i had to because of reasons

“I want to talk to you about something,” Even says and Isak’s stomach literally falls out of his ass. Thing is, there’s a reason for this. Because the last time Even had used that specific phrase, he had just been accepted into a film school. In London. And Isak had just been accepted into a biomedical research position in Oslo. Of course, it all worked out in the end because they are Isak and Even and they’re like, fated, or some shit that Even always says in the nighttime hours, but damn was that a rough couple of months.

So like, the phrase causes a brief flash of panic.

Isak glances at the table– which probably should have been his first clue that something was up. Even had made all of his favorite foods for dinner. And he knew he spotted strawberry shortcake in the kitchen, so Even had gone for the big guns in buttering Isak up.

He swallows the bite of chicken and takes a swig of red wine (because he is now one classy motherfucker.) “Okay?”

Even taps his fingers on the table and then reaches up to take his own sip of wine, but puts it back down just as quickly. “Okay. Okay here we go.”

But Even says nothing right after that, so Isak has all the time in the world to fucking lose his mind.

“Even,” Isak hedges, “Baby. You’re freaking me out. Like a lot.”

“I know.” Even shakes himself, “I’m sorry. I don’t know how you’re going to take it and this is like- a life changing conversation so I’m trying to be articulate and get it right on the first try.”

Isak runs a hand through his hair, “Well, are you divorcing me?” 

Even shoots him the most deadpan look in the world, so Isak lets a little smile tug on the corner of his lips, “Okay good. You’re not pregnant, are you?”

Even freezes and opens his mouth and Isak raises his eyebrows, “That was a joke. Even, if you’re pregnant I need to have a serious discussion with someone about the laws of biology.”

Even throws a wadded up napkin, “I’m not fucking pregnant, you shit.” He plays with the collar of his white cuffed shit (Another! fucking! red! flag! because when the hell have they ever dressed up for each other?), “But like- it has to do with that.”

“Just come out and say it,” Please god, say it before Isak has an aneurysm, “Whatever it is, do it.”

So he does.

Even takes a deep breath and says, “I want to talk about adopting a kid.”

Isak blinks.

There is a bit of ringing in his ears, so he doesn’t quite hear the way Even scoots his chair back and slides to his knees right in front of Isak’s chair, “Baby?”

Me baby?” Isak says dumbly, “You want a baby. Like a real baby.”

“Yeah,” Even’s voice is level, controlled. “Yeah, I really do, Isak. And it doesn’t have to be now. But I want to talk about it with you.”

“With me,” he repeats dumbly, “You want a kid with me? Why? Oh my god, Even, I’m a mess. I’ve been going commando for the past week because I ran out of boxers and I’m too lazy to do laundry!”

That damn grin at the corner of Even’s mouth nearly does him in. The quick kiss Even presses to his lips does, “You are the only person I would ever want a kid with.”

Isak grabs his wine glass and chugs it, “A kid. Like you and me adopting a kid and taking care of it and raising it until it’s 18. Changing diapers and… going to school performances and… rocking it when it gets sick.”

Even nods softly, “And taking family vacations to the beach…. teaching him or her all about movies… and you can teach them about parallel universes and other science stuff.”

“Holy shit, Even…. you want a kid. With me.”

“I do.”

Isak thinks about it, like a home movie where the actors haven’t quite all been chosen. He sees himself and Even, and a little human with flashes of blonde hair and hears baby giggles and-

He sees Even folded into a tiny little bed with a children’s book on his lap and a nameless, faceless, child (their child) in his lap. And Even is grinning and reading to them in funny voices. Then he sees himself behind a kid, directing them on how to look in a telescope.

He sees so much.

“This is a big thing,” Isak says, “A really, really big thing. Are you sure you want to?”

“The only thing I have ever been sure of in my life is you, Isak. I want to do this with you.”

“Okay,” Isak breathes, “Fuck. Let’s adopt a kid.”

I just realised the reason that steven just rebubbled bismuth is because without bismuth there they can rehash the “i am my mom, i have to fix what she did” over and over again. And if bismuth was present steven would have a new adoptive mother that could resolve this in one episode unlike the other crystal gems.
Also, if they had kept bismuth, the writers would have to hide her somewhere boring to preserve the status quoe because god forbid bismuth makes peace with lapis or bismuth and peridot actually give us hard information on homeworld society.
Im scared for her eventual return, i feel kike theyre gonna just pull her back into play for the eventual final battle where she only has a few lines and outfits all the crystal gems and off colors so beat the shit out of homeworld.

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Hello dear! Your blog brings me lotsa happiness just so you know! :) also, can I ask for scenarios of how the chocobros would react to their s/o dawning their respective outfits (nsfw if you're up to it!)? Thank you so much!

Hi Sweetie! I’m so happy you like coming here! I love when couples exchange/ take over the others wardrobe.



Noctis muttered,  he had missed three of his  daily naps and it was beyond midnight, he needed sleep! But he couldn’t!

He was even in a comfy hotel bed, away from the others! He made Ignis buy you two a single room, and tossed them down the hallway, not to be seen until the late check out tomorrow. AND the reason the Prince couldn’t sleep was because you decided you wanted to take the longest shower in the world tonight of all nights!

He’d go to sleep, than would wake up to you not being in the bed! Only to doze again for about 4 minutes before waking up again, and you still weren’t there! So when he finally heard the water shut off, the Prince was ready! He was gonna cuddle you so hard, and then just sleep, he didn’t care if you prodded him or stated that he was making your arm go to sleep, this was your punishment!

So when you stepped into the dim room, in one of his clean shirts, that reached your hips and thighs. Those beautiful thighs, those pillow thighs, the shirt raising high at the chest, not use to the extra there he found himself awake.

“Mm, that was worth it. Camping really makes you appreciate a nice shower.” You pur, sitting on your edge of the bed, as Noctis took a good amount of the other side of the Queen. Shrieking as you were pulled back to the bed, to rest against Noctis’s chest. “Noct.”

Noctis muttered softly, as he nuzzled against you, the scent of him from his clothes that you had on, but the scent of you underneath was amazing! He loved it! You two mingled together perfectly, and it turns out he had a little more energy to give.

“Hey, so uhh, what’s under the shirt?”  He asked hands wandering.

“Why don’t you figure it out.” You purred, only to be thrown to your back, as your once sleepy time Prince was now fully awake, and reaching underneath the shirt on your body, which currently had nothing underneath it.

And if that boner rutting against your leg meant anything, it was that Noctis had figured that out.



Prompto sat within your apartment, you had invited him over stating you had a rather interesting photo opportunity for him, so to bring his camera. He sat on your couch, where he had set up a small little studio for the two of you.

“You ready, Prompto?” You called from your bedroom, where you had been getting ready for the last 20 minutes.

Prompto turned, as he quickly jumped to his feet. You stood in his “digital” shirt, his vest, and a pair of cheetah printed shorts with knee high black boots.

“How do I look?”

“You look…you look, OMG bae you look fucking hot.”

You giggled stepping forward pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose, “I take that as you’re ready to start?”

Prompto automatically rose his camera, the item typically glued to his hand, as he put the viewfinder to his eye. Snapping again and again, as you posed for him. The both of you seeming on the same wavelength as you often modeled for the man when he got a new filter or lens.

You smiled, noticing that Prompto had begun to go into photographer mode, just like you expected, he was so busy trying to get the perfect angle. So time to turn up the heat, first just lowering the vest down to your shoulders, than losing it all together. Next you gripped at the bottom of the shirt, flashing your stomach and even a few peek-a-boo of the ribs, before ripping it off your body, to show the matching printed bra underneath.

You sacrificed a $30 bra for this, it had better work!

Yet judging by the tent in those light blue cargo pants it was working, just one more thing.

“You know, sweetie, I’m not wearing any underwear.”

That always got Prompto’s attention, and the blonde lowered his camera, you quickly reached out taking the camera, placing it on the side table. Taking his hand, as you pulled at the slight elastic band of the shorts, before placing his hand down the front.

The second his fingers touched you, and only you, Prompto’s mouth was on your own, and that photoshoot was over.



“You gonna be any longer?” Gladiolus groaned tapping his knee, waiting for you to exit the bedroom.

It was suppose to be movie night, which was suppose to have started 10 minutes ago, but you still hadn’t come out the back. After stating you had been confined to a bra and pants long enough you rushed to the back to change. The popcorn was ready and so was the beer, but you were taking your sweet time.

“Sorry to make you wait, baby.”

“About damn tim…Fuck babe.” Gladiolus chuckled, his words falling on his lips, as you stood there, wearing his button down and underwear alone. The top open, yet due his barrel chest, it didn’t hang open to wide, covering just your nipples, but gave him plenty of cleavage, and view of your cute bellybutton. “Isn’t this a nice treat.”

“Glad you like it.” You giggled, moving to sit beside the man on the couch, gasping as he grabbed your arm, pulling you into his lap.

“Excuse me Miss, but I believe this is your seat this evening.” He chuckled, arms wrapping around you, as you grew settled into his lap, as he placed kisses against your neck.

You didn’t even get beyond the previews before you found yourself, between the beers and popcorn on the coffee table. Shrieking above the repeating main menu repeating it’s title music, you large boyfriend pounding away at you from behind.

Maybe you could try for the movie again tomorrow, since tonight, you already knew that the man wasn’t going to let you free anytime soon.



“There she is.” Prompto called waving you over.

You made your way over to the table at the restaurant inside of the hotel that you all were currently resting out. Having unfortunately got into town, during the end of rainy season. So you were stuck here for another couple of days, when the weather let up, and you could continue on.

“Sorry, I’m late, unfortunately the front desk seems to have misplaced all of my blouses.” You apologize, always one on time, just like your boyfriend, who had stood to pull your chair out for you. “Thank you, Ignis.”

“My pleasure.” Ignis stated, a familiar song and dance for the two of you. Yet it made Ignis falter, you were wearing his purple button down, tucked with a mauve tulip skirt, with your black kitten heels. The buttons of the shirt were undone to the fourth button, showing off quite a bit of cleavage as the shirt wasn’t tailored to a woman’s figure.

You smiled to your companions as Ignis pushed your chair in, before moving to sit down next to you. Almost immediately his hand was placed on your thigh, which was rather bold for the man, yet as it was covered by the tablecloth you thought nothing of it. Even Ignis could get starved for attention from time to time.

“We have already order, My Dear. I hope you do not mind that I placed an order for you.”

You giggled softly leaning into him, “You know me better than I know myself, Ignis.”

You found it rather strange that all throughout dinner, Ignis hand remained firmly on your thigh, even while you ate. You knew that Ignis was a man of many talents but to eat with his least dominant hand was a feat you had just learned that he could do.

After dinner, both Prompto and Noctis had scurried off to see the awesome arcade they had spotted coming in, while Gladiolus stated he was going to go check out the sauna and gym. While you had mentioned that you wanted to check in on the room, to see if your items had return to the room, or else you’d be spending money on a few blouses, or wearing your Citadel uniform for the rest of the trip.

“They are luckily giving us a discount for the little confusion.” You explained to Ignis as you opened the hotel room door, yet no sooner had you both stepped through the threshold, did you feel a large hand cup your ass. “Ignis!”

“I do apologize, my love, yet you look rather ravishing. Had I know that you looked so wonderful within my shirt, I would have done away with your blouses long ago.”  Ignis purred against your ear, as he spun you around.

You didn’t have time to retort as Ignis pressed his lips against, your own, leading you to the bed. You hadn’t even noticed that all of your blouses were returned, and pressed free of charge.

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I mean to have you as a mutual is so shocking to me like, you're so popular and im just a peasant compared to you

my friend all i do is make jokes on the internet, theres no reason anyone should feel inadequate compared to me for any reason. like, i dont even have that many followers in the grand scheme of things. the only reason i even have this blog is because of the mutuals ive gotten which includes you by default so dont even worry about it or question yourself for a second

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still star-crossed has been cancelled :(

Sadly, it was to be expected. ABC hates this show, for reasons I still can’t understand, and the only reason it even aired in the first place is because Shonda forced them to and they don’t want to say no to her. Had they given it a proper change (and a proper promo team and budget!) it would have done better and fall back on its feet. But they wanted it cancelled from the start, and the long breaks between episodes are proof enough of them trying not to attract an audience to have reasons for cancellation, even without taking into consideration the poorly-structured poorly-edited pilot that led to bad critiques. And, well, we also all know why it wasn’t more popular with the general audience.

The only solace in all of this is that, based on behind the scenes pictures and footage, the plot is moving forward fast enough that it should give us the proper ending and resolution for the show (and they have time to edit appropriately to leave out any cliffhanger if needed). So we can all pretend that it was meant to be a miniseries all along. Not ideal, but at least better than just cancelling it right away and leaving us hanging.

I just love Mochizuki’s ability to manipulate her readers. I feel as if she makes us assume things even though they haven’t been confirmed in any way. Have these two examples:

Many theorize how the woman from Vanitas’s past could possibly be an Archivite because of her darker skin and white hair. Which is all good (and I personally like those theories) except that their very basis is something that has not been confirmed - why are we assuming that the vampires from the Archiviste clan had darker skin and white hair? This topic has never been touched in the manga but for some reason we sort of just go with it.

Another thing is the bed time story which was told to us in the very beginning. So now every time we think of the Vampire of The Blue Moon, we think of “a hated vampire known as “Vanitas”” who “was born on the night of a blue full moon, a symbol of misfortune. Everyone was afraid of Vanitas and ran him out of the village. […] And in his heart of hearts he swore… vengeance on vampires born on the night on a crimson moon.” and about the Book of Vanitas as “a special book created by Vanitas, imbued with the power to interfere with vampires’ true names“ which, for now, seem to be the case. But still, it’s just a bed time story and it would be interesting if Mochizuki takes advantage of this to confuse us (aka. the story not being accurate/real).

Hey tumblr people, friends, SPN family,

You may have realised that my blog has become the virtual version of tumbleweed rolling through a desert in recent weeks/months. I noticed on checking my blog recently that I have had an influx of new followers which I think is predominantly thanks to a shout out from Shirley (@destieldrabblesdaily) which I am infinitely grateful for because I consider her one of the best blogs in the SPN fandom. It is for that reason among others that I feel pretty damn bad about not being around recently to share in your speculation, meta and general love for the show.

I haven’t said much since the finale, or even about the finale. I never wrote an episode review for any of the last 3 episodes of season 12. (still haven’t seen 12x21 and don’t plan to) I guess I just want to explain why.

In the past few months SPN has been losing its grip on me, I guess I always thought this would happen one day as it always has in the past with other things that I have falling in love and obsession with until I just… well… get over it. Usually its when a show finishes or movie franchise ends though, rather than whilst it’s still going on. I haven’t felt that itchy desire to constantly check my dash, or write meta or obsess over speculation for the show lately at all. I tried re-watching season 12 and I just couldn’t maintain my concentration. I instead started watching other shows – American Gods is fantastic – and getting out a bit more as well. Tumblr kinda sucked me into this pit where my social life pretty much dried up and became non-existent. Though in all fairness, tumblr also got me through a pretty nasty stint of depression.

I keep hoping that this will be temporary, that perhaps when season 13 comes to our screens that I’ll jump right back in, but I’m not so sure. I guess I’ll watch it, but I don’t know how much I’ll participate in fandom in the future. I want to, I still have that desire to get involved but I don’t have the energy or desire to write meta about the actual show right now. I guess I kinda feel like everything is already being said by the other fantastic meta writers on tumblr and my opinion isn’t really needed.

The thing is, I am tired of SPN. I am tired of the game they are playing with us. I say this, knowing full well that they are dangling destiel in front of us like a carrot dangled in front of a donkey, so close but still so far. Eventually we will get our carrot – of this I am almost certain – but they sure as hell will continue to put us through a bunch of utter crap before we get there.

This is what I am fed up with. I did start re-watching season 12 and I just can’t fathom some things that drove me crazy. Like why when we were first introduced to the British men of letters, it was two strong women who ruled the screen, but by the end, it was another two generic white men to add to our already generic white guy cast. They could have written it in so many different ways to how they did.

Billy’s death pissed me off, so did Alesha’s and Tasha’s. By the time they took Eileen from us I was fuming. Then when they went and wrote off Rowena with an off screen death only told to us in description form I had given up.

On top of this they continued to write scenes of non-con, scenes of violence against POC and women that could easily be avoided whilst maintaining suspense and drama, a dodgy plot point centering around a women fighting her right to choose against the white men trying to take that choice away from her, and on top of it all, fucking Lucifer still being a big part of the show when his character should have died at the end of season 11. His entire story this season was so boring I wanted to skip most of his scenes. I hated HATED his character.

I’m sorry to be negative. The show did some wonderful things this year that I am so happy about. Dean’s story arc was wonderful. His confrontation with Mary in 12x22 had me in tears and I screamed FINALLY out loud as he opened up and admitted things that he has kept inside for his whole life. Dean held this whole season together he really did. The emotional plot was wonderful, it’s what kept me around until the finale because I could see Dabb’s plan for the characters emotional development so clearly in the subtext and later text. Well, until 12x19 for Cas because after 12x19 I don’t understand a fucking thing Cas did and I bloody hope he really has been mind wammied by Jack all this time because otherwise it doesn’t make a lick of sense for his character development.

Ultimately, what season 12 did that was GREAT was threefold:

  • It built up Dean’s emotional development to its climax where he has finally let Sam ‘go’ and admit the years of abuse he suffered under John, as well as admitting that he was a parent to Sam rather than a brother. Dean’s entire story throughout the whole series has been building to this point and it was WONDERFUL to see.
  • It built up Sam’s story in the same way, in that he was able to finally break free from under Dean’s wing and accept his own responsibility and place in the world as a whole – as a leader and hero – rather than something tainted and wrong. Season 12 signalled the end of Winchester toxic co-dependency and I was HERE FOR THAT.
  • It gave us destiel. Now, I say this with certainty guys, although I know it is still contested. Consider it my parting gift to you. Destiel is real and we are going there. Season 12 basically gave it to us because it did things that it cannot now backtrack on. I have never been more certain. Even AFTER 8x17, after Dean’s confession, after “He’s in love… with humanity” and “it was all about saving one human” even after 11x19 and our Hunting Husbands, I still had a whole bunch of doubt on the topic. Now though? I don’t see how it is possible to watch 12x10, 12x12, 12x19 and now, the end of 12x23 without being like “hang on a freaking second – what the hell actually is going on with these guys?” Destiel is gonna happen. This is my speculation for you. Cas will be brought back but he will be brought back wrong and probably under Jack’s control and will walk away from Dean – still crying at his feet – all cold and emotionless as if Dean was nothing to him. Dean will then stop at nothing to get him back. I predict that will happen around the mid-season finale and it will be a big moment for destiel. Another 8x17 but more intense perhaps? Another ‘crypt scene’ but this time with a love confession from both sides? Guys I see it. I can’t not see it now. The one thing season 12 did was take away my doubts. Destiel is real and it is happening and I am pretty sure we will get there by end of season 13.

The problem is, this is no longer enough for me. Even if Season 13 starts with Cas coming back to life in some spectacular beauty and the beast moment which ends in a kiss and a cut to their wedding day… its still not enough anymore. I can’t watch this series just for a ship. I can’t keep going for the fucking carrot dangling in front of me when my hoofs are bleeding and raw and my back is breaking from the weight of all the shit I’ve been forced to carry. The carrot isn’t worth it.

I used to adore this show. Not for destiel, but for the stories, the mythology, the characters and their colourful world of Supernatural things. Now, the characters are slowly reaching peak development and I am getting fed up of watching them get beat down. I want them to have their peace, their happy ending. The stories are no longer fresh and exciting. They are Lucifer and his ridiculous Nephilim baby/not baby.

I am also so fed up of Cas’s story not making sense, of him being controlled or brainwashed or forced to do things he hates. Of his absence when it makes no sense (like when Claire is involved and not a word is spoken about him) or of writers writing him so off key that he comes across idiotic. (thanks Bucklemming). I can’t keep watching the writers butcher this character I adore with all my heart.  

I am so so happy for Wayward Sisters and I will support it with all my might. If only because these writers need to UNDERSTAND that they cannot keep killing off the female characters on this show like they mean nothing. Its just heartbreaking to think that we will never get Charlie, Eileen, Rowena, Billy, Alesha or any of the other female characters who have been wrongly killed off in Supernatural join the female cast of this spin off. I’m excited for Wayward Sisters more than I am for Supernatural right now, because Supernatural is just a massive disappointment for me.

I am sorry I feel this way, its been eating at me for a while. I think it’s the reason I have taken this break. I just can’t put all my time and energy into something that feels toxic to me. I live in fanfic at the moment because it is the characters I adore without the awful truth of canon – even if occasionally canon does still give us those fanfic moments – it’s the other moments that are the issue.


I’m sorry. Part of me desperately wants to hold on with all my might, to come back and throw myself into speculation and meta and all the stuff you guys are so awesome at, but another part of me is so so bitter its preventing me from feeling any joy from it.

Maybe when season 13 comes on I’ll forget this post and just start this blog up again. I certainly miss talking to the bloggers on here I consider my friends, I just feel that without contributing to anything I have no purpose on Tumblr, and I don’t want my negativity to affect anyone else. So in the meantime, this is goodbye. I may still visit and reblog stuff occasionally, but I won’t be writing anything for a while. A long while probably.

It’s been fun Tumblr, but from now on consider this an extended hiatus. Perhaps I’ll see you in the Autumn… perhaps this fleeting romance is over for good. I won’t know until I know. As for Supernatural, I have said my bit. Expect Destiel along with a side of bitter disappointment. Wayward Sisters will be amazing though. So long as they don’t let Bob Singer or Bucklemming anywhere near it that is.

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How do you usually deal with stupid questions when you're doing tarot readings, things like "will I live abroad forever??1?!" and "am i gooooood in bed lol" or "when will I become rich and famous"? I just had to respond to a pretty bad one, and hooboy. The temptation to salt and burn was intense. I didn't, but just barely.

Generally, the majority of people who come to me are people who have never had it done before and are just there for the experience. Or they don’t have a specific question in mind and they just want a general reading. 

I like to say things along the terms of ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question’ because everyone has their reasons for asking. Fame, travel, and lust are all classic themes for divination and even if ‘am I good in bed’ is the fallback question for trolls- he wouldn’t be asking if he weren’t insecure about his ability now would he? 

So I try not to judge people by the questions they ask because for a lot of people this is the first time they’ve ever encountered the skill. 

But sometimes I get some readings that I just… oh geez. 

One specific instance, two women came to me. A mother and daughter pair, the daughter being in her late twenties if I had to guess. The daughter asked if she was going to have a baby.

“Are you sure you want a five-card reading for a yes or no question?”

“Tell me if I’m gonna have a baby.”

O. Kay. Then. 

Those that have had readings done by me know that my cards don’t pull punches. You asked, you’re gonna get an answer whether you like it or not. 

This question could be answered with a single card. If it’s upright? yes. If reversed? No. Simple. So doing this with a lot more cards than one means stringing together a narrative that will likely make the querent uncomfortable. 

“It looks like there are factors that need to come into play before you can start talking about children. I’m seeing a long-standing problem with unemployment and personal insecurity, which are both getting in the way of you having a child.”

“So am I having a baby or not?”

“Given your current situation, I’d say no. Your chances of having a baby are better once you’ve taken care of your own basic needs.”

“Yes or no?”

Sigh. “No.”

Well, she’s mad. A waste of ten dollars. 

It’s her mother’s turn. Another five cards. 

“Tell me if she’s going to give me grandchildren.”

A collective grumble from the entire stack of cards. The Knight of Swords began screaming obscenities, the Queen of Wands told me to put a curse on her and the King of Coins suggested that we kindly tell her ‘yes’ so the two of them will leave. 

I ended up taking the King’s advice. “Yeah. Sure.”

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I think the reason PD`s sapphires couldnt foresaw her shattering is because they were all defective. I imagine that PD didnt want to shatter them and kept them secretly in her entourage without telling the other diamonds about them.

Or, someone could have had them all poofed, or even drawn back from her, Pink diamonds supposed shattering is very suspicious and i don’t think every single one of her sapphires were defective or unable to use their precognitive abilities. as zircon said another gem with a lot of authority had to have had a hand in her demise.

art trade with the fabulous @funsexydragonball! :D

She asked me if I could draw something with Gogeta, with the option of pairing him up with either Bulma or Chi-Chi (or both X3). I got the go-ahead to do a lady Gogeta, so I decided to draw her with both lovely ladies o3o I drew Bulma and Chi-Chi more well-endowed here than I would if I had just drawn this on my own, because I know how much Miss funsexy loves her db ladies curvy ;D (lady Gogeta would be drawn the same regardless if this was a trade or not lol XP)

I hope you enjoy! :3


(the reason why I’ve been putting this message in my art posts recently is cuz I’ve been experiencing art theft over the last few months =^=)

Why are so many yaoi fangirls getting mad because Malec hasn’t had a sex scene? First off, there is going to be one in episode 2x18, so you can stop typing in all caps in the Malec tag about how angry you are that your “yaoi sinners didn’t get a sex scene” (which, by the way, calling gay people “yaoi sinners” is both stupid and extremely offensive). Second off, you’re getting mad for the completely wrong reason. If your reason for being mad is that they simply haven’t had a sex scene, i think that’s called “fetishizing” and you need to stop. It’s not about them not having an intimate scene, its about fighting against lgbt censorship in mainstream media.
(This was the point I was trying to make in my original post. I guess I didn’t make it out like that. I’m sorry for any confusion. :) )

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Is there a cryptid that could have credible potential of existing that you don't personally think does exist? Even if many think it does?

I believe in 90% of the things I post. The ones I typically believe exist are ones like color mutations (Maltese Tiger), new subspecies (Adjule), out of place animals (Alien Big Cat), and extinct animals that haven’t fully gone extinct (Thylacine). The reason I think these ones exist is because history has noted that they are real. There are all kinds of color mutations in the wild that are very rare, of course there are subspecies that exist and are undiscovered, the English government recognizes many Alien Big Cats in their forests, and the Coelacanth was a fish that had “gone extinct” 65 million years ago, but one was found in 1938. Not to mention that animals we know today used to be what we now consider cryptids: gorillas, okapi, platypus, etc.

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You and an anon were talking earlier about how you like that the Norse gods can get hurt. And I realized that I've had trouble with that concept. I never connected with the Christian God because he seemed so impersonal but now as I'm researching religions such as Norse Polytheism it like scares me that the gods can die, it makes me feel really anxious for some reason. I don't know, I'm just scared; I want to feel safe and I don't want Baldr to be dead I'm just having a hard time comprehending?

Hey, dear. 💚 I just want to say I understand your fear and anxiety over the thought of our gods dying. It only confirms our mortality and I know for me that as very frightening because Death isn’t a concept I’m entirely comfortable with yet. But there’s nothing we can do about it but accept it and welcome it into life. Baldur is dead but that doesn’t mean he’s no longer active, his soul is with Hel, feasting, laughing, and probably teaching the dead wonderful things! Our gods can protect you, just because they’re mortal doesn’t mean they’re not strong and capable of making you feel safe. It’s hard to accept a gods mortality but I think that’s what makes them relatable, they understand that about us in ways no other gods would. I hope this helped!

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Referring to Soma talking about how our!Ciel is aware of the love he receives but just refuses to accept it, do you think our!Ciel refuses to accept the love everyone gives him because he thinks they only really love real!Ciel, and that the love isn't meant for him?

It could indeed be one of the reason. He’s not acting as the person he truly is since he’s imitating his brother so maybe he thinks that the person the others like is not really himself. But there is probably more than that. I think there are several reasons for our Ciel trying not to let anyone come to close.

What he experienced probably has much to do with it. He has developed a fear of commitment and maybe fears to be betrayed. Then there’s certainly an amount of guilt which may be the main reason for him not accepting love. Our Ciel feels guilty for surviving when his twin had to die (and probably since the twin’s death was the trigger for Sebastian’s appearance; so basically our Ciel survived because of the twin’s death). So our Ciel may think that he doesn’t deserve to be loved.

Also, Ciel knows that he won’t live that long because of the contract. So he may try to keep everyone at a distance so that they won’t be too sad when he dies. And finally, there’s also the danger that being close to him brings. As we’ve seen with Soma and Agni, people who are Ciel’s friends are possible targets for anyone who wants to harm our Ciel.

So yeah, I think it’s a combination of all this that makes Ciel believe that it’s better to be alone and to not let people come too close.

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Honestly the one thing I hate about Snape wank here is the double standard. It's fine for people to say they dislike Snape because nasty teachers had more affect in their daily lives than big evil villains like Voldemort. But if I say I dislike the Mauraders for a similar reason, because they remind me specifically of dudes I knew irl and the "boys will be boys" attitude, I would get dogpiled because they're seen as pure cinnamon rolls.

yessss exactly

like i’ve known a lot (A LOT) of dudes that are just like the marauders, some of whom were absolute fucking dicks to me. i’ve also had mean teachers who were about the same level of caustic/rude to their students as snape is to his. out of the two, i was definitely hurt more by the marauder-like guys than i ever really was by my teachers. that’s not to say that teachers CAN’T hurt their students or that their actions don’t have consequences or that you have to like snape even if you’ve had bad experiences with nasty teachers. but you can’t say that and then turn around and deny people their right to dislike characters for their personal experiences…? and yet that happens a LOT when it comes to characters like sirius or james, who are pretty well-liked by the majority of fandom. 

they’re not! pure cinnamon rolls! and honestly why would you WANT them to be, aren’t they more complex and human when you allow them to have made mistakes and done bad things??? characters with weaknesses and flaws are inherently more interesting so it’s even more frustrating to have fandom try to paint over these in the marauders in an attempt to make them The Best Characters.

So yet another reason Wonder Woman really struck a chord with me is in the scene where Hyppolita discovers Antiope training Diana.

Because instead of doubling down on her original stance, she listens to Antiope. She doesn’t want to believe that Diana needs to know how to fight, but she knows Antiope is right; you can see the worry and the doubt in her face even as she says Ares may never return. And then, after wiping away a tear she finally agrees to let Diana continue training.

I keep coming back to that, and being quietly amazed that the writers did that, because so many times in genre movies and books women are shoved in these one dimensional boxes. Hyppolita, as the Matriarch, should have been shrill and controlling, and would certainly not have let herself be persuaded to see reason. We would have had a frustrated Diana continuing to sneak off with Antiope, while we the audience would low key hate Hyppolita for her willful ignorance. Instead, they gave us a complicated, thoughtful, fleshed out human being, who is not only allowed to be a badass warrior queen, but a loving mother who actually gets to show vulnerability and admit when she is wrong.


when i was in 3rd grade we would do these really fast multiplication games where you had to beat someone and i forgot what 7 x 7 was and someone whispered “49ers, like the team” and so i screamed “FOOTBALL!!!!” really loudly for whatever reason and made someone cry because it was so loud and i will never forget that

The great thing about Tournament arcs, the reason I love them so, is because it allows the whole cast to show off their unique talents. And boy, were these fights fun.

The loss of the late Monty Oum is definitely noticeable here in Volume 3. Gone are the furious, frenzied combat choreography… Now, it’s much smoother, slower. Quite a bit less wild. RWBY has sort of lost a part of its unique identity because of his unfortunate passing…

Even still, I’m no less pleased by the fights here! They still had plenty of imagination and that great spark of fun in them.

From here, I’d say the tournament will be put on hold for a while. We have the Schnee family and Qrow to deal with…

See you tomorrow with more RWBY!

i really had a thing against 3v3 elim because a lot of the time we’d get put with people who, in all likelihood, actually played that gamemode and also were in our elo

whereas my friends and i would almost always queue into mystery heroes because it was the least contentious option (no limits was unthinkable territory) so it’d suck because we don’t really have 3v3 experience. and it really is its own realm of gamemode for a reason.

but i’ve played some 3v3 lockout recently and there was this game, i was accompanied by jing and octy, and one round i picked mei and said something hilarious like ‘guys. guys. they’ll never expect the spanish meiquisition. the chinese meiquisition. the- you get my point.’ (octy laughed, jing didn’t)

and we won the round because the enemy trio really clearly was not prepared to face a mei and i said something similarly hilarious like ‘i told you guys they wouldn’t expect the chinese meiquisition’ (octy laughed, jing didn’t)

so i’m thinking i should play 3v3 more often

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The last time I saw my cousin he had just gotten a pic line for his chemo. I went off to college and next thing I know he's dead. I never really mourned three years later my sister just got a pic line (unrelated reasons) and the emotions are finally hitting I'm starting to mourn for my cousin but I'm also irrationally scared for my sister. I also am gonna see my sister soon and I'm scared that it will be the last time I see her because it was the last time I saw my cousin

The fear that you may lose family is a strong one. It’s gonna be hard to get rid of. But you’re at the beginning of it, so you should be able to head off the storm. First, talk to your sister. Tell her that it’s finally hit you that your cousin is gone. Tell her that you’re afraid for her too. Talk to her. Talk about your feelings. Then, keep talking to her. Text her. Add her on your social media. Keep her present in your life. If you decrease the time between conversations, then it should help you lessen the fear.

-Lou the Lobster