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Actual things I thought while reading Killing Stalking
  • Me: Mmm, that stalker is bad news, lmao I don't know man he's kind of creepy. Need to watch out for that guy, hahaha.
  • Me: Sangwoo is a precious cinnamon roll awww
  • Me: Holy shit, I was wrong.
  • Me: Fuck I was wrong.
  • Me: Burn that fucker with fire RIGHT NOW.
  • Me: You know people normally just have skeletons in their closet but you sir, you don't half ass it do you? Nope, you just HAD to one up everybody and have a FUCKING NAKED HOSTAGE IN THE BASEMENT.
  • Me: I can't fucking read this anymore
  • Me: *still fucking reads*
  • Me: No! Don't kiss him!
  • Me: Okay, at least they're not doing anything sexual.
  • Me: Fuck.
  • Me: Yeah he's a stalker you and that's creepy sure but at least he's not a SERIAL KILLER.
  • Me: Well it can't get much worse.
  • Me: A fucking card game are you kidding me?
  • Me: Yoonbum you didn't actually kill him okay? Sangwoo was just beING A HUGE DICK.
  • Me: YES Seungbae!
  • Me: Phew, Seungbae.
  • Me: *suspicious crutches look suspicious*
  • Me: Gee a shopping trip sounds like the perfECT TIME TO ESCAPE.
  • Me: *started binge reading at like 2am* Fuck is that the sun?
  • Me: ...........Fuck I'm hooked.

I’m grading papers right now and I just-

The assignment was to do a complete character analysis of any character my students wanted. The only real ‘rules’ were that it had to be at least three pages and have direct examples and evidence from the source material. (Page numbers, times, quotes, that kind of thing)

I can tell some students were kissing my ass with some of their papers, focusing on characters they know I like, (Most Star Wars characters, Draco, Luna, Katara) that kind of thing. But I’m grading one right now and like I don’t know if he realises that he didn’t edit this out but he starts off the paper like “Miss Draco I know my friends are writing about why Star Wars characters are so great, but honestly they’re only saying that to get a good grade from you. I’m here to be your reality check and explain to you why Kylo Ren is human trash.”

But halfway through he just… “this dude isn’t even all that bad wtf he just wants his gf that shit ain’t cool tho bro. You gotta finesse the ladies not kidnap them” and it’s turned into a total pro-Kylo paper and I’m only on page 6/14.

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Solangelo Fanfiction Masterlist

I lost my masterlist after I changed url, so, time for a new one.


  • And What Would Your Message Be? [ Between different people telling different stories and of messages to come across, maybe that evening came out a bit more special than usual. ]
  • Captivated  [ At first, he only went as a favor for Percy. The next time had been for Hazel. Then his trips became frequent and it totally had nothing to do with the cute blonde working inside the jewelry store… At least that’s what he kept telling himself. Oh look, he ‘accidentally’ destroyed Thalia’s bracelet.]
  • Chance Meetings And Puppy Tales [ Will just wanted to save the small puppy he saw soaking wet from the rain, meeting someone wasn’t actually part of it. Not that he’s actually complaining because Nico di Angelo is one fine piece of art he wouldn’t mind getting acquainted with. Solangelo. Mortals AU.]
  • Hold Tight, Don’t Let Us Go [ Sometimes, a relationship is worth taking the risk for]
  • Holiday Surprises [Between having finally spent Christmas eve together with one Will Solace after not getting much time for each other, he thought that it couldn’t get any better. He was wrong. Nico’s Holiday just keeps getting better]

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Carry me pt 2 (Saeran x MC)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Saeran/MC -you
Rating : M
Mentions of abuse (nothing graphic!)
Summary: AU where all of the RFA are completely obsessed with MC the princess of the story, they become so very obsessed with her that they keep her in a golden cage. The RFA is the bad guy and the MC is tormented by each and every one in the RFA. Until her prince comes and saves her. Or at least tries to. This part is MC’s POV and her experiences, how she deals with the whole situation.

 Author’s Notes: So, I know that most of you have been waiting for this update, I truly hope you like it. There are some mentions of abuse, but there is nothing too graphic. The second part was slightly harder to write, since I had to type it on my phone and it was really stressful! But hopefully you do like it! I will post the 3rd part tomorrow! It will be Saerans POV! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑



After I had to say goodbye to my only chance of being free, I knew exactly what was coming. It was him, who came in, the reason my prince had to leave so soon. After being locked in this cage, I was able to distinguish all of their steps from each other. Yoosung would normally run towards me, he always was out of breath and couldn’t wait until he could be near me. At first I found it adorable, at first it did seem like he couldn’t await the moment when he could be close to me. But after a while I knew what truthful motives hid behind those cute eyes. He was always out of breath and he always NEEDED me, he always tried to erase any marks any other of them left behind. He would yell at no one in particular “How dare they, how dare they make you so ugly.” I was ugly in his eyes, for each and every one of them used me in different ways. There never was a day when one of them wouldn’t do something with me.

Yoosung became intense over time, since his loss of Rika, he feared that he would lose me too. So no wonder he agreed to the cage. Since it was the only thing that could keep me in one spot and not let anyone else have me. He had his dark side, which would unleash itself at times. His dark side, it loved me more than any other of them. It loved me so much it tried to engulf me. It tried to keep me in darkness so that we would be together. His eyes looked crazed, but there was so much love behind them, it suffocated me. The words the dark Yoosung would whisper, were sweet promises of release, how in this world, there was no one who would know how to love me. How I was too much for one person to love. How magnificent I was and how only he and he meant oonly he – the dark Yoosung could even grasp to love me. You might think he made love to me like a beast? No, dark Yoosung was gentle, dark Yoosung cried as he loved me. He hated how he couldn’t control himself at times and would hurt me and then hurt himself. He hated how he promised to love me, but he couldn’t, because he was but a small part of the real Yoosung. The real one who tried to see me, but only saw Rika, the real Yoosung – who was rough and made the dark one cry. The real Yoosung who hated so many things about this arrangement. He hated how when he would visit, Zen or Jumin would leave their marks on me. How I was never truly his or theirs.  Though sharing was a problem, he soon obliged and agreed to it. If this was the only way for him to have me, so be it. Even if it would break him every time he thought of any of them having me, touching me, kissing me. He would much rather have me like this in a secluded area in a cage, where he could come and take me if it were his wish. Where I never could say no. I couldn’t, I lost all of my strength to fight. As Yoosung visited, I was always dressed in bright colored dresses, my hair would fall loosely and in waves down my shoulders. He always wanted to play board games, make me coffee and cook together. But it seemed he got mad at how I looked at him, my look was full of pity as he explained how he missed Rika and wished I would turn into her. That angered him so much, that in his anger he chose to break my leg. After he stopped hiting me, after I was lying motionless on the floor the dark Yoosung chose to come out. It was always like this, as if they made an agreement “the sweet one” would hurt me and pretend to be the good boy, whereas the dark one would patch me back up. It made me delirious and anxious, because you never know, which one will be the one to hurt you. But at least for now, he was forbidden to see me. Jumin would probably never let him visit me again, after he broke my leg.

When Zen came to visit, those were the times I was scared the most, because he seemed so normal, so composed and oh so lovely. His sweet words would try and cover the bruises and the mean words from the other day any of them would make. Those words, as sweet as they were, they were venom to my body. It hurt to look at him, at how perfect he was and how perfect he wanted me to be. How I was to always look beautiful, like a princess befitting of such a prince. It was horrible how possessive he actually was.  How he hated to share, how he hated the mere thought of Jumin making love to me. And how Jumin would tease him with marking my skin everywhere he could think of. So when Zen tried to make love to me it was mostly him pounding himself inside of me, over and over and over again. He was a beast, when he “made love” his rationality would leave him. His touches were rough and aggressive, he didn’t mind if I bled, he didn’t mind if my body turned blue – as long as his knuckles turned white. He was always on top and I on the ground. He said, he loved seeing me beneath him, how I became a mess but was still beautiful. He loved how my hair was splayed around me like a halo, but at the same time my neck was covered in bruises, which his hands made. He was the roughest of them all. He never loved me. He craved me. He carved himself deep inside of me.

When Jaehee visited, her steps were careful and slow, but she did come inside with a certain amount of anger. She was kind at first, she let me believe that she would never hurt me, that she was there for me and only me. That I only needed to be there for her and listen. But at times, when she was frustrated with herself she would grasp my hair and pull it, she would hold my head and scream at me, she would make me eat from the floor. But mostly she would make me just sit there in front of her naked, while she would just stare. She wanted me, but she feared what would become of her, could she even face herself with loving a woman. And then, when she was so angry with herself and her situation at work, she would slap my skin and as it turned from red to blue, she would kiss it and then just leave me be.

I hated it. I hated it when they would visit me, I hated it how the maids would dress me for them. How I was a different person for each of them. I hated how the doctor would always do checkups on me and would never save me. I seemed healthy enough, he said. He admired how strong my body and will were, he would always leer at my body and made me hate myself. I was an experiment it seemed. “For how long can a mere human body last?” I hated how the maids enjoyed playing dolls with me, how they would roughly wash me and make me feel like dirt. All the while placing me in my seat, where I was to sit as a doll in waiting for the next one.

The next one who would visit, would walk slowly but if you listened you could hear his breathing, which was deep and feral. He could hardly hold back at times. When he came, they dressed me in white, my hair would fall loose and I was to wear no shoes. I was to sit still, quietly and in one place. If he would wish for it at times, he would make me sing, play the piano, whatever he wished for I did in silence and calmly. That is how he liked it – me looking like a doll that did as he wished. He wanted to see me pure and angelic. But the pure me was long gone. After so many times of being hurt and broken, after so many times of wishing it would be over – the pure heart was hidden deep in a shell of ice. But he held on so tightly to that last inkling that was left behind on the surface. I heard him open the gate of the cage, I heard him say something to the maids that left my side and then he stepped inside and walked towards me. Out of all of them, he was the one I feared the least. But I assure you, he was a frightening sight to behold.

His eyes were filled with craze, passion and a hint of love. This man, the man I thought I would be able to love, turned into something akin to a monster. His love was almost like poison, though it did leave a sweet aftertaste. Because of that sweetness, I could not hate him. He bowed down, just like he always would, he reached out to my legs and wanted to kiss them, but I shook my head – I needed to let him know that they were broken. “J-Jumin.” I tried to say his name, but it pained me to speak. I wonder why, when – as I spoke with my prince it never hurt.

“Fear not my sweet canary, I already know, what has happened to your lovely legs. Ah, you remind me of all the beautiful birds my father used to own, behind beautiful and intricate cages, their wings clipped – so that they would not fly away, they used to sing in the beginning; they sang such lovely tunes. But after a while, they all died of loneliness. For no matter how beautiful a creature is, the most lovely it can only be, once it is set free.” As he finished, he gently put one of my legs on top of his knee; while he was on the floor crouching down. With his hands he gently went over them and then as I expected it the least, he took hold of my leg and grabbed it with such sheer force I had to squeal out.

“Though my rationality tells me to free you, to let you go. To see how beautiful you can be once you love me truly – I cannot. I am far too afraid, I am so terrified that you will leave me behind. I don’t want to lose the only thing I care to live for. You understand don’t you? You are safe here, well mostly safe. I I will make sure, Zen and Yoosung will be punished for breaking your legs, I promise that it will not happen again, I will protect you. Please, please, promise me, that you won’t leave me.”

Then he laid his head on my lap and cried, he often would just be there talk to me, beg me to stay and cry. As he did, I would stroke his hair and sing to him.

It hurt so deeply, how he controlled me, how much his weakness had an effect on me. How I tried not to fall into the darkness with him. But when you see – the one you loved fall so quickly, you try to grasp their hand, you try to save them. And though I wish to be free, I also wish this for this broken prince.

Maybe when I am finally free and saved, I will save all of them from themselves.

As the broken prince slept on my lap, I couldn’t help but think of my shining prince. The one that tried to be a knight, the one that was so utterly beautiful that my heart just wanted to be with him.

All of them told me countless times to save them, to be there for them, to show them the light that is within me. So as I could not save all of them, their chants of “save me” turned to “hate me”.

I made countless promises of never letting them go, of staying and not complaining. I promised HIM, that I would endure. The wizard assured me, that I didn’t need to make any promises to HIM, that if it were to become too much, that he would send help that he would free me. But as I became human and as all the emotions, which were sleeping in me awoke – they just were too much to handle and I couldn’t help but try to save them all, I couldn’t help but be kind to all of them. So no wonder I made promises that were painful to keep.

Ah, it is as though I can hear HIS words again.

“You need to stay here for them. Promise me, you will never let us go. You can hate me for all they do. If they break you, you can hate on me but promise me you won’t let us go.”

That annoying carrot top, but he appeared in so much pain, all I could do was nod.

I only hope my prince is safe and sound. Maybe soon, we will be together? Maybe soon, we will both fly together under the blue sky?

Sadly, I didn’t know, that my lovely prince was in danger, for the person that stopped him turned out to be his greatest enemy. Someone who used to be his other half. Someone who promised him the blue sky, but all my prince received was pain, torture and tears. This someone was the same person, which kept me inside this golden cage.

No other than his brother, the Gatekeeper 707.

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*offer the little one a warm hat and footie PJs* He's so cute what a sweetheart. By the by Lav have you guys gotten any sleep?

“Thanks for the gifts buddy! He could always use more warm clothes. It’s pretty cold outside.”

“…I don’t get much sleep…. Sylphy does though. It’s the least I could do for him I mean… He’s the one who had to carry this lil guy for so long…. Then there was the time we had to take Sylphy to the hospital…. So….. He deserves to sleep and take as many breaks as he wants.”


A lovely lady found him and managed to coax him into her house, and we went and got him. At first we weren’t actually 100% it was him, because to be honest he’s a pretty generic looking black cat lol. My brother when he saw him looked for a specific scar on his head and was like “Yep that’s him!” But we were still a little paranoid because we didn’t want to have taken someones cat by mistake, and put them through what we have. Then we managed to dig up a clear old photo of him, and that one specific white hair on his face matches exactly. There’s no way in hell another cat would have to EXACT same hair.
He’s lost soooo much weight :( and he had at least one tick that I accidentally pulled off, and I’m hoping I haven’t done any damage by doing so! And by the sound of it his voice has gone hoarse. We’re going to take him up the vet first thing tomorrow to get him checked over. He’s been super friendly though bless him, loads of cuddles and head rubs!
But for now, we are just so relieved to have him home. I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved about something in all my life. Thank you everyone for your messages of hope and good vibes. My poor dad can now finally get some sleep, he hasn’t been sleeping or eating since he went missing. And I can also hopefully have a nights sleep not filled with nightmares and dreams of finding him only to wake and it not be true.
Love to everyone ❤️❤️❤️😻

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I had a one shot idea I love but I just couldn't get onto paper so would you like to have it? "Beast Boy is mortally wounded and Raven can't heal him, so she breaks magic laws and binds his soul to hers as a familiar, saving him. She hates herself for doing it to him but he's utterly thankful, there's no one who he would rather give his soul to"

Robberies were the worst. Almost always, they were inexperienced, or at least had someone in the group who had no idea what the hell they were doing. And always, without fail, someone ended up getting hurt. 

Raven liked to think that it was merely a coincidence, but she knew from experience that it had more to do with fear than anything. Criminals feared them. It was nothing new about working in the superhero business, especially one with a shining reputation like the Titans. 

They were intimidating. 


The hammer of justice that descended upon criminals; that was the Titans. So it made perfect sense that the cowardly troop of lowly bank robbers quaked before them. 

Raven batted them aside with her magic, her eyes nearly rolling into the back of her head from how painfully easy this was. According to the media, this band of robbers were supposed to be up and coming in the villainous world; scary and merciless, not above shooting a civilian or two. But to Raven, these guys were a joke. 

One of them nearly wet his pants at the sight of her. 

It didn’t help that she was an empath, and could sense every single spine tingling emotion that dripped out from their oddly shaped skulls. Raven almost laughed while she pummeled them to dust, unable to handle their fierce demeanors when she knew they all wanted to tuck tails and run. 

The idiots had decided that it would be a great idea to try and rob one of the largest jewelry stores in Jump City. Of course, the Titans were alerted right away, and now they were kicking these robbers’ sorry asses into next year. 

“Raven, look out!” 

She effortlessly dodged the fist coming her way, latching onto the perpetrator’s wrist and sending him flying across the lobby in one, swift movement. She turned to give Beast Boy a shout of thanks, only to freeze at the sight of him charging towards her. 

A ferocious growl erupted from his throat, and he launched himself up over her, erupting into a tiger as he landed atop one of the robbers. 

Raven had been so caught up in the roller coaster of emotions around her, she hadn’t even noticed him. 

She stared a moment in shock, watching the robber as he held Beast Boy back with a bat, trying to keep the tiger’s fangs from taking a bite out of him. Not that Beast Boy would ever do that. But the robbers didn’t know that. 

And Raven was certain Beast Boy wanted to keep it that way. 

The pounding of footsteps drew her out of her trance, and Raven whirled around with her fists raised, dark energy crackling up her arms. One of the perps ran at her, weapon raised. She caught him in a net of black magic, batting him away like it was nothing. 

A strangled grunt had her whipping back around. A gasp caught in her throat, and time slowed. 

Beast Boy swayed over the robber, whose hand gripped the shaft of something embedded within the shapeshifter’s gut. There was a beat where the two stared at each other, both of them wide-eyed in shock. Then Beast Boy keeled over, falling in a heap atop the robber, who shoved him to the side and scrambled away. 

The sight of her comrade falling spurred Raven into action. She ran to his side, a garbled scream tearing at her throat. 


She dropped to her knees, something sticky and warm clinging to her skin. Blood. His blood. Tears burned at her eyes as she clutched at his arm, gently turning him over. 

It was a knife. At least, by the looks of the handle. A dagger, perhaps. Regardless, it was shoved unceremoniously into Beast Boy’s gut, blood swelling around it and staining his lower half. Raven gulped, reaching for the injury with shaking hands. 

She could fix this. 

She had to fix this. 

Tears spilled down her cheeks and she muttered her mantra, trying to build up the courage to remove the knife. 

“Rae,” Beast Boy croaked. 

“Shh,” she hissed. “I-I need to get this out.” 

Beast Boy’s hand covered hers, and he gently pried her fingers off the hilt. In a swift motion, he ripped the dagger free of himself, crying out in agony as he did so. “There,” he rasped, letting the bloodied weapon clatter to the floor. “Happy?” 

His joking tone was quite the contrast to the situation, and Raven wasn’t sure if she wanted to smack him, or sob like a baby. Instead, she powered onward, pressing her trembling hands onto the gushing wound and muttering her mantra like a lifeline, relishing in the healing power that flowed from her fingertips. 

She could do this. 

“Raven,” Beast Boy whispered, his voice rough. She ignored him, fervently trying to pour every ounce of healing she could into him. Raven could almost feel the energy draining as fast as she provided it, and it scared her. 


Raven sniffed, glaring at him. “I’m trying to heal you,” she growled. He lifted a hand to her face, brushing softly at her cheek. There was a faraway look in his eyes, accompanied by a tenderness she’d never noticed before. 

“I…I need to…tell you something…” 

She shook her head. “N-no. Stop that. You’re going to be fine.” Her voice came out as a growl, and she scowled at her own abrasiveness. 

“I’m not letting you die.” 

As soon as she said it, Raven knew that she meant it. Maybe she was selfish, but she didn’t care. In that moment, staring death in the face, Raven decided to break the natural cycle. She was going to spit at death’s face, and nothing was going to stop her. 

Raven took a deep breath, shutting out the world around her. Her eyes fluttered shut, and immediately a map of auras lit up the area around her, like a starry night sky. She slowly blocked out all of their glow, focusing solely on the flickering light beside her. Her hands moved to Beast Boy’s chest, and she allowed her breathing to sync with his erratic gasps. 







Her eyes snapped open, and she began to speak. 

“Vitae, mortem, immortalitatem. Vitae, mortem, immortalitatem. Et hanc animam sicut vinctum ad reliqua in aeternum.” 

A bolt of magical energy exploded out of her with a bang. Raven fell back from the sheer force of it, her body slamming into the cold, marble floor. She sat up, dazed, when a bright, blinding light burned at her eyes.

Raven shielded her face, gaping up at the floating shape of Beast Boy. He was glowing. She watched, fascinated, as fiery red symbols scrawled across his body, shining like pinpricks of firelight in the darkness of night. The symbols began to flash brighter and faster, before erupting into a brighter light that made her squeeze her eyes shut. 

Her arm was on fire. Raven let out a gasp, her eyes snapping open as she clutched at her wrist. A symbol glowed white on her skin, matching the abstract markings that had just blanketed Beast Boy. As quickly as it appeared, it vanished, though Raven could have sworn she saw a silvery sheen left behind. 

The light around her faded, and Raven stared at Beast Boy’s still form in front of her. For a terrifying moment, she thought he was dead. He didn’t move. Not even a little. She watched his chest with bated breath, hoping that her little stunt wasn’t for nothing, when she felt it. 

Beast Boy? she thought. 


His eyes fluttered open, and he gasped, gazing up at her in wonder. He was alive. 

Tears dripped down her face, and she laughed. What she’d done was probably illegal; a great break in the laws of magic, but Raven didn’t care. She lurched forward and gathered Beast Boy up in her arms, sobbing uncontrollably as she relished in his warmth. 

He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tight. “I’m here,” he whispered, over and over again. “I’m here.” 

It was then that Raven realized why she did it; she loved him. Selfishly so. And while there was going to be serious repercussions for what she had done, Raven found that she simply did not care. 

Instead, she clung to him, worrying only about the sweet sound of his gentle breathing. 

Well, this was a beast. I tried so hard to keep this as original as possible, since the first thing I thought of when I read the request was Birds In the Rain. Hopefully I did my job and kept it new and exciting! I plan on continuing this too, since the story doesn’t seem to be quite over yet. ;) 

Enjoy, Ami! :D

-mod vixensheart 

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36+37+97 with cassian pls :)

I didn’t necessarily like how this turned out and you had such great requests for this that I felt bad! I may end up doing this one again if I find another inspiration, but for now, this will do. I hope you at least find a little sympathy for my pitiful work, sweetheart. Have an amazing day! 

    36. ‘I never wanted to hurt you.’

    37. ‘What are you hiding?’

    97. ‘I will always protect you.’

    You and Cassian had just finished grabbing your supplies for the base from Tatooine. Nothing really seemed to really spark conversation between the both of you other than stating facts between each other about the ship. Cassian tried to get you to talk but you were still shaken up after being kidnapped on Coruscant by a bounty.

    The man had somehow convinced you that Cassian had planned your kidnap, that he was a killer of the good, that he abandoned you all in an attempt to give the man information on Yavin 4 so he wouldn’t be hurting himself; he would be hurting you.

    You believed him, but you were strong like Cassian, not breaking your oath to the Rebellion. You couldn’t tell Cassian this. He was having a rough enough time dealing with the stress from his fellow rebels, let alone you, a scavenger saved off of Naboo.

    Y/N.” He set a hand on your shoulder as you set the last of the supplies onto the cargo ship. You took a deep breathe in and faced to turn him. You had been ignoring his comments for last few hours.

    Cassian?” Your voice seemed to waver. You weren’t sure if it was the confusion of feelings, your love for him, or the intimidation in his eyes. Pretty sure it was all of the above.

    Y/N, look at me.” He set a hand on your cheek. Affection was a sign of weakness, love was as dead as the Jedi, but Cassian just seemed to put that aside. “What are you hiding?

    You looked him in the eyes, straightening your back. Cassian had been pestering you on your absence of nature around him for months. “I said it was nothing, Cass. I promise.” His hand traveled down your arm until he suddenly grabbed your arm and jerked it up to your both eye level.

    Then why do you hide? Why do you hide your scars from me? You need to tell me what he told you, Y/N; what he did to you! I can see it in your eyes. I can see your pain. I know that look all too well. He did something to you..” You knew you weren’t the only one hurting. You jerked him into the carrier quickly; no advocates of the Empire that worked against the Rebellion could see such high ranking Captain’s breaking under a small conversation.

    You shut the door, causing the lights to go out, but for only for a moment until the lights returned to a dim. “You can’t just drop this and let me be? I rather be broken than share it with you. I just can’t..” You shoved yourself away from him and paced the other side of the carrier.

    “I can’t believe you.” He whispered. “I trust you, with everything, and you can’t tell me this simple thing! What is so hard about it, Y/N?

    You whipped around to face him, anger coursing through your words, “What’s so hard! What’s so hard, you ask? The fact that I want to trust you, I want to care about you, I want to love you Cassian but you don’t seem to see the other side of things.” You shook your head, leaning down to grip one of the seats in the center of the carrier.

    He told me things.” You looked up at him with a sad, but sarcastic, smile.

    He told me things that I knew weren’t true but I continued to believe him. I believed him because you told me stories about the things you had done to other people. Why should a scavenger believe that someone like ‘The Great Captain Andor’ would come to save me at my time of need?” You slowed your words to a crawl.

    He told me that you were the reason I was there. That you didn’t care for the Rebellion anymore, that you had no reason to fight. He told me that you never cared for someone like me. That no matter how much I wanted to love you, Cassian…that you were only a symbol of the Rebellion. A symbol of The Rebellion with no hope.”

    You laughed at your words. The more you talked, the more you sounded stupid to yourself. “He made me believe that you never cared, you never wanted to love and that you never saw me as anything more than scrounge.

    Cassian’s anger had turned from hidden to overwhelmed in a heartbeat. He realized why you never made jokes about losing each other, about pretending to tell their secrets to other people (mostly K2), why you wouldn’t let him hug you when you went on missions alone and always came back calmer than when you left, why you never let him comfort you in your nightmares.

    Is this really what happened back on Coruscant? I can’t believe you didn’t tell me! I could have respected your boundaries if you just told me, Y/N! I could have helped you…I could have..have..,” Cassian didn’t know what to say to you. You were close enough to him to talk about your deepest fears to your wildest dreams; except when they seemed to be about each other.

    I never wanted to hurt you. It hurts myself to keep it from you but I was more scared that what he said would be true, that you would run away and leave me unprotected like I was as a child. I can’t lose anything else, Cass.”

    He walked over to you slowly, opening his arms to offer a hug. It had been months since you had truly given him affection. The warmth of his arms radiated off of his old jacket. Once you stepped close enough, his arms had engulfed you. You took a deep breath into his chest, missing the smell of his musk.

    I will always protect you. Don’t ever doubt it. You are more than just a scrounge from Naboo, you are Y/N. A captain of The Rebellion, a symbol of hope for the good and a sign of fear for the bad. You help save the galaxy to make it a better place for everyone; so everyone can be free. Whether it is from The Empire, their own struggles, or the stress this war has set onto nature. You are my symbol of hope.”

    Wednesday calls for loads of coffee.

    Woke up with a poor attitude about my body and disappointment that I didn’t lose 10 pounds overnight or gain six pack abs. 😕. (Why does this never happen!? 😂)

    Still waiting on approval for my vacation. I think the stress of that really has me out of whack.

    Work this week has been insane with one of my favorite kiddos really upping his game on bad behavior. Monday left me in tears because I just didn’t know what else to do to help. Yesterday was more of the same, but I left feeling like I at least had a handle on things.

    After work today if the weather is nice I’m hoping to get some exercise in outside (as long as the ice on the roads melts).

    Go be amazing!

    A Small Comfort

    An anon requested the prompt “One character adjusting the other’s jewelry/ neck tie/ etc” for Kid x Nami. Kid tried very hard to turn this into sexual intimacy, thus why it’s so short. But at least it’s fluffy and cute unlike the angsty prompt I had for this pairing last time.

    Title: A Small Comfort
    Pairing: Eustass Kid x Nami
    Genre: Romance/ AU
    Rating: K+
    Word Count: 865
    Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or the characters, they belong to Eiichiro Oda.

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    anonymous asked:

    hi do u have any tips fr someone struggling w anatomy?

    hello !! im not sure how well ill be able to help since im still struggling with anatomy myself but ! i will do my best ;;

    all i can really say is practice practice practice ! one thing that really helped me was taking a figure drawing class ! i had never done life drawing before that- my high school art programs did not offer much in terms of actually learning about the human anatomy or even real life objects, so taking a figure drawing class was very eye opening? i was able to see the body in life and learn how to capture it in different ways- i learned many techniques that i was able to use outside of class and into my own art ! practicing doing quick gestures, 5-10 second drawings, really helped in getting a feel of the lines of the body quickly, while our 30 - 45 minute time frames gave me time to perfect things and explore other features like lighting and shading. 

    after that class i had no other figure drawing options available at my school, so i found this website to work from !


    this site gives you semi-nude to nude models with a HUGE variety of poses ! you can also set time limits which is good for those gesture studies. 

    THIS is only coming from someone with very little anatomy knowledge, so i would definitely research other tips and tricks too, this is just how ive gone about learning and studying myself. i have a lot to learn myself and i really wish you luck in your studies ! 

    Word Count: 1623

    Triggers: Death of a close relative?

    Requested by @tivafan-yupthatsme

    All you ever wanted to do was fit in, and thankfully, after some time, you did. You had just enough skills in each individual person’s skillset, that you were eventually let into their little social group.

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    kingblook replied to your post “I’m also very tired of people who post ndrv3 negativity and don’t even…”

    i’ve been trying so hard to avoid spoilers, i had to unfollow a mutual bc they posted them… now i know one of the victims and their murderer ��

    Ah hopefully the spoilers you saw isn’t true… unless you saw the CGs themselves;; but yeah, being spoiled when you don’t want to be really is awful. We can’t stop people from posting what they want to post so the least we can do is to temporarily unfollow them orz

    “Please, won’t you at least try – look, the cream ones are really good–"

    The baker was at his wit’s end. The humidity levels were growing intolerable as the oven chuffed out its heady fumes, coating every surface with a layer of grease. Amanda was swearing as she heaved the next tray out, a bead of sweat quivering on the end of her nose.

    Why were his hot cakes so popular all of a sudden? Why couldn’t the latest craze have been eclairs? Or croissants? Croissants were easy, all you had to do was nip round to Sainsbury’s and buy a bulk pack.

    “Please!” he implored the jostling crowd, their grasping hands outstretched for the next batch. “For Christ’s sake!”

    —  Making Metaphors Reality: Going Like Hot Cakes

    i so vehemently hate those self deprecating suicide memes i used to defend them as my coping mechanism until i realized that all they were doing was as driving me closer to suicide and they were DIRECTLY the cause for a depression spike in my friend group, my loved ones were suicidal for the first time in their lives and i know it had everything to do with those memes. it hurt me so bad to see that. i could see it when they would make a suicide joke then their laugh would break off and they’d look away. like i won’t go around personally telling people to stop and im a hypocrite because i still laugh at them but at least consider the truth in that constantly telling yourself you’re worthless and should die still isn’t helpful even when it’s in meme form

    anonymous asked:

    uh? just saw your post of Loo's tweet. When she mentions disagreeing with Steven about impact of scene on Molly, does she mean Moffat? And where can I read what he said? I'm still trying to figure that one out, btw. Otherwise, watched TFP last night. oy vey! about 15 minutes too long, or at least 15 minutes spent too long on Euros as spider at center of her concrete web. It was both a treat and a disappointment.

    Here you are Nonny:  LINK

    Trying to understand why I liked TFP so much, I’ve realised that at least 70% of it had to do with Mark getting so much screen time.  As far as I’m concerned, it could have been 3 hours long, and I still would have wanted more.

    “I wish Star Trek could be more realistic in its vision of a utopian society!”

    “I wish there could be a Star Trek show that focused on interspecies alien interactions rather than alien vs. human interactions!”

    “I wish Star Trek would do a better job of displaying all the nuances and moral grays that go into maintaining diplomatic relations.”

    “I wish Star Trek had a captain that wasn’t just another white dude.”

    “I wish Star Trek had at least one canon LGBT character.”

    “I wish Star Trek had a well-written female character with flaws and an engaging backstory and good character development for once.”

    “I wish science fiction in general would stop assuming everyone will be an atheist in the future.”

    “I wish Star Trek could be bolder about calling out real life social issues without their guise of poorly-handled metaphors to protect them.”

    “I wish Star Trek would stop assuming that things like intergalactic wars could be resolved or forgotten in just a couple episodes.”

    “I want Worf to get more screentime.”

    “I want—”

    Deep Space Nine. 

    You want Deep Space Nine.