i had this in my draft for at least a month now

Mess is Mine

The first time the Reader allows Spencer to see her scars.

Okay so this has been sat in my drafts for yonks, and it is quite short so I wasn’t going to post, but it might provide some comfort to some of you.

Its based on the song by Vance Joy - Mess is Mine, which is about loving someone and all of their mess. 

Obvious triggers are self harm and depression.

If you ever need anything, a chat, cheering up - I’m here.

“Bring me to your house

Tell me sorry for the mess

Hey, I don’t mind.”

After six months of dating Dr. Spencer Reid, your level of intimacy had only reached the kissing stage. And you hated yourself for it. Most couples would have slept together by now, or at least seen each other bare. But you, in your natural, insecure self, ensured that your body always remained hidden under clothes. Spencer, being Spencer, had always been sweet about it, and told you that he would wait until whenever. However, you wanted to give yourself to him. You were in this relationship for the long-run, and you wanted more than anything to allow his hands to trace over your entire body. But, for him to be able to do that, you would be forced to reveal what was underneath the layers of fabric.  

After some borderline traumatic teenage years, riddled with self-hate, depression and anxiety, the scars left on your body were the sole reason for your fear of intimacy. Unable to vent your emotions in any other way, you turned to slicing your own skin as a distorted punishment for whatever ‘bad thing’ you believed that you had done. Many years later, you have now realized that doing a bad thing does not make you a bad person, but the remnants of the pure hatred of your own mind had been left scattered over your skin.

A nudge from Spencer interrupted your thoughts. He propped himself up on his elbows, hovering over you on the bed.

‘Do you want to stop?’ He asked, hesitant to continue.

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How to Write a Personal Statement- How to Get Into Vet School Part 10

Ah yes, the personal statement. This was probably one of the hardest things for me on VMCAS to fill out. I had no ideas, no great stories to tell, and I certainly wasn’t that unique. You could say I was a little frustrated, to say the least. 

Here’s a few tips that I found on my way that may help you write your personal statement for vet school.

1) Start early. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised how many people decide to write their PS last minute. I would highly recommend starting at least a few months before the application is due.. and if take forever to write like me, you might want to start a little earlier. You might need time to write out a few drafts, or play with a few stories. Now there could be a chance for you to write an awesome PS three days before it’s due… but my next tip is another reason why earlier is better. 

2) Get more than one set of eyes to look at it. This is probably one of my biggest tips. Once you have a draft that you like, send it out to a bunch of people, and give them time to read it (make sure to ask these people beforehand if they will look over it for you, and make sure to send the prompt with your draft!). I had a variety of people that looked over mine- professors, English teachers, vet students, friends, vets, you name it. This is important because each person will read it differently, and they could bring up something that you didn’t even think of.  Once you think you fixed the draft you sent to people, send it out again. Keep this cycle up until you find a PS that you really like. 

3) Proofread. Then proofread your proofread. This goes with number two, but grammar here is pretty important! Make sure several people go over your drafts, and don’t worry if you end up changing your PS a lot as you go! 

4) FOLLOW the prompt. This is something that seems simple, but it is easy to get off track. Make sure you are answering all the questions sufficiently, without too much abstract thought. (Some narrative or starting off by telling a story is good, just don’t forget the reason why you are writing this in the first place!). 

5) Don’t be afraid to switch things up. If you’re creative juices aren’t flowing, do something different! Go to a coffee shop, or to Panera, or to the library. Pace around, and maybe read your PS outloud. Try a narrative or a different approach to your introduction and conclusion. You never know what might stick!

6) Make sure to make connections to vet med. This. This is a big one. It’s good to say that you developed communications skills at your vet tech job… but why is that important? Why should you care about that skill? Go that extra step and make those connections as to why it’s important to veterinary medicine. 

a very messy drawing of the main characters of radio silence !! i had to have them all together in 1 drawing <3 i had so much fun with my second draft edits, i know them all so well now <3 i’ll probs try not to post so many drawings of them in the lead up to the book’s publication because i want everyone to go into the book with a fresh mind but… i had to draw them all at least once :) 

Since its pride month, I think now would be a good time for me to say this. Really recently I’ve been coming to terms with myself as being bisexual. So here’s me officially saying it!