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the kind who asks you for a little sugar [zimbits neighbors au]

When Jack moved into the plain, white house on Maple Street, he wasn’t expecting much except the peace and quiet he needed to write his next novel. Most of the neighbors were elderly or wrapped up in their young-parent bubble, too busy to notice the quiet, serious man now living in the late Mr. Ripley’s house. And Jack preferred it that way.

Every house on the street seemed a part of the scenery to Jack, weathered and simple with neat yards and the occasional rocking chair or wind chimes on the porches. Every house, that was, but his next door neighbor.

The house to the left of Jack’s was a buttery yellow color, the yard divided between garden and eclectic statues of rabbits and butterflies and other ridiculous things. The mailbox was covered in painted sunflowers and a faded pride flag hung in the window. It made Jack uneasy, knowing his neighbor was probably some overzealous, middle-aged lady who owned several cats and healed her colds with crystals. With one last look at the house and the pie that sat to cool on the windowsill, Jack wrinkled his nose and returned to his own home.

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Originally posted by dork-iplier

Requested by  welppotato <3
So, the request was to do a one-shot series type of deal so… Look forward to an unhealthy amount of Sean related stuff (smut included!)



He was blindly scrolling through twitter, re-tweeting a post here and there before sighing.In a few days he was to leave for a Youtuber convention – and no, it wasn’t because he wasn’t excited to see his friends, he was just tired. Checking a few things online, his eyes roamed back to twitter a confused brow raised at the number one trending topic - #markipliercantdance and #allhailthedancingqueen took the second place.

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Title: meant to be something
Summary: Fate brought them together again in the form of conjoined apartments.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Something More
Rating: T or T+ (just for that little nsfwish smidge in there)
A/N: So some time ago my friend @mika213 brought this sort of situation up for when Sasuke would come back from his road of redemption… and this prompt just immediately reminded me of it. Could you imagine??


“S-Sasuke-kun? What are you doing here?”

Blinking, Sasuke’s hand fell from the doorknob he’d only just reached for, turning to his side to meet the unexpected sight of his long-time pink haired teammate—whom he hadn’t really gotten the chance to see much of since she’d welcomed him back from his two-year journey a few days prior. His brows furrowed lightly.

“…I live here.”

Sakura’s mouth parted at this, eyes snapping wide open. “What, really?” she exclaimed, brows shooting up high. “Since when?”

“Four days ago,” he replies without much delay, frowning all the while. Then, he blinked again, understanding finally dawning on him. “You live here too?”

A slight blush tainted her cheeks at that. “Yeah,” Sakura replied, moving to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. She smiled at him, bright, though a little shy. “I’ve been here for the past three years. And I guess I’m… also your new neighbor, apparently.”

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Soulmate Woozi

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

In a world where everyone has every lie their soulmate will ever tell them written on their body, people tend to stare a little when someone looks almost blank. Unfortunately, you happen to be one of those people. And summer is the worst: shorts and t-shirts increasing how obvious it is.

You’re used to eyes turning your way: used to the specific considering look even people you’ve known for a while sometimes get on their face, scanning your body as if seeking a mark. Usually, you glance them over at the same time, easily seeing the lines of ink-like writing, peppering arms, extending up the sides of necks, peaking through the knees of ripped jeans.

“Wow, your soulmate must be pretty honest?” someone asks you on a day when you’re particularly tired. “Do you have any marks at all?”

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Onsra | Part II

(v.) – to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing a love won’t last

Words: 4.6K

Genre: Demon!Au. Fluff. Angst. Smut.

Read: Part 1 | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII

A/N: Sorry for taking forever to update! >.<  I know there’s not too much angst or fluff or smut yet, but maybe some innuendos? o.o Either way, if you haven’t read the first part yet, I’ve linked it above!

“All mine,” He said confidently as his lips pressed gently to your neck. The sensation of his warm lips against your skin made you shiver as you pushed harder against his chest with your free hand.

“Th-This isn’t real…” The tremble in your voice made him chuckle. This was all a dream- no, a nightmare. Jeon Jungkook, a classmate of yours, was saying the exact same things as the boy who had been keeping you up at night by haunting your every thought. It simply wasn’t possible. You let out a laugh and you felt your knees giving in. “I’m imagining things. God, I really am going crazy…”

“Are you?” He asked quietly. “Don’t be stupid, Y/N.” Jungkook gave your intertwined hand a gentle squeeze before letting your hand drop to your side. You stay silent in a complete daze as he chuckled again at your confusion. Part of you wanted to believe him, but the other part of you didn’t even know how to rationalize what was happening: That the boy you kept seeing at night while you were asleep was very real… and somehow he was standing right here in front of you. You were really losing it.

“I-I’ll open my eyes any second now… And then you’ll be gone.”

“This isn’t a dream… Do you feel these hands against you?” He snaked his hands up to your waist and gripped firmly. “Do you feel these lips against your skin?” You felt a sharp pain as his teeth captured the soft skin on your neck. You inhaled sharply before a soft moan escaped your lips. Your eyes bulged suddenly at the strange sound that you just emitted as the hair on the back of your neck standing straight. He let out a low chuckle. “I’ll take that as a yes.

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Humans are Weird - Part 2

~Here’s the second part to a series of shorts I may publish! Hope you enjoy!~

Xylion stood in front of the Cabin section, the four humans standing behind him. Zellnor had tasked him with showing them around. While not his favorite task, he guessed it’d go to him. He was one of Zellnor’s good friends, but still, he was nervous around the humans. Who knew what’d they do to him if given the choice?

“So your name is Xylion?” HUman Jennifer asked, moving into his path.

Xylion felt his spines stand on end. “Y-yes!” He stuttered, his whole body standing on end.

Human Jennifer bared the white bones once more. “That’s a really nice name!”

Xylion felt embarrassment fill him. If he was the same species as Zellnor, he probably would’ve been yellow or pink. He was glad he wasn’t, though. “Thank you, Human Jennifer.”

Human Jennifer’s face seemed to turn red. However, it wasn’t in embarrassment, it was in anger. “Call me Jenny.” They choked out, her mouth barely moving and her voice strained.

“Do you need to see the doctor? She’s quite nice. I think you need a check up.” Xylion said, fear filling him.

Human Jennif- Jenny shook their head. “I’m fine. I just don’t really like being called Jennifer. Besides, we’re friends now, you can call me Jenny!”

Xylion was confused. They were…friends? Human Fredrick sighed. “Ignore Jenny, she is pretty social and always trusts everyone.”

Human Jenny glared at him. “Shut up, Freddie.”

Human Fredrick’s fleshy parts on the side of his head seemed to turn red along with his neck. Was he dying too? Xylion wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle this!

“Not you too! Do you need to go to the hospital too, Human Fredrick?” He cried, holding himself back from shaking him violently so he’d tell him.

Human Fredrick’s face only turned red in response. Xylion was about to die. How could he keep a watch on the humans when they were already dying? He was a terrible-!

He stopped when he heard laughing. While not normal for his species, he recognized it well. He turned around and looked at Human Isaac, who was clutching his chest and on the floor, laughter spilling out of his mouth. Xylion stared at him, and saw him choking on air. “I- I can’t breath!” He said, laughing throughout his whole sentence.

Xylion narrowed his eyes at him. “What is causing your laughter, Human Isaac?”

Human Mason sighed as he kicked Human Isaac. Xylion almost screamed. Why would he injure his fellow crew member? “Get up, idiot.”

Human Isaac listened, rubbing the spot Human Mason had kicked him. “Dude, why? I’m sorry that Xylion doesn’t know what blushing is!”

Xylion reeled back. Blushing? What was that? Human Isaac threw his appendage at him. “See? Look at that expression!”

“What is…blushing, did you all it?”

Human Fredrick seemed to have recovered some. He cleared his throat before pushing his goggles up further. “It is something humans do when embarrassed. It’s nothing life threatening, but it certainly can betray your feelings. For example, Zellnor is one of the Charies, correct?”

“Yes, why?”

“Well, Zellnor’s species is known for changing the color of their skin when they are feeling a certain emotion. Red for anger, green for sickness, dark green for jealousy, yellow for embarrassment, pink for love, etcetera. Blushing is kind of like that, humans’ skin turns red when they are embarrassed. It can happen a lot to some people, or hardly at all for others. And, the dark the skin, the less likely you can see the blush. At least, so I’ve heard.” Human Fredrick finished, tapping his chin.

Xylion nodded. “Makes sense, I guess.”

“Anything else you want to ask?” Human Fredrick questioned, corssing his appendages. 

“Yes, a few, actually. Why do you wear goggles?”

“You mean my glasses? They help me see. My eyes aren’t as good as the normal for humans, so I have to wear glasses to help me see.”

“And those appendages?”

“Are you talking about our arms and hands?” Human Jenny asked, holding out the appendages.

“So they are called arms…and the smaller ones?”

“Well, all of it together is a hand, but this part here is called the palm, these a fingers, and this is a thumb.” Human Jenny explained, pointing to each part.

“I see..”

“Anything else?” Human Isaac asked, his mouth pulled upwards, but not baring those terrible white things.

“What is inside your mouth?”

“You mean teeth?” Human Isaac scoffed, showing them off.

“Those aren’t teeth.”

“Ours are more filed down.” Human Fredrick said, adjusting his glasses once more. “We don’t tear into the flesh of out food. Not any more, anyways.”

Xylion was slightly scared. “And last but not least, why are there so many different colors of you all?”

Human Mason stiffened. Human Fredrick cast him a worried glance before answering. “Well, the different hemispheres on Earth are hotter or colder. The colder the area, the lighter the skin has to be so it can absorb more Vitamin D. And the darker it is, the less they have to absorb because they always absorb so much.”

“I see…”

“Anything else?” Human Jenny asked, baring her teeth.

“What is that?”


“That thing you keep doing.”

“You mean smiling?”

“That’s what you call it?”

Next part will come out later…hope you enjoyed this part.


Pairing: Young!Sirius Black x reader

Requested: nope

Warnings: none

Word count: 969 (I know it’s small don’t judge please)

A/N OKAY, this is something I spent a lot of time writing, and actually got detention because I was writing part of it during an EXTREMELY BORING history class, so I really hope you like it!


   (Y/N) woke up into the night. The attacks were getting more frequent each day, and so were her nightmares. Sitting up and resting her head on the headboard of her bed, acknowledging the fact that she wouldn’t be going to sleep anytime soon, she grudgingly got out of bed dragging her blanket with her, and headed downstairs to the golden and red common room. 

   She threw herself on the couch opposite the fireplace. With a flick of her wand, a roaring fire appeared in it. She covered herself with the blanket, also covering her nearly bare feet. She was only wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt that belong to her best friend since third year, Sirius Black. Although his scent still lingered off of the shirt and provided some comfort, it wasn’t enough to help her fall back asleep. She shifted on the couch, so that her face reflected the light of the fire as she stared absent mindlessly into the fireplace.

   Sirius Black woke up in the middle of the night due to a noise that came from downstairs. After multiple attempts to fall asleep, he gave up and headed towards the common room.

   He had reached the top of the staircase when the light coming from downstairs made him wince. Once his ayes adjusted to the light, he saw his best friend, (Y/N) Lawson lying on t he couch.

“Couldn’t sleep, Lawson?” he asked

   (Y/N) turned upon hearing her friend’s voice, seeing him descend the stairs half naked. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, revealing a toned chest and a more-than-generous six-pack.

“Like what you see?” he asked, a smirk already finding itself on his face

“don’t flatter yourself Black, and no, I couldn’t sleep” she stated, and then, so silently so that he couldn’t hear “the nightmares are getting worse”

       But he heard. The smirk immediately disappeared from his face, turning into a frown. She sat upright, making space for her friend to sit besides her. He placed a hand around her shoulders, and she rested her head on the crook of his neck.

“How bad?” he sighed



   She hesitated a bit before deciding to tell him

“I dream of… attacks… everywhere. We’re on the train, when suddenly a group of Death Eaters march in, heading straight for our compartment.

   Sirius sighed, (Y/N)’s parents are muggles, putting (Y/N) in great danger.

“they grab me” (Y/N) continued “use the cruciatus curse on me, torture me until I’m practically begging for death. Then, they kill me, slowly. The rest of you just sat there chatting, like you couldn’t see, or hear m, or you just didn’t care.”

(Y/N) hadn’t realized she had started crying.

   Sirius hugged her, pulling her even closer to him. His heart broke seeing her like this. (Y/N) was normally such a happy person. But ever since Voldermort had started gaining more power and followers, the mischievous glint behind her eyes was nearly gone.

   But that last statement had really shocked him ‘or you just didn’t care’ what the hell was she even talking about? Placing a hand under her chin, he gently pushed it upwards so that he was looking directly into her eyes.

“(Y/N) Lawson, you listen to me, and you listen to me good. You have been one of my best friends-if not my best- since third year. And being so close to me means that all James, Remus and Peter care deeply about you”he paused, not knowing how to continue “Remember in out fifth year, when that Ravenclaw broke your heart?” 

“Yeah..” she chuckled a bit despite the situation “you punched him, breaking his nose, James hexed him into puking birds for a little over a month and Remus, given his prefect status, gave him detention for a good two months.”

“Exactly! So don’t you ever think, not even for a second, that the four out of five marauders would abandon the fifth one during a death eater attack” 

   These words brought new tears to (Y/N)’s eyes, tears of happiness. Something about knowing that she had friends that would go to such lengths to protect her, and that one of them was Sirius Black, made her feel all warm, despite the chilly weather of February.

   Because, although she hated to admit it, she had developed a slight pretty big big crush on her friend.

   Sirius was watching his friend, ‘more than a friend’ he thought with a chuckle, closely. He had to admit that she was perfect. Her big, (Y/H/C) locks that framed her beautiful face perfectly, her big, (Y/E/C) almond shaped eyes filled with curiosity and mischief, her full, yet not too thick, lips that were just teasing him, her tiny waist…

   But, contrary to common belief, it was her personality that made him fall for her. She had a strong personality, that’s how they became friends. The marauders had pranked (Y/N) and the rest of the girls, charming the shower heads into turning whoever used them red with gold polka dots, the Gryffindor house colors. (Y/N), after removing the color with a simple spell, had managed to get them back by doing the same thing to them, with the sole difference that whoever showered using them, would be turned bright, vibrant, glow-in-the-dark, PINK. And the four boys were stuck like that fro a week and a half until, finally, Madame Pomfrey managed to find the antidote that would turn them back to normal. She was the first, and the last, person to have ever out-pranked them, and he admired her for that.

   She fell asleep on the couch, cuddled next to him. He watched her for a little while, admiring her, admiring her beauty and her strong personality…

   Sirius Black fell asleep with only one thought on his mind, he was in love with (Y/N) Lawson.


AHHHHH! HOW DID YOU GUYS LIKE IT? please leave feedback, follow me etc. etc Be sure to check Pt.2 & 3 (I’d put a link but something’s wrong with my computer and it won’t let me) .

At First Sight

Characters: Y/N Collins, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Briana Buckmaster, Jeffrey Dean Morgan       

Pairing: AU Jensen x Reader (sorta), Misha x Sister!Reader

Warnings: Innocent(ish) state of undressed, flustered baby Jensen - yes that’s a warning!  

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: This can 100 % be read as a one shot but it is thought off as part of my College!Jensen AU.

It is also written for for @deansleather 31 Days of Halloween SPN Writing Challenge and my prompt was moonlight.

Thanks to the sweet amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Jensen smiled as he felt the cool autumn air on his skin. It wasn’t cold by any means, but summer was ending. The leaves were changing color, and the heat was no longer unbearable. Jensen had always loved this time of year. There was something magical about the many colors and the way the setting sun made everything seem almost as if it was covered in gold. The world was full of promise and changes, especially this year. It was Jensen’s first year of college, and he was already loving every moment of it already.

He had gotten a full ride as a pitcher at Texas Tech. He loved that he didn’t have to ask his parents for much. Not that they would mind. He liked feeling independent and not having to lean on them too much. That was the same reason he had gotten himself a job, so he could pay for his on campus apartment. Between baseball, school, homework, and work Jensen found himself pretty busy most of the time, but he loved any minute of it.

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anonymous asked:

#19 Saeyoung x MC! ❤️

This is complete fluff, and I got carried away. I am sorry. But I hope you still like it? :) 

19. With no space left between us

The hum of a monitor, the hardness of the keyboard, the bitterness of coffee…this was torture.

Saeyoung’s eyes burned as he fixated his unblinking stare at the glaring monitor. It had been a long while since he’d hacked, but his fingers were no less nimble. Actually, he was more productive now than when he was younger.  Perhaps the difference was a matter of incentive. No longer was he driven by a dangerous agency, but rather the innate protectiveness to provide for his family. That and…well, his life wasn’t on the line for these smaller freelance jobs.

The thought of you and Saeran probably lazing about just outside the door brought a small smile onto his lips as well as an intense pain to his chest. He wanted to be there so badly. Tiny currents of energy surged through his fingers, sending them gliding across the keys at an even faster pace. A few more hums…several more clicks…and the last sip of bitterness…

Saeyoung hit the final key and pushed back against his desk, spinning his chair in a triumphant circle. “I am finished!” he cried, throwing his arms up in the air. He swiveled towards the small window on the door, awaiting your beaming face or at least a note that you had left on the glass earlier.

His heart sunk a little in disappointment when he found neither. But he wasn’t going to let that get him down. Saeyoung shut off his computers before leaving the self-proclaimed prison that was his workroom. He stopped in the doorway, confused by the lack of light in the bunker.

He checked his watch. It was only a few hours after dinner, and neither you nor Saeran should’ve been asleep–no matter how much bickering there had been about your “decent sleeping schedule.” With a click of his tongue, he explored the rest of the bunker.

“MC?” he called, peeking into the kitchen. The counter was clean, and there was no trace of a late-night snack. Hanging onto the doorpost, he leaned back and checked the small table with his car keys on it. As he suspected…one of them was missing.

Figuring you two had stepped out for groceries or fresh air, he shrugged off his hoodie and headed towards the bathroom for a shower. He shook his head at the folded towel and fresh set of clothes already waiting for him on the counter, accompanied by a little note from you. Although, it wasn’t until after he washed up did he realize you gave him a sweater to wear…which was odd considering it was the middle of summer. Still, he learned long ago not to argue with you and just go along with it.

The bunker was just as dark and empty as when he had finished work. You two would probably be out for awhile then. Resigned to the temporary solitude, he moved to the bedroom. He opened the door and took a step forward into darkness, nearly swearing when pain crackled through his shin. He flicked on the switch and found his attacker. It was the edge of a chair…which happened to be mostly covered by blankets….which connected to even more blankets and more chairs.

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Request 1- Meihem Marriage

She arrived at the spot overlooking Gibraltar’s cliffside, just like the note had asked her to, at the exact time it had listed, as punctual as ever.

Junkrat was waiting for her.

“I bought a tie!” The words blurted out in a sort of bark, and he cleared his throat in a rather shrill manner.

“I…noticed that!” she mused, the sides of her lips clenching in that way she did so often around him, trying not to laugh. “But traditionally you’re supposed to wear a shirt with it.”

He looked down at where the soot-stained red cloth dangled on his bare chest. “Well they didn’t specify, and I don’t like shirts much anyway! I uh…I know how to make lots of knots, but not tie knots, so Roadie did it for me. And it’s red, because I did lots of research, and in China red’s supposed to be real lucky! Then I tried to look up them zodiacs and match our birthdates like it said. But uh…I dunno my birthday, I usually just celebrate that when I feel like it. So I dunno what animal I am, and I just chose Rat, I figure that might be arright. You’re an Ox, right?” He fumbled about in his pockets, pulling out a folded Chinese restaurant placemat the zodiac animals printed in cute doe-eyed clip art, where he had drawn several arrows connecting the Rat and Ox, with both surrounded by hearts and small explosions. “It says you can’t marry Pigs, so I don’t have to worry about you and Roadie running off on me!”

Mei squinted at him, adjusting her glasses with two fingers. “I hadn’t…really planned on that? Are you asking for my help with our zodiac? Honestly, I never paid that much attention to it, but if you need help researching something or translating, of course I’ll help you. Is this for one of your projects?”

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Carnal Impulses

(Word count: 2,921

!Warning! This fic contains: Smut, orgies, grinding, nudity, kissing, and dad jokes)

The thing about being part of a whole, a singular personality, was that whatever your host was feeling? You’d feel it too…
To an extent, of course. If it’s closer to your core function, you’ll problem feel whatever it is more than the others, but the other’s can still feel it… or an echo of it, at least
For example, when Thomas got happy, Patton got extra giggly, and Roman had bucketloads of energy, meaning Virgil got a lovely, skull splitting headache from Roman’s boisterous caterwauling.
And when Thomas felt something… say, instinctual. Primal terror and such, Virgil could feel his muscles tense in time with his honest. And as Thomas calmed, the string feeling in his stomach would ebb away.

So, when Thomas got horny, another instinctual thing, guess who it affected?
Virgil, of course! Because the world didn’t hate him enough.
So, when Thomas got this way, Virgil had, in the past, always sprinted off to his room, muttering some random excuse he was sure no one cared about.
This, of course, was a very normal occurrence, Virgil just getting up and leaving at seemingly random times. And thus, the others payed it no heed.
But as soon as Virgil clicked closed the lock on the door, arousal setting fire to his skin, urning for touch, he stripped out of now sweaty clothing and pulled himself into the bath, quaking as the icy water cloaked his fiery skin.

The first few times it’d happened, it was jarring and odd and incredibly frightening, but Virgil had accepted that any time his host wished to indulge in any carnal desires, he’d feel like a cat in heat.
That was just how it’d worked.

Thus as, in the real world, Thomas pulled down his pants, arousal quickly growing, Virgil made way to excuse himself.
He could already feel a familiar instinctual pressure between his legs, twitching, invading his every thought and hissing through his blood…
Suddenly there was a strong hand clasping his wrist, and Virgil could feel shocks of electricity jolt though him. The feeling unfamiliar and warm, until and equally warm voice came from behind him.

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Title: Just A Dream (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The reader as terrible nightmares, which leaves them wandering around Stark Tower late at night. Luckily, Peter Parker is there to protect from the bad dreams.

Word Count: 1608

Warnings: Nightmares

A/N: I actually love this so much ugh so so so cute LOL. I want Peter Parker to comfort me when I have bad dreams (@ tom holland) I hope you enjoy!

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I'd Love to See You Out of That Cosplay

Originally posted by crankyethans

Request: Hi. This is my first request so IDK for sure if I’m doing it correctly, but any chance you can make a part 2 to the ‘Falling’ in love one you made for Crankgameplays? It was really good.

Summary: This picks up where “‘Falling’ In Love” leaves off. Reader’s phone gets bombarded with notifications after Ethan tweets about her and they run into each other again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

You can find part one here

A/N: Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post all day even though I said I would, I was social for once. Anyway here she is! As always anything in italics is usually the inner thoughts of a character. Hope you enjoy this one! I was super excited to write this and I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Wordcount: 1094, bit longer than the first

Requests are open!

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Reign VI (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 2118

Summary: Royal AU: the reader is a princess next in line to take the throne. Bucky is a knight that has been put in charge of taking care of and protecting the reader.

Warnings: none

A/N: Some more Reign coming at YOU. I’m sorry but I really want to marry bucky and it hurts a lot.


not my gif

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Looking Awful (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: Peter knocks on Y/N’s window late at night hurt.

Word Count: 1.7k (I guess I just really like 7 haha)

Warnings: None, I think, but I don’t exactly consider it fluff.

AN: I used a different writings technique, I’m using “I” instead of “You” so idk, tell me which one you like the most.

It was around 2 a.m. when a tap on your window disturbed your deep sleep. You sat on your bed adjusting your sight to see the person behind the window. Turns out it was Peter, standing on the balcony with his Spider-Man suit on and mask in hand. I couldn’t see clearly, one, because of the dim light and two, because I had just woke up.

I opened the window and he got in quietly, oddly quiet, so I walked to the lamp on my nightstand and turned it on. I spinned on my heels to face Peter and I was shocked.

He looked terrible, with cuts bleeding on his face and purplish bruises forming on the end of his jaw bone. I walked closer to him so I could get a better look of him. I touched carefully his cheek were the biggest cut was, just as my finger got in contact with the cut on his skin, he flinched and grabbed my wrist with his hand.

“Peter, what in the world happened to you?!” I whispered shouted because my parents were asleep. Once I said that, he let go of my wrist. His cuts looked painful and they needed help.

“There was a robbery downtown, they were two guys, I had only seen one of them, so when I was fighting, the other one appeared with a knife.” He scratched the back of his neck looking at me with a sorry look.

“Peter, you need help, really soon, the cuts look dangerous. I think you should go to the hospital.” I said worried, the cuts were bleeding.

“I can’t go to the hospital Y/N, they will ask a lot of questions,” He had a concerned look, I knew how important it was for him to keep his identity as a secret “I can’t go to May either, she will get a heart attack when she sees me.”

“Are you saying that you want me to clean your cuts?” I was scared because I had never been on a situation like this before and I didn’t knew anything about medical care.

“Could you, please?” He begged in pain, I hope I don’t screw him more than he already is. He convinced me with begging eyes, but I wasn’t so sure of it, but if I could help him in any way, then I’ll try my best.

We both went to the restroom where the first aid kit was, behind the mirror. I took it out of the little mirror door and closed it carefully so it didn’t make a sound. I glanced at Peter and he was already sitting on top of the toilet, with his head thrown back in an act of tiredness. I started taking out the basic things, alcohol, cotton balls, bandages, pain reliever pomade.

He turned his head and looked towards me, I thought that I had to clean the blood that was already dry in his face, so that’s what I did. I grabbed a towel laying on the holder and lightly damped it. I started to lightly dab it around the cuts, where there was blood until his silky skin was visible.

His eyes were monitoring my face, I tried not to notice it too much because I would grow nervous, and that’s the last thing I want now.

I finished cleaning his face and neck and placed the now slightly red, towel on the sink with the water running, tinting the white sink with a crimson color.

We were both silent, kind of an awkward silence, but neither of us decided to break it, we were tired to start a talk, plus, we weren’t the only ones on the apartment.

I grabbed a cotton ball from its bag and poured alcohol on it. Peter had a worried look on his face, and watched my every move. I came closer and his eyes drifted from me to the cotton ball.

“This will hurt a bit,” I told Peter. He took a deep breath. I dragged the cotton ball to the cut he had on the right side of his cheek, it was a little deep, but not enough to get stitches, about an inch long, going diagonally ending on his hairline. He hitched to the contact of the alcohol, and when he did I retracted my hand in reflex.

“It’s okay Y/N, I can handle it.” He looked up through his lashes because of the height difference, since I was standing and he was seated.

So I took another breath and continued dabbing the cotton ball with along the smaller cuts on his face. He hitched every now and then, even though I was scared, I still found his faces extremely adorable.

I rubbed some pomade along my fingers to warm it up for it to be easier to apply, I moved my fingers gently a long the cuts and the, now turning greenish-blue, bruise on the left side of his jaw, his eyelids slowly flickering from my sudden movement, relieve shown on his factions, then I started putting band aids on his cuts so they wouldn’t get infected later on.

I placed all the things inside the first aid kit, closed it and place it inside the mirror in front of the sink, I grabbed the towel that I used earlier and drained all the water that it had consumed until it was the same color before I had dabbed it on his face, then placing it in the shower holder so it could get dry, I felt his eyes on me the whole time.

I turned around and stood inside his legs, I touched his face and moved it with my index finger so I could get a complete view of how his face looked.

I moved my hands from his face to his shoulders, gave a little squeeze and rested them there, “I think that’s better,” he looked up to me and nodded lightly with his eyes closed. I motioned him to get out of the restroom before I turned the lights off.

We walked in total silence to get to my room, when we got there, he glanced at the clock, it marked 2:43, he grabbed me by the wrist to turn me around.

“Yes?” I said confused by the sudden movement, a hand in his chest and the other one being held by Peter.

“I have to leave, it’s getting late, I have to get there before May notices,” he whispered, letting a few seconds without saying anything between every idea, now the rolls were different, he towered on me lightly and I had to look up.

“Or you could stay here, it’s not like you have never done it before,” I looked up to him waiting for his answer, so I continued, “You have spare clothes here, you can change clothes and stay the night here.” I ran my hands nervously over his shoulders, picking at the black outlines of his suit, now feeling mousy to see him in the eye.

“Why do you want me to stay?” He said trying to find my gaze, my eyes went wide open, mouth slightly agape, I hadn’t expected him to ask that, but I soon recovered and thought about my reply.

“Well, other than the fact that it’s almost three a.m. right now, and you’d be swinging around half of the city, it’s quite dangerous,” I fidgeted with the fabric on his suit, running my finger in repetitive circles, somewhat embarrassed, not meeting his eyes.

“Oh, so you’re saying that you’re worried about me?” I could feel his smirk even if I wasn’t watching him, was he laughing at me?

“Well, of course Peter, plus, if you see something wrong while at it, you are capable of stopping by and see what’s off., and all the work that I just did, would just go to waste.” I don’t know why but I really wanted him to stay, “you can go early in the morning, before May wakes up,” he had a smile plastered on his face, it was charming, but it made me laugh internally because he looked funny with all the bandaids and glowy skin due to the pomade.

“You’ve convinced me, lets go,” I shyly smiled at him. We got inside my room and started looking in the darkness, for the pair of clothes that he had left the previous time he had crashed in, until he turned the lamp in the night stand on.

And then I hear a sizzle coming behind me, like a button had just been clicked, so I turn around and see Peter with his suit no longer fitted to his skin. I couldn’t help but stare at his body after he wiggled his arms to get it out and proceeding to hit the floor.

I continued looking for his clothes before he noticed I had been staring. I kept looking until a pair of black sweats and a grey shirt appeared in sight. So I took them out of the pile and went to give them to Peter.

I turned around and saw him sitting on the duvet with his back arched in an tired manner laying in only his boxers. I cleared my throat to make him notice me, “here, you can change in the restroom, if you want to,” but I hadn’t even finished my sentence and he turned around, already putting his sweats on, “or here…” I mumbled under my breath.

Once he had put his shirt on, I got inside the bed. He turned the lamp off and I felt the bed dip from the weight beside me, I was almost drifting asleep for the second time tonight, when I felt an arm hugging me, right in the middle of my stomach, he pulled me close until his chest and my back were touching, “good night Y/N,” he whispered in my ear, his arms holding me loosely and melting me with his warmth, “night Peter.”

And as easy as that I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. I woke up to what I felt a few hours later, I glanced with tired eyes at the clock that read 7:15 in the morning, with Peters’ body long gone…

I hope you like it, this has honestly been on my mind since like forever and it’s just somewhat a fantasy because I just think the plot is really cute, send feedback and ask for a request if you want, thank you for reading!! ♥️

Day three post-op:

  • I’m less tired than I had been, but still more tired than I usually am.
  • Tried on the post-surgical velcro binder. I didn’t think it was as comfortable as the ace bandage because it has some uncomfortable velcro bits on the shoulder straps to adjust the arm hole length and it covered all of my stomach instead of just my chest, so I put the ace back on
  • Need the help of my mom to put the ace bandage or the surgical binder on or off, but I’m able to put my shirts on myself because they all have buttons
  • Once you take off the wrapping for the first time, it’ll be impossible to remember how tight or loose it was before and so trying to put it back again is difficult because you don’t know if it’s the right level of compression/support
  • The drains continue to collect less liquid, and the color of the liquid is changing from bright red blood to sort of translucent yellow stuff
  • Able to poop for the first time since surgery although laxatives were started the day before.
  • I was surprised to see my body. Without my chest, my stomach sticks out more visibly and I look more chubby than I did before, and I’m just used to looking the way I usually look so it’s kind of shocking to see myself in the mirror.
  • I had a “oh god, what did I do to myself” moment very briefly, and I think it’s going to take a while before I get used to the way I look now, and a bit longer until I’m comfortable and happy with it and ready to go shirtless
  • The antibiotic pill tastes really gross, eww
  • I also am relying on my mom to keep track of when I’m taking ibuprofin and the antibiotic and my morning and night meds
  • I haven’t had to miss a single gel application because I haven’t had to stop testosterone for the surgery which I like
  • I’m supposed to walk around to get my circulation going, but not fast enough that my heart rate goes up. Going up just a few stairs makes me breathe a bit harder, but a slow walk around is fine
  • I have to continue taking deep breaths to open my lungs but I often cough after I do a deep breath 
  • I still have to be a bit elevated when I sleep so my head and chest are higher up than my feet like at a slope.
  • I thought that sleeping on my back would be harder than it was. I always sleep on my side, so I was like how can I possibly sleep on my back? But the first two days it was easier to fall asleep due to the narcotics which made me really tired, and then I tried listening to my iPod and just not rushing it and I did fall asleep after a while
  • I’m kind of uncomfortable with the idea of the drains being in my body and I don’t like to think about that. I get nervous when we have to “milk” the drains and squish all the liquid out of the tubes to make sure there aren’t any clogs before emptying them into the measuring cup.
  • I got to take off the compression socks and wear my regular socks, but I have to put the compression socks back on in a week-ish when we go back to CT on the plane
  • I stopped feeling nauseous after the first day post-op and my appetite is back again
  • I haven’t showered yet, I’m too nervous even though I’m allowed to now as long as it’s short and not “bathing, soaking or swimming”
  • I want to be able to look at my new chest and feel it but I’m also too nervous to do that and I don’t want to ask my mom to unwrap me and rewrap me for it
  • The area on my side probably near the drains was itching yesterday for a bit but I couldn’t do anything about it. My mom said that I’m on too many meds to mix benadryl into it, and it wasn’t intense enough that I thought it’d be worth it
  • I haven’t had any pain in any part of my chest other than near where the drains leave my body. I’m also worried about getting the drains out.

I’m happy to try to answer any questions someone might have, but I made a Top surgery page on @transgenderteensurvivalguide so check there before you ask me because there’s a chance your question is covered in that info.

Past the Point of No Return

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary:  You are Tony Stark’s party planner. After presenting this year’s Masquerade-themed Halloween gala, you and Loki have some words. He disapproves and undermines your ‘silly midgardian masquerade’ and tells you he’s not going. The night of everything is put together, and you meet a stranger that looks quite familiar to you.

Words: 2778

Read on Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12336300

“And we’ll be inviting the usual guests plus anyone you request, of course, Mr. Stark,” you said, nodding your head to your boss, Tony Stark.

“Put the Queen of England on the list,” Tony joked. Pepper responded with an eye roll. “She’ll have a good ol’ time with us.”

“Ignore him,” Pepper replied. “This year’s Halloween Gala looks incredible, Y/N, thank you.” Pepper almost always praised your work as Tony’s personal party planner. You had worked on a couple of his parties with a company you loathed. Tony hired you on because he admired your attention to detail.

“I agree. Great work,” he smiled at you. “Very different from anything we have ever done.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you spied two brothers walking in. Thor held a large traveler’s mug in his hand. He sipped at whatever was inside, and walked towards Tony. His brother, Loki, followed. Loki held a copy of Frankenstein in his hand. You silently nodded to yourself, admiring that Loki was reading Earth’s classic books.

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(A/N): *cringes*

Request: A soulmate AU with Natasha where one of them (reader in this case) is blind but also part of the X-men and they meet eachother and reader realizes that Nat is they’re soulmate bc they’re able to see (I LOVE YOUR SOULMATES AU)

Warnings: none? 

Originally posted by scar-jorules

   (Y/N) had spent their entire life not being able to see, for years everyone had theorized that it was all part of their mutation. They were enhanced in every other sense except sight, great hearing, great sense of taste, everything about them was amplified other than the fact they couldn’t see. They may have been able to run a mile in under two seconds but they couldn’t see, they may have been able to lift a car leisurely if they wanted and yet they had never seen what a tree looked like, they could run around for hours and never get tired due to their stamina but they had never seen the sky. 

   It was a little discouraging to say the least, (Y/N) didn’t even know what they looked like, they didn’t know what grass looked like or what a kitten looked like, they had never even seen the color of water or blood. But (Y/N) wasn’t complaining, they had gotten around without their sight just fine for years and years.

    If anything was worth complaining about it was the mother of all headaches (Y/N) got after being able to see again. It was unexpected, strange, and downright scary but as soon as (Y/N) realized what was going on they calmed down quite a bit. It was their soulmate. Their soulmate was finally here. 

   Everyone in the world had a soulmate, everyone also had a way of knowing when they met their soulmate, guess for (Y/N) it was being able to see for he first time. 

   They’d been training with Jean Grey, their best friend at Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters when a sudden voice rang through their head’s; Charles’ voice. 

   "All staff and team members report to the dining hall immediately,“ (Y/N) looked towards where they assumed Jean was before shrugging a bit and walking out of the room. (Y/N) didn’t need any form of any assistance in walking, due to their amplified hearing they managed to navigate the world via vibrations, just like a bat. They knew the entire layout of the school better than anyone else, they could tell you exactly what was where just by taking a few steps down a hall; another piece of their amazing powers.

    (Y/N) smirked as they jogged up some stairs, leading them right into the dining room. 

   "Ahh, (Y/N), you’re here," 

   "Yeah,” (Y/N) smiles towards Charles’ voice. “I just got done training with Jean, she should be up soon," 

   "Good. Very good. Did you happen to acknowledge the fact that we have guests with us today?” (Y/N) listens intently to the air, listening for the vibrations of the so called guests. (Y/N) smiled softly as they tapped their foot, listening to the vibrations that came afterwards.

    “Well- I’ve noticed them now,” (Y/N) chuckles as they take a step towards the dining room table where the guests were all sitting. “Hi, I’m (Y/N),” There was a collection of soft hello’s and hi’s before the group fell silent again. 

   "(Y/N) is one of our most extraordinary mutants here, they’re blind as you can tell but somehow their ailment has only proved to make them stronger. Improved hearing, sense of touch and smell, incredible strength and speed, anything you can think of (Y/N)’s sure to have it.“ (Y/N) blushes a bit at Charles’ words, casting their ‘gaze’ towards their feet. "If you don’t mind (Y/N) will be joining us on our little tour today, I hope that’s okay with you all,” The group all quietly murmurs a yes, some louder than others. “Great, well then, lets get going,”

    Charles’ led the group through all the halls, through the dorms, through control and training rooms, through every possible room in the mansion in fact. The group would all ask questions now and then to which Charles would answer immediately. (Y/N) had remained primarily silent the entire time, just following along but that all changed when suddenly there was a soft voice beside them. 

   " hi, I’m natasha,“ (Y/N) was almost startled by the voice, nearly jumping out of their skin but they quickly laughed it off. 

   "Um…I’m (Y/N) but you already knew that…" 

   "So you’re part of the x-men?” (Y/N) nods, humming softly.

   "And you’re part of the-?“ 

   "I’m part of the Avengers…” (Y/N) stops in their tracks, immediately looking towards Nat’s voice. 

   "Oh my god, are you serious?“

   "Uh yeah…”

   "I’ve heard all about you guys!“ (Y/N) smiles excitedly, like a child on Christmas morning. "What you did at Washington was really incredible,”

   "oh- well, thank you! I’ve been reading about the whole 1970’s thing, that was some pretty incredible stuff, I mean, what you did to help Logan was absolutely amazing-“ Nat reaches out to touch (Y/N)’s shoulder and that’s when it happened. All of sudden the world exploded with light and color, leaving (Y/N) to reel backwards in surprise. 

   It took quite a few moments for (Y/N) to adjust but when they did the sight that greeted them nearly took their breath away. They could see. They could finally see. They could see colors and the intricate wall designs, they could see Charles for the first time, they could see all the avengers, but more importantly they could see Nat. She was beautiful, the most beautiful thing (Y/N)’s eyes had ever seen, and she really did take their breath away. 

   ”(Y/N) are you alright?“ Charles wheels towards them, concern lacing his voice. 

   "Oh my god Charles,” (Y/N)’s voice quivers with emotion. “Oh my god I can see, I can see you,” Charles looks at them strangely for all but two seconds before he’s smiling widely, nearly beaming at the mutant.

   "(Y/N), I think we’ve found your soulmate,“ Charles gestures to Nat, who looks nearly as awestruck as the rest of everyone else. Her beautiful eyes were wide with surprise, her lips parted slightly. She was the epitome of beauty. 

   "Are you- are you serious?” (Y/N) asks, tears now sliding down their cheeks effortlessly.

    “I knew from the moment Nat stepped in the mansion, I was just waiting for you two to figure it out,” (Y/N) sighs shakily, running a hand through their hair. Their sight and soulmate in one day, this had to be a dream. 

  (Y/N) looks towards Nat, eyes filled with hope. Nat mirrors the same expression, both parties hoping against hope that what Charles was saying was really true. 

  “I believe this is the point you should embrace each other-” Charles chuckles lightly as he looks between the two, waiting for one of them to react. The two share one last look before they’re suddenly tangled together, hugging tightly, lips connected.

    So, that’s how (Y/N) regained their sight, that’s how they were they were today, curled up beside Nat as she taught them colors for the first time.

    “Okay this is-" 

   "Blue,” (Y/N) smiles proudly at themself as Nat shows them a picture of the ocean.

    “Good job!” Nat coos, beaming at he soulmate. “And what color is this?” Nat asks as she tugs at a piece of her flaming red hair. (Y/N) smiles as they leans forward, gently pressing their lips to Nat’s. 


The Words I’ll Never Speak (Lin x  Reader)

Summary: The lights went down and all that mattered in the dimly lit room was you, Lin, and a piano in desperate need of tuning.

Word Count: 1389 (short, i know)

A/N: this isn’t an update for Kiss It Better but this was sort of in the back of my head for a while begging me to write it. It’s my first time writing a character x reader fic, so don’t hate me if its horrible lol. i originally meant it to be longer but i prefer it this way because theres not a lot of unnecessary things, of course theres detail, but not the sort of thing that takes away from the plot. everything is there, if I’m making any sense at all. i’ll stop rambling now 

“Don’t think I can play the piano just because I know Moonlight Sonata.” A smile danced across Lin’s face as his hands glided over the piano keys, the world fading out into a still around the two of you.

“It is pretty impressive,” you countered, allowing yourself to return the smile to your boyfriend of three months. You’d been to his house countless times, even sat in this very living room, but up until now, Lin had always refused to play the piano for you.

Lin chuckled, but otherwise paid no attention to your remark, remaining focused solely on the music. The notes flowed together, the fluidity and rapidity painting a picture in your mind, one full of bright colors and swirling patterns drawn together into one impacting combination as Lin poured his soul forth into the music.

You looked on in awe, at both his talent and how the sound of the piano could range from powerful and bold to the sweet twinkling of the stars. It ebbed and flowed into overwhelmingly beautiful waves of sound.

“Where’d you learn to play this?” You asked, reclining against the arm of the couch. In the dim lighting, you could only just make out Lin’s figure on the other side of the room where he sat, bent over the piano, sending the notes to life with his fingers.

He lifted his head and smiled in your direction, his eyes gleaming brightly. “My parents made me take piano lessons when I was in middle school,” he explained. Even as he spoke, he didn’t falter in his music. “I hated it at the time, but I suppose it’s nice to be able to play like this now.”

You nodded as if you understood, despite the fact that you’d never taken a music lesson in your life. You’d watched your friends in school complain about having to practice all day, and back then you’d been grateful that you weren’t put through the torture of being forced to learn an instrument against your will, but now, seeing the happiness etched on Lin’s face as he filled the room with the beautiful sounds of the piano, you saw a certain appeal in knowing how to play. You even found yourself feeling the slightest twinge of jealousy at having missed out on the chance to learn something like this.

“I love music…” Lin trailed off, the pace of the melody growing slower. “It’s so… it’s nice. The music, it’s like…” You listened to the way he paused to continue playing, how his voice grew softer. “It’s like talking, but the things you can’t say. The music, it’s the words that I’ll never have the courage to speak.”

You gave way to a weak smile, allowing yourself to meet his eyes for a few fleeting moments before tearing your gaze down to your lap. You’d lost focus on the music, remaining trapped in your thoughts.

If only you’d taken piano lessons when you were a child.

If only you had some sort of talent that could match up to Lin’s.

If only you were so in touch with yourself, so confident in your craft, that you could perform it so effortlessly.

“What’s wrong?”

Having been so lost in your own mind, you hadn’t noticed that the music had stopped and Lin had turned his attention back to you.

As if as some sort of a response, you gave way to a heavy sigh. Lin hurried to your side, enveloping you in a tight embrace. “What’s the matter, Y/N?” he asked, running a hand through your hair.

“I’m alright.” You mustered up a smile to show him that you were fine. “I was just listening to you play.”

Lin shot a glance over to the abandoned piano. “Sorry if I broke your ears,” he apologized. “I really need to tune that piano.”

“No, no, it was beautiful,” you assured him.

“Then what’s the matter?” Lin continued to insist. “Come on, Y/N. I can see something’s bothering you.”

“It’s nothing.” You bit your lip, dragging your gaze off to the other side of Lin’s living room. “I was just wondering…” You trailed off, cheeks burning red. “Could you teach me how to play?”

Lin stared at you for a few moments. “Of course.” He folded his lips into a smile and fumbled for your hand in the dark. “Is that all that was bothering you?”

You nodded, smiling to yourself.

You let Lin lead you to the piano and sit you down on the stool. “This, here-” He guided your hands to the correct keys. “This is a G chord. Try it.”

Tentatively, you pressed down on the keys, sending a soft note to echo throughout the room.

“Good, now move your thumb and index finger to the left- yes, that’s an A.”

One by one, Lin guided you through a series of chords. “Good, you’re doing good,” he encouraged. “Now try putting them together. First the G…”

Hands on top of yours, he moved your fingers over the keys. It didn’t feel like instruction, rather as though your hands were moving of their own accord. You resisted the urge to smile up at him.

“The A… now the G again…” He murmured the directions softly under his breath, almost inaudible. “The C… good, now the B…”

“I think I’ve got this,” you told him, unable to hide the excitement in your voice. “This isn’t really that hard.”

“Try it on your own.” Lin took a step back, watching you through wide and ever seeing eyes.

Slowly but surely, you allowed your fingers to dance over the keys just as Lin’s had. You stifled a smirk as you recognized the melody, the same tune that you’d heard far too many times.

“That was great!” Lin enthused when you finished, his grin falling short as you shot him a playful glare, shoving him gently.

“You taught me the fucking birthday song.” You laughed; what had you expected? To master Moonlight Sonata in all of an hour?

Lin gave way to a smile, shoving you back. “And you did amazingly, if I do say so myself. And as the one person in this room with a history of piano lessons, I believe my opinion counts for something.”

“Your opinion always counts.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, drawing him closer. “Thank you,” you whispered, in all sincerity.

The world fell silent as you stood on your toes and pressed your lips gently against his. It was unearthly, a rippleless lake, a silent forest, a still and gentle tundra of color that stretched out for miles and miles.

His lips were soft against yours. You could feel him smiling, and you did your best to bite back a grin of your own.

The two of you fell back against the couch, with your arms still around his body. “Are you tired?” he whispered, his breath hot against your cheek.

“No.” You rested your head on his chest, listening to the thumping of his heart. “Don’t go to sleep. I’d miss you too much.”

Lin gave way to a chuckle. “Do you want to do something?”

“No.” You smiled to yourself, burying your face in the soft fabric of his shirt.

The two of you remained like that, lying on the couch for a few moments.

“Hey,” you murmured, your lips turned upwards at the edges. “I love you.” Your words were spoken like a soft and gentle promise against his chest.

“Love you too.” Lin sighed contentedly, squeezing your hand tightly.

You adjusted your body so you could be more comfortable. “Thank you,” you told him again, knowing you’d already thanked him, but you wanted to make sure he knew how much that short little piano lesson had meant to you. “I’ve never really been good at anything, not that I’m good at playing piano, but-”

“Shhh, Y/N,” Lin told you, giving a slight eye roll. “Get some sleep.”

You frowned. “What did I say about going to sleep?”

“Some soppy bullshit to make you sound like you’re in love, wasn’t it?” Lin laughed, eyes full of content.

“Yeah.” You grinned up into the darkness, into the living room that had begun to feel like your own, into the world that you and Lin had created. “Something like that.”

Shedding Season (Commission)

A/N: @unmeimiru commissioned me for this one! This is based on the Snakes and Horses AU by @polarspaz ! There isn’t too much of an intro explaining the entire situation, so if you wanna know more, go check them out!

There wasn’t much to be said about the transformation because the paladins really didn’t know much. One moment, they were fighting the Galra flagship, and the next they were hit with a beam of oddly-colored quintessence, and they were, well…mythical.

That being said, it was hard at first. But adjustments were made, the paladins adapted, and a new standard of normal came into play.

That lasted a nice long week.

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