i had the hardest time making this because the feels

i’m asking her if they’re getting back together and she’s telling me it’s complicated and i’m cringing because i know what that feels like, it’s

texting every second but only making subtle jabs at the things that matter and you’re ignoring every one of them but it’s not my place to be too forward, it’s

you’re pretending you don’t hear me when i tell you i’m driving too fast again and you’re pretending you’re not killing me because it makes you feel better to know that this can be just casual and you’re pretending you’re not in love with me, it’s

i know you fucking feel this too, there’s no way i’m the only one who can’t get over you, we’re both in love with each other but if there was such thing as the hardest lesson i’ve ever had to learn it’s that love just isn’t enough, it’s

if this was a different place or a different time or a different life then yes, we would be together but it’s this life so no, we’re not, but i mean, we could be in the future, if i was a little better at regulating my emotions and you were a little better at revealing them, this could end up being nothing short of amazing, it’s

sleeping over your house feeling so worth it until i leave with a half-assed hug and realizing i may mean a lot but i might as well mean nothing and they say our brains are wired to connect sex to love, so after it’s all over, i am ignoring you for weeks because i don’t want to fall back into this but i still remember how our bodies touched when it was all over and we both had to pull away from just grabbing each other in each others’ arms and it’s

i love you but i can’t have you and i know i can’t have you but it feels better to pretend i can than to just give up because giving up means moving on and i’m not ready to do that yet, it’s

you’re texting people when you’re with me and i can’t ask you who they are because you’d just lie, it’s i want you but i don’t trust you, it’s i want you but i deserve better, it’s i want you but i’ll settle for the parts of you that make me feel good because god knows when i expect too much out of you, you always let me down, it’s if we’re not together, you can never let me down, it’s

i seriously deserve better but i’m not asking for too much and it’s possible for you to be everything i need but you’re just giving up

—  “it’s complicated”

So what if I’m crazier than crazy?
So what if I’m sicker than sick?
So what if I’m out of control?
Maybe that’s what I like about it.

I’ve always had this headcanon that the hardest part for Even is how good everything feels when he’s having a manic episode. He gets so much done - school work and drawings and personal projects and everything he could possibly do - and he’s so inspired and he’s just on all the time and how can something that feels like that and makes him so productive be wrong?

And then of course it all comes crumbling down again and he realises that half of his projects don’t make sense or they aren’t even finished, and he hasn’t slept for three days because he was too busy being on to look after himself.


Happy Birthday, my dear friend - @sim-bubble ❤️

“Jesus fucking hell, Ale. Where do I even begin? You are well aware of what you mean to me, putting it in words is going to be hard, especially because you know how I hate expressing feelings.

 Ale, you are, without a doubt, one of the best people I have ever had the luck to meet. I am pretty sure that ever since I texted you for the very first time we have never stopped talking. In you, I found one of the most amazing friends ever, you were there for me throughout one of the hardest moments of my entire life, and you always managed to make things better or to make me laugh.

 Also, you have probably the biggest collection of selfies I took while on the toilet, so I think that explains how much you mean to me, I mean, you can make a photo album with those, and who wouldn’t want that? For real though, Ale, you are my chicken nugget, the person I spam almost every day, one of my closest friends and just overall amazing. 

Happy birthday, Ale, hope you spend the most amazing day ever because you really deserve it. And, I promise, one day I will let you put makeup on me, you can consider this a voucher for when you’re here. 

Hope we can keep having our portuguese wars for a long long time, even though it’s a war pt-portuguese definitely wins. I love you, Ale. Thank you. For being you, for always being there, for existing. Just… obrigada por tudo aquilo que alguma vez fizeste por mim. So, once again, happy birthday, my dear friend. Have a good one.”

Fic Author Self Rec

heyyyyy so i was tagged by @karamelised, @fukcinglouis, @suddenclarityharry, and @londonfoginacup so i decided i should stop putting this off and actually get to it.  lol  so when you’re tagged in this you’re supposed to rec your favorite five fics you’ve written and explain why and this is SOOOO HARDDDD but i will do my best.  so here we go (in no particular order):

*The Long Way Home - so this one is kinda cheating, because it’s a series.  however, that being said, the series word total still only comes to 2003 words, so it’s actually kinda debatable as to whether it even counts as a series.  anyway, this made the list, because i’m so attached to it and yet no one ever reads it haha  anyway, it’s the closest i’ve ever come to angst and pain i think, and it all started because i was reading tkg poetry and one suddenly had this really sad and pained version of harry screaming at me and wanting his story told.  so i did.  anyway, i love it a lot.

*(Make You Want To) Scream - i feel like this is cheating a little too, because only the first part is posted, but the rest is written!  i promise!  my beta and brit pick are just super busy and i only finished writing it like…yesterday or something.  BUT while i feel like the second part of it might suck (and i probably only feel that way because @gettingaphdinlarry hasn’t kicked my ass into gear yet lol, she truly is the best), this was one of the hardest fics i’ve written.  i had such a difficult time going through and writing in a way that was clear but also expressing the various difficulties that might be had with inhabiting someone else’s body, much less someone you don’t know and it turns out you’re hella attracted to.  so it was a lot of fun while still flippin hard and i just kinda love it and can’t wait for you to read the rest.

*Who Tells Your Story - this is the fic i’m probably most proud of period and that i love the most out of all my fic babies.  or at least i love it the most so far.  this fic started as one thing and then turned into another and you guys, i hate research, but i actually researched for this fic!  and i had a lot of fun crafting the narrative and having it be larry but not like…only and completely about them.  i also had a blast creating fizzy and the rest of the crew that kinda surrounded louis for the fic and it was just a fun time to write it while also doing what i could to make sure the tone was right.  it was a good time.

*(Won’t You) Stay to the A.M. - so…apparently i can take a prompt that involves famous actor louis and homeless harry and make it pretty much pure fluff.  did you know that was possible?  i didn’t until it happened.  i didn’t even realize it was that fluffy because i still did what i could to make it have plot and conflict and resolution and stuff, but it was.  it ended up being super fluffy shit.  but i also was able to work experimental theater in central park into the fic, so yeah.  and i kinda based harry’s situation on daveed diggs.  so really i took a prompt and made it freaking self-indulgent fluff and yet somehow people still loved it.  which really doesn’t explain why i love it so much?  i’m really bad at this challenge, guys.  i think i have failed.

*Against His Better Judgement - this one…i loved but then i tried reading it again a few months ago and seriously cringed because it was painful for me to read it and it was then that i realized if i ever want to continue to love my fics, i need to never read them again.  lol  i do love this one though because the jane austen loving english major that will always be a huge part of me just can’t let my pride and prejudice au go so here it is.  plus, i mean, i put louis in booty shorts singing bootylicious during karaoke at a costume party.  can’t really go wrong with that, right?

i’m pretty sure everyone and their mom has already been tagged for this and no one actually made it through reading all the way to the end, but imma give it a try anyway!  so i tag @alienproof, @laynefaire, @hazzabooween, @andyouknowitis, @gloriaandrews, @wubwubnparmaham, @haloeverlasting and you.  if you’re reading this and you write fic and you haven’t done this yet, you’re tagged so have at it!

anonymous asked:

Love that last bit of meta you did for Victor. He does look tired. The other place where he looks tired ironically is when he takes off his sunglasses and gives a wink to the people watching. He drops his head and looks so sad and just goes through the motions compared to his wonderful heart shaped smiles it doesn't even compare ;A;

honestly, the thing i had the hardest time with in episode twelve was victor’s eager return to skating.  and you know, i’ve had to frame it to make it seem like a natural decision, and i’ve had to ruminate on it a lot, because i literally spend every waking hour mouth breathing and crying about victor nikiforov.  like, boy was NOT HAPPY.  he was a house of matches ready to collapse and combust, he was vellum, he was rice paper, he was a thousand thin, fragile things.  and so much of YOI was this parallel of yuuri becoming more confident and victor becoming more REAL.  and then episode twelve made me feel so conflicted about that and kind of angry, because i wanted him to move up instead of laterally in terms of development, but also HAPPINESS.  like, let this dumb boy whose life is defined by sacrifice and hollow attempts to Feel Things actually hold onto something.  please, please, please let him get what he wants. 

I just feel so incompetent while writing. I’ve never felt like giving up until today. I’ve struggled with characterization for years. My firsy fandom, I was told one of my characters was always off. I thought I’d gotten better by the time I joined Hetalia, but I just feel like my writing is absolute shit. I cannot get England’s character, he’s just too complicated and I fail to understand him even though I try my hardest, but I either make him too soft or too horrible. And I love him, he’s my favorite character and I wish I could at least make him a decent character because my France deserves better, he really does. And I’ve thought I had it down, but I don’t. Everything is a mess and I can’t grasp his personality. He’s an asshole, but he’s not an asshole. Where is my in between? And what’s worse is he argues and complains and he gets annoyed and it shouldn’t be too hard, right? I do all those things all the time. But I hate his character because it’s “you think you go it, but oh, so close!”

How the fuck is he supposed to act? How is he supposed to be with France? It just really upsets me that this is stressing me out because I want to write for this ship, but I can’t do it when one character is like this. Could someone please help me with England’s characterization? Any advice?

“One Person Can Do A Lot” 14 Million Subscribers Poem

Jack has helped me smile again

And he’s nothing short of a good friend

Cold, dark depression surrounded, but he

Kept me from drowning

Saw me through my hardest days

Every pain just seemed to fade

Playing games and making me laugh

Tears dried up as he warmed my heart

I thought I was worth nothing but he

Cared about and believed in me

Every time that I was sad

You, Jack, made me feel less bad

Eventually I didn’t hate myself

1 person can do a lot

4 someone else

My life is so much brighter now

It’s far from perfect, but I’m learning how to

Look at things so differently

Look for positivity

I’m following my YouTube dream

Only because you inspired me

Never had the confidence

Starting seemed so pointless

Until one day, I decided to try

Best decision of my life

So thank you for what you give to me

Courage, hope and positivity

I know these things are of no price

But just what I needed most in life

Every time I thank you, Jack, I

Really mean it, to the moon and back! You

Saved me.


(You may reblog, and ask for permission before riposting) 

This took me FOREVER, and normally I give up on projects like this but I am so so so glad I didn’t weenie out of this one. 

I’ve been wanting to draw these babies in steampunk clothes for the longest time. I played around with a few designs before I was satisfied with something. 

Erwin’s coat Is my take on a military formal thing. Even though I don’t know the first thing about military uniforms, other than they look nice. At first I was going to give him a robotic arm, but it didn’t work out. His bolero tie has some beads and was given a crack to show he’s been through some wear and tear. He was also given a heavy layer of guyliner. I love me some guyliner… 

Levi, I feel was kept a little bit more traditional, with an asymmetrical tailored jacket. All the swirly patterns on the green where free-handed. I kept the jacket the same color as the normal in-anime uniform and the green from the cloaks as an attempt to keep the link to the original on a design level. Top it off with a schmancy lace cravat and chained ear cuff. *drool*

Dear Hange was both the hardest to draw, yet I feel I thought her out the most. I actually had to go back and change her outfit three times because I couldn’t make up my mind on her design. I wanted to make her tribalish steampunk, while still keeping a “mad scientist” vibe. Weather or not I accomplished that is up to you guys. I feel like she would be the kind of person to pick up random objects of interest like beads, chains, old pieces of cloth, animal and bird parts, then wear them like decoration because she’s gross like that. Hence the bird skull and feathers in her hair, the feathered earings (Head cannon: She pierced them herself) and the bead/bone chain on her waist. Not that I believe she would be interested in dolling herself up with jewelry, but its a way to carry around all the neat stuff she collects. Her burgundy undershirt is a nod to her jumpsuit and lab coat in the Shingeki No Junior High story, (I love that color on her) and the yellow sash is a nod to her traditional yellow button down.   

I really hope you all like it!

|Apology Accepted|

“Shut the fuck up,” he growled, backing her against the door. They had been arguing ever since stepping into his house over an hour ago and he was tired of it. There was no reason for her to be upset but she was too stubborn to realize that.

“Excuse me?” she questioned, looking up at him. Her gaze was just was menacing as the anger she was feeling reached new heights. No one had ever spoke to her that way without getting dealt with and he wouldn’t be the exception. 

“Shut. The. Fuck. Up,” he repeated, slower this time so it would sink in. “For the first time in your life be fucking quiet and listen.”

She was so taken back by both the way he glared at her and the way he spoke, that she had no choice but to comply because his behavior had left her speechless. Seeing that he had her full undivided attention he took a deep breath before saying, “I don’t care how many girls lose they rabbit ass mind over me in front of you. None of that shit matters. Do you want to know why? Because I love you. Ain’t shit that they can offer me because they aren’t Giselle Marie Laselle. If I ain’t bothered, then you damn sure shouldn’t be. You should know better than anyone that I don’t even go for disrespectful shit so to accuse me of entertaining it is foul. That shit hurts.”

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Phone Call

Summary: After a year of being apart, you call you ex-boyfriend Bucky in the middle of the night.

Bucky x reader, SUPER ANGSTY/SOME FLUFF. Word count: 2,300

TW: nothing (I think…maybe some abandonment issue stuff?)

A/N: I may write an epilogue or part two to this at some point…

“Babe, it’s a little late to be calling, don’t you think?” whispered Bucky when he answered the phone.

“Sorry, Buck, I…I shouldn’t have called. I’m sorry. I’m just…sorry. Bye Bucky,” you stammered out between short breaths and quiet sniffles.

“Wait! Don’t hang up. It’s okay, Y/N. Now, what’s making you cry at 2:00 in the morning? Is it that new boyfriend of yours? If he laid a hand on you I swear to God—“

“It’s not that, Bucky. Wait, why are you whispering? Is Natasha over there?” you asked, trying to sound nonchalant but failing miserably.

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Ice Jewels Vol.4 special interview before start of season

~Signs of Evolution~

After World Championship (2016) to start of practice:

-After WC ended and you went back to Toronto, how did you spend your days?

Hanyu: I rested quietly. Walking was not allowed, so I did not go out. I did my studies earnestly, I think. (laughs) Other things were like playing games, reading manga and listening to music.

– What were your feelings then?

I wanted to move as soon as possible. I just wanted to skate.

– You didn’t feel depressed?

I did, I was very down. In the 1st 2 to 3 weeks, because I did not move my body at all, I know my muscles were going down and fat was building up, I was very depressed.

– Was it also because you could not get the medal that was expected at Worlds?

Yes, it was. After the competition, for about 2 weeks, every night, every night, I had dreams of the competition. In the dreams, I lost the competition every time. But I cannot remember what kind of performance I did. Every time, I lost, I went for the banquet, I returned to the hotel room, and I was crying. I kept having that kind of dream.

– I think the staff around you felt the same. But of course, it was hardest on you….

Because it was a competition where I had a lead in the short programme. But I was not able to do what I could do at practice and this frustration/regret (‘kuyashi-sa’) is different from the frustration/regret that I had last year.
Last year, although I had that certain amount of practice, there was still a feeling that I did not have complete practice in some area, so I had regrets that I failed due to that. This time, even though I had complete practice, even with that, I make mistakes here? it is this kind of feeling of frustration.
It is true that I had pain in my foot, and the practice period started late, but I did lots of practice and thanks to that, I could perform with no mistakes every day. That is why I was frustrated that I could not skate well at competition.

–Is it the feeling that it should not have been like this?

More than that, I had a sense of loss.

–Last season’s pain in the foot, when did it start?

Before Skate Canada. During Autumn Classic, I could not land the quad that was in the 2nd half, so I practised fervently. It was from that time. From there, the condition of my foot became strange.
After Worlds ended, I had to rest for one and a half months; on the day of the exhibition, I skated with the feeling like this was the last skate of my life.
If I don’t recover properly from the injury, it would affect the next season greatly. Actually, it is still not totally healed, but I am putting in effort as best as I can to make it good.

–Did you think of not competing this season to let your foot heal?

That thought was there. About a month after the start of practice, I still could not jump much, I thought I would not be in time for this season. The choreography would not be in time and the 'skating-in’ would be way too insufficient. But at that time, the first thing I thought about was the demerits of resting for one season.

–Is it hard to maintain the 'competition feeling’ when you rest for a long time?

Yes, it is. From what I have seen, athletes/skaters who come back after one season of rest had a hard time, so I thought I certainly do not want that.

June, practice starts:

–From the period of total rest, the doctor said it is ok to practise little by little, how was your body when you started practice?

It was worse than I thought, my body could not move. 2 months of not skating at all had a great effect. Of course, to some degree, jumps can be practised on land, but the feeling on land and the feeling on ice is very different.

–Were you anxious?

I was very anxious. At the beginning of June, even skating I could not do, so that period I was especially anxious. Going onto the ice, I could not practise jumps at first; then later, I tried jumping and I could not do it at all. My feelings then were really shaky.

–At a time like that, what were you aware of?

My body could not do the movements that I am thinking of and it put a strange burden on the body and became muscle ache/pain. Strange places started to be in pain.
On the other hand, it was a mental problem. By chance, I saw a programme on TV that was about stress, where stress comes from and how it affects the body, and coincidentally, a professor from my school, Waseda University, was in it. From there, I read books about stress and searched about it on the internet, and gradually my feelings calmed down.
But at the end, in order to recover, what is the most important thing? What is the thing that I can do now? I thought about that. And I think it is because I set my mind on those things that I could recover to this point.

–After the period of rest, when you started jump practice again, it was a single rotation jump at first?


–All types of jumps? Axel too?

I could not do the axel; I did a single loop or just jumping upwards, that kind of practice. At first, the only jump I could do was the loop. One day, 3 single loops, and practice was over, it felt like that. Ahh~ I can’t even jump something like this, I thought. It was really tough.
However, precisely because I could not do jumps properly, I had lots of time to think about it theoretically; and what I learned from there, I could put to practical use in the rink, I turned to thinking in that way.
But still, it was a situation of intense ups and downs. 2 months of not skating, it was a start from minus. Things I had been able do up to now, I could no longer do. Why can’t I do it? Is that correct? Is this correct? I was over-thinking about many things. I did not know what was correct anymore.

–Brian Orser said it was not something to be that worried about….

I was landing some of my jumps, but there was a huge difference between the times that I could do it and the times that I couldn’t. There were days that I could jump just by luck, on those days all jumps were landed. But on days that I couldn’t jump, my body did not tighten up, I could not tighten up my body when I jumped. Of course, the lucky part was also part of my own abilities. There were issues of muscle strength, but in the end, it was an issue of skills/technique and feelings. The skills did not accompany me at all.

–Did the body forget it all?

Not that it forgot; the head was giving proper instructions, but the body did not move according to that image. That was the toughest part.
I did all sorts of research and probed into the theories, but standing in the rink at the end, I still could not do it, and so I did even more research. The result was that the solution was found but it could not be reflected well in the skating. Conversely, when I was not thinking of anything and somehow just absentmindedly skating, suddenly I could do it. So, the things I have done until now, what is right, what is not right, I do not know, and I was even more depressed. It was like this over and over again.

–While continuing with your daily practice, what kind of trigger made your condition return to normal?

Maybe thinking that if I practise recklessly, I will injure myself again and the same thing will be repeated. Actually, thanks to the advice and support of the coaching team at Cricket Club, I could return to normal condition.
Coach Tracy Wilson could sense that my face was getting more and more grim. She sensed that, in the end, it was not my body that I was forcing into a corner but my feelings/spirit/state of mind. So Tracy took great care of me in that area. She also helped me to correct the problems in my jump technique, so I could return to the condition that was planned. The power of a coach is really great. Just seeing it from my own viewpoint and within my own image boundary, I am not able to solve the problem. As such, it is necessary to have various points of view. That is the good thing about Cricket Club’s training environment, and this time, I think I really made the most of that.

–Not only when the condition is good, but when the condition is bad, there are things to learn, isn’t it?

I thought, this period of not being able to jump, will it continue like that for one year? Will I go into a slump? I was very troubled. The start of skating after a period of rest is extremely difficult. Injury, then rehabilitation, the season after returning to the rink is very difficult. 'Skating-in’ is not enough, stamina is lacking, techniques have gone down, there are many problems. But this time, in a sense, the bad effects were limited to as little as possible. The injury was on the left foot, so I could do different jumps, and I was saved in that way. If it was the right foot, I would not be able to do anything, and I might have felt a fear of landing. So the fortunate out of the unfortunate is that it was the left foot, I can think that I have not yet been abandoned by God.

–After overcoming the injury, facing the new season, results and techniques go up smoothly, the foot problem was not in vain, it is good if you can think in that way.

Athletes who have recovered from injury sometimes say in interviews, “The period of rest was not wasted.” I think these words can only be said by people who have succeeded; they cannot be said by people who did not succeed. Honestly speaking, when I think again about whether those 3 months before Worlds were a waste, I have thought to the extent that they were a total waste, and I hate that. Now in the midst of going towards the Olympics, if I succeed at the Olympics, I think I can say the preparation before the Worlds that I did not win, was not in vain. Now I am accumulating it day by day, so that I will be able to think what I went through at that time was not wasted, that I have done what I should do. Not every second or minute, or one good thing a day, but to build up one by one, to gain confidence, I think that is very important.

[Part 2 HERE]

-translated by me;  thanks to a friend for the original Japanese article.

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: Part Eight! I feel like it’s not my best work, but I have had the hardest time typing the last few days- which is why this is just now being posted. I’m not going to make excuses for leaving y’all hanging, because I don’t really have a reason for it. It just kind of hit. I KNOW where I want to go with it, and all. I just couldn’t get it out the way I wanted. Chances are, I’ll come back and edit this, or try and make up for it later. But, Winchesters plus a baby! That’s gotta count for something, right? Anyways, it might just be me over thinking it and being too hard on myself (I get that way a lot), and I sincerely hope that’s what this is. Hope you all actually enjoy this part, and I hope to get more out soon! Thank you all for reading!

Warnings: Bit of sexual tension, Friend fluff (not a warning, really), Mention of smutty dreams, Bit of relationship regression (will fix itself soon!), Not much editing

Previous: One |Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

@captain-princess-rose @bookishdorito @supernatural508 @faegal04 @kelincihutan @1967-wayward @impossible-box

Word Count: Roughly 2900

“How’s your shoulder?” Sam asked Dean as he flinched lightly while climbing into the passenger seat. Sam was driving back to the hotel.

“It’s going to need to be reset. Definitely dislocated.” He gritted out as he leaned back. He didn’t look back at you, thankfully. Your swollen lips, heated face, and lightly sin marked skin would have given you and Sam away.  “You okay, Y/N?”

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stardustfromvelaris  asked:

For the OC ask thing, can you do F, K or Q? Thanks!

F was answered here!

K  has the hardest time responding to [kindness].  Alexander Byron Cruysson Jr., has had a fairly rotten go of it and is both unused to and uncomfortable with kindness. It either feels like he’s making a massive imposition or getting himself into someone debt when people are decent or generous to him.  even if it’s a no big deal, “I’ll spot you a costco hotdog” kindness, it bothers and bothers him because that cost MONEY and now i OWE them and the longer I take to pay them back the more they HATE me etc etc.

This is going to mesh GREAT with Marion “The Best Revenge Is Living Well And Spoiling Your Friends” Charleston.

Q: thinks the most [quantitatively].  Alex can think at approximately 698345792 thoughts per second on a bad day, but this is balanced out by long periods of thoughtless dissociation, so that averages out a bit.

Stephanie thinks constantly, and doesn’t exactly sleep, but if you were to telepathically connect with her, you wouldn’t recognize them as thoughts.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo Episode 16 (FINALE)

It’s with a full and satisfied heart that I say goodbye to Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. There are very few shows that have managed to make me feel this way, particularly because Dramaland is plagued by stretching unnecessary misunderstandings and angst, but Fairy never failed to deliver.

The characters were always quick to talk to each other in a honest way, and I’m not only referring about the main couple, but also about how all the characters -family and friends- had their moment in the spotlight were they were able to grow and mature. From fights with friends to family problems, lovers quarrels and growing pains, the PD, cast and crew hit the spot every time.

I have been watching out for Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk for a while now, thinking about their potential as actors and after Fairy, I think we can all agree there’s a before and after in their careers for them. They have proven to be a force to be reckoned and I’m looking forward to their future projects. But this wouldn’t had been possible if not for the amazing work the rest of the cast put in into the show.

I felt it was appropriate for Shi-ho to find her way in coaching since she has the experience of what terrible guidance can do to talented athletes.

Jea-yi figured out the proper way to show his feelings for Dr. Go, who finally found happiness with the man she has always loved.

I was always looking forward for the moments between Nan-hee, Bok-joo and Seon-ok, because theirs is a real sisterhood and very few shows portray friendship between women this way.

My heart broke for uncle Dae-ho’s unrequited crush on Coach Choi and celebrated when they both found happiness with others. And I sobbed feeling the parents unconditional love and support for their children. By the way, wasn’t that the cutest and best formal introduction of families ever. Yes, Jae-yi, Joon-hyun and Bok-joo were getting engaged right there.

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I’m impressed with the screenwriter of this show and how she told the story of these characters, breaking Dramaland stereotypes, troupes and talking openly about things that even nowadays are taboo in society like mental health. But also because she managed to grasp the bittersweet feeling of what it means growing up for a young woman, falling in love for the first time and how relationships, in all it’s forms, not only needs love but also hard work, honesty and to be cherished. That’s how you keep them going for a long time.

I love how the PD made the most simple and yet beautiful scenes by playing with lights and music. Aesthetically, Fairy was perfection from begging to end, but the editing and takes helped to relate to what the character were going through. These kind of feelings, I believe are the hardest to reproduce/represent when telling a story, because they are fleeting, subjective and at the same time universal to the human experience. They are what makes you. I will keep an eye on his future projects too.

And thank you, show, for portraying in Bok-joo a happy, well adjusted and successful woman whose boyfriend is proud of all her achievements. I also appreciate that Joon-hyun’s success didn’t magically happened at the same time. He had a rough year and failed most of his competitions, for him making it immediately into the national swimming team, it would have been unrealistic.

It was incredibly satisfying to see the characters all grown up and ready to take on the world. Together, always together, because they know how important their relationship is to each other. But at the same time I love how Bok-joo and Joon-hyun always knew how to prioritize and be honest when it mattered. Neither of them ever blew off a family member or friend because they were in a relationship, and the other didn’t reproach it either. Theirs was a mature, real love and friendship where they supported and protected each other’s independent life, professional ambitions, and the future they were building together. They are their own biggest fans, supporters and shippers.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo is definitely going to my TOP 10 list of best kdramas of all time, Hall of Fame status, for all the reasons mentioned before and more. I could gush about it all day and at the same time I don’t know what else to say. This is one of those gems you need to watch and appreciate, one that I will keep coming back again and again, and again.

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The Road to Nerdfighteria

I am Taylor and I am a Nerdfighter. To me this means that I want to make the world a better place and I am trying my hardest to do so. I became a Nerdfighter about three years ago when I was going through a period of time in which I was very upset with the who I had become in life. I turned to youtube because I knew that this state of mind was only temporary and I didn’t want to act upon certain feelings I may have had at the time only to regret it later. I watched hours and hours of video, from “Google secrets you need to see” to “Will it donut?” And I found myself even more upset. I wanted to do things with my life, be something. Then, one day, in the reccommended section I found a vlogbrothers video. I don’t quite remember which one. Hank was talking about one thing or another and I found myself drawn to the sense of urgency and need for change. I discovered nerdfighteria and have been doing my best to be a better person for the world ever since.

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       It was absolutely irritating that Lucas had to deal with these impromptu thoughts on this day. Those thoughts made him feel as if what had been out of his control was his own fault. Those thoughts would also blame him for leaving him behind and making him grow up in the hardest of times.

                                       Yet he couldn’t bring himself to hate him.
                                                   Because what could have he done? He was just as shocked as him.

       Lucas lets out a groan, a mixture of sadness and annoyance evident in the sharpness of his tone. The grip of the letter signed with his name tightens as those thoughts continue to run rampant in his head.

                                     He couldn’t truly hate him, regardless of what happened. 
                                                 He couldn’t voice any disgust, because he meant no ill will.

The blond loosens his grip on the letter until it falls on to Flint’s bed, and the boy promptly walks away.

                                     “Happy Father’s Day.”          

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What is your advice to those who struggle with severe depression?

i think a lot about time. at my most depressed and hardest moments - specifically around 2006 when i felt such darkness and panic that i wasnt leaving the house — it felt like forever. like i had come into a feeling i would never not know. and the funny this is that thats true. you never un know the feeling of depression, but whats impossible to grasp while youre depressed is that this feeling will actually become something that makes you more interesting and stronger at some point. time is bizarre.. when youre in the depression there is nothing else, and when youre out of it it seems so manageable because you know it passes. the shitty thing for me is that whenever im on a downswing i always see it as the end. like “things where good and i had some ups and downs but now this is me forever”. so… long answer but what i mean is that i try to stamp it into my head that i WILL feel not this way at some point no matter how impossible that seems. i try and talk to myself the way i would speak to someone i care about 

You Needed Me (A Harry Styles One Shot (Explicit)

harlodlover asked: “Hii, could you do one where ‘she’ is just in the bedroom watching tv normally and harry comes in from 'somewhere’ really horny and “you know” and could you make it where harry is loud during sex and he likes to dirty talk? Thanks xx i love your writing! btw ❤” 

So this is the request; haven’t written in a while so please don’t judge me too hard, and i hope you guys enjoy this one! (P.S;requests are now being taken if you want me to write you a one shot with Harry, please let me know x) 


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