i had surgery on my feet leave me alone


407 lbs. —> 255 lbs.

There are so few photos of me at my highest weight that it took forever to find these.  I was so unhealthy in the two left pictures.  Walking even for a few seconds left me out of breath, I had zero energy to do anything.  I was so ashamed to be seen by other people that I would avoid leaving my house whenever I could, let alone have pictures that documented just how bad things had gotten.

Flash forward to now: I weigh less than I did in high school.  I work retail on my feet for hours at a time.  I pick my little sister up from school because now I can walk the two blocks without feeling like I am dying.  I’ve taken my life back, and I won’t ever, EVER let myself go back to what I was.  Weight loss surgery was absolutely the tool I needed to get me on track to a better, healthier, longer life.  I will be thankful that I made this decision for the rest of my life.