i had the idea in the back of my head and it didn't leave

Idk man. I had this idea and then it just sort of snowballed into an echo of the Captain Swan scene at the beginning of 4x04 and I went with it.

Caroline steeled her nerves then lifted her fist.

She swallowed nervously as she knocked on the huge door then took a little step back.

The door swung open and Klaus’ eyes widened a little.

“Caroline, what a pleasant surprise.”

“Um, yeah,” she replied inelegantly, still anxious.

“Come in,” he gestured, and she shook her head.

“No, it’s ok. I have to leave soon.”

“Alright,” he smiled, albeit confusedly.

After a second she forced herself into speaking.

“Um so have you heard of the Benefit Dance? We’re raising funds to re-do the cemetery.”

“Ah, yes,” he nodded. “Are you at the helm of that ship?”

She nodded. “I’ve been planning for the past two weeks.”

“And you’ve come here for a donation?” he confirmed, then smiled slyly. “One would think I’ve made my fair share of contributions to the Mystic Falls Cemetery.”

She glared. “You’re hilarious.”

He chuckled, clearly finding his joke and her reaction hilarious.

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