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anonymous asked:

can you do the male shepherds confessing to m!robin??? im having a bad day and need some love confessions hahaha

I’m very very sorry to hear you’ve had a rough day, so I kinda whipped these up for you! I hope you like it and feel better! - Sev

I don’t know why you had a bad day, anon, but rest assured that we love you and the blog will be here for you to scroll through when you’re having a rough patch. I’m sure you’re a very sweet person, and thank you for trusting us enough to tell us you had a bad day!! <3 I drew this for you. I hope tomorrow brings your smile back to you!!! - Olivia

Chrom: You had a sinking feeling when he said that he had to tell you something. That phrase never does bid good news for anyone. But he’s saying something that you did not see coming in a million years. “I cannot deny this any longer,” he says with a sad looking smile. “I’d thought to distract myself and push it aside, but the truth is…” he places one hand over your own. “I am madly in love with you. And perhaps this love is madness, but I do not know a distinction between the two anymore. I hire a tactician and this is what you do to me,” he says a bit accusingly. You laugh lightly and hesitantly hug him. “I should be arrested for treason.” He grins and holds you closer to him. “High treason. Imprisoned for life. Like you’ve imprisoned me.”

Libra: “You know,” he says with a small smile on his face. “I’ve spent a greater part of my life rejecting the advances of other men. But here I am to confess before you, today.” Well, that’s an interesting way to begin a conversation. “You see, ______, I really find myself taken with you. That is to say, I love you.” You open and close your mouth several times and resist the urge to hide under your hood to cover your blush. He takes out a small box and looks at it with a mild expression. “Typically it’s the man that proposes, but in this situation, I suspect that’s it’s on part of the confessor, no?” He kneels down before you and opens it up. “Will you accept?” You don’t trust your mouth to speak right now, so you only nod and let him to put a ring on you that claims that you are his.

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