i had to colorize it

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY CARRIE! I may not know what Lucky looks like, but I gave it my all and had fun drawing it. I know that isn’t his eye color, but since it’s my “Sunset Eyes” and I know how much Scourge says his eyes are beautiful, I thought they’d fit for the drawing. While I do have my own personal guess on who he is and what he looks like, I figured I’d put the hood on him because it would hide his face. @carriepika and @askarealscourge

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I absolutely hate the "employees should bring their own X" mindset. I worked for a guy who refused to stock the bathrooms with soap (stomach flu went around a few times, delivery guys were vomiting and having diarrhea and were NOT ABLE TO CLEAN THEIR HANDS). I had to reuse highlighters that ran out of color, filling them with water every day to the point that they didn't highlight anything but just left a streak of wetness on the paper. Box of tampons are not gonna bankrupt a freaking company.

No, it really is not. My workplace doesn’t provide hot water in the washrooms and they wonder why the flu spreads like wildfire. Like I said, a box of tampons placed on the counter near the sinks would last a long time. Most people do carry their own pads and tampons on them, but every once in a while, someone is going to need one. People aren’t going to stop carrying around their own preferred type just because businesses are offering a box of those super uncomfortable jumbo cardboard applicator tampons. I have seen and experienced the effects of not having quick and easy access to menstrual products.

As it’s a health issue experienced by roughly half the people on the planet for a decent chunk of their lives, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be provided for emergencies. The importance of hygiene should really be a given.

Finally got myself around to actually drawing something, and it’s been 20 days into the new month…and this is the first thing I do.

Decided to revamp one of my old characters that I’ve had for about five years now! I lightened up the color scheme on her, and added some extra stuff on her! I absolutely love how she looks, I will be making her a real reference here in the near future I hope!

Hazel Coco…the new and improved. So rad, so hardcore, and so gay for the ladies!