i had to add the fox one okay

Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions! @bibliolanthe, @schoolenthusiast, @mrs-red-fox, @smile618 - I really appreciated being told it was okay to just step away for awhile. I applied for a job, ate dinner, and watched an episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, then realized I couldn’t write a conclusion because… I had basically already written the conclusion. I just needed to add a final sentence to make it officially a conclusion and not just the vague sense of one.

Now it’s off and I’m officially done the semester!!! Just in time to write an abstract for a conference (for a paper I haven’t written), reformat two papers for two other conferences, present said papers, and start my summer course. And that’s all before May 15. May is such a nice, calm month. *rolls my eyes until they fall out of my head*