i had the same reaction chris

Ive been doing Supernatural photo ops for a long time now. Five years actually and i usually dont ever get nervous anymore but doing this jensen misha op made me so freaking nervous cause i literally was going have to drop my pants in a room full of people especially Jensen and misha and chris.

  I told iamalive volunteer worker what i was doing and she helped keep me calm so thank you sorry i didnt catch her name.  I was so anticipating their reaction i had no idea what they do.  I dropped my pants and misha broke out with YEAH and kind of waggled his eyebrows at me like he was impressed.  Jensen immediately facepalmed and omg i got same reaction out of him that i got out of Richard ears ago doing the infamous unicorn op. A OMG what has my life become type reaction. LOL


Rating: T

Warnings: Swearing, innuendos, crappy writing and late night editing. 

Author’s Note: It’s been…eight months since my last imagine?! I can’t believe how fast time went by! Due to personal issues, I lost the energy and passion to write during that time. It hurt to not find the motivation to write my own stories but I’m thankful to be here now. I’m ready to write again! Forgive my crappy start back and hopefully, this isn’t as bad as I think it is. 

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Injuries Pt. 2 (Chris Motionless)

Here it is:) Gif not mine.  Part 1

     The boys walked off of the stage after their performance, laughing and patting each other on the back. So far, this show had been the craziest one of the entire tour. Adrenaline still pounded through Chris’ blood as he walked over to his tour manager to grab a towel to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

     “Great shows guys! That was awesome. You have an interview in a few hours, but until then you’re free to do whatever you want.” Their tour manager said, handing each member a towel and water bottle. “Just be sure you’re all back at the bus before then.”

     They all nodded their heads and turned to hand their equipment to the techs. Once they had finished putting their instruments away, they walked down the stairs at the back of the stage.

     “I don’t know about all of you, but I’m going to go back to the bus and change. I wreak.” Vinny pulled his shirt away from his body and scrunched up his nose once he got a whiff of himself. The rest of the guys nodded in agreement and began to walk in the direction of their tour bus.

     “Actually I’m going to head over to the table and see if the girls need any help,” Chris pointed towards their merch table where he could see a huge crowd gathering.

     The rest of the guys looked at each other with smirks, trying to hold in their laughter. “And by see if they need help, you mean see if (Y/N) needs help… with anything.” Ryan winked at Chris which caused all of the guys to start laughing.

     “Haha. Funny,” Chris rolled his eyes at his friends. “You guys know how busy it gets at the table. Plus, I saw the crew unloading huge boxes from the trailer, and the girls probably need help unpacking all of them.”

     “Well let’s go then,” Ricky turned to walk towards their merch table with the rest of the guys following.

     “Wait… what?” Chris looked at Ricky with wide eyes. “I thought you were going back to the bus.”

     “Well we wouldn’t want our girls to be overwhelmed, would we? So we’re going to go help them out.” Ricky turned back to look at Chris, who had a dumbfounded look on his face. “Relax. We aren’t going to try to steal away your girl… Maybe.” The guys burst into fits of laughter, and continued to make their way to the table.

     Chris stared after his friends in shock. They wouldn’t really try anything with (Y/N). Would they? Shaking himself from his shock, Chris began to follow his friends to the table, grumbling something about putting bleach in shampoo bottles.

     When they got to the table, the band was met with the many cheers of their fans. This immediately brightened Chris’ mood, but what really put a smile on his face was when he caught sight of (Y/N), selling merch and taking pictures with some fans. He started to make his way over to say hi, but before he could reach her, Ricky, Vinny, and Ryan tackled her in a hug.

     “Hey guys,” the smaller girl laughed, hugging her three friends back, “What’s up?”

     “Oh you know. Playing shows, Meeting fans. Hugging pretty girls,” Vinny squeezed (Y/N) tighter, and smirked at Chris over her shoulder.

     “Shut up,” (Y/N) pushed the guys off of her and smiled up at them. When the guys feigned hurt looks for being pushed away, she laughed and said, “You know I love all of you, but you all need a shower.” They all laughed and made kissy faces at her before turning to hug Jessie, who had been watching Chris’ less-than pleased expression, and talking to Ghost.

     When she saw the boys walking towards her she said, “Oh hell no. I’m with (Y/N). You guys stink.” The three guys ignored her and started to chase her around the tent.

     With Vinny, Ricky, and Ryan chasing Jessie, Chris walked up behind (Y/N) and leaned forward to talk into her ear. “Hey.”

     (Y/N) spun around to look at Chris, “Hey.”

     “Do I have to take a shower before I hug you?”

     “Hmm… for you I guess I can make an exception.”

     Laughing, Chris stepped towards (Y/N), wrapping his arms around the smaller girl’s waist, while she wrapped her arms around his neck. They stayed like that for a few seconds before awkwardly pulling away from each other.

     Chris rubbed the back of his neck before offering to help (Y/N) with the growing line of people, which she agreed to. While they walked back to the line, they didn’t notice the five pairs of eyes watching their little moment.

     “We have to do something. This is getting ridiculous.” Jessie gestured towards Chris and (Y/N).

     “I know. They just need to get together already. Or at least go on a date.” Ryan took a bracelet from on of the merch boxes and started tossing it around. He threw it at Vinny, who wasn’t paying attention, which caused the drummer to stumble into a huge stack of boxes that had been haphazardly piled into the tent, and almost knocked them over.

     “Careful dude. If you make those boxes fall, it could really hurt someone.” Once the pile had stopped swaying, Ghost walked over to Vinny to move him away from the tower of merch and equipment boxes.

     “Maybe if one of them landed on their heads, it’d knock some sense into them.” Ryan nodded his head towards Chris and (Y/N), who had just finished taking a picture together for a fan.

     “ Are you nuts? If one of those things landed on (Y/N), it’d crush her. And I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer my friends to be, oh I don’t know, breathing,” Ricky inched away from the unstable pile, eyeing it wearily.

     “Guys, forget about the stupid boxes. There’s a more important matter to deal with. It’s obvious that those two are crazy about each other, but they’re too oblivious to even realize it.” Jessie rubbed her temples in exasperation “I think that it’s about time that they had a little outside help.” She looked up at the, hopefully, soon to be couple, and grinned.

     “I know that look. That’s your meddling look. What are you thinking?” Ghost turned to look at Jessie curiously.

     She looked over at Chris and (Y/N) to make sure that they weren’t paying attention, and motioned for the guys to form a circle. “We all know that Chris is really protective right?” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, remembering all of the times that Chris had intervened when a guy was making (Y/N) uncomfortable. “But he also gets jealous pretty easily.” when the boys looked at her in confusion, she said, “oh come on guys. You can’t honestly tell me that you haven’t noticed that every time one of you hugs (Y/N), he practically rips you apart with his eyes.”

     They all turned to look at (Y/N), who happened to be hugging a fan, with Chris standing off to the side. At first glance his expression was blank, but the guys could see the fire that was burning in his eyes.

     “Ok. Point taken. So what’s your plan?” Ricky, and the rest of the guys, leaned closer to hear Jessie.

     “We play a little game of jealousy my friends.” The wide grin that Jessie had on her face made all of the guys extremely nervous.

     “Are you trying to get us killed?” Vinny looked at her with wide eyes.

     “Don’t be so dramatic. I’m not saying that you have to go make out with her. The object of the game is to get him jealous, not murderous. Just, you know, flirt a little. It shouldn’t really take all that long to get a reaction out of Chris. Piece of cake.”

     “With Chris, jealous and murderous might as well be the same thing,” Ricky mumbled, and after receiving a glare from Jessie he said, “I mean I guess. Whatever helps right?”

     “I call using the ‘Are you from Tennessee’ line.” Vinny raised his hands to call dibs on the cheesy pickup line.

     “What? No way dude. that’s my line. Use another one,” Ryan pushed Vinny’s hand down and the two began to argue about who’s pickup line it was.

     (Y/N) was walking towards the stack of boxes to get more shirts out when she saw Ryan grab Vinny in a headlock. Suddenly, Vinny pushed Ryan off of him and into the pile of boxes that (Y/N) was standing in front of. She watched with wide eyes as multiple, heavy boxes came falling directly on top of her, and she collapsed under the weight with a scream of pain, and surprise.

     She heard various voices scream, “(Y/N)!” before her head collided with the ground, and everything went black.

Finally! Part two. I’m so so sorry that this took so long. School has seriously been kicking my butt, and I barely have time to sleep, let alone write. So to make up for it, I tried to make this part a little longer than the last. ANYWAYS, as always, constructive criticism is always welcome:) I honestly have no idea when the next part will be up, but hopefully it’ll be soon. Thank you for reading.~Salem


Every Me And Every You - Forty One

You were apprehensive, worried but slightly excited about what the night would entail. 
April linked her arm through yours and you walked arm in arm to the door. The building was huge, a private mansion. You wondered who owned it.

She knocked and a few moments later the door was opened by a tall woman wearing a long red dress.

“April, darling. Fantastic to see you again. And who is this delicious creature?” She embraced April, kissing her on both cheeks before turning to you.

She looked to be in her late thirties, early forties perhaps. She was attractive, and had a pleasant smile, grinning kindly at you.

“Vanessa this is Y/N. She’s my guest this evening. Are Chris and Nate already here?”

“They are indeed. I haven’t seen you around before my beautiful girl. Are you new to the area or new to…. ” She waved her hand in the air, trailing off.

“New to this, I’ve only been experimenting for a past few months. This is my first party,” you told her.

“Ahhh, a newbie. Well my darling, my house is a safe haven. I have a guest list so only people I know are allowed to come to these parties, people have to be recommended to be allowed in. Do tell me if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable. We’re here to have fun, but fun that everyone is happy with.”

You nodded at her and she moved aside to let you in. You could hear soft music coming from down a corridor.

“If you’d like to leave your bags in the cloak room, please feel free to do so. I know everyone here with the exception of yourself so your belongings will be safe. There’s also a changing area but I see you’re both dressed for the evening already. Go through to the main room when you’re ready ladies.”

Vanessa closed the door and sauntered back down the dimly lit hallway and you turned to April.

“Changing room?”

“Some people come here in cabs and prefer to change here if they’re planning on wearing something particularly risqué. Regardless of what room you end up in tonight, you’ll definitely see a fair about of boobs and ass on display.”

“Boobs and ass. Ah, the joys.”

April chuckled and took your bag, hanging yours and hers on a coat hook in the closet Vanessa had pointed to and slipping her coat off placing it over them.

She looked even more stunning without the coat, curves in all the right places, pale flesh showing through the cut out panels on the dress. It would appear that Reid had a thing for girls with ivory skin, skin that would mark easily.

“Like what you see?” she joked, catching you looking her up and down.

Your cheeks reddened, heat rushing to your face. “Erm… You’re very pretty April.”

“So are you, Y/N. I meant what I said the first time I met you. You’re just my type. But don’t worry, I’m not going to try to take advantage of you tonight! Unless you tell me you want me to of course.”

“I’ll let you know.” Tempting… You’d already tried your fair share of new things these last few months, why not add a full blown same sex experience to the list.

But… No. That would be a bit too weird right now. Considering she was Spencer’s ex…. Ex sub? Was that even the right word?


“I need a drink,” you told your new friend.

“What the lady wants, she gets.”

You’d been at the party for around two hours. Initially you’d been uncomfortable, especially after meeting Nate and Chris. Both guys were drop dead gorgeous and you wondered why the hell April had bought you here to meet Nate. He was Calvin Klein model hot and you felt out of place standing next to him.

When he’d started talking to you though, you started to relax. Both him and Chris had been easy to get on with, flirtatious but not inappropriately so. They were each dressed as if they were on a casual night out, pants and a button down shirt. Nate had a fitted blazer where as Chris wasn’t wearing a jacket and had his shirt sleeves rolled up.

You’d had two glasses of wine to relax and had now switched to lemonade. All of the drinks had been laid out on the label in the form of miniature bottles like you’d get in hotels, their seals intact. You supposed this was for extra precaution so that no one could say that their drink had been spiked, although you got the feeling the Vanessa wouldn’t allow any shady characters in.

April had been right about the outfits people were wearing. Some were dressed as though they were on a night out, others in outfits similar to yours. Schoolgirls, sexy nurses and the like. A fair few walked around wearing very little, just nipple pasties and tiny underwear to cover themselves.

A sweet looking older man had come over to you after around thirty minutes, introducing himself as Alan and telling you that he’d like to play with you if you were interested and to just find him and let him know. He’d turned around immediately and walked away and you could see that his pants had a cut out panel and his whole ass was on display. For a man who looked to be in his fifties, it was a pretty decent butt… but just…no. April and her friends had watched for your reaction and you’d just taken a big sip of your drink to hide your amusement.

“Why did he walk away though rather than waiting for an answer?” you asked them.

“So you didn’t feel pressurised to say yes or no and so he doesn’t feel rejected if you do say no,” Nate told you. “You’ll find that a lot.”

You watched as your three companions had the same thing done to them, by people of various ages and sexes, seeing them smile politely and thank them.

“I want that one,” April told Chris after a curvy redhead approached her and displayed her interest.

“I thought you wanted the one you’d bought with you?”

“I don’t think I’m going to get the one I bought with me. Which is a shame, but no matter. Y/N, unless you’d like to join us upstairs, do you object if we leave you in the good hands of Nate here?”

“Not at all,” you replied. You felt comfortable enough with him.

“Excellent, our door will be open if you feel like watching.”

She linked arms with Chris and they went and tapped the redhead on the shoulder, talking to her for a few moments before they disappeared out of the door.

“Do you want to sit down and talk? There’s two chairs over there.” Nate pointed over to the corner by the bookcase and you nodded, taking a tiny miniature bottle of peach schnapps and adding it to your lemonade before joining him.

You chatted for a while watching various couples slowly making their ways out of the room.

“So erm….April said you’re new to these sorts of things? How long have you been on the scene.”

“About five months or so.” Wow. When you looked back, had it really been that long since you and Spencer had started experimenting. You guessed it had.

“And you enjoy it?”

“I’m here aren’t I? It interests me and fascinates me. What about you?”

“About three years now. My relationship with my Dom ended two months ago.”

“Your Dom? I thought…. ”

“I’m a switch,” he explained. “I’ll do either. Having the power makes me feel good but giving someone power over me, has the same effect. So it just depends on the person I’m with.”

“Oh. Alright then. I’ve only had one partner and he was the Dominant one.” You winced, trying not to think about Reid.

“Yeah, April mentioned you were with Spencer Reid before. He has good taste.”

“Thanks…. I think.”

Another couple approached you and Nate, the woman’s nipples peaking through a lace dress.

“Hi. You’re both very attractive, we’d love to play together as a foursome if you’re interested at all.” Rather than leaving like the others had, they stayed and you stiffened not quite knowing how to answer.

You didn’t have to in the end.

“I’m sorry, we appreciate the offer but I think we’ll have to decline. We’ll let you know if we change our minds. Thank you.”

“Not a problem.” They turned and walked away, the guy shooting a longing look at your skirt and licking his lips as he went. 
When they were out of ear shot, you both let out quiet laughs before Nate leant in close to you.

“I do feel like I should throw my offer on the table here too. I’d very much like to play with you if you’d be interested. You’re very beautiful, and that outfit is incredibly sexy. But please don’t feel any pressure. I’m just as happy to keep talking to you.”


Nate was sweet. And hot. And you had coming here knowing what could happen if you wanted it too.

But you were nervous.

“I erm… I don’t know. I think I’d like to, but…. Can I get back to you on that? Please don’t feel like you have to stay with me though if you want to go with someone else. I’ll just…. ” You studied the bookcase you were sat next to. “I’ll read or something until April and Chris get back.”

“I’m not going to leave you here, Y/N. It would be like throwing a lamb to the slaughter. Not that Vanessa would actually let them slaughter you but if I left you alone, you’d have most of this room queuing up to ask. Although I do feel like I need to stretch my legs out. How’s your inner voyeur?”

“My inner voyeur?”

Oh… The open door thing.

Wouldn’t that be weird like watching live action porn?

“Yes, your inner voyeur. Or we could take a walk around the garden instead?”

You know what? Fuck it.

“My inner voyeur says she’s curious to see what goes on upstairs.”

“Then let’s aim to sate that curiosity shall we?”

Nate stood and held out his hand to you.

You tossed your drink back and took it.

Chris Evans Imagine

I thought that I would never have kids. Not because I didn’t want them, I did. More then anything I wanted to have kids. Have the joy of seeing them grow up, hear there first words and see them go on in there own life. But it never seemed to be in my near future. Ether I was with someone who didn’t want kids or I was with someone who I didn’t want to have kids with. I watched my cousins and friends kids grow, I helped with them all the time, but every time I left my heart broke a little bit, knowing that they weren’t my own kids. The thought of me not having kids and not finding true love, a man that wants the same thing in life killed me. 

It all changed when I met Chris. I finally felt like I was going in the right direction. Strangely enough when I was with Chris I stopped thinking about having kids. Being with him it already felt like a family. Me and Chris were dating for 2 years when I found out I was pregnant. First reaction I had was happiness then worry hit me. I was worried about what Chris would say. We weren’t married. I couldn’t tell him about it for 2 weeks, but he knew something was wrong. I was trowing up and didn’t act like my self. When I told him the truth he was so excited he was jumping around, hugging and kissing me. He called everyone he knew. 

Chris proposed to me few weeks later and got married soon after. Some people said it was too fast. But it felt right for us. We were made for each other. Yes, there were times were we would fight, and not agree on somethings but it’s normal. We would find a way to make it work. Work out the fights and not give up. We were not going to lose each other because of a stupid fight.  When our baby boy Robert was born Chris was a changed man. All he did was talk about our baby boy. He would cook foods for all of us, wake up at night and let me sleep. Every time I would try to get up he would tell me “You gave birth to my son, you can sleep all you want from now on”. I was and still am one lucky wife. 

Chris and I decided to invite our family and friends for a small party. Just to be together and have fun. As I walked around talking to family and friends I scanned the room for Chris and Rob. Then I found them. Chris had Rob in his hands, smiling at him, pulling faces and making him laugh. To me it was the most beautiful sight to see. Chris tickled Roberts side making him laugh. Gosh how I loved my sons laugh. With a big smile on my face i walked to them. 

“What are my two favorite men doing?” Robert heard my voice and reached his little hand out to me, I kissed it then kissed Chris. 

“We are here just talking about how beautiful mommy is looking tonight. Right buddy? ” Chris looked back yo Rob who already was smiling and nodding. Chris had Rob in one hand and the other he wrapped around my waist. I looked back to the room full of people who I loved. This was one of the happiest moments. I felt complete.  Had a an amazing husband and a beautiful son. Finally in all these years i felt at home and truly happy. 

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HP + the Cursed Child - 1/3/2017

So on Wednesday I went see the play for the forth and final time (probably) before Jamie leaves in May (as rumoured). 

I knew I’d be in London to see Dan Radcliffe at the Old Vic so I had been keeping an eye out on the Nimax tickets for a premium seat - as luck should have it, a normal priced Row C Stalls ticket popped up at the right time which I quickly snagged.

I was right on the end of the row but thankfully the rake is quite steep there so I had a near perfect view (albeit a side view!) of everything. 

Noma was out so I got Nicola Alexis as Hermione. I wasn’t sure about her in Part 1 but I thought she did a great job in Part 2. Adam McNamara was on as Hargid, etc and he definitely doesn’t have the same stage presence as Chris Jarman. Other than that, I think the rest of the cast was as it should be.

Paul Thornley remains the best Ron we could have hoped for. I’m a little bit sad that he’s basically used as comic relief throughout the whole 2 parts, but he’s brilliant at it. My memory is foggy but one of his lines got an epic reaction from the audience that they had to wait a few seconds for the crowd to go quiet. 

The more I see of Alex Price’s Draco, the more I love him. He was on fine form yesterday and generated a lot of laughter from the audience. The first funny moment was in the EGM where he talks about Harry saying things for attention with “My scar is hurting, my scar is hurting!” and when he walks into Harry’s office and  says about the alternative reality where he’s head of the DMLE, he ended the line with an actual “Mwaha ha ha.” It was funny, but also actually quite a sweet thing as he was clearly trying to cheer Harry up. Also when Ron comments on Draco’s pony tail, Alex went really haughty and swished it in perfect Malfoy fashion.

Poppy Miller has restored Ginny to the brilliant character she is in the books. She got right in Draco’s face with the “so is mine” line.You can really tell that her and Jamie are very close as they have amazing chemistry when they share a scene. The kiss was especially good - and in the brief moment I dragged my eyes away from Jamie while they’re watching Harry’s parents die, I could see how much anguish she was showing for her ‘husband.’

Anthony Boyle and Sam Clemmett were both as good as ever as Scorpius and Albus. I enjoyed Anthony’s performance quite a lot actually - he barely spat at all yesterday (which I’ve previously found a tad distracting). He again brought a lot of humour to his performance - one bit worth noticing was at the end scene on the stairs he swished his cloak with a bit too much flourish and got wrapped around it for the rest of the scene - he carried on regardless.

And finally, we come to Jamie Parker. Oh my Harry. <3333 As much as I love and adore the Radcakes, Jamie just IS Harry Potter. He’s everything I could have hoped for and more. I love just how fucked up his Harry is while equally loving his family without hesitance. I love how he shows Harry trying to open up to his son (undoing his waistcoat) and then closing his emotions down again (buttoning up the waistcoat). I love how utterly devastated he is that he can’t connect with Albus. I could go on and on about all the things I bloody love about his Harry but here’s some memorable bits from this show in particular:

- When Albus incendio’d his Hogsmeade letter, Jamie properly brushed down Albus’s cloak to get rid of the ash - very father-like and irritated.

- During the big argument between Albus and Harry, Jamie got right up in Sam’s face. He was just completely engulfed in rage and his body chemistry changed so quickly after he says he wished Albus wasn’t his son. Probably the best version of the scene I’ve seen. 

- I could go on and on about how much I love the polyjuice scene - it gets funnier every time I see it. Jamie was spot on in his Anthony Boyle as Scorpius impression; from the brushing of hair behind his ear to the pulling down on his sleeves. When he swished his cloak after telling Albus to go to his room, he got properly tangled (which made the bit with Anthony at the end of the play even more perfect). Jamie was ridiculously high pitched and giddy in this scene - I would gladly watch it over and over. 

- The first nightmare scene was just as good, if not better. Jamie really conveys how distressed Harry is about it, to him fidgeting on the bed afterwards, to curling his toes with anxiety, to him trying to calm Ginny’s fears that he’s alright (when he really isn’t). I also loved Poppy Miller in this scene - they really have amazing chemistry and you totally believe they have this incredible backstory with the trauma they went through as children and how that’s connected them throughout their marriage.

- Another relationship I enjoyed watching was between Draco and Harry. The fight in the kitchen reminded me so much of the books/movies. As previously mentioned, this was the scene in which Jamie broke his chair. Alex laughed at this moment, but I’m not sure whether he was laughing at Jamie’s situation or whether it was in character at Ginny’s comment about Harry doing most of the cooking. I also bloody love the scene in Harry’s office. It’s a great moment between these two characters and finally brings the start of a friendship of sorts.

- Something that I thought was a new take was just before everyone transfigures Harry into Voldemort, Jamie was smiling quite a lot - normally he’s quite serious at this point so it was a different take to what I’ve seen before. My view was that he was trying to reassure everyone that he was okay with what was about to happen. 

- And then we have the bit where they are watching Harry’s parents die. Jamie is absolutely one of the best actors I’ve seen on stage and how much energy doing this scene must take, especially after doing the play for so long now, is incredible. I’d hate to think what he uses to channel all that anguish and to that level. Again, I think this was my favourite version I’ve seen. Jamie was literally clinging on Sam Clemmett for dear life (as Poppy was clinging on to Jamie) and when he collapses in grief - fucking hell. All the awards, sir. All of them. 

- Finally, I did wait by the stage door to see if I could catch Jamie leaving. I did - however I decided not to bother him as no one else had spotted him and I didn’t want to bring any attention to him as he was getting on his bike to go home. I did get immense pleasure at seeing him stopped at the traffic lights as loads of Harry Potter fans walked past him oblivious to the fact he was ~right there. I feel certain that I’ll get another chance to speak to him one day so I was happy to let the moment pass.

So yes, that’s my review. Hopefully I’ve not rambled on too long. Feel free to ask me anything about the show as I’ve probably missed out loads.

pegasusdragontiger  asked:

What if Chris found out you are having twins and his reactions?

I feel like he would be ecstatic because the two of you were having babies together. At the same time, however, I think he would be pretty stressed out about how the two of you were going to manage two babies at once. Even more so if you guys already had kids together.

Either way, he is going to go through a whole emotional process. There will be laughter and tears. And if he passes out, there will be even more laughter, tears and a dramatic reenactment of said passing out when you share the news with family and friends.

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Don’t Scare Me Like That (Ricky Horror Imagine)

Request: Hey could I request a Ricky Horror imagine where they get into a really serious argument and it’s actually really scary as to how pissed off Ricky is? And he just throws in that the reader is just a child and stupid and a bunch of hurtful shit regarding their age gap? (Which isn’t too drastic though) and obviously it really hurts Y/N and then Ricky realizes what he did was way out of line and he looks for her at Chris’s place and she’s hesitant about forgiving him but it works out in the end?

**may contain some language that can be offensive to some people**

          You sat on the Motionless In White Tour bus waiting for them to finish their performance at this venue. Usually you would watch them preform because you loved seeing them so lively and the fans cheering. But most of all, you loved watching your boyfriend, Ricky Horror, play on stage. But today you just felt like staying on the bus and relax because not very often do you get quiet time with the guys around on the bus. They were just about done preforming for the fifteenth time on this tour and you tried to soak in the last seconds of silence before  they barged in and started rough housing.

         “That was awesome!” All the guys rushed onto the tour bus all at once, at least half of them getting stuck in the door while trying to pry their way in. You could tell that it must have been a good performance because all of them were sweaty and all of their stage makeup was melting off of their faces. All except ghost’s that is, he managed to stay perfect the whole time while on tour. And this happened to be the last show on the tour. You made it all the way back to the beginning where you guys to started to do their last performance in your hometown. 

         “I can’t believe it’s all over.” Ricky came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist securely, kissing the top of your head. “But at least i get to go home with you now and bug you all day long!” He chuckled and messed with your hair because he knew you hated that. You glared at him them calmly attempted to flatten out you hair. You and Ricky have been dating for just about three years now and it couldn’t have been any better. Well, except for the constant comments from people about the age difference. You didn’t think it was that big of a deal, you and him were only five years apart, so it wasn’t that bad. 

        “Aww… you guys make me sick.” Chris remarked sarcastically then snickered at your reaction. 

        “C’mon, let’s go home.” He told the bus driver.

        “Wait, i think i left my jacket at the merch table…” I stopped the bus from leaving as i headed for the door. I remember that the last time i had it was at the merch table because i was helping set it up and got way too hot so i took it off and put it down. You made your way over to the table, and sure enough it was sitting in the same place you left it, on the metal folding chair in the corner. You quickly snatched up you purple leather jacket and turned to go back to the bus so you could finally go home. 

         “Long time No see.” You heard someone say as you ran right into them because you weren’t paying attention. You looked up to see that it was your ex boyfriend with a wicked smile playing on his lips. You haven’t seen him in a few years ever since you broke up with him because he was an abusive asshole. “You still with that faggot of a boyfriend? What’s his name, Ri-”

        “Leave me alone.” You cut him off, trying to push past him. You had done your best to avoid him completely since the break up, and you had been doing good up until now. Besides, Ricky could be very jealous and over protective some times.

        “Fighsty, huh?” He grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you back so that he had you trapped against the wall. This was all too familiar to you from your past relationship.His face got closer and closer to yours until his lips was only millimeters away from yours. Way too close for comfort.

        “(Y/N), What’s taking you so long?” You heard Ricky’s voice as he stepped out of the tour bus to see this play out in front of him. “What the hell is going on?” His voice snapped instantly into an angry tone. 

        “Looks like that’s my cue to leave…” Your ex boy friend murmured then ran away, leaving you to face Ricky on your own. 

        “It’s not what it looks like, Ricky.” You tried your best to convince him of the truth but it didn’t look like he was believing it. “Ricky-” You pleaded but still to no prevail. 

       “Really? Because it looks like you were about to kiss him.” He growled, his voice lower and angrier than you have ever heard it before. It scared you into trembling slightly.


       He cut you off again. “This is what i get for dating someone so young, right? Joke’s on me i guess.” He seethed with fury. “What would you know you’re just a stupid child.” His hands were clenched into tight fists and you flinched away from him. “I should have never agreed to dating you and your childish games.” He stormed away, leaving me in peril. There was no way  you was getting back on the bus with him, so you guessed you was going to have to walk home. It wasn’t that long of a walk any ways, maybe only fifteen minutes. How could you go home to the place you and Ricky shared though? The only other place you thought to go to was Chris’s because he was the closest and he would surely understand, right? You heard the bus pull away leaving you to walk all the way there.

~later that day at Chris’s house~

         You were laying on Chris’s couch with a blanket wrapped around you as you told him everything that happened. When you finally made it to his house after the twenty minute walk in the wind that scared against you skin, he wasn’t hesitant in letting you in. 

         “Ricky did that to you?” Chris sounded really concerned. “I’m so sorry, you can stay here as long as you want.” He offered willingly. You were so grateful that you had such nice friends like them, even if you had only met them through Ricky. Soon, maybe only a few minutes later, you heard A knock on Chris’s door. You stood up to answer it, but Chris stopped you, getting the door himself. You could only hear bits and pieces of the conversation. 

          “No”……. “She doesn’t want to see you.”……………… “I wouldn’t-”

          The next thing you know, you saw Ricky walking towards you. You flinched away and the only thing you could think of doing was hiding beneath the blanket you were cocooned in. “Leave me alone.” You whimpered, feeling the couch next to you sink in. So Ricky was most likely sitting beside you.

        “(Y/N), i’m sorry.” His voice was soft, a contrast to his previous hateful tone that he used. “I shouldn’t have said those things to you.” He seemed hesitant. You peaked out from the blanket and saw that he was biting on his lip, as he usually did when he was nervous. No, you weren’t going to forgive him so easily, not after those things he did.  He wouldn’t listen to you, so why should you listen to him? “(Y/N), please listen to me…” He begged slightly, putting his hand on you thigh over the blanket. He rubbed it comfortingly like he always did when you were at home cuddling. It would always calm you down, even now.  “I love you and i understand if you don’t forgive me.” You didn’t say anything until he started to walk away and back outside. You hated seeing that sad puppy expression on his face so you internally debated whether you should forgive him or not.

        “Ricky, wait!” You said at the last second. “I love you too. But don’t scare me like that ever again.”



so! the callouts for chris/keebs (also known as despairsearching, previously known as shsl-robot-s, and if youre old enough to know, hydansics.) have been rolling in, huh? well, i would like to add.

sure, chris sees me as a friend that he can rely on dearly and vent to, but sadly, he has never shown the same for me.

and so now i will tell my side of the story, which dates all the way back to july of 2016.

trigger warning for rape, suicide, guilt trip, toxic narcissism, and predatory behavior.

im sorry, chris. i need to speak up about the bs youve pulled.

if you read this, i beg you take all of this into consideration and apologize without all the guilt trip and half assed remarks, along with addressing everything youve done. take responsibility. youre old enough.

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Fic: The Sweetest Sound

A Chris Evans One Shot

Summary: Daddy!Chris has to shave his beard for his next movie role. His daughter reacts to seeing him sans beard for the very first time.

Dedicated to kryka83 for sending in the prompt! Thank you for that. I hope it came out okay. :)

Thank you for reading!


There were many sounds that held the ability to evoke an indescribable happiness within Chris’s heart. His mother’s melodious voice as she sang his favorite childhood lullaby Return to Pooh Corner. The soft snores of his sleeping dog that stayed tucked close to his side. The crackling of wood burning brightly in the middle of a campsite. And the noisy stillness of life he experienced while being surrounded by nothing but trees.

All of these reverberations calmed him, centered him, zapped him back to a tranquility he desperately tried to hold onto on a rainy day.

But nothing - absolutely nothing - could awaken his soul, could shine a light into the darkest corners of his mind and drown out the brain noise, like the sweet, precious giggles of his two favorite girls in the world; his wife and daughter.

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Avoid: Josh Washington x Reader

Request: A Josh imagine where Josh and the reader are worse than Chris and Ashley. They’re best friends and are very very close and they have feelings for each other, but they don’t realize it, but everyone (especially the twins) around them knows… so everyone sort of made it their mission to get them together…

Word count: 1,246

You walked up the icy path, leading to the lodge. You told Beth to meet you at the cabin car, she didn’t and texted you she was already at the lodge. Now you walk alone, it was dark out and kinda scary. Suddenly you heard something rustling from behind you.
“Hello? Anyone there?” You called, looking around you. You shrugged and walked further. When finally arriving at the cable car station, you could see Sam and Chris in the cable car, on their way up. You sighed.
“Guess I’m gonna wait here then.” You jumped at a sudden voice answering you.
“At least you’re not alone.” You turned around, seeing Josh with several suitcases.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you…” You’ve always had a crush on Josh, he was handsome, funny and caring. He carried the heavy bags into the cable car station.
“No, it’s okay, I just wasn’t expecting anyone else up here.” He just nodded. He walked into the little station, and started setting up all kinds of monitors.
“What are you doing?” You stood next to him, eyes staring at one of the monitors, seeing Chris and Sam in the cable car, just arriving at the top of the mountain.
“I’ve installed a few security cameras, since the lodge can’t handle this much power, I’m installing them here.” You nodded, still a bit creeped out when you could see one of the cameras showing the bathroom. Reminding yourself you should cover that camera before taking a bath, you saw the cable car coming into the station.
“Shall we?” You nodded and followed Josh into the cable car, helping him carry some of the bags. You took a seat next to each other, but with a little bit of space between you.
“W-wanna know how Chris and I met?” Josh asked when the cable car started moving.  You didn’t really care about Chris, but nodded anyway, hoping this would be some kind of ice breaker.
“Third grade, I sat in the back of the class, Chris sat in the front. I dared this guy to keep annoying this girl in front of us, and he started snapping this girls training bra in front of us. she was really weird and hit puberty like 3 years early. He was moved to the front, where Chris was sitting and Chris was moved next to me, and that’s how we met!” You nodded smiling at Josh. He just smiled at the ground, reliving the memory.
“You met your best friend cause this girl got boobs in third grade?” You both started laughing uncontrollably. After you calmed down, you arrived at the top of the mountain, you helped Josh carry some bags again and you two made your way up the cabin. You grabbed the door knob of the lodge, Josh having the same idea, your hands accidently brushed against each other. You quickly pulled back, letting one of the bags you were carrying fall out of your hands.
“I’m so sorry, you just startled me…” You mumbled, feeling your cheeks getting red.
“It’s fine, no worry’s.” Josh was blushing and opened the door, carrying all the bags into the lodge. You followed him, but as soon you stepped into the lodge, you were attacked by Hannah, who tackled you to the ground.
“Y/n! I missed you so much!” You chuckled.
“I missed you too, Hannah!” She stood up taking your hand and pulled you up too. Then wrapping an arm around your shoulder and guided you towards the kitchen, where the rest of your friends were sat with beer bottles in their hands.
“Y/n, glad you could make it!” Beth hugged you and guided you towards the kitchen table, they were playing poker and just started a new game. You grabbed a beer from the fridge, and then awkwardly looked around the circle. All seats were taken.
“No problem, Y/n. I’ll just sit here, way more comfortable anyway!” Jess stood up, then plopped down on Mike’s lap, giving you a seat… next to Josh. You took a seat, already tensing up cause you were sitting next to Josh. You noticed the twins smirking to one another, and Chris giving Jessica a thumbs up. You glanced next to you and saw Josh awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.
You ignored the whispering and glances in the group and just joined the game of poker.

After a while you were all bored, and Jess mentioned the game Truth or Dare, everybody agreed and started piling up in the living room.
Hannah and Beth smirked, spinning the bottle, of course you were the first one.
“Y/n, truth or dare?” you didn’t know what these girls had in mind, but I definitely noticed all the whispering and smirking.
“Truth…” Their smiles faltered, looking at each other for ideas.
“Have you ever crushed on anyone who is in this circle right now?” Emily said, everybody curiously glancing towards Josh, who was trying to avoid eye contact with anyone.
“Uhm… N-no, I haven’t.” you could hear Jessica scoff, you ignored all the stared and spun the bottle, landing on Ashley.
“Dare!” “I dare you to go in the closet with Chris for 10 minutes.” Ashley blushed, but grabbed Chris’ hand, who looked a little unsure, but followed her anyway.
Sam spun the bottle for Ashley, it landed on Josh, who then made the biggest mistake of his life.
“Dare.” Hannah and Beth Smirked, and Sam silently high-fived Mike.
“I dare you to take Y/n to your bedroom for 15 minutes.” Your eyes widened. You looked at Josh, who awkwardly stood up, holding his hand out for you to grab. you followed him into his room, he closed the door and then turned to you. You could clearly hear Jessica and Sam giggling from behind the door, probably trying to hear what’s happening.
“So, what do you want to do?” Josh sat on his bed, while you were seated on the ground.
“We could just talk or something, or watch youtube vids?” He nodded.
For the whole 15 minutes the only thing you did was awkwardly try to make a conversation, and watched some viral youtube vids.
“15 minutes is up, loser. You can come back out!” You sighed and walked to the door opening it, you could clearly see Jessica and Emily trying to rush down the stairs. Josh followed you downstairs and you joined the circle again. Ashley and Chris were back again too, and you noticed there was a hickey on Ashley’s neck.
“Well, Y/n. Did you enjoy your 15 minutes with Josh?” Beth wiggled her eyebrows and everybody was waiting for a reaction.
“It was alright, we talked and watched some video’s.” You said. Mike started to laugh, and suddenly Hannah exclaimed:
“You’ve literally been in there for 15 minutes with your crush, and you talked and watched video’s?!” Your eyes widened and you looked at Josh, who had the same exact expression on his face.
“How did you know I had a crush on her/him?” You both exclaimed at the same time. You looked at each other, you felt the heat rise up to my cheeks, and you could even see Josh blush a little. All your friends cheered and congratulated you guys, even if we didn’t confirm anything yet.
“See, that’s how!” Hannah said to you after everyone calmed down. You smiled at her, you felt lucky having a friend like her.

“Thanks Hannah, I owe you.” 

FIRST LOVE PART SEVEN: http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/145930295939/first-love-part-six


A few weeks had passed since the talk that you had with Sebastian. You hadn’t really seen much of him besides the times you guys were in the same scene together. He kept his distance and so did you.

You wondered if things would ever feel normal between the two of you. You wondered if you and Sebastian could ever have a normal friendship. You didn’t want to lose him. Thinking of a life without him in it was a sad thought.

It was ten in the morning and you had been sitting in hair and makeup nearly finished getting ready for your scene. You were looking over your lines when the door to the trailer opened and Chris walked in. He held two cups of coffee in his hands and handed you one.

“I got your favorite.” He smiled.

You gratefully took the coffee from him, “You are a lifesaver. I’m going to need this today.”

He sat on the empty chair besides you, “You have a long day ahead of you?”

You nodded, “Yeah. I have a scene with Scarlett and one with Anthony, Elizabeth and Paul before I have rehearsals in the afternoon. What about you?”

“I have some scenes with Downey and…. Sebastian today.” Chris glanced at you to gage your reaction. He noticed that you would get this sad facial expression whenever his name was mentioned. Sebastian did the same when he heard your name.

“Oh, are you guys doing the final fight scene?” You asked.

“Not just yet. That’s going to be filmed in the next few days.”

Gina, the girl that was doing your makeup had to go step out for a few minutes. It left you and Chris alone.

“So, you haven’t talked to him in a while huh?” Chris asked referring to Sebastian.

“Uh, no I haven’t. We’ve been sort of avoiding each other.”

“So I guess you haven’t heard about him and Elaine.”

You looked at Chris, “What happened?”

“She broke up with him. It was the day after she had came to visit him. He didn’t tell me specifics just that it was over.”

You instantly felt sad for Sebastian. It must’ve been a lot for him to go through. The conversation the two of you had and then Elaine breaking up with him. It would be stressful to anyone.

“Is he- um, is he okay?” You asked Chris.

Chris shrugged his shoulders, “I think he’s taking it day by day. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it but I’m hoping he’ll come around soon.”

“I’m glad that you guys are talking.”

“I explained to him that I see you as one of my dear friends and he understood. I don’t know why he got so jealous. I wouldn’t ever do that to him.”

“I’m just glad things have sort of gone back to normal.” You commented.

“Not with the two of you. Do you think that you guys will talk anytime soon?”

You shrugged your shoulders this time, “I have no idea. I want to go and talk to him, but I just forget everything that I want to say to him. After what I told him, he probably doesn’t want to talk to me.”

“He is probably thinking the same thing about you.”

“Maybe.” You mumbled.

“You guys probably need some space. It’ll do you guys some good.”

The door to the trailer opened and Elizabeth walked in.

“Morning guys!” She smiled sitting on one of the empty chairs.

“Morning.” You and Chris replied in unison.

The three of you chatted about the day ahead before Elizabeth mentioned plans for that evening. “Since it’s the weekend, some of us wanted to go and get a few drinks. Are you guys up for it?”

Chris nodded, “Yeah that would be fun. (Y/n), are you going to come?”

“Sure. It would be better than staying in my room. I think I’ve seen everything on Netflix.” You joked. Ever since your conversation with Sebastian, you seemed to turn into a recluse, only leaving your room for work or food.

It wasn’t that you were scared of running into him, it was just that you didn’t know what to say to him. The way you both left things was completely awkward. It felt weird to talk to him during scenes and then go to not talking to him. Your characters spoke to each other more than you guys did.

You truly cared about Sebastian. You knew that the way you felt about him was unlike how you had ever felt about someone else. Sebastian was the one guy that you had always completely trusted.

“We are going to have so much fun!”

You hoped for a normal night out with the rest of the crew.


You had planned to meet the others in the lobby around ten that evening. You were tired from a day of filming but since you had the next two days off, you figured that you could catch up on sleep then.

You had finished curling your hair before grabbing your things and going to meet the others. You weren’t entirely too sure about who was all going but you were looking forward to hanging out with everyone.

Once you made it to the lobby, you saw Scarlett with Anthony. They were the only two. You were surprised that you managed to beat Chris who seemed like he was early for everything all of the time.

“I love that dress!” Scarlett said when you approached the two of them.

“Thank you. Yours is beautiful too. Red is definitely your color.” You smiled. The dress you had on was a black strapless with lace embellishments. It was hot at night so you didn’t want to wear something that would overheat you as soon as you stepped out of the hotel.

“Need a wingman tonight (Y/n)? You are going to have to fight the guys off of you and I would be glad to offer you my assistance.” Mackie joked.

“If I need help, you’ll be the first person I go to.” You laughed. You weren’t looking to meet anyone that night. That was the furthest thing in your mind.

“You’re gonna have to fight them off with a stick!”

“Whose fighting someone off with a stick?” You turned and saw Chris had walked over mid conversation. Sebastian was right beside him. He looked right at you and you quickly looked away. So he was going to be joining everyone.

Elizabeth showed up soon after with Chadwick and the rest of you set out to go. There was a van waiting for you guys parked in front of the hotel.

Chris lend you a hand since you were wearing heels to get on the van. You sat in the middle with Elizabeth on one side and Sebastian on the other. You were surprised that he sat by you since there was an empty seat by Mackie in front of you.

You looked ahead and wouldn’t meet Sebastian’s glances. He was sitting awfully close to you. Your knees bumped into each other’s a few times. There was like this electric current that flowed between the two of you. You couldn’t put it into words.

The van was filled with multiple conversations on the way to the bar. You chatted with Elizabeth the majority of the way about random things. You knew that Sebastian was listening the entire time since he stayed silent.

The bar that you guys arrived at was sort of big. It had a dance floor and a stage for a band. It wasn’t completely packed but it wasn’t empty either. You could tell that people were starting to notice the group by stares and flashing cameras. You hoped that you would all still have a good night.

Chris lead the group to a booth in the back. It had a bit of privacy from onlookers. You were the last to get in the booth right after Mackie. Sebastian was on the other side of him and he hoped to sit by you like he did in the van. He was glad that you didn’t see him almost shove Mackie out of the way earlier so that he could sit with you.

A waitress came and brought you all some shots on the house. You grabbed one of the glasses along with everyone else and did a small cheers.

“Let’s go and dance!” Elizabeth said after a while. Some of you got up to go on the dance floor. Scarlett, Sebastian and Chadwick stayed behind.

You linked arms with Elizabeth and walked with her to the center of the dance floor. They were playing some song that you weren’t too familiar with but it had a good beat. You allowed yourself to feel stress free for an amount of time. It felt nice to be able to throw your hands in the air and let go.

You didn’t think about how you still had feelings for Sebastian or the fact that things were completely awkward between the two of you. All you could think about was how much fun you were having with your friends.


Sebastian watched as you danced with some of the others. He saw that you were having a good time and it put a smile on his face. All he wanted was for you to be happy. He felt like he had put you through a lot since you guys had seen each other again. He hated seeing you upset and knowing that he did that to you made him sad.

He cared about you more than he could put it into words and your happiness was so important to him. Of course he would love to be with you, but he didn’t know if you felt the same.

After the conversation that the two of you had weeks ago, it seemed like it was all up in the air. He wished that things hadn’t been so complicated. It all stemmed from him not being truthful when he first saw you again. He got so swept up in the emotions that he felt because you were around again that he made unwise decisions.

Sebastian knew that if he had kissed you that day in wardrobe, he would feel guilty about it. Elaine was such a sweet girl and he did enjoy the time that he spent with her. She hadn’t done anything wrong in their relationship and he knew that he couldn’t just break up with her without a reason.

“Why don’t you stop staring and go dance with her.” Scarlett nudged him with her shoulder a little after she noticed he had been staring at you for quite some time.

Sebastian snapped out of his thoughts, “What?”

“You’re going to burn holes in the girl’s head if you keep staring so hard.” She joked.

He looked away from you, “I’m not staring.”

“Whatever you say. Just know that a girl like that isn’t going to stay waiting forever.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know you just got out of a relationship but (Y/n) is a catch. She’s beautiful and smart and one of the most down to earth people that I’ve met.”

Sebastian chuckled, “Are you sure that you don’t want to date her?”

“You’re hilarious,” she rolled her eyes, “Just don’t wait too long. Look, some guy is already over there trying to put the moves on her.”

He quickly looked and saw that there was a guy that had approached you. He saw that the guy pulled out his phone to take a picture with you which you did without a problem. Sebastian thought the guy would leave once the picture had been taken but he stayed talking with you.

He noticed the guy was moving closer and closer to you and Sebastian clenched his jaw in frustration. He stood up from the booth and made his way on the dance floor.

The closer he got to you and the guy, the more jealous he had gotten. Once he reached you, he saw that the guy had walked away. You stood there wondering why Sebastian seemed so upset.

“Everything okay?” You asked him. It had been the first words in weeks that you had said to him.

He nodded, “Yeah, I just uh- I didn’t know if that guy was bothering you or not.”

You shook your head, “No, he was just telling me that his girlfriend was a fan and that she wouldn’t have believed that he met me without taking a photo.”

Sebastian felt relieved as soon as you said the guy had a girlfriend. He almost smiled.

“Oh, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” He told you. He almost had to shout it over the music.

“Thank you.”

The two of you stood there for a moment as the music turned to a slow song. It seemed like the dance floor was filled with other couples. You noticed that the rest of the group had returned to the booth.

“I’m gonna uh, go get a drink. Do you want one?” You asked him.

He nodded, “Yeah, I’ll go with you.”

Sebastian followed you over to the bar and you both ordered another shot.

“I think that we should talk.” Sebastian said while you both waited for the bartender to bring your drinks.

“I do too but I don’t think right now is a good time.” You told him.

“I agree but we will soon right? I don’t like how it’s been between us.”

“Neither have I. We will talk soon. I promise.”

Sebastian felt relieved. The bartender brought you both your shots and you both drank them before ordering another round for the table.

You lost count how many shots you had after that and the rest of the night turned into one big blur.


When you woke up the next morning to a pounding headache, you knew that you had overdone it the night before at the bar. You couldn’t remember the last time you had drank so much.

It took you a split second to realize that you weren’t alone in bed. You opened your eyes and saw an arm wrapped around your waist. You were cuddling with someone and you weren’t even in your room.

You slowly looked to your left and saw Sebastian sleeping soundly beside you. He had a tight grip on you. He was shirtless from what you could see and you didn’t even have to look to realize that you were completely naked.

Before you could completely start to freak out, Sebastian slowly stirred besides you. He opened his eyes and blinked a few times before focusing on you.

It was like you could read his thoughts as he looked around the room and then back at you. You could tell that he was wondering what happened also.

“What the hell happened last night?” You questioned.

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I’ll Be Your Sugar Daddy (2/?)

Summary: When Dan is desperate for money for university, he does the one thing he never thought he would do. He goes to a sugar daddy for help.
Genre: AU, Fluff (no smut soz)
Word Count: 4,300
Beta: thanks to the amazing @luminescentlester who beta’d this for me and actually even helped write some of this, much love <3

A/N: Yes, there are going to be more parts to this ^__^

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The Trials To Win Chris Colfer's Heart.

Highschool!Crisscolfer. I saw a post indicating it’s about prom time. So I got this idea where Darren is infatuated with Chris and tries very hard to ask him to prom. Quite a few times. 

“Darren!” the girl in front of him yelled while waving her hands frantically. “It’s the third time you’ve zoned out since I’ve been talking to you.”

“Huh. I’m sorry. You were saying…?” Darren asked, diverting his attention from the thoughts dominating his brain. Thoughts of him. 

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I love how they actually made the rings relevant. They didn’t just let that church scene happen and then forgot about it, as if it were yuri and viktor’s little secret. They made chris notice the rings. They made phichit SHOUT about viktor and yuri being married. They made Viktor confirm IN FRONT OF EVERYONE that those were engagement rings. And they showed everybody’s reaction to that announcement. 

it’s pretty much the same thing that happened in episode 7: the kiss was not concealed, it was not some sort of sinful thing which had to be hidden. It happened on national TV. Everyone saw it, everyone knew about it, it was public, it was real! 

If you ever wonder what good representation looks like: this is it. This is good representation. This show makes homosexual relationships look natural, and heaven knows this is exactly what the world needs right now.

The fact that people make fun of wrestling fans for their reaction to the Undertaker’s loss at Wrestlemania irritates me. I’m watching atmidnight kinda disappointed in Chris Hardwick, like I  know he’s supposed to be a comedian but he didn’t have to go the route he took talking about how it was, “written three weeks in advance in Connecticut”. And it bothered me that he half apologized for it.

As I’ve said before, wrestling is no different than scripted television. But the only real difference that kinda makes wrestling great is that you get to see fans’ reactions in real time. You get to see them respond to the show, see their facial expressions, verbally and physically express their feelings for what they are watching.

And one thing I’d say is this and I’ll use these as examples seeing as Chris Hardwick is a nerd heading Nerdist and hosting Talking Dead and all that shit: How did people react when important characters from shows like The Walking Dead died? Or even the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones? For anyone who didn’t read the material ahead of time(The Walking Dead comic book and A Song of Ice And Fire, respectively), it comes as a complete shock and surprise to them and I guaran-damn-tee you that they had the same facial expressions that fans at Wrestlemania had when they saw The Streak end(again, only difference is that you can’t see Walking Dead and Game of Thrones fans’ facial expressions and reactions outside of social media text). 

So to judge like that is irresponsible and hypocritical. 

But of course people are going to continue to mock wrestling fans by calling it fake and whatever but that won’t stop me from continuing to enjoy it like other “normal” people watch their weekly television shows.

Title: There’s Some Things We Always Knew (Read on AO3)

Pairing: Chris/Darren

Rating: PG

Summary: Not many people really understand. When he first told his best friend that he didn’t want to get married, she replied with a confused look, then a fit of laughter.
(Title from ‘All She Wants’ by MIKA)

A/N: So I was really inspired by Chris’ quote saying how he doesn’t want to get married and that everyone expects him to. Like, really inspired. I didn’t plan this. Woops. ~1860 words


Chris shouldn’t feel bad about it. He shouldn’t. If he can respect his friends’ beliefs and values, they should offer him the same courtesy— plain and simple. He shouldn’t feel like his heart is falling to his stomach every time someone gives him those pitying stares and tries to tell him what he should want for his life. He shouldn’t feel doubt creeping into his mind when his mother excitedly and wistfully talks about attending her son’s wedding someday, about the planning and the colors and the whole shebang. And he really shouldn’t feel like his insides are threatening to make an appearance in the outside world with every playful suggestion, smirk, nudge, or quip.

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