i had the best dream omg

PART 2! the GOOD part!!

Ok sorry for the absence but I’m back for part 2! So there we were on the couch with my son feeling up my completely exposed tits and me staring at his erection through his shorts. I was so turned on but I had to keep my composure. I started stroking my hand on his thigh and I think it startled him because he took his hands off me and apologized and kind of tried to cover his erection. At that point I was so caught in the moment that I took my shirt completely off and put his hands back on my tits. I told him it was natural for this to happen and t was completely fine. I told him we were just playing so it was okay. I started rubbing his thigh again and I slowly moved my hand over his boner and stroked it through his shorts. It was the most amazing feeling. It was so rock hard and stiff and felt bigger than I expected. I stroked it through his shorts for about a minute while telling him he was a good boy so that he would feel comfortable. He continued to feel my breasts more aggressively now and I could tell he was really getting into it. He seemed a little inexperienced with breasts because of just how crazy he went on mine! He was leaning into them and playing with my nipples it was amazing! He was moaning and squirming and It didn’t last long before he squeezed my tits hard and buried his face into them as he came through his shorts. The cum soaked right through and I could feel it soaking onto my hand. My son and I sat there for a second, him still rubbing my nipples (a little less aggressively now lol) and my hand resting on his cock. He popped his head off my chest once he had realized what happened and started apologizing. I just kept reassuring him how natural it was and that he was my good boy and I loved him. We took our hands off each other and I left my shirt off. I had to go make myself cum because I could feel that I was so wet my shorts were soaked! We both stood up and I told him we could talk about this soon if he would like and he just sort of awkwardly said “okay”. We both said we were tired and I told him how much I loved him and had a great time with him. I turned off the movie that was still playing and with my shirt still off and breasts still out, I hugged my son tight and kissed him hard. This was the best kiss I ever had oh my god it was long and hard. Not exactly making out but it was surely not a close mouthed motherly kiss and I could feel his still pretty hard cock press against me. We parted ways and went to our bedrooms. I made myself cum 4 times extra loud knowing he could hear me. This night was the most erotic experience of my life. I AM STILL IN SUCH AWE OMG! I have been dreaming of this for so long and making myself cum over these thoughts I can’t believe we got this far. This is the best thing to happen and I don’t know how to properly portray how good I all felt. I still do need to talk about it with him just to know how he felt and see if it could ever happen again (because I sure want it to). So I will give updates on when I talk to him and maybe elaborate more on this night because it still seems so surreal to me. But anyways I am so happy and nothing is better than a real mother and son loving each other as much as my son and I. Updates to come later!! I’ll be answering questions if you have any about all of it!

Post-It Notes, ch9

on Ao3

ch1 | ch2 | ch3 | ch4 | ch5 | ch6 | ch7 | ch8 | ch9 

IT’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly posting this is making me super nervous because it’s been such a long wait? which im very sorry about? so i owe yall a really good chapter in return for u guys being so lovely and patient <333 

thank you to @sadrien and @reyxa for being the best cheerleaders ever, love you guys <3 also HUGE shoutout to sadrien for beta-ing (ish??) for me. god bless i lov u 

as always, comments and reblogs are very much appreciated!!! (please reblog omg i want 2 know what u guys think!!!) 


Adrien is drowning. The harsh blue of the memory of her eyes pull him in deeper and deeper, and Adrien doesn’t know if he wants to stay above water anymore. He now knows for sure that the post-it notes had been Marinette, but he still almost can’t believe it. It feels like a dream that is too good to be true, but Adrien hasn’t woken up yet.

Adrien is so in love. And he is so fucked.

Adrien sinks into his chair as he spins in it absentmindedly. The words “I love you” scrawl their way across his vision again and again and again. He hugs the note to his chest.

“I love you,” he murmurs, swooning a little as he says it.

“Aw, Adri-chou! I didn’t know you felt that way about me!” Plagg coos as he zips into view.

Adrien rolls his eyes. “Plagg, you know I hate it when Chloé calls me that.”

“Adri-fromage, is that fucking better?”

“I hate you.”

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I had a dream where Allura made Keith and Lance apologize by saying what they liked about each other and Keith kind of trailed off and said he loved Lance and they made out. Best dream I've had also your art is amazing

OMG this is really cute

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Holy snizzle dizz I have an idea. Ok so y/n wakes up and she has a dream that Dally and Johnny die (she basically dreamt the story, but she's in it) and she runs to the Curtis house to see the gang, to make sure the dream didn't actually happen. She runs to Dally and hugs him crying bc of the 'dream' (same for johnny, but y/n is hugging dally longer) and he's surprised bc he and the rest of the gang have no idea wtf is going, and she tells them dream. 1/2

(request con.) and she tells them dream and they’re all taken aback by her dream? Could it be a dally x reader type of imagine? Plz & could it be long and detailed? Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. (I jus read the book anD OMG I NEED AN ALTERNATIVE ENDING BC MY BABIES DIED AND NONONO) ps. I really like your writing And your skills are AMAZING. Also thanks! 2/2


holy snizzle dizz I will try my absolute best to make this imagine what you were thinking. btw I rly love the prompt! and im glad you enjoy my writing (even though sometimes it sucks) :)


You woke up drenched in sweat and trembling in fear. The bed sheets were tangled around your legs.

You had absolutely no idea how your brain came up with the dreams it did. Your dreams usually never scared you at all, but this one did. This dream was vivid and it seemed as if it were real.

It scared you, it really did. At the moment, you were having trouble deciding whether the dream was real or if it was fictional.

It all started when Darry had yelled at Pony for falling asleep in the lot with you and Johnny. Darry pushed Pony and he ran out of his house. He went to the lot and told you and Johnny that you guys were running away.

While the three of you were at the park, you all got jumped by some Socs and they tried to drown Pony and they also started to beat up you and Johnny.

Johnny pulled out his switchblade and killed one of the Socs. when he realized what he had done, he sat on the ground and began to cry. You looked at him and told him to calm down and that everything would be okay. When Pony woke up, you all went to see Dally so he could help you guys.

Dally had told you guys to hop on the 3:15 train to Windrixville. He told you to go to and abandoned church on the top of Jay Mountain and he said to stay there until he came to get you all.

When you all arrived in Windrixville, everyone went to the church and got some rest. Johnny woke up before anyone else so he went to get a week’s supply of food.

And then you all stayed there for what felt like the longest week of your lives.

When Dally finally came to get you all, the first thing he did was take you guys to Dairy Queen and everything was fine until you all went back to the church.

The church was engulfed in flames and you, Ponyboy, and Johnny overheard two adults say that some of the children on the field trip were missing. All three of you quickly ran inside of the church to save the kids.

Even though you all saved the kids, before Dally could get Johnny out, the roof fell in on him and he broke his back and was badly burned.

You all visited the hospital many times and the night of the rumble you all went to tell him that the Greasers had won. He said that there was no point in fighting. Then he looked at Pony and told him to stay gold.

Johnny died right in front of your eyes. You saw Dally break right in front of your eyes.

Dally ran off, broken and unable to be fixed. There was no other choice to him but to die. The only thing he loved was gone, so what was the point anymore?

He ended up robbing a store and being chased by the police. The rest of the gang ran to the park and watched their friend get shot in the chest and slowly die right in front of them. They were all in shock that they had lost two gang members in one night. You saw Dally drop to the ground and that’s when you woke up.

You sat up and wiped your eyes. You were in shock and you were terrified. You were so scared that two of your closest friends had died. You needed to go and see for yourself.

You got up and slipped on a hoodie and a pair of your converse. Then you made your way to the Curtis house.

You knocked on the door and Darry answered. He noticed that your cheeks were tear stained and that you were shaking.

“What’s wrong? Come on in and we’ll talk about it.” Darry motioned you to  come in and you did. You looked around and your eyes immediately landed on Johnny and Dally.

You sighed with relief and ran over to Johnny. You gripped him tight and cried in his shoulder.

“Thank god,” you quietly said.

You let go of Johnny and ran over to Dally and hugged him as well. Even though he didn’t notice, you hugged him for a bit longer.

“What was that for?” Dally asked you.

That is when you explained everything to them. You told them about the dream, how it scared you, and how you thought it was real.

None of them had anything to say. They didn’t know how to respond to that.

After a while you all just talked about it and you figured the gang had had enough of you for one night, so you began you trip home.

“Hey wait up, doll,” you heard a voice yell behind you. You turned around and saw Dally running up to you.

“Can we talk about that dream?” he asked you.

“Look, it was just a dream and I don’t know why it happened but it did. I was worried it was real so I came to check on you and Johnny and it turned out I had just dreamt it. No big deal.”

You started to walk off but Dally grabbed your wrist.

“Don’t leave. I’m still talking to you.”


“Why were you so worried that I died, Y/N?”

“Because you’re my friend. I was so scared that I would have to live the rest of my life without you and Johnny.”

“Oh. And another thing.”


“Did you mean to hug me longer or was I just imagining things?’ He laughed.

“Oh God, you noticed that,” you blushed, putting your head in your hands.

“Yea. Listen, doll, it’s kinda obvious that you’ve got a thing for me. You know that, right?”

“Well now I do.”

“Look, I don’t care. But would you wanna consider being my girl?”

“I thought you were dating Sylvia,” you said in shock.

“The broad was two-timing me while I was in jail, man.”


“So are you in or what? You wanna be my girlfriend or no?”

“Uh, sure. Why not?” you laughed.

A/N: the end! I really hoped you liked this because it literally took me three hours to write. thank you so much for requesting and I am so sorry you had to wait so long. There has been so much going on recently and I just now got around to writing yours since you wanted it to be long and detailed. and btw that ending sucked I am so sorry this probably not at all what you were thinking of. and it looked a lot longer when I was writing it. I apologize this is really bad. :( if you want another imagine, feel free to send in a request at any time!

During Phil’s latest live show on the 16th of March 2017, he spent a few minutes (30.30-35.20) just ranting about his degrees and his university experience. I loved that bit so much that I wrote down the first part of the “quote” and posted it here on Tumblr and the last couple of days, I’ve just been smiling so wide at all the tags people have added when reblogging. I think it’s safe to say we all loved that bit and it brought inspiration and smiles to so many.

I’ve compiled a list of all the tags on the quote post so far. It’s quite long so you can read them all below the cut. It took ages but it was so calming to read through all the love and appreciation written in the tags. If you don’t feel comfortable being part of this list, message me and I’ll remove you immediately! I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable.

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seeing you again | jimin

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Fluff/Angst 

Word Count: 5.1k

Summary: It had been almost 3 years since Yejin saw Jimin, but on that one afternoon, fate had something unimaginable in store for her. 

Sequel To: Falling For You (Jimin Series)


Kim Yejin’s POV

years later


It was the only word running through my head as I walked through the streets of Seoul. Holding onto my tan cross-body, I stared at the stores and the busy people rushing around me as the smell of korean street food flooded my nose, the soft chilly wind blowing against me.

It had been officially 3 weeks since I moved to Seoul from the US, after being accepted into Seoul National University with an exemplary scholarship that I worked extremely hard for. Saying SNU was my dream college wouldn’t be a lie, but that wasn’t the only reason I came.

Memories from years ago came flooding back to me.

Jeon Jungkook

My best friend.

Park Jimin

My first love.

Hoping to see them was like having an impossible dream. The last time I had contacted them was nearly a year ago. Since then I never knew why it had stopped but it just did.

As my mind wandered about, I continued to stroll down the long, winding streets when I felt a body crash into mine.

Talk about miracles.

Startled, I let out a yelp before looking down to see a brown haired boy picking up papers that fell out of his books. Frowning, I bent down muttering,“Omg! I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you the–”

As the boy stood up, dusting off his black jeans, he lifted his head up. He flashed me a look of annoyance, before his doe shaped eyes widened and his face went slack, mirroring mine.

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Mattie: Matt is a bit of an insomniac and often works late nights and early mornings so he tends to sleep on the outside of the bed for convenience. Alfie being the big baby that he is tends to sleep in the middle so he can get more cuddles, but otherwise we do try to switch it up every now and then. Matt cuddles do need to be shared (he is the best cuddler.)

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I met Daniel Radcliffe at his production of ‘Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are dead’. I had a slight disconnection of the mouth from the brain but he’s really nice and was really patient taking time signing things with fans and taking photos. Best night ever!

i did a sleep hypnosis last night to dream of my “ideal self” and i saw myself so happy, married with a daughter even omg! okay i remember this dream so vividly: my best friend and i had no makeup on and we decided to go for a hike. well, on this hike 2 gorgeous guys came up and approached us and i guess the mountain we were going up kind of represented time or our paths together because we eventually ended up in serious relationships with these guys and marrying them. her guy was a little nerdy. he was tall and had wavy, sandy brown hair cut short and he was wearing a red shirt and wire glasses. they were both in the army and had athletic builds and i guess they were deployed together and that’s why they were so close. anyways my man was also pretty tall and he had dark hair, black framed glasses sometimes (contacts sometimes too i guess? idk maybe he’s into fake glasses), a nice smile, he was sunkissed and he just was so warm and magnetic UGH why am i in love with my dream guy rn. i just remember it feeling like i had known him for so long and i didn’t compare him to anyone, he didn’t look like anyone, he was new and exciting. so yeah we ended up getting married young and being sure that it would last. there was a part where he was laying in my lap and i was playing with his hair, then he got up to go to the kitchen and get something and i jumped on his back and wanted to do everything with him. y'all i literally felt so in love with this man and i wasn’t scared- i knew that it was forever. i think i was having flashbacks to when we met in my dream too because time jumped around. when we were just dating and still getting to know each other, he was staying at my house and folding laundry for my mom. she was like oh honey you don’t have to do that what can i pay you! and he’s like no ma'am absolutely nothing you’re letting me stay here that’s more than enough😩💓 so my mom loved him, my best friend loved him and so did i bitch! never once did i doubt myself being with him either. there was a part where we were still getting to know each other and we were at the grocery store shopping for greek yogurt (i was looking for key lime but they didn’t have it so i got a whipped birthday cake one?? idk). i was asking him about the army (i don’t remember if he was still in or not at this point) and what his specialty was and he said he was a 68c (nurse specialist) and i was like omg!!!! that’s the job that i want that’s so cool what’s it like!? and he told me about it, said that in the army you basically have to be flexible and know how to do it all and i guess he didn’t do his traditional job, he did something else and said going to job school for a year was a waste but he supported me and was giving me tips. we ended up getting married and having a baby young and in the part where he was laying in my lap and i was holding him, we were 19 and had already had our daughter omfg. fast forward to when she was 3 or 4. my husband was sitting in a chair in front of a mirror waiting for me to do his hair- idk if i was styling it or cutting it or what i was doing- but i remember walking over to him and kissing him like never before (great kisser if u were wondering) and i sat in his lap. then i put lipgloss on our daughter and told her to go show daddy and it was so cute i’m gonna cry. i think it was at this point where i had flashbacks to how we met and i was reminiscing about how lucky i was when he was holding our baby it was so nice and tbh one of the best dreams i’ve ever had.

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Omg I had the best dream about Steven Universe last night! It was super short, like one of those previews for a Steven bomb that CN puts out. Anyway, there was a scene where jasper was in her own apartment doing laundry 😂and also trying to figure out how a coffee machine worked. When I woke up I immediately thought I should share this weird dream with you haha

oh man, that sounds adorable! It would be pretty cute to watch Jasper try and figure out how to work common Earth appliances. Like, she’s using a toaster and it pops and she instinctively punches it

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Omg I just had the weirdest dream; so it was haikyuu but instead of karasuno they were the wildcats (as in high school musical) and they kept singing get your head in the game


THAT MIGHT BE THE BEST DREAM EVER??? And the first thought that popped into my head is that Oikawa would be Sharpay sdhjhfdhkkjgfdgkhfgjg

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Hi hi :) I was wondering if you had made that 8th year drarry one shot Rec? Your recommendations are the best and I love your blog! Hope you're having a good day sorry for the bother 💘

omg I made the rec agesss ago but forgot to post it, thank you for reminding me!!!! one 8th year drarry one shot rec coming up…

  • A Different kind of Wet Dream  Harry did not find the sight of Draco Malfoy pissing in the urinal beside him arousing in the least. He did not. 
  • A Fire in the Snow  Harry spends his days sitting by a fire in a forest clearing
  • A Good Bet   Since returning to Hogwarts Draco has been acting well… NICE. Harry is suspicious, Hermione thinks they should give him a break, and Ron still hates the git. Harry investigates, what is up with the git?
  • A Nothing to Anything  When nothing seems to happen, two students find each other something to do
  • A Year in Review  Harry and Draco sit under a tree and ponder the past school year.
  • Action Figures   Harry discovers that snogging your enemy in unused corridors is one thing, attending costume balls together is something else entirely…
  • Aftertaste  Draco asks for his wand back and gets more than he bargained for. and its sequel Afterglow   Poor Ron
  • Amelioration   Harry’s return to school after Voldemort’s demise was pleasantly peaceful, until the holiday decorating contest.
  • Because its Required   Draco would have been just fine without Potter’s interference, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t glad for it. 
  • Bound and Determined  When Harry and Draco face off during a meeting of the Duelling Club, Draco finds out a very interesting secret about Harry and decides to use it to his advantage.
  • Bridges   The collected correspondence concerning two ‘8th Year’ Hogwarts School students, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, from September through December, 1998. 
  • Bringing us Home  A day in the life of Hogwarts eight year
  • Burn Burn Closer and closer his palm hovered
  • Buyer Beware   Eighth year has begun and all our favourite people are back at Hogwarts. A “servant auction” is being held to raise money for children orphaned by the war. Harry Potter is up on the block. Who do you think will bid on him?
  • Cheaters Prosper  Draco won the Slytherin-Gryffindor match by cheating. Harry has a problem with that.
  • Eavesdropping  Draco begins disappearing into the Room of Requirement again, and just as before, Harry wants to figure out why.
  • Fly with Me   Draco does not want to go this stupid Halloween party. But the mention of Harry’s outfit may change his mind…
  • Game Night Pansy suggests game night to foster inter-house unity, and boy does it ever.
  • High Tea   Hogwarts has re-opened, and when Pansy Parkinson hands out invitations to a tea party for the promotion of inter-House unity, a certain Ferret makes his way back into Harry’s life with a vengeance. H/D, though begins H/G with MINIMAL het. Rated for later chapters.
  • How to Handle an Enemy   Everyone knows that it’s no fun playing truth or dare with a Slytherin. But add a little Veritaserum, a scheming duo of Slytherin girls and surprising things can be revealed. Particularly about the fine line between love and hate… 
  • I Like my Body when its with You’rs The strange title will be familiar if you’re an e.e. cummings fan, and it will make sense after you read the story. Harry struggles with his exams, and Draco’s there to make him feel better.
  • I’ll Show You Mine   Whose scars are bigger and better? 
  • Kinesthic Learners    A moment during a Quidditch game.
  •  Lessons Returned  Harry returns the favour
  • Speaking lessons  Harry thought he and Malfoy were done with each other after one round of mutual humiliation. He didn’t realise a Malfoy’s desire dies harder than that.
  • Life is Full of Surprises When Draco goes back to a restored Hogwarts to complete his unfinished education, he gets more than he’d bargained for. 
  • Love Honour and Obey - Not in that Order  Harry notices something not quite right about Draco, and, true to form, doesn’t relent until he figures it out. Of course, Draco doesn’t appreciate being ‘figured out’ and makes things very difficult. 
  • Marginal Notes   When you’re 18, and nothing is as it was meant to be, sometimes it can be hard to let the right people know what you are thinking. 
  • Obsession  Harry worries that there’s something very, very wrong with him because he just can’t stop staring at Draco Malfoy’s arse. 
  • Say Anything When Draco loses his reserve and starts speaking his
    mind, Harry realises something is very wrong.  
  • Seeking   Back at Hogwarts after the war, nothing feels quite right and all anyone really wants is for things to go back to ‘normal’. When a suspicious package arrives in the morning post, however, it quickly becomes clear that normal is the last thing this year should be.
  • The Best Laid Plans  Pansy Parkinson’s got a plan. It doesn’t work out quite like she expected.
  • The Charm Conundrum   Harry misplaces an interesting “self-help” manual. Draco finds it and discovers some fascinating insights into Harry Potter. 

All the musical stuff is making me emotionally compromised.

Doing my best to avoid spoilers but omg it’s so hard. Even the lyric book pictures with Emma kissing Killian and then their wedding had me sobbing.


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Ok sooo you're not gonna believe this. But I read Under the Aegis and I finished it on the same day I watched Moana. So when I went to bed I HAD SOME AWESOME DREAM THAT THE WIELDERS WERE BATTLING TA KAI OR TA KA IDK HOW TO SPELL IT BUT IT WAS AMAZING AND OMG SHILOH PUT THE HEART OF TI FITI BACK anyway i just wanna let u know ur amazing comic gave me some wicked dreams :) love from canada I'll try and buy ya a coffee

These dream asks are the BEST, thanks for sharing with me! I hope you have a wonderful day/night!

spaceemonkeyyxd  asked:

Mate I had the BEST well one of the best dreams ever - while napping earlier today - but omg it involved Pride, Gibbs, strawberries, chocolate and DiNozzo w me in the middle. That Pride, man, just all up in your ear, his voice low and husky like "y'wan another strawberry? We have plenty more chocolate." Heeeeeell yeah I want another strawberry.

I just blushed so hard can you imagine how fucking hot it’d sound to have Pride whispering in your ear ivheucbwj where did my pants go

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I just wanted to tell someone, anyone who would listen... that last night I had a dream that I was Ankin Skywalker (as in, I was still myself and only my name changed) and I got to MAKE OUT with NATALIE-muthafuckin-PORTMAN in a very VERY realistic dream that lasted a gOooOod amount of time... thank you for listening, please pray that I can get back there tonight 🙏🏽

Omg that sounds like an amazing dream, good for you and best of luck with having more hot Star Wars-related dreams in the future lol

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I had a hilarious dream once about Todoroki switching personalities with Bakugou. Then Bakugou and Midoriya accidentally walking in on Todoroki making out with me (that was honestly the best part for me<3) and Bakugou just freezes, places a hand on Midoriya's eyes and walks out with Todoroki swearing behind him

Bakugo!Todoroki making out with you ;))) That sounds like a great dream omg. Felt very real? <3 (I want dreams like this too omg)