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i have a prompt request for when ella finds out about the princess who almost got engaged to kit pls and thnks

Ella was a smart girl. True, she hadn’t experience much of the world, but she had common sense that lead her to shatter the haze of naivety. She had known that step-mother was more than just a gleaming smile- that more had laid behind those green eyes and promptly fixed auburn hair. And now, as she walks the halls of the castle, she knows that the feelings of jealousy ad hurt coursing through her frame are absurd. 

Kit loves meHe married me

She chants these two thoughts over and over, her brow furrowing as she realizes, though, that they are doing little good. 

News of Princess Chelina was to arrive with her father in a matter of days was the reason for her feelings. She had heard from the mouths of the local gossips that Kit had supposed to be arranged for Chelina and most definitely not her. Then, as she’d been enthralled in wedded bliss, it hadn’t bothered her, but now she is… unsure of how to go forward. Oh, with kindness for sure, but how is she to tend to her own feelings? What is she to do with them? 

The library is quiet when she enters and she finds the nook by the window that she had come to time and time beforehand. She settles into the plush, worn chair and peers out the clear glass. Down below, Kit is instructing his fellow officers on some sort of military procedure. 

His wide stature and tall frame can be made out even from her tall perch, as well as his head of glinting, dark hair. 

He is handsome, she sighs to herself. 

She watches for a time, half transfixed and half lost in her thoughts about the reigning princess and her husband. 

“Ella, darling. I’ve been looking for you,” comes a voice, gentle as it pushes through the canopy of sleep covering her senses. She stirs, her eyes crack open, and she stifles a yawn. She hears Kit laugh. “What’ve you’ve been doing up here, love?” 

 “I was… Thinking,” she murmurs. 

 “Ah,” Kit hums. “Anything in particular that you were thinking about?”

  “Oh, I was just thinking on our visitors that are to arrive,” Ella says. 

Kit’s eyes fill with a knowing gleam and Ella has to flick her’s down to the floor because now she is sure that her husband knows in what direction her thoughts had been wondering. 

He slides his fingers through hers and helps her to her feet. Drawing her in by her hip, he kisses her forward. 

  “The only reason they are coming, my love, is so I can talk about the approaching war with her father. Nothing more,” he reassures, his voice so soft. 

Ella sighs. “I know.” 

And she does. Kit loved her, without a shadow of a doubt. But what about the princess? After all, Ella was not naive and she knew women saw her husbands beauty just as she did. 

  The next words out of her husbands mouth, however, silence her mind completely. “Our bed and my mouth could erase those thoughts, darling.” 

His breath is hot and she is on fire.