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Fanfic authors appreciation day

So, per the idea proposed in this post, let’s get reccing some stories! 

All time greats

There are some stories that I keep coming back to in my head, even after years of not having been in a fandom that are just such epic rides, such a perfect encapsulation what Fanfiction can be, that published books just pale in comparison. If you have a vague idea of the fandom they’re from, absolutely do read them, you won’t regret it. 

Uninvited Guests by Moczo (Bleach): This is an absolutely amazing work of satire and comedy writing. It starts funny, ventures into the absurd and just owns it while being completely hilarious. It’s a very astute parody of the show and its genre while staying true to the characters (okay, exaggarating them slightly). If I had to pick the best Fanfic ever, it would be this. 

Course Corrections by Kivrin (Glee): I just wanted to write why this was so amazing… but it’s not there anymore. Looks like the author took it off their Ff.net profile. It says they’ll focus on their original work on their profile, maybe it’ll be available as a book someday. That’d be nice, I’d buy that. 

Fortunae Gauntlet by Velkyn Karma (One Piece) or Mindshattered by the same author. Honestly just read any of their One Piece stories, they are all mind blowingly amazing. Well thought out, well written, hell of a characterization and an amazing grasp for character dynamics, all their longfics are well rounded epics that you should absolutely check out. (I awesome their non OP fics are cool, too, I just haven’t read them cause I’m not familiar with the fandoms

Pandemonium by Xparrot (Gintama): This is a really great story that captures the essence of the show really well, makes great use of the ensemble cast and is a thrill to read. Also check out all their One Piece stories, because they’re amazing, too, I just wanted to have some variety of fandoms on this list.

Murderer’s Row by Violent Medic (Red vs Blue): A long time ago I was searching for RvB fanfic an there wasn’t that much to be found back then (Ao3 wasn’t commonly used at that point) but this gem already existed and had me at the edge of my seat. I lost track of it for a while, and rediscovering it a while back is what put me into my current RvB mood. It’s really great, and I’d wager, since it’s a complete AU, you could enjoy it even without having ever seen the series at all. 

Frozen Sky (Bleach) Hitsugaya is my favorite Bleach character and this story delves into his backstory in an incredibly compelling and detailed way, and I will weep tears of joy should it ever be finished. But damn, the stuff that’s already there is great enough to put in on this list, even if it’s unfinished. 

Recovery None by @renaroo (Red vs Blue): Speaking of stuff that’s not finished yet but absolutely deserves to be on an all time best list. This absolutely epic work will probably cost you an entire weekend if you first start reading it now, and dammit, every single second will be worth it. Savor it. It’s an incredibly compelling AU full of amazing characterization, an interesting weave of canon and AU things and it’s an absolutely wild ride. If you thought season 10 of RvB was good but there wasn’t enough of it, this is your fix. Go read it. Right now!

jiyongyu  asked:

I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and I'm sad to see that you're leaving already :( I totally get putting school before everything since your future is important. Go you! I really love your writing and I can't wait for the last part of Carmine! And good luck with school~ I wish you all the best

I’ll be gone for a little but I’ll be back again with another new blog and another number of ideas in my head! And although I wont reveal the name i will know every single one of you who had ever talked to me so it would be awesome! Thank you for liking what little i’ve written here ♡ Thank you again and I hope you’re doing great!