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Shipping Meme Answer Part 1

Talk about the first ship you ever had.

My first ship was Star Trek: The Original Series Spock/Kirk!  Small Mithen caught maybe two episodes on TV and was hooked.  Then I discovered that our library had novelizations of all the episodes, and I checked them out and read them over and over and over, so really my knowledge of the show comes more from those novelizations than the TV show itself.  My library also had “Star Trek: The New Voyages,” which was a collection of profic, and some of the earliest profic novels.  Nowadays many of the stories in them would be recognized for what they were, which was slash that stopped just short of a clinch, with tons of hurt/comfort and pining and emotional intensity.  I found them absolutely thrilling, for reasons I couldn’t quite explain–it was a long time ago and a very rural area, so my knowledge of same-sex relations (okay, let’s be honest, my knowledge of sex at all) was very limited.  I never would have said I thought Spock and Kirk were actually a romantic couple, I just knew that something about the way they were written was so intense and wonderful, and it felt really right.

Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life. 

The first ship I ever wrote any fic for was Blake/Avon from Blakes 7, which are basically (and deliberately) a grittier, darker version of Spock and Kirk.  I love Spock and Kirk but the canon form of them seems pretty…complete.  Like, I don’t need to DO anything, really, they’re already in their best life together.  Blake and Avon need a lot more help figuring themselves and each other out (you know, what with the fact that Avon canonically murders Blake and all that), so that was what gave me the itch to write fic for the first time, I think.

Superman/Batman will always be my most important ship–it’s going to take, uh, decades until any other ship has any chance of equaling the impact they’ve had on my life.  It was the first pairing that I’ve felt a continuing itch to write–most pairings I have maybe three or four stories in me, but Clark and Bruce are so complex and still-evolving and have so many different versions that there’s always something more to want to write, even if my energy for it has flagged in recent years. (It has been literally a decade since I started writing them!)

Kevin/Sami in the WWE is probably my third most important ship at this point.  I wrote a lot more words for Thorin/Bilbo, but really I only had two stories in me for them: one that stayed canon-compliant and explored the sadness in the canon, and one that was my big sprawling fixit fic (though that one’s maybe my favorite thing I’ve ever written, honestly).  In part because Sami and Kevin have some of that same complexity Superman and Batman do (constantly open and unfolding canon plus a weird multiplicity of backstories and possibilities), they’re only the second pairing to really truly grab me and give me just piles and piles of ideas I want to make real in fic.

No Filter

Request:  Drinking with Dean and the reader can’t help but stare unabashedly at his mouth.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 1364

Warnings:  drinking, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), fingering

Author’s Notes: Requested and beta’d by @bringmesomepie56

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Heeeeey !!! I love your blog ♥ I have a little request... *come closer*... Do you know where I can find teacher/student AU ? :3

Thanks for these requests! I hope you like them! I love this AU, so don’t hesitate to reply to this post if you want to share more!

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Student/Teacher AU 

Viktor!!! on Yuuri by casanddeanforever, Explicit, 1k
Yuuri and Mr. Nikiforov get frisky in the school’s library. HOT!

Yes, Professor? by AwkwardPotatoChild, Teen, 15k (WIP)
“Good morning! I’m Professor Viktor Nikiforov! I look forward to being with you all this semester.” Dammit! No one told me he had an accent too! And to think this was all started because I wanted some pudding! So cute!

Broken Rules by waterproofbacon, Gen, 4.2k (WIP)
Falling in love is the unspoken rule that mustn’t be broken no matter what, but when the teacher and the student come together, it’s almost impossible not to. LOVE!

Slavonic Studies by thepossessedfangirl, Explicit, 9.4k (WIP)
Yuuri sleeps with a hot stranger the night before university begins but surprise, surprise. JUST READ THIS YOU CAN THANK ME LATER

Russian for Dummies by cutthroatpixie, Gen, 2.4k
“Are you a beginner?”
Viktor was not a beginner. Viktor was the TA supposedly in charge of this study session. Viktor spoke Russian. Viktor was Russian.

I will break the ice of your heart by Madlymiho, Explicit, 26K (WIP)
Yuuri is a talented but very shy student who enters in a new university for his last year. There, he meets a coldhearted and strict philosophy teacher: Viktor Nikiforov. Despite their differences, the two of them start to get closer… Thumbs up!

This is Why You Google People by StarlightPhoenix, Gen, 2.1k
At age 27, Yuuri retired as a skater and moved to America with Viktor and Yuri, becoming a university professor while Viktor coached Yuri. Yuuri becomes a professor and they’re retired and this is so cute!!

Giving, Thanks

We recently held a hands-on pie crust demonstration at the library and were pleasantly surprised to see a variety of age groups represented in the audience, particularly several teenagers who had come on their own. As we were finishing up, I casually asked one teenage boy how old he was and what brought him to the program.

Boy: “I’m 14. I wanted to learn how to make a pie for my family for Thanksgiving. They do so much for me and I wanted to surprise them.”

Me [verklempt]

Harry — I think I’ve just understood something! I’ve got to go to the library!”
And she sprinted away, up the stairs.
“What does she understand?” said Harry distractedly, still looking around, trying to tell where the voice had come from.
“Loads more than I do,” said Ron, shaking his head.
“But why’s she got to go to the library?”
“Because that’s what Hermione does,” said Ron, shrugging. “When in doubt, go to the library.
—  J.K. Rowling, The Chamber of Secrets

Don’t have a whole lot of time for clean sketches, but I may come back to this idea someday. These sketches were actually inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago. Which seems kind of weird to me, since I’m not really a fan of Ruby Gloom. Still, the idea was too cute for me to ignore, so I decided to finally work on some sketches.

At least from what I remember from the dream, it kind of played out like a TV episode. Skullboy finds a really old book in the library that has a peculiar-looking family tree on it. He sees what looks like his name, and another that looks like Jack’s name. This prompts him to make a trip to Halloween Town. After all, who wouldn’t want to find out whether or not they came from a long line of royalty, or at least related to one? The only trouble is both names are too smudged out to confirm for sure. I don’t remember too much after that, but I think the rest of the episode was them looking through Halloween Town’s catacomb/labyrinth-like city archives to find out both who the family tree belongs to, and if they’re actually a part of it.

Don’t know for sure if I’ll come back to this or do much with it, but I may decide to make a few more sketches someday. Who knows? :U

domestic wesper would be

  • jesper almost always waking up late
  • wylan noticing but deciding to let him sleep in
  • jesper hopping around with one shoe on as he tries to put on the other, shirt completely buttoned wrong, “i’m going to be late! i’m going to be late!”
  • wylan laughing, “jes it’s fine. i’m the boss, remember?”
  • “no, no, no, i have to go.”
  • quick goodbye kisses
  • jesper racing out the door, wylan standing in the foyer holding jesper’s guns he can’t fathom how he left without, counting down the seconds until jesper realizes and comes back
  • jesper crooning at them, “what would i ever do without you?”
  • wylan rolling his eyes, but jesper beaming at him. “i meant you, wy.”
  • lots of wylan blushing.
  • slow welcome home kisses.
  • stories about their day over hot chocolate, sitting in the reading nook jan had built into the library for wylan before he knew wylan couldn’t read
  • wylan not being ashamed to be there anymore. in fact it’s one of his favorite spots in the house now. sitting beneath a big bay window, views of sunset over the canal, surrounded by pillows. an excuse to be squished against jesper’s side. 
  • what could be better?
  • domestic wesper would also be wylan playing music for jesper when he’s especially jittery
  • jesper finding his hands have stopped shaking
  • wylan loving the way jesper’s eyes are closed, the way he’s absorbing the music. so much, in fact, he almost blunders a few times
  • it’ll be jesper sharing his favorite music with wylan in return, introducing him to new things
  • lots and lots of terrible dancing around the house
  • wylan being so undeniably happy it leaves no room for embarrassment
  • and just imagine jesper waiting up at night for the servants to go away
  • because there’s a full kitchen for him to work with and he’d be damned if he doesn’t utilize the skills his mother taught him. 
  • jesper humming as he bakes (i can’t get rid of this headcanon?) because his mom did and he swears he feels her nearby
  • wylan waking up to sweets galore, “where is all of this from?”
  • “the food fairy. he heard you were a good boy this year.”
  • eating cake for breakfast and regretting it later.
  • lots and lots of sickness from too many sweets but they don’t mind because they get to lay side by side in bed while the servants bring them soup and tea and extra pillows
  • sometimes wylan would stay up to catch “the food fairy” and hear jesper humming.“what’s that song, jes?”
  • imagine jesper tossing flour at him out of spite for giving him such a start, “why aren’t you sleeping?”
  • flour fights start ensuing (i’ve used this with ninej i think but sh)
  • but also it’ll be
  • jesper teaching him how to cook
  • and wylan telling him about chemical reactions during dinner
  • “sounds like us.”
  • “how do you mean?”
  • “two substances brought together that causes sparks to fly.”
  • wylan blushing because could he be any more cheesy? probably not. “i wish i had flour to hit you with right now.”
  • and of course there’s jesper reading to wylan (how many headcanons have I done of this already???)
  • and surprise picnics in the garden under wylan’s favorite tree. don’t imagine wylan as a kid hiding behind bushes and trees to get away from his father bc i just did and it’s painful. why do i do think these things but wylan surprises jesper with them, using the recipes he taught him.
  • jesper asking despite a mouthful of food, “how are you so good at everything?”
  • and wylan appreciates this because he’s right. he’s good at most things he tries and it doesn’t matter what things he can’t do. 
  • most importantly it’ll be 
  • jesper realizing he doesn’t need chaos to give him a rush. staying in one place could be enough. is enough.
  • and wylan realizing he can be happy in the home he was once frightened of. he is safe again. he doesn’t have to hide from jesper.
  • and it’ll be jesper laying awake, studying wylan’s features highlighted by the glow of the fireplace after he’s dozed off. jesper whispering, “i think i might love you, merchling.”
  • wylan opening his eyes just enough, “you think?”
  • “YOU’RE AWAKE?” 
  • wylan grinning. “i was trying to catch the food fairy. he sings beautiful songs.”
  • “you know what, i take it back.” but the look in his gray eyes tell wylan he’ll never be able to take it back. he means it too much. jesper fahey might be is in love with him. he can flirt the pants off anyone, but no one else gets that look.
  • “well i might feel that way too.” wylan tries to sound indifferent, but his cheeks are as red as cherries.
  • “yeah?” wylan imagines that’s the expression jesper used to get when he won on the makker’s wheel. unadulterated bliss. dilated pupils; a new high. a positive one.
  • “you’re looking at me like you have a winning hand.” jesper whispers.
  • if this is what winning feels like, no wonder jesper got so hooked on chasing the euphoria of it.
  • wylan doesn’t know much about gambling, but he knows not to risk winning hands. no one ever gets lucky twice. jesper knows it. 
  • wylan having the unnerving thought, jesper wouldn’t risk this, right?
  • and his cheeks are burning so bright, and he can’t form any words.
  • jesper’s smiling at him, in the way only he does, the way that makes everything seem so much easier. even if jesper is nervous, too. 
  • do you have a winning hand, merchling?”
  • “i don’t think i’m supposed to tell.” 
  • “you can trust me.”
  • “you probably said that during all your card games.”
  • jesper rests his forehead against wylan’s. “but this isn’t a game, and i won’t ever lie to you.”
  • wylan shivers. maybe he can’t put his feelings into words, yet. maybe expressing himself will never be as easy as it is for most. but he’s enamored by jesper, jesper is where his thoughts start in the morning and end at night.
  • and i love you may be stuck in his throat, but he can still say it in other ways. 
  • “yes.” wylan finally answers and he wraps his arms around jesper, because you’re supposed to keep your winning hands close. only a fool wouldn’t. 

(i also did domestic kanej here)


Sirius is a bottom. Remus is a top.
Sirius tried topping once or twice, in the beginning of the relationship. He thought he was the one with more experience. But Remus had come back from the library one day, tired of studying and looking for some release, and he had pushed Sirius against the wall and done everything the perfect fucking way. Sirius thought he knew where to kiss and how to build up tension when HE was topping, but he was nothing compared to Remus. Remus had had a malicious look in his eye that first time, and Sirius couldn’t help but admit it: he fucking LOVED the anticipation, the sounds that would come out of his mouth, the waiting, the denial of a climax. He loved having a gag in his mouth, being told when to be quiet, when to scream, when to come. He loved being tied up, being forced to wait and watch while Remus slowly removed each item of clothing off of him. He loved being powerless, he loved having a master, he loved being controlled in every possible sexual way.
And Remus loved having control. He just wasn’t the bottom type, and loved torturing Sirius as long as possible, letting him get right to the top of the roller coaster but not letting him fall. It was fun. It was addictive. And God, he was GOOD at at. He loved watching Sirius squirm and beg, and he loved denying Sirius the right to have his release. He loved having Sirius completely at his mercy.
And between the two, everything was safe. Everything was agreed on, and they both respected the other.
And they were both happy with how things were. Really fucking happy.


Theo Raeken x Chimera!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Sexual content.
Word count: 796

“I need you all to pair up for this.” Theo insisted once you were all gathered around the small table in the library.

Hayden stood beside you, leaning against you in hopes of being paired up with you. You nudged her arm playfully while flashing her a smirk.

Like Theo had read your mind he turned towards you. “Y/N.” he began and you met his intimidating gaze. “I need you to come with me for this one.” he explained and you let out a sigh of disappointment. 

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Happy birthday Kelly🙇‍♀️
Born January 6, 1983
16 years old in 1999.

Kelly Fleming and her family moved to Littleton from Phoenix, Arizona 18 months before the shooting.

Kelly was a shy and creative girl who loved Halloween and was an aspiring songwriter and author who wrote many poems and short stories based on her life experiences.
Her mother, Dee, remembered Kelly coming home from school two months before the shooting, saying: “I’m not shy anymore.”

When the shooters entered the library, Kelly was hiding beside a table with other girls who she had been sitting with: Lisa Kreutz, Jeanna Park, Diwata Perez, Valeen Schnurr, and Lauren Townsend. At one point Dylan Klebold fired under the table, injuring Val and Lisa. He fired his gun again, killing Lauren. Both gunmen reloaded their weapons and taunted Val, asking her if she believed in God. The shooters then moved away from Kelly’s table, moving to another table where they shot Nicole Nowlen and killed John Tomlin before coming back to the girls’s table. Coming up from behind, he shot Kelly in the back with his sawed-off shotgun.

Kelly’s funeral was held at the same time as Daniel Mauser’s at the St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church. She was buried with two teddy bears in her arms. Her grave is located at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

(Source: acolumbinesite.com)
Focus! (Newt X Reader)

Originally posted by xrobbiexkayx

Today’s request comes from my really awesome friend @wethemoondaisies who asked: Newt helping you study for an exam and helping you focus, and then lose focus once you’re finished 😉

Warnings: If you don’t get PTSD from finals flashback, then you’ll just die from the fluff. (Sorry, I prolly shouldn’t be making PTSD jokes :p)

“The essay is really quite simple,” Newt explained once more. “You simply need to understand what you’re suppose to write about, and check your resources once last time.”

You groaned. You had been in this freaking library for too long now. You were tired of studying! You just wanted to… Yeah never mind. “I’m tired of looking for resources and checking them,” you exhaled, roll your eyes and letting lose another exasperated sigh.

Newt looked at you, the sort of look that often made your heart skip a beat. The way he raised both eyebrows at once and sorta just tilted his chin downwards, like are you kidding me? “It’s really not that hard, if you want to pass this college semester,” Newt started again, his pep talk failing and slipping away.

“We could… do something else…?” You asked innocently, scooting your chair closer to Newt’s.

Newt gave you another one of his looks. “Focus,” he said, scooting his chair away. “I know it’s hard to concentrate when you’re tired—”

“And when your eyes are distracting me…”

“And when my eyes are distra—wait, what?” Newt cleared his throat, his eyebrows shooting up again. “Never mind about your eyes—I mean mine, or whatever. You. Need. To. Focus!”

You blinked your head throbbing. “Newt, you just repeated yourself like five seconds ago…” You moaned, rubbing your face wildly.

“Ah… yes well, then I shall repeat myself until you finally understand the meaning of focus!” Newt expressed once more, swinging his hands around dramatically.

Newt went on to explain some things, but you were losing focus. Big time. As in, all you could think of were Newt’s bright blue or green or whatever the heck color they were, eyes. And that hair… messy and disheveled, small loose curls flopped in front of his eyes, only to have them pushed back. You studied Newt’s face some more, smiling a little. Freckles. So many of them, like cinnamon sprinkled on a cinnamon roll or something super lame and cheesy like that. You watched his lips, dang he had fine lips!

“Y/N… did you hear anything I said…?” Newt suddenly asked, pulling you out of your cheesy romantic day dream.

“Yes, and I have decided that you have a nice pair of lips, sir,” You blurted out. You quickly covered your mouth and gave Newt a blushing look.

Newt blinked and gave you a sheepish look. “I might say the same thing about yours,” Newt mumbled quietly, looking down bashfully at your textbook and running his hand through his hair to distract him. But he just glanced at you again and sighed, “Great… now I’m losing focus…”

You grinned and wiggled your eyebrows. “Maybe give up studying?” You leaned closer to Newt, who gave up resisting.

He licked his lips ever so slightly, tempted, but not entirely, as he snapped out of it and said sternly, “Now listen here, I came here to help you, not to k-kiss or anything s-silly like that!”

You took great notice at how he faulted and stumbled over the word kiss. “Fine… but finishing this all better be worth it,” you mumbled absentmindedly, turning back to your textbook.

It was quiet in the library as you worked. You weren’t aware of Newt watching you. He especially found it attractive when you tucked your hair behind your ear, or actually got enthusiastic and deep into the textbook, writing furiously and mumbling quietly to yourself.

Newt was patient, even though he himself was slowly and steadily losing all control. He rested his arms on the table and laid his head in his arms, as he continued to watch you.

It wasn’t until about two hours later, and Newt was getting sleepy, that you cried out, “Done!”

By now, most of the people in the library had left, and it was just you two, in a small section of the library hiding in a fort of research books. “Good,” Newt said, sitting up a little too fast. He patted you on the head, restraining himself from doing anything too fast or stupid.

You turned to face him. “I’ve got a little extra time before I need to go home and write…” Your voice trailed off, you looking at Newt with sweet eyes.

Newt rubbed his mouth, looking down and judging if he should do what he really wanted to do. And he decided rather fast, as his hands gently grabbed your hands and pulled you into him. “You should really learn to focus…” Newt murmured against your lips, as he felt your hands go around his neck.

You laughed softly, a hand going to his already messy hair. “I’ve got all my attention on you,” you remarked slyly, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling him even closer to you.

“Good,” Newt replied back, letting you enter into his mouth. He gave a low vibrating moan as you pressed your lips harder onto his. His mind was going crazy, as you other hand gently touched his face.

He was about to lose all self-control, when suddenly the librarian came into the room and grunted in a crackling voice, “Please, if you’re not going to study!”

You gave a sigh of annoyance, but Newt being the more chilled one said, “Sorry, ma'am, we’ll leave at once!”

After Newt helped you collect all your books and papers, the two of you left the library and into the magical night in New York City. “When can… we, uh, continue…?” You breathed, walking close to Newt.

Newt thought about it. He wanted to continue now, but he knew how to wait. “Once you’ve learned to properly focus and after you’ve written your essay.”

You smiled, taking Newt’s hand. You officially had the best motivation to finish that stupid essay. “It’s a deal.”


I wish I had motivation like that to motivate me to do stuff!! Haha, hope you liked this! ;)

Dive // Stepbrother au // 3

Bts Kim Taehyung

Au one shot part 3 ~ Im so glad you guys love this series.. But it will be ending soon +_+ Thank you for the feed back and the love, I really appreciate it. 

Part 1  > Part 2  <Part 3 < Part 4

Warnings? Smut lol~ Its about time ikr

Word count ~ 4k+

~ Step siblings au ~ (M)

It was hard to stay away from a boy whom you had feelings for before your parents even came together. Especially when the boy you needed to stay away from was playing mind games with you and constantly annoying you..

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“Alright, Dean. I told the pizza place to put Sam’s salad in its own bag so it didn’t even come near your pizza but I think–” You stopped short when you reached the entry to the library.

“Happy birthday,” Dean said with a grin. You had no words as you looked across the place, at how your boys had transformed it as best they could with streamers, a small pile of brightly wrapped gifts on the table, even a cake.

“What happened to the Christmas decorations I had up?” you asked, taking a few steps forward.

“Y/N, I don’t even know what Christmas is,” Cas replied, head tilted slightly. Sam rolled his eyes with a smile from behind him.

“The plan was to make it more about Y/N’s birthday instead of Christmas, Cas. You don’t have to act like you’ve never heard of it,” he said. 

He walked to greet you, taking the food from your hands and placing it on the table behind him. Dean made quick work of getting pizza onto plates, pushing Sam’s salad to the side. 

“I had no idea you were doing all this,” you said quietly, afraid your voice may break if you spoke in more than a whisper. Sam’s smile was radiant as he ran his hand down your arm, encircling your wrist with his thumb and forefinger the way he did, like he was your own personal watch. 

“You told me you’d never had a birthday that felt like it was just your day,” he said, matching your tone. “This is your day. I want to celebrate you.”

You covered your face with your free hand and leaned into his chest, laughing into him and feeling a new warmth, right there in the dead of December.

x x x x

Imagine Your Birthday Being on Christmas and Sam Making Sure That You’re Celebrated and Not Overshadowed by the Holiday - Requested

More imagines!

Thanks To You

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) was in the library late one evening trying to study her chemistry notes that made no sense what so ever. She was getting frustrated; Scott was sitting staring at her as she near ripped her hair out and decided he may be able to give a hand.

Word Count: 850

Prompt: -

A/N: -

Originally posted by hvproductions

Scott stared at you from across the library, he’s been watching you the past hour trying to come up with an opening line but nothing seemed to interest him. You let out a huff as you slammed the chemistry book shut, shoving it away from you. “I hate you, I hate chemistry, I hate myself.” You muttered angrily to yourself as you scribbled down formulas that you had to remember.

 You only had two down and you needed to remember six of them. Your hands made their way to your hair where you pulled out of frustration. Grabbing the book again, you opened it to the marked page and groaned. You looked around the library, realizing that it was only you, the librarian, and Scott McCall, who forced a smile towards you. He noticed the tears streaming down your face, and stood up, beginning to walk towards you. 

He sat down in the seat in front of you, looking down at the mess of notes and books surrounding you. “(Y/N), are you okay?” He questioned, his voice soft and sweet. You looked up at him through your eyelashes, blowing out a mouthful of air before shaking your head. “This subject is stupid. I hate it.” You cried, running a finger under your eyes to wipe away tears threatening to stream down your face.

“Don’t get so worked up,” He whispered, taking your notes, and sorting them out in the order that you should have studied them in the first place. “Stop jumping from one topic to another, okay?” He helped, placing the first topic in front of you, “Acids and bases 1, the easiest topic and after you look through these notes – I’ll ask you questions, and if you don’t understand anything, just ask.” He explained, and you smiled at him taking a deep breath. “Thank you,” He nodded and took out his own chemistry book opening to the chapter of acids and bases. 

An hour later, and you finally began to understand the topic – too bad there were fifteen chapters that had to be studied before the end of the year. “I used Lydia’s notes at the start of the year, and memorized them. Chemistry is probably one of my best subjects now.” Scott explained, showing you his notes that he made out a few months ago. “Can I photocopy those?” You asked, hoping he wouldn’t mind. He nodded and handed them to you. 

“You’re amazing.” You sighed, and he blushed at the words that left your mouth. You packed everything in your bag and stood up, waiting for Scott to follow your lead. You waved goodbye to the librarian and told her you’d see her tomorrow. “All prepared for the test then next week now?” Scott questioned which you nodded, “Thanks to you.”

 “Do you need a lift home?” He stood beside his motorcycle.

 “If it’s not too much,” You whispered embarrassed but thankful for all his help. He handed you the helmet and made room on the back of the bike for you. “Hold on tight,” You wrapped your arms around his torso, feeling the muscles and heat through the shirt, before letting out a squeal as he put the bike into drive.

You ran through the hallways a week later, a paper in your hand. You dodged students as you rushed to his locker, seeing him there next to his best friend. You ran right into Scott’s back, not being able to stop yourself and he turned around with a look of shock on his face. The expression turned to a loving and admirable look when he saw it was you.

“I passed, I got a C plus.” You squealed, throwing your arms around his neck and hugging him, tightly.  Stiles patted his back before walking to class but Scott didn’t even notice that. “Congrats.” He laughed, wrapping his muscular arms around your waist and pulling you closer.

“Thank you so much, if it wasn’t for you…” You started pulling away from his embrace. “I would have failed.” You wrapped your scarf tighter around your neck as Scott turned back to his locker to empty it for the weekend. “So, you don’t need to study tonight?” He questioned, and you shook your head causing his smile to falter, “But… eh do you want to…” You began, nervously shifting your weight from one foot to another, “Do you want to hang out? Maybe catch a movie?” You rushed out, your face turning red; Scott looked at you, his eyebrows raised, “Are you asking me out?” He laughed, shutting his locker.

You coughed loudly, before nodding, “Eh yeah… I think I am.”

 Scott smiled before nodding, “I’ll pick you up at seven?” A grin covered your face, and you nodded eagerly. “Great, see you then.” Scott leaned forward, giving you a quick peck on the lips before turning and making his way to the exit.

You stood stuck in your place realizing what he just did, your head whipped towards his retreating figure and a goofy grin covered your face before you ran after him and exited the school for the weekend.

Snowed In

Originally posted by claracivry

Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day Three

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Request: “ Getting snowed in somewhere with Kurt Wagner and ending up cuddling in blankets by a fireplace would be really cute if you don’t mind :)”

Warnings: None

A/N: This is kind of short, I’m sorry!

You sighed, curling up in a large, stuffed chair in the library of Xavier’s. The windows were completely white, flurries of snow blocking any view. You shivered, tucking your arms around yourself. The mansion was quite cold, even with the burning fireplace right in front of you. The blizzard outside had come up without warning, trapping you and a few other mutants inside of the mansion. Luckily, most of the students had gone home for the holidays.

You craned your neck when you heard the library door open, revealing the young mutant Kurt. He held two steaming mugs in one of his hands, carefully balanced on his three fingers. IN his other arm, he held a ball of blankets. You smiled widely as he stepped in, setting down the mugs slowly on the table in front of you.

“You looked kind of cold,” Kurt said softly. You nodded, tucking your knees into your chest.

“It is quite freezing,” you said, rubbing your fingers together. You glanced out of the windows, a couple gusts of snow whipping past the window. Another shiver ran up your spine when you thought of the relentless cold that threatened to seep into the mansion at any moment, the wind rattling the windowpanes and making the very walls creak.

“I brought some hot chocolate,” Kurt said shyly, motioning toward the mugs. You leaned forward, picking one up. You wrapped your fingers around it, conserving every bit of possible warmth from the cup. You took a careful sip, the hot liquid sweet and filling your stomach pleasantly.

You scooted aside, allowing Kurt to sit beside you. He fluffed out the blankets he had brought, tucking them behind the two of you. You grasped the corner of one, wrapping the soft material around you. Kurt took his own mug, settling back into the chair. Once he had gotten comfortable, you scooched into his side, curling under his arm. His side was warm against your cheek, your eyes half-shut lazily. You could faintly hear his heartbeat, the rhythmic thuds lulling you into a drowsy state.

The flames in the fireplace crackled and popped, sending bright orange sparks into the air. You took another sip of the hot chocolate, savoring every drop of the drink. Kurt sighed, snaking an arm around your shoulders and pulling you even closer. He made sure the blanket remained tucked around you, protecting you from the relentless cold from the blustery winter storm that raged on outside.

“Thank you, Kurt,” you said quietly.

Kurt pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head, a gentle thumb rubbing absent minded circles on your shoulder as he did so. “Of course.”

November 27: Spells

i know i missed two days i had no internet and family was in town but im back and even though i have NO CLUE what to write for this prompt im going to do my best

i love Penny


This was it. She had known this moment was coming for years. She had even spent time trying to prepare for it, scouring the forbidden and forgotten sections of Watford’s library, but it was useless.

Nothing could have prepared her for this final battle.

The competition between Basil Pitch and Penelope Bunce for top student was a slow burning, steady rivalry. Nothing like the crackling, explosive unresolved sexual tension between Basil and her best friend. Penny was quite certain Simon still believed Basil was his sworn enemy. Penny was quite certain those looks on Basil’s face were interesting combinations of love and despair.

Not that Basil Pitch wasn’t evil, in a right. The git was a vampire (according to Simon. She wasn’t quite sure if that made him inherently evil, per se, but it surely didn’t help) and he was still dangerous to Simon, as a child of the Old Families and a confused, love-struck boy.

Which is why Penny decided that her eighth year spell would be one to fix this mess.

Penelope started working on her project the first day of term. She’d dedicated an entire notebook to the task.

“Penny, what are you doing?” Simon mumbled around a butter-soaked scone. The boy had a problem.

“The eighth year spell project.” She replied matter-of-factly.

“It hasn’t even been assigned yet!” His eyes widened, and he shook his head. Penny shrugged. This project was important.


It was a week before the presentation of spells before Penny finally made some real progress. She was in the library, far past curfew, when she stumbled upon a book featuring the spell cast on Watford’s crucible. The one that casts roommates together.

She just needed to make it a little stronger.


Miss Possibelf looked uncertain, “Miss Bunce, love spells can be quite finicky and a bit dangerous…”

“It’s a soulmate spell. It’s perfect. Everyone tries to find someone at Watford, surely you know that. My parents met at Watford, you know, and I’m certain if you ask almost anyone they could say the same.”

“Have you tested it?”

“I tried it first on some rats in the catacombs-”

“And?” She crossed her arms. Penny wished Miss Possibelf wouldn’t doubt her so much, and contradict her, not in front of the class.

But Penelope Bunce wasn’t the type to back down from a challenge.

“The spell causes the name of your soulmate to be cast somewhere on your body. Which was quite difficult with rats, since they don’t really have names, or soulmates, I suppose… So Trixie offered to let me cast the spell on her and Keris.”

Miss Possibelf looked horrified. Trixie proudly displayed her ‘Keris’ tattoo, which ran across the back of her neck. Keris displayed her matching tattoo.

“It… worked?”

“Of course it worked.” Penny snapped. The nerve, to doubt Penny, one of two students with straight A’s for the past eight years.

“Well, in the final part of your presentation you’re supposed to cast the spell, but that would only work if someone is willing, in the case.”

Penny scanned the crowd. Agatha wouldn’t meet her eyes.

So she stared Simon down, instead.

This would fix EVERYTHING, if Penny was right (Penny was always right). Simon made his way to the front excitedly, following her beckon.

“Pen, this will fix everything, Agatha will finally realize that we’re soulmates, and then-”

“You’re absolutely right, Simon. This will fix everything.”

Penny cast the spell before he could finish rambling, and Simon immediately began checking his skin for the tattoo.

Penny couldn’t help but laugh as “Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch” etched itself across Simon’s collarbone.

“Pen, can you see it?”

“Yes, Simon.”

“Where?!” He was red. Everyone was silent. Baz looked like he was going to through up.

“Your collarbone.” He stumbled to the mirror in the back of the class, and froze.

Nobody said a word. The only noise was Basil’s chair flying backwards, as he stormed out of the room.

Penelope wasn’t quite sure what happened between Simon and Basil after Simon chased after him.

She does know that she secured her place as the top witch of Watford’s graduating class.

She does know that Basil couldn’t care less, what with Simon Snow’s name etched across his collarbone and Simon Snow’s hand in his.

All she knows is that she fixed everything.

“No Promises” - Charles Xavier x Student Reader Imagine

Hello again, This is one of the Charles x reader requests i received, there will be a part two if this that another non requested as smut so I’ll link this to the top of the smut post when it comes. Hope you enjoy this and as always please leave feedback and more requests in my ask box :)

*Female Student Reader

*1,555 words

*NSFW points, but not much ;)

Originally posted by blueberry-precious

Charles had found you your first year of university, you had been sitting in a corner of you university library when he had waltzed over and taken the seat in front of you. Sitting there, his beautiful blue eyes focused solely on you, with his hands laced gently together in front of him he leaned forward and revealed who he was and why he was there. Less than six months later and you were happily living at the mansion Charles had brought you too. How could you have said no too him after he explained he knew of your ability to teleport and then showed you his, speaking into your mind and then blushing a little when he began to read it and found out you had only heard half of what he had said, the rest being dulled by your detailed study of his face and “gorgeous eyes” as your thoughts had put it. Since then you had made it your mission while you stayed at the school to finish your degree to flirt and fluster the handsome professor at every possible opportunity. You did everything you could think of to entice your tutor to give you some sort of sign he felt the same way you did, and you didn’t keep your feelings to yourself, why would you; he’s a telepath, he could tell what you were thinking anyway. But every time you made an outright advance at him, he would just push you away.

When you first arrived, it was like he took you under his wing, always sitting fairly close to you when helping you study but he soon moved further away when you were sat in his office one day, him explaining the opinion of the author you were studying when you turned to him

           “You’ve got lovely eyes professor” you almost whispered, he was so close. The professor’s cheeks tinted a light pink at your remark and the closeness with which your faces were.

           “Thank you y/n, but that’s not the kind of thing you should say to your teacher.” He had managed to stutter out before looking back down at the paper and moving himself slightly away from you. You didn’t know how to react immediately. After mumbling out a quiet apology you both got back to studying.

Unidentified by you, Charles had loved you from the moment he met you. The first time he had looked through your mind, not only had he saw what you thought of him but he saw who you were, how kind you were to other people and how you seemed to only use your abilities for fun and when your alarm didn’t wake you up in time for your morning lecture. And he had only fallen more in love with you with every passing day you were in each other’s company. But it was wrong, so wrong. He was your professor; he shouldn’t feel this way about you. True you weren’t that much younger than him but still, he was your professor.  And what made it worse was that you seemed to take no notice what so ever of him denying you, in fact you seemed to revel in it, taking every opportunity you had to fluster and embarrass him.

He was teaching a class, you of coarse taking a seat at the front wearing the shortest skirt imaginable, and when he had turned around to address the class again after writing something on the board, you slowly spread your legs apart to reveal your lacy white underwear just to the professor, just for the professor. He choked on his own breath as he caught sight of the small wet patch the had formed in your underwear, just hearing his smooth deep voice talk for the past hour. He covered it up as best he could and carried on with the lecture as you smirked and crossed your legs again still showing enough of your thighs to distract him every now and again. Then there were the times when you would knock on his office door only to teleport into his office and sit on his desk as he reached the door to answer it. Him turning to see you in your cute little outfits perched on his desk smirking at him as you swung your legs from side to side your feet not quite reaching the floor. He would always compose himself and see you out of his office, only to have to loosen his tie and occasionally his trousers when the door was closed.

But after all of these months of constantly teasing Charles and getting nowhere you decided to have some real fun for a change Your best friend, Jean, had mentioned there was a beach party tonight by the lake near the mansion and with not much convincing she persuaded you to go with her and the rest of the gang. So that evening you changed into an alluring deep burgundy two piece that showed off all your best assets, slipped on a pair of denim shorts and a loose top over the top and teleported yourself and everyone else to the lake. Scott and Peter dragged Kurt off immediately to go and get drinks, Jubilee ran off to go and say hello to people, whilst you and Jean set up the towels and Ororo tuned in the radio.

The night went on and Jubilee had introduced you to some of the guys she knew that had invited her, Scott having dragged Jean off somewhere as soon as he had seen the muscled men approach both of you. You dragged both men over to where everyone was dancing and pulled them towards sandwiching yourself between them before dancing with both of them. Hoots and wolf whistles came from everyone as you began dancing the night away with the two guys and the rest of your friends. At the end of the night you said goodbye to everyone and teleported you and the other mutants back to the mansion, where you all snuck back to your respective rooms.

The next morning as you left the library to go to training Charles pulled you aside into his office.

           “Don’t think I don’t know where you all went last night” he steamed, approaching you.

           “Oh really Professor? And what are you going to do about it, we were only having a little fun!” you countered, lowering your voice slightly and stepping closer to him,smirking, challenging his stance. But Charles was having none of it, he seemed genuinely angry.

           “Stop this now Y/N! This is not laughing matter, anything could have happened to you!”

           “To any of us” you interrupted

           “Yes to any of you! But you can’t keep doing this any of this, not just the running about behind my back, the flirting, the touching and your thoughts!!” Charles was practically red in the face now as he paced up and down his office.

           “And what do you want me to do with my thoughts Professor?! I can’t help how I feel about you, not since I first saw you! And you just want me to turn these feelings off, how about you just stop trespassing on my mind!” You screamed back at him, getting angrier yourself by the second as he had the audacity to tell you not to think so loudly. Charles stood there shocked for a moment that you had yelled back.

           “ I can’t, I can’t I’ve tried so hard not to see into your mind. But theres no way to shut it off, you think so loudly and visually about me that I cant ignore it and its wrong” He finished his sentence in almost a whisper, bringing his hands up to his face and wiping them up and down to bring him back to reality.

           “Charles” you got up from the desk and stood in front of him, “You’re the only one who thinks this is wrong, I’m not a child and you’re not an old man, and I love you” you said confidently, looking deep into his eyes in an effort to convince him. Charles couldn’t take it anymore, He loved you just as you loved him, he had the moment he first peered into your mind. It was brilliant, you were brilliant and smart, and funny and he thought you were gorgeous.

           “I love you” Charles whispered, eyes almost watering as he leaned closer to you, foreheads pressed against one another, bringing his hand up to your cheek and pulling you in for the softest kiss you had ever had. You lips moved completely in sync, his hand moving round to the back of your neck to pull you in closer if that was possible, whilst tilting his head slightly, tongue poking out to stroke against your lower lip asking for entrance which you gladly gave. The kiss went on for what seemed like forever, neither of you wanting to break apart for fear of the other regretting it. When you finally did break for air he kept you close and whispered, “I love you, I always have and I always will, but for god’s sake stop teasing me in front of everyone, there is only so much a man can take” he giggled, his arms now wrapped around you.

           “No Promises”


12/07/16 Today was a super productive day! I woke up early so I could grab one of my favourite cubicles.. the view! I studied for my upcoming pathology exam (this Saturday) and I’m feeling more prepared. I had my phone turned off from the time I got to the library (8 AM) until I left (7 PM) and used the Self-Control app on my laptop. Exam season is here… please take care of yourselves - grades come second. You got this!

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1 for Gajevy please!!!

1. I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth.

Just a lil steamy Gajevy while I try to shake off the rust. I haven’t written fanfiction in a few days. 


Levy jumped at the sound of hands hitting the wall beside her head. Gajeel leaned in to fix her with a cool stare, his eyes swallowing her up in their intensity. They hadn’t been this close since…

‘You ain’t leaving ‘til you say it,’ he said, his voice ghosting through the empty library. ‘I can stay here all day if that’s what it takes.’

Levy glanced at the space beneath his arm. Being small had its perks; she could slip out of his grasp and flee without any trouble. In fact, all she had to do was scream and everyone in the guild would come charging in to rescue her. But she didn’t want that. She didn’t want the attention. This wasn’t about the guild.

This was a game for two.

Levy chewed her bottom lip as she considered a way to respond. His eyes flickered down to her mouth before shifting back up to her gaze. She noticed. 

So that’s how he was going to play it, huh? 

‘I won’t say it,’ she whispered, deliberately biting her bottom lip. ‘I’ve made it this far. I’m so close to the finish.’

‘Damn it!’ Gajeel snarled. ‘This is killin’ me, Levy.’

A smile tugged at the corner of her lips. ‘What is?’ she asked, sliding her tongue along the crease of her mouth. ‘Is this too hard for you?’

Gajeel’s lips quivered. ‘Don’t you dare.’

‘Did I stroke a nerve? I didn’t come this far to lose,’ she teased. 

Gajeel silenced her with a kiss. Levy stifled a groan as he slipped his hands down to her hips and lifted her against the wall to meet him half way. Throwing her legs around his waist, Levy slid her hands into his hair and indulged in her near-win. She could taste victory on his lips. 

‘I can’t take it anymore,’ he gasped. ‘Damn you and your way with words!’

‘Can’t take what, Gajeel?’ Levy urged, her thighs hot where his fingers grazed her flesh. ‘What is it you want, exactly?’

Levy stopped his hand before it could slide into her skirt. Gajeel’s fingers trembled on her legs. She heard his resolve crack in the shape of a laboured breath.

Gajeel kissed her again. ‘I want you,’ he breathed against her lips. ‘Bet be damned, I want you.’

Levy’s cheeks flushed. ‘I…I won!’ 

Gajeel rolled his eyes. ‘It was a stupid bet anyway.’

Levy draped her hands across his shoulders. ‘It was fun though, wasn’t it?’

‘No,’ Gajeel huffed. ‘The apron was the last straw.’

Levy grinned to herself. That morning, before leaving for the guild, she’d made breakfast in nothing but an apron. She’d expected him to cave right there and then, but Gajeel had managed to hold out until they’d reached the guild hall.

Until now, that is.

‘Cana was right,’ Levy acquiesced. We really can’t keep our hands off each other, can we?’

Gajeel stifled a laugh. ‘Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting to touch my woman.’

‘Should we head back to the house?’ Levy asked, suddenly aware of their surroundings. The guild library had never been so stifling.

'I have a better idea,’ he said, sliding a hand under her skirt to squeeze her backside. 

‘You want to do it right here?’ she gasped. ‘But the others can hear…’ Levy trailed off to the sensation of his lips grazing her neck. 

‘Compensation,’ he whispered, his lips brushing against her ear, ‘for all the problems you’ve caused me this week.’

Levy bit back a moan. ‘Was it rough for you?’

A touch of mischief misted Gajeel’s eyes. ‘No,’ he whispered. ‘But it’s about to be.’