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Keith and Shiro decide to go to the beach. During the day, Keith gets a spider-man popsicle (because is nerd af) with temporary tattoos in it. Shiro suggests to use them, he loves his boyfriend so much.

4cc 2017

Restlessly waiting for vids of the free skate at Four Continents, so… er, I’m just going to dump a bunch of things on the short programs.

Lol, I should be doing my paper what is this

Yuzuru Hanyu

I don’t really know what’s up, but he’s only so-so in the SP. Of course, I only say this because we know how great he is and this is really “so-so” by Yuzuru Hanyu standards. HE WAS SO GREAT AT THE GRAND PRIX OKAY, so people’s expectations are higher. The most glaring mistake was his failed 4S; my heart kind of broke a little then. Overall, I thought his energy during the SP was kind of low. BUT! The very best thing about Hanyu is that even when he is not on top of his game, he still lands on his feet. Even when the 4S turned into a double, he was able to do the combination. That was awesome. He will always be awesome even on his worst days.

Another thing I love about Hanyu is that he knows how well (or not well) he performs. You can see it on his face he was not happy with that SP. Lol, and his face when he saw his score! He is such a sweetheart. Yeah, the judges love him okay, this isn’t even the first time he got a higher than expected score. Everyone is biased towards Hanyu. We just want to see him keep skating. ♥

Shoma Uno

MY SON YOU JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER AND BETTER. Yay yay yay, a score at the 100’s! I was so happy AND HE OUTSCORED YUZURU HANYU. I swear to God, I was following the scores on Twitter because I was out on a Friday night while the short programs were on-going, but I didn’t care, I didn’t care that I was like three blocks away from the office and people I work with could see me, I literally SCREECHED when someone tweeted that Shoma Uno outscored Hanyu.

I have no idea who I am rooting for anymore. Why am I even so happy about this when I was just mourning Hanyu’s jump. I think I just root for everyone, lol. ♥

Also, I would just like to say that Shoma doesn’t always have the best music. Sometimes his choices baffle me. I did like this one, though. He just makes me really happy, and he is always so cute out there like a small ball of… cuteness on the ice. (Nope, I am not a skating critic by any stretch. I’m just a humble spectator who likes cute things.)

Nathan Chen

Okay, you know what, congratulations, USA. I actually am not rooting for anyone outside of my country… and okay, Japan (because my God, Hanyu is a beast at this sport), but Chen got me at that 4Lz. I can’t. The quads he’s throwing out and the number of them he has under his belt… and just! Lutzes are my favorite thing to watch okay, this is so unfair! *ugly crying*

Man, I am so reluctantly rooting for him now. He deserved his place at 1st. Good job, Nathan Chen. *happy clapping*

Phichit Michael Christian Martinez

My boy wasn’t able to do the 4L he was aiming for, but he did land all his jumps, so I am really, really proud of him! To be honest, we are really, really behind in the whole skating game. MC still does not have any quads (while his peers are throwing them out like vomit like wtf) in this generation where jumps determine the champs. Our boy is also at that age when his body seems to be getting the better of him; I think he will grow up bigger than what is ideal of a competitive skater. This means he will have to keep working really, really hard. Still, MC is our first and still only world-class figure skater in… ASEAN? So I just want to see him succeed in this so much.

And whatever, we may be behind, but MC still has the BEST BIELLMANN OKAY FIGHT ME

Lol, bonus trivia about our Phichit: actually, here in the Philippines, figure skating is not that big. Any sport outside of basketball (and maybe volleyball because of the university rivalries), really, is not that popular. When you mention MC’s name, most people go, “OMG THAT BOY HAS ABS NOW!” Honest to God, I just had this conversation at the office pantry yesterday:

Me: Do you know our skater?
Colleague: Michael Martinez? He has a great bod now! I saw it on Instagram.
Me: Yeah, I’m really proud of him. I think it’s because–
Colleague: –he has a girlfriend now?
Me: …no. No. I was going to say it’s because jumps take a lot out of an athlete and they have to be really strong for it, but nevermind, because it just sounds lame after what you just said, you gossip hag.

Yep. Yes, that is pretty much what most people think about and notice. (Also, yes. Social media and IG. Everyone here is Phichit.) People only care whenever he wins because we get to see him on the news. Figure skating is not popular at all, and actually if you go to our ice rinks at the mall you’ll find that 70% of the skaters are flailing and falling on their asses. Lol, this is so not our sport.

Still, I love this kid for the work that he does. I’m really proud of him. I noticed his body changed significantly since 2014; that must have been tough. He’s taller now and bulkier, and while it’s a sign of his hard work (and wins him more fans lol I laugh about this so much because I’m gay and I can’t ride that bandwagon), it must also be even more difficult now to get those quads. His lack of quads is really hurting his scores. I’m glad he has not lost his flexibility, which is what people notice most about him. I. Just. Want. To. See. Him. Succeed. At. This. God damn. Keep working hard, MC! You’ve got this! ♥


                                             IS FOR YOU!! (ꈍᴗꈍ)♥

Hello Pau here! For a long time I’ve had in mind doing this, but I’m not sure if this is going to work out or not u_u.

The thing is that I just reached 5k followers!! and that is so so great, never thought this blog would grow this much!!. So I was thinking that every time I make a follow forever, there’s always mentions to a few blogs, but I never get to thank to every single one of my followers for supporting this blog ♥. So instead of picking some blogs for this follow forever, I decided that If you’re simply following this blog, you’re included in this ff. 

So PLEASE If you’re one of the 5K amazingly cute and pretty followers of this blog, REBLOG THIS because this is me trying to thank you for that ♥!! 

And that’s pretty much it tbh. There’s so many amazing people on here that sometimes, only because we’re not mutuals don’t get the appreciation they deserve. So yeah, you’re all amazing, thanks for following this dumb ass blog, and If you ever wanna chat or something I’m always up to meet you all. ♥ 

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omg G to the D + 6 (pregnancy/parenting) please 🙏🏻 because he would be such a great dad 💕

➸ word count: 1k

➸ fluff, like so much floof i feel ;___;

➸ general audience

➸ a/n: honestly my friend, i too believe jiyong will one day make a great father and it makes me so emotionally unstable. i love that man. anyways, i really hope you like this, i had fun writing this and i think it’s the quickest ive ever gotten a fic done. started at like 11, it’s now half past midnight lol. anyways, carry on, thank you for the request! xoxox

“Come on little one, what’s got you so excited tonight?” ________ calls out softly in hopes of settling down the baby’s incessant kicking. Rubbing her baby bump, she peels away the covers from her body and makes her way towards the kitchen. 

Maybe a warm cup of tea will help. 

Jiyong sets down his luggage and sighs as he reaches his front door, the excitement bubbling inside of him is a little too hard to contain. He’s finally home after being away on tour, it’s been about three months and he’s missed his home. 

Most of all, he’s missed his baby girls, the two most precious and cherished beings in his entire world. 

He slots in his key, opening the front, and lugs in his belongings as silently as possible. 

Though he knows ________ is most likely sleeping by now, being that it is well past midnight, he can’t wait to curl up next to her in their shared bed and just soak in her peaceful beauty–maybe even pepper her face softly with light kisses. 

He’s also very much excited to see her growing belly in person. Although he’s kept up with the pregnancy via FaceTime, Instagram and photos from friends and family members–he’s yet to actually see how big his wife has gotten. 

In the midst of his excitement, he had yet to notice that the usual darkened house that greeted him when away for a long time was actually not so dark after all. There was a lamp dimly lighting up the living room, and there was also light coming from the kitchen. 

With knitted brows, Jiyong shrugged off his jacket and kicked off his shoes, quickly making his way towards the kitchen. Soon enough, he could hear a small ruckus of pans clinking against each other while one of his newest songs played softly in the back. 

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Ok but like can you tell me why the fic Dirty Laundry is so popular. Like even my great grandmother read it???? Is it because it was the first Klance fic or??? Whyy? I'm not saying its bad. I love it. But I don't understand why its so popular.

Hii omg first of all whaaaat your great grandmother read it?! Or is that a joke LMAO I can’t tell anyway I’m actually not sure myself!! I remember this was one of the biggest fics that blew up (probably out of any of the fics so far right?) a little after vld released…im going to be honest I tried reading it once and I did not like it because of the ugly stereotypes it had of my race lol. It is not to say that the fic was.bad in itself because I’m assuming it was very good because of how popular it got but reading the way Lance was written I think from the first chapter itself as a Latino myself bothered me I have no patience for fics like that…other than that I think it was the whole fake dating au tthat made it popular too! Hope that answered your question ☺️

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Hey, it's Kaylee (@marauder--harder) here and I am pretty sick rn (lol i got dysentery in Egypt) so was wondering if you had any Remus headcanons you'd like to share? Literally anything; domestic life, taking care of you when you're sick, how he is as a boyfriend, perfect dates, how he'd be around your parents. I just really need some Remus love rn. Thanks so much Cait! Much love, xoxo.

Omg babe!!!! I hope you feel better soon!! Maybe this will help, I tried to cover the whole ground <3

  • Remus would honestly be a great boyfriend because he’s got that mischievous side to him but he’s always really respectful 
  • So many cute dates omg like he’d save up for nice ones but you’d also go on really simple ones where you just window shop, or find some nice trails to hike on, or people-watch in Diagon Alley while eating Crackerjack and Chocolate Frogs (I need this in my life)
  • He’d always be on the lookout for ways he can help out with cooking, shopping, etc.
  • Remus Lupin makes a MEAN blueberry pie just FYI. it’s to die for and he’s known for it among your friends and this is totally canon 
  • He’s all for both of you pulling your weight in your relationship but when it comes to chores he can be a little lazy and you have to ask him to do things twice because he sometimes just forgets or accidentally takes a nap for seven hours (honestly same tho)
  • Nothing I repeat n o t h i n g makes him happier than when he comes home and sees you reading and wearing one of his huge sweaters
  • On the flip side sometimes you come home super late from Order missions but on those nights he always waits up for you to make sure you get back okay
  • Even if it’s 2am HE WILL BE AWAKE and probably eating a bowl of cereal in the kitchen in his pajamas looking sleepy but so??? cute????
  • Big hugs all the time, Remus Lupin is an A+++ hugger
  • And if anyone knows what it’s like to feel sick af it’s him, so whenever you’re laid up in bed with something he makes you soup or whatever you want, makes sure there’s always tissues or a hot water bottle available, and is 1453463% down to give you a shoulder massage
  • In turn after full moons you take care of him in any way he needs (didn’t mean for that to sound sexual but oops here we are)
  • You’re each others’ Healers and you’ll do anything for each other at all times but especially if the other isn’t feeling well
  • And you know he’s the one and he knows you’re the one because you’ve literally seen each other at your worst and it only made your love grow stronger (my fucking hEART HELP)
  • He’d be really, really nervous to meet your parents though even though he’s brought flowers and wine and rehearsed what he’s going to say a million times
  • When you get dinner with them at a fancy restaurant he carries himself so well, says all the right things, and your parents love him 
  • And you know under all that confidence he’s shaking like a leaf, but never shows it
  • When you get home you assure him they loved him even before they all met and now they only love him more 
  • But still not as much as you do <3

Cait :) 

I was playing around with makeup in CAS. I treat cc makeup like I treat makeup in irl. If you don’t know I am a makeup artist and I do train with different cosmetics brands. Makeup is a big passion of mine and career. With that being said I came across LIPLINER OMG OMG. I love lipliner in real life so I had to try it out. It shows up on darker skin sims which makes me sooooo happy as a black makeup artist. I tried it on my simself and love it. I found that the lipliner gives great detail and definition to lipsticks. My fave lips I like pairing the lipliner with are remus and screaming mustard. But it works with others beautifully, I think ya’ll will love it because it works for most lipsticks and skintones. Lipliner

Skintone: @xmiramira

Eyeshadow: @savagesimbaby

Eyeliner: @pralinesims (lol 80% sure)

Lashes: @kijiko-sims

Blush: @estrojans

Lipstick: remussirion

Selfie from earlier with filter because I said so~

I barely survived the SDCC exhibit hall buuuut:

Me: *dying*
Person: “OMG are you Anna from Downton Abbey?! I love it, OMG amazing!!! Can I get a photo with you?!”

Earlier in the day someone had said I looked “great” and another asked if I was from “Downtown [sic] Abbey” but hey lol

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45 + 46!

hey again!

45. What is your all time favourite fanfic?

the wanting comes in waves” by porphyrophobiac 

i haven’t read it in aaaages (because i left the phandom lol) and according to ao3 i’ve only read it 10 times but it’s still my very favorite and omg it’s such a fucking gorgeous read even if you don’t ship phan i recommend giving it a read because damn i cry every time

(second place–because i have so much trouble picking just one favorite–goes to “the full four seasons” by ravenclawsquill literally so good and had me in tears but like good tears? happy tears because it’s so so so lovely and just a great fic and also i’ve read it 33 times lmao)

46. If someone was to read one of your fanfics, which fic would you recommend to them and why?

oh come on the answer should be obvious by now 😂 (it’s 100% tsau)

why you should read it: listen i had to wear a wrist brace for about a week after i finished writing that fic pls make my sacrifice worth it lmao and also it will make you cry probably (happy tears tho) and also it’s enemies to lovers who doesn’t love enemies to lovers?? AND ALSO EBB IS ALIVE UR WELCOME

fanfiction questions

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I followed you because I really love the content you had and your blog was aesthetically pleasing, but then I later found out that you're also a great person so that was a plus lol

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Comments: TYSM!!!!!!!! i have notifications on for you??? bc???? i love seeing you post and hear abt your opinions AND see your super nice art. im ready for sal updates 24/7 hmmmmMMMs 

tell me why you followed me and get a blog rate!

I’m confused about something. I know I’m not allowed to say this but if we ignore Dally’s and Johnny’s deaths(I’m sorry for saying it) why don’t we ignore Mr. and Mrs. Curtis’ deaths. Like imagine, you meeting Darry, the football superstar, at your college or you having a high school romance with Sodapop or finding a innocent sweet, optimistic Ponyboy who didn’t really know about how much pain there is, in the library. Like it feels a little sad for Darry to leave for college, or to see Soda frustrated with school work, and not see Ponyboy’s character development on his relationship with Darry but omg. Imagine if they had the lives they would’ve had if they’re parents were still alive. Darry would become successful and he wouldn’t have to grow up so fast and Sodapop would’ve graduated and Ponyboy would’ve had a great relationship with Darry anyways. Johnny and Dally would be okay too because of Mrs. Curtis and like.. i don’t know. Just a thought.. lol

truechaoticneutral  asked:

What where you impressions of the boys? If that's ok to ask

Yes of course it ok to ask! Haha I will answer any questions u have to ask sweetie!
Ok so here’s my impressions (since there my bias group I already know a lot about there personalities ya know )

Namjoon: super tall! Amazing hair really long legs haha! Very chill and timid , but when the time is there he’s very fun! I could tell he was trying to leave a chill , cool laid back impression on me because I’m his fan , but I know the real him lol . He’s really genuine person he really cared about what I had to say and he didn’t get distracted when I talked to him ya know? He was very focused , he always looked me in the eyes when talking to me . Very polite also :) he was amazing basically he looked so amazing that day , he’s so sexy in person omg he has this great era about him ya know?

Jungkook: suuuuper tall for his age omfg he was huge bruh , very cute , kinda shy but probably just becuz of the language barrier :) and also a little bit of a flirt haha he seems like the sneaky type. He told me I was cute and I almost died , meanwhile he just had this smile on his face like “yeahhh chicks dig me ” lol if you know what I’m trying to say haha . He’s very sweet , but he’s a very naughty maknae he doesn’t really listen to his Hyungs haha I noticed that , he doesn’t really call them Hyungs either haha , he so mature for his age! He’s great :) very sexy surprisingly even tho he so young , he’s got a nice body ;)

Jhope:very curious , he likes to learn things haha surprisingly pretty chill when cameras aren’t on him! Very sweet ! He’s tall but not as tall as I thought he would be haha , tried his best to speak English and is actually really good at it!! He’s the second best in my opinion! He was actually surprised I liked bangtan and that I liked kpop! Haha hes wonderful AND HIS EYE SMILE IS PERFECTION OMG

Jin: very timid and quite he’s a cool guy , just really chill! Super sweet ! Very tall and lean haha . He was very nice and tried to talk to us as much as he could with his English abilities . During filming he was kinda akward with the girls haha but he’s great ! He gets lost in his own little world . He’s seems like more of an observer :) he’s like a mysterious type he’s great

Jimin: the shortest in bts ahhhaha it was quite surprising tbh ! But he’s very built!! The most in shape out of all of bangtan! He has a nice body trust me ;) his ass was perfect lol we were both the same height so hes around 5’7 (I consider that short lol since I think guys who are the same height as me are short lol ) has the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen , their so interesting and beautiful . He’s really sweet but seemed shy to talk first believe it or not haha he’s just like how he is on tv , a cute dork :) but sexy at the same time he was so nice I love him

V: taehyung…. Omg were do I start with him!! He was exactly like he is on tv SUPER 4D and full of energy! He was always doing something! He was such a cutie pie! Always laughing and smiling , he’s also surprisingly tall!! His Engrish is super cute ! He’s definetly the joker of the group haha I remember when I was talking to namjoon he was standing to the right of me and I didn’t know he came next to me so he went “boo!!” And I jumped and said “oh my god u scared me haha” then he laughed and ran back to the set haha he has a very child like heart that’s wat his personality is like and I hope he never changes

suga : he is literally the cutest thing ever like no joke , even tho hes a hyung he has a cute personalitly and face! maybe i enjoyed him so much because i have a huge soft spot for him! he wasnt much taller than me hehe hes about 5'8 ½ lol . hes a really genuine person and cares about his fans and i could tell . he really loves what he does! he’s kind of a shy boy when it comes to girls hehe , maybe it was the english barrier but i think its just in general. anyways yoongi is an amazing person and he deserves everything he has he was so sweet to me and tried his best at english! btw he has very soft hands omfg. he always says hes not good at expressing his feeling but i think thats wrong lol i think hes a very sweet and sensitive guy and he knows that he just chooses to ignore it :) i love him 

thanks for askin! i added sugas impression in here too! :)

Everyone is asking how I met Taylor and what happened, so here is the story! (I also can’t believe I’m writing this).

My friends and I (TORONTO SQUAD!!) planned a road trip to Detroit for the 1989 tour. I got a call from a member of Taylor Nation two days prior to the show date and was informed that there was an envelope at will call with a “secret surprise” waiting for me. My friend Lauren, who was also a “swiftmas” person, got the same phone call.

Once we got there and got our envelopes, we were ecstatic to discover that we were given meet&greet passes (this was the point where I messed up all my makeup with tears). We waited for doors to open in the POURING rain. We got soaked! Once we got in, we changed into dry clothes and we were asked to stand in a line of about 35 people. We were taken into Loft 89 (which was SO cool btw). Behind a curtain, Taylor met each group (radio contest winners) one by one. Then it was my turn…

I walk in slowly. When she sees me, she screams “MARY!!” (The people in line heard the way she screamed my name and shouted “GOALS” LOL). She pulled me in for a hug and I think I screamed her name back. She said “I’m so happy to see you! OMG all my favourite people!” and I think we went into a second hug. She said “you look gorgeous in that dress” and I told her she looked amazing too, and that I had seen her in that outfit in a photo she tweeted previously that day. She said something about contemplating whether she should’ve changed but decided not to. I told her it was a good decision because she looked great. She said “it’s so weird meeting you, I feel like I know you after watching your videos of you opening presents” and I think I mentioned about how the videos were taken in my tiny apartment. She said “but I love your apartment! I was thinking ‘Mary has a really nice apartment!’ when I saw those videos”. I mentioned the 1989 dance parties I have in my tiny apartment with the Toronto squad. I also mentioned that I live there with my boyfriend and that his last name is also Swift. She was really surprised and said “WHAT? How did that happen?” I can’t remember my reply, but I think I told her that it was Welch and she mentioned that they could be related and that she’s never met anyone else with the last name Swift. I said “He should do one of those genealogy tests!” and she said “yes!!” I’m not sure what we said afterwards, there was a moment of silence, and I stuttered and tried to change the subject but I think I mentioned that he wanted to meet her too some time (I’m so mad at myself for saying this lol I should’ve talked about something else!!) and she said “it’s bound to happen some time”. She asked how I wanted to take a picture. I told her that we have quite a height difference (I was trying to lead up to my pose suggestion lol), then she interrupted and said “well I could do this” and she started bending her knees so her head was at my level (she had to get pretty low lol). I said “I was thinking of doing, like, a headlock hug?” Without any hesitation, she pulled me in and did exactly what I wanted. We said goodbye and hugged one last time.

All I can say is that I’m over the moon and in complete awe of last night. It was a dream.

my third follow forever: holiday special (◕‿◕✿) 

it’s that time of year again! the most wonderful time of the year~it’s been getting quite cold but the holidays are bringing me a warm and happy feeling ;u; not only that, i just reached 1k followers after about one year of owning this tumblr since january 2nd :) i really am surprised because i didn’t seriously blog (lol who “seriously” blogs idk how to say it any other way) until like april/may so its basically like seven or eight months so i really REALLY didn’t expect it omg 

i really wanna thank all my followers and all the people im following for giving me a great first year on tumblr i had an amazing experience! im sorry i haven’t been reblogging/posting as much due to lack of motivation and school but even then, you guys stuck with my lame blog so i thank thank thank you <3 

i made a lot of follow forevers so far and there’s a similarity between all of them! ((they all have bad editing)) so sorry for that i really didn’t know what to do haha 

ok so here i go, here are the people that i would follow forever and ever even when i stop blogging (unless you go inactive then thats a different story LOL) 

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anyways, i hope you all have a wonderful holiday and new year and spend it warmly with your family and friends! thank you for everything and lets wish for an even better year in 2014 <3

Here's an updated version of our Loft 89 experience!

Personally, I love reading people’s experiences especially when they’re long and detailed! We skipped over a bunch of stuff in our first post about our experience, so we fixed it up and made it a lot heftier!

The Day We Met Taylor Swift:
Erin Mathias & Carly Harris
Cleveland, Ohio - June 3rd, 2015

First of all, Carly and I had bought our tickets for the Pittsburgh show the first day they were released in November.  I remember getting an idea for a costume that same day.  We both play college basketball and Taylor wore a New York Knicks Jersey at one of their practices, so we chose to recreate her outfit, and add an obnoxious yet totally necessary amount of lights.  We only had bought our tickets to the Cleveland show 2 weeks before the concert, but had it set in our minds that we would go to that show from the start.  So I flew up to Pittsburgh from Florida on June 1st, we finished making our costumes on June 2nd, and on the morning of June 3rd, we road tripped about 2 hours up to Cleveland!  The drive to a Taylor Swift concert is honestly one of the best parts of the whole experience.  We just jammed out to 1989 and anticipated what was to come.  We wore our lucky “Taylor Swift Or Die” t-shirts on our drive up (at the end of this post, I will explain why they’re now so lucky.)  So we arrived to Cleveland around 2 o’clock, got some lunch, got ready in the parking garage, and geared up for the show.  When doors opened, we first went to seats, then decided to go to the Taylor Nation booth.  To our surprise, we were the first ones in line (my oh my how the times have changed).  We took a few pics with the Photo Booth camera thingy before the line started to get long, plugged our phones into the charger, and MET KEVIN!  We both waited until our phones were on 89% battery (we’re so childish for that lol).  So the concert started. Vance Joy is amazing.  When “Feel So Close” came on, Carly and I started flipping out.  Everyone around us was all casual, but LITTLE DID THEY KNOW THAT TAYLOR WAS COMING ON AFTER THE SONG AND WE WERE TAYVIN AF.  The queen came on, and I looked like a psychopath who was screaming like she had just been stabbed, but THAT IS WHAT TAYLOR SWIFT IS CAPABLE OF DOING TO ME.  I think I lost my voice during New Romantics to be honest.  

I don’t even remember most of the concert because of what happened next.  Our seats were on the floor about midway through the catwalk and pretty far down our row.  It was not easy to get in and out of our seats.  Carly was jamming out, and I saw a woman dressed in a black tank top with like a walkie-talkie type looking thing on her arm, and I swear to god that is the moment I knew (hah no pun intended on that last line.)  When she stopped infant of me, I immediately burst into tears.  Ya know that feeling when you know you’re going start crying.  I did not have that feeling!!! The tears came out of no where. I had to smack Carly in the arm in order to get her attention.  So he asked us the same questions they ask everyone, “Have you ever met taylor?” We hadn’t met her before, so we said no like 5 times, and then she said, “Would you like to?” DUHHH.  I’ve never felt happiness like I felt in that moment. I have dreamt about meeting Taylor more times than I can count, and getting to meet her in the setting of Loft 89 is more than a dream come true.  So we got our wristbands and slip of paper.  Honestly, it was pretty difficult to stay focussed on the show from there on out because we couldn’t stop thinking about meeting Taylor afterwards.  Carly pissed her pants, which was a beautiful highlight of the evening. The concert was absolutely incredible (of course).  

When it was time for Loft 89 we went to a specific section and hungout and talked to the other people who were picked.  While we were waiting, KEVIN was there and said, “Good to see that the ballers made it!” (Low-key died when he said that.) And the woman who picked us for Loft 89 said to us, “Basketball players, Taylor is going to be so happy to see you.  Someone taller than her!” We then were taken back through the hallways of the Cleveland Cavlaliers, like where THE Lebron James walks. OKAY, so  Loft 89 is a magical place filled with pizza, cookies, a Photo Booth, some of Taylor’s previous outfits, a TV, and a cozy couch.  We found a secluded spot in the corner and impatiently bounced around for about 15-20 minutes.  Mama Swift and Austin came in first along with Toshi, Guissepe, and Maho (dancers).  Mama Swift started talking to the group next to us, and so she asked me if I would take a picture of them.  As I was about to take the picture Mama Swift said that she loved our outfits and that she was the one who spotted us on the floor, but she wasn’t able to get over to us, so she sent the other lady to give us our pass.   Shortly after that…DUN DUN DUN, the goddess herself walked in.  

I swear to you, Taylor Swift is even more flawless in person. She does not seem real.  As she entered she yelled out, “Hi GUYS!!!!” and it was adorable.  She walked around to about 5 groups before she got to us.  I remember her walking towards us and me just having the biggest smile on my face.  As she was walking over she asked, “Did you guys get a lot of hate for wearing these jerseys tonight?!” (We were wearing knicks jerseys in the midst of the Cleveland Cavs being in the NBA finals lololol).  We responded, “A little bit, but it was worth it.  We did it for you!”  She hugged us both, and it was the best hug I’ve ever received.  I was so excited that Taylor was my height in heels (I’m 6’3ish), so I immediately said, “You are so tall and beautiful,” and she responded, “NO YOU’RE SO TALL AND BEAUTIFUL!! I’m in these huge heels, so it doesn’t count! You’re like my friend Karlie. She’s 6’2 flat footed!” YOU COULD’VE BURIED ME IN MY GRAVE RIGHT THEN AND THERE. I WAS SO CONTENT WITH LIFE AFTER THAT.  I had to keep somewhat composed because I wanted to continue a normal conversation with her.  So then Carly decided to be an adorable dork and stick out her hand to introduce herself formally.  Taylor giggled and replied, “I’m Taylor.”  I then introduced myself as well.  After that Carly brings up the fact that we both play college basketball, and how Taylor is the reason we were able to survive our preseason. Carly said, “I remember singing blank space while doing sprints and being like nice to meet you where you been..” and did this running motion with her arms.  SHE SANG BLANK SPACE TO THE WOMAN WHO WROTE IT.  Taylor was like, “YES!!!” and gave Carly a double high five.  Then I said, “Bad Blood is my go-to workout song.” Taylor said, “Oh my gosh yes, It’s my favorite song to run to!”  Then she continued to talk about how she would sing Bad Blood while running on the beach and this was her training before she began Promo for 1989 and her promo is like our preseason.  Then she mentioned that she has to go on her beach runs at like 6am because she doesn’t want people to see her/attack her while she’s trying to workout.  Then I asked if her security runs with her and she said that they do, but that they enjoy it because they’re all fit guys.  Then Carly mentioned the pictures of Taylor walking backwards (specifically the one of her hiking in the woods.)  So Taylor started talking about how she was just totally not in the mood that day, and how she has no idea how they even found her out in the middle of the woods, so her security guy would tell her which ways to turn.  She described the situation as her being the cheetah and the paparazzi being the animal hunters.  Then the topic veered back onto the whole working out thing, and she said, “You guys are the real athletes.” And then Taylor said that working out isn’t as bad now because she loves having abs.  Then I went all fangirl on her and said, “YOUR ABS ARE SO ON POINT! THE CROP TOPS ARE GREAT!” She did this adorable hand motion and was like “omg thanks.”  I was totally not keeping my cool but whatever it had to be said.  Anyways, Taylor asked us what we wanted to have signed, so we asked if she’d sign the back of our jerseys.  As she was signing Carly’s she asked, “What’s your name?”  And Carly said, “Carly.” (lol). Taylor replied, “OH YA you already told me that.” So Taylor proceeded, and as she was signing my jersey Taylor asked, “Are you guys best friends?” Carly said, “Yeah.  Basketball brought us together, but Taylor Swift keeps us together.” And Taylor smiled and was all AWWWWW.   After that Taylor asked if we wanted to take a picture.  We were all, “Yeah, we kind of have an interesting request for you.” Taylor then said, “I figured you two would” (!!!!!!!!!!).  We told her we wanted to hit the whip with her (we wanted to be creative/unique and just stand out, so that’s why we chose to do this pose.)  She then said, “Okay, I’ve kind of heard of it.  Does it have to do with this?” As she asked that, she started doing (a very adorable and not too accurate) version of the nae nae.  We laughed and we’re like “ehhh, sort of!” So she was all, “show me!” We’re not very skilled at doing it ourselves, but we did our best to teach taylor how to do the “now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae.” I think she got it down.  We then took the picture in whip formation.  After our picture, I was all “YOU ARE SO SWAGGY” (why why why why).  And Taylor was all, “NOOOOOO not at all!” So we were like, “You are the definition of swag.” After geeking out over Taylor’s swagginess, I remembered to ask her if she would mind following us on tumblr.  I held out my arm (which had Ballinforswift written on it) and she said it outoud, “Ballinforswift.  Ya! I’ll follow you guys literally in like 10 minutes!” We told her we loved her, gave her one last INCREDIBLE hug, and as she walked away she goes, “I’ll see you guys soon… Online!!!” Taylor continued on to the next couple groups.  Two groups after us, she asked them if she had tumblrs.  She ended up writing theirs down, and then we heard her say, “…and Ballinforswift.”  We totally flipped out when she remembered our tumblr name. Mama Swift left a few minutes after Taylor. We finally got to huge and get a picture with her, and she told us, “You girls should be so proud of yourselves. It’s not easy to get in here! You really deserve it!” We adore Mrs. Swift. She’s an absolute gem. LOFT 89 WAS SO MAGICAL. I stuffed my face with pizza after Taylor left, and took some cookies.  I didn’t want to eat pizza before we talked to Taylor because before the show starts, on the big screen, Taylor talks about how one of her biggest fears is bad breath.  I became super self conscious of that lol.  We left the arena, and literally sat in the parking garage for a solid 45 minutes just questioning our lives.  Our phones were blowing up, and tumblr was flipping out over our picture.  We had to scroll through our notes for like 10 minutes to find out that Taylor did in fact follow us and like 3 of our posts.  That was a great end to the greatest night of our lives.   

So earlier I mentioned that our “Taylor Swift or Die” t-shirts are lucky.  Well, 2 years ago we wore them to the Red Tour in Columbus, Ohio.  We were in the pit then, and Taylor grabbed my hand and held Carly’s head during “22”.  We didn’t think it could get much better than that.  Then, 4 months later, we went to Nashville.  We did not wear our lucky shirts to the concert, but we wore them the day before, and on that day, we met the ever-so lovely Ed Sheeran. The day of the concert, we met Mama Swift, who invited us to watch the show in the sound booth along with Mr. Swift and Austin, and a few other fans. Our concert experiences just kept getting better and better and advancing in the most perfect chronological order.  We knew we had to wear our lucky tshirts on our drive up to Cleveland.  I’m now very very very glad that we did. 

We also met Vance Joy 3 days later at the Pittsburgh show, which was fantastic.  He was so nice and extremely handsome. I told him it was nice meeting someone taller than me, and he said he was only 6'3, but I told him he was definitely 6'6. He is totally bae. So after that we ran into Taylor’s body guard that was present in Loft 89, and he remembered us so we chatted with him for a while, then saw Toshi and Maho and they remembered us as well. We met a bunch of people from tumblr who had seen our picture, and everyone was so genuine and kind. This fandom is like one big family. We’re not sure why we were given so much luck that week, but we were, and we are so happy.

This rendition of our Loft 89 Experience just went all over the place, but I wanted to let you inside of my head and how we were feeling in the moment. Taylor Swift made our lives that night, and we are so lucky to have had the opportunity to finally meet our idol/the woman who keeps inspiring us to work hard and be better people every single day.  We love you, Taylor, and that will never change.  Your happiness is our happiness.  Thank you for everything.  Talk to you soon… online!
Love your homies,
Erin & Carly (Ballinforswift)

The Story Of Rindia

Some people wanted to hear how me and Rin vannuccisbitch spent our 10 days together so I decided to tell you about it. Fasten your seat belts, it will be a wild ride! (not really but read this if you wanna).

We met at 24th of July in Warsaw. I went to Warsaw by a bus and I was there about 10 AM. Well, I got a little bit lost so I texted Rina „Can we meet next to the rainbow? Because I passed it by but I went in the wrong direction!”. Rina answered „OK I’M WAITING NEXT TO THE CHAPEL!”. 

I was really nervous yet excited, I almost ran because I saw from the rainbow and Church of the Holiest Saviour from afar I turned right and I SAW RIN NEXT TO THE CHURCH ASDFGHJKLAJIPSFJAMCSK I ran across the pedestrian crossing and we finally could hug eachother gaaah it was so sweet, people were looking at us but we didn’t care. We were like „omg it’s real omg that’s you omg” lol but we finally calmed down and started to talk. We had a plan to go to The Soviet Military Cemetery and find a grave of Rin’s great grandfather. We took a bus and went to the cementery. It was a big deal for Rin so we both started to search the grave. And we found it, I’m so happy we did someting meaningful. 

We stayed there for awhile and we decided to go back to the centre of the city. We went to Viewing Terrace on the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science. Such a beautiful view oh my. 

And we spotted Brandon’s house :D (you see this Coca - Cola?)

We had so much fun checking the people and buildings from above. Then we went to the shopping mall where Rin bought The Desired Effect, woohoo! But the time was running out so we had to go back to Rin’s hostel, take her luggage and go to the train station. We almost were late for the train, we ran like idiots and it was so hot so we nearly died lmao, we had 15 minuts til our train and we still weren’t on train station. But everything turned out well and we took our place in the train. We had 4 hours of road so we just chatted and listened to The Killers. Some weird dude was dancing in the hallway, we laughed at him, I hope he doesn’t speak English hahah

We finally arrived home, it was really late so I introduced Rina to my family, we ate dinner and finally got some rest. And our days at my house has begun. We started from listening to The Desired Effect. We watched Roman Holiday and about 325412 episodes of The Simpsons. We wached The Killers’ gigs including gold butt gig, „we should hang out” and „I don’t feel like fucking her no more”. We had The Killers’ music videos marathon. We ordered our bracelets!!!

We visited my granny, she was so excited to meet Rin.

We were at ZOO in Wrocław and we saw the cutest bears and giraffes ever. 

And flamingos and penguins, there were cute af too. We had a blast. We were like „aww look here! Omg aww look! AWWWW!” all the time lol We drank beer and it was cool.

Our next stop was Kalisz, the city where I study. We went for a walk to the park (we almost got lost but I tried to convince Rin that I know where we’re going).

I showed Rina the theater, the chapel and some monuments. I took her to the cafe and to the shopping mall where we did this pictures.

I must say that I absolutely love hanging out with Rin <333

We went to Kalisz one more time, we wanted to go to a bar. We ordered some drinks there, we ate fries (they were delicious) and we laughed there so much, we felt really comfortable - not because of the alcohol, we are just cool af.

I also showed Rina my primary and secondary school and on Friday we did barbecue. The weather was really nice, the food was yummy, life’s good. But Rin had a flight on Sunday so sad day was coming. We spent whole Saturday getting ready and hanging out, eating junk food and watching The Simpsons.

Sunday’s morning was hard. We had to wake up about 4 AM, it was our last day, life was unfair. My dad picked us up to the airport, we spent there about 2 hours and we had to say goodbye ://////// I tried to be strong but I was dead inside. We hugged a lot, Rin cried a little, I cried in the car… But we decided that we wanna meet again this year. We’ll do it. Because we are the best.