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72 with prinxiety?

72. “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

This turned into some kinda medieval au? also theres no telling how long this has been in my drafts

The battle had taken longer than anticipated, their losses heavier, too, but they had done it. They had won. Every warrior was tired, and bodies were strewn about the battlefield. Roman helped pick out the wounded among the lost, heaving them onto stretchers to go to medical tents. 

Eventually, they had found all those they could, and so Roman went to the tent himself, intent on getting his own wounds tended to.

Virgil was, of course, the one to come and tend to him, herbs at the ready to make a poultice. He knew he could depend on Virgil, through thick and thin, but Roman was glad that he wasn’t there on the battlefield. Too much horror, too much danger, especially when Virgil’s talents lay in mending, rather than destroying.

“Something wrong, your highness?” Virgil asked softly, carefully easing Roman’s armour off, then the clothes underneath. His touch was feather-light, taking the utmost care to not disturb the various wounds.

Roman stayed quiet, watching Virgil’s face, studying him intently the way he had many, many times before. “Just… smile?” He said softly, fingers lightly touching his cheek, feeling the smooth skin. “I really need to see you smile right now.”

Virgil’s expression softened, and a fond smile crossed his face. Roman drank it in like a dying man, both hands cupping Virgil’s face despite the pain. “I was worried too, you know.” He said quietly. “You better make it up to me.”

“Whatever you wish for, Virgil. It is yours.” Roman’s voice was equally soft. “I wish I could promise never again, but…”

“I know, Ro.” Quick as a flash, Virgil leaned up, and Roman felt a light pressure against his lips.

Their secret safe, Virgil set about patching his Prince up. 

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Kimeta yo Hand in Hand - allocated parts

This has been sitting in my draft for far too long

Note: Feel free to point out any mistake because it may not be 100% accurate.


alright, so, it occurred to me that I should probably update you guys of my drafts situation every now and then, so yall can sort of get an idea of how much longer it’ll take until I start queueing them up. so, out of the 63 drafts I had (and few asks, I haven’t counted those admittedly I haven’t touched them yet), I have managed to finish… eleven of them, of varying lengths. Not super impressive, I know, but ! warriors is making my muse very strong so I am hoping to get a lot done between now and NaNoWriMo. I’m not really sure how I’m gonna handle things then yet, but I do believe I’m in position to guarantee you’ll see some of my writing on the dash before December

on a not so related note, if anyone wants a starter and/or is especially looking forward to their reply, please do let me know so I can prioritize that. It still likely won’t be published until I’m done with most of everything else, but I’ll make sure it’s queued up to go out among the first

25 Days of Outlander: Day 15 Favorite Injury/Recovery - John Wayne

Claire tending to Jamie’s wounds and setting his hand after BJR’s abuse at Wentworth is a passage I have read countless times.  Watching Claire’s two selves - detached clinician and devastated, scared wife - warring with each other takes my breath away every time. 

Despite the risks to both Jamie and herself, she puts her husbands needs first and goes to that detached place, when I feel like all she wants to do is hold him and assure herself that he is all right.  
And Jamie, who is a hair’s breadth from death or permanent maiming - focusing his attention on making sure that Claire is OK, not wanting her to worry, and ensuring that Murtaugh will put her safety first - even making jokes.  John Wayne, indeed. 

If ever there were a “relationship goal” - this is it.  Complete and utter devotion to each other - no matter the circumstance.

Apologies in advance for the long passage..but I love it from start to finish.  

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