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"You look adorable in that." aleks to dambun :>c

“Really?” he chuckled “I think it’s funny. I mean-” he turned around and showed the girl the pom-pom bunny tail stitched to the back of his sweater “-now you know why I don’t let Dessy gift me clothes.” he giggled, ruffling her hair. “Oh but,” he handed the girl a boxy packet “she got you a mathcing one.”

Cursed Child Character Summaries
  • Harry:*still famous and hating it*
  • Ginny:*cool mom*
  • Hermione:*always in love with ron*
  • Ron:*always in love with 'mione*
  • Draco:*sass + redemption*
  • McGonagall:*100% done*
  • Albus:*requires a hug 24/7*
  • Scorpius:Nerd™
  • Rose:*2k16 version of "it's leviOsa"*