i had this great idea in my head what this would be like

For those of you how haven’t figured out from my two to three reblogs of Lazytown things (ie most of you) I have fallen into Lazytown Hell. It’s quite nice here, great weather. I wasn’t going to spam you all but I had an idea while taking a nap (Robbie would be so proud), LazyCatandDogtown! (I too hope a better title is in the works). Honestly it’s just what I think everyone would look like as a cat or dog and who would be what.Great excuse to look up puppy and kitten pic.

First the dogs!

Sport- Border collie because if you know anything about these dogs you are nodding your head in agreement. He’s be a blue merle color and have blue eyes which isn’t really common or a thing in borders. Elf magic.

Stephanie- Standard Poodle or possibly golden or labradoodle. Obviously she’s a puppy right now. Poodles are athletic and intelligent dogs and it fits even when ignoring the “pink poodle” cliche. I imagine she gets a lot of flack, especially from Trixie, until one day Trix falls into a pool or pond and can’t swim. Enter Steph’s water retriever instinct and saves her. Insta bff. 

As and adult she is dyed pink (with beet juice), which she actually loves, and vistis kids in hospitals along with other more athletic pursuits.

Trixie- German Shepard. She’s misunderstood and sometimes feared but it’s all in how you treat her. Likes to be the tough girl but is still just a puppy.

Mayor Milford Meanswell- Basset Hound. That face just screams the name Milford to me.

Now the Cats!

Robbie- Siamese. Long and lanky with a distinct face and voice the Siamese was the first thing that came to mind. Robbie however has grey eyes though almost no siamese does.

Stingy-Scottish Fold. Personality wise I don’t have anything to back this up. It’s more in the face, the big eyes and ears make me think of Stingy. And I can just imagine this little gay saying to himself ‘that’s mine’.

Bessie Busybody- Persian. Elegance, grace, a little bit stuck up? Certainly has the looks of it. Honestly the cats are mostly based on their looks vs. personality. Maybe I’m cheating. But Ms. Busybody does look like a persian to me. Can’t anyone tell me otherwise.

Ziggy-I went through so much with Ziggy. An image of a mostly white Kitten-Ziggy with brown tabby patches playing with a hair tie was what inspired this whole thing. I could just see Kitten-Ziggy getting into so much trouble. Originally he was going to be a British Short Hair. I know I know, BSH? They have such big eyes. Well no one quite fit. I bounced around a lot and thought Norwegian Forest Cat! Someone should be a Scandinavian breed. Then I found this guy. A munchkin. And it just clicked. The face, the short stubby legs.Ziggy. 

Now your about to say where’s my son Pixel?! And rightfully so. And he could’ve been either cat or dog (most of them could go either way) but my half asleep brain had immediately said ‘He’s the human!’ I guess this is at an animal daycare and Pixel takes care of everyone? I think my brain needed it to be even but it’s still a cute idea. I’m planning to find the cat-dog reverse of everyone and post it so I’ll add his breeds there. I already have them picked out ofc.

Operation: Stress Relief (SMUT)

Just a short Akiyoshi x MC blowjob smut. The idea seemed better in my head. Please leave feedback, I like writing this stuff but I also need a lot of work so comments would be great. Hope someone enjoys! 

I walk into Akiyoshi’s office to talk to him about my current assignment. What I see before me stops me in my tracks completely. His blazer is wrapped round the back of his office chair & he’s sat in his white shirt, with the top button & the next two undone. His shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His hair slightly dishevelled.His eyes focused on the pile of work in front of him. He looks so insanely sexy my whole body gets hot. We’ve not had much chance to be intimate recently & I think I’m frustrated. I try to keep my feelings under wraps at work, since no one knows about our relationship yet but something about
the way he looked today made my knees weak but at the same time, I notice how tired & stressed he looks. My heart tightens at the sight of it. These past few weeks he's been even more swamped than usual. He’s been working non-stop at the office & at home. Looking at him still staring at his work, an idea wanders into my thoughts. He needs some stress relief. I bet he hasn’t taken a break yet. I shut his office door & quietly lock it from the inside.
“Chief” I address him with my usual innocent smile.
“____, what can I do for you?” He takes a quick glance at me & returns to his work.
“Can you check this for me?” I stand next to him at his desk. He heaves a sigh.
“Of course” He takes the paper out of my hand. Even when he’s snowed under he still helps the rest of the team, he really is a great boss! While he’s busy reading it, I take the opportunity to put operation: “Stress Relief” into action.
“Oops” I ‘accidentally’ drop my pen under his desk.
“Hang on, I’ll get it”
“No, No, you carry on reading, I’ll get it” I smile at him & he smiles back before returning his gaze to the paper in his hands.
I get on my knees & crawl under his desk. Completely ignoring the pen, I place myself between his slightly parted legs & press a hand onto his thigh. He doesn’t flinch. Probably thinking I was using his leg for balance. I start to stroke lightly, he shifts slightly but still continuing to focus on work. I wouldn’t let that be happening for much longer. I run my hands over his crotch & his gaze snaps down to me.
“What are you doing, _____” His eyes widen but he tries to fix it into his growler glare. I smirked & continued to run my hands up & down his slowly growing length.
He makes a sharp intake of breath.
“Seriously, _____. I’ve got work to do & so do you” He tried push himself back in his chair but I pinned his leg down so he couldn’t move.
“You’re always working. You always tell us to take plenty of breaks but you, yourself never do!” I retort to him while picking up my ministrations on his crotch. His breath hitches & he looks unsure of how to react.
“We’re at the office, what if Minato or one of the other guys walks in?” He turns his eyes towards the door.
“It’s fine, I locked it. Plus everyone is out doing interviews right now. Except Kaoru who is currently taking a nap on his desk.” I smiled reassuringly at him.
He opens his mouth to protest again but I speak first.
“Akiyoshi, you’re always taking care of me & everyone else & working so hard on top of that. So let me take care of you.” I lace my fingers into his & he looks down at me with that affectionate smile that makes me melt.
“What am I going to do with you?” He smirks at me & leans down to plant a kiss on my forehead. Taking that as a sign to continue I reach for his belt & undo it along with his trouser button & zip. He lifts his hips for me & I pull down until his hard cock is released from its clothed prison. He runs a hand through my hair letting my assignment drop out of his other hand to then grip lightly onto the desk.
I lick the droplets of pre-cum glistening from the tip of his cock. He tightens the grip on my hair & lets out a deep sigh letting the stress out with it. I sink down
further so I can lick the underside of his cock, not taking my eyes from his. They turn misty as he lets go of the uncertainty of the situation & gives way to his desires. I take him into my mouth swirling my tongue all around his head.
“____”  I love giving him head, his expression, his moans, it turns me on so much. Trying not to think about the excitement growing between my legs
I pick up the pace, bobbing my head up & down over his length in a steady rhythm. As his breathing starts to get heavier. I slid his cock further into my mouth, the tip grazing the back of my throat. Suppressing a gag, so I wouldn’t make too much noise I force out a small moan, as tears started to sting the corners of my eyes. 

His hips bucked as he lulled his head back & tightened his grip on my hair as his growl echoed around the room. I continued taking him deep into my mouth as he thrust his hips up forcefully hitting the back of my throat, unable to cover my gag this time. I let my saliva drip down to the base of his cock as I started to pump what wouldn’t fit into my mouth with my hands.
“Goddamnit, ______” His cock throbbed in my mouth as soon as we made eye contact. Telling me how close he was. Sucking harshly, I hollow out my cheeks & take one of my hands away from the base of his cock & cup his balls lightly while I continue the ministrations with my mouth.
“Mmm…ahhh….I’m so c-close” I squeeze lightly on his balls as he sets a faster pace grabbing tufts of my hair either side of my head guiding me over him as he tries to catch his orgasm.
“Shit, _____” He pants out in a deep growl that sends a shiver through me as his cock hits the back of my throat & he holds my head there as he lets his seed empty down my throat. I swallow gladly as he slowly removes himself from my mouth. The grip on my hair loosens as he reaches down & pulls me up so his forehead is resting against mine. A thumb swiped across my chin, collecting the dribble of cum that managed to escape. He presses it to my lips & I happily lick it clean off. He lets out another sigh & then kisses me passionately. My mind goes hazy from his intoxicating kiss.
“When you make that face it makes it really hard for me to think about anything other than you” I giggled as he pulls us both to our feet.
“We’ll have to save the rest for when we get home but if you need a another break, just let me know.” I give him a little wink & do up his trousers. He lets out a sound which was somewhere between a growl & a chuckle as he presses himself up against me & squeezes my ass.
“You really are too good to me” He whispers before his lips meet mine.
“Chief…I need to talk to you about the interview I just had” Minato has the worst timing…well at least he didn’t come five minutes earlier.
“Okay, Hang on” Akiyoshi reluctantly lets go of me & goes to unlock the door quietly & returns to his seat but not before giving my ass a light smack.
I let out a little moan & clasp my hands over my mouth making him chuckle.
“Come in, Minato”
“So you just need to re-write the last paragraph but you need to give me happy ending” Akiyoshi’s smile turns into a sly grin & I blush at his obvious innuendo as Minato comes to stand next to me.
“O-Okay, I see.”
“Why are you red, Pommy?” Minato scans my face intently as I look away flustered.
“I’m not! T-thank you, Chief” I scuttle away before Minato starts to suspect anything. As I reach the door I look over my shoulder & meet Akiyoshi’s gaze he smiles tenderly at me before returning his eyes back to Minato. He looks so much more relaxed. Mission complete!


Hitched K.M Part two 

Warning contains mature content

(And here is Hitched K.M Part one if you haven’t read it)

(Kol and reader’s wedding and honeymoon)

To the person who requested this, Thank you so much!!! It was great to write and if you had ideas to a part 3, I’d be willing to continue it :) P.S HOPE YOU LIKE THE GIF ;)


Word count: 1269

“Excuse me miss” chirped a voice making me jump slightly and open my eyes to see one of the stewards leaning down smiling, my head began to pound as my eyes grew droopy, “Would you and your husband like some advil?” she questioned before showing four pills in the palm of her hand. While trying to comprehend what was going on I realised we were still on the flight to the Maldives.

I gazed to see that I was huddled into Kol’s chest, his arm laced lazily around my torso while his eyes stayed shut. It took me a moment to regain the memories that were blurred by our alcohol consumption but when I did I immediately felt bad for our inappropriate behaviour. “Um-Yes thank you” I replied and took the pills from her hand.

She laughed sweetly, “You both must have one hell of a hangover” she retorted causing an obvious blush to appear at my cheeks. All I remembered was being very flirtatious and touchy with Kol, however from the way she portrayed it we must have done something quite drastic.

“If you don’t mind, What exactly did we do?” I inquired, unsure as to if I wanted to know the answer. A quiet laugh escaped her lips making me even more anxious, of course I absolutely adored Kol and in the past we had had our fair share of drunken memories, however we could usually escape them…That certainly wasn’t an option as of now.

“Well one of the flight attendants heard a rather disturbing banging coming from one of the loos and when she went to see what the problem was- she realised that it was a couple- you and your husband trying to have sex”. My eyes almost popped out of there sockets when she finished speaking, I was completely mortified and slightly proud of how eager we must have been.

my hand flew to my mouth to cover a squeal, “Oh fuck” I muttered looking to Kol to see he was still sound asleep- I wondered if he could still recall what we did?

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of miss, my husband and I were quite the same- though we never did try to have sex on a plane in the toilet, every couple is different”. I nodded in agreement right before she left to fetch us some water. Still embarrassed I refrained from looking at any of the passengers around us.

Good Morning everyone this is your captain speaking, we will be arriving in the Maldives very shortly- please ready yourselfs for our descent.

Kol suddenly stirred beneath me as his eyes gradually opened and his mouth parted in a yawn “Y/N? What did I miss?” He asked, his voice raspy and tired.

“A lot apparently”.


“It’s so beautiful here!” I enthused while taking in the stunning ocean views around me, we had just arrived at our hotel, our very expensive hotel to be exact. Everything in sit beamed high class, from the glimmering water and array of rooms to the wooden pathways and colorful flowers- it was clear that this place was a honeymooner’s dream.

“You think?” questioned Kol making me spin around to see his happy smile approaching me slowly, small bags hung under his eyes and his hair was ruffled mess.

“I love it!” I replied, closing the distance between us and slinging my arms around his neck, “this is perfect” I continued before pecking his lips. We soon found ourselves in the reception area, admiring the extravagant elevation of the ceiling and the substantial decorations that screamed romance.

I didn’t really take much notice when we checked in, I let Kol do all the talking while I walked around a bit outside, I exhaled, having finally found peace during my gaze down into the water. This resort was like none I had ever been to before, it wasn’t just by the water, it was on the water- held a few feet up by large wooden poles.

“Where in!” whispered Kol, hugging me towards his chest and jumping up and down, I soon joined him in our funny moment- it was going to be a new experience for the both of us, an exciting adventure.

Once we were over our little escapade, a smartly dressed man lead us to our room, during the journey he told us many facts about the resort and the Maldives in general; like how alcohol is prohibited outside of the resort, and that the Maldives is the lowest and flattest country in the world.

“Kol, I love you so much” I said when the door to our suite flew open to reveal an extravagant interior, my mouth dropped open and all I could do was stare at everything in ‘aw’. The furniture matched the ocean and the ocean matched the tropical vibe that was blasting left, right and all around the room. 

“I know my dear” he replied breathlessly and entered without another second to lose, I shortly followed having said farewell to the man. The loud cheers of Kol echoed throughout the suite and a boisterous splashing followed, jogging outside I saw Kol’s burgundy shirt and shorts laying in a pile on the deck and blurry figure approaching the surface of the water. 

He resurfaced making me smile at the hair in his face which he quickly flicked away and rake with his hand- I couldn’t help but stare at my husband’s pulsing biceps and question why you couldn’t just see everything clear through water?

“Come on in Y/N” he encouraged, a smirk set upon his face.

I shuffled to the edge of the deck and stared down into the sea below, “I don’t know, looks a little far down for my liking” I replied and bit my lip religiously. Even before I saw a vampire heights made me anxious and dealing with the magnification of those fair made some things challenging.

“Come on darling, I’m right here I won’t let you drown” his encouraging words gave me comfort and made me more intrigued to try it, besides if Kol could do it, I could do it better.

I immediately set to the task of stripping off my clothes, first I peeled my singlet up and threw it next to Kol’s, then I unzipped my shorts and wriggled out of them, watching Kol as his eyes trailed my body accordingly. After I was left in just my undergarments I stood at the edge ready to leap off and down to Kol.

“Here goes nothing” I whispered and took up step off the ledge, traveling through the air until my body molded into the water, sinking down- however I was stopped when Kol’s hands held my hips, nothing like a trust test to start off a marriage.

“What did I tell you?” he asked pulling me closer to his chest and leaning his forehead against mine. I giggled and pulled a few small hairs on the back of his neck. We stayed like this for a while, just floating around in the sun- hugging, kissing an whispering intimate things to each other.

“Thank you so much for this” I said before pecking his lips.

“Well I had a feeling you’d like this place” he replied becoming chuffed by my actions- something completely un-Kol like.

“It’s lovely but I meant thank you for choosing me to spend eternity with”, a laugh escaped his lips.

Well everyone else was off the market…” I gasped and hit his chest lightly, encouraging him to try again. “Y/N, I wouldn’t have it any other way”.


Hey, if anyone wants a part 3 I’m willing to do that- I just need ideas, so let me know. I mean who doesn’t want to read about a honeymoon with Kol?

What I’m writing

I was tagged by @marvelfanlife to share what I’m currently writing, so here is my list of requests and ideas.

Gone Part Five

An Expert Part Three

A couple Prentiss x Reader fluffs with protective girlfriends

An angsty Spencer fic relating to his trial where reader is his wife.  The ideas I have for this one make me want to possibly make it a multi-fic.  I guess we’ll see.

A reader fic where she works at the BAU and is bisexual.

Another Spencer x Reader fic that I’ve had swimming in my head for a while.  I don’t want to give away too many details about it, but the reader has a son and works at the BAU.  A lot of angst, a lot of fluff, a lot of shitstorm.  It’s gonna be great.

I honestly don’t know who has or hasn’t been tagged, but if you would like me to read any of the things you are working on, tag yourself and tag me!  I’d love to see what you muffins are writing!

Title: Expectations

Pairings: N/A; hinted NaruHina

Summary: Boruto and Himawari were expected to be great. What wasn’t expected was how they went about doing it.

Disclaimer: Still don’t own anything

Note: My headcanons got away from me again. Thought I was done, but nope. Himawari’s part is now out here. It got too long so I had to separate it. Enjoy.

Part 1: Boruto

When it came to chakra, most people agreed that Uzumaki Boruto and Uzumaki Himawari were two of the luckiest people in the world. Born with the ridiculously large capacity of their father and the chakra control ofthe Hyuuga, both children were considered potential powerhouses even before they entered the Academy. It was expected that the siblings would aim for the Hokage title and become frontline fighters like their parents – taking dangerous missions and saving the world in fiery explosions and awe inspiring battles. This wasn’t entirely wrong, but then it wasn’t entirely right.

Boruto was the first to challenge this idea. Even at the young age of seven, he held some resentment towards the Hokage title. Oh sure, he loved his dad to pieces and was proud to be his son, but the position of Hokage was not one he thought very highly of if only because it limited the amount of time his father spent with him. So Boruto never even entertained the idea of taking up the mantle. It just was not a job he wanted. But still, he looked up to his parents and wanted to become a shinobi.

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Pity (Prologue)

Originally posted by diytae

Summary: Jungkook had found out about your crush the worst way possible and while you sulk, Yoongi comes into the picture

Genre: Angst (for now lmao)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader for now

Word Count: 985

A/N: Can I call this a prologue god im such an amateur

Prologue l Part 1

You stand against the railing, letting it support your whole body weight while your mind rack through the memories of your three year crush, your best friend of eight years. The memories of your eight years flash through your head, starting from the moment you met to the moment he backed away as soon as he found out about your feelings towards him. It was at a small high school gathering with a group of your classmates when some son of bitch thought that it be a great idea to tell all these stories about how your eyes used to follow him when he walks past, or when you would smile like an idiot just from staring at some photos of him, all of the things that you never realised you did that last year of high school. Of course, Jungkook isn’t dumb enough to not realise that acting like that towards someone is totally not because they have a crush on the other party. Man, the disgusted expression on Jungkook’s face was priceless, especially when the pity towards you started to sink into his expression moments after. That’s when you snapped. Pity was the last thing that you ever wanted from him. You’ve received more than enough pity from strangers and acquaintances and he was the last person you wanted to feel that way towards you. With that in mind, you stormed out of the quiet bar, tears filled to the brim of your eyes, speed walking straight to the train station.

You mind comes back to reality where a bunch of strangers start getting on the train, most of them stinking of alcohol and cigarettes. Your melancholy is slowly replaced by anger as the sight of them begins to annoy you. You can hear them loud and clear as they start making small talk despite having your earphones in with loud ass music blasting through them.

‘Why does he even pity me after finding out that I had crush on him? Did he seriously not notice for the last three flipping years? Is our friendship going to be ruined, too?’

All these thought race through your mind and the more your think about it, the more you can feel heat rising to your face from all the emotion mixing though you right now. The anger, the embarrassment, the sadness and the shitty feeling you feel where you want to throw up but can’t. All those feelings are mixing at the pit of your stomach, brewing up poison and trouble that will get to you sooner or later.

Not being able to take it anymore, you notice the train coming to a stop and with the desperate thought of escaping engraved in your mind, you immediately step through the opening doors, feeling the gush of midnight wind against as soon as you step onto the platform.

You honestly don’t know where you are as you never bothered to check which station you had stepped onto or where you turned left or right while walking out of the station. Your phone had conveniently ran out of battery and you probably won’t be home anytime soon, but honestly that’s the last thing on your mind as all your thoughts are simply filled with Jungkook’s expression replaying all over again in your mind like a gif. You honestly couldn’t give one fuck about anything else apart from trying to get his damn face out of your mind for the time being. So with some effort, you finally lift your head up to take a good look around your surroundings and all you could tell was that you were in some quiet, undisturbed suburb with dim streetlights and the occasional car driving past.

‘Shit, this place totally makes me feel better’ you sarcastically think.

Despite the calmness and quietness in the atmosphere, that’s the last thing you could feel. So you immediately give up and go back into your depressing state of being reminded that you were rejected long before you even confessed.

However, your mind comes back to reality, because as you mindlessly turn left, you could hear some calm music playing in the background with bright lights beaming in the distance. This somehow perks your interest and you suddenly find yourself at the entrance of a vintage looking bar. You take a small peek inside to see only a few customers and hear small talk and you feel that this could possibly be the only place that makes you relax after the wave of emotions you had gone for the last few hours.

You sit yourself down at the bar and order yourself a watermelon-tequila while reminding yourself that this is also Jungkook’s favourite drink. You curse at yourself internally while you bury your hands into your face with your elbows on the table. A few moments later you can hear the clink of a glass against the table, indicating that the bartender had just delivered your drink before moving onto his next. You can hear murmuring two seats to your right with some chuckles mixed in between them and you think to yourself how it reminds you of someone you know but couldn’t quite put a finger on it. You then catch a few sentences such as “how’s your music going?”, “cheer up man, you’ll get there someday, Yoongi”.

‘Yoongi huh’

It takes you a while but you slowly piece together the pieces that makes you spin your head to your right.

‘That familiar laugh, his passion is music, name is yoongi…’

“Min Yoongi?” you say before you stop yourself.

The man turns his head to the direction of his name being called out only to see a half-drunken woman squinting her eyes at him as if trying to figure something out. He takes in her image as well to see someone very familiar in her too. Then it comes to him all in one wave.


Prologue l Part 1

always looking for something different

prompt from @lushatrocity: So, I actually thing thg would make for a great au - and I’ve always found the idea of Bellamy as her mentor intriguing (especially if she volunteered for Octavia).

Sorry it’s so incredibly late and I hope you like it!

On AO3 

Bellamy’s heart stopped when he heard her name called – so much that he almost missed what happened next.

“I volunteer!” Called a low, raspy voice from somewhere in the middle of the group of girls.

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What would happen if Leonard had met Amy First?

This idea popped in my head last night. What if Leonard had been the one to meet Amy? I just had to write it out. If you like it I will write a bit more.

Leonard lays face down on the couch moping about Penny and her new date Zack. It is getting old and the guys are all sick of it. Seeing them up on the roof together had been like a kick in the gut. He hurt so bad, and just when he thought he was moving on this happens.

“Dude you have got to move on.” Raj chides.

“Yeah, Penny is getting her jollies elsewhere and so can you.” Howard tells him looking over his shoulder. “I found this great new dating website, I have had twelve dates in the past week.” Leonard perks up his head.

“Maybe I could go on a date or two it might make me feel better.” He says “Go ahead and sign me up.”

“Already have.” Howard tells him, “and there are four lovely ladies matched to you. One of whom can meet you tomorrow for coffee.”

“I look forward to it.” Leonard says getting up.

“Do you want to know anything about her?” Raj asks him

“No I think I want to be surprised.” Leonard says smiling.

The next day Leonard goes to the coffee shop nervous as hell. This is his first blind date and he does not know what to expect. He is sure whoever she is she won’t compare to Penny but she could at least be a start in the right direction of recovery. Then as a small dowdy brunette walks over to him and extends her hand he groans inwardly. Leonard knew whoever she was that she would not compare to Penny physically but this was ridiculous. What were Howard and Raj thinking?

“Hello, you are Leonard Hofstadter and I am Amy Farrah Fowler.” She says shaking his hand with a grip so firm it makes him wince.

“Hi Amy.” He says and he gies into hug her but she recoils like he just hit her.

“Before this goes any further, I feel the need to inform you that all forms of physical contact up to and including coitus are off the table.” She says staring him in the eye.

Of course it is, Leonard thinks not that he would have wanted to go that far with her anyways. He would leave right then and there but he is not an asshole. Leonard thinks the girl at least deserves a beverage before he dismisses her.

“Fine,I respect that, do you want me to buy you a coffee?” He asks trying to smile at her.

“I don’t drink coffee.” She informs him unsmiling, of course she doesn’t he thinks.

“Tea? Hot chocolate?” He asks his patience wearing thin.

“Tepid water please.” She says and thinks he has finally found a person more boring than his roommate. They sit down at a table with there drinks. “You know coffee stunts growth, perhaps that is why you are so short.”

“I think that has to do with genetics.” He says annoyed. “So Amy what do you do for a living?”

“I am a neuroscientist at UCLA, you are a experimental physicist at Caltech. Why all this banal chit chat? I thought the purpose of the profile on the dating website was to cut out this step.” It is the last straw for him. She did not want sex , coffee or conversation and he really did not understand why she was here at all.

“Amy you seem really nice, but I just got out of a long relationship. My friends set me up on this date to make me feel better, but I just don’t think I am ready.” He begins.

“Oh here it is. This is your exit strategy.” She says sadly clutching her cup.” I myself am only here because my mother has forced me to date at least once a year. “

“Well I think you have fulfilled your requirement.” He tells her smiling and she smiles back and then looks down. He thinks she is actually pretty cute when she smiles.

“None of the other dates liked me either, which is why I only date once a year. It is just too heart breaking to keep getting rejected.” She says looking down. Leonard thinks it is an oddly personal confession from a girl who was giving away so little.

Now Leonard feels bad how many times had he been on the other side. Been rejected just because he was not tall enough or good looking enough. How many times had he wished some girl would just give him half a chance to prove he was worthy to date.

“No this isn’t an exit strategy. I like you….in fact I think we should do this again sometime.” He says kindly.

“How about tomorrow, there is new exhibit at the science museum.” Leonard had not think the offer would be so quickly accepted

“Umm sure, I will pick you up at noon?”

“I will meet you at your place, having strange men come to my apartment would make me uncomfortable.”

“Sure my place at noon. Do you need my address?” He asks her and she shakes her head no.

“Your friends gave it to me.” She says getting up and slinging her large bag over her shoulder and marching out of the door

“What an odd duck.” Leonard says to himself getting up. As he drives home he regrets his hasty decision to accept her offer for a date. Amy seems sweet and she certainly is smart and accomplished. There was just no attraction as much as he wanted there to be.

When he walks in the door the guys are all assembled around the coffee table playing Magic the Gathering.

“How was the date?” Howard asks.

“Interesting.” He sighs flopping down.

“I take it you mean interesting bad? I am not surprised.” Sheldon says playing a card without looking up.”

“Why, what do you mean by that?” Leonard asks annoyed. It had not been bad just not what he was hoping for.

“The algorithms used by those dating sites are complete hokum. The odds you will meet your perfect match on one of those sites are slim to none.” He says haughty.

“We are not trying to find his perfect match we are just trying to get someone to tickle his pickle.” Howard sniggers.

“Well there will be no pickle tickling she told me all forms of physical contact up to and including coitus where off the table.” Leonard tells him.

“Hmmm… An efficient statement to make on a first date. Declare your boundaries right off the bat.”

“I actually thought you might like her Sheldon.” Leonard tells him and he snorts derisively.

“I have no interest in dating.” He says.

“Well would you at least come with me to the science center tomorrow.”

“You must have liked her a little to make a second date.” Raj says playing a card.

“She made me feel guilty. She told me that she only dates once year per an arrangement with her mother. That none of the other dates she went on liked her either. “

“Fascinating me and my mother have the same arrangement only about church.” Sheldon says getting up and going to the fridge.

“I am telling you Sheldon you would like this girl.” Leonard tells him.”I can give you her number if you want to call her.”

“Again I have no interest whatsoever in dating.” He huffs. “As tempting as a trip to the science center is I also have zero interest in being your third wheel.”

“It is not a third wheel it is called the buffer. You will separate Leonard from his less than desirable date.” Howard tells him.

“Its not that she is not desirable. When she smiles she is actually kind of cute. I am just not over Penny. I may never be over Penny. Girls like her…”

“Are around everywhere!” Howard says.

“Not that will date me… Penny was my soul mate. “

“But you were not hers… Move on man.”

“I think the notion is lovely. Penny is Leonards Penguin he will mourn her loss the rest of his life.” Raj says patting him on the shoulder.

“You know Penguins are not the only mammals that mate for life.” Sheldon begins

“Oh here we go.” Leonard moans as Sheldon launches into a lecture.


Amy walks into the building on Los Robles avenue with a feeling of excitement and dread in her stomach. Normally she would not have been so forward but her mother had been adamant. She had to go on a date that resulted in a second date or she would have to engage in two dates a year. Leonard seemed like a nice enough man but he was just not her type. Amy did not think she had a type at all. If given her druthers she wold like to be spending her Sunday alone. Amy approaches the elevator and sees that it is caution taped off. Amy stares at it for a moment before a bouncy blonde appears from the basement carrying a laundry basket on her hip.

“Oh, it does’t work.” She tells her kindly.

“I understand that given the yellow caution tape.” Amy tells her confused. “It just looks like it has been out of service for awhile. I was wondering how in a building of this size something like elevator maintenance fall by the way side.”

“That is a question you would have to ask my neighbors. They are the super smart geniuses.”

“Would your neighbor perhaps be Dr. Leonard Hofstadter?” Amy asks.

“Yeah, you know him?” Penny asks beginning to climb the stairs.

“Yes, we went on a date last night and today he has agreed to take me to the science center.” Penny smiles at her. This is why she broke up with Leonard so he could find someone like this girl to date. Judging on looks alone this girl is probably just as smart as he is. She probably has a great job and a fancy education, Leonard could be proud to tell his mother about her. Penny even thinks that they look like they belong together. With her dark hair and studious glasses her and Leonard make a cute couple.

“That is great, Leonard is a good friend of mine.” Penny tells her omitting the part about them dating. She does not want the girl thinking that she is trying to intimidate her. “So what is you name.”

“How rude of me.” Amy says sticking out her hand. “My name is Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, and you are?”

“So a doctor eh? Like a Leonard doctor or like a fix you up doctor?” This girl really was perfect for Leonard. Penny is happy for him finding someone like Amy. Penny really cares for Leonard and wants him to find someone who can make him happy.

“I suppose you mean do I hold a doctorate or do I practice medicine?” Amy clarifies finding her bubbly stair partner quite amusing. There was something about her that made you like her immediately. “I have a doctorate in neuroscience from Harvard. I work at UCLA.”

“The boys work at Caltech. So does that mean you guys are like Romeo and Juliet working for different universities?” Penny jokes as they round the landing.

“No, we all work together in academia. Also Romeo and Juliet was about two thirteen year olds who commit suicide. Hardly the love story I would want to emulate.” Amy jokes back and the blonde girl looks like she is thinking hard about what she just said. “You never told me your name by the way.”

“Penny.” She says and then she pauses at a door. “Well this is me. Your Romeo awaits across the hall. Oh wait not Romeo… Your…”

“I have always been a fan of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.” Amy volunteers.

“Colin Firth is hot. Okay we will go with that your Colin Firth awaits.” Penny says opening her door. “Nice to meet you have a great time.” She says disappearing behind her door. Amy almost wishes she was going to the science center with her instead. She could see herself being friends with her. Amy knocks on the door and adjusts her clothes as she waits for an answer. The door creaks open and it is not Leonard who answers but a tall lanky man. My Colin Firth awaits me indeed Amy thinks as she takes the man in. He is handsome in a old fashioned way, like belongs in another era. His dark hair his neatly combed and his blue eyes appraise her making her feel weak in her knees. I may have found my type she thinks trying to find her voice to speak.

“Hello I am Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler I am here to see Dr. Hofstadter.” She says stiffly slightly annoyed with herself at using her title.

“Come in, I am his room mate Dr.Sheldon Cooper.” He says ushering her inside. “Make yourself comfortable.” he says walking to the kitchen. “Leonard is still getting ready. After dating Penny it will take him some time to get used to dates being on time.”

“Penny, as in the Penny across the hall?” Amy asks no wonder Leonard had not been interested in her if he was used to a woman like Penny on his arm. Amy selects the seat in the middle of the couch.

“One in the same.” He says getting a water out of the fridge. “Would you like something to drink, coffee, soda, tea.” He offers.

“A water would be lovely.” She says trying not to stare at him. “I don’t drink coffee or soda but I do like tea.”

“I promised my mother when I moved to California I would not do drugs. So no coffee for me either. I figured it was polite to ask given the types of women Leonard has been known to hold court with.” He says bringing her over the bottle of water and sitting down next to her. “I suppose I am obligated to entertain you until he emerges. So Dr. Fowler what are you doctor of?”

“Of neuroscience, I Graduated from Harvard magna cum laude. I work UCLA in their research department. How about yourself?” She asks taking a sip of water.

“I myself have a MA, BA, Phd, and SciD. I am a theoretical physicist at Caltech.” He says smugly and Amy is impressed.

“Quite the impressive resume.” Amy tells him and he looks pleased with himself.

“Yours is’ t so bad either. When did you get your doctorate?”

“At twenty-two but I graduated at sixteen.” Amy tells him.

“I graduated at sixteen as well.” He says. “Well I got my doctorate at sixteen, I graduated college at fourteen and high school at eleven.”

“Fascinating a child prodigy. You are very rare you know. Tell me very you cultivated for greatness? Did your mother have you playing the piano at two and handing in papers at four?”

“Actually the opposite I grew up in rural east Texas. My genius was a bit misunderstood, my mother would have just as pleased to have a stupid child.”

“I would love to study your brain.” She tells him and immediately blushes. It just slipped out without her wanting it to. Amy feels just as embarrassed as if she just told him she would like to see him with his pants off.

“I have a brain scan that you could look at if you would like?” He asks eagerly.

“I would love that.” She tells him and he gets up and races to his bedroom and comes back holding a manila envelope.

“Now I am a little disappointed with my frontal lobe.” He explains handing her the picture. Amy examines it and is astounded by what she sees. The man truly has a beautiful mind.

“Very impressive Dr. Cooper.” She says her voice thick. “You can take my opinion to the bank the topology of your brain is astounding.”

“I know.” He says looking over her shoulder pleased. When he leans over her she notices his fresh masculine scent and has to refrain from leaning in and sniffing him. Leonard walks out of his bedroom he finds them sitting close admiring pictures of Sheldon’s brain.

“Sheldon you just met my friend and you are already showing her tasteful nudes?” Leonard chides. Making Amy blush and Sheldon snatch the picture back.

“Don’t be lewd Leonard!” He says putting the picture back in its envelope. “Amy is a neuroscientist I thought she would interested in my brain. I was merely entertaining your company while you preened in front of the mirror.” Leonard smiles Sheldon is protesting a bit to much.

“Well Amy you ready to go?” Leonard asks.

“Yes, lets get going before it gets too crowded.” Sheldon says getting up and grabbing his jacket.

“So you are going too?” Leonard asks smirking at his friend. Maybe he and Amy were not love match but he was going to try his damnedest to play match maker today.

“You invited me last night. Or did you forget?” Sheldon sighs.

“No I remember. Amy you don’t mind of Sheldon tags along on our date do you?” Leonard asks already knowing the answer.

“No not at all.” Amy says too quickly beyond thrilled that she will have two male escorts today. Everything is coming up Amy she thinks. Two boys practically fighting for my attention this is the best day ever.

“Hey Amy.” Sheldon says following at her elbow. “You should stick with me at the science center. I can point out all the inaccuracies.”

“Oh you mean like the one…” Amy says as she and Sheldon disappear down the stairs together.

“Howard’s Mother has nothing on me. I am the one true yenta.” Leonard says under his breath following the pair down the stairs.


Even though Sheldon had not been expecting to go to the science center today he had throughly enjoyed himself. He found Leonards new friend clever and engaging and he hoped he saw more of her. After today he could not see what if any fault Leonard could find in the woman. In fact she was one of the fascinating people he had ever met in his life.

Even though he had already given the mammals who choose life partners speech last night. He found himself giving it again for her benefit. Hoping she would take the hint and choose to pair bond with Leonard so he could continue to see her. When they get home he is eager to ask Leonard how he thought the date went.

“So Leonard… Amy is pretty great huh?”

“Yeah great,” he agrees absently sitting down at his computer.

“So when are you going to see her again?” Sheldon asks.

“Oh, I’m not.” Leonard say turning back to look at him.

“What do you mean your not? Leonard if you searched a million years you would never find a woman as accomplished and engaging as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler.”

“That’s right YOU would’ t.” Leonard tells him but Sheldon does not take the hint.
“You always do this Leonard. You meet these fantastic women and you squander your chances. Yet you moan and whine about being alone! Like with Dr. Stephanie she was perfect for you and you just let her go. Amy is even better than she was! I can not let you just throw away your chances with the perfect woman.”

“Sheldon I am not so sure she was the perfect woman for me. As much as she was the perfect woman for you. You guys really hit it off. I felt like a third wheel at the science center the way you two were carrying on.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Leonard. I am a highly evolved life form. I have no desire to be pair bonded with a woman.” He snorts.

“Then don’t pair bond… You don’t have to date her to see her again. I am just saying it would be you squandering an opportunity, if you let this girl walk away.”

“If we were not dating what would we be?” Sheldon asks curious.

“Just friends… You can be friends with a girl. Penny and I are just friends.”

“Bad example you have also been engaged in an on again off again ill conceived love affair with her for the better part of four years.” He says annoyed.

“I am going to put her number in your phone. You can call her… Or you can delete it …. your choice.” Leonard says grabbing his phone of his desk and programing in the number. “I am going to my room.”

“I don’t need you to narrate your every action Leonard!” Sheldon calls to his retreating back as he picks up his phone and looks the new number programmed inside.

Far Far Away - Part 9

Hello all! I hope you had a great weekend :D So this is part 9. I remembered that @huffee-hugsandcoffee​ requested a dancing part earlier so… I might have added one in. Also, you guys might hate me for this part too. Or still hate me from all the other times I was a jerk and pulled people apart/riled shit up. But anyway, I hope you like it! Thanks for reading! 

Part 9:

Rae perched on the edge of her bed, anxiety welling up in her chest to form a big lump. She had daydreamed many times about what it would be like to have her F in her room. The things they did to each other in her head were too dirty to even mention, but every time she thought back to them a shiver of pleasure went down her spine.

But this wasn’t that time. Finn was in her room, but he had no idea Rae was R. He sat on the edge of her bed, sipping his drink and surveying her room.

“So what are ya doing here?” Rae asked, nervously running her fingers through her hair. “I’ve never seen you at one of Vicki and Amy’s parties before.”

“I’m looking for someone.” Finn responded, sheepishly grinning up at her. “Ya see, I’ve been chatting with this amazing girl but I’ve never actually talked to her in person. I was supposed to meet her at the Reader’s ball but she left before I got the chance to see her.” He paused to pull something out of his pocket.  “I found this in the garden. I think she left it for me.” He explained.

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FT Stone Age Harassment?


To the people who say that Natsu harasses Lucy or worse I see why you (as obvious none NaLu shippers) would go there but in this context it doesn’t make any sense! Natsu doesn’t even know what a female is and so he’s confused and treats her like food or a pet. He touches her body but he’s also dense and doesn’t understand what he’s doing! This is obvious since the beginning because he had absolutely no idea what Lucy was since he has never seen a woman before and he planned asking his grandpa about it.

He has a great liking in Lucy because he found her and he frees her without harassing her any further or whatsoever. Natsu also pets her head affectionately and says that she will be his from now on and Mashima-sama didn’t show us Lucy’s reaction so we can’t tell weather she accepts this or not…

Anyway, even in the main story arc Natsu is pictured as somewhat dense to things like sexuality and women but he’s not the character who would force someone into something they wouldn’t want to do! That’s not his style!

Plus the setting is the stone age era and yes, things between men and women were kinda … different back then … just saying!

Note: it’s not like there aren’t ‘sexist’ scenes in the whole Fairy Tail manga but Mashima-sama doesn’t generally picture women as weak or simply as embodiment of sexuality or something because the females of Fairy Tail are strong as hell!

kirstyangel23  asked:

Hi Carrie first of all the hope full community is one of the best out there and you are such an important role model to me and many others. Recently I had a dream that was so intresting that I decided to write about it. I can remember it all like I was there the only problem is I'm finding it hard to put onto paper. Being an author any advise you have on this subject would help a lot.💕❤💙😙


Thank you! I think it’s pretty great too! I can fathom the depths of kindness. Especially on the Hopeful Facebook page! Warms my little heart! 

YES! I totally get that struggle! When something in your head is perfect but then when it comes out…it’s not quite right! Sometimes, writing anyway, helps to unblock those little moments, even if you think what you’re writing is crap. It only takes one little idea to spark of a huge wave of brilliance! Doing little brainstorms helps too! Just writing down all the things that connect to your characters and the story and keep building and building until finally, the right idea just pops into place!!!


Running of the Interns

Adam hadn’t realized a political journalism internship would mean he’d have to spend a Friday morning in late June bracing himself to foot-race a bunch of strangers across the Supreme Court building. He definitely hadn’t thought he’d wind up in a personal conversation with a French girl with no filter and a seemingly endless air supply. Sometimes he surprised himself.

Aimée and Adam friendship fic, or rather pre-friendship. I’d call this a drabble if it wasn’t almost 1.5k. Inspired by pansexualparrish‘s tags on this post. I’d recommend reading the post first if you want to understand what’s going on.

Read on AO3 here or keep reading below the cut:

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