i had something different in mind oh well

Time slowed and yet the world spun around us as I felt my brother
slip away from me. On Zakuul, Arcann and I had conversations without
words. We moved in tandem, flowed like water with one mind and
purpose. But he was different now. I could feel the rage building
inside of him. A rage I did not share.

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Well...tbh...i was just waiting for you to say that you have one, i was a bit surprised that you actually have one. And also, you made me panic a bit since you didn't respond immediately. I had so many thoughts running through my mind that you would think very differently of me or something...i was gonna start begging for you to say something to me ;^; i got vewy scared ...* hugs your legs tightly* *kinda wants to cry a little;3;*~

i welcome everyone on my blog!! i wouldnt think of you differently! and i was just in a bath, dont worry dear ;u;

Road trip to Hell

*Baroque plays in the stereo*
Damien: Pip can I change the station?
Pip: No.
Damien: But, Pip, you know how much I hate listening to the same song over and over again.
Pip:  Damien, I drive this car. I play whatever station I fancy.
Damien: C'mon Pip, can we at least listen to something different? 

Pip: Oh so you think classical music is boring eh? Heh, well said says the person who had an “exquisite” taste for music. Remember the last time I lend you my auxiliary cord? I’m pretty sure it went swell with “your” music.

* Flash back from 3 months ago.*

Damien: Hey Pip, since were stuck in the middle of nowhere, don’t you mind if I entertain ourselves with some of the exquisite tracks I downloaded?
Pip: …By… all… means.

Damien: I’m going to plug this in and – *plugs in Pip’s AUX cord, sets the volume to the max and plays Slayer: Raining Blood* 

Damien: Stop hatin’ on my jam!!!
Pip: AHHHHHH!!!!!

*End of the Flashback*

Damien: Hehe… nope, by the way, it wasn’t that bad of a song.
Pip: Blimey, don’t be daft, the car exploded and I paid $800 for another rental. It’s not going to happen again. So shut it while you listen to my music whether you like it or not.

Damien: ughhh.. I can’t take it anymore, LOOK! we’re not even moving.
Pip: That’s unfortunate for you.
Damien: Ughh this sound track is shit.
Pip: And “stop hatin’ on my jam”.

Damien: AHHHHHH!!!

“I regret it came to this, Will. But every game must have its ending. Remarkable boy. I do admire your courage. I think I’ll eat your heart.”