i had to cover it

Some memories from my first house, where I lived until I was five

  • I had little kid instruments and therefore a little guitar pick and it was the same color as our kitchen island and once I lost it for days just because I couldn’t see it against the counter
  • Our washer/dryer was in a closet and on the top shelf of the closet were leftover New Years Eve party supplies
  • The man who painted our living room was named Joe; our realtor when we left was named Rose
  • I had a pink cup with an orange cover and I drank chocolate milk out of it while my mom hung up my dinosaur drawing from preschool on the fridge
  • Once my mom paused a board game so I could go get chapstick out of the drawer in the kitchen and I still remember being shorter than a drawer and my mom still pauses conversations to make me use chapstick

I tried drawing Juvia’s major appearances from memories. It’s not completely accurate but if I tried to look it up I would be there for hours, and I had only an hour before class. 


I drew this based upon this post that @rex101111 made! 

scarecrow: are you afraid, eddie?

riddler: no. make me.

scarecrow and riddler: [gross, loud make-out session]

duke, hiding in a vent nearby: worst. intel. mission. EVER.