bail or break Kolenzo out of jail” from @nemesis729.  You can guess which I chose.  I took a few liberties, but I hope you enjoy it!.

It had taken her almost half an hour to give herself porn boobs.

              Three youtube tutorials, three bras, and more contouring than Caroline would ever admit, and if anyone with a penis remembered what her face looked like tomorrow, it would be because they were very, very gay.

              Surveying herself in the mirror again, Caroline decided to rethink that thought.

              Gay, straight, male or female… she didn’t think anyone would remember her face tomorrow. Because her boobs looked spectacular. She would have to remember this trick for the next time she went out on the town.

              But for tonight, she wasn’t looking boob-a-licious because she wanted to pick up a cute boy and make out.  No… she was planning a jailbreak.

              She picked up the cupcakes she had made and eyed them.  They contained Ipecac Syrup and were a recipe she had found on the internet.  She really hoped that whoever had made it knew what they were doing, because killing off the local police force was so not what she wanted to achieve with this. 

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yvette3429  asked:

RFA + V + Saeran when planning and proposing marriage to MC and their preferred wedding party! (like motif, scenery, location, etc.) goodluck and stay cool!

Whoooo this is a long (but fun) one! Thank you so much for your ask, I’m so sorry it took so long. >.< I will definitely make sure to stay cool in my ice fortress~

I’m going to do proposals/weddings in separate headings. I hope you like it!



  • he was really really nervous about proposing to you because he wanted to do everything exactly right
  • he made a really nice meal just for the two of you, and hid the ring in the dessert
  • you almost missed the ring but you stuck your fork in and it clinked against something
  • when you took the ring out, he was on his knees, tears shining in his eyes as he asked you to marry him


  • he wants a rustic wedding, at a really cozy banquet hall with all your friends and family possibly game-themed, if you agree to it
  • definitely wants a make-your-own sundae bar, but also a nice cake
  • he wants a spring wedding, with lots of bright colours and flowers, and either a game theme or just a classic spring wedding theme
  • colour scheme: yellow/purple/pink/green (and white, of course)
  • he’s a stickler for tradition, so you bet you’ll cut the cake together and feed each other the first bites
  • then you’ll dance to your favourite song together, and it’ll be kind of cliché but you’re so in love that it doesn’t matter

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Rumour Has It (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

@pastelscutie asked “also 117 with hercules bye”

A/N: Oh my goodness this one really got away from me. Sorry it took so long but I really hope you like it! (Longest thing I’ve ever written say what). So before we start, historically, Angelica was already married to John Church when she first met Alexander. There was also this social norm where if you were a single woman, it wasn’t socially acceptable to be the one to initiate conversation with a single man who you didn’t know. You had to be introduced by a third party or the man went up to the woman and introduced himself first. So for all intents and purposes, Angelica is married to John Church and that’s why she can go up to men (being the one to initiate the interaction) and then introduce them to other people. AKA the best wingwoman.

Word Count: 3,118 (it’s a monster)

Prompt 117: “I love you for you, don’t you dare think otherwise!”

“Did you hear that General Washington has a new right hand man?” Peggy Schuyler grinned as she adjusted her skirts so that Eliza could sit beside her in the carriage.

“Is that right?” Eliza replied.

“That’s what I’ve heard as well,” Angelica chimed in from beside you. “Personally I am just glad that the General has someone that he trusts so much. Any help for him is help for the revolution.”

You smiled and looked out of the carriage window as your sisters gossiped. You generally tried to keep away from rumours and gossip as much as you could, knowing the devastating effects it could have on someone’s life. That tended to be very hard, however, since your father, Phillip Schuyler was very wealthy, and your sisters had a habit for garnering attention with their incredible beauty and tendency to defy the expectations of women. You loved them for it of course, and you yourself took none of other people’s nonsense when it came to you behaving as was expected of “a true woman”. Personality-wise you simply were more content to sit back and let your sisters have the limelight. This tended to be why you were the least gossiped about Schuyler sister in New York. Though you were older in age than Peggy, she had a personality louder than and almost as strong as Angelica, whose wits were the sharpest you knew. Eliza was the Schuyler sweetheart of course, which left you. Sometimes it stung that you were never really anyone’s first choice of Schuyler Sisters, but you tried not to dwell on it. In a way, you didn’t mind that not as many people knew your name of the bunch. Better no publicity than bad publicity. As Angelica said, the gossip in New York City is insidious. She wasn’t wrong.

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One Night to Forever ( Pregnant Jack Gilinsky Imagine) PART 2

• 7 Months Later •

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a sharp pain in my lower stomach. I slowly got up and put a hand over my stomach. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and another pang of pain hit my stomach again.

“Ahh fuck.” I whispered yelled.

That must of gotten Jack’s attention because he rolled over in bed.

“Y/n? Are you ok babe?”

Jack has been amazing these past months. He hasn’t been going out to party as much with his buddy’s even though I tell him to go have fun. He feels bad that I can’t go out a party with him but I feel bad. Jack is so excited to be a daddy. We decided to keep the gender of the baby a surprise until it’s born. It keeps the pregnancy exciting.

“Y-yeah. I just- ah fuck.” I said feeling another pain hit my stomach. All of a sudden I felt a wet sensation, uh, down there.

“J-Jack I think my water just broke.” I said panicking a little bit.

“Oh my god, ok don’t freak out babe.” Jack said jumping up out of bed, scrambling to get the hospital bag I previously packed.

“Don’t worry Jack. I’m fine - ah shit.” I said trying to stay calm even though the pain was almost unbearable.

“It ok babe. This is a good thing. We’re gonna hold our baby soon.” He said helping me up.

Once we got loaded into the car, I texted Jack J, Sammy, & Nate to all let them know what was happening. Gilinsky was driving like mad man to try and get to the hospital.

“Jack babe, you can slow down a little bit. I’m going to be alright.” I said trying to breathe to subside the pain.

Once we got to the hospital, they checked me into a big white hospital room the woman’s ward. The pain was terrible put I tried to put my brave face on for my Jack so he wouldn’t freak out. I wanted Jack to not worry but the pain just kept getting worse and worse.

“Goddammit.” I said clutching the bars on the side of the hospital bed.

“Babe. Are you ok?!” Jack said hushing to my side.

“Yeah, it’s just these contractions hurt like a bitch.” I said squinching my face up. “Don’t worry about me babe.” I said once the pain subsided.

“But I do worry about you.” Jack said taking my hand. “Just squeeze me hand when the pain hurts.”

I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Hey, I watched those documentaries ok?” He said laughing. I laughed at him until another contraction came along and my laughter quickly faded to heavy breathing and trying to stop the screams.

I few more hours past and I had finally gotten an epidural that completely made the pain go away. But before I knew it, it was time to start pushing.

‘This is it.’ I thought.

They pulled my legs back into the stirrups. I was getting really nervous and so was Jack. Jack sensed my nervousness and grabbed my hand.

“It gonna be ok babe. Just breathe.” He said kissed my forehead.

“Ok Mrs. Y/L/N and Mr. Gilisnky, you guys ready to have a baby?” The nurse said putting on a pair of latex gloves & an apron. “Ok y/n, when another contraction comes were gonna push for 10 seconds. You should feel a pressure. Ok here comes a contraction.”

Once I felt the contraction I started pushing. Man did I hurt like shit.

“Cmon babygirl 4…5…6…7” Jack said while counting. “8…9…10.”

I let out a loud groan and threw my head back.

“I can’t do this I said” starting to cry.

“Baby c'mon I know you can!!” Jack said kissing my head.

After many pushes and jacks encouragement we had ourselves a babygirl. Sophia Elizabeth Gilinsky.

She was the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. She was dark brown whisky hair, beautiful light blue eyes, and had all of Jacks’s features. She was gorgeous in every sense of the word.

I held her in my hands and admired her. She was so amazing. Jack stood over me.

“She looks just like you, Jack.” I said looking at him. By the look in his eyes, you could tell that he was in love with her.

“I think she’s gorgeous, like you.” He said, making me blush.

“You wanna hold her?” I said.

“I-I mean yeah, but what if I drop her? What if she doesn’t want me?” He said looking scared.

“Jack, look at me.” He looked at me nervously. “She’s going to love you. You’re going to be a great dad, okay? And you not going to drop her. Here sit down.” He took a seat next to me.

I handed the baby to Jack. As soon as she landed in his hands, she opened her eyes to look at Jack. She just stared at him. Jack looked at her intently and smiled.

“Hey babygirl. I’m your daddy. I’ve waited so long to finally she you. I’m going to try my hardest to give you everything you could possibly want.” Jack said and kissed her tiny nose.

This is when I knew that I could never love two people as much as I love loved them.

Bookworm - Theo Raken x Reader


Request: do you think you could do a theoxreader whet the reader almost always reading a book and Theo notices and thinks it’s really cute and stuff and like it’s really fluffy if that makes sense?

A/N: Finally i got that request done! This was on my list since FOREVER omg i swear. I really really hope you like it! It’s 2 am rigth now, so if there are any mistakes, i am sorry.

Warnings: None, really fluffy

My fingers graced over the cover before I opened the book and started to get lost in the words of Jane Austen.

Pride and Prejudice was by far my favorite book. I could read it over and over again and no matter how often I read it, it just never gets old.

Which is why I had the already worn-out copy with me all the time. I never left the house without the book in my bag and I always found time to read it. On the bus station, while driving in the bus, at a line, when I’m at the café, in the waiting room or when I had a free period.

Like now, for example.

I sat in the library, quite hidden between the shelves with my head lying on my bag. Reading was just a thing I always loved doing whenever I could. It was my escape from reality, a chance to go into someone’s head and see the things out of their view for a while.

Completely consumed by my book, I didn’t notice Theo Raeken, the guy I was always told by the pack to stay away from, was watching me.

 When I took a look at the clock, I saw that I had to be at my next class in about ten minutes, so I closed my book and put it back in my bag, which I loosely slung over my shoulder.

I headed towards my locker to get the things I needed for biology. Opening it, I noticed a small note fall out and landing on the floor. Bending down and opening the note, my heart skipped a beat.

I immediately recognized the words, of course, they were lines from Pride and Prejudice.

“You have bewitched me, body and soul.” –T.R.

T.R. ? Was it possible that..could it be..? No. Theo Raeken, the guy from my biology class, the guy that Stiles desperately tries to prove guilty, the guy that the pack does not trust, would never, not in a million years, take an interest in me. No.

Even though I tried to convince myself that this was just a random note from someone else, a prank or something else, something meaningless, the thought that someone had picked up the fact that I read this book so often and then wrote me a note with one of my favorite quotes…

That just made my stomach flutter like crazy.

As I walked into the classroom, the only seat left was next to Theo. I tried to avoid looking at him as best as I could, but I could still feel myself blushing, especially since I could sense him staring at me.

“Got something to say?” I asked, instantly regretting the harsh tone.

“Oh, sorry, I was just wondering if you liked my note, Elizabeth.” He smirked, making an emphasize on the nickname, which made me smile.

“Well, I don’t know, Mr. Darcy, what are your intentions?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

It’s not a good idea to react to his flirting, and it sure as hell isn’t a good idea to flirt back, but I couldn’t help myself. He really got me with the note, it was just way too romantic and cheesy to come from someone who is apparently a bad guy.

“Meet me at the parking lot after school and I’ll tell you.” Theo whispered in my ear, his breath on my neck making me shiver.

After I finished my last class, I made my way to the school parking lot to meet Theo.

It only took a few minutes for me to spot him, leaning against his car.

I walked over to him and his smile grew, making him look even more gorgeous than before. He was a werewolf so I was aware that he could sense my emotions through chemo signals, so I was trying my best to keep calm and not get nervous.

“So, what’s up with the note?” I asked leaning my head to the side.

“Well, I certainly know that Pride and Prejudice is you favorite book and since I’ve been wanting to ask you out on a date for a while, I figured that would be the perfect way to do so.” Theo took a step closer and looked at me with a flirtatious grin.

Oh boy, I think I’m about to faint.

“Oh, uhm, really?” looking down and then slowly back up at him again, I saw him wearing a genuine smile.

Theo slowly took my hand in his and nodded.

“Then just tell me when and where.”  

“I can pick you up at 8 tonight. The Where is still a surprise. You okay with that?” he asked and I responded with a yes, before he stepped in his car and drove away.

“Why the hell were you holding hands with Theo –Shady- Raeken ? “ Stiles practically jumped at me as soon as I walked through the door.

“Well hello to you too. Couldn’t you guys have texted me and told me there was a pack meeting now instead of hiding in my room and almost giving me an heart attack?” I snapped at my friends, who had scared the shit out of me by all sitting in my room when I came home.

“It was kind of urgent, considering the fact that you’ve been cozying up to the enemy.” Stiles spat, squinting his eyes at me.

“We don’t know if he’s really the enemy, maybe that’s a little overdra-“ Scott intervened but I ignored him.

“Just because you think Theo is the devil in disguise doesn’t mean that I can’t talk to him. In fact, He and I are going out tonight.” I crossed my arms on front of my chest and smirked, Stiles’ eyes going wide.

“(y/n), you can’t be serious. Theo can not be trusted!” he yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

“Okay guys calm down. (y/n) isn’t stupid, she knows what she’s doing. If he seems suspicious to her, she can always call us, and she can protect herself really well.” Lydia defended me.

“Thank YOU!” I sighed, shooting her a grateful smile.

“I mean I get why she wants to go though. He does look extremely hot.” Malia, who had been quiet the entire conversation, threw in casually.

“Okay, wow, thank you, that’s definitely helping.” Stiles groaned.

It was almost eight and I was slowly but surely freaking out.

My outfit was cute, but not too fancy. My favorite blue jeans paired with a nice white lacy top.  I took the delicate golden necklace out of my jewelry box and hung it around my neck

Shortly after I finished my makeup and hair, I heard a car park outside and I rushed downstairs to open the door.

Theo was dressed in a pair of jeans that fit him perfectly and a black shirt that was tight enough so you could make out his muscles underneath. He held a simple white rose and handed it to me.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” He said, making me blush.

“Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself. So, where to?”

I closed the door behind me and we made our way to his car with our hand intervened.

“You’ll see soon enough.” Theo smiled.

When it started to get dark outside and I noticed that he was driving into the woods, I was getting second thoughts. What if Stiles was right? What if Theo took me here to murder me and then bury my body in the woods? Oh my god. I’m screwed.

“Hey is everything okay? Your heart is beating like a sledgehammer.” He asked, looking concerned, which confused me because it seemed so honest.

“Uhm yea, I’m just nervous I guess.” I chuckled awkwardly.

“Oh. You’re thinking I’m going to hurt you right? Of course you are. I’m driving you into the woods in the middle of the night..oh my god I’m such an idiot. I am so sorry (y/n)! I wanted to to a picnic at the lookout point. I should’ve just told you. I’m sorry.” Theo explained , shaking his head at himself.

I let out a relieved sigh. “It’s okay Theo. It will be great.” I said, putting my hand on his that was on the steering wheel and smiled at him.

About five minutes later we had reached our destination. Theo exited the car and went to my side to open the door for me. He offered me a hand and I gladly took it, thanking him.

The view was absolutely breathtaking. You could see all of Beacon Hills from up here, the lights of the town in the dark blue night shining like stars at the bottom of the hill.

Theo got a blanket and a few snacks out of his car and placed it on the ground before he motioned for me to sit down beside him.

“You know,” he started, “ever since I came to the Beacon Hills High School, you fascinated me. I saw you in the halls every day, talking to Scott and Stiles and I wondered. What could a person like you have to do with the supernatural? Without sounding creepy, you just seemed..to pure for this dark world that we live in. And then I noticed you in the library whenever we had a free period. You would always sit in a quiet corner, all by yourself, with that one book in your hands. And you had that deep, concentrated look on your face, completely shutting out every one else. “

He smiled softly and paused, like he just relived one of those moments in his head. Then the reached out to gently push a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Every once in a while you would push your nice (y/h/c) hair behind your ear.

And all I could think about how I wanted to do it too, just like I did now and how you looked so effortlessly beautiful. As you do right now.”

My pulse was speeding up. Never in my life had someone said something this thoughtful and romantic to me. All I could think about in this moment was to kiss him.

And when Theo saw my eyes flicker to his lips, he took the chance, softly grabbed my neck and pressed his lips to mine.

Maybe want to continue this if you guys want it?

My Little Baby Llama - Part 4

N/A: I’m getting more in love with writing this phanfic everyday. I don’t think this is one of its best chapters, but I smiled trough the whole thing just imagining the scenes. I want a Lizzie in real life tbh.

For those of you that might be a bit confused, this fic is happening around the end of January/2016. Before the tour dates release. 

Have fun!

Words: 3800+ 

Disclaimer: Nor Dan or Phil belongs to me, and while I wish I had a Lizzie in real life, I do not have one either. 


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Don't You Think He Looks Tired?

Arty’s Definitive Guide to Her Moffat Hate

Okay, so I’m pretty sure most of you know I’ve made my opinions on Steven Moffat running Doctor Who very clear. Basically, I have a plethora of issues with it.

My rant shall be below the cut to save you guys the agony of having to scroll through all of it.

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iliveforsasusaku  asked:

indrasaku vampire au

OOOOOOOOOOO YES YES I did get a little overboard with this “plot” lol. I decided to write a lil fic instead bc IndraSaku is lacking in fics

Sakura is a paleontologist that is investigating the recent discovery of the lost temple of the infamous Otsutsuki cult that nearly wiped the entire nation of Konoha over 600 years ago.

While excavating the ruins of the temple with her team, Sakura decides it’s best if the small group of 6 split up in order to cover most of the ginormous building before the sun goes down.

As Sakura parts from her team members she stumbles across an isolated hallway that leads to a single door that looks too preserved to have been upright for over 600 years. Naturally a curious individual Sakura attempts to open the door, no luck. Since she was a volunteer firefighter in college she decides to break the door open. With one swift kick, the door comes tumbling down.

Sakura raises her flashlight to view what was in the room. In the overly dusty room she sees a man chained up to the wall across from her. The man doesn’t lift his head up to see who it was but Sakura herd a faint groan escape his lips. Panicked by the obvious state of dehydration the man was in she rushes over to him bringing her water bottle up to his lips so he could rehydrate.

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It all started with “Bonjour”

Author’s note: hello! I’m not really sure where this came from, but…

I would like to dedicate this to my wonderful friend @me-youhaveme who is celebrating her 21st birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA! I love you very much ♥ I hope you had a wonderful day! Sending you best wishes and a ton of hugs from Lithuania ;)

September 7th, 2013

Ah… Paris, the city of love. Couples holding hands, young families singing soft lullabies to their newborns, elder couples sipping tea or enjoying the taste of freshly made croissants while chattering about their youth – first meeting, first date, first kiss, developed feelings…

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I woke up this morning in Borneo, went for breakfast in a crowded kopi tiam, where I greedily devoured a lip burning, nose running, utterly delicious bowl of Kuching style laksa. Tomorrow, I’ll board a long boat and, for the second time in my life, head up the Skrang River—this time for Gowai, the Iban harvest festival, where I will, I am warned, be drinking way too much rice whiskey. I have asked that my former headhunter hosts give me a hand tap tattoo. Possibly a durian pattern. I have been having regular foot massages—something they do particularly well in this part of the world. My room smells of jasmine, and outside the window, across the river, the former palace of the “White Rajah” of Borneo is visible in the late afternoon light. The muezzin’s calls to prayer will soon echo from the mosques throughout the city, one voice joining another, then another—a chorus from every direction. 

And yet….and yet…in the midst of all this….exotica…my mind runs to New Jersey. 

New Jersey, too, was exotic to me, once. For much of my childhood. The then working class riviera of Barnegat Light where I spent many happy summers. The dark mysteries of off season, pre-casino Atlantic City, with its vast, empty hotels, its novelty shops, boardwalk, salt water taffy and amusement pier. Leafy bedroom communities where I grew up, others where I was later whisked off to school…the hard packed night time slopes of Great Gorge and Vernon Valley…the fabled Pine Barrens, where untold horrors awaited amidst the discarded gangsters and mythical, griffon-like creatures said to feast on little boys. The fastidious, house proud Victorian severity of Ocean Grove right next to the decidedly honky tonk Asbury Park. The Palisades. The meadowlands—a vast wonderland for juvenile delinquents…Even the refineries of Elizabeth had secrets—their omnipresent but ever changing odors, unknowable. I came of age as a passenger in cars driving aimlessly around Route 80, Route 46, Route 4 …cruising for burgers, cruising for girls, cruising just…because….

So, to me, much maligned New Jersey was always magic. Until, like so many of us raised in the Garden State, I left—forever—for better, more “sophisticated” territory. In my case, right across the river to New York City. Everybody, of course, is from New Jersey: Frank Sinatra, Jack Nicholsen, Meryl Streep, William Carlos Williams, Alan Ginsberg, Queen Latifah, Stephen Crane, Glenn Danzig, Peter Dinklage, Donald Fagen, Ray Liotta, Martha Stewart, Lee Van Cleef, Tom Colicchio and..oh yeah…Bruce Springsteen. Anyone else not listed here was probably born there but just won’t admit it.

I get angry now when people speak badly of my home state. (I may not have been born there—but I was certainly raised there from infancy until age 17). And I get angry, from afar, when people abuse it, try to paint it in a bad light. Certainly the reality series, depicting roid-raging, Valtrex popping mesomorphs did the state no favors. But New Jersey hardly has the exclusive on meatheads.
I’ve watched in dismay for much of my life as politicians from both Democratic and Republican parties have used New Jersey as their personal feeding trough. And if you think the Christie traffic scandal was no big deal, think about how you’d feel if it was YOUR 6 year old daughter, first day of school, trapped in a school bus for 4 hours, desperate to not piss herself in front of her classmates—all because a bunch of vindictive, spiteful, gloating political hacks were peeved about matters completely outside your control or understanding—and decided to use YOUR kid as a club to beat their perceived enemy with. YOUR dad, waiting for an ambulance or emergency responder.

And certainly, what’s become of Camden, once a principle engine of the industrial revolution, after generations of mismanagement from the other political party is even more egregious. And has anyone, ever, taken as large, as ugly, as steaming a shit on a city as Donald Trump’s ‘Taj Mahal” in Atlantic City? LOOK at it! (We do, in this episode). Can you imagine an uglier, tackier structure—one more oblivious to its surroundings? It seems designed specifically to obscure the beach, the boardwalk, the gorgeous architecture of Atlantic City—the very things that (still) make AC wonderful. Of course, Donald seems eager to separate himself from his leavings these days—not because it’s an architectural abomination—but because it’s apparently become a financial embarrassment.

It would be easy to make New Jersey look amazing if I concentrated on its farmland, its beaches, its parks and its finer restaurants. Easier still if we chose to film in summer. But I thought, let’s shoot this show in WINTER. When New Jersey is supposedly at its greyest, most inhospitable, ugliest. And lets go right to those parts of New Jersey that are supposedly the most fucked up, the places where everything went horribly wrong. It is MY contention that New Jersey is so magnificent, so unique, its spirit so unsinkable and its sense of humor unparalleled that even there, seeing those places—as I do—with affection and respect and no small measure of hope, that those who watch this episode will find my beloved home state awesome and beautiful too. Even the refineries—the sprawl of bridges and highways and clover leafs—there’s beauty there. We worked mightily to show you those things as we saw them. As I feel about them.

New Jersey, it is my contention, was amazing all along. It was when we tried to “fix it” that we went astray. Drive Ventnor Avenue from Atlantic City to Margate and look out the window, and you’ll see, still there in parts—what was lost and what could be again. Look at Asbury Park—how its coming back—against all odds. And watch one lone woman’s struggle in Camden to take back, one block and one child at a time, a city she grew up in, loves fiercely and wont let go of.

The hero sandwich of my youth. Steamer clams. Jersey Italian. Birch beer. The smell of dune grass. Vanilla salt water taffy. Fried clam strips. These things should be eternal. They are eternal.

Sam Wilkinson Smut

REQUESTED ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Y/n POV I was sitting in my 3rd period class next to the schools Bad Boy along with his group of friends, the populars. Sam Wilkinson, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Big Mike, Nate Maloley, and his younger brother, Stew (Stewart) Maloley. They had been pissing me off all day cause with my luck I had all or almost all of my classes with them. Sam sat right behind me and kept whispering dirty thing he was going to do to me making it really difficult to focus. You came to conclusion that no matter how hard you tried to convince yourself that you didn’t take even a little bit of liking to all of their amazingly gorgeous features. The were hot and there’s nothing you could do to deny that. “Students your going to have a partner to complete this project assignment so if you would please be quiet,” he said. I groaned along with the rest of the class. “…..……………………………………………………………….. And finally Y/n y/l/n and Samuel Wilkinson” I turned my head around to face my friend, Mariah as she shock her head and laughed as I have her a pissed off/ glare look. The bell rang and I didn’t even glance at Sam or the rest of them but I could feel their eyes burning into the back of me. “I shouldn’t have worn the knee high socks with the tight skater skirt,” you thought as you walked out. You met up with your group of friends that were all huddled around your locker. “Hey guys,” you said confused as to why they were ALL there. “Is it true?” I instantly knew what they were talking about as soon as those words came out of Jennifer’s mouth. “Unfortunately,” I replied. We made small talk for about 3 minutes before I had to go. My group consisted of Amanda, Jennifer, Daisy, India, Kortney, Lanae, Rochelle, Danielle, Mariah, Madyson, Amber, Vera, Michelle, Kylee, Brianna, Anna, Mitza, Elizabeth, Jenna, and Melissa. We were popular I guess you could say. We were kind of the group every one likes and knew about aside from the bitches, Madison’s Group, then Sam’s group. Then of course there were the rest, Jocks, Singers, Stoners, geeks, overachievers, underachievers, pranksters, Christians, Emo’s etc. My group was the 3rd most popular, 2nd the bitches, 1st Sam’s group. Sam claims he knows everything about everyone especially me, but I can assure you they don’t. For instance, I like to smoke weed, I’m a bit of a stoner too. That’s what and where I was going to do right now in fact. I made my way to the back of my high school, and saw my best friends since 6th grade, Phenix, Lonny, Eli, Brennon, Riley, Mason, and Jesse. Yes, they’re all guys. “Hey betch” Eli said in a girl voice. I chucked, “hey bae!” replying in the same girly voice. “Are we gonna do this or what?!” I aded on referring to getting stoned. The laughed for a sec until Phenix said , “Oh yeah, we’re gonna get high at the park like usual but there’s some people that are gonna tag along too,” “Okay, well where are they?” “They’re gonna meet us there,” and with that we started walking to the park so we wouldn’t get caught smoking especially on school grounds. We made it to the park and to a seat down spread out either on the grass, playground equipment, or on the bench. Phenix started rolling a joint, Brennon got out a pipe, and Eli being Eli pulled a bong out of his backpack and loaded the bowl. I also started rolling a joint. I light the blunt and toke a hit, then another holding it in to take around my surroundings. I let it out and toke one last hit before passing it to Mason. “Bad day?” He mumbled to me and I just shook my head yes, already feeling the weed in my system. Brennon toke a hit from his pipe and handed it off to me. I light the weed and held the flame for a few seconds intending to get a big hit. Right as I pulled the lighter away and inhaled A LOT I heard a branch crunch behind me. I didn’t turn around right away because I was feeling so good. I turned my head after taking the biggest I ever had to reveal all of them. Sam Wilkinson, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Big Mike, Nate Maloley, and Stew Maloley. “SHIT!” I said. They stood there with smirks on their faces. “Well well well so called ‘Ms Perfect’ isn’t so perfect now is she?” Gilinsky said. “What the he’ll do you guys want?!?” I snapped back. “Well, same thing you want baby girl ……. To get high,” Sam whispering on the back of my neck sending chills to rise up my spine. • About 30 minutes later • We were all SUPER high by now, and I was out of it considering I found myself sitting on Sam’s lap facing him. I began moving around because I wasn’t completely comfortable, as I did this instantly Sam’s grip got tighter throwing his head back in what I assumed pleasure when I felt him getting harder by the second. I knew what I was doing and I was gonna take advantage of it too. “You okay, Daddy?” I whispered empathizing “daddy” into his ear. “Please y/n….” He responded . I was pushing him over the edge as I said, “please what Daddy? Is something wrong?” Acting as innocent as possible. He grabbed my waist and walked is over to his car setting me in the passenger seat. • SKIPS CAR RIDE • He unlocked the door to what I assumed his house and forcefully pushed me against the wall hovering right over my lips. “You’re gonna pay for that, babygurl,” he said. “I need you Sammy!” I practically moaned when he started kissing my neck nibbling on my sweet spot. He instantly pulled away, “what was that?” He said with eyes full of need. “I n-need you D-daddy,” he grabbed ahold of my ass indicating he wanted me to jump. I obeyed his orders as he walked upstairs. He walked into a room and threw me on the bed taking his shirt off. Before he could climb on top of me I pulled myself up to his torso grabbing ahold of his jeans. I in bottomed and unzipped them pulling down both his jeans and Calvin Klein underwear. I toke his member in my hands and started pumping slowly. Deep groans from his mouth escaped one by one. I licked up his shaft and placed a kiss on his head before bringing him into my mouth. I slowly started to bob my head hollowing my cheeks out. He pushed more of him into my mouth making me deep throat him practically mouth fucking me. I felt him twitch so I pulled him out of my mouth making a “pop” noise. “What the fuck y/n?!” He said not being afraid to exaggerate the anger in his voice. “I won’t let Daddy cum until inside me,” I threw back. Without anymore words being said Sammy immediately grabbed me by my hips pushing me up further to the head board. Then when I thought he was going to push inside of me he flipped me around with my butt in the air. Without any warning he slammed into me causing huge moans to fill the room instantly. He trusted fast and rough. “Fuck y/n,” he moaned into my shoulder. He thrusted even hard which I didn’t think was possible hitting my g-spot every time causing me to be a moaning mess. “You like that?! Huh? You like when Daddy fucks you hard?” He said commanding an answer. “Fuck Yes,” “Fuck yes what?” “Fuck yes Daddy,” “I love it when you fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk for a week, I love it when you fuck me so hard that I’ll forget everything besides your name, I love it when the whole neighborhood knows how good you make me feel,” I added on which pushed us both over the edge. I felt his warm liquids inside of me then I fell down completely out of breath. He fell beside me is both starring at the ceiling. “That was….” I began “Absolutely amazing” he finished for me. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I hope you liked it.

Cinderella AU

Summary: Loosely based off of the story of Cinderella

Characters: Dean x reader

A/N: I’m sorry about doing this but I really needed to write a fic of my own and I wanted to try and AU so let me know what you think!! If you guys want I will gladly continue this story. If not I will put it down and get back to doing requests.

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You could still remember it, the day all happiness left your home to never return again. You could remember how your mother refused to leave your father’s side for hours, even after his fingers had long gone cold. You could remember having to make your mother dinner each night, practically forcing it down her throat. You remember being forced to get a job at the age of ten since your mother had no income to support you. You could remember the day your mother died on the inside, but worst of all you remembered the day she returned, never to be the same.

You wished you could remember when the happiness was still there. When the light of a candle brought warmth and light to even the darkest corners and not your only heat source for the winter. When the silence was squashed by your father’s whistling or deep laughter and not death threats from your mother. When your free time was spent running and playing with the other kids of the village and not scrubbing the floors for the fourth time that day, as you were doing now.

You had already scrubbed them thrice as she always demands but after that third time you were forced to clean the chimney in her room, the only fireplace in the house, thus tracking soot all over them again. At first she was outraged, claimed that she could never understand how one person could be so careless and stupid at the same time, before she walked out of the house claiming she needed a walk to clear her head.

So you scrubbed the floors until they were clean and ran off to the tailors already ten minutes late for your shift.

In all honesty you sucked at sewing but it was the only job you could get, all of the other merchants were afraid that you would act like your mother, but not Richard, the owner of the shop. Richard remembered your father, who he was truly; even remembered who your mother used to be, before her heart turned cold after your father’s death.

He often told you stories of his youth while he sewed. Stories about your parents, their amazing love story, when they first had you. He told you of your father’s bravery and courage, of your mothers beauty and kindness. Sadly none of this was true today.

 The bell chimed above your head as you entered the small shop, a smile appearing on your face as you smelt cinnamon in the air, Richards wife must be in.

“Y/N darling” You heard Elizabeth’s sweet, soft voice as she rounded the corner, her arms open so that you may give her a hug.

“Hello Elizabeth” You grinned as you returned her hug.

“Now I’m afraid you caught me at a bad time I was on my way out” She frowned slightly “But I’d love to catch up with you at a later time”

“I’d be delighted” You grinned as you waved goodbye.

She returned your grin and stepped out of the shop, leaving the wonderful cinnamon sent in the air.

You removed your coat and stepped behind the counter towards Richard’s workshop, knocking lightly before letting yourself in.

As soon as you walked into the room you saw Richards eyes go wide as he threw a blanket over the mannequin in the middle of the room. “Y/N you’re late”

“I slept in” You lied easily, having done it since you were little. “I really am sorry, I swear it won’t happen again and I’ll even come in early” You began to ramble, you needed this job.

Richard chuckled softly, his deep velvety smooth voice instantly calming your frayed nerves “You don’t need to lie to me Y/N. I know you didn’t oversleep but I also know you wish not to talk about it”

The corners of your lips lifted up slightly at his words. After your father’s death Richard became your best friend. He always looked out for you and he often knew you better than you knew yourself.

“Thank you” You said in a soft voice “So what are you working on” You asked as you gestured to the now covered mannequin.

“Nothing you need worry yourself about” He said in an almost sad voice, the voice that only ever came out when he was thinking about something. “But never mind that, gather your coat we have an appointment with the princes in the palace”

“The palace?” You asked.

“Yes his royal highness” He spoke the title as if it were an insult in itself, in an almost mocking way that made you giggle softly “is throwing a ball in honor of his eldest son and we have been hired to make them both garments for said ball”

Your eyes lit up much like a kid’s on Christmas morning, you were going to not only visit the palace, the most gigantic extravagant building you had ever seen, but you were going to meet the princes. “Really?”

“Yes really” Richard chuckled as he gathered up notebooks and measuring tapes. “Now if we don’t hurry we will be late” He extended his arm to you which you took gladly, the two of you making your way to the palace, a small skip in your step that had not appeared since you were a kid.


The guards let you in through the magnificent gate with no issue. You clutched onto Richards arm tighter as you were led through the palace, marveling at everything as you walked past it.

The art alone was enough to take your breath away, each piece, as it seemed, more beautiful than the last. The guard led you into a large room, at least twice the size of your house, before leaving you and Richard alone, shutting the door behind him.

“Oh Richard everything is so gorgeous” You breathed out as you squeezed his arm again, him being your only tether to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and your mind from spinning.

You faintly heard his laugh but his reply was cut off by the sound of another pair of double doors opened and two extremely tall men stepped through them. You felt your jaw drop as you looked at them, both of them extremely handsome, living up to every rumor you had ever heard, small smiles on both of their faces as they looked at you.

You felt a tug on your arm and looked over to see Richard bowing, you quickly regained your wits and curtsied, squeaking out a small “Your highness” as you tried to hide your blush.

“Please none of that, call me Dean” You heard the slightly shorter of the two speak, his voice deep and slightly gruff.

“Sam” The other one nodded simply, his hands held behind his back as he sent a look to his brother, a smirk on his face.

“If it’s alright with you I’d like to get started immediately” Richard spoke “I want as much time as possible to ensure that I get these measurements correct.”

“Of course just tell us where you want us to be” Sam answered a smile never leaving his face as Dean’s eyes never left you, a fact that you nor Sam missed.

“Dean if I could get you on that pedestal over there” Richard pointed across the room “and Sam I leave you in the trusty hands of my colleague on this pedestal”

You could have sworn you saw Dean’s smile falter slightly at this news but he recovered so quickly that you doubted it, chalking it up to wishful thinking.

You directed Sam onto the raised area and began taking his measurements starting with his legs. It was silent for quite some time before Sam spoke up. “I believe you have captured my brother’s attention.”

You looked up at him in shock before quickly averting your attention back to his torso “I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about your highness.”

“Please call me Sam” He quickly corrected you. ”Though I’m sad to say I don’t know what to call you.”

“Arm up please” You said doing your best to ignore his question as you took down his measurements.

“Though I can’t say I don’t understand where his affections are coming from” He continued as a smirk appeared on his face “You are quite beautiful”

A blush appeared on your cheeks as you bit back a grin “Thank you your- Sam”

Sam grinned as he tried to find a new conversation topic. “So do you enjoy being a tailor”

“In all honesty no, I am horrible at sewing” You chuckled slightly, taking down another measurement.

“And I’m letting you make me something to wear for a ball?” Sam asked.

Your eyes widened and you looked up at him ready to assure him that you do not actually make the garments only to stop as you saw the smirk on his face that told you he was joking. You started laughing drawing Dean’s attention back to you. He watched as you threw your head back and allowed bubbly laughter to fill the air, admiring your beauty as your hair framed your face perfectly.

“I must admit it has been my goal this entire time to ensure that you look awful at this ball” You said fighting back more laughter as it was Sam’s turn to laugh, waves of jealousy making their way through Dean as he watched the two of you interact.

“I believe that is all the measurements I need, thank you for your time” Richard said with a knowing smile on his face as he watched Dean watch you.

Dean quickly thanked Richard and made his way over to you and Sam, both of you laughing so hard that tears streamed from your eyes.

“What’s so funny?” Dean asked with an obviously fake laugh as he tried to seem as casual as possible.

“Nothing” Sam shook his head, taking your hands and helping you to your feet making Dean involuntarily clench his jaw. “Thank you for this” Sam directed this to you as you nodded with a smile still on your face.

“No problem” You said as you looked up at the clock “though I am afraid it is time that I depart”

“I’ll walk you out” Dean offered immediately, offering his arm to you as he led you out of the palace.

For a while you and Dean walked together in silence, albeit a comfortable one, before you broke it. “The palace is absolutely breathtaking”

Dean smiled as he watched your eyes eagerly skimmed over every inch of the walkway. “If you like this you should see our garden, it was always my mother’s favorite.”

“It sounds lovely” You answered.

“I could show you now if you’d like” Dean replied immediately, eager to spend more time with you.

“I’d love to” You began slowly “Though I am afraid I’m needed elsewhere at the moment.”

Dean’s smile faltered slightly but he quickly repainted it “No problem, shall we say at a later date?”

“I’d like that” You said with a smile as Dean led you down the steps and out of the gate.

However, once you had cleared it you saw the one person who could ruin anything, even a day as great as this. You felt your eyes widen and your skin pale as you saw your mother standing just down the street, her arms crossed and a scowl on her face as she glared at you. “Though I’m afraid at the moment I must leave” You said as you let go of Dean’s arm walking briskly down the street.

“Wait I never got your name” Dean called as the guards stepped in, preventing him from leaving he palace grounds.

“I’m sorry” was all you called over your shoulder as you ran to your mother, her scowl only growing deeper as you neared. You were in for one hell of a night.

Part 2