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So, apparently, the lavabending we see in LOK (Ghazan’s at least) is somewhat inspired by the bājíquán martial arts form which uses a lot of elbow and knee strikes.

As for Avatar Jafar and why he’s using something akin to waterbending form I can provide some possible explanations:

  1. Avatar Jafar just has more bending/elemental knowledge (Even if the URN citizens know how to incorporate other bending forms into their style, not many benders in the URN stick to traditional forms. Beside, Ghazan and Bolin grew up in the EK/United Republic of Nations which is heavily influenced by the Hun gar/earthbending style of fighting. Although we see some airbending influences with probending, most URN bendrs seem to stick with an earthbending-influenced style).
    1. Interestingly, Unalaq, the Water Tribe Twins, and Tonraq all seem to have an earthbending-based fighting style despite not being from the URN. I bet we can attribute that to cultural and environmental influences.
  2. Bending lava from a volcano isn’t the same as bending lava out of the earth. The lava in a volcano flows more freely and does not need to be coaxed from the earth.
  3. Going along with the second point, it could also be that the Avatar State just makes bending lava easier, and because of that Avatar Jafar can have an easy time using waterbending form to bend the lava.

I would have definitely loved to have people bending lava like a waterbender though.

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do you have any fav troyson hcs? i love your troyson art (all ur art tbh) so much n so i wanted to know what you think of the characters together n all that jazz

[clenches fist] 

My favorite Troyson hcs totally seeped into my ocs,but!!

  • I like to Imagine Troy was 19 when Kent was 18; He was drafted maybe a year before Kent, so when the rest of the Aces are all Big N Gruff and kinda mean to Kent (waaay before Kent was their captain), I think he was Kent’s First Friend in the team! 
  • MmmMmmmm I also think Troy is Big and Tall?? Not Tater tall, but like, Taller Than Jack. 
  • One time, Kent and the rest of the team were hanging out and Jack was on ESPN and Kent was so distraught he had to excuse himself, and he was out in the yard having really bad Flashbacks, Troy followed him and asked him what was Up, and Kent just. Totally freaked out and told him Everything. 
  • I know some people might Scoff but Ngozi said Kent was kind of the Quiet and Modest type, and he flirts like a Nerd, so he was all, trying to be a wingman for Troy, approaches a girl at a bar, uses his thumb to point at Troy, and Troy was all, under his breath “PARSER!!!!!! NO!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!” Before Kent sticks out his tongue, and he’s all “my friend thinks you’re cute!” and Kent would look Sincere and Adorable, the girl would just end up laughing and kissing his cheek before going away
  • SO TROY IS REAALLY BAD WITH GAMES. ANY FORM OF GAME THAT ISN’T HOCKEY, HE’S BAD AT. One time he was playing Mario Kart with Kent, and he?? He kept winning? And he was all “IN YO’ FACE PARSER!!” And Kent would roll his eyes like, okay, okay. 
  • BUT THEN. CHICKENFISH GUY WOULD COME OVER, AND TROY WAS GETTING SOME ORANGE JUICE WHEN HE’D SUDDENLY HEAR LOUD, RUSSIAN CURSING?? And he’d see Kent smiling smugly as he totally Demolishes Chickenfish guy at Mario Kart
  • What I’m trying to say is, Kent lets Troy win at video games because the Big Oaf looks so cute when he’s happy. 
  • TROY LIKES THE BEACH!! Some of the aces are all Old and Grumpy and Troy and Kent bury them in the sand when they fall asleep during their Tanning Session
  • You can pry Sephardi Troy from my Cold, Withered Fingers….

Troy: *sprinkles a pizza with pineapple chunks*
Kent: *warbled yodels of pain*

Kent: *bottlefeeding Kit*
Kent: take a fucking sip, babes
Troy: *slowly turning to him* Do you realise, this is why you’ll never bear any of my babies?
Kent: Good.
Kent: I don’t need you to father anyone from me. 

  • I honestly have no idea how they end up dating. But the Aces have No idea, like they’ll know Kent is seeing someone, and Troy is seeing someone, but they won’t know they’re with each other. Like an Aces Rookie would see Kent Smooching Troy while Troy was carrying their lunch, and he’d be all “CAPTAIN I RESPECTED YOU, BUT NOW YOU’RE CHEATING ON YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER HOW COULD YOU.” And Kent is all “What I have Never Cheated what are you talking about” 

Kent: I don’t like Garlic Bread
Troy: *audible pain*
Troy: you were my brother, Anakin
Troy: I loved you.

Troy: Since When Did Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus Sound This Good? 
Troy: *catches Kent’s foot tapping along to the beat of Lucky*
Troy: Ah.

Well, I figured I’d feel a little better after some time had passed.

It’s been almost two years, so I should be all right now, yeah?


Dear Telly. Sorry I missed the 1-year anniversary of having my ability to trust people murdered - I was working a lot harder than usual to make ends meet, since Bill’s employer has run out of startup funds, which meant I was covering all of our living expenses. I’m sure you can relate. So I hope you can excuse me if our special day happened to slip my mind. Love, Eliard.

Sarcasm aside, I was going to address some of the stuff Telluric said in their response post. In no particular order:

1. They said that the money I was sending them while they were still living at their parents’ place was largely being used for their mom’s very particular eating habits.

…Okay, but your gofundme had stated that it was to help you get a place to live because you were getting kicked out soon. The campaign was even titled “please help me get back on my feet!!” Not once, anywhere, did you ever say that any of it would be spent on anything other than helping you get a place of your own while you were between jobs.

2. They said their sister did actually buy Splatoon for them.

I’ve got no way to confirm or deny this on my own. They say it was Paypal’d to them (as liquid assets), but hey. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

3. They said they were legit stranded at the bar at Tennolive and had tried twice to get taxied back to their hotel.

Fine. But (just my opinion), if you think you’re mature enough to skip out on work and drive 14 hours to a convention in a city that you’ve probably never been to before, I’m not sure how it suddenly stands that you can cry outside of a bar (read: age 21+ to get in) because you don’t have an obvious path back to the hotel. You certainly had an obvious path to the bar.

4. They said they blocked me on tumblr and deleted me from Steam/Warframe because they felt guilty.

Because nothing says “I feel bad about having screwed this person over” like bragging about how they’re still shamelessly playing the very game that they sank so much time into while they should have been getting their shit together, right?

And I “started making posts about [them] personally that weren’t all that kind” on my blog. Oh? I did? “she mentioned how she hated seeing me log on steam and play Warframe, so I removed her from steam.” Ohh, they meant in my tags. Well, I’m not sure how that’s exactly unkind. I think being angry is a perfectly legitimate response to that situation, all things considered - but clearly it’s not okay for me to be upset despite having been screwed out of my life savings. Sure, I guess. My feelings don’t matter, right? That several-month delay between finding that particular blog and actually deleting me from Steam/WF is interesting too, though.

I'm by your side- pt. 2

(A/N): I kinda forgot this was in my drafts too and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get to it!

Request: Um… *Looks down shyly* Is it okay for me to request part 2 of I’m by your side where the Avengers are having a picnic but when Tony brings a baseball bat to hit a piñata, (Y/N) starts panicking because she was so traumatized about the nightmare she had in part 1 before she feels sick to her stomach and quickly leaves the spot and she starts throwing up while Nat and Wanda went to help her? Can you also make the ending fluffy too, please?

Warnings: mentions of nightmares

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Read the first part: X

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   "God this is so stupid,“ Clint grumbles as he rubs at his sleep laden eyes, blinking at the chilly fall morning.

    "Clint,” Nat mutters as she elbows him in the rubs subtly, making sure none of the small children sitting before them had seen. You smile a bit at the two, your heart fluttering just a bit when Nat smiled. She was so beautiful, especially with the early morning sun illuminating her face like some goddess. 

    “Uh (Y/N)?” Tony smiles at you despite the way he appeared to be grimacing himself. “Would you care to explain what the shield foundation offers?” You gulp as you look at all the children and adults gathered around the podium that New York City had set up for the Avengers. 

   After everything the last couple if years the world needed to know that they were in good hands and what better what to do that than a children’s fundraiser?

    “Well shield foundation plans on donating half of it’s warning towards the community, that means your parks, schools, homes, an recreational buildings,” You smile as you step away from Tony, instead shuffling closer to Nat and Clint.  

   "Clint was thinking of speaking out and buying us some coffee, you want some?“ Nat whispers, making it appear as though she’d said nothing at all. You smile a bit, unable to stop it from spreading across your face, something that didn’t go unnoticed by a very tired and very aggravated Tony. 

   "Maybe (Y/N) would like to explain what I just said?” Tony looks at you, tapping his foot impatiently. You smile at him sheepishly, blushing just a bit as you look down at your feet in embarrassment. “Now as I was saying,” Tony picked off where he left off, quickly easing back into his friendly family demeanor. He drones on and on about shields fundraiser for minutes, efficiently boring everyone out of their minds. Even Steve and Vision seemed to be falling asleep on stage as they listened to Tony speak. 

    All the avengers knew why everyone was here, free games and prizes, plus a free meet and greet with your favorite avenger after the festivities. None of them were really here for the fundraiser or charity or whatever you wanted to call it. 

   "What do you want to bet Tony brought A captain america piñata just so he could say he beat Steve’s ass?“ Nat leans in to whisper in your ear, making you chuckle a bit. You wouldn’t be surprised if he did, it seemed like something he’d do.


    “Whoever breaks it first gets some spectacular prize,” Nat mutters, rolling her eyes softly. “I’m most definitely looking forward to hearing children screaming over who’s turn is next, or arguing over the swings and-”

    “Nat-” Tony clears his throat, shocking the two out of your little conversation. “Perhaps you’d like to be the one to start off the piñata? Hmm?” There was a snide tone to his voice but it immediately disappeared when Nat smirked and stepped up to the plate, grabbing the wooden Bat that had been provided to beat in the avengers themed pinatas. Nat looks between all of them, smirking when she came to a stop in front of the black widow pinata.

    Nat chuckles as she slides a blindfold over her eyes. She licks her lips as she takes a practice swing, seeing how the bat swung, where exactly to hit- stuff Clint no doubt taught her. You watched with an amused smile as Nat takes another practice swing, just stopping before the paper head. And suddenly your heart drops; Nat takes one good swing, busting her own head in with one go. The face caves in and a sickening crunch fills the air and suddenly you’re back inside that warehouse, beaten, bloodied, and gagged as you watched as Nat mercilessly had her head bashed in. You could still see the way her last expression remained on the right side of her face whereas the other side was nothing but a pile of blood and flesh-

    “I’m gonna be sick,” You mutter as you nearly trip off stage, running to find solitude in one of the park bathrooms. 

   It was…unsanitary at best but it was better than seeing Nat’s bashed in head. 

   You sigh shakily as you grip on of the sinks, nearly dry heaving as tears spring in your eyes. It had felt so real- you could actually feel Nat’s blood splatter your clothes, you could hear her dying breath loud and clear, you could smell the stench of rotting flesh and blood- You throw up just in time to have Wanda rush in, concern etched into her features. 

    “Oh god (Y/N),” she whispers. “What’s wrong?” She appears behind you, holding your hair back as you shudder and shiver as your throat attempts to push up what little food you had had that day. She runs a soothing hand up and down your back as you dry heave again, tears now falling freely from your eyes. You give one more shudder before the door bursts open again and Nat appears in the doorway, looking at the two of you worriedly. 

   "(Y/N), what’s going on?“ Her tone is frantic as she steps towards you, stopping when she noticed you shuddering and crying.

    "N-Nat,” you manage weakly as you look at her with sad, watering eyes. She gives you one look before holding you to her chest, not even caring about the foul stench coming from your mouth.

    “It’s okay (Y/N),” she whispers as she runs a hand over your sweaty hair. “What happened?” She asks softly, “you were fine one minute and the next-" 

   "T-the bat,” you whisper, your tone shaking. “I-it just triggered something for me a-and-” You stop when a sob pushes up your throat and More tears slid down your face. 

    “Oh (Y/N),” Nat soothes, gingerly petting you like some fragile animal. “It’s okay baby, I’m right here, I promise nothing’s gonna happen,” you sob once again, unable to help It at this point and time. “Wanda, will you go tell Tony I’m taking (Y/N) home?” Wanda hums affirmatively as she exits the dingy bathroom, no doubt glad to be out of there, you would be if you were her. 

   "No Nat,“ you sighs shakily, attempting to pull away from Nat’s grasp. "We need to be there-" 

    "No, you need to feel better and considering you just threw up I’m gonna assume you’re not feeling the best.” You whimper pitifully as another shudder rakes your body, leaving your arms to break out in goosebumps. “So I’m taking you Home and were just gonna sleep and watch T.V, yeah?” You gulp, wincing at the burning sensation in your throat. 

    “Yeah,” you rasp, your voice hurting more than ever now. “I guess I’m fine with that,” Nat gives you a gentle smile as she takes your hand, guiding you to her car. She gingerly helps you inside before rushing to her side to start the car. 

    “Hey,” Nat whispers as she reaches over, taking your hand in hers. “Remember I’m by your side, always, okay?” You smile a bit and nod, feeling slightly More assured than you did a few minutes ago.


He cleared his throat, but didn’t speak. What could he say? If he asked anything about last night, he might come off as needy. It was what it was. Whatever had made Sherlock bolt, he didn’t want to start that again.

THAT GODDAMN FEEL when you’re editing a thing you drafted shortly after TAB, and which you haven’t updated in forever because you suddenly developed imposter syndrome while trying to work on it, and you find you somehow channeled one of the key phrases of s4 a;sdljfasdljf

Trust No 1 (NC-17)

@txf-fic-chicks this is for the contest

Scully wasn’t one to sit at home crying over a man, but this was Mulder. She hadn’t seen him in months and she missed him. She missed him even more than her father and Melissa.

The Shadow Man had seen them together and read her email but right now she didn’t care. She needed to make sure Mulder was alright.

She booted up her computer and logged into her Hotmail account. Then, she clicked “create” and drafted another email to Mulder.

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pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

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