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I think the unusual thing about the diner scene in episode five (”I don’t have time for, or interest in, talking about your stupid picture of a cowboy”) is that the rest of the show goes to great lengths to show that Dirk Gently isn’t actually psychic in the traditional sense of the word.

We would’ve gotten more explanation-slash-context if we’d gotten the flashback scene they’d fimed, but still. The only conclusion I’m drawing here is that the universe had a very good reason for telling Dirk that Todd had drawn a cowboy, and the reason was that Todd needed a push towards actually believing that Dirk really is what he says he is.

Catching Up With Star Trek IV’s True Hero: the Unkind Punk on the Bus
In 1986, Kirk Thatcher gave Captain Kirk the bird. Now, he gives us the behind-the-scenes story of the most punk-rock moment in 'Star Trek' history.

But portraying “Punk on the Bus” would turn out to be Thatcher’s most lasting contribution to The Voyage Home. He and Nimoy had grown chummy during filming, so when the filmmakers were looking to cast the punk, Thatcher lobbied the director to get the role. “I told him, ‘Look, I used to have a mohawk, and I’ll dress the part—you won’t recognize me,‘” Thatcher says. “Leonard said, ‘Huh, really,’ in that deep, basso profondo way. I couldn’t tell if he thought it was a stupid idea.”

Nimoy kept Thatcher waiting for more than a week before giving him the go-ahead, prompting Thatcher to dye his hair orange, shave the sides of his head, and go shopping for punk gear in clothing stores on Melrose Avenue and in North Hollywood. When he finally showed up to the set in costume—complete with dog collar, fake nose piercings, and leopard-print Converse sneakers—one of the first people he bumped into was Trek costar DeForest Kelley. “He looks me up and down real slowly, and with that kind of southern laconic drawl, he just says, ‘Nice shoes,'” Thatcher remembers.

Sometimes, love.. [CA EVENT]

Sounds like something stupid is happening outside again. Better go see what it is and then ignore everyone’s suffering.

It had been a while since the scientists had done anything to ruin the lives of their beloved prisoners. In a way, he was almost excited. Mostly because he himself had nothing to fear from this city, but seeing everyone else in despair never really got old. Perhaps this could help his boss in her ambitions as well. However, none of this came to pass. Well, not exactly.

The chain of events happened so quickly he barely had any time to react. The appearance of some strange, cupid like being. The arrow shot towards him, which dispersed into several harder to dodge projectiles. A comment of ‘what the fuck is this shit?’ before he was struck. Little did he know.. He had fallen victim to the scientist’s latest debacle.

Kumagawa was unaware, but was left with no choice. The moment he turned around, he would come face to face with them. The person he would fall madly in love with. A slave to his unrelenting passion for who might very well be a complete stranger to him. And even with all of his abilities, he could do nothing to stop it. He could do nothing to stop himself from falling in love with-

“We’re gonna make it big. And we’re gonna make it beautiful. It’s gonna be yuge. Soooo yuge. Unpresidentedly yuge. And we’ll make Hive City great again.”


Kumagawa then proceeds to stab D*nald Tr*mp through the head with a massive screw and walks away. Sometimes, love just can’t be forced. At least, not when it comes to someone with baby hands and the intelect of a toddler.

We Found Love Right Where We Are - BaronPuddinPaws, SallyWhite92 - Zootopia (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

It’s Valentine’s Day and between helping Nick get ready for his date and paperwork, Judy has had no time to plan anything special for her boyfriend. Luckily for her, he already has everything planned out.
Story written by Sally, picture drawn by @baronpuddinsplace

this is my last contribution for Valentine’s Day this year. Andy provided the picture this morning on tumblr that helped inspire this. we all know that i’m a multishipper and i really wanted to write a fic for both of my Judy ships this year. i’m also introducing another OC because Andy and I have worked really hard to develop her. but for now, have this silly cheesy thing and enjoy. happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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Do a vid on Furious Pete getting cancer again. My problem with him isn't just his arrogance and denial, but his whole existence. His whole identity is those stupid eating challenges, which epitomise everything wrong with our society, which sees life as something to be consumed, not savoured. He literally downed 4L of ice cream right before he announced his cancer had returned. Not only did it likely contribute to his disease, I'm sure he had no idea what it tasted like as he shovelled it in.


PUPPY LOVE!? ( ca mini event )

              ❝EH? EH??

Tenga blinked a couple times. He had just gotten here, but he knew something was off already, and that voice over the speakers just confirmed it. Valentine’s Day! STUPID TENGA! He had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN about that holiday altogether! Looking at the ground as the lady scientist droned on and on, he bent over and picked up one of the candy hearts, reading it with a squint through his glasses.

               TRUE LOVE.

Tenga made a confused face and noise. True love… He scoffed. Wasn’t a candy heart kinda small to contain such a thing? With a tiny blush, the musclehead tucked the chalky little heart into his pocket along with his hands and headed off down the street.

     ~15 minutes later~

As if the day couldn’t get any more bizarre and uncalled for, Tenga heard the bark of a dog coming from an unknown place.


The Mad Dog whipped his head to and fro instinctively, fully prepared to book it if he had to. It wasn’t like anyone KNEW him in this city, anyway! SCREW A REPUTATION! He was officially starting to go back into mini-panic mode, when he heard a deviant little chuckle before being shot in the back with a gentle nudge. See-through hearts fell into his vision, and so did a tiny little puppy with floppy ears.

His first response was to calm down. Thanks to his experience, he already knew small dogs like this were harmless. Definitely. But then his feelings seemed to go way further than calming down. He felt… warm inside. Kinda like the feeling you got when you were round your crush for the first time in a while. And then, almost instantly, Tenga didn’t feel a fear of dogs at all anymore.

Wait… It couldn’t be… Was he feeling love at first sight—


As if on cue, the puppy began to scamper off. He didn’t have a CLUE what was going on… but for some reason, Tenga felt compelled not to let that little pup out of his sight. He chased down the street after it, grinning like an idiot all the way.

            ❝H-HEY!!! COME BACK, CUTIE!!!

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hey lances i'm so sorry if you ever felt like i was condescending to you. having watched the show now i realize you probably felt like i thought you were stupid and me joking about people taking you seriously ("you are a paragon of leadership, lance," anyone?) probably didn't help matters. i always thought it was just a joke and didn't realize the impact these "jokes" might be having. i'm sorry if any of these contributed to any issues you had. take care of yourself - your friend (i hope), pidge

PUN PUN KILL CHAN, In sprite form! That is, The Female Punisher. This is for the Super Best Friends Punisher playthrough finale. Its a late entry so heres hopin I make it into the video!

ISN”T SHE SO KAWAII? I dunno what people are picturing when they hear PUN PUN KILL CHAN but I immediately imagined both a Magical Girl and a Power Ranger, so thats what I went for. She Henshins\ Sailor Make Ups in between classes when she sees a chance to get REVENGE. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do her civilian form since I had to work today.


Seriously though,I’ve been watching Two Best Friends since Switcher was making silly Street Fighter stupidity videos, it would mean the world if I could somehow contribute to one of their videos. Wish me luck!

Follow me for more sprites and even make a request if you want!


So the Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton had their Nepali New Years party yesterday, and I just thought that since its Reclain the bindi week,that I’d contribute a bit. My culture is not a costume. You think it’s trendy? It’s not. It has deep religious significance and isnt a fashion accessory. I grew up in the whitest town ever (Beaumont, AB) and I was teased for being Hindu. When I represent my religion its stupid, but when you exploit and appropriate it for fun and fashion is okay? No. I have nothing to be ashamed of. You should be ashamed. Ps, Happy Nepali New Year! 2072 yaaay!


The other day I received a call from my agent, Tina. I was expecting her call, but that didn’t stop my nerves from kicking into overdrive when my phone started to buzz. Sweaty palms, racing thoughts, pounding heartbeat. There is not much in this world that unsettles me, but my career as a writer is definitely one of those things.

When I started my blog, over four years ago, I had one goal in mind: make people laugh. Hidden within that goal was a fear, the biggest fear I have, the fear of not being remembered. It’s vain and it’s stupid, but I want to make sure that when I eventually zonk, I can rest easy knowing I made a real impact on people. I need to know I contributed a sliver of happiness to our world with my time. Through my writing, both online and in my first book, I believe I have ~begun~ to accomplish that.

Tina’s voice was pure excitement: “Hey Shane, guess what? I have some amazing news!”

And now, I get to share that news with all of you!

I am so stoked to announce that I have recently signed two more book deals with Roaring Brook Press!

The first is an essay collection, tentatively titled “Strangers Assume My Girlfriend Is My Nurse,” which I like to describe as a sequel to my first memoir. There are so many stories I’ve yet to share with the world, stories about love, rejection, triumph, and pain. This book will allow me to do exactly that.

The second book is going to be a children’s picture book!!! Now I know what you are thinking: Who in their right mind would allow Shane near children, all he does is talk about his penis? I hear you, but in my recent traveling as a motivational speaker, I’ve discovered that children are endlessly fascinated by what it means to live life in a wheelchair. This book is going to address many of the fantastic questions that kids ask me about my disease, and my hope is that it will be a resource for parents and teachers to make disability more accessible for kids.

I’ll be writing both of these books over the next year, while continuing to run the nonprofit (words of encouragement and fast-food gift cards are kindly welcomed), and I can’t wait to get started.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me so far on this journey. I would never be in this position if not for your love and support!

SCIENCE: There were shocking scenes today in Australia as a letter was discovered that broke all previously established bounds of stupidity.

“This is amazing.” confirmed Dr. Juan Kerr, Pointless Letters science correspondent, today. “I thought I had seen it all with weak arguments to defend blacking up, space dickheads, running out of stones in the Stone Age and monstrous human-panda hybrids to combat overpopulation, but Jan’s letter fundamentally challenges our understanding of the amount of stupidity that can exist in a letter before it collapses into a singularity of utter pointlessness.”

“Mind you, someone will need to point out to Jan that birds do actually have sex with other birds.” he added. “Because they do, a lot.”

(with many thanks to Denham Sadler over on Twitter for this one!)

Digimon Adventure Tri. art countdown!

Hello, hello! As many Digimon fans know, the new season is drawing near and I’ve had an idea of this art countdown for months now and few days ago finally decided to realize it with the help of NiMi! (seriously, i can’t thank you enough for accepting to help me with this stupid idea of mine and baring with me in general)

∇What’s an art countdown? Basically you draw/write something based on the theme given each day (in this case week) to celebrate the upcoming of an event! 
This countdown is of an open type, which means everyone can participate and contribute to it! 

∇How do you participate/contribute? It’s simple, really! Just make sure you read all the rules before doing anything! To participate just draw/write something on the theme provided weekly and post it with a tag #bouken tri (and we will reblog it) or submit it to our blog!
The first theme will be given this Saturday, 3/7! The themes will be given each Saturday until we find out about the air date! Then, we will probably switch to daily themes that might be provided in advance! (^o^)

If you have any further questions, feel free to drop them in our ask box and either me or NiMi will try to answer you as soon as we can ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶

Hope this countdown turns out well, thank you for your time and have a good day!! \\\٩( ‘ω’ )و ////

this is why we can’t all get along. this is EXACTLY why. my school had a heritage program today that i participated in, recognizing every race and all that they have accomplished and contributed to our nation and our world and one stupid, ignorant student at my school decided to post this. ignorance is still here and it’s staring at us dead in the face—sometimes literally. it saddens me to know that everyone still has to fight to be equal. it’s 2015. grow up everyone.