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I rewatched Jack’s Far From Noise play through last night at like 3am because my anxiety was keeping me awake, and I find his voice really soothing. To distract myself further, I painted this while I watched. I’m not the best at art, but this game inspired me and made me want to create.

This video hit me so hard because I have been the person in the vehicle–the one on that proverbial precipice, the one who thinks they’re not enough, the one wondering what the point of anything is–and, though I’m in an arguably better place now, those feelings still linger. I haven’t been in the healthiest mindset as of late, it’s been…really rough.

But, I’m trying. I’m still here, I’m still breathing, and day by day I’m learning how to love myself. To anyone who also pictured themselves in that car, who’s ever been on that edge–I believe in you. You are enough, you deserve happiness, and you can make it through this. 

And just, thank you, Jack, for inspiring me every single day. You are a great force of positivity in this world, and I’m so grateful that you share so much of yourself with us. It means more than I can properly articulate. 

What a stunning game.

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I was in the military, but had to leave for medical reasons. Could you possibly write something where Kara was deployed somewhere and comes back and surprises Alex, Maggie, and Lena?

She’d been sent to Earth – by her parents, by her parents who died in favor of keeping her safe – to protect her cousin.

She’d been sent to Earth to be a protector.

But she couldn’t protect Clark.

Because her was already grown by time she got to this planet.

And because the Earth’s yellow sun didn’t affect her cells the same way it had affected Clark’s.

She was… powerless, here.

Basically human, here.

But there was a way she could protect someone.

When she was old enough, she could enlist.

Alex begged her not to.

Hell, she’d almost enlisted with her, just to keep her safe. But when they’d assured her that she couldn’t control where she was deployed, Alex stayed stateside instead.

To keep Kara safe by inventing technologies that would heal, instead.

But it didn’t take away the hole in her heart that Kara made when she left.

She had almost nightly dinners with Maggie, with Lena.

With the woman she loves and the woman Kara had loved and left behind.

For protection’s sake.

Protection, in the only way she had access to.

Protection, in a uniform.

Protection, in a uniform, and thousands of miles away from Alex.

Until, that is, she takes a bullet for her commanding officer. For Lucy Lane.

For her best friend in the field.

And she was glad to do it. She was. 

The damage was minor.


It didn’t even hurt that much.

But she was headed home.

Headed home, except she hadn’t called her sister yet.

Or her sister’s wife.

Or her own girlfriend.

Because part of her needed to make the trip back alone. Alone in her thoughts and alone in her pain.

And the other part of her needed to see their faces when they saw her.

Safe and whole and…

And home.

So when she knocks on Lena’s door and she hears her sister and her sister-in-law laughing inside, her heart flies like her feet can’t.

Her heart flies and Lena answers and then her eyes are full of tears and her lips are full of her girlfriend’s scent, of her girlfriend’s shivers and smiles and deep, deep relief.

Her hands all over her body, her hands reveling in her return and checking to make sure she’s real and probing to see the extent of the damage.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you,” Lena whispers into her mouth before asking her why, before asking her how, before asking asking her what she’s doing here.

“I love you too, Lena,” Kara can’t prevent the tears from rolling down her face, but suddenly she can’t get air into her lungs because Lena’s arms are away and Alex’s arms are practically breaking her ribs.

“You’re home, you’re home, you’re home,” Alex is murmuring, and when she opens her eyes, she sees Maggie, she sees Lena, she sees women who love her – granted, in very different ways – over the shoulder of the woman who loves her more than anyone ever has.

“I’m home, Alex,” she tells her, and she smiles for the first time in days.

Because she’s home, she’s home, she’s home.

Me: regular citizens should never have access to military grade weapons because a regular citizen should not have a weapon in which its sole design is killing as many as possible in a short span of time.


Me: Are you admitting that you, a regular citizen, have military grade weapons for no reason other than to own a weapon capable of killing dozens of people in seconds?

Conservative: Well … No …

Me: Did I say all guns?


Me: Then you had no reason to say I want to take away all guns other than the fact you like to accuse people of things you like to think they meant without any basis whatsoever.

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Hey can I have some headcanons for stenbrough trying to hide the fact they're dating even though it fucking obvious with a bit of reddie too thanksss

Hope this is okay, nonny!

- So, even though they hang out with the entire Losers’ Club most of the time, Stan, Bill, Richie and Eddie still had their weekly movie night. Except Richie and Eddie started mysteriously cancelling on them for weird reasons.

- “Eddie had to go to the dentist.”

- “At 8pm?!”

- So, Stan and Bill start spending a lot of time together. It’s a little awkward at first, because they’re so used to hanging out as a group, but it’s also really nice.

- Bill notices that Stan is actually really funny if he doesn’t have to compete with Richie’s spitfire of jokes. He also notices that he does this shy smile after he makes a joke that’s honestly the cutests thing he has ever seen.

- Stan notices that Bill sometimes goes a whole film without stuttering when they are together, and he honestly feels so peaceful around him. 

- Bill knows about Stan’s OCD and if he sees that anything is bothering him, they immediately fix it and he makes sure it stays that way for the next time Stan comes over.

- Stan was on snack duty, so now he always makes sure to bring Bill’s favourite candy. They both like really sour candy and see who can eat the most at one time.

- Every time they watch a film, they sit closer together until they’re just kind of snuggled up but neither of them acknowledges it yet. Then one night, Bill just kind of takes Stan’s hand in his. Stan looks up and kisses his cheek and that’s how Stenbrough is born. Very soft and slow, but with a force of love.

- They want to keep it a secret at first, because everything is perfect the way it is and they don’t want anything to change. However, they are horrible at keeping secrets.

- The Losers notice that they are always sitting super close together even if there is plenty of space. They are also always touching, not in an obscene way, but just sublte things: their knees are always touching, Bill will absently place his hand on Stan’s leg while he explains something, Stan holds onto Bill’s pinky when they’re walking somewhere.

- Bev is the first to notice and she shares her suspicions with Ben who tells it to Mike. 

- They also do very romantic couple things in front of the others without noticing it. Bill will hold the door open for Stan and only Stan. One time he let it fall close in Richie’s face and Eddie had to use his inhaler he was laughing so hard. But, then he sees that Richie actually got hurt and he gets very worried.

- “I’m sorry for laughing, are you okay, Babe?”

- “Babe?!!” Everyone shouted (except for Bev, because Richie told her right away)

- So, that’s the day the Losers found out about Reddie. But, it’s also the day that Richie and Eddie started to suspect that something was going on between Stan and Bill..

- Stan and Bill do the most obvious things without realising how obvious they are. Like Stan will show up in Bill’s denim jacket which is a few sizes too big for him and they catch him smelling it every so often. And Bill can’t stop talking about Stan for five minutes

- “Stan was teh-teh-telling such a guh-good joke the o-other day.”

- “If you like him so much, why don’t you marry him?” (Richie ofc)

- Bill got all blushy after that and his stuttering became so bad, he couldn’t talk for about twenty minutes.

- Things get so obvious that the rest of the Losers think about staging an intervention, but they also don’t want to force them. 

- After two months, they agree to tell the Losers about it. They’re cackling about how surprised the rest is going to be if they find out, but the joke’s on them! Not even Ben pretended to be surprised.

- They were all happy for them though, and Stan, Bill, Richie and Eddie’s movie night turned into their weekly double date.

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Who is your fav of the new trolls?

of the ones revealed i so far, i like different ones for different reasons. i like zebede because i had nothing to do with him being based on me but it still made a bunch of redditors mad at me lmao

I like daraya because she has the best fanart so far 

I can’t wait for yall to see the rest. I also had nothing to do with them it just rules and im excited.

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omg they weren’t lip syncing, they even had problems with the microphones, the production did them dirty by pushing them to the end and not even giving the stage props :// it was amazing anyways but I wish they were more attentive! almost closing performance and kelly clarkson’s stage had more of a finality tone to it with the excelent production, lightning, everything

yeah I know, you can hear them still singing when the mic connections would break and stuff and yes I agree that the stage was not ‘well’ done. and I don’t mean with lighting, and props and stuff because bts doesn’t need that, what the ama’s failed at was properly sounding the stage for them. the background music was weak, the mic volumes were so low and obviously poor mic connections that would break 

BUT, the reason they were at the end is so that the ratings for the amas would remain high until the end. the producers and directors are aware of HOW MANY people would be watching just for bts. so if they put bts as one of the first few acts, people would watch and leave and the ratings/financial profit would dip dramatically. this is why they always put the most anticipated performances towards the end of shows so that they can retain the viewing audience for as long as possible  

but also whatever let people think what they want? like I said here

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you've probably been asked this lots of times, but, i'm frustrated and feeling sorta helpless about louis' situation so i want to ask... why do you think Louis has stayed with such a mediocre, damaging, abusive team? Also, I've been asking myself this but, do you think it would've been better for him to choose RCA instead of Epic?

Well, there’s a glaring flaw in your reasoning, I’m afraid, anon—at least in my opinion—which is the idea that Louis has/had any choice in the matter at all.

Because, precisely: what possible reason could Louis—someone who is obviously intelligent and very aware of how the music and entertainment business works, and who has actually expressed his dissatisfaction with his team—stay with such a team? Why on earth would he choose Syco, Russell Eslamifar, and Simon Jones PR, after everything they have done to him and everything they haven’t done for him?

He wouldn’t.

We can only speculate the reasons for which he is trapped in this situation, but I personally find it hard to understand how anyone can think this is something he would choose for himself, both at a personal and a professional level. None of this is in any way beneficial to him.

Whatever the reasons—we all have our theories, but they are nothing more than conjecture, after all—I believe it’s indisputable that he’s trapped.

As for RCA or Epic. Has Epic done anything for him? It doesn’t look like it to me? They are promoting Camila and 5H, but seem to have pretty much forgotten Louis. And, in the end… Syco and Epic are just subsidiaries, and I think it’s Sony who’s calling the shots.

It seems clear to me that all of this is sanctioned and orchestrated from well above, because otherwise it would not be tolerated. Someone would be held accountable and reparations would be made for the mistakes and the  negligence, the undermining and outright damage to his brand and his person. It would not be allowed to continue at the level at which we’re seeing, if it wasn’t that it’s on orders from HQ.

At least, that’s what I think, anon.

And I won’t say don’t be frustrated, because how can any louie not be? Helpless? Mostly, yes. But what we can do—and there are things we can do to support Louis—we do, for whatever it counts.

Happy Birthday, Love

Was it requested: Ya, find it here

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston/reader

Rating: Your gran’s gonna stop nagging me about the way I make tea

Warnings: None! (For once) 

Summary: [request itself] Could you do a Tom H imagine where it’s the readers birthday and Tom said he couldn’t be there because of filming but he surprises them on the night, say at a party?

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8 months ago I met a girl and we talked and hung out a couple of times over the course of a few months. We both had a mutual love for St. Vincent. (Specifically the album ‘Strange Mercy’.)

One night I purchased two tickets on a whim for the 11/22 show at The Ryman, which was sold out (Knowing it was a risk but 🤷🏽‍♂️). I paid a nice fee for really good seats on the floor because she had always wanted to see them. When she found out she was ecstatic.

Fast forward to now. We haven’t spoken in over a month. She started ghosting out for reasons unknown.

Stuff doesn’t work sometimes. Shit is good and then it’s not. That’s life right? 🙃

Now I have a gig that night and I’m stuck with two tickets that I overpaid for. (Hoping they sell on StubHub soon.) If anyone is looking for really good seats to a great show, inbox me.

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Hey! I was wondering, you're SO WOKE in this community and... idk, how do you feel about Johnny Depp as Grindelwald? tbh I'm so not okay with this but I'm always open to another point of view :) Btw, love your blog and miss your answers. xxx

Omg, I don’t know if I would call me woke hahahaha I try to be aware though. Honestly, I fucking hate Johnny Depp to begin with for so many reasons. I was super disappointed to see that he was cast, I don’t think he’s a good fit at all personally and it really feels like big ticket casting rather than casting someone actually fitting, which pisses me off because anything from the HP line doesn’t NEED big ticket casting. (so funny bc I had this same convo with my wife and @themoonmysteries on Friday night!) 

Yeah, I fucking hate him for so many reasons and so I’m not excited to go see Johnny Depp play Johnny Depp again, no doubt. 

Also, sorry I’ve been away from answering questions because they really are the reason I’ve been gone. I get so many of them asking life advice and all these questions about this and that and most of the time if it isn’t just an opinion question, it really makes me overwhelmed because I don’t want to give the wrong advice so I just click out and don’t log back in for a week lol. 
I’m trying to get back into the swing of it though!

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I need more drunk Eddie and Richie stories.. please

I once drunkenly told Richie how I felt about him like a year ago and he was so far gone that he threw up on me. Luckily he was too drunk to remember it. 

Stan and I once drunkenly tried to buy Windex for whatever fucking reason but when he came back from the store it turns out we bought blue mountain Dew. I cried and Stan dared Richie to drink the whole bottle in one sip.

I once cried because Bev did my makeup so wonderfully. 

I once used Ben as a pillow when I was really drunk and Bev pushed me off the sofa and spend 15 minutes explaining why Ben was hers and how I had to go find my own. 

At a sleepover at Mike’s one time, Mike and Ben found me trying to ride one of the cows.

- eddie 

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I really value your opinion and I know you enjoyed JL so I wanted to ask you a question. I thought the movie was fine but I couldn’t get over the fact that it felt like they de-powered WW to make Superman look better. Yes, he’s a alien from Krypton but she’s a literal demigod who killed the GOD OF WAR on her own. Also Diana trained her whole life but couldn’t beat Steppenwolf but Superman could fly in a punch him a couple of times and he’s down. Do you feel similarly or how do you see it?


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👫 for England and Turkey?

Having had a long, complicated history, it’s reasonable to see why the two might be in awkward footing modernly. Diplomatically they’re well off and there aren’t any serious conflicts between the two as of date. Sure, between Cyprus and Brexit, Turk finds himself tasting something bitter in his mouth, but it might just be that England tried to put milk in his tea and it curdled [Because, unlike English Tea, Turkish tea usually includes fruity citrus that will turn any milk straight to cheese.]

Send a 👫 and I’ll write a head-canon I have about our muse’s relationship
[No Longer Accepting!]

{ }

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Elena was supposed to be dark with damon but in s6 she's so blah? She's basically a house wife even with her clothes and appearance and her personality is so.. all she cares about is damon and it's like they tried to turn her into human elena except human elena had a little bit of edge at least. She was snarky instead of stupid.

In season 5 she just feels and looks exhausted and irritated all the time and in season 6 she’s actually just vapid and SO. DULL and season 6 was supposed to be DE at their healthiest and it was like yeah because Elena has no personality anymore. I don’t know why I always think about these gifs but I find the differences in these two things really telling for some reason 

like in the first gif, she comes across as sort of like a doll for me, and kind of like a bimbo (which real talk is how I saw Elena for most of season six) and in the second gif I see an actual person in that stare, like there’s agency in that OK-so-we’re-not-talking-anymore gaze. I dunno if it makes sense, lol 


1. I’ve had my simblr since 2013 so I currently follow 1,118 blogs. It mostly consists of simblrs obviously but there’s a few art blogs and other gaming blogs I follow for inspiration and fun. Reason why I follow so many blogs is because I like having and seeing different varieties of sims and their styles on my dash.

2. I’d like to apologize forefront because I had this message in my inbox for a few days but truly, thank you! I’m actually a very shy and reserved person offline (I’m sure it shows online honestly) and when I receive these type of messages, it really makes my night! I will always answers wcifs because I believe its a part of sharing which thrives this community - sharing our Sims stories, imagery and what we use with our Sims.

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Besides mentions, Liam's stepfather has been given scenes sometimes at the hospital, as Dr. Geyer. He has had at least a couple scenes with Liam too. Those stood out to me because it reveals Liam lives in an interracial household. I don't know why they have different surnames, but I just wanted to clarify his presence. This isn't to further reason bad content or anything like that.

I know his stepfather was the doctor, but that’s all we know. We should have been given more than that. 

Guys, we’ve got to get our shit together!

We do not have a huge otome fandom on Tumblr! You can’t go pissing people off and bullying people for no goddamn reason! These aren’t fictional characters! Artist and writers are REAL PEOPLE!

One of my favorite blogs was deactivated. One that I had been following for years and it looks like it was because of bullying. This seems to be becoming a habit throughout all of the otome fandom. It’s happen many times in my many years on Tumblr. Don’t ask about any details because I will not say a thing.

But I fucking dare any of you to pull that shit on any other innocent creator. If I find about anyone bullying or disrespecting any creator from any fandom, trust me, I will light a fire under your ass! I don’t care who you are! Please don’t test me!

If you are getting bullied in any fandom or in real life, I’m sorry. There is no excuse for that type of behavior. I’ve been bullied before (for most of my childhood), and I know it sucks! There will always be a soft spot in my heart for anyone being bullied. If you want to talk, please reach out. My inbox is always open. Good day.

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Why does it bother you what people think stemily is doing? What if they are right? People are entitled to their opinion just like you. Agree to disagree. Maybe they know more than you, maybe they dont... either way, who gives a shit. If those who are being talked about aint worried why should you. In all fairness, their touching is a bit too much even around the wife. So, once again why does it bother you, maybe they all have some kind of agreement, arrangement of sort.

First, it’s not “the wife”. It’s Cassandra. 

Why does it bother me? Why shouldn’t it bother me? I wish I had decent enough WiFi to upload a few screenshots of tweets because that could be one reason right there. It’s disgusting. But here are a few reasons: 

It’s disrespectful to Cassandra, Stephen, and Emily. Say what you want about any of them, but it is truly disrespectful. Having an affair, even in Hollywood, is usually looked down upon. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but people generally don’t approve of that. That is what these ‘shippers’ are getting excited about. Stephen and Cassandra are married. They have a child. And these people are having a grand old time about shipping him and someone else. They are trying to get him to have an affair. Assuming that affairs are going on or whatever is assuming that they’re those kind of people. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but if you have an affair….that’s a big deal in my book, and I know other people feel that way too. It’s not good. So making assumptions and saying ‘come on! Do it!’ is truly disrespectful to all of them. 

It will also affect, eventually, Mavi. It sounds impossible, but it might. She’s little, but going after her parents is not respectful to her. And Stemily fans love her. She’s the most precious thing in the world, even though she’s actually on Earth thanks to two people, not just Stephen. Cassandra was the one who actually birthed her. Some people forget about that. (Notice how she’s always cropped out of photos?) 

I wouldn’t have such a problem with it if people didn’t go after Cassandra. According to these ‘fans’, she’s ugly, she’s rude, she’s all sorts of things. But Emily’s just a perfect, pretty person who cleary Stephen loves more. If you’ve ever gone on Cassandra’s Instagram and read the comments, you’ll notice people saying ‘Emily’s so much prettier than you’ and ‘I can see why Stephen loves Emily more’. Like…huh? Why go after the woman he’s chosen to be with? It’s pointless, and it’s rude. 

As a Christian woman, I don’t always like the TV/movie industry because it includes lots of people kissing other people, but that’s a whole different issue. Stephen and Emily are probably best friends, and they should be. They’ve spent six years working together. Who wouldn’t be good friends after all that time? But other people do that too. Katie Cassidy and Stephen worked together for years. So have plenty of other actors and actresses. 

And an agreement/arrangement of sorts? Cassandra gets him one weekend and Emily gets him the other? Heck no. Don’t even come to me with those ideas. 

In summary, people can have their opinions. Thank the Lord we all have different ones, but we are designed to have different opinions nicely. We can disagree about the President, about laws, about silly things like coffee. But what we all need to remember is to be nice. To be logical. To be good. The minute we  lose that, we’re all doomed. 

Encouraging an affair/celebrating over ‘proof of it’ is not being good. Saying that, because of a few hugs and ‘I love him’ (does anyone want to know how many times I’ve used that term to describe my relationship with boys?), this relationship is ‘confirmed’, is not being logical. Trashing Cassandra and Stephen is not being nice. 

So that’s why I consider it a big deal.