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YO nurseydex "nice. great. perfect. fuck this." or holsom "quit it or ill bite"

Yolio, my friend.
I realized the other day that I am the shittiest in the world at writing ransom, so nurseydex it is. 

Dex was not having a good day. At all. In fact, it was decidedly bad.

The worst part was that there wasn’t anything especially horrible that happened. It was just a unch of small things, all at once. First he forgot his bio lab in his dorm, after he spent all night working on it, and the TA wouldn’t accept it late. The strap of his bag broke, and yeah, he’d been using the same one since his junior year in high school, but he had budgeted to buy a new one next month.

In an effort to make his day a little brighter, Dex decided to stop at Annie’s and splurge on himself. Bitty got him hooked on their stupid hazelnut mochas, but he rarely spent the money on himself. He barely got a sip before he spilled it all over shoes.

So, yeah, everything sucked. None of it was life-shattering bad, though, which just pissed him off more.The only thing he had to look forward to was the fresh lemon bars that he knew Bitty had set aside for him. And maybe, just a little bit, he was looking forward to the Haus, too.

He wasn’t sure when it happened, but sometime between his first semester and his third, Dex started thinking about the Haus as home. It was nothing like his actual home, back in Maine. His house was always quiet and pristine.

The Haus, though. It was always loud and messy, full of people and the weird combination of fresh pie and microwave corndogs. Some part of it reminded him of life before Michael signed his enlistment papers (and his death warrant). A little bit of that tension he’d felt building between her shoulder blades for years eased when he walked into the Haus.

Yeah, the day sucked, but he had that, at least. The only bad thing about the Haus was the Nursey seemed to love being there just as much as Dex, and what he could put his finger on exactly was when he fell head over heels in love with Nursey.  After a grueling practice one morning, they changed, like usual, in the locker room. But for the first time, Nursey noticed the small tattoo Dex had tucked under his bicep. He got this overjoyed look on his face, more excited than Dex had ever seen him look before, and that was it. That was the moment when Dex realized he was in love.

Dex hated it. He didn’t want to fall in love. He wanted to go to school, graduate as soon as humanly possible, and make as much money as humanly possible. No feelings, no drama. Hockey was his backup plan, and that’s it. No time for love, or dating, or feelings of any kind.

Among other things, it messed with his game, which means messing with his plan B. Every time he looked at Nursey, he got stupid fluttery feeling, which made him angry, which made him lash out. Lashing out ruined any sort of friendship they had, which made him even angrier. And that, all of that, translated to how they played together on the ice.

Usually, he could hide the stupid hurricane of emotions he felt whenever he saw Nursey, but he was having a bad day. He wanted the weird peace the Haus gave him and he wanted lemon bars, and nothing else.

Dex especially didn’t want to watch Nursey flirting with his stupid peer review partner. So, when he walked into the Haus and saw just that, he couldn’t help his outburst.

“Nice. Great. Perfect. Fuck this,” and walked out.

The fucking lemon bars could wait. They could barely make up for his already shitty day, let alone make up for all of the shitty things he would feel having to sit through a forced conversation with Nursey.

He barely made it four houses down frat row when he heard steps running after him. Dex didnt have to look back to know that is was Nursey. He didn’t bother to slow down.

“Dex, hold up. Dex, wait.” A warm hand clapped on his shoulder, just this side of too hard. “Dude, fucking stop.”

Dex stopped with a sigh. He turned, and seeing Nursey’s stupid face didn’t do anything to help. His stomach swooped and it made him a whole new level of angry.

“What do you want, Nursey?”

“I want to know what the fuck your problem is.” There was a look in those green eyes that Dex had never seen before.

Something in Dex broke. Any somewhat reasonable answer was a lie. It wasn’t anything that contributed to his bad day that was the problem. It wasn’t even the bad day. It was everything, all at once. It was all his stupid feelings. That was the real answer, the answer he was sick of not giving.

“What’s wrong with me is that my socks are sticking to my shoes, since I spent money I don’t have on a coffee I spilled straight away. My problem is that I needed my bag to last until next month and I broke it today. My problem is that my dick lab TA refused to take my report late, so the highest I can get in the class onw is an 89.

“My problem, Nursey, is that every time I walk into the Haus and see you flirting with whatever his name is, I don’t know if I’m more mad at him for being your type or at myself because I’m not. And my problem is that more and more I don’t know if I want to punch your stupidly beautiful face or kiss it.”

He noticed that Nursey’s hand was still on his shoulder. Some time during his incredibly ill-timed speech, he had taken several half-steps forward and was now well into Nursey’s personal space. Dex couldn’t help but look at Nursey’s face. He expected anger or maybe that same odd expression from earlier, but the small smile was a surprise.

Dex felt Nursey’s hand slide carefully down his arm, slipping solidly into his own. “You think my face is beautiful?”

Just like that, the day was forgotten. All the crap fell away and it was just stupid chirps and cute smiles and a warm hand. “Shut up, you know you’re cute.”

“Oh, no. You can’t downgrade me from beautiful to cute like that.”

Dex took another small step forward, close enough that their shirts brushed against each other. “Fine, you’re beautiful. Now, can I kiss you while I still feel like it?”

He got a small nod.

The kiss wasn’t spectacular. It wasn’t fireworks. Dex’s shoes still squelched and his shoulder was sore, but it was exactly what he wanted. And it was perfectly them.

Negative Character Development: Can My Protagonist Make Bad Choices?

Writing a good protagonist doesn’t have to be all sunshine and roses. Advice blogs often talk about letting your characters succeed and having them learn from their mistakes, but this doesn’t always happen in real life. Sometimes we make bad choices and we don’t learn from them—and sometimes this leads to failure. It is absolutely possible for character development to be negative.

We don’t often talk about this because a lot of readers like happy endings. They want to see their favorite characters end up on the path they belong. However, these don’t always make great stories. Sometimes our characters head down a path that isn’t right for them and they are unwilling to learn from their mistakes. Or they’ve been lead astray by other characters that negative influence their lives. There are many reasons why negative character growth can happen.

A good protagonist doesn’t necessarily mean that your main character is a good person. Making mistakes doesn’t make a character a bad person either. Understanding the complexities of human nature and how differently we all respond to adversity is one of the most important steps of developing a good character. Also, take into consideration privilege and circumstances. You need to decide where your story is going and how you want your characters to grow.

Here are a few ways to approach negative character development in a story:


A character can have negative growth, but there should be a reason for it. A protagonist can make bad choices and your audience will accept those choices as long as you explain why. If a character suddenly runs away from home, despite having a great life, family, and friends, your readers are going to be angry about it and not necessarily understand why. If there’s a reason, however, your audience will accept it. Explain your character’s motivations and needs!

Character Flaws

One of the best ways to show negative character development is to make their flaws apparent and visible. If your character is jealous, show how they’re jealous. Maybe this contributes to their development throughout your story. Everything you say about your character should play a part in the story. Every character should have flaws, but not every character has to learn from their flaws. 


Many characters will make bad decisions due to fear. This is an important motivating factor, so keep this in mind when you want your character to make less-than-perfect choices. I’ve done a lot of stupid things due to fear, which could have been remedied if I had taken a moment to calm down. Your character will lie to protect themselves out of fear or maybe do something more drastic in order to save themselves. Keep fear in mind.

Internal Conflict

We always have a lot of things going on in our head that we can barely explain to other people. We might have some irrational thoughts that cause us to make bad choices. You need to show this somehow and let your audience in on what’s going on in your character’s head. This will help your readers relate to your characters and understand their choices. Your character will have to make some hard decisions and it’s understandable that they might not know the right direction to go in. Make sure you show your character is struggling.

Outside Forces

Some characters make bad decisions simply because they saw other people they love and care about make those same poor decisions. They might not have had the opportunity to come out on top and that’s just the cold, hard reality of it. It might be more realistic, depending on your story, if your character doesn’t have the resources or support to be successful. It’s not always your character’s fault if they fail in someway. Take these outside forces into consideration.

-Kris Noel

Waving Through A Window

Jughead x Reader

Request: Hey could I request a Jughead imagine where the reader gets upset because she doesn’t think she’s smart enough/good enough? Based on the song: Waving Through A Window from Dear Evan Hansen

Warnings: Reader Anxiety, negative self-image

Word Count: 3,449 (promise it’s worth it)

A/N: This wasn’t originally based on a song but I’m obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen so here’s a thing. ALSO I JUST FINISHED EPISODE 11 AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. I stand by my ship of Jughead x Happiness bc BOI (this is not based on the episode, so it is spoiler free my babes)


I walk through the hallway with my head down, and my backpack slamming against me with each step to propel me forward. I don’t talk to anyone except my best friend Betty. Well, okay, she’s not exactly my best friend. Her family is a friend of my family and so in all technicality, she’s the only one I’ve got, ergo my best friend. On particularly not-so-bad days when I mumble to her in the hallway, she’ll be standing next to my long-time crush Jughead, who I would probably never be able to speak to otherwise.

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Just Tonight

This is my contribution to @wheresthekillswitch​ and @emilywritesaboutdean​ “Do It Like Team Free Will” Challenge! (Hope you enjoy!)

Warnings: Smut, a bit of fluff, and waaayy too much angst.. (sorry, not sorry)

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word Count: 1990

Originally posted by zest-wincest

All I could think about was crawling into bed and forgetting this week even happened, as I pulled onto my street. I spent most of the week hunting down the ghost of woman who was killed by her husband, and then wanted revenge on any man who ever had an argument with his wife. Yeah, it’s as stupid as it sounds. Guess it doesn’t take much to send a ghost off the deep-end anymore.

I spotted his car the moment I turned down my street, it isn’t hard to miss. Groaning, I pulled into my driveway, and braced myself for wherever this conversation was going to lead.

“What do you want Dean?” I asked as I grabbed my duffel from out of the trunk.

“To talk.” He said like it was obvious.

“Fine.” I said as I unlocked the front door.

He followed me inside, past the salt line and devil’s trap I had hidden under the doormat. Well, at least it’s actually him. Throwing my bag on the couch, I turned to face him, waiting for whatever he had to say.

“Look, Y/n, I’m sorry. This past year, I’ve- I’ve screwed up, big time. I never meant for that to happen.” He apologized.

“Yet, here we are, Dean. What do you expect from me? You want me to welcome you back with open arms? Well, sorry, I’m fresh out of those.” I said, folding my arms across my chest.

“I wish I could take everything back, I really do, Sweetheart.” He stepped forward, “I didn’t know what else to do. Sam was gone, you shut me out. Lisa was my only option.”

“No. She wasn’t. She was the easiest option.” I shook my head. I wasn’t angry, not anymore. “Dean, I didn’t shut you out. You shut me out. For days, I tried to get you to talk, about anything, but you weren’t having any of it. Then one day, you say you’re going to grab food, and you never came back. That was low, using the same line my father used when he abandoned me and my mother. I was devastated. Don’t try and justify it, you knew what you were saying when you left.”

“I know. I’m sorry, that was the worst thing I could have done-”

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take this burden - part 14

[ yours truly - post malone ]


He Tian shot Jian Yi a text telling him they’d stopped for the night, sending him the name of the hotel and the number for their room.

Jian Yi’s response was:

‘I just won twenty bucks.’

‘I leave for one night and you start gambling?’

‘Something like that.’

Mo Guan Shan watched in bemusement as He Tian called the front desk and ordered 14 beers.

The girl that had been tasked with that order brought it in two ice buckets.

He Tian tipped her enough to spend a day shopping and thanked her, leaving her in hallway in shock, wondering if she had to tell her manager or got to keep it all.

He Tian set the buckets on the floor, opening them both a drink.

‘Let’s go to the pool.’

‘I told you I don’t have a suit.’

‘So wear your boxers. If anyone comes to complain I’ll take care of it.’

‘What if there are other people down there?’

‘Then, god forbid, people we’ll never see again see your dick.

‘I don’t know…’

‘Shut up. We’re in vacation, act like it.’


‘There’s a hot tub…’

‘I’m in.’ Mo Guan Shan replied instantly.

‘God, you’re easy.’

They both smiled.

He Tian grabbed some towels and ushered him from the room.

The pool’s patio was mercifully empty.

He Tian sat the beers he’d brought on the edge of the pool, stripped, and lowered himself into the water with a groan.

Mo Guan Shan reached down to remove his shirt, stopping suddenly, remembering the situation under his shirt.

He Tian caught on quickly.

‘I can redo the wrap back in the room.’

Mo Guan Shan looked away.

He’d been thinking about the bruises.

‘I won’t look.’ The man in the pool promised, turning his back.

Mo Guan Shan took a deep breath, studying the muscles in He Tian’s shoulders as he submerged himself in the clear water, wishing he could be so comfortable in his skin.

Fuck it.

He undressed under the nearly nonexistent light of the new moon and joining him in the water a few feet away.

He Tian turned to look at him, his wet hair fell on his forehead, his dark eyes reflecting the gentle waves they caused.

He Tian studied him, breaking his promise.

The cool blue light from the pool leached the red from his hair and the brown from his eyes.

He seemed impossibly pale, the dark bruises in stark contrast.

Mo Guan Shan took a small step back, ashamed.

He Tian didn’t look away.

‘You are beautiful.’

Knowing He Tian wasn’t looking for an argument he whispered back.

‘So are you.’

He meant it.

Before they could take that any further, Mo Guan Shan splashed him.

He Tian stumbled back, wiping his eyes and spitting out the chlorinated water.

‘Oh, it’s like that, huh?’

‘Yeah, it’s like that.’ Mo Guan Shan informed him.

He Tian lunged for him, pushing him under the water.

Mo Guan Shan emerged, sputtering.


He shoved him roughly, laughing as he lost his footing and went down.

He Tian grabbed him by the upper arm, pulling him close with the intention of dunking him again.

They froze, bodies pressed together, lips inches apart.

Mo Guan Shan let out a small sound of surprise.

He Tian released him, taking a step back and holding his hands up in mock surrender.


Mo Guan Shan looked away, embarrassed.

‘Truce.’ He agreed.

He Tian shook the hair from his face wading to the edge and grabbing them each a drink.

They leaned against the rough concrete.

‘It’s not-’ He Tian began, his tone heavy with the beginning of a serious conversation.

Mo Guan Shan pushed off the wall.

‘Later.’ He said softly, pulling himself out of the pool and making his way to the hot tub.

‘We’ll talk about this later.’

He Tian nodded, following him.


They sat in the warm water, working their way around the uncomfortable moment, enjoying the drinks, the warmth, the company.

Mo Guan Shan trying to will away his erection.

He Tian trying not to stare.

‘So, what’s it like to own a business?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.

‘It can be a little stressful, but i’ve successfully hired people much better at dealing with things than I am.’

‘Well, that sounds like a good move.’

‘It’s gone well so far.’

‘If you don’t mind my asking, how did you afford it?’

‘The club?’

‘Yeah. It couldn’t have been cheap.’

'My parents, have money. I guess you could say I took out a loan.’

'It’s really impressive.’

'Borrowing money from my parents?’

'No, buying a business. Taking that risk.’

Oh…well, it’s hardly on the strip.’

'Don’t do that.’

'Don’t do what?’

'Downplay your accomplishments. Turn down compliments. I don’t buy that humble shit for a second.’

He Tian smiled, caught off guard.

'Alright, then. Thank you, I put a lot into it.’

'That’s what Jian Yi told me.’

'He’s got you all clued in about me, doesn’t he?’ He Tian’s asked with smile.

'He’s told me some.’

'But he didn’t tell you how we met?’

'From what you told me yesterday I assumed through work.’

'Well, you’re not wrong.’

'At your place?’
He Tian took a drink, choosing his words carefully.

'At his.’

Mo Guan Shan furrowed his brow, trying to make sense of that.

'Were you hurt?’

Something like that.’

He Tian looked like he was beginning to regret bringing it up.

Mo Guan Shan waited to see if he’d continue, not wanting to push him.

'When I met Jian Yi and Zhan Zhengxi, I was… an idiot. I did stupid things with stupid people. I got in too deep.’


He Tian nodded.

'A contributing factor.’

'Do you still…’

'God no. Never again. I mean, I still smoke pot from time to time.’

'Really?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, expression difficult to read.

'Yeah…sorry, is that weird? Should I not have said that?’

Mo Guan Shan smiled.

'It’s not weird, I do too. Don’t tell Zhan Zhengxi.’
He whispered the last part conspiratorially.

'It’s ok, I get it from his boyfriend. You have NOT had fun until you’ve gotten high with Jian Yi.’

'Really? I thought I was having a pretty good time tonight. Maybe I should reconsider?’ He teased.

'Maybe so.’ He Tian laughed.

There was a stretch of contented silence while they both took a drink.

'I’m having a nice time too.’ He Tian assured him.

Mo Guan Shan opened his mouth to respond when the glass door to the patio opened and a young man awkwardly stepped through it, clad in an ill-fitting hotel uniform.

'I’m sorry…’ he began, clearly uncomfortable.

'The pool is closed.’

'Do you take bribes?’ He Tian asked.

'It’s also monitored by video surveillance…’

'We’ll be out in a few minutes, if that’s ok.’ Mo Guan Shan flashed the kid a smile.

He nodded quickly, turning on his heel and closing the door behind him, flustered.

'Maybe you should be a bouncer.’ He Tian suggested.


'You can just charm people into leaving, you little flirt.’

'Not everyone can be as intimidating as you.’

'It’s a gift.’ He Tian agreed.

They stood, carefully exiting the tub, wrapping towels around their waists, and scooping up their clothes.

On the way back to the room, they shared an elevator with three giggling, whispering, college aged girls.

This was clearly something He Tian was accustomed to. (which wasn’t much of a surprise considering how he looked shirtless.)

Mo Guan Shan…not so much.

Not because it doesn’t happen, but because he’s oblivious to most things of that nature.

The front wall of the elevator was mirrored because, obviously, people that stay in nice hotels need to see their reflection as often as possible.

Two of the girls watched them unashamedly.

The third stared resolutely at the ground.

He Tian took Mo Guan Shan’s hand, lacing their fingers together and leaning in to gently kiss him on the cheek.

Mo Guan Shan tightened his fingers, joining the girl in studying the filthy carpet to avoid watching himself turn bright red.

The girls went quiet for the fifteen seconds it took to get to their floor.

He Tian fought a smile as door closed behind them.

Mo Guan Shan wanted to ask him why on earth he’d done that, but didn’t need to.

'I thought that might shut them up.’

'You were right.’

Four more floors passed and the doors slid open.

Mo Guan Shan let them in the room and told He Tian he was going to go clean up.

He turned the shower on and stepped into the cool spray, telling himself the hot tub was the reason he was so painfully overheated.

Issues- Part Seven

Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count- 2,392

Please read previous parts-HERE


Part Seven

So turns out I would of been better having anyone but Joey show me around. I couldn’t call him fat Joey. It just seemed fucking rude.

If he wasn’t shoving any kind of food he could get his hands on into his mouth he was pretty much falling asleep standing up. To be honest I was pretty shocked the Negan let him get away with it. He must trust him.

Pretty much everyone else worked their arses off. You’d be a fool not to see it.

I wish Negan would let me contribute.

Work here.

Do something useful.

The fact that he said he would think about it was something but I wasn’t stupid enough to think he would say yes. Lower those expectations.

Having enough of my time with Joey I suggested we should head back. Apparently this was ‘a great idea cause man I’m tired’…. Yeah.

A sound I had not heard for years caught me of guard. Heels?

Confused I looked up as a tall, skinny brunette in a tight black dress came around the corner. Woah.

Why would she be… and then it hit me she was one of Negans wives. Wasn’t she?

He made them dress up like that? Fucking hell.

The expression on her face was a mix of nervousness and basic bitch face.

You know like those girls in school that walk the halls thinking they are better than everyone else when in fact they’re just scared that one day they will fall to the bottom from this imaginary pedestal they had placed themselves on.

Totally not bitter that you were a bit of a loner in high school.

Well being a sheriffs daughter will do that to a reputation plus everything with Mum. No one wanted anything to do with me really then. Fuck.

Joey eyed me as we took the corner the brunette had come from. 

Why did he make them wear that? 

Is that what he was into?

I couldn’t wear that. Not now. I mean its the fucking apocalypse!

“What’s your deal anyway” Joeys voice made me jump a little bit as I had been in my own head a little too much thinking about him.

“Sorry?” I asked confused.

“With Negan” Where would I even start with that?

“What do you mean?”

“Its weird” he said as he pulled a mint from his shirt pocket, blew on it and popped it in his mouth. How long had that even been there? Gross

“Right cause your not one of them” he gestured to the girl who passed. So I was right then, she was one of his wives “and you get extra benefits, just like the boss himself which is not the norm around here, like ever” he awkwardly laughed.

“I don’t know how to answer that” I told him “Maybe you should ask Negan” I’d love to a fly on the wall for that conversation for sure.

He choked on his mint as he laughed “Fuck off I would rather keep my head intact” thank god he recovered because the thought of having to perform cpr was not something I wanted to be doing.

“He treats you differently” He said once he finally recovered “did you know him before?”

“The zombies?”

“Yeah” he nodded his head.

“No I first met him like a week ago? Something like that” feels like months.


I couldn’t help but agree.

How had so much happened in only that amount of time? Its the apocalypse life changes in a split second.

We crossed the cafeteria in silence as people around us shouted and ate. Was this room always so loud?

I could feel everyones eyes on me again but it didn’t feel as bad as yesterday. 

Maybe I was getting used to it? 

Did I want too? 

Not really, I’d rather they just stopped. That would be nice.

“They talk about you” he finally spoke as the door flung shut behind us, shutting out the sounds of the cafeteria.

“The wives?”


“Oh” Why?

“Since you got here, actually maybe a few days before that he hasn’t seen them, thats pretty unusual” he was looking out of the corner of his eyes at me as I processed the information “Normally a couple of times a day. At least” god.

“So they hate me?” I felt a little panicked. Should I be worried they were going to come after me because he wasn’t paying them the attention like he apparently normally did?

“Fuck no, I mean maybe one who’s a bit of a nutcase when it comes to Negan, Like one time she actually had a meltdown cause she didn’t think he thought she was as sexy as the others, but the others have been relieved I think”

Why would they be relieved? So they didn’t want to be his wives? I don’t understand.

“I’ve never known him spend all night with them, I mean I guess it might of happened but I normally stay outside of his room all night, until recently”

“And now your watching my door?” I guess now I get why he’s so tired. Poor guy. Now I felt kind of bad for thinking he was lazy when in reality he has been up all night. Damn.

“Yep” he bit down on the mint. God he is going to break his teeth. And now I sound like a Mum. Fuck. I wonder if Negan had a dentist here? He had enough people the chances were high I guess.

“Does he come in my room every night?” I knew he did but it would be nice if someone confirmed it without me having to ask him.

“Yep, normally for like an hour or so, apart from last night” he gave me a knowing look. He probably thought you’d had sex with him. I mean if we hadn’t been interrupted it probably, defiantly, would of happened. God I wish it had.

“I’m not going to be one of them” I told him. Because I wasn’t, right? Right.

Truth be told the entire time we have been walking around the compound that man, with his sexy fucking lop-sided smile has been playing on a loop in my head.

Joey opened a door that lead us back outside. The only thing out here was five motorbikes parked to the side. 

The air smelt like the dead. Likely from the live security wall or whatever it was called.

“Oh damn it” Joey muttered and bent down to tie his loose shoe lace that had come untied when a commotion at a door over the court yard took me by surprise.


Oh my god.

What is he doing?

Y/n” he said looking at me shocked. What is he doing? Oh my god has he escaped? Fuck Negan is going to kill him

“What the fuck Daryl?” I stepped backward “What are you doing here?”

“Errrrrrrr” Joey slowly stoop up looking between the two of us. What was he going to do?

Before anyone could say another word Daryl stormed over and with a metal pipe, I hadn’t even realised he had been holding.Raising his fist he went to smack Joey on the head.

“No!” I jumped in front of him, almost a second too late. The bar smashed the side of my face as Daryl tried to stop his arm moving once he realised I was now in the firing line of it.

My face instantly began to throb. Fuck me.

“Oh fuck Daryl!” That was going to leave one hell of a bruise!

“Im sorry, I’m sorry” he tried to touch me but I backed away from him.

“What are you doing? You need to back to your room before Negan knows you’re out” I touched my face and saw blood on my hand. Oh fucking hell.

“What?” He looked at me confused “Didn’t you put this under my door?” He gave me a piece of paper and a key.

“No, I’ve been with him all morning” I pointed at Joey who was just starring wide eyed. Who had given him that?

Daryl you need to get back to…”

“What happened to you y/n?” Jesus’s voice made me jump. Fucking hell.

“What are you doing here?”  Had he let Daryl out? How would he of gotten the key?

Holy shit.

Daryl looked at me with that same shocked expression.

“Come on” he tried to grab my hand “We gotta be quick”

“No, I can’t” I shook my head. He had saved my life before but this time I had chosen to be here. The only thing I could do was cover for him. Can you? Fuck!  “You have to go Daryl”

“Y/n” he begged. His voice almost made me cave and go but how could I leave here. How could I leave Negan?

“Daryl please let me be” I shook his hand off my arm.

“Why are you even here y/n?” He asked with a small amount of anger.

Daryl” Jesus spoke obviously wanting to get out of here as soon as he could “We have to go”


“Just go back to your room Daryl” Please.

What do I do? 

I didn’t want someone to think I had let him out. I am pretty sure that was a mighty big no no in Negans rules. 

“We can go home” But this is my home now?

“Go back to your room Daryl, don’t make me say it again, please

“I’d listen to my girl, she’s real fucking smart”

At that all of us turned around to see Negan standing with Lucille over his shoulder. I stopped breathing.

Men began pouring out from the door behind him.

Well this isn’t going to be good. Is it?

“Your girl?” Jesus bravely repeated. Fuck.

I couldn’t look at either of them.

The piece of paper and key Daryl gave me I quickly shoved into my jeans. 

Hoping that Negan hadn’t heard that part of the conversation. Who had given that too him?

“Joey, take y/n to her room” his eyes were on Daryl, like a laser. Not moving. He looked so angry and it scared me.

“Negan..” I needed him to be calmer.

“Don’t make me say it again y/n” he faced me, finally seeing what had happened to my face.

“Did you do that?” He looked at Daryl who suddenly went silent and looked like he was shaking “Damn baby

I noticed that his men had cornered Jesus and Daryl into the court yard now. There was no way of them escaping.


“Joey take her to see Doctor Carson”

Joey pulled me back wards by my shirt as Negan stepped towards my friends, ex-friends. God I don’t even know anymore. I guess now I’m technically the enemy.

Please Negan” he turned to look at me again. Anger was pouring off him and in a wrong, wrong way it was kind of turning me on. Now is not the time for that y/n.

“Go baby, you need to get that looked at you” he came close to me again, running his ungloved finger down my jaw “You might need stitches” and then he bent his head and knew what he was going to do the moment before he did it. He pressed his lips against mine softly.

In front of his men. 

In front of Daryl and Jesus. God what were they going to think of me now? 

“I’ll see you tonight y/n, go

I knew it was pointless saying anything else. 

Dropping my head I let Joey lead me over to the door Daryl had come through.

Negans voice was booming in pure anger. As the door slammed shut behind me I sagged to the floor as voices started shouting.

“Y/n” Joey said but I wasn’t moving.

I heard it.

That sound was unmistakable.

He just hit someone with his bat.

Someone just died.


That night when he came to my room I pretended to be asleep.

“Y/n I know you’re awake” My face was throbbing but I tried not to move. 

Negan was right I ended up having to have three stitches in my face and good god was it fucking hurting right now.

Maybe If I just stay silent he will go away and leave me alone.

“Y/n” his hand nudged my shoulder.

“Go away” I mumbled covering my head with the bed sheet.

“Ex-fucking-cuse you” he sounded offended.

“I’m not talking to you right now” I sounded like a grumpy teenager again.

Him laughing at what I had said made me angry.

Suddenly sitting up I bit out “And whats so fucking funny Negan?”

“Watch how you speak to me” he said with authority.

Staying silent I just stared at him in the dark.

“And why exactly are you not talking to me

I was silent for a minute “You killed him”


Crossing my arms over my chest I could feel tears begin to form in my eyes. You will not cry. Not in front of him. Please don’t cry.

“He’s not dead” he said taking off his black leather jacket “Your precious friend Daryl”

He’s alive? My heart began to race.

“Don’t lie to me”

“I swear on my fucking life doll”

“But I heard….” Oh god was it Jesus?

“You heard what?”

“The bat hit….”

“A walker came in following that Jesus guy who broke in, idiot left a hole in the fence and they just walked on in like they owned the fucking place” He did what?

“What did you do to them then?” God I hope Daryl is ok.

“I’m not going to lie to yah sweetheart I roughed him up a bit, my men roughed him up a bit but he will live” oh thank god. I swallowed and shut my eyes.

“And Jesus?”

“Is on his way back to the hilltop” He let him go?

“You just let him go?”


“So he got roughed up too?”

“Can I stay?” He asked ignoring my question. I’ll take that as a yes.

Nodding my head I moved the blankets over for him to join me.

This time he removed his boots along with his jeans before getting into bed.

Wrapping his arm around me he said so quietly I almost didn’t hear it.

“I didn’t kill him for you”

And just like that my heart fluttered.


Sorry this wasn’t out sooner but it took me longer to get it perfect and I dint want to post something that wasn’t right. Let me know what you think <3 xxxxx

Next chapter things are about to become a little (lot) steamy ;)

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged in future parts :) <3


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Daddy Issues - Part Two

Description: Yeah like you got daddy issues.

A/U: This was an emotional rollercoaster to write, so I’m praying y’all feel the same. Also, there are a lot of the y/n y/l/n like things in this. I was under the impression I could change additional ones but it won’t work for me. If you know how I can fix it please message me!

Word Count: 4,893

<< Part One

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Catching Up With Star Trek IV’s True Hero: the Unkind Punk on the Bus
In 1986, Kirk Thatcher gave Captain Kirk the bird. Now, he gives us the behind-the-scenes story of the most punk-rock moment in 'Star Trek' history.

But portraying “Punk on the Bus” would turn out to be Thatcher’s most lasting contribution to The Voyage Home. He and Nimoy had grown chummy during filming, so when the filmmakers were looking to cast the punk, Thatcher lobbied the director to get the role. “I told him, ‘Look, I used to have a mohawk, and I’ll dress the part—you won’t recognize me,‘” Thatcher says. “Leonard said, ‘Huh, really,’ in that deep, basso profondo way. I couldn’t tell if he thought it was a stupid idea.”

Nimoy kept Thatcher waiting for more than a week before giving him the go-ahead, prompting Thatcher to dye his hair orange, shave the sides of his head, and go shopping for punk gear in clothing stores on Melrose Avenue and in North Hollywood. When he finally showed up to the set in costume—complete with dog collar, fake nose piercings, and leopard-print Converse sneakers—one of the first people he bumped into was Trek costar DeForest Kelley. “He looks me up and down real slowly, and with that kind of southern laconic drawl, he just says, ‘Nice shoes,'” Thatcher remembers.

I had no community of lesbians nor knew any out lesbians growing up. I had to learn shit on my own and somehow, I never ended up having the idea that lesbians were mean overlords and supposedly oppress bisexual women for liking men and are more misogynistic, etc. I never had the idea that women who fucked dudes could be lesbians as long as they were fucking women too.

I think a lot of you need to do some digging and find out why you have the ideas that you do and why you expect lesbians to accept them and say nothing when they contribute to making our lives hell. Instead of assuming lesbians are being “mean” for the sole purpose of hurting your feelings like you want everyone to think just to not have to do any damn work, why don’t you ask yourself if what you’re saying is stupid harmful bullshit.

A/N I think they’d make a pretty good salty pair, don’t you think so too?

Tired of Your Shit Guys - Hinata + Kirigiri

Perhaps the most unexpected development that came from the New World Program was the camaraderie formed between Hinata and Kirigiri.

It was as much of a bond as a pair of people complaining about their unhelpful classmates, which basically summed up their relationship or friendship or whatever you call this. Point was that they were getting along well, surprisingly well in fact.

“You don’t know true suffering unless you’ve been in a class trial with Komaeda.” Hinata started with an exasperated sigh. “He tried to get us all killed. More than once!”

“But at least he provided the necessary clues when needed.” Kirigiri calmly refuted. “He’s… problematic but useful… unlike some people.”

“Well yeah, but he’s an ass to deal with.” He grunted. “And don’t get me started with the rest of the class. I swear they’re not even trying anymore sometimes.” His hands held tightly onto his head as he recalled, “When Owari kept bringing up Komaeda’s front tail, I swear I was this close to losing it.”

“Hmph, but there have been times that they offered valuable insights to which you consented, right?” Kirigiri questioned him.

“Yeah, I guess… sometimes.” He replied with a shrug.

“Our class is worse. Much worse.” Kirigiri boldly declared and although it was a humiliating fact, the way she said it made it sound like she was almost proud of it. “We never once agreed with each other. We were always out to disprove the false statements spouted.” She flipped her hair. “And by we, I mean just Naegi and I. We were the only reliable ones there. Everyone else just contributed to be objected upon.”

“Ouch. That’s harsh.” He commented.

“I’m only stating the truth.” She nonchalantly replied. “You don’t know true stupidity unless you’ve been in a class trial with Hagakure.”

“Oh, you mean that fortune-teller guy? But isn’t he a member of Future Foundation now?” Hinata pointed out and then rebutted, “I mean yeah, he looks pathetic but he’s harmless at most. Nowhere near as problematic as Komaeda.”

Kirigiri turned to him and deadpanned, “We had to convince Hagakure that I wasn’t dead.”

“Okay, but–”

“While I was right there.” She cut him off, her tone flat and devoid of emotion. Gone were all the fucks she’d give. “In the class trial.”

“…” He stared at her dumbfounded. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out at first. He closed it and thought of what would be the most appropriate response to such stupidity. He gave up. “Alright, you got me there. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve heard.”

“I’m glad you agree.” She nodded in satisfaction. “Perhaps that was the most trying test of my patience.”

“I’d probably just punched him so he’d figure it out himself just how real and alive I am.” He suggested with a chuckle.

“He’d most likely think it was the work of aliens.” She calmly refuted.

“Aliens?” He stared at her in disbelief. “Seriously? Not even ghosts?”

She shrugged and explained, “He claims that he doesn’t believe in the supernatural.”

“But he believes in aliens.” He couldn’t believe what he was saying. “What the hell?”

“Welcome to my life.” She let out a tired sigh.

“I’m so sorry to hear that.” He gently patted her on the shoulder, sympathetic.

At the end of the day, they’d somehow find themselves with each other, ranting but also bonding.

Bad Bob drops his gloves and takes on the press

”I just have this wonderful image of Bob getting so fucking fed up with how the media treats Jack. Acting like they’re somehow entitled to Jack’s life, to Jack in general, scrutinizing everything, constantly bringing up his overdose like they know anything about it. So here’s how I see everything going down. 

(this ended up a lot longer than I planned.)

  • Jack and Bitty have been out for a little while, and the press is, of course, being dicks because when aren’t they when it comes to Jack
  • Bob is fucking furious. Jack is finally happy and in a good place and the press is still going after him like he murdered someone
  • And he just does not understand why he himself is so glorified??? Jack almost died on his watch??? why are they all acting like Jack is a disappointment??? Jack literally almost died????
  • So Bob resolves to set the record straight. He talks to Jack first, of course, to ask him how much he’s comfortable letting Bob share.
  • Jack is in a good place now. A great place. So this… doesn’t scare him the way it would have a few years ago. It’s nerve-wracking, and he knows it won’t be fun, but the idea doesn’t make him shake.
  • Jack looks Bob right in the eye and says; “Say what happened from your point of view.”

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Green-blooded Bastards: An Argument Against Hemocyanin

Originally posted by georgetakei

A counter-argument to a fascinating discussion that blossomed from @storiesfromstarfleet‘s kickass headcanon on Vulcan skin tone. Namely, why it’s not more green.

That spawned an analysis of the differences in hemoglobin and hemocyanin, and raised the burning question, “If Spock’s blood is really copper-based, shouldn’t it be blue, instead?”

I won’t be rehashing the entire conversation. My friends @elsa-lost-in-translation, @outside-the-government, @starshiphufflebadger, and @gracieminabox each made some excellent points, which you can read if you follow the links. 

I’m here to tell you, in a word -


Spock’s blood is green, dammit, and his skin is… well, what we see in TOS. Fleshy-pinkish-yellow-funky-almost-jaundiced-looking-greenifyousquint.

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anonymous asked:

I wish to challenge you to a tear off can you make me cry with mihawke zoro or law accidently making their s/o cry..(THIS IS SO NOT ENZY WEARING A NINJA MASK-poofs-)

(I don’t know if it made you cry but I tried *shrug*)

Dracule Mihawk: He didn’t mean it. He really didn’t mean it. He just… No. He couldn’t be making excuses. He said what he said and there was no stopping the tears that came down your eyes. No matter how long the trip was or how physically tired he was, he should have accepted your grin, embrace, and kiss on the cheek but no. He usually was a refined individual but he just… snapped.

“I don’t have time for your idiotic troubles and useless affection. Leave. Me. Be” was definitely not something he should have said to the person that he cared about the most in this world. He knocked on your door, trying to keep his composure. He wouldn’t beg, he wouldn’t apologize over and over, he wouldn’t-

His thoughts were cut short as the door creaked open. He peered in with narrowed eyes at seeing your room untouched. That’s odd. He was sure you were in here. He shut the door and started his long search for you through the castle. With the more rooms he searched through, the more frantic he became. He heard a howl when he passed the window and leaned out to look at the forest that surrounded the castle. It had gotten late and dark and his grip tightened on the windowsill and he ran to the library to grab his coat, determined to look for you. You wouldn’t have gone out there, would you?!. He stopped in his tracks when he heard a small whimper. he walked into your room again where he heard the whimper and went over to the wardrobe. He opened the doors and his hands gripped the handles tighter.

You were sitting at the bottom of the wardrobe, curled up with your cheeks stained by your tears. You knew that it was him but you refused to look at him. He called out your name softly before holding his hand out to you. The stillness that followed made him more on edge than any battle or any opponent ever had. He didn’t pull his hand back, however. He would wait. If you were to put your hand in his, it would give him a small spark of hope that you would forgive him. If you didn’t… He would just try harder…. If you allowed him too…

Roronoa Zoro: He knew he was a bit crude and blunt but he never wanted to hurt your feelings. He didn’t even realize he had hurt your feelings. He didn’t mean his words. He didn’t even know what came out of his mouth until he noticed your glossy eyes.

“You’re so annoying. Go bother someone else for a while.” He shouldn’t have muttered that to you. You of all people. The only one who had actually tried to get to know him and to open him up. He was annoyed at himself and he recklessly let that out on you. He was about to turn around to start his training when he noticed how your head fell forward in a sad attempt to hide the tears pooling in your eyes. His mind processed what he said and his expression showed his panic and horror.

“O-Oi- (Y/N)!” He had reached out to you but you excused yourself and rushed out. He cursed to himself and grabbed the towel that was around his neck. He slammed it against the couch in the crow’s nest and threw on his shore before going down the ladder. He turned his head left and right to look for you and once he found you being ushered away in the arms of Nami, he stepped forward to your direction. He let out a grunt as his back hit the mast behind him. He glared and gritted his teeth at the pissed off cook in front of him that had kicked him away from your retreating form.

“Sanji! What are you doing?!” Luffy called from the railing where he was fishing with Usopp and Chopper. The latter already on their feet in shock. The cook ignored the call of his captain as his hands gripped the fabric around the swordsman’s collar.

“You stupid marimo! You were blessed with having (Y/N)-san by your side yet you made them cry?! You really are ungrateful! They could do much better yet they chose you! It was you that made them cry!” Zoro’s glare wavered as his words, for once, affected him harshly. He had promised to keep you happy. The force of feeling like a failure hit him hard. He was pissed. Pissed that he was the one that caused all this. Pissed that he was getting scolded by the stupid curly brow. Even behind all his anger though…. The hurt that filled him when he realized that you were below deck crying because of his words overpowered any other emotion.

Trafalgar Law: He stared at your trembling form, his fists clenched at his sides. With every soft sob and whimper that left your lips, he felt more anger towards himself. He hated seeing you cry and being the one who caused it made it even worse. The words he spat at you went over and over in his head. Everything he did was calculated and thought out but the words that came out of his words were anything but that.

“Quit interfering! You’re not strong or reliable and I can’t spend precious time protecting you all the damn time!” He yelled during a heated moment in a rather important argument. You just wanted to be more help in fights. You wanted to be helpful in fights against enemies but your protective boyfriend didn’t want you to get involved in, what you thought, fear for your safety. The words he yelled at you conformed every fear that you had. You were human. You didn’t have any powers or any fighting skills but you still wanted to help. You didn’t want to be protected all the time. You wanted to contribute something.

He wasn’t stupid. He knew of your insecurities and demons of not being able to defend yourself. He had always told you that he didn’t mind fighting for you and protecting yet here he was, hurting you with the worst words that have slipped from his mouth. His mouth hung open slightly, his mind going into overdrive for words to soothe your pain. It went blank when he heard you take a breath.

“I know all that… I’m just a hindrance to you… All this time…” Your words hit him hard, especially at the way that you had a small smile void of any emotion. He stood frozen, unable to do anything as you walked past him with one hand covering your mouth and the other wiping a tear that had fallen from your cheek.

He stood in the middle of the room in silence, feeling uncomfortable goosebumps go up his arm. He knew that you were still on the sub (the sub was underwater at a steady course) but being alone in that room without you by his side made him sway uncomfortable. He wiped his palms against his jeans and left the room, looking for you. Had he messed everything up? Had he lost his love? No! He would apologize and tell you his words were accidental and the two of you would go back to the way you were…. Right?… You wouldn’t leave? Right?…. Right?….

even before i had a computer communication with my family was always limited because either noise shuts me out or i have nothing to contribute to the conversation anyway

so i always was in another room reading a book or something

frankly, blaming me for being on the computer a lot is stupid because what else am i going to do? at least im talking to people, reading, doing stuff and learning, even if my pursuits are always random and unorganized, but that’s just an adhd/time management problem.

everyone says tumblr discourse is the worst of the worst and true. its bad. but honestly tumblr is sooo much better for me to chill on and scroll thru bc i just follow ppl i think are cool and who dont engage w stupid discourse. but fb and twitter make me interact w ppl i know irl and i have to see them and their horrible politics on my feed and i cant unfriend/unfollow them otherwise im starting drama in my social circles like ! i had to see something on how monogamy is toxic on fb shared by some dude who fucks girls and thinks it empowers them bc at least hes not contributing to “toxic monogamy” and honestly. im tired i cant wait to graduate i dont wanna feel obligated to interact w anyone anymore

Okay so @ashes-and-glitter, @lillyndra, and I (but mostly them) came up with this idea:

  • Raphael is totally obsessed with those dramatic Spanish telenovelas.
  • like everyday at noon he is sitting down and watching his shows.
  • Simon gets roped into it bc Raphael thinks it’s the best way for him to learn Spanish.
  • Simon doesn’t realize how intense these shows are until Raphael starts shouting in Spanish at the TV five minutes into the episode. (”ESMERALDA! WE HAD HOPE! I TRUSTED YOU!”)
  • Sometime into the third episode, Raphael starts crying when Esmeralda still hasn’t learned anything (”Dios, he’s lying! IDIOTA!”)
  • Simon asks multiple times an episode to watch Star Wars instead.
  • Eventually Simon starts to understand the language and then he’s secretly into it (also Raphael is super cute when he’s angry).
  • Raphael likes to call him out on it.
  • “Are you crying, Lewis?”
  • Simon tosses a pillow at his face.
  • Simon starts telling the rest of the gang about it and casually dropping references into conversation and they get interested
  • Friday nights become telenovela marathoning at the Institute.
  • Everyone has their spot on the couch and they watch with subtitles. 
  • Simon and Raphael still try to watch it during the week but they have to go fight bad guys and stuff
  • Izzy and Magnus commenting on the outfits and love affairs
  • Alec and Clary always predicting what happens next
  • Jace exploding whenever their predictions are true.
  • Everyone just being stupid and happy bc yeah their lives might have sucked but they never had to deal with their father sleeping with their best friend who ended up in a coma for twenty one days after getting hit by their ex-boyfriend’s car.