i had this screencaps in my folder for so long

Xreenshot Company

Occasionally I combine stuff I see on @screenshotsofdespair and similar sites such as @ao3tags with screencaps of my favorite shows. The result is an amusing visual - at least to me - and every once in a while I end up with real gems I just hoard in lost folders of my computer and eventually get to make a post about it. I mean sure, I’m going to Hell but that’s been long established.


she ain’t wrong

example of why it’s better to never be late

x company: a summary

i wish i didn’t

miri, you’re not the only one

he doesn’t know or want support

unless… we’ve had nazi vampires before, where are the allied zombies?

there’s cake though so it’s almost worth it (but this is not the only way to look at this screencap or is it now)

harry you need some sedatives my dude my guy

would be funnier if he was actually a general but hey you can’t have it all

the sequel


too many errors