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hi hey hello uhm if you're still taking requests could you do lams with pudgy Alex and prompts 2&3? btdubs your fics are wonderful :)

A/N: Ahhh, this is so short and I feel like I definitely could have written it better. I’ve got another pudgy!Alex fic in my drafts, and hopefully I’ll be able to post it later today. To everyone whose sent in requests: Thank you for your patience, I’m working on them between school stuff! Trying to get all the Halloween and autumn requests done first, let’s see how it goes… (Send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

“Get under the covers.” / “You look cold.”

John wished he had packed a thicker blanket for the winter weather. It hadn’t come to mind; he never needed one back in Virginia. But then again, this was New York, and he already had to skip a few days of classes because the snow was just that bad. And it was only November.

He was shaking under his thin layer of covering even though he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a warm pair of plaid pants. It wasn’t enough. He could still feel the chill stabbing his back. He curled as much as possible, his knees pressed to his chest and his head tucked in. He could feel his teeth clattering and tried to clench his molars together to stop the soft sound of ivory on ivory.

He could hear Alex sleeping in his bed across the room, his snoring just loud enough so the room wasn’t entirely quiet. It was nice that Alex finally decided to take a break, John had lost count of how many nights he had lost because he was working on an assignment that wasn’t even due until a week later. It was good to be proactive, but that was just unnecessary.

The sound of Alex’s quiet breathing was almost enough to lull him to sleep, until his body tensed and reminded him just how freezing it was in their small dorm. He squeezed his arms tightly in an attempt to retain some of his heat, but unfortunately he was cold to the bone. He shuddered and curled up even further, curling in his toes. Maybe the exhaustion would eventually knock him out. A low groan rumbled from his throat and he buried his face into his pillow.

“John?” He heard Alex shift in his bed and a small click. John opened his eyes and saw the light from the lamp on the nightstand illuminating off the wall. He could see Alex’s shadow sitting up in bed. “John, are you awake?” John laid still, hoping that Alex would believe his own question and go back to sleep. It was very late, or perhaps very early, and they both had class tomorrow. Alexander really needed his sleep, despite all the coffee he drank in the morning.

“You look cold,” Alex noticed. John mentally cursed himself. He didn’t think his trembling was that bad. He heard Alex’s bare feet on the wooden floor, and suddenly his warm hand was against his cheek. He pulled away quickly, and John deflated at the loss of heat. “Jesus, you’re freezing! Have you died of hypothermia? John!” He shook him to wake him up.

John turned onto his other side so he could face Alex, who looked concerned. He smiled and felt his chapped lips crack. “I’m alive,” he assured, his voice soft. “And yeah, I’m a little cold.” He wished he could look more convincing.

“Do you need a second blanket? I can give you mine,” Alex offered, beginning to tug the sheet off his bed.

John scrambled to sit up. “No, then you’ll freeze.”

“I’ve got my fat to keep me warm,” Alex assured.

John rolled his eyes. “It’s not going to be enough. Come on, Alex, just- Go back to sleep. I’ll be fine.”

Alex huffed but crawled back under his blanket. However, he only faced John and held his arms out with a determined expression. “I am not letting my best friend freeze to death. Get under the covers.”

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous-”

“I will drag you over here.”

John huffed out a laugh but swung his legs over his bed, pushing himself up. The floor felt surprisingly warm against his cold feet. “Knowing how stubborn you can get, I don’t doubt you would. Move over, I’m not that thin.”

Alex scooted back so he was nearly pressed against the wall. “Sorry, if I had your body we’d be able to fit on a twin sized bed easily.”

“If you had my body you’d be freezing as well.” He laid beside Alex and let him wrap the blanket, and his arms, around him. He sighed contently and let his eyes close. “You are so warm.”

“It’s the fat.”

“Yeah, and it’s saving my ass.” He stretched out his arm to turn off the lamp. “Thanks, Alex.”

“Good night, John.” In an instant, Alex was back asleep, and John could feel himself slipping away. Alex’s warm breath was against his neck, his limbs wrapped around him and engulfing him and radiating heat. Soon, John was asleep, all of his body filled with a pleasant warmth that he only felt when he was around Alexander.

25 Days of Outlander: Day 15 Favorite Injury/Recovery - John Wayne

Claire tending to Jamie’s wounds and setting his hand after BJR’s abuse at Wentworth is a passage I have read countless times.  Watching Claire’s two selves - detached clinician and devastated, scared wife - warring with each other takes my breath away every time. 

Despite the risks to both Jamie and herself, she puts her husbands needs first and goes to that detached place, when I feel like all she wants to do is hold him and assure herself that he is all right.  
And Jamie, who is a hair’s breadth from death or permanent maiming - focusing his attention on making sure that Claire is OK, not wanting her to worry, and ensuring that Murtaugh will put her safety first - even making jokes.  John Wayne, indeed. 

If ever there were a “relationship goal” - this is it.  Complete and utter devotion to each other - no matter the circumstance.

Apologies in advance for the long passage..but I love it from start to finish.  

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