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Dear high school seniors,

Please please please stay strong. This time of year is tough for a lot of us for different reasons. Some of us are been rejected from all colleges and others are getting into their dream schools but are denied financial aid. Whatever the situation is please remember that your self-worth is much greater than this and where you are accepted (or not) does not reflect who you are. Please stay positive and remember that whatever is meant to happen will happen and you are worth so much more than some number on a paper. 

Natasha in 2014:  I don’t know how to cry.  I don’t really do that.

Natasha now:  In case it’s not obvious right now,  I am still holding back tears.  I have not had a chance to bawl yet but I feel like I’m just going to explode at some point throughout the week and it will come out at the worst time.  I’ll probably be in like a public bathroom or something.

I think one of the worst impact bullying had on me is that it made me constantly self conscious of every single one of my move. It’s like, even years after, it has left an indelible print on me. No matter where I am, who I’m with, I always have to think and control the way I’m gonna move, act or talk bc of those times where I was mocked and brought down for the way I was; I feel like I never do anything in a genuine natural way it always has to be thought and calculated first and that sucks. And what’s even more upsetting is that it became a normal thing I do it automatically it’s part of myself now.
This is one reason among hundred other ones why bullying truly is a form of abuse and I hope everyone who also struggled/struggles with it will get better cause I know how you feel.

This Party Sucks (Derek Luh imagine)

“Yo guys, has anyone seen Derek?” I asked some of Derek’s friends. They thought for a second then shook their heads. I sigh discouraged and sat on one of the stools behind the counter. I texted him again in hopes he would answer and hid my face in my hands. This was the worst party I’ve ever been. I didn’t know anyone other than KDL and Nate who had also dissapeared and every time I tried talking to a girl she would scroll at me and if I talked to a guy they would only try to get in my pants. I just wanted to find Derek and go back home.
“Baby, I was searching for you everywhere.” I heard someone say and felt a pair of arms hug me from behind.
“Jeasus Derek.” I jumped not expecting him. “You scared me.” I said getting up.
“Sorry.” He chuckled. I quickly hugged him, hidding my head in his chest.
“Woah Y/N, are you okay?” He asked seriously.
“I was trying to find you and I couldn’t and people wanted to get with me and people hated me and I was stressed cause I couldn’t find you or any of the guys and I’m so happy you’re here.” I spoke quickly in his shoulder loud enough for him to hear me. “Can we go?” I asked desperately. “But we don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.” I added so I didn’t sound like an annoying girlfriend.
“No it’s fine, I was getting tired anyways. I’d rather go home and cuddle with you instead of being here.”
“I thought they were your friends?” I asked confused finally letting him go but staying close enough.
“Not really, the people here are friends of friends so I don’t really know a lot of people.”
“Oh.” Then why did you have to bring me? I asked myself annoyed but I didn’t really feel like asking, I just wanted to leave.
“Come on, lets get out of here.” He grabbed my hand and w left the house. “I’ll just text Nate real quick so he knows we left.” He unlocked the door to his car and I sat in the passenger seat relieved to have finally found Derek and to be able to go back home.
“If you want me to come to a party like this again, next time don’t leave me alone.” I said as he entered the car. He chuckled and kissed the top of my hand before starting the engine.
“I promise.”

i’m sorry but literally the only conclusion after this episode is that frank/laurel is the worst ship ever and i’m not sure how anyone in the right mind COULD ship it or call relationship goals. the fact she kept calling and leaving voicemails and he kept ignoring her + had sex with bonnie and then HAD THE GUTS to stalk her in her own apartment AND give her a hard time for bonding with wes (during all this time he wouldn’t even respond to her texts) is beyond disgusting to me. i used to love frank’s character in seasons 1 and 2 but what is this shit??????? i don’t care if you don’t ship waurel but if you like laurel at least for a little bit how could you possibly ship her with this guy who wants her to be nothing but miserable and unhappy?????

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How about what the worst Christmas for the RFA+V was? And their best?

ooh this is really interesting!!! 

I’m adding Saeran to this too, hope you don’t mind anon! 

SPOILERS: literally this spoils everything. 


Best: He was ten or eleven and his whole family was there. It was the first time that he met Rika and she was immediately kind to him, regardless of how much younger she was than him. 

Worst: His last year in High School. He was so busy studying and trying to get into a good university that he barely had time to devote to his family or friends. He barely got any presents for anyone, even his closer family members and didn’t send the routine holiday texts that he normally sent, simply because he couldn’t spare the time. 

Of course, his parents didn’t see it that way. 

His parents saw it more as he was wasting his time elsewhere and didn’t have the time to devote to his family and he was being rude and careless. Because of that his mother assigned him more work than usual in preparing for the family’s Christmas party. 


Best: The year he got his first acting job. He was new to living on his own and was nearly completely broke, not to mention not having many friends or any family around, but he was acting and it was the first time in his life that he was being close to successful doing something that he really, really loved, not to mention he was no longer living with the crippling pressure that his family put on him to do well in school. 

Worst: He was ten, his grades were slipping. He was no longer excelling in his classes like his parents expected from him, which meant that his parents would be taking away the things that he took personal interest in, namely, his piano lessons. 

His parents had given him until Christmas to boost his grades and despite hours and hours of hard work and studying, both on his own and with his brother, he couldn’t get this stuff. 

Even though he knew it was coming, when his father broke it to him on the morning of Christmas he was devastated and no matter how much he promised he’d do better and begged they wouldn’t budge. 


Best: She was five. Her father was out of town for a business trip which wasn’t really anything special. He was often out of town for important days like holidays or birthdays so it wasn’t really anything new, still every time she woke up on one of those holidays and her father wasn’t there she felt lonely. 

Her and her mother were opening presents and sitting around the kitchen table drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream when he walked through the door with a wide smile on his face.

Her mother had been crying with delight and Jaehee hugged him so tight they both though that she might never let go. 

Worst: The year after her parents died. Her aunt wanted nothing to do with her and wanted her out of the house as soon as possible and, as kind as her uncle tried to be, that house still wasn’t a good place to be, not to mention the fact that her parents had only died a few weeks earlier.

It was her first year spending the holiday away from her parents, so when she woke up on Christmas morning and left her room to see no Christmas tree or stockings hung up and her parents not there, her heart broke and the day continued to get worse as her uncle made awkward attempts at comforting her and her aunt outright ignored her. 


Best: The year after he met V he ended up having Christmas with his father and V’s parents. Both of them were thrilled to spend the holiday together instead of just writing to each other like they normally had to over the holidays and both of of V’s parents and Jumin’s dad had manged to get off work. 

The entirety of Christmas dinner was spent in conversation instead of with their parents quiet and focused on work as they normally were. 

Even better in Jumin’s opinion, was the fact that his father’s girlfriend had gotten caught in bad weather at the airport and could not make it back home in time to join them. 

Worst: His father was busy with work and he was deemed “too young” to spend the holiday on his own, so his father contacted his mother to spend the day with him. 

At first it wasn’t too bad. They sat around the house and talked, mostly niceties about how school was going and had Jumin made any friends, before his mother started talking about her own troubles.

“It really was quite a shock when your father threw me out without a penny and told me I couldn’t see you anymore.” She said, all dramatic flare, with her hand to her chest as if to show how much being separated from the son that she’d hardly paid any attention to had wounded her. 

Still, he knew to stay quiet and smile politely, even as he wanted to scream at her to leave. 

A few hours that felt like a few years later, his mother was finally leaving when she, in a way that even she couldn’t have considered subtle, suggested that Jumin ask his father to help her out financially.  


Best: His mother was away for a few days without explanation, not that she normally gave much of an explanation as to where she was going. Some of the time she’d announce that she’d be gone for a few days and would leave without a word. Others she just wouldn’t come home for days.

One such time, during which happened to fall Christmas, this time she thankfully had given a warning that she would be gone for two days, she left early in the morning. Unlike usual she’d left him a small sum of money for food and emergencies only. 

He could finally talk freely with his brother. 

If he did have to leave the house, which he tried not to do often considering the very real threat that his father posed, he wouldn’t have to fear something horrible happening to Saeran when he wasn’t there to protect him, instead he could bring his brother with him.

They’d gone to get ice cream and he’d loved watching the look of awe on his brother’s face as he looked at the sky and as he tasted the ice cream. 

When they got home he gave his brother the book that Rika had given him to give to Saeran a few weeks ago. Now that his mother was away he could finally give it to him without fear of them getting caught and having it taken away, and of course of the constant threat of punishment. 

The two of the sat curled up in his bed as he read to Saeran for the rest of the evening until they fell asleep together, for once without fear. 

Worse: The year after he left was the first year that he was really on his own. Of course, Vanderwood would come by, normally just to check that he was still alive before disappearing again, but that could hardly be referred to as company and especially after years of having Saeran constantly clinging to his side, he couldn’t stand the loneliness on Christmas.  

As a way to avoid feeling the loneliness as well as the guilt that came along with having to leave his brother behind he threw himself into his work, getting everything required of him done and then some and refusing to sleep or eat because even a moment where he wasn’t working would allow him to think just enough for him to break down.  


Best: His best Christmas is the same as Jumins, the first year they met, where they had Christmas together. It was one of the only times that his parents were both around and talking, both to each other and to him. 

It was the first time that Christmas didn’t seem like just a formality not to mention the fact that he got to spend it with his best friend for the first time in his life. 

Worst: The year after Rika left. 

He couldn’t help but blame himself for everything bad that had happened, not only recently, but in his entire life. He’d always had a rather self-deprecating, self-sacrificial, and self-blaming streak in him, but that only got worse after Rika left. 

He was so depressed that year that he couldn’t bring himself to really celebrate at all. He just stayed home, sent a quick text to the RFA saying that he wouldn’t be able to be on and to have a wonderful time, and sat around home, deep in his self-loathing. 

Even when Jumin noticed that something was very not normal and texted and called him he couldn’t bring himself to respond. 


Best: His best Christmas memory was the same as Seven’s. 

His brother had been careful to untie him and for two days he’d been able to move freely without the constant fear of punishment. 

On Christmas day, his brother had taken him out to get ice cream from the shop that was a few blocks away from the church and despite the fact that it was freezing, he was overjoyed. He hadn’t seen the sky in months and couldn’t look away as they walked hand in hand. 

When they got home Saeyoung gave him a book of fairy tales that he’d gotten from the nice girl at church that Saeran heard about so often. 

Worst: His worse Christmas, unlike Seven’s was when the year his brother disappeared. He spent everyday after his brother disappeared wondering if that would be the day that he died. 

To be completely honest, he wasn’t even aware that it was Christmas, but it was definitely during the span of the most miserable time of his life considering it was already spring when V and Rika came to save him. 

Pillow Talk

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The worst part of any semester had to be finals.

Libraries were packed, coffee shops were packed, everyone was stressed, and there seemed to be no time for anything other than studying. Unless, of course, you ended up studying with friends. And then it seemed like you had no time for studying itself.

“So,” one of your friends began, “how’re things with Yoongi?”

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a / age: 23
b / biggest fear: bees/wasps and small spaces
c / current time: 8:48 am
d / drink you had last: coke
e / everyday starts with: a smoke
f / favourite song: Listen here
g / ghosts are real? nope
h / hometown: small town in country australia
i / in love with: my boyfriend and my two cats
j / jealous of: people with jobs
k / killed someone: ????
l / last time you cried: like yesterday
n / number of siblings: one brother 
o / one wish: have a job
p / person you last called/texted: my mum
q / questions you’re always asked:  Are you lying?
s / song last sang: Shiny
u / underwear colour: black
v / vacation destination: italy 
w / worst habit: smoking 

x / xrays you have had: none 
y / your favourite food: burgers!
z / zodiac sign:  Pisces

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I feel the exact same! I’m 18 I’ve never had my first kiss and I feel so embarrassed and worried about it because I feel like it’s expected at this point and not to mention being a virgin too like I feel like that I’m “running out of time” before I’m just way too inexperienced and people will find that unattractive :(

honestly it’s the worst, I’m glad it’s not just me! but yeah I totally feel like i’ve wasted my teenage years by not experimenting with sex and relationships and now i’m so scared i’m never going to find anyone 

Time for some retail etiquette for the holidays

1. If you waited till the last minute to find a gift or go buy a tree, and we’re all out or our selection is slim, this is your fault, not the employee’s. We’ve had them. You waited too long to see if any “deals” would happen (they aren’t and they didn’t)
2. I know a bunch of you are probably going to go to the store without receipts the day after Christmas to make returns. Don’t. This is our worst day for returns and you not having a receipt makes our life harder. Get a gift receipt or something.
3. We can’t do anything about the Christmas music we hate it as much as you do.
4. None of us want to be here on Christmas eve. Why are you here?
5. No we’re not open on Christmas. Some of us have lives.
6. Oh you HAVE to have that appliance that is special order only and won’t even come until January 2nd for Christmas? I guess I HAVE to have the power to give a fuck because I don’t control that shit.
7. Don’t be fucking rude.
8. If I say “Happy Holidays” it’s because I’m trying to respect all religions and the fact that some people don’t celebrate Christmas. Don’t give me your smarmy “Actually, it’s Merry Christmas” because you can go ride a one-horse sleigh into a ditch.
9. If I’ve said about 10 times we don’t have it, don’t ask for my manager. They’ll tell you the same thing.
10. If you HAPPEN to find an item I thought we didn’t have, don’t wave it in my face because I’ll take the product away from you and then you REALLY won’t have it.
11. I fucking saw you steal that. You are scum.
12. Holidays are more stressful for retail workers than they are for you. We’re overworked and underappreciated. Don’t treat us like shit.

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bc it's been so long since s3 i forget how crazy skam actually is. i remember waking up at like 6am for school and dropping everything when seeing a new clip. or desperately waiting for subs. or being crushed when you wake up on a monday or something and there was no vid updates 😭😭

omg i know right…. It’s insane. I literally had my phone on ring 24/7 and woke up at 4AM sometimes when an early morning clip dropped lmao. No regrets. It’s funny cause I always woke up SCREAMING hahahaha. (The 5 fine frøkner clip actually made me wake my whole house in the middle of the night hahahaha good times)

and gosh the worst was waking up to nOTHING. Or when we got texts and expected clips and got nothing (’the thing you did in the shower’ text got the entire fandom messed up that monday morning hahahaha omg i was at the airport hoping that my flight would get delayed so that I wouldn’t miss a clip. good times) 💛 

can’t wait to have all that stress back haha

Save Me - Chapter 26

I felt like the walk back to the hotel took forever but it was time well spent. After a lot of thought, I decided to take Aaron’s advice and just go with it. He was right, I get inside my head too much. And every single time I do that, I end up regretting it. At best, we would have a fun few days together, maybe even keep in touch. At worst, we’d never see or speak to each other again and he would go down in history as the best weekend fling a girl could ever ask for. I can’t deny my attraction to Jared, why let that go?

Once back in my room, I texted Jared to let him know I was back at the hotel and to let me know what he had planed when he got time. I barely put the phone on the table when I heard the ping of a new message. He immediately texted back that he would be picking me up at 6pm. That gave me just enough time to shower and get ready. Putting my phone down, I smiled to myself. After I decided to get out of my head, I felt free and was looking forward to seeing him again.

I wasn’t sure where we were going so I decided on a simple, loose sundress and wedges. Both are my summer go to’s and will work with where ever we go. I felt good about myself and about seeing him again, maybe this is exactly what I need. All I really want is for this to be the stress free, fun weekend I hoped for. I was putting on a little lip gloss when I heard a knock at the door.

“Hey. You look beautiful.” Jared said shyly as I opened the door.

“Hi….thank you, please come in. I just need to grab my purse.” I said, but before I could move to grab it from the table he pulled me into his arms. With one arm holding me in place against him, the other moved to cup my cheek.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all day.” He said bending to softly kiss my lips.

It was chaste kiss and I knew for certain one would definitely not be enough. Our eyes closed, giving each other gentle kisses that became filled with more need every passing second. Our attraction was undeniable.

When he softly pulled my bottom lip between his teeth, then began softly rubbing his nose against mine, my lips parted. He used the opportunity to glide his tongue deeply into my mouth. My arms held him tight the deeper he explored my mouth, my hands sliding over his back as his fingers tangled in my hair.

Turning towards the door, he took a single step forward and I was pinned against it. As he pressed his body against mine, he slowly slid his knee between my legs, pressing his thigh against my already wet core.

Tilting my hips up to rub my core against his thigh, I quietly moaned, I couldn’t help myself as the sweet pressure inside of me continued to build. He shifted his hips, pushing me harder into the door as he thrust his jean clad hard on against my core then even harder as he moved over my pelvic bone. I could feel his breath stutter under my fingertips.

“I want you.” He said as he continued to kiss my already swollen lips. He didn’t wait for my relpy. He didn’t need to. He knew I wanted him too.

Jared lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked us to the bedroom stopping just short of the bed. I unwrapped my legs, placing my feet on the floor as we regarded each other with hooded, lust filled eyes.

Facing each other, he reached down to the hem of my dress pulling it over my head. His hands moved across my back as he moved to unhook my bra while my fingers went to the buttons of his shirt. My bra dropped to the floor first as my hands pushed his button down shirt off his shoulders. Standing in just my panties this time felt so different, so much more sensual. My fingers whispered down his chest, over his erect nipples and then down his rock hard abs.

Both of Jared’s hands were woven in my hair, pulling my lips towards his. With one hand I pulled the button of his jeans open, with the other I rubbed the palm of my hand over his cock. I could feel his hands gripping my hair tighter as he pulled me against him deepening his kiss. My hands moved to the waistband of his pants, pushing his jeans and underwear off his hips.

Pulling slightly back, breaking the kiss, I looked him in the eyes and told him exactly what I wanted.

“I want to taste you. May I please?” I said taking his hard length into my hands stroking him.

Maybe it was the shock at asking permission but I saw his eyes widen just slightly as he swallowed hard.

“You may.” He said, looking down as he released his tight grip on my hair.

Starting from his chin, I very slowly kissed my way down his body.

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I think my best friend likes me. She'll send me texts saying that she likes me, then she'll say that it was a prank. I love her so much, but I don't know if I can be in a relationship with her. The last time I had a best friend, we got involved. Then she cheated on me and broke my heart. I don't want to ruin our friendship. The worst thing is, I love her back. I don't want to return the feelings, in the effort to save our friendship. But I don't want her to hate me. Help

Viktor: Well i know i would take the risk of being in a relationship. If you guys love each other then everything will work out. If you guys find you’re not compatible in a romantic relationship  you can still be friends. 

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a / age: 25
b / biggest fear: Drowning
c / current time: 12:16am
d / drink you had last: Water
e / every day starts with: The Morning Piss
f / favorite song: Probably some Mariah Carey song
g / ghosts are real? No
h / hometown: Honolulu
i / in love with: Myself lol
j / jealous of: Nothing
k / killed someone: No
l / last time you cried: IDK
n / number of siblings: 2 Brothers
o / one wish: Money, duh
p / person you last called/texted: @applekissims lol
q / questions you’re always asked: How tall are you?
s / song last sang: IDK
u / underwear colour: Pinky-red
v / vacation destination: France
w / worst habit: Perfectionist
x / xrays you have had: 1
y / your favorite food: Pasta
z / zodiac sign: Sagittarius


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♦ AGE: 24 

♦ BIGGEST FEAR: being alone 

♦ CURRENT TIME: 7:24 am. i should be getting ready for work right now 


♦ EVERY MORNING STARTS WITH: the sadness that consumes my body because i have to get up 

♦ FAVORITE SONG: currently Come Over by Dean 


♦ IN LOVE WITH: yoosung kim 


♦ LAST TIME YOU CRIED: yesterday. all.. day…


♦ ONE WISH: achieve pure happiness 

♦ PERSON YOU LAST CALLED/TEXTED: erica <3 ( @lockedmyselfupinaroom


♦ REASONS TO SMILE: nagisa hazuki 


♦ UNDERWEAR COLOR: leopard print (channeling my inner yurio) 


♦ WORST HABIT: biting my lip 

♦ X-RAYS YOU HAVE HAD: uhhh i’ve had MRIs and cat scans? 

♦ YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: sushi, pasta, ramen 

♦ ZODIAC SIGN: aries but i am nothing like them 

♦ TAGGING: ive tagged so many people i dont want to bother everyone over and over so if you see this - you are tagged 

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a / age: Eh.. Almost sixteen. 
b / biggest fear: I dunno, I have a lot of fears. Maybe failure is my worst one?
c / current time: 7:23 am
d / drink you had last: Chocolate milk.
e / everyday starts with: Me wanting to go back to sleep.

f / favourite song: Hmm.. Right now it has to be Sextape by Deftones.

g / ghosts are real?: I don’t know. Maybe?
h / hometown: Somewhere in Maine.
i / in love with: My family, my kitties, video games, and.. Oh, also sleep. 
j / jealous of: I get easily jealous of people who have it better than me and my family. It’s angering knowing that they’ve probably had a pretty easy life money wise.
k / killed someone: Maybe, maybe not. 
l / last time you cried: I honestly can’t remember.
n / number of siblings: Two other sisters, one being my twin.
o / one wish: To make it through the year.
p / person you last called/texted: .. My momma.
q / questions you’re always asked: “You have a twin?” “Do people mix you guys up a lot?” “You’re.. Eve, right?” “Why do you wear a hat all the time?”
r / reasons to smile: My family, my kitties, my friends, memes.
s / song last sang: Passenger by Deftones.
u / underwear colour: Uh.. I think it’s black and purple. Maybe blue? I dunno. 
v / vacation destination: Massachusetts. 
w / worst habit: Biting my nails. 
x / xrays you have had: Geez.. I’ve had back xrays, pelvic, head, maybe even a full body one.
y / your favourite food: I love love lovee coffee cakes!
z / zodiac sign: Aries, bitches.

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The World’s Worst Babysitter.

My phone consistently vibrated against my desk as I tried to ignore it, watching as my boyfriend Rafinha’s name continued to pop up time and time again. It had been call after call but this time it was a text message.


My eyes squinted in confusion but before I could mull over the meaning of his message any longer, my phone vibrated again with a call. I answered this time. “What’s wrong? Why do you keep calling? Did you burn the house down?”

“No,” he chuckled. “I just need your help.”

I could hear the faint noise of a baby’s cries and I became even more confused. “Help with what? What is that awful crying?”

“That’s what I was calling for. So…the neighbor stopped by. You know the middle aged woman who always drops by with those delicious cookies I finish off before you get home? Anyways, she stopped by this time but she didn’t have cookies. She brought her son and she had this pitiful look on her face. I’m talking bags under her eyes and a look of misery. She said she really needed to run to her office for a few hours and her husband was away on a business trip so she didn’t have anyone to watch little Andres so I…somewhat…kinda volunteered.”

“What!?” I didn’t even have to listen to the random ramblings of all that entailed Rafa’s story. The ending part was enough. “You volunteered to babysit? You? Are you forgetting who you are? The man who can’t even do his own laundry?”

“Hey, I’m getting better at that! And she complimented me on my last game. I couldn’t say no after that.”

“Either way, you are no way fit to take care of a child on your own. You haven’t even watched a child before.”

“You don’t know that.”

“You’ve watched a child before?” I questioned with skepticism. There was a pause on the line.

“Okay so I haven’t but how hard could it be? Well, that’s what I thought at first but now this kid won’t stop crying. I’ve tried everything and he won’t stop!”

I got up from the seat of my desk, rushing to close the door to my office before my boss popped up and saw that I was on the phone. “Do you have any toys? Fed him? Changed his diaper?”

An exhausted sigh transmitted through the phone from his end. “I’ve tried everything and she didn’t leave me with any toys to entertain him. Come save me pleaseee,” he whined.

“Oh no. I’m not the one who volunteered to babysit and I am at work. I don’t have time to help you, Rafa. You’re going to have to handle this yourself.”

“What kind of girlfriend are you?” He muttered under his breath in a childish tone. I laughed.

“The kind that loves her boyfriend very very much but must get back to work. Love you. Byeee,” I sang out before hanging up, knowing if I stayed on the phone any longer, Rafinha would find a way to keep me on the line.

I huffed and continued on with my work.

A sudden knock on my door made me raise my attention from my desktop and to the door as the person on the other side barged in without needing further invitation. I should have known then who it was.

“What are you doing here?!” I stood up and looked to a smiling Rafinha who had a small, sleeping child cradled in his arms.

We came to see you.” He inched his steps toward me and tried to plant a kiss to my lips though I playfully dodged them. “Oh come on. I know you want to kiss me.” His second attempt was more successful.

“If my boss sees you, I’m going to get fired.”

“She already saw me. I told her we adopted,” he remarked with a pleased smile on his face.


Rafinha continued explaining what had happened prior to his arrival to my office. “She did that cute little coo that all old women do when they see an adorable baby and their handsome father and said she’d send you home with some toys and gifts tomorrow.”

“Rafinha!” I exclaimed as I lightly punched his arm, causing him to quickly retreat and had it not been for the sleeping child in his arms, I would have hit him again.

“What! I like gifts,” he said through laughter.

“He is not our child! You can’t pry gifts out of people by pretending to have a child.”

“Well then hurry up and have mine,” he demanded as he now stood over me, that sultry look of lust filling his eyes. I couldn’t help but bite down on my lip, thinking of his proposal.


“Maybe?” He pushed.

“Maybe,” I reiterated. “Now shouldn’t you be heading home before his mother returns and gets worried? I don’t think she gave you permission to take her son out.”

“You’re probably right but I had to at least stop by and have us say hello. I guess we can head out now.” Rafinha placed another kiss to my lips, breaking into a smile before he pecked my lips one more time. “See you for dinner?”

“6 p.m. sharp.”

He gave me another smile and a kiss to the cheek before he began to walk away, stopping in my doorway to turn and look at me one more time. “You know, I think I’m getting pretty good at this babysitting thing.”

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anonymous asked:

i'm aro and i've never had a crush, is it nice? also !! one of my friends feels bad today so i drew her favorite oc to try to lift her spirits a bit (and i think i did a good job drawing her oc this time!) but she hasn't texted me back yet

hmm i was talking to a friend about this the other day and i said i rly liked having a crush bc it made me v happy + excited and she said it was like… the wOrst bc she was always nervous around them and she couldn’t concentrate properly so i guess it depends on the person! and oh my god that’s so sweet of u??? that’s so lovely omg ur a peach 🍑✨  i’m sure she’ll love it, since u put a lot of thought + kindness into it~

*✧·゚:* IT’S SLEEPOVER TIME! *:·゚✧* send me an ask about anything - lets get to know each other better!