i had to add hair


Then I wanted Marth with galaxy hair but then I thought HEY WHAT ABOUT GALAXY CAPE which was a huge mistake cause I had to add pink so his hair didn’t disappeared against it

Outlined with silver color then added awful stars and lost my motivations so I didn’t even outlined the rest

@benziz200 replied to your photo “Really quick manga panel redraw from chapter 90 because my son is…”

His hair isnr black for christ sake

Well, I didn’t make up Eren’s hair color.

I used this screenshot for reference:

The quality might not be high, but I tried to pick the most accurate colors possible.

I even made the shading lighter

And now this is the color palette I use every single time I color Eren’s hair

I had to add a slightly darker shading color in this one because I used blending when coloring it, and I needed more tones.

I used the same color palette for the fanart I posted last night:

Now honestly, I don’t even need to explain this to you. But if you don’t like the way I color his hair, no one’s stopping you from drawing your own fanarts and coloring his hair the way you please.

concept - Ronan and Blue’s bromance;
-they have sleepovers all the time, especially when blue comes back from travelling but Adam and Gansey are still away
-they binge on so much junk food together and have stupid competitions on who can eat the most pizza in a minute and stuff like that
-they like to drive around a lot and just talk and listen to music (when it isn’t the murder squash song)
-Blue always puts her feet up on the car’s headboard and Ronan acts like he hates it but really he doesn’t mind as he knows she is more comfortable like that and she always takes her shoes off
-Blue painting his nails one time and he is super into it and wants to paint hers
-he is really bad at first but soon becomes a pro
-he dreams the most kickass nail polish that have patterns like galaxy or flowers so they look super aesthetic and pretty
-he leaves bottles around her room for her to find, always with a different pattern or colour
-her favourite is the sunflower one as it is so happy and yellow
-he also dreams her small things like clips and fabric and makes a game of subtly leaving hidden in her room for her to find
-and they never talk about it but Ronan always tries to hide how hard he smiles when he sees her wearing the clips or notices that she has made a new dress from the fabric
-also Blue makes Ronan do her her hair one time
-and it turns out he is amazing at it, especially braids
-so Blue starts rocking the most badass and intricate hairstyles all the time and people always ask where she went to get it done and she just points at the scary bald guy next to her and is like ‘it was him’
-and they always take pictures of their nails and her hair
-which Blue posts to her Instagram and everyone is like how???
-how do they have such good nails and her hair tho
-and Ronan is so happy that people like his stuff but he plays it cool coz he is punk af
-and then Adam comes back and Ronan does his nails and Adam loves the pastels which Ronan thinks is too cute  
-and Adam loves his hair to be played with so Ronan does loads of tiny braids and things
-and Blue is just like these gay nerds are too much

imagine pocket-sized fluffy-haired jimin taking a nap in your palm. he would be curled up comfortably and he could use your pinky or thumb as a bolster to hug while he slept. (you might even hear tiny snores from him occasionally)




I watched Zootopia not too long ago and i frikken loved it!

Also, i imagine Judy has some qualms with her size difference between nick and her but at least they’re closer in height as humans? haha xD


Squat sundayyyyyy🍑🎂 I turned cardio Sunday into squat Sunday because I can 🙄🙄 and because the squat rack was taken up on leg day. And I had to add in the hair flip and booty wiggle because let’s be real, it helps us get motivated. 🤗

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Bow before your new god, Seven-Zero-Seven

A friend gave me a expression meme request on twitter and since it was my first time drawing Seven I got a bit carried away 

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My crush has long, kinky/curly dark blue hair and hazel eyes! She's adorably chubby and absolutely perfect. Huge dork with a really cute smile!! Gets way too excited about Minecraft for her age and I love it. We're celebrating our second anniversary in march!!!


HJBHKHINN happy anniversary to you two have fun !! <3