i had this video for ages and i just giffed it now

Heyyyyy!!!! So we’re approaching the end of 2016 and you maybe reading this in 2017. For those who know me I avoid doing follow forevers now but hey its the end of the year and I kinda wanna reflect too, this year honestly had so much happen for me, I turned 18 and age I never thought Id hit, I got my first ever job and still have it (plus it involves pokemon), I made new friends at work, pokemon in general and so much more. And even if my goal of finding a boyfriend this year fell through Im glad to know I made an effort too talk to guys. 

I also reached past 7K on here, which although Ive been fleeting because of work and just a lack of insp for edits and that, in the new year I want to maybe get a capture card and start making videos or even just some cool gifs (i found one which was 500 rip)

Anyway I want to thank everyone I know especially the sin squad (You know who you are) but anyway heres a list of blogs for ya (I saved these mentions for the people I reblog a lot from/know personally and have meant a lot this year I apologize if I forgot or left anyone out my blogroll will be at the bottom too I wouldn’t follow if you wasn’t amazing)

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Thank you again to everyone!!! and have a happy new year!!!!>

2017!Chris: “I think I had heard of the thing-the-the actual project, yeah, but um I don’t think-I’d-I’ve ever seen it.”

So… Was he lying then or is he lying now?
I get that he probably hasn’t thought about or watched it in years, but you don’t just *forget* something you were “a huge fan” of. Especially if one of your friends is in it (and they repeatedly said that they’re friends. Unless Chris is lying about that too did just *forget* they actually hate each other).

I mean, I haven’t seen the stuff I watched in my teens in ages (like 10, 15 years) and I can’t remember many plot details, but I still remember liking/watching it back then.

(GIF not mine. Also, could somebody please, please point me to the video it is from?)