i had this in my drafts for some reason

Shame on me for having this in the drafts for like 5 months and never posting it

cold hard facts to prove that none of ur faves are straight

harry “basically-every-male-in-this-series-told from-my-pov–is-handsome” potter

- every male in this series is handsome as told from his pov
- (he’s also not white but that’s for another post xox)

ginny weasley
- aggressively bi
loves girls.
- and loves boys 
- that’s it
- it’s just a fact.
- the statement itself is my evidence.

ron weasley
bi crisis over krum

dean and seamus
i was gonna do these as different points but they’re so in love and obsessed with each other i can’t even separate them for this
- are in love.

sirius black
probably just a little bit in love with every single one of his friends
- but most of all lupin

remus lupin
probably just a lot in love with sirius
- no better metaphor for bisexuals than a werewolf

draco malfoy
- no one has ever been more obsessed with another human that draco with harry some of that HAD to be a little gay just sayin…

bill weasley
if u shorten his name it’s literally bi
- ??
- can’t get more obvious than that my friends
- also the werewolf thing

cedric diggory
- not a bad place for a bath harry wink wink
- white male that dies…what other reason than bury ur gays
- ???
- so gay it hurts

albus potter
- cc is complete bullshit and i will fight anyone that says otherwise but at least it’s basically totally canon that albus and scorpius are GAY AF

scorpius malfoy
- see above. 

Victor Nikiforov Appreciation Post!!!

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much I love Victor Nikiforov and how he’s just such a refreshing character. I know everyone and their dog has done a post like this already but I’ve been crying over this lovable goof for months and this had been sitting in my drafts for too long now anyway and also I’m avoiding my textbooks AND THIS SORTA TURNED INTO A CHARACTER ANALYSIS I’M SORRY.

So as far back as the PV, there were assumptions flying around that Victor would end up being an antagonist of some sort. That either he was using Yuuri for his own gain, or was just straight up evil. Laughable now, of course, but the reason those rumors were prevalent was because we see it so often. How easy was it to think that Victor was “helping” Yuuri only to further his own goals in the end? We’ve seen this common mentor-betrays-student trope before and it’s no wonder that early on fans were afraid of this even as the show progressed. And honestly? This would have made for some great drama—for Victor to turn out to not be such a nice guy and for him to eventually become someone Yuuri had to defeat in competition. However the show did not go down that route at all. It turns out that yeah, Victor is actually just a really nice guy who cares a great deal about Yuuri and the people around him. He doesn’t show up in Hasetsu with any evil ulterior motives—he just wants to get to know Yuuri and help him take his skating to the next level, and maybe find inspiration (and love) along the way.

Also how could a man with a heart-shaped smile be evil???

(Continued under the cut.)

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anonymous asked:

Bellarke Fic were Bellamy finds out when Clarke’s birthday is and makes her her a ring or bracelet or picks her a flower or something?? :) - cause she should still celebrate her birthday even if it’s the apocalypse :) THANKYOU


Wow, k, so I saved this ask in my drafts and now it won’t post which is super cute. Sorry, anon. Anyway, I wrote this fairly quickly? It was just fun to write lmao. ALSO ty @bcnightsquad​ for inspiring me with the drinking game vignette you sent <3

Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Rating: G
Words: 1,381


Bellamy shouldn’t have expected to beat Clarke at pong. He saw her obliterate everyone at every alcohol fueled game during their time at the Dropship, but for some reason he still agreed to play against her tonight. He’s not bad, and she’s had to down a few of her own cups thanks to him, but Clarke has hardly missed a shot. Before he knows it, Bellamy is chugging his last cup in defeat.

“You know,” he says, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, “seeing as I’m a member of the guard, the legal drinking age is twenty one, and you’re only seventeen, I could arrest you right now if I wanted to.”

With a roll of her eyes, Clarke aims the browned, bent ping pong ball they used to play at Bellamy’s head. “First of all, age restrictions stopped being enforced the day one hundred kids were sent to Earth without adult supervision,” Clarke reminds him. It’s not a written rule but Bellamy supposes it’s true. Age is obsolete when all that matters is survival. “Second,” Clarke continues, “I’m eighteen.”

“Still not of age,” counters Bellamy. He tosses the ping pong ball back to her.

“Must we revisit my first point?”

Clarke’s age has never been something Bellamy focused on. She’s wiser than the oldest Arkadian and more mature than most adults. If her youthful features didn’t play a factor in Bellamy’s perception of her, he would assume she’s the most ancient person on the planet. It’s easy to forget that in reality, the only reason Clarke is on Earth at all is because she was just a kid.

And now she’s not.

Age isn’t important on the ground, birthdays even less so, but people are important. Clarke is important. Especially to Bellamy.

How could he have possibly missed her birthday?

“Since when have you been eighteen?” Bellamy asks.

Clarke shrugs, walking over to the other end of the table to stand with him. “Since Mount Weather, I think. Could have been before that. The council forgot to supply us with calendars.”


“Not that Priamfaya would spare me if I were still seventeen.”

“You’re literally turning a conversation about your birthday into a discussion about the end of the world.”

“My birthday was months ago, Bellamy.” Any humor Clarke wears slips from her face as she steps into his space. She stares him dead in the eyes when she says “the apocalypse is now.”

Trying for comfort, Bellamy slides his knuckles along the path between her elbow and shoulder. “You really know how to lighten the mood, Princess.”

Frowning, Clarke conks her head against his shoulder and rests it there. Into his sleeve she mumbles a halfhearted “shut up.”

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Thanks to our lovely follower for this great snap of  Untitled, Lilac and orange over ivory, 1953, from the Toledo Museum of Art. This is not only a great photo but it corrects are previous catalog scan that listed this as 1961. This is another reason I appreciate my followers taking the time to send these in.

Tumblr won’t let me publish drafts today for some reason so I had to make this a regular post, but it is a submission.

Tumblr deleted my account!

Hey guys!
My KS blog used to be the-architect-analyzes and tumblr deleted my account for no reason. I emailed them twice and haven’t gotten an answer yet. I will have to wait 48 hours apparently. This is a temporary/backup account I made for now. If they don’t restore my old account, I will have to use this and start all over.
I had over 2k followers and almost 800 posts. So many drafts, arts, important messages, asks, they’re all gone.
I’m glad at least some of my good followers and mutuals reblogged most of my posts so if I don’t get my account back, at least I can still find some of my posts.

I don’t know if I can get my acc back and I’m really bummed but whatever happens, thanks for all your support all this time. <3

missin these two ;__: havent played with them in like 1000 years 

Dating Kim Seokjin Would Include...

rap monster | suga | jimin | jungkook | v | j-hope |

  • Watching a lot of Disney movies together 
  • Literally when all else fails, Jin’s like “Wanna rewatch Snow White?
  • At almost any given moment, he will start testing out his acting skills and saying “Did I nail it? I nailed it, didn’t I? I know.
  • And when you jokingly say no, he pouts and denies you attention for the rest of the day (but in reality he gives up on that within the first fifteen minutes because he can’t ignore)
  • He’d try teaching you Mandarin and find it so funny whenever you’d get some words mixed up
  • No jagi, get the pink one
  • Telling him that he looks HELLA cute in his glasses but he doesn’t believe you 
  • Resting your head on those broad ass shoulders 
  • Sleeping on those broad ass shoulders
  • Admiring those broad ass shoulders
  • Balancing cups on those broad ass shoulders
  • Do you wanna see the new choreography?
  • You say yes because boy, this’ll be interesting
  • He purposely makes himself look like a total idiot while doing the choreography and you’re just cringing / trying hard not to laugh
  • idk I feel like there’s lots of kissing
  • But not necessarily a lot of full on kissing, I feel like Jin would give you a lot of pecks and quick kisses at random times
  • He’d cook for you all the time
  • Seeing that cute smile of his always 
  • Jin would literally be your #1 fan, no matter how big or small your achievement is, Jin would just be showering you with love and telling you how proud he is of you
  • Jin overall would just be a very cute boyfriend who would look after you and always be there when you needed him and I’m down

anonymous asked:

Hi! ^-^ A question has been bothering me lately and I would love to see your opinion regarding it. In chapter 488, how did Gajeel manage to imagine exactly the way his and Levy's children would look like? Does this mean that the Trouble Twins will remain only as his imagination and won't be canon eventually?? :( How did he know that they will have twins and that they will look exactly like that? This is making me nervous, since I love their twins so much and I really want to see them in canon.:(

DUUUUUDE I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED THAT!! No like really I had a post sitting in my drafts for a while about this.exact.thing but have been hesitating to post it (for some reason i dont remember) 

ok so in the novel the twins went to the guild and Levy was there and I forget who else was there (irrelevant either way) and she wanted to help the twins look for their parents but she was going to go on a mission with Gajeel and she was waiting around for him and then he showed up at the entrance and he called out to her basically saying that they had to leave already. 


Gajeel saw them. 

Gajeel saw little Shutora and Yajeh and by whatever fucking reason, be it their scent or their plain-as-fuck appearance, he knew they were his. We do not know what his reaction was in regards to them and vice versa of the kiddies but he must have known they were his and Levy’s children. Because really, Gajeel’s imagination was way too vivid and accurate to be just simple imagination and wishful thinking. If he did not know they were his, then Mashima could’ve just made the image of a family in a generic picture of him or Levy holding a swaddled baby with no features showing, but Mashima made.it.a.point to include them in his imagination so alike in features, verifying whose twins they were and most likely verifying the fact that Gajeel knew he was going to be a daddy to little blue haired twins some time in the future. 

So don’t worry noni I am so sure that we are going to see them in canon we just got to be patient

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nyanchen  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you'd be willing to do the RFA + Saeran and some cute fluff stuff of how their first time with MC went? It doesn't have to be too detailed, I'm just a sucker for these sorts of things lol.

Saeran is my baby!!!!! Although I won’t go much into the whole “first time” thing since I’m not good at NSFW I will talk about it a bit, after all it is part of the hc, so I will definitely do it!!! So let us begin!!! Yay!!! Sorry for it being so late, stuff is going on in my personal life.

  • Saeran was at first really nervous to meet you
  • He knew you were his brother’s friend, and of course the part where he kidnapped you
  • Yeah, he was worried, you had been his secretary for a bit, but then Rika had thought you had grown too close and sent you to another sector
  • When you first approached him he went to yell at the person to go away
  • But when he saw it was you he sat back down, he trusted you, you had been through Hell, just like him
  • You sat down next to him
  • “I missed you.” You said, placing a hand on his
  • He twitched a bit at that, but didn’t push you away
  • “Me too…” He mumbled
  • You smiled faintly at that
  • “Look, I said to them I’d help you. But know that’s not because the told me too. They don’t understand, you’re the only one who knows me, who knows what I’ve been through. I told you everything.”
  • “And so did I.” He remembered the long nights you’d stay up talking, and the last night,
  • The last night he was telling a wild story about the sky, and you were listening intently, he saw the faint blush you had from the soda and Mentos you had chugged as a dare from him. You two stared, forehead to forehead almost, and eventually you two were kissing, softly, the sound of crickets around you…..
  • He shook his head, those weren’t important, you liked his brother, didn’t you?
  • But he agreed

A few months later

  • It was a long haul, he’d have frequent attacks
  • You had the scars to prove it
  • He felt horribly guilty
  • So when he hadn’t had an attack in about a month he pulled you aside
  • “Look, I think I can survive on my own now.”
  • Your face darkened at that, but he continued, it must’ve just been his wishful thinking
  • “And you don’t have to deal with me anymore, you can be with my brother, you can forget about me.”
  • “W-why?”
  • Was your voice shaking?
  • “Because you have stitches, I’ve sent you to the hospital! I’ve been horrible to you, and your life shouldn’t be shadowed by me!”
  • He hadn’t meant to raise his voice, but he didn’t want to do this, he didn’t want to leave you
  • But he had to
  • Breathing out he looked at your once more
  • You face was covered by your bangs, your head down, breathing swiftly
  • No, not just swiftly
  • You were crying
  • “No, please, don’t leave me, they’ll come back!”
  • Immediately looking around for someone following you, gripping your shoulders protectively
  • “Who? Are you in danger? I swear to God, if someone tries to hurt you!”
  • “N-no, the nightmares, they’ll come back!”
  • He stared at you incredulously.
  • “B-before, before I started talking to you, I would wake up screaming e-every night. I was terrified of sleeping. I would go days without, if only so I didn’t have to remember it all! A-and when I started helping y-you, it stopped. T-the time we fell asleep together on the couch I had the best sleep since. I-if you leave, they’ll come back!”
  • You clutched his hoodie tightly, he could feel the fabric grow taught underneath your hands
  • “But, what, what about my brother.”
  • “He’s my friend, an amazing friend, b-but he can’t help, he, he just can’t for some reason.”
  • You were still crying, and in his panic he bent down and kissed you
  • You wrapped your arms around his next tightly, the initial shock melting away as you leaned into the kiss, tears still sliding down your cheeks onto his.
  • Saeran clutched you tightly, worried that you’d slip away like a draft of wind, afraid that the nightmares would come and take you away.
  • When it was done you stared at each other, your cheeks flushed like that first night you kissed
  • “S-so are you still leaving?” You asked nervously
  • He smiled and picked you up, bridal style, nuzzling you close.
  • “Of course not, I promise that I will make sure you never have nightmares again

Skip forward to weeks of dating later

  • You had been dating for six weeks
  • It had been slow, but full of bliss
  • You had the occasional nightmare, and when that happened he’d hold you close, whispered to you soft words of comfort as you clutched to him, trying to rid your mind of screams and darkness
  • One night you two had gotten a bit handsy
  • And then a bit farther
  • And well, yeah
  • You were lying on the bed, and you hugged him tightly
  • “Um, well, is it okay if it’s my first?”
  • He pulled back surprised
  • “If you’re okay with it as well, I just, why would you want it to be, well with me.”
  • “Yes, yes I’m sure I’m okay with it. No, I definitely want my first time to be with you.”
  • You guys kissed deeply, and, well
  • You know
  • Did the thing
  • Did the thing, wow I’m nailing this amirite!!!
  • Afterwards you two snuggled together, his arms wrapped around you
  • “How was it?” Saeran asked nervously
  • You smiled up at him and kissed him
  • “Thank you, you’re amazing.” He blushed at that, but you just smiled, and so did he
  • He stroked your hair as you listened to his heartbeat, and you two feel into a soft, nightmare-free, sleep

So what do you think? How was it? I was kinda unsure, I mean, you saw it. This my friends, is why I don’t write nsfw, I mean if I needed to I could, but like, mehhhhhhhhhhhhh. It’d be horrid. Sorry for being gone so long!! Yeah, I hope you like this, I mean Saeran is my beautiful baby! Lol.

Legend of Welp! #72

Saria:  Because it is destiny that you and I can’t live in the same world. 


You know, I’ve been staring at the laptop screen for about an hour now, trying to scrounge up a joke. This is after I put this in my drafts after staring at it for aproximately 5 hours yesterday night. I thought some sleep would help me find some kind of joke to be had, some sort of way to make this moment, THIS FUCKING OCARINA OF TIME MOMENT less sad. A pun. A joke about Link not talking. Anything. For the record, this was supposed to be Legend of Welp #60. That’s how far back I planned to make a joke about this scene. But, for some reason, I just couldn’t think of anything and kept pushing the number back more and more.

It’s been years since I watched my older sister play Ocarina of Time and got to this scene. I still remember how I felt about it. I still remember crying for hours and not talking because I didn’t want to explain I was emotional about a line in a game I didn’t even play. I thought I’d have gotten over it by now. I thought I grew up. Real life toughens you up, you know? Teaches you not to cry over fictional stuff and save your feelings for real things. I thought it was time I put this to rest.

But apparently not. Because of all the lines in this God Damned series, this is the one that still fucks me up the most. Because as much as I like to pretend I’ve grown up into a tougher, more complete adult, when I think about this one scene in this one game I start crying like a sad little forest kid who just lost his best friend I thought I would be spending forever with just a few days ago because destiny doesn’t think either of us deserve a fucking break. 

God Damn. I’m done. I give up. Fuck it.

My personal Sherlolly fanfic bests so far...: Updated 2016

MizJoely has recently shared a list of her favourite fics. (Thanks Miz for providing the link!) Mine has been made from a slightly different angle. So I thought it might be a nice companion. I started making this list in 2014 and updated it in 2015. The one I’m sharing with you now is the one I had in my draft box, untouched since maybe April 2016. So anything published after that are not included, not because I don’t like them. I simply didn’t have time to follow them. 

There are some new additions and a couple of new categories. They are in bold. Please reblog if you like it! Many many thanks!


This list is based on my personal preferences. Also I haven’t read ALL Sherlolly stories. (Who can?) So the list is never intended to be authoritative or exhaustive.

The stories with an asterisk are not complete. (M) indicates respective author’s own rating, some for explicit sexual expression, others for some other reasons.

<Best of the bests>

   I Told You So by Writingwife83

<Best Sagas>

A saga here refers to a series of multi-chapter fics that traces the couple’s history.

By coloradoandcolorado1

The Lonely

Broken Pieces

The Distance

Innuendo (M)



Dark Reaches of the Night

By Gypsy Rose2014

Gabriel’s Wish

Of Small Boys and Sandwiches* (M)

Ginger Lollipops*

  Wishes (M)

A Summer Story (M)

Trimming the Tree

By thedragonaunt

Life After Death - A Post-Reichenbach Trilogy

  Part One - Aftermath (M)

  Part Two - Consequences

  Part Three - Unfinished Business

Demon (M)

Mother Love (M)

The Other Woman (M)

Loose Ends (M)

Gold (M)

Stolen (M)

Fatal Breath

Holmes for Christmas

Until Death* (M)

Quiet Sunday

<Best Romance>

   Benefits of Boredom by Writingwife83

   Blue Christmas (M) by MrsMCrieff

   Catching a Runaway Bride by TheSapphireSky

   Days May Not Be Fair by darthsydious

   Her Own Tale of Love by theheartofadetective

   So This is Love by onceinabluemoon0013

   The Professor and Mr Holmes by likingthistoomuch

   The Pulse Says It All (M) by SherlollyShock

<Best Adventure>

   Did You Miss Me, Molly Hooper?* by Sherlocked-Fangirl-x

   Landing on His Feet* by Vitawash

   Sorcerer’s Apprentice* by patemalah21

   The Ghost and Molly Hooper* by Doctor WTF

   The Honest Thief by hobbitsdoitbetter

   The Pirate and the Doctor (M) by Petra Todd

   When White Petals Fall* by Irisang

<Best Mystery>

  City of Dreams by MrsMCrieff 

  Double Cross by steffy2106

  Just Human by Lanceletta

  Monster by coloradoandcolorado1

  The Return by D. A. Smith

  The Detective and the Debutante* by EloiseAtThePlaza

  Tinderbox by Anne Louise 2000

<Best Drama>

  Blind Ambition by OpalSkyLoveDivine

  Dear Sherlock, by MudbloodPride

  Deconstructing Death by Emmyjean

  Demon (M) by thedragonaunt

  In the End (M) by Lono

  Long Way to You by Lanceletta

  Racing Daylight by Flaignhan

  Through the Looking Glass by SherlollyShock

<Best Humour>

   Down Under by cactusnell

   Message Received by Emmyjean

   The Accidental Boyfriend by lizzieBdarcy

   The Custody Agreement of an Adorable Calico Demon by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

   The Diary of a Small Angry Pathologist by lilsherlockian1975

   The Million Dollar Shot by milkforthesouffles

   Winds of Change by Writingwife83  

<Best Angst>

   Always and Never (M) by theheartofadetective

   Asylum (M) by Adi Who is Also Mou

   Far from the Tree by Petra Todd

   Our beginnings Never Know Our Ends by Elixir.BB

   Return to Me by MizJoely

   Schoolgirl Crush by Flaignhan

   Telling the Bees by satin_doll

   The Beekeeper by Ditsypersephone

<Best H/C>

   A Beautiful Mind by jankmusic

   As You Wish by Alydia Rackham

   Delicious by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

   I Will Try to Fix You by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

   Secrets by Fiji Dreamer

   Smoke Damage by cactusnell

   The Attribute of the Strong by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle

<Best Sherlock>

   Holiday Romance (M) by MrsMCrieff

   More (M) by Liberi Ad Somnia

   Mother Love (M) by thedragonaunt

   Of Small Boys and Sandwiches* (M) by Gypsy Rose2014

   On Paper by MizJoely

   On the Side of the Angels by Supervillegirl

   The Family Detective by I 4 2 write

<Best Molly>

   Each in Its Own Fields* by dietplainlite

   Ginger Lollipops* by Gypsy Rose2014

   Mr Holmes and His Maid by Silencebeyondthestars

 (The author has deleted this story on major fan fiction sites and it is not available anywhere on the web now. I’m keeping this in my list, though, because Molly in this story is so powerful and convincing. Hope the author will put it back somewhere in the future.)

   Secrets by Fiji Dreamer

   The Diary of a Small Angry Pathologist by lilsherlockian1975

   Tinderbox by Anne Louise 2000

   Training Session by cactusnell

<Best Kids>

   Benjamin in I’m Out Here by Fayth3

   Gabriel in Ginger Lollipops* by Gypsy Rose2014

   Melisande in Daughters, Sherlolly Family by Maejones

   Penelope in Sherlock’s Near Death Experience by jankmusic

   Scarlet in Ginger Lollipops* by Gypsy Rose2014

   Scott in All We Have by writingwife83

   Will in Defining Family by GunterRae

   William in Life after Death Part Three: Unfinished Business by thedragonaunt

<Best Toby>

    Overdressed for the Occasion, in The Anthology by jankmusic

    Sherlock v Toby: Winner Take Molls by MizJoely

    The Cat Clause, in Negotiations by HeayPuckett

    The Diary of a Small Angry Pathologist by lilsherlockian1975

    The New Doctor by writingwife83 (Toby makes his appearance from Chapter 4 onwards.)

    Toby and His New Pet by Moonunit

    Whose Flat Is It Any Way? in A Window into Change by Writingwife83

<Best Dogs>

    Cat in Of Small Boys and Sandwiches* (M) by Gypsy Rose2014

    Molly Cocker in New Can at the Pack, Sherlolly Archives (M) by MoniMcCoy

    Redbeard in Benefits of Boredom by Writingwife83

    Redbeard in Epilogue of In the Quiet Places (M) by Kyerie

    Readbeard in Quiet Sunday by thedragonaunt

    Toby in Loss Restored by Amalia Kensington

<Best Smuts>

I don’t normally read many of this kind, but those listed here are so compelling as stories that I was unable to abandon them. I’m sure there are others that are as good. I just haven’t read them.

    dreams, like soap bubbles (M) by broomclosetkink

    Holiday Romance (M) by MrsMCrieff

    Love Stories and Tournaments of Lies (M) by Nocturnias

    Parva Victoriis (Little Victories) (M) by MizJoely

    The Boyfriend Experience (M) by hobbitsdoitbetter

anonymous asked:

I WAS INSPIRED! ASH here btw. How does ASH show his face for the first time? Is it planned or casual? A big deal to him or just a means to making out? How does he feel about it? If his s/o asks will he show her or does that make him more likely not to. Why do you think he wears the mask? Does the reason change? Is he nervous about his s/o's reaction to his face? If he has kids does he show it to them? When the mask if off does he hide his face in other ways? How good is he with his mouth? Ty!

so i did this one just a little bit different in terms of formatting :)

in my draft of this in word i had the headings as “murder club” “hot for teacher” and “rokudamn” for some reason

Originally posted by paulmcccartney

So I think Kakashi wears the mask as a defense mechanism - he spends so much of his life trying to keep people away, and the mask is something that depersonalizes him. It hides his expressions, it hides his smile, it hides anything that really makes him seem human. He’s a shinobi, a weapon to his village, and that’s all he wants people to see. On top of that, it covers his nose, too. He has a very sensitive nose and I feel the mask helps to lessen the impact of strong, intense smells so his sense of smell isn’t entirely overwhelmed.

That and he’s just so breathtakingly good-looking that if he didn’t wear a mask, his opponents would get distracted by his face and that’s hardly a fair fight. ;)


  • Kakashi showing his face for the first time is a huge deal, and he is nervous about it. Revealing his face is a big show of trust for him. His mask is one of his defensive walls, and it’s going to be the last one to come down no matter which phase of his life he’s in.
  • His mask is unlikely to be off for extended periods of time around other people, so when it is off his face won’t be uncovered for long - he’s gotten quite skilled at accomplishing whatever he took his mask off for quickly.


  • It’s highly unlikely though that he’ll show anyone his face during his ANBU phase. If he does, it’ll be toward the end when he’s beginning the transition into sensei.
  • If he’s asked, he’ll get defensive about it, and is less likely to oblige. He may even completely ignore the question.
  • For the most part, he only pulls his mask down around the person he’s with to make out, and he won’t let them look.
  • It is not going to be accidental - this is an intimate moment, and if he’s showing his s/o his face, it’s planned all the way down to where he shows them - he’s not showing them anywhere where someone else might be able to see. 
  • When he does pull his mask down, he won’t look at the person he’s showing, mostly because he’s trying to process what he’s just done, but also because he is worried about their reaction.
  • When his mask is off with just his s/o around, he’s going to turn his face away or just do whatever he’s doing that requires the mask to be down as quickly as possible and hope they don’t notice.


  • Kakashi is more willing to show his face, but only under the right circumstances and only if he fully trusts the person he’s with.
  • If asked, he’s still defensive, but he will give it some thought. He’s a little wary of it though, especially with his genin constantly trying to get a look. He’ll wonder if they’re on his genin’s side in that particular endeavor.
  • He’ll still only really pull his mask down to make out, but he’s less worried about his s/o getting a peek at his face. He’ll still try to avoid it, though, unless he’s entirely ready to show them.
  • It’s more likely to be planned than accidental, but it’s entirely possible he’ll just slip up and yank down his mask to eat or something and forget that his s/o hasn’t seen his face yet.
  • When he does show his face, he pretends it’s not that big of a deal, but he’s still nervous and can’t really believe he’s actually doing it (and he’s also on the lookout for his genin).
  • Even at home alone with his s/o, he’s doing anything and everything to cover his face with something else when his mask is down - his genin are relentless and he wouldn’t put it past them to peek through his windows.


  • He’s most likely to show his face in Hokage phase, because he’s learning to be more open with people. However, he’s not pulling it down for just anyone.
  • If he’s asked, and he trusts them, he’ll just yank it on down. He’s still hesitant about it, but he’s not going to let it show.
  • He’ll pull his mask down to make out, and if they accidentally get a look at him, he’s not going to complain.
  • At this point it’s probably a complete accident that his s/o sees his face - he’s with them, at home or in his office, and they’ve brought him lunch and he just pulls the thing down and eats like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
  • It’s still a big deal, but he’s not going to tell his s/o that or indicate it in anyway, he’s very “eh whatever” about it to them but mentally he’s just like “aw shit.”
  • At home or in his office alone with his s/o, he’s not worried about covering his face with something else - he’s quick enough if someone comes in he can cover his face before they’ve even finished turning the doorknob.