i had this drawing sitting in my pc forever

So, I’m not dead, yet. I’ve been very busy with school, I’m a third-year student and I guess the new project takes too much of my time that I can’t always sit and sketch something. 

I’m not going to be active for a while, also I’m not posting only Bleach fanart here, but I might start drawing and posting for other fandoms and for myself as well. 

I’ve had a sketch of this for a while now on my Pc, I finally decided to colour it (better yet practice with it ^^). 

Kuchiki Rukia will forever be the best character in Bleach (for me at least :D).

So, almost 3 weeks for the release of New Leaf! Exciting!

I was gonna wait till a week before to show you this little baby, but whatever I love you guys and I can’t wait!

So I proudly present Rocket! mayor of Starbell!

There was no mistake with this one, she came to town to be the mayor and even studied to become one!

She’s determined to make Starbell shine, but she’s gonna realize she’s still has a lot to learn before she can do that.

So there she is, I leave her in your care! <333