i had to

This shit started as fun after seeing the “deadass tired Yoongi” meme around Instagram. I didn’t see it anywhere and I felt the urge to do it and to share it with the world. Or just with my friends.

There he is. Laying in the ground as comfortable as hell not giving a shit about anything. But if you look closely in the MV, you can see how he eventually got there.

Here, you can already see his lazy intentions. While the other six are still giving their everything in the chorus, Yoongi is in fact turning shamelessly and going to the back. To do what you say?

To shamelessly lie on the ground while the rest of BTS is still dancing or getting in position. He does so casually that, may he not be wearing red, he probably would go unnoticed.

Maybe he just needed to catch his breath, you know, the choreo is so lit and difficult, so please, bear with dear Yoongi, because after a well deserved break, he just stood up, like nothing ever happened, ready to give a few shits about something. Maybe.

But yeah, we all love him and whoever says doesn’t is lying to their self, because face it, deep down, we are all Yoongi and just want to lie down and give no shits about anything :D