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The Sweetness Of His Scent (Edward Nygma x Reader) - Fluff

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Anon asked: Okay, Eddie comes home to find the reader in a old sweater of his, and fuzzy socks watching a movie wrapped up in a blanket. When he asks them what they are doing they reply with something like “I’m getting in the fall mood.“ 

I wrote this really fast but I hope you will like it nevertheless ^w^

-Gender Neutral-

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Warnings: None, just a lot of fluff.

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a Colver 3x05 fast coda - (ao3)

“Wait! Laurel—What? What happened!?” Michaela yelled in his ear.

Oliver rubbed a hand over his eyes. How had the night come to this? “Something—I don’t know but something happened at Annalise’s. The house is…it’s…” Gone.

He’d seen the flames from blocks away, the smoke billowing up and away in dark and twisted curls. He’d—wait…had he driven in tonight or walked? Where had he left his car? 

“I got there,” he continued telling Michaela into the phone. “And the place is a zoo. Cops. Firemen. Lights blazing.” 

“Where was Laurel?” Michaela demanded. Over the line, Oliver heard her whispering, soft and fast, to her mother, giving her the quick and dirty version. 

“Inside, I think.” He couldn’t remember. It’d only been an hour ago, maybe more, probably more, but still it’d hadn’t been that long and yet he couldn’t get the details right. Couldn’t remember what had come first. “People were gathered outside. Talking about a body. They’d found her alive.” 

That had been her, right? The crowd had been talking about Laurel when he’d first gotten there, how a body had already been found. But…but wait. That had been before the phone…and he’d just finished with the phone they found they rushed out with— 

“But they got her?” Through the phone, Oliver heard a door slam and Michaela’s feet pounding down stairs. “And she’s okay?”

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