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Sparks Chapter 17

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: So I totally got this from New Girl 2x15 when they played True American, the drinking game. Drunk Steve and Bucky being cute. Sam, Wanda, Nat, Cho, & Everyone locking y/n and Bucky in her bedroom until they kiss. Spoiler they finally kiss.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendshipand then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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How the guys and their s/o became interested in eachother

Apologies for not posting for a few days, im gonna start doing the requests now :’)

Kaito Momota

- U and Kaito started to already like eachother because u guys like the same music

- U were wearing the shirt of ur fav band/artist and when Kaito saw u he even needed to calm his shit down before talking to you

- he walked up to u and asked if u listen to them too??/?

- Honestly his smile was so adorable when he asked u that

- U nodded and he started to ask u a bunch of questions like why u like them and what ur fav song is and hes really happy to talk about them with u

- And eventually u saw that most of the music u listen to is also in his playlist

- Talking about your fav band/artist or just music in general with him is so much fun!!!

- And it doesnt matter if ur good nor bad at singing, in the end of the day u sing almost every song of ur fav band/artist with him wich makes u both laugh till u got tears in ur eyes

- Also he shows u maaany more music artists and groups ud be interested in!

- Even if u guys dont have anything to say to eachother u can always talk about music, that’s for sure :)

Kokichi Ouma

U were in this guy class and honestly u decided not to talk to him, like at all

- He gave u odd feelings

- When School ended and u were about to go home u saw the purple hitler Ouma at the locker room

- Ofcourse, u were like ‘shit’

- But when u saw Ouma’s face-

- He s blushing??????? 

- Like?????? Why is this guy looking like that?????? why he so cute????

- He walked up to u while u were obviously looking like u were about to run

- When he started talking it felt like there was 20 years added to ur lifespan like this guy his voice is straight up cute

- U legit forgot why u were avoiding him

- He said really nice stuff to u, and was lowkey trying to impress u tho 

- U guys started to talk more and u really enjoy the conversations!!

- Whenever he sees u he automatically smiles, like its his thing now

- Though he does goes from adorbs to evil time to time, u were able to accept that side of him, even though it was a little hard at first 

- But its not a problem anymore because now u guys are really happy with eachother!!


- U swear to god u saw him flying around once 

- It made u think like: ‘’whoaaa i wanna meet this robot guy wowie wow wow’’’and since then u started looking for him evERYWHERE

- But on ur first day of highschool u saw this guy and he was also in ur class and-

- S/O.EXE stopped working

- Though u decided not to go to him like a crazy fangirl or anything, u kept it cool and went home (cause it was the end of the schoolday at that moment)

- But when u turned around to look at him for one last time the guy was standing in front of u and u stopped working again

- When he talked he talked so formal like he used some words u never heard of

- It was actually really cute because he was stuttering the whole way true it, and u could see he was actually quite nervous to talk to u

- And when he asked u to introduce urself, instead of freaking doing it, U asked if he could fly

- Wich made ur school / classmates giving u a weird look but kiibo was happy to answer that question!

- He explained that it was one of his rlly dope robot functions and he ended up talking about all the other functions he has– yet he still spoke very formal to u wich is adorable 

- In the end of the conversation, u could see he actually had a nice time meeting u, and after talking more to eachother, he became to really like u (yet he doesnt know what that feeling means)

- U guys always have stuff to learn from eachother, u explain stuff about humans and society, and kiibo about robots and the way theyre created

- So its a win win for u both!!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

- I legit have no idea to write this one sorry v.v

- Let’s say u found eachother at club penguin and ended up falling in luv

Rantarou Amami

- U always thought this guy was suspicious as hell

- Once ur bike was stolen and the next day u saw this guy with a bike really similair to urs

- Though he told u multiple times he had this bike for a long time

- Whatever he does u always have a something to say about it, like u still dont forgive him for sort of stealing ur beautiful green bike

- U don’t hate this guy, u just dislike it when he makes an appearance

- Even when ure a complete ass to him it doesnt look like he has any problems with it?? he is still really chill to u??

- He even once asked u to eat lunch with him and his friends

- U are confused like why is he still being nice to u?? U swear u saw him a little irritated at someone at least once

- Though u didnt want to admit it, it did made u more interested in him at some point

- So the next time he asked u to eat lunch with his friends u said yes

- U know, maybe he is a very nice person

- And yes! he is actually very nice!! U guys have a lot in common!

- Also Amami is a very chill person, and u can talk about kinda anything with him, hes very understandable + is good at listening 

- And u probably confused the irritaded guy with him, u can’t image this guy loosing his chill to be honest

- But u do need to survive his bad dad jokes

- Though it did took some time for u two to actually become lovers because u were STILL salty about the bike thing

Shuuichi Saihara

- U love to read!! But when u were in the local libary near ur house, u always saw the name ‘Suuichi Saihara’ in the back

- It acc annoyed u and ofcourse u needed to make a competition out of it

- U started reading all the books that has his name on the back, like u even ended up pulling an all nighter to finish one of those books

- Though u do admit this Saihara does have a good taste in books

- One day u were reading in the libary, and ended up falling asleep cause u obviously have an lack of sleep

- When u woke up the libary was closed while u were still IN THE LIBARY AND UR LIKE NOOoh

- But u also woke up with a really dope hoodie buT UR BUSY PANICkING

- Hours later when u decided to have a sleep over at ur favorite place u started wondering where the hoodie came from

- The next day u tried to fake sleep because u. wanna. know. who it was

- Then a hour(s) later u felt someone putting an scarf around ur neck lmao

- U turned around and saw a guy with a cap and ur like oh and u dont know what to say because u didnt expect to acc come this far

- He started blushing like crazy and u were suprised, he looked so mysterious but instead hes really cute and shy 

- U both introduced urselfs and Saihara is like ooh!! i always wanted to meet u cause u love reading as much as i do! i see ure name in the back of books a lot too

- And ur like bruh i see ur name on a lot of books too, but then he explained that he did that just for u to notice him and like how adorable even is that lol

- Since then u guys started to hang out in the libary a lot !!

Gonta Gokuhara

- He was acc the one starting to talk to u

- He once saw u taking care of a spider, instead of killing it u carefully took it and put the spider outside the school back to the nature

- He was very thankfull!! Because insects for this guys are like his own children

- Aside deadly ones, u were never really scared nor disgusted by insects

- But when this guy was talking about them, it makes u feel like theyre more than insects tbh

- He shows u how to take care of diffrent kinds of insects, and it made u actually interested

- Whenever ure asking questions, he s glad to answer! Cause it makes him not only feel at ease, but really happy too!

- Whenever he talks about insects with you, hes always smiling and he has that excitment in his eyes

- Even though u guys know eachother for months and are dating now, he still talks formal to u + has the same excitment in his eyes whenever the subject is about insects

Ryouma Hoshi

- U guys already knew eachother since elementary school

- So u can say u guys were childhood friends, though, he moved so u didnt talk to eachother since six grade

- U remember when u both were like 5 he once kicked u and u ended up with ur head in the sandpit

- And u guys always put sand in eachothers hair + pants/skirt or just straight up underwear

- But it made both of u laugh and yes u guys became friends because of it

- Many years later u were about to go to the police for an school project; u needed to interview one of these police offiecers about how they do their work–

- But then u saw this very little guy walking out of the front door like yes btches im finally free after all these years 

- And u recognice this guy like immediately and when he looked at u U SAW HIS SMILE SLOWLY DISSAPEAR LIKE

-  ‘’Oh… Hey Y/N looong time no see huh? ahah…ahahah..ha’’

- Let’s say his laugh was so awkward it made u cringe inside

- But the fact that it was ur friend from sooo many years ago made u very excited and idk he thought it was adorable

- After talking alot he started explaining the reason why he was in prison and u were shook at first but u saw despite his actions he was still like the same nice guy from elementary school

- And u both decided to hang out with eachother more 

- After some time u guys ended up having feelings for eachother too!! :)

anonymous asked:

What would you say is the main difference between MCU Tony and Bucky and 616 Tony and Bucky? I mean, they're the same characters, so there's obviously gonna be key components that stay the same, but I wonder (since I'm not as familiar with the comics versions) what you think the main changes are? If they were put in an AU, would it be possible to distinguish between the different versions?

First of all, I am no expert on comics and have by far not read all there is.

As you said, they are AU versions of the same character, so there are a lot of similarities. MCU was based on comics, but with the MCU’s popularity, they also influence each other. So there is no clear line to say “this is only true for one of them”, especially since it might be added into the other canon later.

Both canons also have the fact that they are written by multiple people. In comic canon, the writers change, and the history of the character gets changed often enough. It can happen because a writer wants to take it into a different direction than the one before, or because someone at marvel thinks something needs to be changed.

In MCU, the movies are written by diferent people, and I guess some things are dropped to make the plot work in the runtime, or push it into a direction for following MCU stuff.

So there is enough discourse about which part of canon people accept as true. There are comic runs or behaviour fans just ignore as too ooc to follow, or things said in movies for a quick joke that seem fine in the context of it being just a movie, but seem ooc for the character.

Both Tonys also play the role of “standard rich guy”, and while with inner monologue in comics it is often made clear that it is a role he plays that is not necessarily how he really is, movies have less insight into his head, so it is left a little more vague how much of his behaviour is playing a role and how much is not.

So, even the interpretation of the character in one universe may vary.

That said, here are some differences in character that seem consistent to me:

616 Tony really really doesn’t like killing people. He may do it if left with no different option, but he usually tries to save everyone, even the bad guys.

(from Iron Man v4 issue 6)

MCU Tony shows some of this, as the Avengers movies always also show them trying to protect and save civillians. In a deleted scene of IM1 he also tries to save Stane. But he also kills the people terrorizing Gulmira, the guards when breaking into the Mandarin’s base, and the extremis people and shows no remorse.

616 Bucky on the other hand really doesn’t mind killing people. After remembering who he is, he still flees from Steve, but also actively attacks hydra bases, and pretty much kills a lot of them. This attitude also continues later when he is doing spy stuff with natasha again, and only changes in Thunderbolts vol 3, where he actively tries to stop his teammates from killing people (possibly after his brief space adventure where he had a sudden romance and the relization that killing is wrong, even if they’re bad guys, but it is one of those story arcs some people ignore because it was weird and at least a little ooc).

(From Winter Soldier - Winter Kills and Thunderbolts v3 issue 1)

While the time after CA TWS isn’t shown much for MCU Bucky, in the tie in comic, he killed some hydra people and then decided to stop the killing, a short time after CA TWS. In CA CW, he also seems to try not to kill people, even though that only works with movie logic (yes bucky, a huge brick to the chest still kills people in real life).

(From Civil War prelude infinite comic, MCU tie-in)

MCU Tony generally is a lot more funny and snarky than 616 Tony, although 616Tony changed to be more snarky in newer comics, probably because of MCU. 616 Tony also usually was more of a high society business man, as well as doing more charity work, or at least MCU doesn’t focus on the charities much. While both are impulsive in their business descisions when they think they can stop something bad (like shutting down weapons production in MCU, or firing and hiring people in 616), comics show Tony actually being CEO, attending board meetings, doing paperwork. 616 Tony often seems like a more serious and sadder version of Tony Stark. (I’ve also heared comic fans say that MCU Tony in CA CW was finally closer to 616 Tony)

In the MCU, Tony being a team player is only shown in the background. He builds stuff for them all, gives them a base and obviously had kept an eye open for new heroes like spider man (and seems to try and take care of him post cw), but the other characters still react to him like he doesn’t work well in a team and has a huge ego (which he has, but it mostly manifests with him thinking everything bad is his fault and he could have stopped it). 616 Tony has founded and led multiple avengers teams, knows or is friends with a lot of people in the superhero community, works with them or helps them. (from All-New All Different Avengers, Patsy Walker - Hellcat, Black Widow - Name of the Rose, Avengers v2) He isn’t always well liked by everyone, but I’d say a lot of people (the heroes, not always the civillians) do appreciate what he does. Before his identity was out, people also praised or thanked him in his role as Tony Stark, not just as Iron man (although that might be partly meant as a joke on his secret identity).

There is some difference in age and background for Bucky:
616 Bucky’s father was in the army, and when he died when Bucky was 12, Bucky stayed at the army base and became kind of the base’s mascot. Depending on version of the comics, he then either recieved special training to become Captain America’s sidekick, or became Cap’s sidekick when he accidentally saw Steve’s secret identity. Bucky was 16 when he met Steve, who already was Cap, and went to war from about age 16-19. So 616 Bucky was a lot younger, knew Steve for a shorter time, and also had a lot more military background than MCU Bucky.

MCU Bucky breaks out of his brainwashing more or less by himself (with the help of Steve talking to him and stuff) and generally seems to need some time to remember. 616 Bucky doesn’t remember anything before Steve uses a cosmic cube to make him remember, and then he pretty much remembers all instantly. In comics, Bucky had already lost his memories when they found him, so they just used that and added some brainwashing later.

In fandom, MCU Winter Soldier is often described as more of an object than person, and while I don’t really think that is quite canon (he orders his men around in TWS, seems comfortable with speaking, Pierce tries to reason wih him before deciding to wipe him), the comics show the winter soldier talking, making plans, and generally behaving “normal”, if rather cruel. There are scenes describing that they laughed at Bucky though, who, with the memory loss and brainwashing, was helping the people he used to fight.

Bucky did not kill Tony’s parents in 616.
The two of them actually work together quite well after fighting for a bit, for about 3 years of comics.

While the movies manage to pack a lot of stuff into 2 hours of movie, especially if you pay attention to details, comics had decades to establish more character depth and had more time for small scenes that were just for character and not plot.

So we get minor details like:

Bucky likes to playpoker. (links by comic-bucky)

Tony gathers info on bad guys and their operations.

(Avengers Assemble issue 24)

Fun and cracky: Tony has a kitty mug, and a tropical spa place hidden in the avengers tower toilets.

Bucky likes chocolate and reads comics, but dislikes that the cap comics always drew him as a child.
(Links provided by comic-bucky)

With the decades of comics, a lot of the relationships between the characters are more detailed. Tony and Natasha started off rough, but Tony trusted her for decades now. Natasha already knows bucky from her time as a Black Widow and they were together for a while. Tony dated Jan, Madame Masque, Maya Hansen (after she was in jail for the whole extremis thing), and a whole bunch of others, partly because canon is LOOONG.

Working with superheroes (and living together) for 10 or more years, more almost-world-ending events, all these things will make them a little different from MCU versions, where there are a lot less super-powered people, and a lot of stuff between the movies is not shown and never mentioned, making it seem like not much happened.

As for recognizing them in an AU, that is sometimes possible, but often easier when looking at other details of the world. MCU is influenced by comics a lot, and fans also take stuff from the comics they like, so it’s not always clear.

Other characters give a hint: Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym are there? Obadiah is not? Tony is friends with Reed Richards, who has children? Bucky met Steve in the army? Bucky hung out with the Invaders?
All hints for 616.

Sometimes you can see that a specific storyline is mirrored in the AU, for example the Iron Man 1 plot, which makes it pretty obviously MCU (That exact plot didn’t happen in the comics, and while Obadiah did things, his role was smaller and he had nothing to do with Tony being kidnapped and becoming Iron Man).

Thank you for this question, Anon, it gave me an opportunity to ramble about comics XD!

If anyone sees mistakes, feel free to let me know, I don’t know nearly enough about comics (and I probably forgot some stuff).

And a big thank you to @comic-bucky​, who knows ALL (and who sent me a lot of comic panels) <3

IronHawk  (Part Eight)

Looong update this time guys! I just didn’t want to chop them into a bunch of small chapters so here it is lol
Quick note–I definitely wrote the little scene between Cap/Tony that way because that exact moment in CACW makes me cry so I rewrote it here so it’s not something to cry about!!!

Thanks so much for the love on this fic, glad you guys love it as much as I do!

Catch up on previous chapters HERE.

Enjoy :)

The rest of the team took the news as well as could be expected. Pepper was the most worried, concerned that they had shared another heat without officially bonding but Tony had reassured her from his spot on Clints lap that it was going to be fine, and a bond wasn’t necessary. If the Alphas hold had tightened to almost painful for a second, if he growled just the littlest bit at the thought of not bonding, Tony didn’t comment, just shifted a little closer and hummed soothingly.

Things returned to normal fairly quickly, even in light of Tony and Clint’s new… relationship? Heat agreement? Whatever it was supposed to be.

In between missions the team always stuck close to home, close to each other, but maybe a little more so than they used to now.

And it certainly couldn’t be denied that Tony being a fully- functioning omega had brought out some very deep protective instincts in the team. In fact, fighting had become something of an issue, with Banner especially so loathe to leave Tony’s side during a battle that he was less effective than usual. It had nearly resulted in the escape of a well known terrorist, and Fury had been blisteringly angry.

Annoyed as well, and to counteract the over protectiveness, Tony spent hours each day fighting and training with each Alpha. Safely geared up in his suit, he pushed them to fight him, forcing them to try to hurt him, because he had no qualms about hurting them at all, and took a certain delight in tearing them apart every day until they pushed back just as hard.

It was the Captain that was the last to snap during training, pissed because Tony had fired a chest repulsor at him unexpectedly. The captain had thrown his shield up at the last minute, barely deflecting the blow and with an angry roar he had leapt up and into Tony, driving the suit into the ground, and smashing his shield into the chest piece.

Tony had cried uncle, laughing through the mask, grateful that together he and Banner had reinforced the chest plate to protect the arc reactor. Nothing short of Thor’s hammer would break the material, so he wasn’t actually in any danger.

The look of horror on the Captain’s face had him laughing even harder as he clanked to his feet. “Feel better that nothing much is going to hurt me in a battle?” He asked and Steve just grumbled, dusting Tony off and making him flip his face mask up to check for damage.

“Fine.” He agreed. “Fine. But only because no one ever gets close enough to you to do what I just did.”

Steve had definitely been the hardest to convince. Banner had to trust his workmanship, knowing that even if he called the Hulk, the green monster wouldn’t ever turn on a teammate, even to spar. Tony had made him watch then, as Natasha had stood in front of Tony and fired round after round of ammo at him until she was satisfied that the armor was in fact just as bulletproof as he told her. Bruce had hated watching, but needed the subconscious reassurance that the omega would be fine.

Clint hadn’t even considered sparring with him. Even though they were not technically bonded, it was physically impossible for him to pick up a weapon to use against Tony. He had calmly explained that to the group, and everyone had pretended not to see Tony’s look of absolute relief.

He- and they- knew if Clint ever turned against him, the omega would submit instantly, unable to fathom fighting his Alpha.

So the team reached an agreement when fighting, an understanding that just because Tony was off suppressants didn’t mean he was any more vulnerable than he had ever been. Tony even went so far as to call Fury in to watch a match, to satisfy the one eyed man’s curiosity.

And it was actually Fury who brought up the somewhat awkward, and still untalked about, status of their relationship.

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Just A Ghost Of Exhaustion

Fandom: Danny Phantom

Summary: “Beware! I am the Box-”

“Beware, beware, beware,” Danny grunted in exasperation. “We get it.” His eyes scanned over the forty-some green glowing shipping crates. “What is it this time?”

“Beware! The shipping creates of doom!”

Of doom. It was always “of doom.” Danny would have to buy the stupid ghost a t-shirt.

Or, Danny is exhausted and that never mixes well with having to fight..

Word Count: 956

Fic Type: One-Shot

Warnings: None

Pairings: Gen

Notes: *coughing* oops

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Sparks Chapter 16

Originally posted by livvy1800

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: Bucky helps y/n put together her new dresser. y/n begins to experience the stress of the job. Bucky finally begins to move on from his feelings for y/n.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Has this been done?

“Yo, Cap, what’s with the pretty shampoo?” Sam called out from the bathroom.

“Huh? Oh, it keeps my hair super soft. And see, it says right there it keeps it hydra-licious. That’s gotta be good, right?”

Sam rolled his eyes and replaced the bottle. Visiting Steve at his apartment in Stark’s tower was always interesting. Much different than the apartment in D.C., which was still being renovated from its attack-by-brainwashed-assassin.

Pushing it from his mind, the superhero joined his super-soldier friend in the living room and proceeded to carry on with their movie.

A few weeks later, Sam couldn’t deny that something was up with Steve. His previous stances on social justice causes had shifted, becoming more and more the opposite of what he had always been so vocal about it in the past.

“I just don’t see what the big deal is. So what if that one singer was only married for a few hours. Why does that mean we should allow gays to marry?”

Sam simply stared in abject horror and confusion, not understanding this absolute 180 from his personal views. “Man, what the hell is wrong with you?”

Steve scowled and turned the TV off, snapping, “Nothing’s wrong with me! I’m just tired of all the political agenda lately.”

“Whatever, man,” Sam said, already intending to speak to Nat about this.

The intervention they planned never came to fruition. Before they could corner Steve, he’d already defected, saying the words that no one ever expected or could believe.

Bucky, the former Soviet assassin who had been controlled by the Nazi offshoot group, was the one to make the connection. When searching through Steve’s apartment for clues, found the bottles of shampoo in the bathroom.

He tossed the bottles onto the conference table in front of Tony. “Test this,” he demanded.

Tony snorted but grabbed the bottles and headed to his lab. “Don’t think this means I actually listen to you,” he called back as the doors shut behind him.

Two hours later, the team stared in shock at the results.

“Mind control. Through shampoo. What will they think of next?” Sam wondered, running a hand down his face.

Natasha looked almost impressed at the ingenuity and sheer luck of the Hydra scientists. Who would have thought that Steve Rogers - Captain America himself - would use a brand of shampoo aimed at hydrating his hair?

Tony had already formulated a counteragent to use on Steve - currently locked in a Hulk-proof holding cell in the basement.

“That’s it,” he said, only somewhat joking, “all soaps and shampoos we use are to be made directly in this building. Can you imagine if Banner had used this stuff?!”

The team shuddered at the thought.

Within a week, Steve was back to himself. Overly apologetic, but himself.

“I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine what you guys must have thought.”

“It’s okay, man. Just, no more Hydra shampoo, okay?”

Steve choked at the thought and hurried to reassure Sam. “Totally. No more. I’m with Stark. In-house formulas only.”

Bucky rolled his eyes and yanked Steve over to the counter to sit and eat breakfast. “Shut up, eat, and don’t do it again. Right?”

“Right,” Steve said with a sigh.

Angel Grace

Characters/ Pairing: Castiel x Reader (Kind of idk), Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester.

Word count: 1674

Warnings: Uff, swearing, word vomit, thinking (Can I make that a warning?)

A/N: This is for @cici0507 Cheezy Song Decade Challenge. My song: 10-90′s ‘Boombastic’ by Shaggy.

First Castiel x Reader fic (Not AU) so… idk

Italics: Reader’s thoughts Italics bold: Song fragment

[Feedback is awesome!]

Gif not mine.

Originally posted by mostly10

“Oh, one quick warning…” Dean turned around from the door as his hand easily slipped the key in place and tuned it; with a click the heavy metal door was unlocked.

“Y/N is a bit, umm… Well, she likes the sound of her own voice, a lot.”

“That is a good thing,” Castiel answered “Though as I understand, most people like the sound of their own voices because they haven’t heard it as the rest have, distorted by air. They only like it because of how it sounds through the vibrations of their own inner ear.”

“Yeah… What Dean meant,” Sam hurried and walked in behind his older brother, as Cas was still standing outside, “Is that Y/N doesn’t like to shut up. She’s…” Sam took a deep breath and turned to face Castiel. “Extremely talkative.”

“Yeah!” Dean added in a little scoff. “She won’t shut up… Ever.  I even tried once covering her mouth, but she also bites.”

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anonymous asked:

I really liked your dancer and bubbles prompts! Would you be able to do one with Gail and Holly competiting against eachother at some kind of sports or dance thing ? They hate eachother of course. Or do they?

So today was a looong, long day, but I had to get out at least one story before going to bed. I really liked your prompt, anon, and I hope it’s at least halfway decent, seeing as I’ve written it with only 50% of my brain operating at full capacity, tops. I also have no idea what I’m doing writing in second person, so it might be really crappy. I’ll give it a once-over tomorrow to make sure there are no typos or weird stuff, but feel free to point them out to me if you find anything.

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The Different Species of A

This is pretty much just gonna be a breakdown of perhaps the most mysterious character in Pretty Little Liars and an extreme over-analyzation the way they sign their name.

The Heirarchy of A

Everyone probably imagines this in their own way, but just so you know what I’m referring to in this theory…

  1. Head A
  2. Black Veil*
  3. Red Coats
  4. Leader of the A-Team
  5. The A-Team

*If not the same person as the Head A

The “Unsigned” A

I’m starting with this because…chronological order.

Anyway, who imma be calling the “Unsigned” A, was the original A, just before they got their name. This A was the one who was tormenting Ali years before “her” body was discovered, but little white cards with caps black print were given to the Liars twice also.

In episode 2.13, “The First Secret”, A makes their first appearance. They send a text to Alison that simply says, “I’m watching you.” At the end of the episode, A is given a name, but we get to talk more about that later.

I have reason to believe that the first messages were sent to Ali by Mrs. DiLaurentis (and you can check out that little mini theory here), but at the same time, I believe that the person who sent these is the Head A (and therefore not Mrs. DiLaurentis)

So I think this person may actually be Jenna. The above message led the Liars to Wright’s Playground, and the ending scene of 4.07 leads us to believe that Nigel Wright was communicating with Jenna.

Also, we know that Jenna believed that Garrett killed Alison, and they were definitely trying to do something to make them not seem guilty. If that was pinning the murder on the Liars, I don’t know.

Obviously Jenna hadn’t been blinded by Alison yet at the time of the first A message, but maybe she took over for someone else?

I think Aria started as the “Unsigned” A (you’ll read about that later), but Jenna left these two messages.

Other Unsigned Messages

This message appeared after the Liars “blocked” A, and was made to look like A was able to send them messages even though they blocked their texts. I think this was just a poster…written on by one of the many people that hated Alison DiLaurentis.

On the right is the sticky note that was left for the Rosewood Police Department, and it looks really similar to the handwriting that the Liars found in Alison’s notebook.

The “Dash Dash” A

Even though I said I would be following chronological order, the “Dash Dash” A came third, but that’s okay.

The “Dash Dash” A is just what the name describes, an A who signs their messages with two dashes. This A sent a lot of messages to the girls in Season 1, a couple in Season 2, and is Mona.

If I think that Mona was the “Dash Dash” A, that also means I don’t believe she was A in the pilot. I gotta make sure you keep reading so we’ll get back to that. But yes, I wholeheartedly believe that Mona sent every text that was signed “--A”. Allow me to explain.

This was the first “Dash Dash” A text that stood out to me. Although I’m convinced that 89% of Ali’s story about the night she disappeared that she told the girls in 4.24 is made up, I truly believe Mona was one of the few people who knew she was alive. Therefore, this message could have been sent by Mona.

In 4.01, Mona reveals to the Liars that she was the one who hit Hanna with the car. This text was sent after Hanna was hit by the car…so yeah.

But how could this be? Why would Mona only send two texts in Season 2 and none in Season 3? I think Mona is the Leader of the A-Team and had a bunch of helpers (e.g. Toby and Lucas) doing a lot (e.g. texting) for her by then.

Part of me believes that Mona really isn’t affliated with the A-Team anymore, but another part of me believes that “Mona’s Army” may just be a side job.

A lot of people fail to remember that Mona wasn’t the Head A, and was just directing the A-Team through orders from someone else.

Everyone seems to have forgotten the scene at the end of 2.25 where Red Coat comes to visit Mona. Even if this was a hallucination, she must’ve still been taking order from someone.

The “Dash” A

This is the A who sent all the messages in the pilot, and has made constant appearances throughout all the seasons. This A simply signs their messages “- A”, and frequently hand writes notes for the liars.

In “The First Secret”, Alison gets texts throughout the episode, and at the end of the episode, the final text she gets is signed by the “Dash” A.

My theory is that the “Unsigned” A and the “Dash” A are probably the same person. I think it’s Aria mostly because the handwritten notes look really similar to her handwriting.

In “Careful What U Wish 4”, we see Aria leave a request. Pay close attention to the E’s and the R’s.

Here’s a little chart that I made with some of the letters from A’s messages. Tell me that they don’t look VERY similar.

Also, as a lot of people have stated before, A frequently sends messages with a typewriter and Aria would have easy access to the typewriter in Mr. Fitz’s apartment.

In “Blond Leading the Blind”, the girls find this note left for Alison, and again, it matches Aria’s handwriting. If this really is Aria, she has been A for a looong time.

But, there are also A-Team members who sign “-A” (with the dash touching the A), “– A” (an en dash before the A), or “–A” (with an en dash touching the A). Also, I’m not sure that the “- A” signature is unique to only Aria.

This “Dash” A had a different handwriting, and I think this is the same A who wrote on Spencer’s sunglasses in 3.19 as well. This “Dash” A has the same handwriting as the “Kisses” A, so this is one thing I’m really not sure about.

The “Kisses” A

The “Kisses” A sent the majority of messages in Season 4, and always writes “Kisses” before signing A.

The first message from the “Kisses” A was written in Aria’s handwriting, but then changes in Season 4. I think that the “Kisses!” in the above message didn’t mean this message came from the “Kisses” A because in 4.05, Aria gets a message that says, “This is just the first taste of my venom.” implying that this is a new A.

I think that this A is Mrs. DiLaurentis who found out about A and that Alison was still alive. The timing matches up also because “Kisses” A stopped sending texts when she died..

This text shows two things. First, this A is not playing for the same team as Mona. If this was from the Head A on Mona’s side, they probably could’ve just asked for the lair. Second, who would have access to the records at Radley? Mrs. DiLaurentis.

More Species of A

This is the last section I promise.

There are some A signatures I’m still not sure about, not even sure if they’re actually separate people. Just something for you to think about.

  1. -xo A
  2. Sincerely, A

I haven’t been able to sleep for the past few days because I’ve been so excited about this theory. It took all my brain and a bit of time, but I hope you enjoyed<3