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Who Is Tim Drake's Rebirth Cellmate? We Think We Know
Tim Drake is locked up in Mr. Oz's prison with a mystery cellmate, so we break down the most likely candidates and make our definitive pick as to who

While Tim Drake’s imprisonment and subsequent journey to freedom has been documented in Detective Comics, much of the mystery surrounding Mr. Oz himself has taken place in Action Comics, which has recently gone through a continuity upheaval in order to bring Superman back to his his post-Crisis/pre-Flashpoint status quo (more or less). However, one major character was noticeably missing from Superman’s backstory: The Boy of Steel, The Metropolis Kid himself, Superboy, AKA Kon-El, AKA Conner Kent. When DC Rebirth was announced, Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns said the lack of a familiar Superboy was the first sign things had gone wrong with The New 52, so we expect him to be a big part of the Rebirth plans going forward. As for why he might be here, Kon has the advantage of being Tim’s best friend, so it would make sense of them to be able to work together to escape Mr. Oz’s clutches.

Another one of Tim’s closest friends has been missing since The New 52 — Bart Allen, AKA Kid Flash, AKA Impulse. Bart merged with The Speed Force at the end of Flashpoint to become the White Flash, and although there was a Kid Flash named Bart Allen in The New 52, it was revealed to be an imposter war criminal with no connection to the real Bart or the Allen family. Every major continuity shift in DC history has had The Flash family at the heart of it, so this would be a perfect time to bring back Kon, Bart, or the pair of them, and reunite the original Young Justice.

CBR’s been scooping around this side of tumblr, I was saying it for a long time and I wasn’t the only one.

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My first ever original Oc I was gonna make a webcomic about him and two other monster OC but I might somehow figure out how to bring him back 😂 his name was Nihil (Nihilistic meaning: the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.) He was a super depressed and anxious character that was scared of his own shadow. He had a human version that I’ll post later 👌

hazeinmoonlight  asked:

I have a friend and she want to join transformers fandom but I don't know how to start. What should I recommend her to read or watch first? Can you help me?

The Transformers franchise is so huge, made up of so many radically different series and types of media that it can seem pretty imposing to get into.

Right at this moment in time, it seems to this editor that outside of the live-action movies, More than Meets the Eye has been most successful at bringing in a huge wave of new adult and young adult fans to the brand. Though it’s just had a refresh as Lost Light, I think we all know that you wouldn’t want to start a new reader on LL #1 - the first volume of MTMTE is your best “in” route to the comics, and is a huge component of the fandom here on Tumblr. If your friend enjoys it, then there’s room for her to explore backwards and investigate IDW’s earlier output, and maybe even go back further to the Marvel stuff.

Besides MTMTE, the Transformers Prime animated series seems the safest bet. Arguments about the direction the series took aside, “Darkness Rising” is still legitimately one of, if not the greatest Transformers animated series premiere ever, and still enjoys a significant following on Tumblr that from what I’ve seen certainly seems to eclipse the content related to other high-ranking shows like Animated. 

Day 7: Putting arm around/Rubbing armThee old yawning move~ Works everytime! ;D

Some more of the Teacher!AU (because I saw a Spamano picture on Tumblr that really reminded me of it, so I thought I should bring it back just for funnsies~)

And UGGGHHH!! Here appears my lazy comic style once again! Sorry for the sketchiness!! I had no time to get a completed comic done, so this is the least I can do ;;3;;

here’s a post about trans girl steven universe and progress.

on december 19 2014 the last episode of the legend of korra aired. i will be writing this post to be accessible to anyone who doesn’t know the series. in the legend of korra, a nickelodeon cartoon, there were a couple characters who i’m gonna talk about here:

korra, the main character, a girl. mako, a boy. korra and mako dated on and off for the whole series, and were broken up at the time of the last episode airing. asami, a girl, korra’s best friend.

naturally, there were mako/korra shippers and korra/asami shippers, but this was a nickelodeon cartoon. a children’s show. (this was before jail break aired and ruby and sapphire changed the game) we all knew how this would turn out. in the finale, korra might get back with mako or she might not, but we all knew she would never get with asami. it just wasn’t gonna happen. and then it did.

the last scene in the show was korra and asami holding hands and looking into each others’ eyes as emotional music played in the background. later on tumblr, the creators of the show confirmed the two were bisexual and dating. there is now a comic series being made about their adventures together after the show’s end.

i remember seeing this for the first time. i had 100% accepted the idea that it was impossible, would never ever happen in this day and age, but there it was. and that bring me back to trans girl steven.

i know it seems impossible. but cartoon network is really warming up. ruby and sapphire, rose and pearl, some gay moms in clarence (i dont watch the show, but i’ve heard). the gems, while never acknowledged as so in the show, are confirmed nonbinary by the creators. stevonnie is nonbinary too.

maybe it won’t happen this year. maybe it won’t happen until 2020. maybe it’ll pull a korra and it won’t happen until the very last moment of the very last episode a decade from now. and, maybe it won’t ever happen. but i wouldn’t lose hope. trans girl steven is possible.

and for anyone who’s like “why can’t steven just be a cis boy who likes dresses and feminine things, that doesnt make him trans”, please refer to this post!

A comic I started for my final assignment in Junior Illustration. 

I’ve been toying with the idea of this exasperated mailboy character of mine, I’m glad I had the opportunity to bring him to life! (and to get back to drawing comics!)

The comic is 5 pages, I’ll try to finish up the rest over winter break!


Hard to believe Emerald City Comicon is this weekend already, feels like last years wasn’t all that long ago but I guess that happens when you’re especially busy. Anyways another con meant time to shun human contact for a week or so and bust out a new mini comic promo. I didn’t get a table this year so I’ll mostly be wandering around trying to awkwardly talk to people that I internet know. If you happen to see me feel free to say hi right now I still look vaguely like this but signifigantly more beardy.

Felt right to bring Eleanor back for another adventure. Was trying to figure out what the story would be so I started by making a list of things that are awesome, it had stuff that made it in like scuba diving, crystals, atlantis, pizza rolls and fishmen and thing that unfortunately will have to wait for another day like brains in jars, dinosaurs and goth kids.