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look I made a meme. Has this been done already? Part of me says yes, but I couldn’t find one anywhere if it has…

Also huge shoutout to @majorfrustration who let me use some of her screencaps for this!


I wanna start out by saying thank you so very much! I never expected to have 600+ followers. It’s honestly insane so in celebration of this I want to host a raffle! I stayed up till like…midnight last night working on this. Only had a couple things left to do this morning but it’s finally done~ 

Here are the rules!!

- You have to be following and please don’t just unfollow me afterwards. That’s just rude.
- You enter through reblogs likes do not count however you can reblog as many times as you like. Each reblog is one entry.
- Please keep make sure you’re inbox is open. You will have a totally of 48 hours to claim you winning. If the winner does not claim it I will draw again.
- There will be a totally of five winners: One first place, one second place and three third place winners.

The raffle will be ending on the 1st of November (UTC+09:30) which to most people will be the 31st of October. Aren’t time zones fun?

Things I won’t draw:

- NSFW, sin, smut, whatever you wanna call it.
- Mecha
- I can try to draw furies and animals but I have no idea how well they will turn out.

I am most comfortable drawing (male) humans and skeletons but I don’t mind attempting other such things.

Just in case, I will rewrite the rewards here. My hand writing isn’t the neatest in the word.

First place:
- Clean lines.
- Colour, shading and lighting.
- Painted background.

Second place:
- Clean lines.
- Colour, shading and lighting.
- Abstract background. However if you wanted transparent just mention.

Third place:
- Sketch and colour
- Limited to know shading
- Either Transparent or solid colour background.

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betty/veronica, 34!

Truth be told, clubs aren’t really Betty’s thing. She prefers the quiet bar just a mile off campus to the places that Kevin dragged her off to on Saturday nights. The grinding and the sweat; it all makes her a tad uncomfortable without obscene amounts of alcohol coursing through her body, which is something she tries to avoid because one of them needs to be responsible. And yet…

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Morning Routine-Cheryl Blossom

Riverdale Imagine:#3

30 Day Challenge Domestic Prompts: #2-Morning Routine

Word Count: 655

Warnings: A little sexual like jokes and shit.

A/n: Ahhh I fucking pulled this out of my ass!!! But I don’t hate it! Also my first GirlxGirl writing and I think it’s fitting that it’s Cheryl because I fucking love her with all my biromantic little heart!

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Last Imagine

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Words: 474
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Bunny Hybrid Jungkook/Reader
Summary: In celebration of the day he found Home. AKA just celebrating his birthday with a small pre party the day before because once a curious bunny, always a curious bunny.


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last night i had a phone conversation with Tom Scharpling were he was super genuine and validating and accountable for a shitty thing that happened on The Best Show easily one of the best things someone has done to make up for upsetting me. like he didn’t have to personally call me at midnight his time, he could have given an apology on air or twitter and that would be fine. but the fact that he took time to make sure one fan was alright means so much and should speak a lot to his character and the Best Show broadcast

Twenty-Four: An Ed Sheeran Birthday One Shot

It’s that time of year, babes, where I post yet another birthday one shot. It feels like i haven’t been a fan of Ed Sheeran for that long, and I’m actually quite surprised that it’s been 2 years since the infamous"Twenty-Two" was posted. 

Regardless, i still love Ed just the same, and I still have the same debauched attitude of writing about him. As usual, a mature part works its way into the end, so you’re welcome.

IF you’re new to the party, and this is your first birthday one shot you’re reading, I suggest you go and read Twenty-Two, and Twenty-Three. “Twenty Two” is the fanfic that Ed read on the New Zealand radio show that one time. (you can find them both in the one shot master list!)

If there is one hope i have for this, it’s that it makes its way back to Ed, only this time, as fuel to the fire. I turn 24 in 3 days, Ed Sheeran, and I do way more than just write about your dick. 

So go forth, lovely followers, spread the word of this writing blog, through whatever social networks you have, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll stop by again and read some of my favorite one shots!


Twenty-Four: An Ed Sheeran Birthday One Shot (MATURE)

Even if Ed is only 24, it feels as though we’ve exhausted all of our options when it comes to celebrating his birthday. I, in part, blame myself, for the extravagant way we celebrated his birthday at 22; a party full of 22 things that Ed Sheeran loved more than life itself.  At 23, I put together an entire wall full of 365 photos of Ed to combine to form one giant picture of Ed, and we celebrated his birthday by staying in and eating breakfast at midnight. And now, it’s 24, and it feels like if we go out and party, it won’t be as fun as it was when he was 22, and if we stay in, it’ll be the same as 23.

But I’m determined to prove myself wrong. We meet halfway, half of a day out, half of a night in. I don’t know when adult life is supposed to start. I don’t know when it’s supposed to stop being fun, when we’re supposed to stop drinking and partying and start caring about work and maybe starting a family. At 24, it feels like it’s not even close to being over, that we’re going to have this forever. I see the look on Ed’s face, the second he wakes up in the morning on his birthday covered in anticipation of all of the fun shit we’re about to get up to, and I never want that to fade, not for him.

           “Happiest of Birthdays, Ed Sheeran” I climb on top of him while he’s still asleep. He laughs and rubs his eyes with the heel of his palms, waking up.

           “What, no birthday morning blow job?” He asks, scrunching his nose at me, his hands landing on my knees that are on either side of his torso.

           “No appreciation for the finer things in life” I shake my head at him, shrugging, “What am I going to do with you?”

           “Nothing finer than you, on your knees, putting that pretty mouth of yours to work” he so matter-of-factly states, a grin spreading across his face.

           “It’s good to know that 24 hasn’t turned you polite” I playfully pat his chest before climbing off of him, “or even, you know, subtle”

           I get to the doorway before turning around to look at him, now sat up in bed, arms folded across his chest, waiting for his itinerary. He narrows his eyes at me, waiting for some kind of surprise, or whatever else I’ve got up my sleeve.

           “Get up, Ed” I tell him, “and shower. We’ve got big plans, today.”

           “Are you at least going to join me?” he calls out after me, “It’s my birthday, you can’t say no”

           He climbs out of bed and I can hear him running after me as I walk away. It only takes him a few seconds to catch up to me, and his arms wrap themselves around my waist, stopping me in my tracks. He tightens his grip and buries his head in the crook of my neck.

           “Playing the birthday card” he mumbles. He’s strong enough to take me with him, regardless of how big of a fight I put up.

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So apparently last night’s late-night visitor was one of our actual friendly neighbors. She got super-stupid-drunk close to midnight and went looking for her better half after they had a massive argument and he stormed out (he’s a friend of Hubs and she assumed he was at ours). Why she didn’t call us or at least announce it was her or something, I have no idea. We’d assumed it was one of the sketchy drug-dealing neighbors or an asshole friend of theirs trying to start shit, and were legitimately freaking terrified that we were going to get robbed/murdered/both… we called the cops and everything and I didn’t sleep for half the night.

The hell is wrong with people sometimes? Jeez…

When it rains, it pours

Dude…last night thing 1 said he wasn’t feeling well. At first we assumed he was just whining, like he always does. I realized it wasn’t he just being his normal silly self when I was reading to him and he was immediately closing his eyes and complaining of being hot. Alba and I went to bed early but due to his illness he kept waking us up screaming. Around midnight…I just handed him the ipad and told him to watch all he wanted. Ahhh…modern technology. The one situation my mother probably would have total done the same thing had that been a thing in 1982. Last night, we also noticed Thing 2 had blisters around his mouth. We both thought it was chapped, as that happened to me all the freakin’ time when I was a kid and it appeared to be so. I get a phone call from his teacher telling me he also has blisters on his hands. Hand, foot and mouth disease!  OY!!! So…Alba and thing 2 will be staying at home this weekend while Thing 1 and I go to my bro’s wedding.

                My work is also giving me a “verbal warning” about taking so many unscheduled time off. It’s almost entirely due to Alba not being able to miss any days for nursing school and shit happens when you have young kids. The boys and her schooling are our priorities. Plain and simple.

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BTS Reacting to their S/O Getting Into a Semi-serious Car Accident

To the anon who requested this! I hope this is what you were looking for and that you like it! Sorry I couldn’t upload last night! I had a ton of homework to do and it was about midnight before I was done with it. Well! Onto the boys!

Jin: He would immediately drop whatever he was doing before and rush to wherever you were, probably not bothering to tell the others where he went, only calling them once he knew you were okay and not too hurt. “Ahh, Jagi! Where are you? Are you okay? Is everything alright? I’m coming there now….. No! I don’t care, give me 3 minutes, I’m just getting my jacket, I’ll tell them later, you are my number one priority right now.” To say the least, he wouldn’t care about anything else in that moment.

Yoongi: I feel like he would be silently worried. He would tell Jin what happened and Jin said he would cover for him while he came and visited you, but he probably wouldn’t tell anyone else. Once he got to you he would a once-over of you to make sure that you weren’t too seriously injured and then proceed to play you music or do anything to make you feel better. “Jagiya, you really freaked me out there, I’m so happy that you are okay. Just take it easy and don’t hurt yourself more…”

Namjoon: He would probably be surprisingly calm. Thinking that the fact that you were able to call him, means that you weren’t too seriously injured, but that fact that you were in the hospital alerted him that something definitely did happen. Once you assured him that you were okay, and that you didn’t need him there at the moment, he would make sure to show up after practice with flowers and your favorite book so you wouldn’t be too bored while healing. “Y/N…. I was worried when you called me, but knowing that you are okay eases my heart now, just rest and get better, and don’t turn into me!”

Hoseok: He would be seriously worried, telling everyone what happened, and instantly they would say that it was okay for him to go and visit you, even if it meant blowing off that day’s schedule. He would probably do something sweet and cheesy like pick up your favorite food and movie and buy you a teddy bear, claiming he didn’t want you to feel lonely in the hospital room when he couldn’t visit you. “Jagi! Look what I brought! Now you have someone to watch and protect over you while I’m not here! Nothing can hurt you now!”

(please ignore Taehyung! haha)

Jimin: He would probably start freaking out the moment that you called him, telling him what happened. He would ask you so many questions and would be over the as soon as he could. Once he got there he would pull you into a tight hug and whisper how happy he is that you were okay. “You’re okay, you’re okay. I’m so happy, I don’t know what I would have done if something happened, I’m so happy something didn’t happen…”

Taehyung: He would worry over you and when he got to the hospital he would make sure he could cheer you up as much as possible, pulling funny faces, playing games, telling you stories, watching movies, you name it, he would do it. He would go out a buy you a movie and you two would watch it together until he eventually fell asleep in the chair with your hand in his, head resting on your leg. “You’re okay, so now you need to be happy too! So I’m going to continue doing aegyo until you laugh and I get to see your beautiful smile!”

Jungkook: I know how everyone describes him a this young, naive boy in these, but I seriously that he would be like that in a situation similar to this. As soon as he got the news, most likely receiving it from his manager, he wouldn’t know what to do. Immediately he would go to his hyungs and ask them, probably tearing up in the process, thinking and wondering if you were okay. Once they told him that he had every right to go and visit you he would be there as fast as the speed limit could take him. Once he saw you though, he would probably calm down slightly, now knowing that you were okay. “Oh, you’re okay, you’re okay. You’re okay, I was so worried, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know, I-I-I- I’m happy that you’re fine.”

19. Leave the club


Anytime I got a day to myself to just relax I made sure not to take it for granted. From having to sit in an office for eight hours out of the day with people I didn’t like, I figured I needed at least two days a week to myself to just relax. 

Unfortunately today someone was waking me up. 

I felt my entire body being shook before my eyes were fluttering open, “Robyn, wake up.” Mel currently stood over me with Nicki right behind her, smiles on both their faces. “We’re going shopping.”

Very rarely do I get the chance to actually sleep for more than three hours, and every time I do it always seems to get interrupted by someone

It never fails. 

My mood almost instantly turned sour until she mentioned that shopping was on our agenda for the day. My sleepy eyes opened completely and I sucked my teeth. Hearing both their laughs I rolled my eyes blindlessly feeling around in my empty bed for my phone. Grasping the device in my hand, I raise it up to my face and press the lock button. 

I hated being interrupted during my slee so Airplane Mode was a must. I quickly slid my finger up and clicked it off, bracing myself for the slew of alerts I were sure would come through. To my surprise I only had one message from Keri telling me she’d cancelled the photoshoot for today and that I didn’t need to come in.

Tossing my phone beside me, I groaned and sat up in my bed making the girls laugh at my attire or lack their of. I’d simply chosen a pair of boy shorts and a bra to sleep in. Bras weren’t my favorite clothing in the world but for sleeping they weren’t a big deal. That actually reminded me that someone was missing. 

“Where’d Chris go?” I sighed, stretching my arms high above and sighing. He’s been busy with work lately so during the day seeing eachother has been at a minimum, but he always made sure at night he was over here or I was at his house. 

Mel typed away on her phone before sliding it into her pocket. “He said he had a meeting and he’d be back later. You miss him already?” She teased. “Don’t act like I can’t hear y’all in here.” No matter how much Mel teases me I know she’s happy about my relationship. She’s told me a million times. 

I hid my blush by waving my hand and mumbling a low shut up. “Why are y'all always waking me up?” I groan, placing my hand over my mouth to cover up the rough yawning I let out. After working till midnight last night I think I deserved a good night’s sleep for once in my life.

Mel laughed running her fingers through the straight hair she had just gotten done. “I didn’t want to just leave you here. Plus  I figured since the boys were coming you’d like to come too.” Mel said in a sing songy voice. The two of them were already dressed ready to go. I guess they didn’t want to wake me up first.

“You could’ve left.” With another yawn I throw the covers off my legs and stand cracking a few bones in the process. 

“Bitch now you know you would’ve been mad if we went shopping without you,” she said. “So, hurry up girl. They’ll be here soon.” I let out a loud groan but do as she says treading towards my closet.

Since the mall wasn’t anyplace special I wanted to wear something casual today. I settled on a pair of jeans, a black crop top, and some Convese to top it all off. I grab some underwear from my drawer sliding pass Mel and Nicki so I can get into my bathroom. The first thing I did was brush my teeth before even stepping into the shower.

Deciding not to take too long my shower was quick so I was stepping out in no more than twenty minutes. That was considered a short ass shower for me. After applying lotion to my body I tried getting dressed as quickly as possible. My curls managed to stay a little intact as I put on each article of clothing but I ended up throwing them into a neat ponytail anyway. I grab my sunglasses, a few pieces of jewelry, apply red lipstick, and a little eyeliner and mascara to complete my look as usual. I grab my purse, phone, and keys ready to go.

Reaching the living room I see everyone-including the guys-waiting and ready to go. They’re all too preoccupied with their phones to notice I’d entered the room. Clearing my throat causes all their heads to snap up.

“About time.” Tyga yells earning a few chuckles from everyone. I roll my eyes at his obnoxious ass. He is really the one that isn’t afraid to speak his mind and I appreciate that but sometimes I wanna smack his short ass.

“Hey to you too, Ty.” I mumble crossing my arms across my chest. His face falls and he races over giving me a bear hug. I laugh wrapping my arms around his torso and squeezing tight.

Ty pulls away with one last kiss on my cheek I’m guessing to appogize. “Now that Robs is ready to go, let’s go.” He yells running off. I hug Mijo and Trey on the way to the front door since I didn’t get the chance to greet them properly. “Where’s Chris?” I ask the one question is been wondering since I walked in.

“He’s meeting us there.” Trey answers with a slight smirk but I ignore his stare and just nod. I make sure everyone’s out before I lock the door and hop in the car with Nicki. We blast her Jhene Aiko mixtape all the way to the mall attempting to hit all the notes Jhene did. Once we pull up everyone gets out and head in.

“Y'all wanna head into there? I need some new things.” Mel suggests, giggling to herself. She pointed towards the lingerie store they just built in the mall not too long ago. She’s teasing the boys so Nicki and I smirk playing along.

“Yeah, I could pick up something.”

“Me too.” Nicki consigns. All the boys look our way with their eyebrows raised while we just laugh.

“Can we come?” Ty asked.

“Sure. If y'all wanna see us shop.” I shrug already heading towards the store. I’ve been meaning to look around in here for a while but never got around to it. Plus, I didn’t have a boyfriend so I never felt the need to buy lingerie. I might need that soon though. Now was the perfect chance I guess. All the boys rub their hands in a creepy way while us three just laugh. Mel and I head straight to the lingerie section. They boys all seemed lost as the ogled the women picking up different sets. They seemed to be in heaven.

I pick up a black, lace ensemble eyeing it. Something about it was appealing to me. “Yes, that would look good as hell on you.” Mel approves. I nod and place it on my arm. I’ll decide on if I should buy it later.

Mel eventually ventures off to another section leaving me to scan the racks alone. A red lace piece catches my eye and I pick it up examine it. It had little bows on the straps and a bow right at the top of the bottom. Chris has yet to appear so I pulled my phone out to text if he was okay but I heard his voice. 

“You gone wear that for me?” He stood behind me dressed in sweats and a hoodie looking just as good as every. A deep blush comes across my face as I laugh. His arms wrapped around my waist and I was met with the feeling of his lips on mine. His lips were so soft each and every time. He pecked my lips and a smile crossed my face. 

“I was just about to text you.” I sighed, still in shock from the intensity from the kiss. Chris nodded and his eyes dropped back down to the pice of lingerie in my hand. 

“You buying that to wear for me?” 

I shook my head, “No, I was just looking.” I giggle. “I am thinking about getting this though. Somebody will appreciate it.” I mumble with a suggestive smirk. He reaches down grabbing the piece from my hand.

“You wanna try it on?” He smirks making his dimple deepen in his right cheek. 

“No pervert.” We both laugh. I eye the ensemble again, “You want me to get it?” His eyes lit up and he immediately nodded his head making me shake mine. I lay the set over my arm making him smile.

I continued to scan through the many racks of underwear and lingeri but nothing seemed to really catch my eye. Chris decided to be goofy and pick up any see through or lace thing he could find. Each piece was red of course. 

“You’d look good as hell in these.” I roll my eyes. Turning around, Chris held up just a cute turquoise bra and panty set, with cute pink bows in the middle. It actually was cute.

“Now you know I hate bras.” 

“Damn.” Chris swiped his tongue over his bottom lip, pulling me into him. “I’m sorry for leaving you this morning.” That wasn’t what I was expecting to come out of his mouth at all. I’m honestly surprised he’s appologizing. 

“It’s fine Chris, I’m not upset about that.” I giggle. “I need go pay for this stuff before everybody leaves us.” I announce. I take the lingerie out of his hands and head to the cash register.

“You find everything okay?” The cashier asks. I nod and she rings up my items. Before my fingers could move Chris was handing the lady his card.

“I had it baby,” I say, grabbing the bag from the lady. Chris ignores me and just laces his fingers through mine leading towards the exit. Everyone else were just lounging around in front of the store, I guess waiting on Chris and I

Once they noticed we were back they began debating on which store we were heading to next. “Footlocker time.” Mijo sings. We all start walking to our next destination. Chris places his arm over my shoulders and pulled me close to him. Once we hit the store the boys go crazy. They start picking out their shoes while us girls just browsed.

“She missed her boo,” Nicki says, picking up a pair of 4s the putting them back. I just smiled not giving her a verbal response. It was true so there’s no reason to deny it. Waving my hand I call over one of the employees.

“Can I get these in an eight?” I smile politely. I needed a new pair of shoes and Air Force ones never go out of style. Shit, I haven’t worn any of these in a while anyway. 

“Sure thing beautiful.” He winks and grabs the shoe from my hand heading towards the back.

“Ooh, don’t let Chris see you flirting.” Mel laughs. I look over my shoulder at Chris and he’s talking to Mijo, laughing.

“I’m not flirting.” 

“Here you go.” The employee says, handing me the box. I grab the pair of socks he brought along and slip one onto my right foot along with the shoe.

“I’ll take them.” He smiles and we walk to the front so I can pay for my shoes.

“Your total is ”$90.87,” I reach in and pull out my card, handing it to him making sure Chris wouldn’t see me. I had no problem with him wanting to buy me things but I’ve already dealt with having a man controlling everything. I liked to treat myself sometimes. 

The guy hands me my receipt, “Now, do you have a boyfriend?” He smiles. His nametag read ‘Brandon’ and he was cute but didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I smile back just so he wouldn’t think I was rude or anything.

“Um, yeah. He’s around here somewhere.” I grab my bag but he puts his hand atop of mine, halting my actions.

“You don’t want a man to take care of you? I personally wouldn’t have let my girl pay for her own shoes.” He attempts to flirt but I just shook my head hoping Chris wouldn’t appear and give this kid hell. 

Just as I’m about to answer an arm wraps around my waist, “And that isn’t your business so back the fuck up.” He growls. “Pussy ass.” Chris takes the bag from my hands and mugs the man across the counter. 

His overprotective ass has been on 100 all week so this little encounter was just adding fuel to the fire. I felt bad for the kid because he looked slightly pissed but also embarrassed. 

“Let’s go.” Chris mumbled. He wrapped his free arm around my waist and began leading me towards the exit. 

“Thank you.” I say to the cashier who just waved. We head out and meet up with everyone else. Our next destination was Forever 21 per the girls requests. Even though no males even worked in here Chris made sure to keep me within five feet. 

He’s so damn overprotective. 

Today was my day to relax and have some fun. Hopefully this trip to the mall would do just the  trick. 


I always felt just a little more free with a just little liquor in my system. Alcohol just gave me an excuse to forget all my troubles and just focus on having fun. Basking in the moment. 

How the hell did we end up at a club was beyond me but I just went with it. One minute we’re all at my house and then the guys want to go out. Me being me, I wanted to stay home but Mel practically pushed me in the bathroom and demanded I get ready. So, here we were. 

 I nodded my head to the Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Swimming Pools/Drank’ blasting  through the speakers. As soon as it came on everyone got hype and ran to the dance floor. Chris held my waist while he sat back and puffed on his blunt. 

He smoked his blunt, eyes low just watching me vibe to the music. The dj was playing all of my favorites tonight so I was definitely enjoying myself. I flipped my hair over my shoulder and smiled at him. Sipping on my drink, I watched the crowd below us dance and enjoy themselves. Nicki had found her a guy to dance with for the night and Mel and Mino disappeared a long time ago. 

“Let’s switch it up now,” The dj yelled. Everyone waited before Ciara’s ‘Body Party’ was now being played. A smile instantly spread across my face and I rolled my hips to the beat. 

“You want to dance?” I asked, unable to contain my excitement. This was my damn song. Chris nodded, put the blunt out in the ashtray and tapped my leg for me to stand up. 

“Where y’all going?” Ty asked, his eyes quickly flick over to us Then back to the girl putting on a show for him. She had on close to nothing shaking her ass directly in his face. 

“Don’t worry about it nigga,” Chris said. Ty ignored him and pulled the girl on to his lap whispering something in her ear that made her laugh. Chris quickly grabbed my hand and lead me down towards the dance floor. 

Grabbing my hips, I roll them slowly against Chris, matching the beat of the song. 

You can’t keep you hands off me…

Touch me right there, rock my body…

He turned me around making me smile and grind against him. I rolled my hips, bending over slowly. 

I’m doing this little dance for you

You got me so excited 

I turned back around and wrapped my arms around his neck, his hands giving my ass a firm squeeze. I began grinding against him making him grunt and squeeze my ass a little rougher. 

“You know how sexy you look right now?” Chris grumbled, his breath tickling my ear. I shuddered and shook my head. “You know what I would do if we weren’t in front of all these people?” 

“What would that be?” I teased, placing a kiss on his jaw. He left my question unanswered while we danced to the rest of the song. Chris matched my movements perfectly making the dance that much more enjoyable. 

 The song has just ended and we both stopped our movements. 

Chris grabbed my hand and headed back to our section. He took a seat on the couch we previously resided pulling me down so that I was straddling his lap. Mijo and Mel has returned from wherever they’d ran off to but instead of cuddled up like Chris and I, they were now opposite one another on the couch, mugging each other. 

“Whats wrong with our friends?” I inquired. I rubbed my hands up and down Chris’s chest playing with the thin gold chain that hung around his neck while he just shrugged. He rubbed my exposed thighs and tried to go higher but I stopped him. My dress was spaghetti strapped, stopped mid-thigh, and hugged all my curves. 

Which Chris gladly appreciated. 

“I’m tired as hell y’all,” Nicki announced, stomping up the stairs without her man for the night. Nicki wasn’t one to take home a random guy every night but she’d make sure to have fun while she was here. 

“You been dancing for damn near an hour straight,” Mel laughed. Nicki plopped down beside her and picked up the bottle of Grey Goose scanning the room for glasses. “Rob getcha ass off Chris’s lap and come take a shot with us.” 

I shook my head but kissed his lips quickly and got up, pulling my dress down in the process. I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my backside but I simply swayed my hips a little harder than normal. I took a seat beside Nicki while she handed me the shot. 

“Um, toast to happiness,” Nicki suggested. “And friendship,” she glanced at Chris than smiled at me. “And may love be in our futures.” I eyed her but she just laughed and raised her glass. The three of us downed the shots and I was the only one to cough once I felt that burning sensation down my throat. 

“Lightweight,” Mel laughed. I waved her off, poured myself another shot, and downed it again. The burning was still bad but not as bad as the first time. “Why Chris looking all sad,” Mel asked, motion towards Chris. He just sat back bobbing his head to the music and smoking yet another blunt. 

“He miss Rob already,” Nicki laughed. I rolled my eyes. “But seriously I see how y’all act around each other. You like him a lot and I’m happy you’ve finally moved on.” She put emphasis on finally making the three of us giggle. 

“Thank you,” I smiled, “Now what’s going on with you and him?” I motion to Mijo making Mel suck her teeth and roll her eyes. Mijo wasn’t entertaining women like Trey and Ty were, he was actually too preoccupied with his phone. 

“He’s being an ass.” And we left it at that. It was obvious she didn’t want to talk about it so we left it alone. 

I sat and chatted with my girls for a while before Chris started complaining and telling me to come back over. I was back in Chris’s lap with his head in the crook of my neck. He was acting like he didn’t want me out of his sight so I made sure I was close to him at all times. I pulled on his chin hairs watching him swipe his tongue across his bottom lip out of habit. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing his lips. I noticed I’ve become much more affection within the last few hours. I just couldn’t seem to get enough of his lips. 

That damn liquid courage. 

You ready to go?” Chris asked, kissing my neck shortly after. Honestly I was ready to go the minute we got here but I didn’t want to be the party pooper that wanted to stay home and stop everyone’s fun. 

“Mel, you need a ride home?” I yelled over the music. “We’re about to leave.” She shrugged her shoulders and glanced at Mino only he just paid her no attention. She sucked her teeth, slammed her glass down on the table, and stood slowly. 

“I got her.” Mijo spoke up, not taking his eyes off his phone. Mel was about to protest but he looked up and gave her a look. Huffing, she sat down on the couch and folded her arms across her chest. 

“I’m good.” 

And in the blink of an eye Chris was guiding me down the stairs and towards the exit. Once the door opened I felt a gust of wind making me shiver and walk closer to Chris. He opened his car door for me and I slid in watching him walk around to the other side. 

The drive to his house was silent, the sound of Usher pouring through the speakers. His hand rested comfortably on my thigh while I kept my gaze locked ahead. The alcohol in my system made my body hotter than normal but the weed had worn off a whole ago. 

Chris parked his car in his garage and removed the keys. The both of us stumbled into his house after he unlocked the door and the first thing I did was kick off my heels while Chris tossed his keys into the bowl. 

While he headed for the kitchen, I made my way to the bedroom. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail with the hair tie on my wrist, shuffling through one of his dresser drawers for something confortable to sleep in. Chris entered the bedroom just as I’d settled on a white t-shirt. 

“Can you unzip me?” Chris placed down the water he was drinking and walked over, running his hands over my hips. He grabbed ahold of my zipper and slowly pulled it down, taking my straps off my shoulders, and watching the dress fall into a pool at my feet. stepped out of it, grabbing the t-shirt and walking towards the bed. I slipped the shirt over my head while Chris tossed his clothes into his hamper. 

Chris was right back behind me kissing my exposed shoulder blade, his hands massaging my sides. Like always I let my guard down and allowed him to turn me around and kiss my lips. Like clockwork my arms were around his neck and his hands on my hips. He backed up up until we were falling on to his bed. 

His trail of kisses started at my neck, down to my chest, and back up again. I moaned softly once his fingers came in contact with the top of my panties. 

Am I ready for this? 

“Chris, wait,” I sighed, grabbing his hands. He stopped and just pulled his hands away from my panties. “I just-” 

“I know.” I sighed once he dropped his hands and rolled off me. He walked to his dressed while I slipped the t-shirt over my head. I pulled his covers back getting underneath. Not even a minute later he was crawling into bed immediately pulling me into him. His breathing was slow and steady, while his hands rubbed my back in the most soothing was possible. “I’m sorry,” I mumbled. 

He shook his head, “You have nothing to be sorry about.” 

“It’s just that-”

“Robyn stop it. You don’t know how bad I want this to go further,” he sighed, “But I’d never push you into something you aren’t ready to do.” 

“I just feel bad.” I grumble. 

“You wanna know something, I’ve never had someone in my bed half naked and I haven’t tried anything.” He actually seemed shocked at his own words. 

I just kept quiet, not exactly having a response. What was I supposed to say to something like that. “Chris?” His hands stopped and he looked down at me. “Why haven’t you tried to have sex with me yet?” It was honestly a reasonable question. Something that’s been in the back of my mind for awhile now. 

“I’d never want pressure you like that.” He said simply. “If you aren’t ready, I won’t try anything.” And I left it at that. I got my answer so there was no need to push the subject. 

I ran my hands over his abs and down to the pajama pants that donned his bottom half. He chuckled while I toyed with the waistband trailing my fingers up and down his chest. 

“And what are you doing?” He chuckled. 

I threw my leg over his waist and smiled, “Just because I’m not ready to go all the way there, doesn’t mean we can’t do other things.” Smirking, Chris flipped us over so that he was hovering above me with the sneakiest smile across his face. 

And for the rest of the night I did exactly what I wanted. And in the end, I was cuddled up with my boyfriend in the one place I would always be happy to be. My man’s arms. 

Why Joe Jonas Gives Me Hope??????

I think I need to start this by saying that I don’t really look up to Joe Jonas in ways that tweens look up to boyband members. I don’t really care who he gets in bed with or how many times he get in bed with someone or about the recreational stuff he does when he’s hanging out with his friends. I’m an adult now. I make my own decisions.

However, I like to believe that, after being a fan of someone for so many years, I have taken their really incredible traits and used them in my own and in making my own decisions. There have been so many times when all I wanted to do was give up, just the other day I wanted to give up. I wanted to drop out of school, get drunk just for the purpose of forgetting everything, and sleep away whatever bullshit was eating me up. I think that’s a normal feeling, sometimes. Weirdly enough though, when there’s no reason to keep going, I think about Joe. I think about the shit he’s publicly been through and the way he carries himself, and it helps so much more than anyone will ever understand.

            I have had my heart broken (and not just in the dating department) long enough to kind of lose hope for people. You see all these people do such terrible things and you wonder about humanity and the future. Joe Jonas gives me hope though, oddly enough. Like I said, I don’t really care what he does when he goes out late at night (unless he’s a murderer) but it’s the good things he does that really influences me to be a better person and believe in humans. When I first became a fan of the dude, I never really thought much of it; I’m young and he’s cute and has this pretty sexy voice—but as I grew up, I grew up with him in a way. I watched as he went on multiple mission trips, hosted special Olympic events (one in which I got to experience first hand), and general was so good to everyone.

I’ve always thought the truly incredible people were those who do good things when no one is watching. That’s why I never really listened when a lot of people would use the publicity excuse. “Of course he’s going to go to Africa, he wants people to like him.” But it was never anything like that for him. He didn’t bring out a camera crew or brag about helping others. He simply went to these countries and publicized how incredible and beautiful the people and places were. He didn’t treat it like it was a third world country, but he still helped and managed to change peoples lives.

One thing that I’ve learned about Joe is that he always seems to see the good in everyone and that really helps me try to do the same. As much as I should hate my last ex-boyfriend (and sometimes I really, really do), I still try to see the good in him when I feel sad. I still have hope that even after what he did, he might still have a good heart. There’s an article where Joe reveals a lot of dark shit, and I specifically remember where he mentions he has no resentment towards ANY of his exes. I truly believe that’s the best way for ones heart to be content, and I’m working on this.

Being a fan of Joe for so many years also means watching all the hate he’s gotten for a long time. I absolutely never understood any of it, but the way he’s always handled criticism is one of the reasons that he inspires me so much. I mean, he’s been told that he should die and that his music is terrible, and has responded in such classy ways. He’s been able to ignore all of it and still do whatever the fuck he wants. I admire him so much for that way that he carries himself.

 I truly don’t believe he deserves any of it though, and that’s why it blows my mind every time I see something on the internet. Look, I don’t know what Joe has done in relations to his exes (main reason why everyone is so mean) if he dumped someone over the phone, or used someone, or did something completely shitty—I don’t know and I don’t want to know either because who the fuck cares? I’m sure he cares, and his exes care, but that’s it.

Whenever I need quick inspiration, I read his “My Life as a Jonas Brother” article. In 2013, when the article came out, I didn’t think Joe could inspire me anymore, but he always surprises me. No, I have never had 40,000 fans waiting for me to play a show or anything but there were so many little things, and just that general concept of it that makes me feel not alone. Let’s be honest, we’ve all felt sad and we’ve all had times where we just want to lay in bed, like he mentions in that article. I also really admire his honesty. It’s easy to be famous and lie about how happy you are, but to admit your faults, sadness, and disappointments—takes a truly incredible person.

Joe is a lot more talented than people give him credit for. I think people pay to much attention to his personal life and his career with Disney to realize it. Joe is such a passionate performer and I’m ALWAYS left in awe when I watch him on stage. He has this talent that cant really be taught. You can tell he loves what he does when he stops on stage. He just has this fire in his eyes, and I know it sounds cliché but it’s true. He can work a crowd and pay attention to an audience but he can also get lost in himself and in the music. It is such an amazing thing. It almost makes me wish I had some type of musical talent, just so that I can feel that rush that I’m sure he feels.

I guess this was just a self-rant because I really felt the need to say it. It makes me feel like an idiot to say “Joe Jonas saved my life” because it’s not like he ran up to me right when I was going to jump off the ledge—I don’t know if I’m ever REALLY going to jump off the ledge but I do know that whenever I lose hope in everything, I think about Joe and the incredible things he’s done, I think about his honesty and his heart and it makes me feel like just maybe, I can survive this thing called life.

Although, he won’t see this (and I kinda hope he doesn’t because it’s midnight and I slept like 4 hours last night and I’m not sure anything makes sense at this point) I truly hope the best for him. Like I said, I didn’t know all the incredible potential that Joe had when I became a fan of his, I didn’t know that he was destined for so much greatness. Although I’m kind of biased, I know that this is a person who actually deserves for his hopes to become reality.

 I am probably going to support him until I’m like, old enough to not have Alzheimer’s and I’m okay with that.

 I’m excited for his new show, new music, and future tours/projects.  

Thank you, Joe Jonas.


Hey loves. I need your help. Please don’t ignore me on this. So, I, my brother and mother moved into her boyfriend’s house last summer. But he, the boyfriend, started to drink. A lot. When he’s drunk, he is very aggressive, mostly yells at my ten years old brother and my mother. That’s problem number one. Then there are his parents.

They live in the same house. And they hate us, even that we have never done anything bad to them. Well, like three months ago, when the boyfriend had a night shift, they were drinking and at the midnight, they came to our ‘flat’ and woke us up. They have beaten my mother. Then they called me a ‘filthy sl*t, dirty b*tch,…’ I ended up in the psychiatric hospital. The worst thing is that we couldn’t even call the police, it’s their house…

Problem number 3. His son. His son is of the same age as my brother. Well, he bullies my brother. Then he says my brother did something, which he didn’t, and he tells it to his father and he is mad at my innocent brother.

Final problem - no money, no living. We cannot move. We are like trapped in here. We don’t have any money to move. Or better said - if we move, we would have to live with 84 USD per month. And I take pretty expensive pills that I need. It might sound like it’s enough, but there’s no way for my mother to take care of three people only with 84 dollars. We need to eat, we need to wear clothes, school is expensive. My mother works hard but all money would be used for paying for a flat.

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