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From the Waxing Table

harry stripped in the behind the album vid and i… got some feels about it… so enjoy harry’s pain kink mixed with a bit of waxing :)

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Teen Wolf Imagine- What Happened To Y/N? Part4

Part1    Part2    Part3

Welcome back, hope you’re enjoying the series. Tell me in the comments which part has been your favourite so far x

Malia’s Pov

“Hey” Scott greeted, as Malia and Kira entered and joined the others. “Did you get the text with everything we know so far?” Lydia asked. Kira nodded in agreement and flashed a small smile, Malia however let out a small growl at Isaac. “Malia, he doesn’t know anything that we don't” Stiles interrupted. “He could be lying” she retort. “He’s not” Scott interrupted, referring to Isaac’s heartbeat and loyal nature. “So what’s next?” Kira diffused. “Someone has been beating the shit out of her, to say the least” Stiles told. “Do you know if she had any problems with anyone or?” Allison asked to the group. They all had deep thought, but no one could think of anything. “The day she went missing, she came home injured, and I never got the chance to find out what happened to her” Scott stated, looking down. Malia’s heartbeat rose, drawing the attention of the werewolves. “Oh god” she mumbled, drawing the attention of everyone else. “What?” Kira asked. “I know who did that to her” she claimed. “Who?” Scott asked. “I did that” she said bluntly, looking down. “What do you mean, you did that?” Stiles asked with a firm tone. “I promise you, it’s not what it sounds like-” she tried to justify. “Why would you do that?” Lydia asked appalled. “Just let me explain!” Malia snapped. “Explain what? Trying to give Y/n brain damage?” Isaac said sarcastically. Everyone glanced at Scott, who gave a small nod for them to listen to what she had to say. “I got into a little trouble and Y/n promised to help, without telling anyone” she began. “How does this link to you beating her up, In advance?” Stiles questioned. “I didn’t beat her up, but the people I was in trouble with did, so it’s my fault” her voice cracked at the last part. Everyone sighed slightly, feeing more relieved that Malia didn’t actually beat the living daylights out of you. “Tell us what happened” Scott said, a lot more sympathetically. Malia nod and began.

When I was looking for the Desert Wolf, I crossed a group of people I shouldn’t have-” . It turned out that Malia wasn’t the only one looking for her, the Calaveras had run into trouble with her in Mexico and didn’t take too kindly in having anyone else getting involved. Malia being Malia, ignored their warning and carried on her search. You came into the equation when they came looking for her in Beacon Hills, she was in trouble and didn’t want to tell the pack because it was her mess and she didn’t want anyone to suffer because of her. Ironically, the pair of you ended up running for your lives more than once. She didn’t want you to get sucked up into it of all people, but you insisted on helping her because you knew she would do the same for you. Human or not, she was your friend and you wasn’t going to let her go through anything alone. “How long has this been going on for?” Allison asked. “A few months” she answered. “Wait, so this arrangement you two had going on, has been over months?” Stiles asked in shock. “Carry on” Lydia leaned in, intrigued by what Malia was saying. “Y/n and I, headed out of town for the afternoon after hearing that the Desert Wolf was going to be there-” she began. “And it was a set up?” Isaac presumed. “We didn’t even get that far” she claimed. It was the day of your disappearance. Malia had skipped school that day, because she needed to meet up with Braeden for information. You had been waiting for a text all day, which you eventually got at lunch. You didn’t want to open it in front of the pack, because you knew they’d sense that was something was up, which they did. You skipped your last period and met up with Malia outside of school. “We need to go now, before the Calaveras get there” she stated. You were both moving at a quick pace, as you ran down the stairs to the carpark. “How? My mom borrowed my car to get to work” you questioned. “So, we’ll take Stiles’ jeep” she shrugged carelessly, as you reached it. You stared at her hesitantly for a moment. Stiles was staying to help out Lacrosse practice, so you knew you could return it before he noticed. She then hit the side of the door, causing it to fling open. You then both proceeded to climb in. “Do you know how to hotwire a car?” she asked. “Of course I do” you scoffed. “You took my jeep!” Stiles accidently shouted, interrupting the story. Malia looked at him calmly. “Yes” she replied bluntly. She then continued before he could go on an hour long rant. 

You had been driving for about an hour, when you decided to pull up and put some gas in the jeep. Malia was waiting beside the jeep to get some fresh air, while you walked into the station to pay. You began to make your way back to her, when a group of blacked out cars pulled up and bright lights beamed in your face. Oh god. “Malia go now, they’re here!” you shouted, running past her. She immediately ran behind you, as you both climbed back into Stiles’ jeep and began to drive off. “Are they following us?” you shouted, not wanting to look. She simply growled and withdrew her claws. “I’ll take that as a yes” you complained, turning left off the road. They followed you for a mile, until the pair of you eventually came to a halt at a dead end. “Fuck” you muttered, hitting your hands off the steering wheel. You turned after hearing Malia unbuckle her seatbelt, seeing her getting out of the car and approaching the oncoming group. You sighed and reluctantly unbuckled your seatbelt and followed behind her. Their leader Araya Calavera stepped forward, coming face to face with a very angry Malia. Her followers immediately raised their guns at the pair of you. “Back off” the women simply spoke. “She’s my mother, isn’t she” Malia retort, glowing her eyes blue. “I made a deal with Scott to keep the peace, not you” she spoke again. Respect is a clear theme for the Calaveras, and Malia had no intentions of backing down. “Stay away” she ordered. “Make us” Malia growled. She stood her ground and smiled, before she pulled out an electrocuting rod and began to shock her with it. “Malia!” you called, but as you began to run over to her, another struck you in the head with the back of his gun. You were both on the ground as she towered above you, “Final warning, stupid girls” she shook her head in disapproval and began to walk away. Malia was holding her ribs in pain, and you felt the back of your head bleeding. You and Malia titled your heads to look at each other, she nod to give you the signal of defeat. “No, screw her” you muttered. You picked up the closest object to you, which happened to be a stupid pebble and threw it at the back of her head. “Y/n” Malia sighed, grabbing you and pulling the both of you up as quick as she could. You ran to the jeep, barely avoiding gunfire and reversed the hell out of there, managing to avoid running anyone over-. “Long story short, they caught up with us again, a small fight occurred once more, we got the message of staying away, Deaton patched us up, we returned Stiles’ jeep (after removing several bullets), and we went home and got ready for the pep rally” she finished.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” Lydia said, shaking her head. Everyone there in fact, had wide eyes and were in complete disbelief. “Where do we even begin?” Stiles gasped. “You almost got shot?” “The Calaveras?” “Could the pair of you be more stupid” “That is completely insane” they all began to say at once. “I know” Malia stared down at the floor guiltily. Scott wasn’t mad, she could have gotten you killed, but he knew you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if anything had happened to Malia. “So the Calaveras must have her, maybe they took her to prove a point” Kira synthesised. “No, we would have gotten a message from them by now, like when they took Derek and Peter” Lydia claimed. “Well if they do have her, it’s only fair that I go alone. I got her in this mess and I’ll get her out of it” Malia still couldn’t hide the sadness in her voice, she felt terrible for making you keep such a huge secret like that, especially when it could have been the one to cause your disappearance. “No, Lydia’s right. The Calaveras wouldn’t keep her without letting us know. Y/n is human and they hunt the supernatural, it wouldn’t make sense for them to take her” Stiles inputted. “Lets get this cleared up, Y/n was hurt the night of the pep rally because of the Calaveras” Isaac began to go through rationally. “She was so nervous in the car ride, because she didn’t want us to realise that her and Malia were both inured, and question why” Stiles added. “And you were the one sending her all of the texts?” Scott asked. “I sent her one on the day of her disappearance” she said quizzically. Scott furrowed his brows, remembering the text that you had received a few weeks previous, which caused you to act nervous. “So there’s another piece missing” Kira sighed, frustrated at the lack of answers they all seemed to be getting. “So if it wasn’t you sending her messages, then who was it?” Scott questioned hypothetically. Allison’s eyes widened, as she suddenly sat up. “I think it was me” she spoke, biting her nails anxiously. If she came to the right conclusion of what may have happened to you in her head, the result wouldn’t be good for anyone. The back turned to face her, preparing for yet another side of the story.

Hope you enjoyed this part, comment what part has been your favourite so far, I’d love to know x

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Okay scenario.Like during class iida goes into lecture mode and he just doesnt stop talking and everyone then turns to his female s/o like'plz do smth'(btw theyre not together theyre just really good friends who are crushing on eahother)and the s/o just straight up kisses him like its normal and then sits back down like they didnt just do that. Silence. Iida is a frozen tomato, moments pass and then BOOM hes engines stall, theres screaming theres chaos.Sorry this got really long and detailed

I wrote this last night and then tumblr rudely deleted it and put the ask back in my box, so here we go again. I hope this turned out alright, sorry it’s a bit short!

Tenya was on another one of his lecture benders; this time, it was because Katsuki had once again propped his feet up on his desk between classes. His angry lecture included the usual bits about it being disrespectful to everyone who’d ever sat at that desk before him, the manufacturer of the desk itself, and their teachers and the school that had furnished that desk to the classroom so that he could sit at it. 

Of course, Katsuki gave exactly zero fucks about what Tenya had to say, refusing to take his feet off the desk as Tenya stood next to him, gesticulating wildly as usual while yelling at him.

“K-Kacchan, you could just put your feet down.” Izuku said, trying to diffuse the situation.

“Shut up, Shit Nerd.” Katsuki replied, shooting Izuku a glare, “It’s just a desk,and it’s my desk, I don’t get what Engine Legs is freaking out about.”

“Have you not been listening to anything that I’ve been saying?!” Tenya demanded of Katsuki.

“Oh, I have, I just think it’s bullshit.” Katsuki responded, pulling his phone out and checking the time, “Don’t you have better things to do than yell at me about something this stupid?”

“Don’t you have better things to do than disrespect school property?” Tenya retorted.

Everyone in the class looked to a girl sitting near the back, pleading looks in their eyes; she was the only one who could pull Tenya out of his lecture mode, and they needed it in that moment; Katsuki wasn’t going to back down, and neither was Tenya. The two of them, Tenya and the girl, were best friends, and while Tenya was oblivious to her feelings for him, everyone else knew they liked each other, and she had a feeling that he liked her, too, but didn’t want to confess.

The girl sympathized with everyone in the class, and she herself was somewhat irritated that Tenya wasn’t dropping it; she had no expectation that Katsuki would relent, so it really was up to Tenya whether or not it would end. She let their tiff go on for another minute before getting up and walking over to Tenya, who was still trying to impress upon Katsuki the severity of his actions.

When she reached him, she grabbed him by the front of his uniform, got on her tip toes, and kissed him, managing to finally silence him.

Everyone was shocked that she’d done that, especially Tenya, who’s face began to turn bright red and she continued to kiss him. She pulled away after a minute and returned back to her seat, giving him no explanation as to the sudden gesture, and leaving everyone else in a state of shock.

“Wow, it worked.” Kirishima said, breaking the silence in the class room.

Then the class erupted into chaos, making exclamations of adoration, cooing due to the embarrassed look on Tenya’s face as he stiffly stood by Katsuki’s desk in silence, red as a tomato. Then there was the sound of Tenya’s engines misfiring.

“About damn time someone got him to shut up…” Katsuki grumbled, “Why are you looking so stupid? It was just a kiss.” He added as he took his feet off of his desk and Present Mic walked into the room to begin their English class.

Headcanon: Bakugou gets his first crush
  • He gazes at you for a period of time without himself noticing that he’s even doing it
  • More like he’s glaring at you or staring deeply into your soul actually
  • You feel his stare at the back of your neck as if its burning your skin
  • You turn around to make sure if its really him and your guess is correct
  • You guys lock eyes and Bakugou,startled, looks away with a blush on his face
  • You quizzically look at him and wonder if he’s okay
  • You’ll make sure to ask him later 
  • You’re still staring at him and when he looks back at you from the corner of his eye you send him a small wave and smile
  • His cheeks tint pink
  • During training you accidentally bump into him and quickly apologize
  • He seems like he was about to explode but when he saw it was you he calmed down
  • He awkwardly coughed and mumbled “Its fine.” 
  • You quizzically look at him again and wonder what was wrong with him and why he was acting like this
  • You grab arm and gaze worriedly at him “Bakugou you feeling okay?”, you ask
  • His face turns a deep shade of red and he roughly walks past you but not before mumbling “Fuck sake I’m fine” 
  • When class ends Bakugou makes a beeline to Kirishima and drags him to an empty hall
  • Before Kirishima could say anything Bakugou beats him to it
  • “Fuck shit man I cant get her out of my head! I think its her smile that put a spell on me! I fucking feel all weird and shit inside when she smiles at me or when she’s close by! My face gets all hot and I don’t blow up on her! It’s like she diffuses me or something! WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO!?” he yells out looking desperate.
  • Kirishima the whole time had a dopey smile on his face but hid it quickly
  • When Bakugou was done ranting Kirishima clasps his shoulder and looks at him seriously
  • He might as well have some fun with this.
  • “Dude that sounds serious…I think you might have something he said solemnly. 
  • Bakugous face paled “what?” 
  • The dopey smile spread to Kirishima’s face “A crush.”

An explosion was heard across the hall.

This is honestly my first time doing headcanons so tell me if you guys liked it or what not :) 

“Dean Winchester.”

“Castiel Novak,” Castiel introduces himself in return, firmly shaking the hand he has been offered, “As my boss has probably already informed you, I will be your new bodyguard.”

“Will you?” Dean questions as he raises an eyebrow, unimpressed in a way that speaks of many years of experience with new bodyguards. Not that Castiel looks particularly unpromising – there have been many who have made a worse first impression, looking as though they were only in it for the money or the prestige of being able to call Dean Winchester their employee –, but also not particularly promising. Truthfully, he almost seems to have walked right out of a fashion photo shoot or some old-timey mafia movie, what with the snugly fitting suit and the tousled hair, but not out of a well-renowned personal protector agency.

Still, he will have to do for now. Dean is about to go on a campaign that will lead him through many events and meetings that have been set up to promote familiarity and intimacy with his possible voters, meaning that he will have to get up close and personal with them. Having more than one bodyguard – or one who looks more like one and less like Novak – with him would interfere with the whole ‘I’m one of you, vote for me’ vibe he’s going for, and it’s not like there’s any time left to choose another guard for himself. Not with his campaign starting tomorrow.

Castiel does nothing more than to quirk one corner of his mouth at Dean’s pointed question and tilt his head to the side just so. “Unless you have any objections.” There’s not even a challenge in his words or eyes, just calm reassurance and a frankly impressive ‘I don’t give a fuck either way’ attitude.

It drives a small shiver down Dean’s spine, one that’s not entirely unpleasant, and has him sigh in resignation.

“No,” he waves him off, although he already feels himself regretting his decision,“none.”

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200(ish) followers - 200(ish) words, part 5

In which I learn that keeping to 200 words is going to be impossible. This one is for the hugely talented and lovely @jadegreenworks who wanted Spacedogs and fluff. Hope you enjoy, honey, and don’t find me too literal-minded!

Also, @hannibalcreative, I’m tagging this as Spacedogs Summer, cos the more the merrier, right?


“Oh, no.”

Nigel snapped his head up, instantly abandoning his messaging with Darko at the distressed tone of Adam’s voice. Proving to Darko that he had not, in fact, become a love-whipped cuddle pussy whom Darko could drink under any table would have to wait.

“Something the matter, gorgeous?” he inquired, keeping his tone calm and light. A small squeak escaped from Adam’s mouth and he turned from the dryer, holding a small pile of laundry out to Nigel. “Oh. Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry.”

“You didn’t check your pockets,” Adam quavered, looking at the mess of white fluff that clung to the otherwise clean clothing, the diffused remains of a forgotten tissue.

“Shit, Adam, I didn’t think, I was in a rush and I just… stuffed them in there,” he finished, lamely.

Adam’s mouth worked, as he looked mournfully at the ruined laundry, his breath speeding up and his shoulders jerking. Nigel reached out a hand, desperate to stop the upset before it started.

And then Adam opened his mouth to let out a laugh. A full-body laugh that filled their apartment and left Nigel with a bemused grin on his face. When the giggling had receded a bit, he asked, tentatively, “Adam, darling, are you alright?”

“Y-yes,” Adam managed, laughter still breaking up his words. “I was just th-thinking that I really love you.”

Nigel was a little hurt that the first time Adam said those words was while laughing at him, but not enough not to smile broadly as he asked, “And that is funny, loving me?”

“Yes! Because I really, really shouldn’t. I shouldn’t love someone who smokes, and swears, and leaves tissues in with the laundry. But I really, really do.” Adam smiled up at Nigel, who couldn’t recall ever having seen anything so beautiful.

“Well, that’s lucky, gorgeous,” he purred, coming to stand in front of Adam.

“It is?”

“Yes. Both because I love you too, and also because you are more likely to forgive me for this.” With which, Nigel grabbed the clothes from Adam’s arms, dropped them on the counter and threw Adam over his shoulder, carrying the squealing, still-giggling man back to their bedroom, to firmly put all thoughts of laundry out of either of their heads.

Considerations, a Miraculous Ladybug angst fic

So I uploaded something I wrote however-long ago and it’s gotten a pretty good response and I thought I’d post it on here :)  It was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but the amazing comments and appreciation I received have inspired me to write some more so we’ll see where that goes.


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Sick Finn and Rae

As promised my drabble about an unwell Rae and Finn. I think it’s a one off but we’ll see. This is probably the first time that any of you guys are reading me not writing in one specific character’s POV but I hope you like it. Cheers m'dears xx

Here is my taglist of lovelies

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miss-ingno  asked:

skinny!Steve meeting Sam while jogging and sprinting past him going "on your left" and then slumping over trying to brave because skinny!Steve's got something to prove (Sam is just like wtf and then helps him through the asthma attack. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT JUST TO GET A DATE STEVE)

So there’s this guy. 

Steve watches his ass bouncing off into the distance almost every morning since he got back to the States and it’s just about the only good thing about his new post. He’s usually sitting on the steps at that point, watching his breathing. He jogs for his heart, but it pisses off his asthma, so this is the compromise the Triskelion doctor had come up with. It was his therapist who said running outside would be better, (Steve hates pollen season, even in DC, it’s the worst) and he’s gotta say he’s enjoying the view. 

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