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Anonymous suggested (back in December, sorry):  I didn’t remember a day like today shamy got back together. Could you write about them getting back ,Please? Love your stories 😘

Amy woke up and stretched.  She felt better than she had in months.  The only way she might have felt better was if Sheldon was actually next to her in her bed.  She kicked her feet in excitement because Sheldon was going to be back over for a breakfast meeting to discuss their new relationship agreement.  They were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend again officially, and Amy had rarely wanted anything more.

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anonymous asked:

Minewt, Hogwarts AU where Newt's in Slytherin and Minho's in Gryffindor?

Newt gets that his house has a reputation, that people just assume from the green tie hanging around his neck that he’s automatically going to be a dick. He gets it, but that doesn’t mean he likes it. He didn’t used to understand why it happened, being in Slytherin house meant that he was an ambitious person, determined to achieve his goals in life - it didn’t give him an automatic pass to being evil, like some people seemed to think. 

He didn’t think it would bother him so much if it wasn’t for Minho - The hot-headed, arrogant, stupidly attractive Gryffindor that’d had it out for him since day one. They’d met on the train to Hogwarts in their first year, Minho was a pureblood and Newt a muggleborn, so he’d had taken it upon himself to teach Newt all that he knew about the wizarding world so that he wouldn’t feel like a complete outcast. 

For reasons Newt didn’t understand, Minho had taken it as a personal insult when Newt was sorted into Slytherin and the two of them had turned from friends to rivals in the short space of a few hours. Newt had hoped in the early days that it wouldn’t last, that maybe his new friend was just messing with him, but he was now in his 6th year and Minho was still being just as much of a dick as he’d always been, which was why when they caused a scene at the Gryffindor vs Slytherin Quidditch match Newt wasn’t at all surprised. 

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Aurora Borealis
Clarke sets up shop next door to Aurora’s Tattoos; Bellamy takes issue with her flower shop’s name. The rest goes from there. A Tattoo Artist!Bellamy and Florist!Clarke AU.
(Now a multichapter fic.)

Part III

Bellamy doesn’t avoid Clarke after that; he’s busy working on her design, that’s all, and if he spends too much time around her he’s pretty sure he’s going to be utterly distracted by wanting to make out with her, run his fingers through her messy, wavy hair, ruck those tank tops she seems to like up around her ribcage so he can lick those little dimples just above the gentle curve of her ass.

He’s not opposed to doing those things at some point—in fact, he really fucking hopes he gets a chance to take her out at some point, and then take her to bed—but he remembers the way she talked about her dad, and the shop, and wanting him to do her tattoo, and Bellamy’s determined that before he does anything else with the pretty girl next door, he’s going to design her the best tattoo of his entire fucking career.

But he does see Clarke about a week after her impromptu consultation; she walks in on him talking to Octavia about the new tiny tots class she’s thinking of teaching at the dojo where she works.

“Oh,” Clarke says, a basket hanging over her arm. “Sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt.”

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