i had this stuck in my head the whole day

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MadPat is a killer. He flat out takes pleasure in seeing others die (see FNAF the musical). AntiMatter is a whole nother deal. He's cunning. Slow. He likes to watch people suffer, but in a manipulative way. Turn people against one another, then kill them. Still joy in awful things, but different. I've got a fic for this.

Alrighty then, I knew MadPat was the name for FNAF the musical Matt (which honestly I’ve had night 2 stuck in my head all day I’m Suffering™), and AntiMatter was demon Matt but thanks for giving me more details about it!

things from my childhood I think about a lot
  • every day during recess we’d hold weddings
  • I started a gang called The Ducks that consisted of my friend, Chickie, her boyfriend, The Rooster, and me, Little Quack
  • I’d eat rocks to establish my dominance as I was a really small kid, eventually I became known as Survivor Girl and was going to win our school a million dollars by being on the show
  • I found a tiny grape and decided to keep it and watch it grow, so I put it on my windowsill and woke up to it being a raisin. It took years be able to eat a grape or raisin
  • my friend dated a tree and honestly it was my favourite of all her boyfriends
  • I got my head stuck in a fence
  • I opened an umbrella on a windy day and got lifted a foot into the air and started flying down the playground until my friends grabbed me
  • and my favourite; we held a grade six talent show and I convinced a (male) friend of mine to be Hannah Montana and the whole school thought I had actually gotten Hannah Montana to come to our school, so my friends and I played on it. The talent show came and he had his handmade dress, wig and makeup on (and for some reason he brought a motor cross glove, just one, to wear) and at the end of the show he performed with us as background dancers in Halloween costumes and then ripped off the wig saying “I’m not Hannah Montana, I’m Miley Cyrus” and I’ve never laughed harder or seen more little children cry
  • bonus: we only had eye shadow for makeup so we used it for everything, eyes, blush and lipstick, but we didn’t bring makeup remover so he had to wear the makeup for the rest of the school day, but the eye shadow was cheap and stained his lips from being on too long and his lips stayed purple for a few days

there’s a graveyard in your eyes
love lost, broken promises, forgotten dreams
a grave for the one who gutted you whole
a tombstone of marble to decorate the moment
your lungs became two, two soldiers at war
fighting for air, fighting for life, fighting fighting
and there in the corner is a family plot, a matchstick
box full of all the bones that promised to love you
but love is a ghost and it haunts your cemetery heart

ashes to ashes, dust to dust
your holy temple of ribs aches around a hole
a six foot grave in your chest
and your tongue craves for desecration

on sunday, when old lovers come dressed in black
they ask for forgiveness, ask for you to absolve them
of the sin that covers their soiled  hands
‘i didn’t mean to bury you alive’ they whisper
and they lay flowers at the wound they inflicted
cross their hearts and hope to die, they’re so fucking sorry

but the death arches of your mouth, no matter how you try
still read:

“Rest in peace.”

—  K.E. | put your shovels down

January 6th, 2016

And here are the rest of my catch up for @hayley-studies‘s #studyblrchallengehayley!

Day 4 | A photo of my most recent work

This is the paper I had to write during my winter break for music. It was about the comparison of Rossini and Gershwin’s background and musical styles. I now have the whole An American in Paris stuck in my head. 

Day 5 | A photo of my favourite book(s)

These are also most of my recent reads, but they also my favourites! I really recommend All The Bright Places by @jenniferniven and My Heart and other Black Holes by @jasminewarga!!

Day 6 | A photo of how I relax

Self explanatory, I guess? 

I love my cats and I enjoy watching the two of them play with each other. The darker cat, Sophia, is almost always on my desk when I’m doing my coursework. 

The instrument in this photo is a cornet, but I only use this for practice. On normal occasions during my orchestra practice, I use my trumpet. 

I love spending my time reading and it really helps me relax and escape from reality when I read. The book in the third photo, The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer, is my current read. 

And there’s the camera. It is also my hobby to take pictures of things that catches my attention. I haven’t had the time to go out to take some photos recently and that has driven my motivation and ideas into a hiatus. But I am expecting a new 30mm lens in the post, so I hope that will cure my lack of motivation! 

I got hit in the head in the first 15 minutes of practice resulting in a bloody lip with a “deep cut” according to a nurse on my team, and I had a piece of skin stuck in my teeth, but I didn’t say anything. I threw tumbling skills that scare me, withhhh a sprained ankle. It hurt the whole practice and I cried when I took my brace off because it was that painful, but I didn’t say anything. I’m trying my best and it’s crunch time. Worlds face off is in three days and worlds is right around the corner. Not only will I get through this, but I will get through it with grace, and I will shine. I owe it to myself, my coaches, and my teams.