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KARD reddit AMA

Q: are you guys friends with any other kpoop groups?

Jiwoo- gugudan Mimi unnie and Boys24 Doha oppa

Somin- twice Jeongyeon, and seventeens Mingyu and Seungkwan are my school juniors

J.Seph- gfriends Sowon

BM- day6 Jae and ladies code

Q: do you guys lurk/look at social media like Reddit and Twitter often to see what fans are thinking/saying?

Somin- yes we do. I look at instagram hashtags. Thank you for always cheering us on.

Q: 1- which of your songs is your favorite? 2- which is you favorite choreography? 3- what are your thoughts on being a co-ed group? 4- whats a musical style do you want to try in the future?

J.Seph 1- don’t recall

Jiwoo 2- the next song thats coming out…I think that choreography will be really awesome

Somin 3- I’m really happy about it because we’re very much like a family. I feel like we have a really great foundation because we have two oppas.

Q: Just wondering…whats your reaction to this gif?

a/n: gif cred to hwasuga

J.Seph- oh it’s cute!

Q: What were your initial thoughts/reactions after seeing how large your international fanbase was? what are some of your favorite songs at the moment?

J.Seph- at first I was flabbergasted. I never even thought about it. I saw a picture of our fans in Brazil waiting in line to buy our tickets and it was so amazing. I don’t know these people but they know me. So i wanted to see who they were so I zoomed in and looked at their faces. (laughs)

Q: how did you guys come to know of r/kpop? do any of you frequent this sub and are there possibly any other kpop stars out there that do?

Somin- out tour manager unnie set it up for us! It’s our first time here!

Q: 1- were you surprised to receive so much attention internationally with your pre-debut singles? 2- BM and J.Seph: did you expect to receive so many singing lines (like in rumor), and do you get nervous when you have to perform them? 3- do you think that having many international fans will continue to make kards music more diverse (like how rumor had a latin sound)? 4- what are some of you favorite western artists or other genres of music to listen to?

J.Seph- I was nervous and excited. I want to show a good side of me but I’m still lacking so much. I tried really hard to do my best.

Jiwoo- there are so many genres that we want ti try right now. I think we will definitely continue to be more diverse when it comes to our sounds.

Somin- Tinashe, Ariana Grande / Jiwoo- Beyonce, Rihanna, Kehlani, Alexander Jean / J.Seph- Little Mix!

Q: 1- will you be continuing the “hidden” concept after officially debuting? 2- is there a different concept or sound you would like to try in the future? 3- were any of you kpop fans before beginning training? if so, what groups? if not, what made you want to become an idol?

J.Seph 1- we’re not sure how we’re going to come out again, but we want to keep releasing good content.

Somin 2- I want to try R&B…but honestly I want to try everything.

Jiwoo 3- I liked TXVQ sunbaenims and BoA sunbaenim. I wasn’t focused on being an idol but I really wanted to do great music in general.

Q: who eats the most? who makes the most jokes?

Jiwoo and Somin together- J.Seph!!!!!!

Q: how many times does BM dab per day?

BM- at least 20

Q: bm what advice can you give to other tall guys who don’t want to look really awkward? also, in the Oh NaNa with fun video your necklace flipped up and nearly chipped your tooth! do you have any other memorable stories that were a result of dancing too hard?

BM- all dudes. short or tall.. own it and swagg out with you got. haha I almost lost a front tooth that day.

Q: 1- which music show do you most look forward to appearing on? 2- with your big international following, you seem to be doing better than other co-ed groups of the past. what unique challenges do you face in korea being a co-ed group? 3- what country are you looking forward to visiting most on your world tour?

1- Jiwoo- Infinity Challenge! / Somin- Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

2- J.Seph- Dubai / Somin- Europe and I really wanted to go to America…actually I want to go everywhere. / Jiwoo- Dubai / BM- Greece and London…Spain…Chile is dope too

Q: for BM: what were your motivations for pursuing a career in kpop having grown up in LA? did you ever doubt whether it was the right choice, for example following your appearance on kpop star, and how were you able to bounce back?

BM- definitely had a lot of times where I felt like I should quit..almost did a lot too but I had a lot of good support around me. #blessed

Q: 1- you guys have great chemistry, how long have the four of you trained as a group? 2- co-ed groups are obviously still rare, how did you all react when you found out that you were going to debut together?

1- J.Seph- 5 years / Somin- with the oppas it’s been 5 years / Jiwoo- I joined 6 months ago!

2- J.Seph- at first when I heard it was a co-ed group I was a bit overwhelmed. I saw Somin from such an early age when she was little, but I never thought  that I would be in a group with her. It felt so strange, but as we started to practice and come together, it became really great.

Q: BM, please rate the english level of the other members!

BM- 1 being baby. 10 being able to communicate comfortably…j.speh 3, somin 3, jiwoo 3. all pretty similar

Q: when you guys/gals were kids, what did you first want to be when you grow up?

BM- I wanted to be a lawyer

Q:  I laughed so much when I saw you dancing “Olha a Onda”, a Brazilian song from the 90s. Knowing that your songs so far evoke latin (and thus Brazilian) beats, is there anything each of you would like to learn about our culture? Foods, drinks, clothing, local music genres, anything?

Jiwoo- I want to learn about the food because I love trying new foods.

Jseph- I heard about Carnival and I really want to go. I also want to learn about samba. 

Q:  BM! Are you close with Ladies’ Code’s Ashley? What are your favorite things about being in this group and what do you feel about the amount of love you’ve been getting from the international fans?

BM-  thats my homegirl fshooooo shoot still super unreal to me.. super humbling and super thankful

Q:  BM: Was it hard to make the decision to move to Korea from USA and become an idol? Did your family support you all the way?

BM- I didnt know squat about the language and culture before i came so yeah it was a hard decision. yeupp one hunnit percent they supported me

Q: many kpop artists are encouraged to learn new languages. What new language would you want to learn and perform in?

Somin : English… (laughs) And French! 

(Jseph says : Bonjour) 

Jiwoo: Chinese and Japanese 

BM: Portuguese

Q:  Regarding your positions as ‘King’ ‘Ace’ etc. were they assigned to you or could you choose which card you wanted to be? Also, can we expect a ‘Queen’ member joining in the future?

Jiwoo - We decided together after a meeting.
Somin - I like the black joker though… I don’t think I would fit the other cards.

Q: BM! What’s your favorite bar in LA?

BM- i came to korea before i turned 21 in LA so i havent been able to turn up too much in my hometown yet :[ send me some suggestions!

Q: when did you start getting interested in music?

Jiwoo - When I was around 8 or 9 I wanted to be a singer. 

Jseph - When I was 7. 

Somin - Probably around junior high.

Q: To BM: Got any workout tips? How did you get so “big” :O

BM- i used to be real hefty. turned all that fat into muscle through dieting.. dieting is 70% workin out is 30%

Q:  What are you all most looking forward to during your tour?

Jiwoo: LA, because I am excited to see Matthew oppa’s family!

Q: BM, do you have any advice for someone who is trying to get and stay in shape?

BM- stay strict and have self discipline one your self diet. workout is a MUST stay active

Q: BM how much can you bench press?? I just started so I can barely do 70 ://

BM- i stopped benching after almost snapping my shoulder. i just do flat bench and incline dumbbell presses now

Q: Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

BM: horse sized duck

Jiwoo : 100 duck sized horses… I’m scared of birds

Jseph : Horse sized duck

Somin : Horse sized duck 

interrupted (m) part V

pairing: reader x ???

genre: idek anymore angst? smut?  (i promise there will be more smut in the upcoming chapters)

summary: part 5 of this trash i call a series

word count: 3.9k (specifics: 3,942)

warnings/triggers: fighting, swearing, sexual stuff…

I love you.

Jimin didn’t know what to feel. Did she mean it? Or am I just a second choice… 

The surrounding silence was nauseating, he felt her shift knowing he had to say something but what? He knew one thing for certain and couldn’t lie about it…

I love you too y/n.he couldn’t deny that.

A million thoughts raced through his head as he lay beside you patting the crown of your head gently, staring up at the dark ceiling. He wanted to believe you… but just couldn’t yet. He was always second place to Jungkook. If Jungkook didn’t fuck up, would you still have had said it to him.

He knew it wasn’t the best time to ask if you had meant it, but with his heart ringing in his ears and a tiny voice gnawing at the corners of his mind, he had to ask…  

Mustering up enough courage, he took a deep breathe about to tell you- but bit his tongue when you laid a chaste kiss on his chest. He couldn’t ask now…

Right now, he just wanted to revel in this moment with you; where he was surrounded by your scent, feeling your breath fan against his skin, letting his fingers tangle through the strands of your hair and laying in each other’s warmth as you both settled down to go to sleep.

Goodnight y/n.” He sighed, internally wishing that morning would never come, and drawing you closer.

Goodnight Jimin.” you yawned, nestling closer to him and shutting your eyes to sleep.


The early shades of dawn filtered through the curtains and the incessant buzz of your phone awoke you. If it weren’t for Jimin’s sleepy face being the first thing that you saw through heavy lids, you would’ve of been in the absolute worst mood, but seeing him soundlessly asleep with the amber tint, of the early rising sun, kissing his skin, made you lips curl into a small smile as you unravelled yourself from Jimin’s limp grip and grabbing your phone from your bomber.

From Hana:

Please tell me you’re not too hungover to work today…

From Hana:

I need you :(( boss gave me the whole 11 hours… BY MYSELF >:((

To Hana:

no no i’m completely sober… shoot me.

To Hana:

i’ll come in today, i have a lot to tell you…

From Hana:


Jimin stirred on the bed, you looked up to see him upright with furrowed brows and barely opened lids.

Morning.” you smiled.

It’s cold… what time is it?Why are you up?” he rasped, scratching the back of his neck.


It’s so early.” he groaned, “do you have work?

Mhmm” You hummed in reply, as you walked up to the bed, leaning over to kiss Jimin’s puffy cheek.

y/n…” he whispered scratchily.


He bit his lip, as you perched onto the edge of the soft mattress. His hesitation made your stomach stir slightly.

We need to talk about… this.

What do you mean?” you blinked, that feeling in your stomach become more prominent.

I don’t want to say this, especially not right now… But I can’t ignore it and I can’t let it go on.

What is goin-

Do you really love me?” He blurted. Instantly looking guilty.

Your stomach dropped. You felt the colour drain from your face. What? 

I want to believe you y/n. I really do. But i- i- just don’t know. Something in my head is telling me, that this happened by luck or chance or- or something. That if Jungkook didn’t…you know… you wouldn’t be feeling this way.” You bit the inside of your cheek, at his words. “Please say something so i don’t feel awful.

I-um…” You swallowed thickly. Were you really sure how you felt? Was what Jimin said true?I should get ready for work… Get some sleep okay” You smiled, but Jimin noticed how it didn’t reach your eyes.

I’m sorry.” he muttered, although it felt like a huge weight lift of his shoulders, a vacant look took over his eyes as he watched you disappear behind the locked bathroom door. He groaned as he sank back into bed. He felt so bad. what if he had just fucked up everything with you… But he just couldn’t take how it felt so… forced; Of course he wanted this with you, he always had… but not when it was like this.


Hearing the bell of the coffee shop door, you truly felt as if you could finally breathe. It was like you held your breath as you got ready and crept out the house, not making any possible noise that could wake Jimin up.

Happy birthday.” Hana grinned as she handed you a gift bag. You laughed opening the glittery bag and pulling out what was inside.

More alcohol. Love it.” you joked as you put your stuff away in the cloakroom.

6 slow hours passed, with barely anyone entering the shop. Which gave you plenty of time to catch up with Hana, in between serving the odd customer; and of course that meant telling her everything.

Woah… So… Jungkook and Jimin.” She slowly summarised, more to make sense in her head than to clarify.

Yep.” you sighed.

You hoe.” She joked, lifting up the mood in the empty coffee shop.

Shut the fuck up Hana.”  You replied as you both turned into raging fits of laughter.

Is that Minah as in Kwon Minah?

Um, yeah, why?” You asked, eyebrows arched.

I think I’m going to start working with her tonight…


Yeah, she works at a bar, not at all far from here. I just got a part-time there, and i’m starting tonight.

You slowly nodded, internally wondering how the world was so small that something like that would happen…

Y/n… I get Minah’s pretty and everything, but I don’t understand why Jungkook would do that to you… It just… doesn’t…  add up.

Minah’s a solid 10 and i’m a 2 at best.” You protested, “But i get what you mean, I don’t understand how he could just-

Well i think you’re about to find out…” She whispered, eyes bulging. Following where she subtly pointed at. You turned, your eyes flinching as they caught his. You swallowed harshly, your toes curling into your shoes. You didn’t look up at all, your eyes stood ground,trained onto the cash register.

Welcome to the mocha lab, can i take your order.” You curtly said, fighting temptation to look him, it wasn’t that you didn’t want to, but it was like you physically couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.


that voice. it just made you want to burst out in tears, as if the uneasy feeling you had in your stomach didn’t want to make to throw up and faint already.

Order something or get out.” you spat, out of the corner of your eye you even saw Hana backing away from the counter and into the cloakroom.

You have every right to hate me but I just need to tal-

Jungkook.” You warned. “I really fucking can’t right now.” You tried so hard to keep the tears at bay.

I’m sorry y/n-” You bit your lip so hard to keep yourself together that you could faintly start to taste blood. “-but please. talk to me.” His voice was so… so… broken. “please y/n i’m begging you. please… i miss you.

Although it was so painful to hear him beg like that, and you still needed answers. You knew you couldn’t. It physically hurt to be near him. Your mind was screaming for an explanation and wanted to just jump in his arms and forgive him… but the heart remembers what the brain forgets… and it raced inside your ribcage, like how it felt when you saw the mess of clothes on the floor, storming in on him and Minah…

I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” You could barely finish the sentence as your voice started to break. After a couple seconds of silence in his hesitation you heard his slow heavy footsteps leave the place.

You immediately sank behind the corner bawling. Hana sprinted over, taking your shivering figure in her arms.

sshh, its okay, shhh.” she whispered as you took deep breaths. “that was so brave. I’m so proud of you.

thank you” you whimpered as you steadily composed yourself. “I can’t even look at him.” you laughed, but inside your heart was straining, as his broken voice rang throughout your mind. “I don’t know if I could ever speak to him again…

As much as i hate to say it… and i totally get you, but you need to talk to him. You need answers y/n… it’s the only way you can really know how you truly feel for either of them. Because it’s not fair on you and it’s not fair on Jimin” 

she was right.

You bit your quivering lip, thinking about Jimin. You couldn’t deny that there was attraction there. And last night. Last night. He put you first in front of everything, he was hurt too but made sure you were the one okay. With him, it’s genuine. It’s decided. It’s real. It’s there. He wouldn’t change his mind or even think to ever betray you like Jungkook. With Jimin before and after the whole Jungkook mess, you felt loved, platonically and romantically. he was your safe haven.

y/n?” Hana said, snapping back into reality. By then you stopped crying. She helped you stand back up. “Are you okay?” she asked, to which you nodded in reply. “I’ll lock up, go home my love, get some rest.” She insisted and you thanked her as you both headed to the cloakroom to get your things.

Good luck with the new barmaid job.” you called out from the door before you left. She gave you small smile as you shut the door.


The sun had set ages ago because of winter, the street were dully lit with street lamps. You pulled your jacket tighter, sighing watching your breath condense and float idly upward. You began the walk home, pulling out your earphones and listening to music. A few steps in, you felt as if someone was following you, you pulled an earphone out and turned to look behind. Your eyes scanned the seemingly deserted street. You felt uneasy, so you abandoned the music as you cautiously continued home.

This time you heard the footsteps, growing faster and faster, and before you could break out into a run you felt a hand grab your wrist. On instinct you turned, and kicked the figure in the genitals. You watched as a familiar figure sink onto the floor bracing themselves in their affected area.

FOR FUCKS SAKE JUNGKOOK!” you screamed, heart racing, annoyed at the fact he had just given you one of the biggest heart attacks of your life.

Okay… I deserved that…” he rasped and he stood up again.

you huffed, but at least this time you could actually look at him without wanting to cry.

Please can we just talk again.” He whined. “I get you hate me. I get you never want to see me again. But please. I don’t want to never see or talk to you again on how things ended.

You felt his stare on you as you remained silent, with your arms folded. You did deserve an explanation.

You have 10 minutes.” You murmured.

A smile lit up Jungkook’s face. It felt so weird, like you hadn’t seen the Jungkook you fell so hard for until now… like he was someone completely different when he slept with Minah. Maybe it was your stubborn delusional heart that wanted to believe that he didn’t because you believed he wouldn’t. It made you just want to delve into his arms and forget that everything happened. But you couldn’t. Because it did.

He grabbed your hand but you flinched away.

This doesn’t mean we’re okay.” You warned.

His face dropped but still, he gave a small smile, “Just follow me then.

Although you looked down to the pavement, you felt his stare on you. He led you down some familiar streets and you couldn’t help but wonder where he was taking you, and why.

You do realise you have 7 minutes left right?” You tutted, finally rolling your eyes and keeping eye contact with him.

We’re here.” He sighed. And when you looked round, you were stunned at where he led you. How did you not notice? This was the park you, Jungkook and Jimin used to always play at when you were children. You subconsciously smiled and walked further in, as if gravity was pulling you there. You were drawn to the swings, and you reminiscently ran your fingers down the metal chain. “How are we for time?” Jungkook grinned, interrupting your flashbacks.

You cleared your throat, embarrassed that you got lost in your thoughts when you should’ve been mad.

Why are we here. This doesn’t change anything.” You spat keeping up the defensive facade, eyebrows knit together.

It’s obvious you remember this place.

Well done for stating the obvious. 5 minutes left Kook.” You scoffed.

Kook.” He laughed and you internally kicked yourself for letting that slip. “Okay, we’re getting somewhere.

You groaned in vexation, like a little kid throwing a tantrum. He sat down on one of the swings and signalled that you do the same. You hesitantly took the other one, but he smiled in victory when you did.

4 minutes.” You warned. His smile dropping once again.

I brought you here, because I need you to remember it.” You furrowed your brows, at his words. It wasn’t until you followed his gaze to the castle play structure, that you shivered. You remember it now.


It was your 6th birthday and you were here with Jimin and Jungkook, it was oddly sunny for a winter day and so the park was crowded with small children like yourselves.

Jimin was racing ahead, climbing up the the ropes to get to the top tower where Jungkook already was, and because you didn’t want to be left alone you followed them up, at a much slower pace, because of your scrawny figure and lack of upper body strength. You had always feared heights but you feared being alone more; and so you struggled and slipped your way to the top where they were.

It was when you got up, you had realised how high you were and panic began to set in. You burst out into tears and Jimin and Jungkook didn’t know what to do.

Go get y/n’s mum.” Jungkook nodded to Jimin, who set off instantly. He then turned to you, who was quivering on the platform. He crouched down. “It’s okay.” He smiled but you just wouldn’t stop screaming and crying. He himself panicked, it was your birthday and he didn’t know what to do and did something impulsively and without thought. He reached forward, grabbed your face and kissed you. You were in a state of complete and utter shock, you forgot about crying. You just stood bug-eyed with Jungkook smushing his face against yours. When Jungkook let go, a huge grin took over his small face. “It worked!” he cheered, while you just remained still, frozen in place as you realised: you just had just both had your first kisses with each other.


You remembered how after, it was like you couldn’t breathe, your heart was going more than 200 miles per hour. You felt a mad hot blush spread throughout your wind-pinched cheeks.

You remember.” He muttered spotting the tinge of red upon the tops of your ears and cheeks.


Look I know nothing I say will ever make up for what I did to you last night y/n. I don’t know why I did it and god I feel so stupid… I know that’s pathetic of me to say, but she was my first ever love, so she had this sort of hold on me and when she came to the house in tears and a blubbering mess and just kissed me… It felt like that moment on the top of the tower and I just didn’t know what to do and I acted on impulse, I forgot about everything like an idiot and ugh… And this-this is going to sound fucked up and unbelievable-but I swear, all I thought about was you.

You don’t expect me to just fall for that are you.” You scoffed.

Not in the slightest. And I wouldn’t blame you if you just left right now either. But I just wanted you to know it was a mistake and I’m so sorry and if i could tell my 6 year old self, I would’ve made you mine right there and then.” Looking into his empty eyes, it broke your heart. “I know it doesn’t make sense, and i fucked up beyond repair but… I love you y/n and I still want you.” Tears started streaming down his face and you felt so guilty that tears started to well in your eyes. In that moment, Jungkook grabbed your wrist, you excelled forward and he pressed his lips against yours; and just as you were about to give into the temptation of melting into the kiss, he pulled away. “I’m not going to keep you any longer.” He muttered, but held you a little longer. “Goodnight my love.” He whispered before he walked away. You bit the inside of your lip as you watched his back disappear into the night.


You groaned as you opened the front door to the apartment, tossing your bag and Hana’s gifted wine on the couch. The walk home was miserable. You were more confused with how you felt for either of them.

Jimin?” You called out, but was met with silence. You got your phone out and realised you had 5 missed calls and 14 texts from him. At least he didn’t just leave… Still you were overwhelmed with incoming feelings, you flopped onto your bed, you felt as if you could just bawl for hours just to release everything. You wanted to scream at how confusing and fucked up things were. You shot a text at Jimin saying you were home and if he could come back after Jaebum’s ‘guy’s night’, you took of your coat and threw it onto the floor, but it landed with a slight thud that made you jump slightly. The only thing in your jacket was your phone. Curiousity flooded your sense so you jumped up and fished something out of your pocket.

It was a small gift-bag labelled:

It was meant for yesterday - kook


Hana POV.

Hana had worried about you getting home, on her walk to the bar. She had just gotten out of one uniform and wasn’t at all excited to jump into a new one. The laid back buzz of the bar lifted her spirits slightly, as she entered, the overall decoration and atmosphere was surprisingly relaxed than what you would expect from a normal one. is this like high class level for a bar?

Hana Kim?

She nodded as she turned to the voice, finding Minah leaning over the bar counter.

You’re late.

She was taken back by Minah’s bratty attitude. It’s literally 7:17. i was 2 minutes late. For matter of first impressions and the sake of actually keeping the job, she answered with,

I’m sorry.

Yeah, don’t be late again.” Minah snapped. I’m going to kill her… Hana thought as she put up a tight lipped smile and nodded.

Here’s your uniform, change in the staff toilets for today, but we expect you to show up in that. okay?

And again… because her mother had taught her ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’… she just smiled and nodded.


The uniform wasn’t anything special, but it was formal: a white collared shirt, dress pants, black suspenders and a gold name badge. She fixed her hair and re-touched on her makeup before hanging her stuff up in the cloakroom and finally finding her place behind the bar counter.

It wasn’t long till Minah came back from serving a table, coming back to train her on how to make different cocktails, where the different glasses were kept, which tables were where and more on the job.

Got it all.” Minah smiled, more out of common courtesy, but it was easily readable in her eyes that she did not like Hana one bit.

Yeah, thank you.there came the tight lipped smile again.

Any questions, just come find me.” Minah added before slipping away to a table. As if… Hana rolled her eyes as she walked back to her place at the bar counter.

Can I get a- Oh my god, Hana.

She looked up to find Jimin with a half smile and half surprised look on his face.

Hey.” She smiled back.

You work here now? What happened to The Mocha Lab barista job with y/n?

That’s for the daytime, i work here at-

Jimin hi!” Minah sang, shoving herself in front of you. Where the fuck did she come from? she was all the way at the other side of the room??. Hana internally laughed at the scene. “What can I get you~” Minah carried on. This is disgusting, Hana thought, backing up, it was clear Minah didn’t want her there.

Um Hana’s already getting me a whiskey on the rocks thanks.” Jimin replied, making Hana stop with Minah shooting daggers at her.

Hana… darling.darling?Could you get some more Whiskey glasses from the back?” Although it may have sounded nice, her stare made it seem like an order. Hana glanced down and saw a whole row of Whiskey glasses by Minah’s knees. But to avoid anything happening, she just did as she was told.

Hana came back with a tray of Whiskey glasses and placed them on the counter by Minah.

Oh my bad, I forgot we had a whole row of them…” Minah faked laughed, making Hana sick… “Just stack them with the rest.

Where’s Jimin?” Hana asked, hiding her sarcasm, sounding like she actually want to start a conversation, whilst she organised the decorative glasses.

Back there with his friends.” Minah replied ogling at the table in the far right corner. “we’re like a thing.

Hana wanted to burst out laughing… Jimin was with you (well ish) only one boy makes that mistake and that just so happened to be Jungkook already. Jimin wouldn’t ever.

Really…” Hana gasped, secretly enjoying the fact Minah was oblivious to the fact Hana knew everything. Hana stood up again from crouching, readying her phone in her pocket to sneak off and tell you everything. “I need the loo, excuse me.” and when Minah nodded, she was off.

Hana rushed into the bathroom ringing you. Pick up, pick up, pick up, this is so funny…

I’m sorry but the person you’re calling-

Hana sulked as she tried again, but with no answer, she contemplated texting you but wanted to wait to tell you in person to see your reaction.

She walked back to the bar, surprised to find Minah not there.

Where’d she go?

And that’s when Hana heard her shrill giggle. She looked to where it came from and fell gob-smacked at the sight.

Hana didn’t want to believe it, but seeing the way Jimin’s arms wrapped around Minah’s figure as they kissed, Hana raised her phone…

To y/n:






and of course: stay horny, stay shook, and stay safe ;)

eliza out



Mine (M)

gif credits to Smuttyfairy

Summary: When your shower-drying session gets cut short and you’re left with nothing but a towel, Jungkook couldn’t help but indulge in his thoughts when he saw you. He opened his mouth to speak what was on his mind just before you ran off to your room and slammed the door shut, only to have your fretting thoughts interrupted as Jungkook entered the room uninvited with eyes darker than sin.

Genre: smut w/ plenty of dirty talk c:

Insert Versions: Noona | (Y/N)

Word count: 5613

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy & Admin Kookfairy

A/N: So this scenario is based on a dream I had long ago in which I did tell Admin Kookfairy about to which in turn she made this soft, innocent & somewhat comedic dream into a turn for the dirty. The dream was basically me having friends (BTS & others) over and at some point I go and take a shower, get kicked out of the bathroom by my friend’s older brother (played by Yoongi in this) and find Jungkook sitting outside in front of my room to where I freak out inside because I’m in nothing but a towel and then I go to my room and see the mess that it is and freak out more. Then I wake up. LOL. At the time I didn’t think to write out the dream in any way but since I had almost forgotten it completely I considered the idea of it. So here it is now, my fluff dream + Admin Kookfairy’s rude words inspired this scenario to fully be written. We hope you all enjoy another collaboration of ours. ~ Admin Smuttyfairy

P.S. How many times have you seen “Mine” as a title??? xD (def fitting for this scenario)

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anonymous asked:

The guys making out with their girlfriends when someone interrupts them? C.F. love ur blog*.*


Raph (aka the KING of making out, fight me on this): 
omg he would be so freakin pissed off, I think he’d be pretty passive aggressive about it too.
(( I need a cold shower ))

It was getting heavy, you were straddling his thigh in those jeans he loves so much that show your ass perfectly. Your kisses just as eager as his - almost frantic. Its been ages since you’ve finally been left alone. Raph groaned into your mouth when he felt you grind down onto his thigh, a broken whimper passing your lips as you repeated the action. Usually, this is where he would whisper the most nasty things in your ear. Making you quiver with all the promises he’ll fulfill, just as he leaned into your ear, you body practically craving his vulgar whispers - 

“C’mon Raph! Its time for training” Leo yelled, walking in on the scene “Oh sorry… but Splinter wants you there in 5“ 

Your actions stopped as soon as Leo made himself known, you whined pathetically and your now,very pissed off boyfriend was glaring at him like he had personally told him he was working with the shredder. His jaw clenched “Tell him I’ll go to the Hashi” With that he stood up from his bed, towering over Leo and slamming his door shut and locking it. Giving you his signature grin that made your body set on fire. 

You know the silent but deadly type? Yea that’d be him, Making them leave the room because he wants to spend time with his lady!! 
((Look at this, look at this rude leader in blue :( 

The slow, passionate kiss that was between you and Leo made everything so much more intense. You were pretty sure Leo could feel your heart beating in your chest, your hand moved to the back of his head and played with his bandanna,pulling him closer so he was now laying on top of you. Your whole body was hot, you became more aware of this as you felt his hand slowly move over your stomach, squeezing your hip - he pulled away for a brief moment to look at you, your lips were swollen, pupils dilated, breath short - how did he get so lucky? You grinned and pulled him back for another kiss, you loved this moments just you him - 

“Sorry to cut this short love birds, but my shows on” Mikey interrupted, Leo glared at him when he entered the room, He placed his face into your neck and inhaled your scent. You bit back a laugh and he incoherently muttered into your neck. 

“We were kind of in the middle of something, Mikey” He looked up and glared at him, they seemed to be having a silent conversation as you laid there trying to get your breaths even. Then he grumbled something, throwing the remote down in a tantrum, the only thing you could make out was “Online…you have a room…” Leo just grinned into your neck, nuzzling you and he kissed there before making his way up to your lips once again. 

“Now, where were we?”

Blushy Flustered big shy baby 

You were both in the lab, to cut it short Donnie wasn’t paying attention to you and you were feeling particularly needy. So, when it was safe and he put everything lethal down - You swiftly moved into his lap, sitting on it giving him an innocent look, the one that drove him absolutely wild. Then next thing you know your straddling him on the chair, slightly reclined as you both kissed, the speed changing every so often. It’d go from eager kisses to slow passionate ones. It caused your whole body to react to it, moaning into the kiss as you pushed yourself into him.

“God, (y/n) - “ he panted, feeling the strain in his lower region just from the make out session. It had been a while since you and him actually did anything, so it didn’t take long to get to that peak of wanting to skip to the best part. His hands roamed down your back and gripped your backside. 

“Fuck, Donnie, I-”

“Donnie Have you found out what that—” Raph paused, grinning at the scene “Oh, sorry.. Am I intruding?” he teased lightly, voice innocent. You flushed red and Donnie awkwardly sat back up, causing you to push up against him further.

“Raph, c-can you give us a minute?” He stuttered, a small pink hue on his cheeks as he tried to gently pull you off of him. However you stayed put, you knew he could’ve put more effort into moving you, but he really didn’t have the heart too. 

“Oh, no. Don’t stop on my account, have fun kids” he grinned, making his way out of the liar 

Come on, ya’ll do we all think mikey would care? He’d just continue

Naturally, it started because he wouldn’t stop beating your butt at a video game. “Stop cheating!” You yelled, half teasingly half seriously.
“Its not my fault you suck at this, angelcakes” 

You jumped him and sat on his lap, at first it was a way to distract him, until both of you dropped the controllers and one thing let to another his hand was under your shirt and your kisses were needy. However, you were both giggling into the kiss, especially when he trailed his hand over that spot on your back that made you shiver and giggle like a little school girl. You tugged on his bandanna to keep his face close to yours, his arms wrapped around your waist. Making out with Mikey was a dream come true, it was playful yet he never failed to make you want more. He laid down on the sofa bringing you with you, he whined slightly as you had to stop your actions to balance yourself, you laughed at him.

“Always so needy” you teased, softly stroking his cheek - you loved his eyes, they were so captivating.

“Because you’re so addicting, angel cakes!” with that he pulled you forward, earning a shocked squeal from you and a laugh, he wasted no time re-connecting your lips, his hands roaming your stomach and back and every so often grazing over your ass. 

“Mikey have you seen my spare tool kit?” Donnie asked him, Mikey ignored him and continued to kiss you, you didn’t even hear him - “Have you seen. my tool kit?” He repeated, eyes rolling to the back of his head as Mikey began kissing you again, grinning into the kiss. “Ugh, nevermind!” He announced, storming out of the room in a temper. 

“You’re mean, ya’know that?” you laughed, he chuckled in response and picked you up bridal style.

“You love me, angelcakes. Now lets go to my room where we can’t be interrupted!” 



Song or quote:  Guys My Age by Hey Violet 
Who: Ezra Miller

I haven’t seen my ex since we broke up
Probably ‘cause he didn’t wanna grow up
Now I’m out and wearing something low-cut
'Bout to get attention from a grownup
Guys my age don’t know how to treat me
Don’t know how to please me, don’t know how to read me
Guys my age don’t know how to touch me
Don’t know how to love me good

[Y/N] was usually a good girl. She minded her manners, always smiled, and always appreciated what she had in life. The film industry fell head over heels for her the minute she was cast in her first ever movie. She became Hollywood’s Girl Next Door in a matter of minutes and [Y/N] didn’t mind that title because every girl next door type had a little secret and her secret was that she just wanted to be loved and touched by someone who knew what they were doing. 

Her boyfriend or now ex-boyfriend couldn’t please her in the least. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t necessarily satisfactory. She wanted to feel an out of body experience, wanted to feel like those women in the porn videos, wanted to lose her eyes in the back of her head, and above all, have someone just know what she wanted. 

So, here she was. On her eighteenth birthday wearing something low-cut. Staring at herself in the mirror, [Y/N] almost contemplated wearing something a little less revealing. People were sure to comment on her dress in the tabloids the next morning. Did she really want that? Biting on her lip, she pulled the top portion up a little, frowning when it sank back down to reveal the little cleavage she had. 

“Fuck it.” [Y/N] murmured. She looked hot and it was her birthday, she wanted a little bit of attention. Perhaps there would be some worthy partners at the party she had gotten invited to. Grabbing her clutch and her phone, she headed out the door and into the taxi. 

Ezra had humored his friend Logan and ventured out into the night to a party he really had no business attending. He wasn’t even invited but he would assume neither were half the dancing bodies in the club. He chuckled as girls flung themselves in every direction. He wasn’t interested until he saw [Y/N] sitting at the bar with a few girls he recognized from magazines.

She looked stunning, and by that, it was bit of an understatement. He had seen [Y/N] in magazines, in films, and on television shows. This couldn’t be the same girl. America was obsessed with her good nature and innocence. If only they could see her now, he thought. [Y/N] looked like she was about be on a spread of a Maxim magazine. 

[Y/N] laughed, dipping her head forward, causing her loose curls to hide her pretty face. She scanned the crowd before her eyes fell on Logan, [Y/N] squealed. Excusing herself from the girls, she bounded towards Logan and Ezra. 

“Logan!” [Y/N] exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around him. “How have you been?” She slurred.

He steadied her, quirking a brow in her direction. “Are you drunk?” 

“It’s my birthday,” she purred, “I can drink if I want to.” 

Logan narrowed his eyes, “You could if you were twenty one, [Y/N].” Flickering a look towards Ezra, he handed her teetering body towards him. “Will you watch her for a second? I’m going to go get her a glass of water and talk to the fucking bartender.” 

Before Ezra could say anything, Logan was gone. With his arm around her swaying body, he glanced down at her. Fuck, she’s gorgeous. 

“Hey! I know you!” [Y/N] moved her arms around his neck, purring into his ear. “You’re Ezra Miller, you’re Flash or well the better Flash.” Giggling, her teeth tugged on her bottom lip, “You’re a lot hotter in person. That jaw could send a girl on her knees.” 

This made him laugh, “Are you sure you’re Hollywood’s Girl Next Door?”

“Pft,” she snorted, rolling her eyes. Looking out into the dance floor, she squealed. “Come dance with me.” 

Ezra shook his head, laughing at her pout. “No, no. I don’t, I’m not dancing.” 

“Please,” she pleaded, her fingers digging into his shoulder. 

“Ha,” Ezra started, shifting from the physical contact she gave him. “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” 

“Nope.” She said matter-of-factly. Shrugging her shoulder, she leaned in close, her lips almost brushing up against his ear lobe. “He couldn’t fuck me right.” 

Licking his lips, his eyes narrowed into her. “And what would you know about that, America’s sweetheart?” 

[Y/N] mimicked his motion and licked her own lips, “A lot more than you think I do.” Pulling herself from him, she swayed a little. “But, if you’re willing to be a teacher, I’ll be more than happy to be a student.” 

Ezra’s jaw clenched. He looked off towards the bar where Logan was busy laying into it with the bartender. Raking a hand through his hair, he looked dead straight in her eyes, “Lead the way.” 

“The Wrong Derek” - Derek Hale

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) kinda skypes Derek by accident and she is working on a project or Something and then they just start talking and over the course of a few weeks they meet up.

(Y/N) had spent most of her childhood in Beacon Hills before she had to move out at the age of thirteen to go live in New York with her family when her father got promoted. The young girl hadn’t been too delighted to leave her friends Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski behind but she had promised them that they will see each other again one day. And (Y/N) had kept her promise.

After building a new life in New York, she still spent hours on the phone with Scott and Stiles over the years and when she came back to Beacon Hills, it felt like Nothing had changed between the three of them, except for the fact that they were now grown-ups.

(Y/N) had arrived in Beacon Hills less than a week ago, and Scott and Stiles had welcomed her home with open arms. She was staying in her old house – which her parents desired to keep in order to move back in Beacon Hills at an older age.

(Y/N) placed her laptop on a shelf and went on Skype to have a little catch up with her brother. She clicked on his name and waited for him to accept the video-call. While waiting, she started working on a painting which she had started the previous day. (Y/N) was an art student in New York and they had been given a project to work on over the holiday break.
(Y/N) started humming a song while cleaning her paintbrushes.
“Uh, hello?” A voice said and (Y/N) jumped. She turned around and saw an unfamiliar face on her computer screen which was definitely not her brother’s.
“Who is this?” The man on the video-call asked, confused. “Scott?”
“Who the hell are you?” (Y/N) asked as she took a closer look to the man.
“What do you mean? You’re the one who called me!” The man said defensively.
“No, I didn’t! I don’t even know who you are!” (Y/N) said, also very confused about the whole situation. “Did you hack into my computer?”
“Wha- No! I’m Derek Hale.” The man said as if it justified everything.
“You’re- Oh, damn it!” (Y/N) said. “That’s not my computer!” She added.
“Could you tell me what’s going on here?” Derek asked, still confused and also a little annoyed at this waste of his time.
“I meant to call my brother, his name is also Derek. But Scott and I must have switched computers by accident this morning.” (Y/N) explained and swearing under her breath.
“You know Scott McCall?” Derek asked, surprised to find out that Scott had a friend Derek knew nothing about.
“No, I just stole his computer and thought it would be fun to skype all of his contacts at random.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“How do you guys know each other?” Derek asked, ignoring the girl’s sarcastic comment.
“We grew up together.” (Y/N) replied as she picked up her phone to let Scott know she had his computer.” You know you can hang up the video-call, right?” She told Derek who seemed to feel like he had to make the conversation.
“Yeah, well, I got nothing better to do so I don’t mind the compagny.” Derek shrugged.
(Y/N) tried to suppress a smile.
“What’s your name, by the way?” Derek asked.
“(Y/N).” She said. “Wait, are you the Derek Hale?” She added as she looked at her screen more closely.
“Uh, yeah? I’m pretty sure there is only one Derek Hale around here.” He said, raising his eyebrows.
“I’ve heard a lot of things about you.” (Y/N) declared.
“Don’t believe everything you hear in this town.” Derek said.

There was a short and awkward silence for a minute or two while the two of them stared at each other on their computer screens.
“What’s that you’re working on?” Derek broke the silence and changed the subject. He knew (Y/N) must have heard about the fire which killed most of his family as well as the false accusation against him for the murder of his sister, Laura Hale. These ere the rumours and gossip going around about Derek Hale and he didn’t want (Y/N) to judge him upon those things.
“Oh. It’s just a painting I’m working on for school. I’m an art student.” (Y/N) stated.
“It looks nice.”
“Thanks. But it’s no way near done.” (Y/N) said with a shy smile. “Listen, I gotta go. My brother is waiting for me to call.” (Y/N) added.
“No problem. Make sure to call the right Derek though.” Derek said with a laugh.
“I’ll try.” (Y/N) smiled. “Have a good day, then.” She said before she hung up the call, still smiling.

The next day, (Y/N) asked Scott if she could borrow his computer and when she got home, she walked into her garage – where she was working on her art project,  and settled the computer on a shelf and called Derek Hale on Skype.
“You got the wrong Derek again.” Derek said once he had accepted the video-call.
“Nope. not this time.” (Y/N) said, smiling. “I thought you could use the compagny.”
“I’m not that lonely, you know.” Derek laughed.
“Oh, so you don’t appreciate my compagny anymore?” (Y/N) asked with a smug.
“I didn’t say that.” Derek said.

The video-call lasted hours that day. They talked about all sorts of things, trying to get to know each other a little better and even when they weren’t talking at all, none of them wanted to end the call. Derek would quietly Watch (Y/N) work on her painting while she hummed a song every now and then and he was surprised to find himself smiling like an idiot at his computer screen.

Over the following days, it had became an habit for (Y/N) to call Derek on Skype everytime she was working on her art project and it quickly and surprisingly became the moment of the day she was the most looking forward to.
“Hi.” Derek said after he accepted the video-call once more.
“Oh, sorry.” (Y/N) said. “Wrong Derek.”
“I’m kidding, relax!” (Y/N) laughed.
“Ha-ha. Very funny.” Derek rolled his eyes.
“Anyway, what about we grab a coffee sometime?” (Y/N) asked.
“Yeah, I’d like that.” Derek smiled. “When?”
“What about now?”
“Uh, y-yeah.” Derek said, taken aback.
“It’s fine if you don’t want to.” (Y/N) added quickly.
“No! I want to. Of course I want to.” Derek declared. “I’ll meet you at the coffee house in ten minutes, then?”
“I’ll be there.” (Y/N) said with a smile and hung up the video-call.

Derek and (Y/N) met for the first time that day. They were both a little nervous at first, but they were so comfortable around each other that it felt like they had known each other for ages. The night was falling upon Beacon Hills and Derek and (Y/N) felt like they were the only ones in the world right now, and it was more than enough. And as they were laughing in a corner of the coffee house, (Y/N) was glad to have skyped the “wrong Derek”.

BTS Reaction-Loosing a bet (18+)

Yes when I make dirty reactions for BTS I find it really fun trying to find all the gifs I need, it weirdly makes me happy…..I need help lol :-)

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners

Jin:  You two had made a bet on weather or not he would score an A on his test.  When he did you admitted defeat and asked him what he wanted.  He looked at you with his eyes and said “you know what I want noona.”

Suga:  You two had bet that he couldn’t get two songs written by the weekend so when he handed you three you were surprised.  He just looked at you and told you to slowly take off that cute shirt that you are wearing so he could admire your twins first.

J-Hope:  He had bet you that you couldn’t stay quiet longer then him.  When you lost he would text you to see him in his room where he would be laying down and asked you to be on top for once.

Rap Mon:  He bet you that you couldn’t go a week without looking at Tumblr.  When you lost, he would bring you into the studio room and tell you to do a dirty strip tease for him.  He would intensly watch you the entire time until he decided to touch you.

Jimin:  You had bet him that you could go a whole day without talking to him.  You couldn’t stand it and sent him a text.  He told you to come and meet him.  You saw him standing there with his lollipop in his mouth.  “This lollipop is you later noona.”  He’d say with a smirk.

Tae: He had bet you that you couldn’t go a few days without watching Youtube videos of them.  When he caught you watching “N.O.” he would smile and say “Noona you lost now take your punishment.”  He’d push you lower as he made a happy face.

Kookie:  He bet you that you couldn’t go one day without mentioning his age to him.  When you did one day by accident his dark and seductive side would come out.  He’d pick you up and lay you on the bed where you’d let him have his way with you.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
**Request box is open.**
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Genre: fluff, domestic fluff, family fluff, lil bit ‘o parent!phan

Words: 3.0k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Daniel Howell just uploaded a video: “SURPRISING AMAZINGPHIL”

A/N: Okay, this probably isn’t exactly what the request was asking for, but I think it’s kinda cute :)

Also, this is written in an experimental style, so…it’s a bit different then what you’re probably used to reading from me :)

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Mine (M) - (Y/N insert vers.)

gif credits to Smuttyfairy

Summary: When your shower-drying session gets cut short and you’re left with nothing but a towel, Jungkook couldn’t help but indulge in his thoughts when he saw you. He opened his mouth to speak what was on his mind just before you ran off to your room and slammed the door shut, only to have your fretting thoughts interrupted as Jungkook entered the room uninvited with eyes darker than sin.

Genre: smut w/ plenty of dirty talk c:

Insert Versions: Noona | (Y/N)

Word count: 5600

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy & Admin Kookfairy

A/N: So this scenario is based on a dream I had long ago in which I did tell Admin Kookfairy about to which in turn she made this soft, innocent & somewhat comedic dream into a turn for the dirty. The dream was basically me having friends (BTS & others) over and at some point I go and take a shower, get kicked out of the bathroom by my friend’s older brother (played by Yoongi in this) and find Jungkook sitting outside in front of my room to where I freak out inside because I’m in nothing but a towel and then I go to my room and see the mess that it is and freak out more. Then I wake up. LOL. At the time I didn’t think to write out the dream in any way but since I had almost forgotten it completely I considered the idea of it. So here it is now, my fluff dream + Admin Kookfairy’s rude words inspired this scenario to fully be written. We hope you all enjoy another collaboration of ours. ~ Admin Smuttyfairy

P.S. Here’s to the younger readers (hopefully not too young) and same-aged readers <3 The contents of the scenario are pretty much the same with a few tweaks to make it interpreted in a way that the reader is same-aged or younger as Jungkook.

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“You flew on Mercury, you flew on Gemini, now you’re flying on Apollo. Does the law of averages, so far as the possibility of a catastrophic failure, bother you at all, sir?”

Let’s Ease Them In

Title: Let’s Ease Them In

Rating: PG

Word Count: 4841

Summary: “Way to not be obvious Dan,” Hannah says as they arrive backstage. “You guys have been keeping this under wraps for so long now, what’s with all the slip ups lately?”

“We’re easing them in,” Dan grins back.

(Or the fic where Dan and Phil slowly start letting the fans know the truth, by way of other people’s vlogs)

(Read on AO3)

A/N:  Hey guys, this is my first fic for the phandom :D! Hopefully you enjoy it, have fun reading.

(So I totally forgot to mention my beta Morgannita, she not at all in this fandom or even really active on Tumblr anymore, but I still want to thank her for looking over this fic :D!) 

Sidenote: This takes place in 2017. It’s mentioned a few times during the fic but can easily be read over, so I thought I’d mention it here as well.

It starts simple. They’re at the airport waiting to board their flight to Florida for Playlist Live 2017. There are a bunch of other YouTubers waiting with them and a few of them are vlogging. It’s early though, Phil is still wearing his glasses and Dan is tired. Dan is tired and is resting his head on Phil’s shoulder and he just can’t be bothered to lift it and sit further away from his boyfriend just in case someone catches them in their vlog. He groans and buries his face further in the make shift pillow that is Phil’s shoulder. “How long till we can board?”

“About half an hour, then you can go back to sleep babe.”

Half an hour later they board their flight and sleeping is exactly what they both do.

Sure enough the image of them in the boarding area is captured in multiple vlogs and from multiple angles and the fans go a bit crazy with that. There are still the naysayers suggesting that surely best friends do that as well.

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for the anon that wanted pics and gifs of pau behaving like a kid. i mean that’s him 99% of the time. he comes under the definition of ‘smol’ and ‘baby’ in the dictionary. also sorry for taking this long. 

we’ve got his weird way of twerking this looks like when a baby is first learning to walk and they sort of on their hands and feet and rock back and forth

this was just cute and i had to put it in. forget the jacket, hugging my mate is more important. 

aggressive angry child???

creepy stalker kid 

pumped up kid 

duck face kid 

having fun decorating christmas trees 

any post game celebration gif and videos 

baby photo bomb 

a boy’s best friend 

playing with his own bobble head 

and this 

these videos: 

1. paulo being an annoying fucker and not letting mira talk [x]

2. sleeping baby [x]

3.  the time he couldn’t tie his own shoelaces and needed sami to do it for him [x]

4. paulito singing [x]

5. being annoying af when he wins fifa [x]

6. Paulito singing [x] [x]

7. Dancing to trashy music  [x] (this was in the hallway in a hotel when they came on our down under. what would i have given to be in a room next to them and witness this live) 

8. being an extra awkward kid trying to get Iker’s attention [x

9. him just being a weirdo [x]

10. Finally finding playmates his acual age [x

11.  all posts where he’s losing ludo pretty much is a five-year-old kid having a mini tantrum. (He’s a sore loser) [x] [x]

12. Trolling mandzu (how he hasn’t been bashed in the face by mario baffles me. i ship these two sm) [x]

13. more mario trolling [x]

14. being a cute kid mucnhing on grapes [x]

15. claims to be a role model to children when he still is a child himself [x] (gif)

16. puppy snapchat filter looks so good on him (and anto too) [x]

Pic and gifs of paulo hanging out with other kids [x]


Another update on the young female feeder rat I rescued from awful conditions at Critter Cabana. She was kept in one of many long pull-out bins in the back of the store with about 40 other rats in one bin, no huts, no toys just moldy food and dirty water. Adult males, pregnant females, babies of all ages, fresh born pinkies being trampled over and eaten, mummified body parts and half eaten dead rats. He grabbed her because she was the weakest and put her in a Chinese to-go box. I was horrified.
The first video is the day we got her, almost dead, skin and bones, gasping for breath because of pneumonia. We thought she wouldn’t make it but with some steamy essential oil showers, watered down peanut butter with coconut oil, antibiotics and a heat lamp she managed to pull through and the second video is her now over a month later 🌹

We named her Mimosa and she’s the sweetest most cuddly rat I’ve ever had. Feeder animals deserve respect and love. They have feelings and can experience pain, fear, loneliness and sadness. They are not objects. Regardless of what they’re meant for, all animals deserve to have a quality of life.

muse-multiverse  asked:

DA2 companions gif reactions to hawke going on a "pepe sylvia" rant? (there's at least five different versions of it on youtube, it's from always sunny, you'll know it when you see it)

I had never seen this video before but I am now glad that I did lmao. it was great and I so see Hawke doing this, obviously for Hawke it would probably be about some nobles in Hightown.

Bethany and Carver:

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In summary, I feel like Bethany and Carver just think their older sibling is insane, Aveline is just like “what the hell hawke,” Varric is like “oh shit you right,” Merrill is somewhat confused but also like ready to go along with Hawke on this, Isabela is 100% on board with this and supportive of it, Anders is just like barely interested and slightly eyeing Hawke like their insane, Fenris just like ?? can’t deal with this rn, and Sebastian is like offended??

That’s my take on it anyway, hope you like it and I’m sorry I haven’t posted a lot recently, I’m on my spring break rn but that also means that my job is making me work almost every day.

-Direct from Orzammar

The Future of the Trainees

These are just some opinions about the trainees whose position evaluation stages were already aired, their skills and their chances of passing the elimination/making it into the final group.

Playing with Fire

Kang Dongho (Rank 20 -> Rank 8)

Chances - He really went up in ranks a lot and is now the third Nu’est member to get into the Top 11. And honestly, I am not sure if he can keep this place till the next elimination. First of all, I don’t think neither Mnet nor Korean viewers want three Nu’est members to debut in the final group. I don’t think they want any three trainees from any company to debut, two seems to be the max (as evidenced by last season with the Jellyfish girls). And considering, that Jonghyun is practically a guaranteed pick at this moment, I guess that it’s a fight between Minhyun and Dongho for the second spot. Minhyun has been in the Top 11 all weeks but when and at the moment his rank is higher than Dongho’s, but I think Dongho is getting more attention from Mnet. I am not sure whether that attention is good or not because the editing of Dongho in the last episode could go either way (I don’t know Korean but I think I got a gist of the conflict by translating the subtitles). On one hand it seemed like netizens liked the tough guy image from the previous episodes so its return might be a way of keeping him in the high ranks. On the other hand viewers might find it a bit much and turn their backs on him. I don’t know which way Mnet wants it to go, I don’t know how netizens will react, but what I do know is that Minhyun is obviously more on the pretty boy side and has a less confrontational personality which is probably more up the alley for people watching this show. Dongho will obviously make it into the Top 22 but I wouldn’t count on him getting into the final group.

Skills – Dongho has a beautiful voice and did wonderfully in the ‘Playing with Fire’ performance. He also has amazing stage presence but that should be a given considering how much experience he has on stage. His dancing skills aren’t spectacular but, considering the fact that he’s probably aiming for the main vocal position, they don’t really need to be.

Lee Daehwi (Rank 7 -> Rank 10)

Chances - Daehwi’s rank keeps falling but he remains in the Top 11 which is pretty amazing if you take into account that Hyungseob’s and Hyunbin’s ranks have fallen a lot more following the hate that they received. It’s hard to tell if Daehwi is slowly slipping down or if that’s just his place now and he will remain there until the end of the show. And neither of these scenarios guarantees him a place in the final group. I used to think that Daehwi would get into the group for sure that it’s kinda hard for me to imagine it without him. There is of course the chance of him going up in ranks and I do think that that’s what Mnet really wants, considering the fact that not only did they show his ‘humble’ side in the last episode but they kept showing him cutely reacting to different stages and he was present in the previews and the BTS videos. It does beg the question of what the hell Mnet was thinking in the previous episodes if they wanted him to be in the final group. I don’t know if they miscalculated or just didn’t think it through but they are definitely working hard to salvage the situation. And again, considering the fact that he is still in the Top 11 (and is one of only five other trainees who’s been there every week), they might be able to. Plus Daehwi did an amazing job in the Position Evaluation (just like the rest of the teammates – I would’ve accepted anyone being #1) and people seemed to really like the scene of him blowing the confetti away (although it probably didn’t look as pretty on the stage) because I have seen a ton of GIFs of this moment and Mnet replayed it a bunch of times.

Skills – I keep forgetting that Daehwi is one of the youngest contestants – he looks that good and professional on stage. I personally really like his voice (especially in his ‘Paper Hearts’ cover) and appreciate how stable he always sounds. His specialty isn’t dancing but he’s obviously very good at it and is very fast at picking up new choreographies which is a nice bonus. He’s such a well-rounded performer at his age; it would be a shame if he doesn’t make it in.

Jung Sewoon (Rank 13 -> Rank 15)

Chances – Sewoon’s rank keeps fluctuating near the cut off line for the Top 11 and he did once make it in so it’s not really a big deal that he fell a little since last week. Especially if you take in the fact that he actually got screentime in this episode, got to show off his leadership skills, not only sang beautifully but played guitar during the evaluation and won first place in his group. (I did say that I would’ve accepted any member as #1 but I was super happy it was him.) So there’s a pretty decent chance that Sewoon will make it into the Top 11 at the next elimination. I wish I was more certain but there are just around five trainees that you can expect in the Top 11 for sure and then like 20 other guys who could potentially take up the other ranks and it’s hard to tell who it’s gonna be. He did have a high ranking even before he got a decent amount of screentime so if I had to bet I would say that he will make it into the Top 11 at the next elimination. As for making it into the final group – I think he’s always going to be around the cut-off line so it’s gonna be that last voting that really decides his fate.

Skills - I love the way he sings. When Sewoon plays the guitar, he just looks like he is really enjoying himself and he doesn’t care if he sounds great or not even though he does in fact sound great. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he fits into an idol performance as well. And he’s a good enough dancer, at least enough that he fits in with the other trainees.

Choi Minki (Rank 19 -> Rank 18)

Chances – I always get upset when I see that some members are obviously being completely ignored when they show a group practicing.  You could barely tell that Minki was even present there. They showed the Dongho vs. Sewoon confrontation, they showed Daehwi giving his input and they showed Minki sitting in the corner being silent. They had time to show him suggesting something or agreeing with something or even making some joke but they very obviously decided against it. And again I think it’s because they don’t need that many trainees from one company being near the top. They are paying quite a bit attention to the other three members (which is already pretty impressive) so they feel like they have to make the fourth one lay low (they are also doing the same with Donghyun from BNM). And honestly, I think I understand that. Fine, they don’t have to pay much attention to Minki, they don’t have to play up the drama around him, they don’t have to show us his struggles, but not airing a single scene where he talks is a bit too much (and I am going to complain about other trainees getting the same treatment). Especially considering that their team had only 4 members. However, his low rank in comparison to the other Nu’est members could help him. It might get the fans to notice that he needs more votes, so I actually think that he could have a higher rank by the next elimination. And again he’s obviously making it into the Top 22, but I don’t really think that he has a chance of getting into the final group.

Skills – I though he was the weakest vocal in his group but he had such amazing stage presence (which again partially comes from years of experience on stage) that it didn’t matter and I could’ve seen him being #1. Overall, Minki’s a good dancer and has stable vocals so he’s also pretty well-rounded.

PS. I loved how they made sure that they all had something memorable about them – Dongho being the main vocal, Sewoon playing the guitar, Daehwi with his confetti and Minki with his sunglasses. It was really cute especially considering that they were all in the Top 20 and didn’t need to remind anyone who they were but still did anyway.

THEORY TIME: The Bangtan Journey - OT7 (1/8)

In all honesty, it felt like I was writing a fic. Because come on, these characterizations and story lines presented to us was legit a fic written by BigHit.

Disclaimer: I will be reblogging this with the necessary gifs and images as receipts to keep everyone entertained. But for now, I just want this out of my system.

The HYYH trilogy in itself has been a somber coming of age story telling. Gruesome to the point that a lot of ARMY believe one or more members might be dead, fantastical to the point that a lot also believe that the story telling includes that of the supernatural sense (from angels and demons, to Neverland, to time travel and parallel universes), and yet it feels hopeful with a sense of redemption and growth.

Bangtan never hid the fact that their music grew and matured not only as they did but to mirror what people our age and in our generation might be going through. The sentiments were universal enough to bring in fans from all over the world, finding comfort and healing through the music and concepts.

Without further ado. I share with you guys my Theory for the Bangtan Journey. Mind you, this will be long. I hope you bear with me. I will be posting it in parts as I tell the story of each character.

In all honesty, I don’t ascribe to the supernatural characterizations or literal concept interpretations. By my understanding, the story lines of the characters are all progressive and it just so happens that some music videos (or some parts of them) are more conceptual than literal. They had to exaggerate the situations and characterizations to drive a point. You have to remember, these are music videos and they have to tell a story in less than 10 minutes. They have to keep a concept going while maintaining visual artistry.

Note: This is why I prefer writing concept theories like my Spring Day MV Theory. But this story line has been nagging at me, so here it goes.

Let me tell you a story about a group of 7 boys and their journey towards becoming men.

If you were one of the lucky few who were able to see the Wings Tour Live, then you would have been able to see the Outro VCR. It basically sums up their journey and it poses this question.

How many roads does a boy have to walk to become a man?

Their story start with the 7 boys meeting in one classroom (Red Bullet VCR). They were ready to follow the customary steps that a boy had to take to grow up and be a man. Learn basic lessons at home. Learn more in school. But let’s take a step back.

They started to question what dreams they truly had (No More Dream). Whether the road often traveled was the path they had to take to reach the conclusion they wanted for themselves. They bonded together and decided that the dreams they had were bigger and not necessarily confined in the four walls of their classrooms. (We Are Bulletproof pt2 and N.O.)  They have dubbed themselves 2 Kool 4 Skool. Not necessarily a message the society and adults would want the youth to ascribe to. But the message will remain hidden if you do not choose to listen.

In the Red Bullet VCR the boys decided that the system was too much. They walked out of their classrooms, book bags in hand and hung out in an old room as they built their dream for music, playing the piano, listening to booming music. But unbeknownst to the 6, one of them was actually more in tune with what is to come. He knew what lie ahead for the boys who were just starting to build their dreams. Jin. He was older and therefore was a step ahead of everyone in the group in the path of living out their youth.

Society has already played with Jin and it was his role to usher these boys into the ascribed path too. But he decided to let these boys live towards their dreams and just watch over them instead.

Their story takes a side step as the boys slowly learn about love and hormones. But these kinds of urges and heartaches were their first steps into understanding a small part of the world, a necessary part of growing up. (Boy in Luv, Danger, War of Hormones, Just One Day)

As they grew together, their bonds deepened. Slowly their hearts beat as one. Seven boys with one heart. In every one heart were 7 boys. (As mentioned in the Wings Outro VCR. So, No. It is not necessarily schizophrenia.) They loved each other as brothers, showing support, giving comfort. This is where the HYYH Trilogy enters. The most beautiful moments of their lives.

They created their own little world, their own Neverland. A place where no worries seemed to touch them, as long as they were together. Their Neverland was an old abandoned pool, a beach, a field by the cliff, a dark tunnel. It took the form of raggedy clustered chairs, a train yard, a rusty pier, a dingy apartment. It was like a dream, just living and having fun. Their energetic youth. And they kept holding on to the dream that none of it would end.

But life is such and such is life. Reality will always catch up. Their times together started getting muddied by their individual troubles, because in truth, in life, one has to make a lot of difficult decisions alone. Their group started splitting up, each one finding comfort and solace in one other rather than 6. They each found their Demian, their soul brother ushering and helping them in their journey.

Their little dream world that one started and built for all of them to live in, collapsing like a fragile house of cards due to the action of one. The house topples and the pieces slowly collapse. They fight their demons alone. They try to grow and move past the temptations while slowly realizing how hard it truly is to fight and so some of them eventually gave in.

But the one who started it all, the one who refused that their hopes be crushed by the norms still watched over them. He realized belatedly that he had to act, and in his attempt to save each one from their self destruction he gets hurt. This one arc angel of sorts who watched his brothers fall.

This is where the story has ended so far. But as the Outro VCR stated, the boy continues to walk on.


Requested Tate Langdon Imagine:

Hearing the slam of a car door, listening to the voice of a teenager enter your garden.
It was all new to you, of course with your first Halloween coming up and all of the excitement building up inside, you thought that you were just hearing things.

Your front door swung open and a family of 3 walked in, not noticing your presence.This gave you some time to figure out a plan.

Running to the back garden, quickly grabbing the plate of cookies on your counter, you stood at the back door pretending to be the nosy teenage neighbor.

The sad reality of it all hit you like a brick. You were dead , murdered by your violent ex boyfriend in the very house you lived in, the previous Halloween.
Halloween was the only day you were allowed to roam the earth freely. Well not exactly free.

Your ex-boyfriend would be there to haunt you, of course after he shot you he’d have to follow you into the after life. He shot himself down at the skatepark before the Cops could arrest him. You were trapped in this house forever, and he could roam about the beautiful beach next to the skatepark. He deserved the worst yet he got the best, even when he was dead.

Sighing, you found your knuckles banging against the door. A boy your age turnt his head to the side and nodded with acknowledgement.

He opened the door with a frown on his face. You were taken aback by his appearance. His blonde wavy hair brushing over his forehead, his lips slowly stretching into a clumsy smile as you tried to find your words.

“I-I uh, I see you’ve just moved in, I live next door, just wanted to bring you some welcome to the neighborhood cookies, you can chuck them if you want I wouldn’t eat them either"you greeted honestly.

He took a moment to respond, watching your face very closely.
He gently took the cookies and placed them back on the counter.

“I’m Tate, Tate Langdon"he smiled and held out his hand.

You glanced down at his hand nervously. You hadn’t touched anyone since the night you died, was your hand going to go straight through him like Caspar?

Hesitantly, you took his hand, shaking it gently. Your hand connected with his like it would of if you were alive. You’d been cold for a year now, like there was a never ending winter that only affected you. But when you touched Tate, warmth spread around your body. And you didn’t quite understand it.

You let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding.
"Y/n, y/n Y/l/n”

“Would you like to come in?"he asked.

"I thought you’d never ask”

5 months Later.
You sat cross-legged on Tate’s bed, flicking through his Parent’s books.

Tate sat across from you, gazing intensely. From the moment he’d met you he felt that connection. It was love for sure.

But he knew right now you weren’t being honest about something.
“Y/n"he said pulling you out of your thoughts.
You glanced up from the book and answered Tate.

“You know you can talk to me about anything right, ANYTHING"he exaggerated dramatically.

"Yeah, sure"you shrugged.

"Like any secrets or bad things you’ve done, im your go to boy"he added.
When he said the word secrets it was like your heart had restarted and stopped again.

It was like your heart had leapt out of your not so ghostly figure and jumped out the window. He knew something was wrong.

And now was the perfect time to confess that his bestfriend was a troubled spirit.

"You’ll never believe me"you mumbled as you closed the book.

"I would believe anything you say”

“Okay here goes"you sighed, he listened closely.

"I’m dead and I’m trapped in this damned house forever and you come along and make me feel well… not dead"you said quickly shutting your eyes tightly so you couldn’t see his damned reaction.
You waited for the scream, the gasp, you waited for the "time to call ghostbusters”.

But it never came.
“Oh I know"Tate said like it was everyday news.

You opened your eyes one by one.
"What do you mean you know?"you exclaimed.

"I mean I know what happened here a year ago"he frowned.

"How?"you mouth fell open, dumbfounded.
He held up a newspaper article about your murder.
"Oh right, should of hid that"you rubbed the back of your neck.

"So did you take the Diary or not, because there’s some really embarrassing stuff in there?"Tate asked as he chuckled lightly.

"What?! No?”

“Oh okay"he said sitting back on his bed.

"Tate?! Are you not angry o-or Scared I just told you that I’m dead, my life is over. Finito, no more y/n, asleep for eternity, I should be in heaven…well actually in my case I should be in hell. But you get my point!!!!”

“No, I’m just in love with this girl that’s freaking out because there’s a minor setback"Tate replied as he pulled you into a tight hug.

"It’s a good thing your still here and I’ll do anything to make sure we both stay here together or anywhere just as long as we’re together"he nodded confidently.

"I love you"you smiled.

"I love you too Caspar"he laughed.
You grabbed the book and swatted him around the head.

"I would so kill you for that, but being dead is not fun at all, do you know how much I’m craving ice cream right now"you whined as you cuddled him close.

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Narry sexual tension and flirtingL...

This took me ages but here  i go…..These are some of my favourite narry moments sexual tension/flirting/cute moments on stage. I’m gonna focus ‘on stage’ this time 👀😉

Remember Niall giving Harry flowers and waiting for a kiss…..Imagine 2015 Harry missing a chance like this lmao

Niall and Harry getting ready for a ‘chest bump’ is that the name? Anyway, Harry was ready but Niall had other ideas….he just wanted to hold Harry….relatable 😧

When the “narry serenading each other” was barely a thing.

Harry and Niall dancing to a song….or attempting to. This is one of my favourite moments tbh. Just them being idiots together….and the dance is…..ridiculous 😰

The beautiful moment when Niall is passing by and he gets distracted for a moment because he can’t stop staring at Harry…..ME TOO NEIL ME TOO 😍

A common thing: The boys trying to get their attention because they’re too distracted *cough* in love *cough*

Now that we’re talking about “distractions” what about those times Niall was being a little shit provoking horny Harry….everything was peachy 🍑

AAND don’t forget this one..

Remember that iconic moment when Niall’s bum actually touched Harry’s dick…..This is the nasty shit they were doing back then…I mean same Harry 👀🙊

The ballroom dancing night……One of the hottest moments ever. Niall was literally on top of him….remember the ‘Niall’s always on top", thank you Harry we finally understand. I C O N I C ❤👬👏

Harry checking Niall out. Niall loves the attention ❤

Speaking of checking out, Niall being a hoe because he knows Harry loves it. He’s looking at Harry making sure he notices when he looks at his dick. What was he trying to say? I think we all now tbh 👀🙊🍑😛

When it comes to narry the 'serenading’ is an important concept. These are Harry and Niall singing to each other #INVESTIGATEYOU&I 👀👀👀👀

Even more when this is clearly an inside joke 😉😉

I hate them 😧🙊👀

Harry telling Niall that he loves him deserves a mention because honestly I’m 10 years younger by just watching this precious, spontaneous moment 😭👬💔

Speaking of iconic moments we all talk about how Harry said he’d do Niall in front of thousands of people, in front of their own families, but we never pay attention to their individual reactions after that confession (because we all know Harry wasn’t kidding). When any other guy would freak out or be shocked after that Niall just out there flirting with Harry biting and then puckering his lips and I’m pretty sure he said he’d do Harry too but the mic didn’t catch that 👂

That was someone Harry clearly enjoyed..

Zayn noticing Niall and Harry dynamic. Niall trying to play it cool 

Zayn doesn’t fall for that

Zayn teases Niall about it and Niall becomes this nervous teenager with a crush 👀

*Niall and Harry harmonizing* *Harry looks at Niall*

*Niall fonding over Harry telling him to sing and laughing at him* *harry…..*

*Harry can’t stop smiling* *harry….nuts*

You know how we all talk about Harry loving Mullingar? Well in this case we’ll talk about Harry and Niall giving some love to Holmes Chappel. Niall out of nowhere talking about driving around Harry’s hometown.

I’m Zayn. Waiting for them to finish….

This is also another “we’re in our own bubble” moment. If you watch the video you can hear Louis telling them to introduce the fucking song already lmao.Harry was ready for the snogh though 😉❤👬👌

Not my gifs.

s(QUAD) intro post part 1: #shomajesty

onwards to: s(quad) intro part 2: dj boyang, s(quad) intro part 3: #slaythan

i…really don’t have time to be doing this lmao but i couldn’t resist. since i’ve gained some new followers lately and the grand prix is about to start, here’s another intro post about one of the bright young stars of figure skating and my favorite current men’s skater, shoma uno!

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