i had steak for breakfast. :3

I am finally back onto tumblr! So sorry for the huge delay on my before & after

This was taken on August 13. If you haven’t read my past posts; I decided to do my own 30 day paleo challenge. Usually, the whole30 challenge involves no cheats, but I allowed myself 1 cheat meal at the end of the week. I also did the Yourtea teatox along with my challenge. As for physical activity, I only did yoga 2-3 times a week during my 30 day challenge. 


Waist: 27.5

Hips: 34

Bust:  29


Waist: 24 in!!!!!!

Hips: 33

Bust:  28

5 inches lost & 3 lb. down in 30 days!!!

Tips on doing the 30 Day Paleo Challenge

1. Do whats best for you! I allowed myself ONE cheat meal (sometimes just a snack) once a week***

2. BIG breakfast. Huge emphasis on big. I would have one meat portion (ground beef, steak, bacon) and three eggs.

3. Drink A LOT of liquids. I think I had a gallon of water a day o_o It’ll keep you full and your cravings DOWN. 

4. Most importantly, do it with a friend, family member, coworker, whoever! I couldn’t have done it without my boyfriend. 


I took a break this weekend from caring about what I ate, enjoyed myself, also had a few tummy aches and decided with a new start to the week to care again. Kevin prepped meals for the week and wrote out a meal plan for me which is really wonderful. I’m not much help in the kitchen but I have started taking over the cleaning portion after so we make a pretty good team.

The way I’m currently eating during the week is I have 3 main meals:

️Breakfast: bacon, eggs, toast (optional) and fruit

Lunch & dinner: Meat (turkey burger, chicken, steak) with veggies (corn, asparagus, peas, broccoli etc) and either brown rice or sweet potatoes.

Snack: protein bar
Post workout: Chocolate Protein shake
Dessert: Oikos yogurt

It doesn’t seem that exciting but honestly in eating like this it’s been the best for us. We aren’t throwing away tons of leftovers, we both really like the meals, and it’s been cheaper with our grocery shopping. Kevin works so much and I’m out at the gym till late so it’s working with our schedules too.

Big Hero 6 was the absolute cutest thing!! I would like a Baymax now please and thank you.

Sarah is going out of town soon and so that means she won’t be teaching as much this month. I hate to be that girl who doesn’t go to the class because her favorite instructor isn’t there but that’s what I plan to do. 75% of the reason…okay 98% I enjoy Zumba so much is because it’s so much fun with Sarah so while she’s gone I’ll probably do a lot of workouts either at home, maybe some classes right after work, or go for a run. I actually think it’ll be nice to just slow down and have a couple of weeks where I’m not getting home from the gym and eating dinner at 9:30pm. I don’t hate my schedule now but it will be a nice change of pace.

I was a bit more chatty than expected this morning so I’m going to go meow. Happy Tuesday, friends!

anonymous asked:

Imagine Haruka on a keto (high fat low carb) diet for health. Would it last? Pros: all the delicious greasy bacon, eggs, hamburger, cheese, whole fat dairy! Cons: no more delicious sugar, bread, or pasta!

I never really though about Haruka doing keto because she’s a runner, and while it’s possible to run on HFLC, it KILLS your times. 

But let’s imagine she’s decided she’s gonna get SUPER BUFF YOU GUYS AND HOT. So she’s going to lift instead and she reads all this ridiculous bro science about kept and how it’s AWESOME AND I NEVER FEEL HUNGRY AND I’M LEAN AND MEAN. 

 And one night she turns over and looks at Michiru. “I’m going to give up sugar.” 

 Michiru is silent.  


“I’m not certain I believe you.”It is a dumb thing to say, and she is aware it is a dumb thing to say, and yet she could not stop herself.  

This only galvanizes haruka. “Oh, you’ll see, babe. I’m gonna be so healthy and buff and fucking hot.” 

 “Yes, I’m sure, forgive me for being unsupportive.”   

So the next morning Haruka cooks an entire pound of bacon for breakfast with 3 scrambled eggs with cheese in, and bulletproof coffee with butter dropped in. Michiru is horrified as she walks in the door to get her toast and tea. 

 “I recall you saying, at one point, that a number of people in your family had died of heart trouble.”  

“Yeah?” Haruka says, a piece of bacon wiggling out of her mouth. “Why?” 

She turns back to her tea and shakes her head. “No reason.”  

The first day, Haruka is confident and resplendent and magnificent. She eats a steak with butter sauce for dinner, and a burger patty with cheese for lunch, and she walks past the cupcake shop on her way hope without batting an eye. 

 Day three is where it all starts to break down. She longingly remembers how she used to tuck into an entire salad serving bowl of pasta before a distance race, and she thinks of the uneaten candy bars sitting in the bottom of her desk drawer. But she must be STRONG AND RESOLUTE. MICHIRU HAS DOUBTED HER AND SHE MUST PROVE!!!! 

She starts snapping at people at the garage, yelling at the new kid presumably for forgetting to mop up the supply room but really because he was eating a piece of cake a customer brought in and she was gripped with anger and envy. People start begging her to eat carbs again. 

 Even Michiru is not immune from her grump, it would seem, as Haruka crankily gets into the shower after lifting, completely ignoring Michiru’s offers to join her. Michiru is…displeased. She hates this diet, not only is it going to kill Haruka, but by the time it does so, Michiru will be plenty willing to let her die. But she knows haruka will accuse her of sabotage if she tries anything, so she takes the most desparate measure she knows.  

She calls Mina. Mina tells her to pound sand, and this goes on another week. 

 Mina, finally, after a game of Mario Kart with all the other girls where Haruka ends up tossing her controller and yelling about blue shells, has had enough. I mean, shit, she mad Usagi cry because she thought Haruka was mad at her, and truthfully, she probably was, but more because Usagi had dared to offer her one of the gummy bears from the bag in her lap. 

 Mina comes over one night with a Disney flick, a meat lovers pizza with garlic butter pan crust, breadsticks with ranch dip, cupcakes, and Haruka’s favorite beer.

 Haruka scowls. “You know I can’t eat any of that.” 

 “Good. It’s not for you.” Mina casually tosses her a bag of peppered beef jerky, and Haruka clutches it to her chest, frowning intensely. “It’s your diet, not mine.” 

 She makes a low blow, and puts in the Lion King.  

As Simba desperately tries to wake his father, a certainly not crying there is dust in here Haruka allows herself one bite of pizza. It breaks across her tongue so beautifully, the crust crisp on the bottom but pillowy throughout, the sweet sauce embracing every tastebud. Is this what love feels like? It must be, for no feeling can match it.  

She tastes another bite, and another. And before Simba has even made it to the oasis, she has eaten two pieces, and loaded up her plate.  

That night, Michiru comes home from her outing with Mamoru and smells the pizza, Haruka dozing happily on the couch, a dash of pizza sauce still on the edge of her mouth. She kisses her forehead softly, and Haruka stirs with a wide sleepy grin. 

“Hey beautiful girl.”  

All is well.